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  1. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Why foster Theon with Ned?

    He won battles, not the war. None of the Castles he held were held long enough to establish any sort of actual regime turnover. Both Asha and Theon we have viewpoints from, and so we know neither of them expected they could continue to hold their castles very long time. Both Stannis and Roose still would have attacked those castles (whether Balon was still a King or not), and I would lay down large amounts of money that those castles still would have fallen. You see, the author has clearly set up the storyline that Balon is not a great strategist. I am sorry to break your fanboy heart, but he didn't have a chance in hell at holding the North. Again, I think you are confusing the word battle and the word war. Neither Robb nor Roose (who I guess succeeded Robb as ruler of the North) ever laid down their sword nor admitted defeat. It's not the War of the Blackwater, it's the Battle of the Blackwater, because Stannis is still a threat. He didn't win a war. He won some loosely defended castles, that were going to be retaken shortly. Do you also think Robb won the war since he took a lot of castles in the Westerlands? Or did Tywin win the war against Robb when he took Riverland castles? No they didn't obviously. Everyone knew Robb was coming. Although he didn't make it, Roose did, and they reversed every single Ironborn victory one by one. That is called DEFEAT.
  2. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Why foster Theon with Ned?

    He conquered the North because it was weakened. The Ironborn don't hold a single castle in the North as of ADwD. They gained little to know monetary gain from their exploits and lost a lot of men taking land they could not hold. It was idiotic. He could have struck out at the Reach (as Euron did) or the Westerlands, but he chose the barren North. I honestly have no idea what his long term plan was or if he even had one other than revenge on Ned Stark. As Ylath's Snout said, attacking someone you cannot defeat or even benefit from is generally not a smart move. Theon and Asha and Euron (perhaps the most, although I hate him) do seem slightly more intelligent,....but not really. Theon's plans all fall apart. Asha's plan to hold Stony shore (Kracken's point, i'm not sure exactly) is okay, but doesn't take into account that most Ironborn don't want to be farmers and although she tells Theon not to stay at Winterfell because he cannot hold it, she does the same at Deepwood Motte which she could not hold. Euron has yet to show his hand, so it hard to say for him. Balon is an idiot.
  3. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    I didn't. Perhaps read more carefully.
  4. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    I personally think Tywin is just as much of a villain as Joffrey or Ramsay, with only Euron Greyjoy being worse. Tywin knows and releases Gregor Clegane on people knowing exactly what he does. If Joffrey had been trained by Tywin, it is very possible Joffrey would have his own Gregor Clegane to do his dirty work for him. I will grant that Joffrey and Ramsay might well be sociopaths, and they enjoy the torture/killing, but I somehow thinks that makes Tywin worse. If Tywin causes all that death and he doesn't even have the excuse that he enjoys it, that is even worse in my opinion. Also the gang rape of a child is perhaps the most viscerally uncomfortable part of the entire book. I honestly do not understand people who "like" or "respect" Tywin. But then again, I don't understand people who followed Hitler or voted for Trump either. Seems like the whole ends justify the means always falls apart anyways. Hitler made Germany strong, but eventually led to their doom. The same is/already has happened to the Westerlands/the Lannisters. Tywin wasn't a good leader. His actions will in reflection have led to the destruction or near destruction of his house (maybe Tyrion survives to repopulate the Lannisters). Kevan is dead. Jaime turned down his offer. Tyrion murdered him. Cersei will try to follow his example and cause a rift between the one house he managed to ally with. Joffrey is dead. Tommen is unlikely to survive much longer. And by the way for people on here defending the sack of King's Landing, it is said repeatedly that it was particularly brutal, and Eddard would have been the one taking King's Landing had Tywin not arrived (and it would have gone very differently). Also he showed the snake he was, as he essentially lied saying he was there to defend King's Landing only to burn it. Also if Jaime had not been there, King's Landing would have burned something horrific because of Tywin's actions. I am sorry, I just cannot understand people defending this evil evil man.
  5. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Who will Sansa marry?

    You know there is a lot of the fandom that seems mildly obsessed with incest, despite GRRM essentially only writing Jaime/Cersei and the Targaryens that way. The fact that many of them seem to want it to happen disturbs me to no end.
  6. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Who will Sansa marry?

    Harrold Arryn - He will have changed his name after Sweetrobin passes away.
  7. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    11. Something with Varys, maybe being groomed to be the new peaceful Lord Lannister. 12. He came from nowhere important. He wants to experiment and play god. 13. I think we already have it. He is just a douchebag who never got over someone not liking him. He would probably be a mass shooter if he lived today and then attempt to blame some girl who shot him down for his actions. 14. To meet Lady Stoneheart. A better question would be what will happen when they meet her. I assume Brienne will say some noble things. Jaime will...maybe say something suprisingly deep. Make a promise in blood? I don't know. Pod will be awkward. Ser Hyle will be like, "I quit. Come on." I want to believe somehow they move UnCatelyn from her path. 15. He died I assume, lol. 16. Also died.
  8. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Am I a bad person if I say I don't care where she is? I don't think her being found would add anything to the book. 2. Lyanna Stark 3. The Green Grace 4. Lyanna Stark 5. He is probably Ilyrio's son with Ilyrio's dead wife, Serra, being a Blackfyre (his mother). 6. Big Walder Frey 7. Ramsay, but it all made up shit. 8. Just a dead ranger of no importance. I doubt we will ever find out, but if we do I don't think he will be anyone we know. 9. Perhaps Theon. Like Theon's alter ego... Honestly, this isn't one I've thought about a lot because there isn't a lot of obvious possibilities. 10. Either nobody (prophecy is shit) or Jon Snow. Or Daenerys. Oh, I have no idea lol.
  9. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Am I the only one who really enjoys ADWD?

    To OP - You are not sir. It is my favorite book in the whole series. The first time I read both AFfC and ADwD, I will admit I did not like them as much the first three books, but upon my first reread, it immediately jumped out that I misjudged them and that I missed a lot of the deeper stuff going on the first time around. Recently, on my fourth reread ADwD finally passed ASoS as my favorite in the series. I just love everything happening in it. I love how much the plot has expanded and how complicated things are now. I think a lot of what Martin is doing is so beautiful and complex. Unlike others, I enjoyed the Meerenese chapters. Jon's and Tyrion's were also really interesting (although Tyrion himself did some things I hated, his journey was thoroughly enjoyable to me). Arya's short part was also good. Finally, and most importantly, was Theon. His character arc is the main reason that pushed ADwD over ASoS. Side note : AFfC also passed AGoT pushing AGoT to my last place book. There are parts of AFfC I hate (cough...Aeron...cough...Greyjoy), but I also really enjoy Martin's extended look at the consequences of war (something also covered heavily in the Dunk and Egg books and partially talked about in ADwD, too). Brienne's chapters are some of my favorites in the entire series and I have no idea why people don't enjoy them.
  10. Listen dude, you obviously like to argue with people and to be right, but my point was about racism. In your own linked article, GRRM listed the Mongols as one of his inspirations. In other words, they are based partially on Mongols. I never claimed it was 100% because I thought people were intelligent enough to understand that without me explaining it to them like they were my elementary school students. You aren't actually responding to what I was posting about : The racist depiction which is the Dothraki. This response is so far off base it is unbelievable. If you actually want to discuss what I've posted about, feel free to respond to it. If you want to patronize me and try to act like you are smarter than me (despite the fact you are just nitpicking on something I didn't even mean. I know the Dothraki are not completely based on the Mongols), please feel free to not respond cause I have no interest in that. I believe what you are doing can be defined as "trolling". Respond to what I have actually said. You're worse than a grammar nazi. Christ.
  11. Many of my arguments are still valid for Huns, so I am not sure your point. However, even if you are saying the Huns are not as technolgically advanced : War of the Roses - 1400's. The Mongols rise to dominance - Starting in the 1200's. The Huns, for example Attila - 400 (1000 years earlier than the approximate technology of Westeros). So, if anything, you made my point more valid. If GRRM is having the europeanish people use 15th century technology and the asianish characters use 5th century technology, that is even worse than I thought it was. I just want to point out though - The Huns wore armor (they preferred lighter scale or llamaller armor vs. mail) and they were not just barbarians. Attila himself is comsidered again, a great military strategist, unlike the way Khal Drogo is protrayed as a mindless barbarian. And again, the Huns were often outnumbered by those they were fighting, just like I said for the Mongols. You only made my arguments stronger, so thanks I guess
  12. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Crownlands Makes No Sense

    I actually agree with you a little. He should have carved out a small section of the Reach and added it to the Crownlands. Notice how King's Landing is always struggling to feed its populace during war? This would not have been as much of a problem if say up to Bitterbridge had been Crownlands territory. I think he could have, and should have done this. Really he left the Reach with a lot of influence and power as seen during the major conflicts since Aegon's Conquest (but perhaps most importantly during the War of Five Kings).
  13. Lord of Raventree Hall

    The Sleeping Lion

    Who is generally believed by who? Fringe corners of the fandom? No one I talk to about ASOIAF thinks this is true, including on this forum. That cat is just Rhaenys' cat. Not everyone is a secret warg.
  14. I don't know if this is a popular opinion or not, but people at least don't talk about it much. Anyways, I think GRRM's portrayal of the Dothraki is racist. They are obviously suppossed to be Mongols (With Khal Drogo's murder of Viserys being pulled straigbt from history with Genghis Khan using silver instead), but the mongols were not primitive like the Dothraki are. I love that GRRM loves history and writes essentially fun almost history, but sadly he seems to also have included racist stereotypes from european historians. The Mongols were seen exactly like the Dothraki were for a long time by European historians, and only recently is their history being more accurately depicted. So, examples : Mongols (especially under Ghengis and his decedents) were using the most recent military technology available to them. This included armor and advanced crossbows, and later incidienary devices and primitive guns/cannons. As well, much like historians, the Dothraki are shown having huge numbers and outnumbering their opponents, something that almost never happened with the Mongols. They were consistently outnumbered, but had superior battle commanders, fighting techniques, and better trained soldiers. Some of the most famous battles involved odds that were seemingly impossible for them to win against. Going back to strategy, the Dothraki are shown as basically brutes, but that is again far from true. One of the most famous leaders, Kublai Khan was as cultured as any other world leader of his time, perhaps even more so. As well, one general, Tsubadai, is regarded as perhaps one of the greatest generals of all time. (Given that Ogedei Khan hadn't have died at a very inconvenient/covenient time, European history might have a section under Mongol rule as Tsubadai was sweeping away every army sent at him like ants). Anways, the Dothraki are just one example, the Ghiscari also presented in a rather negative light. I just want GRRM to have some redeeming characters or viewpoints like he did with the Wildlings, at the very least. I always dreamed that Jhogo (or Rakharo or Aggo) would get a PoV and actually be quite intelligent (and only their lemits in the common tongue kept them from showing it). But the problems run deep in his pertrayal of the Dothraki, so even if that did happen it still would not be enough.
  15. Lord of Raventree Hall

    We're missing Flints and Dustins from the story

    I find Lady Barbary Dustin to be an acceptable Dustin. I assume she must have some heir, and based on other houses, I do not think it is uncommon for widows of the lord to rule until their death. I assume Anya Waynwood is a widow. Arwyn Oakheart is a widow and Arys says he has older brothers. House Oakheart and Waynwood are prominent houses in the Reach and the Vale respectively. There are probably more I am forgetting.