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  1. As long as you aren’t doing any gay bashing, you have nothing to worry about. Being upset about the existence of gay bashing is NOT a way to have a preemptive strike against thise who disagree with you and its sad if you think most people (andbnot a few outliars) do this.
  2. Okay, so I am back shortly after finishing the Dunk and Egg books to make just one short point : Daemon Blackfyre II was kind of done dirty by the story. Like, the dude was an alright dude. Like, you could say he committed treason, but 1. He was told from probably a pretty early age that he was King, and 2. He was misled by a lot of other dudes. However, he is actually fairly naive (kept that way on purpose) but good hearted. Dying in the dungeon, possibly tortured by Bloodraven is just not a great ending for the guy. Like the storyline goes a long way to defend Glendon Ball, but I'd honestly argue that Daemon Blackfyre II is practically as innocent of wrongdoing as Glendon Ball. I don't know, he is not particularly smart, and he is somewhat vain/cocky...but these traits don't translate to his actions. His actions are basically all kind. I don't think there is a single time he doesn't do the morally kind thing in the story. Again, you can argue he is treasonous, but put yourself in his shoes : Is there any other way he could have imagined things? Like if I was told from birth I was King, and that Bloodraven was evil and all that stuff...how would I end up? Anyways, I'm not going to kid myself, Daemon is gay, and it is likely there are many homophobes in this fandom, so I won't expect a strong defense of him, and probably some snide insults (the same that I see for Renly Baratheon, strange that the insults are so similar eh, despite the claims that it is has nothing to do with their sexuality from the insulters). But I think the guy was a fine guy. Just kind of groomed to be the loser from the beginning of his life by others.
  3. Varys is a Blackfyre not a Targ so don’t worry.
  4. Again. I do. We did this before. What's your bachelor's in Aldarion. Do we have to do this? Everytime. I studied these kind of topics for my Bachelor's thesis (authoritarianism was a direct focus of my thesis). So yes, I do know things. Now, let's move on from your tired discrediting bullshit, let's talk Communism. Communism seeks control, I do not disagree with you there at all. However, unlike Fascism, war and othering ARE NOT necessary for communism's existence. I'm not saying that states in practice did not other or go to war, only that it isn't necessary to its existence. It's not directly in the f***ing doctrine, while it is in Fascism. Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/ FASH-iz-əm) is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement,[1][2][3] characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the perceived good of the nation or race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy. Communism (from Latin communis, 'common, universal')[1][2] is a left-wing to far-left sociopolitical, philosophical, and economic ideology within the socialist movement,[1] whose goal is the creation of a communist society, a socioeconomic order centered around common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange that allocates products to everyone in the society based on need.[3][4][5] A communist society would entail the absence of private property and social classes,[1] and ultimately money[6] and the state (or nation state).[7][8][9] Basic definitions for both idealogies. I bolded the big and central difference between them. Now, I will state again : Authoritarianims is basically bad. It will always lead to individuals losing basic freedoms. It's not good, and that includes Communism. However, we can still look at Fascism and Communism and see that in one case, hate is a base part of their doctrine. Fascists use hate as a tool no matter what. It is part of the base ideology. A communist regime may end up using hate, but it isn't base to the doctrine. And yes that makes a difference in how either ideology will work in practice. There are communist regimes existing today....which aren't at war. There is no fascist regime that has ever existed without being at war. Ever. North Korea might be a horrible place to live, but there is no holocaust happening in North Korea right now. They aren't systematically murdering their own people. Do you get it?
  5. Because the US and the Soviet Union used Afghanistan as a proxy war during the Cold War. And yes, the US funded the Taliban's rise. Directly. We gave them many of the weapons' they used. Saying that other countries were involved....somehow takes away from the fact taht the US was giving money, guns, and bombs to extremists....Look up Operation Cyclone. I found it on google in like 5 seconds. It says it was one of the most expensive and longest covert CIA operations in US history. The US funded the rise of the Taliban.
  6. “We” - I assume some Russians are on this forum and aome Israelis. “We” doesn’t really work on an online forum with lots of people from different places. Maybe I am being pedantic, but I think using we here is not a great idea for specific world issues effecting certain countries. Also the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan MULTIPLE tmes. You are ignoring that the US is fairly directly responsible for the rise of the Taliban for example or for Saddam Hussain being in powerin the first place. This is probably not your fault, as Amwricna public education has a lot of pro-America propoganda which includes skipping the parts where the US was clearly the party in tbe wrong. You said in some cases clearly one side is in the wrong, cough Vietnam cough (it’s the US which was in the wrong and it was clear and GRRM would almost certainly agree with me as he was a left wing anti-Vietnam war dude well before I was born). Also the biggest example in modern history is WWII and one case where America was clearly on the right side. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were CLEARLY committing all kinds war crimes and crimes against humanity and they probably wouldn’t have stopped if others hadn’t intervened. Both were expansionist empires which didn’t appear to have plans to STOP expanding. And again, the death toll of civilians killed by both the Nazis and Imperial Japan are STAGGERING.
  7. Nah. You can’t. You want to and you want to indoctrinate others to think like you, but you actually can’t. Fascists by their very nature seek war, control, and an othering of some people (which they use as an enemy to unite against). No the anti fascists were not as bad as the fascists and they never will be, as fascism is the single most destructive/evil political ideology probably in world history. But keep peddling your propoganda. I’ll be here to give a counterargument to it.
  8. Specifying Jaime is the problem in my opinion, not blaming him. Acting like Jaime is more responsible then Tywin or Cersei would be like me blaming a car three cars away for swerving slightly instead of the car that overreacted and smashed into my car for my car accident. People love to choose some character they dislike and then ignore....the people who literally do war. Tywin. Tywin started the war. Tywin literally started the war, and everyone like somehow doesn't list him first. He did the war!! He pulled the first trigger. He is the guy who fired his gun first, and somehow everyone ignores it. Tywin should be listed first in ANY list talking about the reasons for the war. Like in other fanbases I see people pointing out surrounding circumstances because people are too focused on blaming the first trigger person...in this fanbase we somehow don't talk about the actual people primarily responsible for the war and blame random side characters/actors (Jaime is a main character but he is not a main character in the sense of war. He is on the side of others, putting blame for him at he forefront is stupid. Jaime didn't order people to start a war. He didn't order retaliation. He wasn't involved in peace treaties or negotiations tell book 4...and then only as an emissary of Cersei/Tommen and under orders from Cersei. Robb, yes, Robb, is more responsible for the war than Jamie. And don't get me wrong, I like Robb more than Jamie....but so what? Robb had primary responsibility for continuing the war. Me liking him doesn't change that). Also, since I don't want to have anything to do with blaming the Starks primarily. It was the Lannisters. Again. The Lannisters, particularly Tywin and Cersei (and kind of Joffrey) are the prime reasons there was a war. Period. They usurped the throne y'all. Like, take a step back. They usurped the throne. That's why there is a war! Eddard KNOWING they usurped the throne and acting on it is not the primary responsibility here, that would be the people doing the usurping. Again, another analogy. Blaming the Starks over the Lannisters is like people who act like the problem is the kid who tattles and not the kids doing bad shit. As a teacher, I've seen some teachers who do that, and it makes me crazy. Let's not do it folks. Cersei wanted to usurp the throne. Tywin was basically looking for an excuse to invade the Riverlands and wants absolute power/control for himself. Joffrey ......wants to......honestly, I don't know, but he's a tyrant. Tyrion very capably led a campaign against people he knew were in the right in support of people he knew were horrible people because he lusted for power and to be loved.
  9. Excuse me, who is your list of problem makers? lol. You seem to have forgetten the primary culprits. The Lannisters. You know the people who started the war, committed the most horrific war crimes during said war, and then extended the wars later on...while committing more atrocities. Those folks. Or, since your name is here, the Freys...who committed a grevious war crime/crime against humanity so bad that is going to cause major repercussions over the next book (probably with most of those people of Crossing dying horrifically). But honestly even without specifically blaming people primarily responsible...if you are going to list people responsible, this is how I would do it - the Lannisters, the Starks, the Baratheons, the Greyjoys, the Martells, the Tyrells, the Tullys, the Freys, the Boltons, and all their bannermen. (yes, I wrote every major house besides the Arryns who have so far not been involved in the war). Because they are all at least partially responsible for the current horrible war that is raging and has been raging in Westeros. Robert was an idiot of a King who did nothing to secure his Kingdom and allowed his small council to be full of a bunch of snakes in addition to doing nothing to check the ambition and growing power of the Lannisters (even regarding his wife, who ...essentially usurped him, as incapable of doing those things. He underestimated her basically. Badly.) The other Baratheons were quick to establish their own power base and begin warring against the Iron Throne given the chance (whether you agree with their motivations or not). The Lannisters are grasping power grabbing narcisstic douchetools who quite literally use murder and rape to punish others for not doing what they want them to do, and they are the primary reason for the war of 5 kings, and acting like they aren't...is just not reading the text correctly. The Starks did indeed antagonize the Lannisters (even if said Lannisters are the primary problem) and Ned and Catelyn certainly didn't de-escalate things (and Robb fairly directly escalted them....again even if you agree with his motivations). The Tyrells backed multiple contenders, although I would aruge their army has mostly been a stabalizing factor so far....they certainly weren't trying to avoid war by any means. The Martells are, up to this point, far less culpable in the war, yet I think they were be the primary power base as Aegon I Blackfyre makes his move on the throne. The Greyjoys are horrible horrible people...but I digress, they have caused just so much death, basically for entirely selfish and idiotic reasons that are only loosely related to anybody else so far, lol. The Tullys were...subservient to Robb, but still involved in the war. The Freys and Boltons are psychopath dickwads who literally used war as an excuse to be especially grasping and horrible, leading to countless death. Like, not just to the person I am responding to, but to everyone - Eveyone in this universe is responsible, even the dudes (genderless form of dudes here) you like. There is essentially no characters in these books without blood on their hands if they are in power in any way whatsoever (examples of people without blood on their hands : Hot Pie, Pia, Barra, etc).
  10. Not only are they not comparable in any way whatsoever, I would guess anyone seriously comparing Catelyn and Cersei as being UNFAIR to Catelyn/biased against Catelyn in some way (or against the Starks in general). In fact, let me just take it another step : I would seriously doubt the intelligence of anyone who compared Catelyn and Cersei's actions in any serious conversation other than to say : Look how great Catelyn is compared to Cersei. P.S. It is very possible this video is talking about the show, and not the books...a show which is probably responsible for the overhate of Catelyn in the fandom (as they really made her character worse as much as they could in the show as compared to the book...and stole many of her best moments/lines and gave it to men around her. Pissed me off) and is also responsible for the concept of Cersei as loving her kids/being a good mom (as she is more obviously loving/caring toward her children in the show, in addition to taking some of Cersei's worse actions and giving them to Joffrey). BUT EVEN the show Catelyn and Cersei aren't comparible, as Catelyn is clearly written as a hero/protaganist, and Cersei as a villain/antagonist. It's how the characters are written, and if you read them in another way...you are reading them wrong, lol. The authors MEANT them to be written this way. Now of course, they are both gray characters...but comparing them is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.
  11. So. Dany didn’t actually have power to do thst. She made a suggestion to Khal Drogo which she thought was a better option. This topic makes no sense because it acts like Dany was in power and not essentially completely powerless BUT could possibly help people’s lived because Khal Drogo loved her and might listen to her. Whar exactly should Dany have done in this situation. Unfair and ridiculous criticism.
  12. If say Lysa died, then I think yhe Starks would have beat the Lannisters (as tbe rest of be Vale wanted to ally with Robb). I do not know how this would play into everything else. If we are assuming Stannis still murders Renly, then I see the Tyrells LOOKING to make an alliance with the Starks, not the Lannisters. Maybe with Robert Arryn beinf married to a Frey instead of Robb (or maybe Bran or Rickon?) and Robb being offered ro Margerry Tyrell.
  13. Ah yes. Ned never thought about it once. And thought about Lyanna when thinking about Jon. Nad never called Jon his son but instead his blood. Makes sense (it doesn’t). All the clues in the books point to Jon NOT being Ned’s son (and I’d argue strongly toward Jon being related to Lyanna)
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