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  1. Lord of Raventree Hall

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    None of this makes sense. 1. There is no evidence of the gender of our dragons, male or female. Also, considering Vhagar is confirmed as a female and was the largest dragon after Balerion's death, there is nothing to suggest males are bigger than females. (Note : Amongst some reptilian and avian species, females are bigger or the genders are exactly the same size). Different mother dragon is also random. You realize that children from the same parents end up different sizes in like every species right? My friend had two dogs (from the same litter), the male was smaller than te female by quite a bit. Heck, I have friends who are fraternal twins, and one is like 4 inches taller than the other with a thicker body type. There doesn't need to be a reason Drogon is bigger. She/he is just bigger.
  2. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Jon Snow and Sexuality

    I think Jon's mindset is more common than you think amongst men/boys. Our culture and the media have popularized being confident and successful with women as "what it means to be a man". However, sexuality comes in a large spectrum which includes both people that are not desiring it quite so constantly as well as many who are not confident. I don't actually think many of the other characters who are "confident" were born that way. They simply exude the personality expected by their society. I actually think Theon is mostly all talk. Inside he just wants to be a Stark and wants to be loved and accepted as "strong", "smart", or "good" by his friends and family (both his real one and his adopted one). Jon also took Eddard's words to heart, and has a basic respect for all women that most men in ASOIAF are lacking. Again, this is part of their society, but one that Eddard, amd therefore Jon and Robb, rejected. I mark Jon as almost normal compared to other sexually crazed male characters in the books (Robert, Tyrion, other rapey characters).
  3. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Okay, the OP here takes a long time to talk about how kind Tyrion is. My response to them : So what? Sansa has no reason to trust Tyrion after everything Joffrey and Cersei have done to her. She was forced to marry him! If I had a worst enemy, then was forced to marry their family member instead of the new person I had a chance with (to escape the nest of vipers I was in), I would hate them, too. I would even know I was being unfair (which Sansa recognizes too), but I would still hate them. She is trapped in a marriage she doesn't want around people she hates. She reasonably doesn't want to sleep with Tyrion. There are loads of people I don't want to sleep with, no matter how kind they are to me. You say Tyrion is the kindest person in her life. I admit he treats her alright. He is kind to her more than others, but that doesn't mean she has to like him or care for him. He offers her BASIC respect, admittedly something almost no one else in her life does, but basic respect does not require love. Most importantly, his family, and him by association, are responsible for Robb, Catelyn, and Eddard's death. People love to act innocent in the books, but when you support a certain ruler/person, you are partially responsible for the things they do. She has a reason to not hate him, she does not have a reason to love him. I would be trying to escape, too. And Sansa really didn't realize that Tyrion would be blamed for Joffrey's death. She barely knew her responsibility in Joffrey's death. She didn't betray him, because they were never on the same team, and she owed him nothing. I have no idea what the point of listing all the way's Tyrion was so kind to her was, as it means nothing to her (and lets be honest, to most of us it would not). And considering how awful Tyrion is to other women (Shae and other random slave women), I think Sansa was just lucky the time frame she was around Tyrion for. As to the rest of your analysis, you have a problem seeing the world from Sansa's perspectice, that much is clear. If you attempted trying on her shoes instead of feeling every moment through Tyrion's shoes or your own, you would probably understand her actions better. I don't agree with everything she does, and she is far from my favorite character, but SHE SHOULD have mistrusted Tyrion, and he deserved nothing from her. If he truly was kind to her, he would have returned her to her mother long before. If he was really her friend, he would have helped her get to Willas. He was not her friend. He was part of her enemy forces, and he treated her as a pawn, a victim of war. He did not do anything for her, he did everything for himself. From the end of the first book until now, Sansa has been used by others. I think in the end Eddard and Catelyn were trying to do what was best for her, and I could find a multitude of quotes that show Sansa thinks exclusively positely about them post AGoT, but once she was captured by Cersei, she has only been used. Edit : I said Tyrion gave her basic kindness. She gave him (although often forced) basic kindness back. She owes him nothing more than her normal formal pleasantries, because that is essentially all he gave her.
  4. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Did Mirri Maz Duur kill Rhaego, or was it Dany being to her?

    Lol, I don't know what world you live in, but in our actual world killing babies is considered evil, no matter who the parent was. I cannot think of a single movie, book, or tv show in which child murder is viewed through a positive lens. For those of you arguing that Drogo's murder can be seen as heroic, I agree. He is a murderous tyrant, and revenge is often viewed positively in media. Mirri Maz Dur was very much justified murdering him. However, the tricking and murdering of a woman's child because of possible future deeds is never viewed positively. No matter who the parent is, murdering an innocent for possible future deeds is evil. If GRRM or any author had attempted to write child murder as a positive, I would have put down that book and never read it again.
  5. Lord of Raventree Hall

    The future Lord of the Crossing

    We aren't horrible human beings, so we don't share your fondness for backstabbing murderers. Good luck with that. They are probably gonna die horribly (well they are already are, but unless GRRM was forshadowing for no reason, the BwB is about to up their game and the Frey forces in the North are not going to end their lives prettily).
  6. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Robb did not want Theon

    So your analysis is that if say, I find out my best friend loves their brother more than me, I should betray them? That is absolute insanity, and I am worried about you in your relationships. If someone does not put you above all others, it does not make it okay to attack them. Often people love their family members more than their friends. Thankfully, usually, those friends don't stab them in the back. I love Theon's character arc. I even understand some of where he is coming from (being trapped and feeling you cannot just be and do what you want to be). His arc in ADwD is one of the reasons its my favorite book in the series. However, his betrayal of Robb was awful and can only be seen as logical when seen from the angle of wanting his father's/family's approval. The order in which Robb loved Jon/Theon is irrelevant to his decision, and good god shouldn't be. If he betrayed Robb purely out of jealousy of his love for Jon (still loved Theon, just less), I would think he was the most petty piece of crap in the entire book. Question : If I suspect my best friend loves his sister more than me, does that make it okay to destroy my best friend's life in vengeance? I'm just wondering what your analysis on that situation would be. P.S. Robb loved and trusted Theon. That is why his betrayal hurt so much.
  7. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Is Jon older or younger than Robb?

    I just wanted to complimit you on your excellent analysis. You summed up all known information well and made your best guess. I also want to complimit you for not saying "we know" or "it is fact" when it is in fact conjecture. (It is far too common on this forum to present your opinion as fact) You made an argument the right way. Well done.
  8. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    You guys do know Jeyne Pool was forced to marry without her consent and is being tortured right? As many people said, I don't think Mance had guest right, but even if he did, so what? If someone is raping and torturing your sister (as Jon thinks), that is a much more heinous crime. Also, Jeyne is not Ramsay's property. I am sorry, but she is not. And she WANTS to be taken from the castle. I am fairly certain I don't care if anyone broke guest right when someone is torturing an innocent person who was forced into marriage with a monstor. It's called being able to judge what crime is more heinous. Ramsay Bolton illegally married his last wife too. He illegally murdered Rodrik Cassell and his army. He illegally took Winterfell. He is illegally holding Winterfell. No guest right was broken.
  9. Lord of Raventree Hall

    All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    I have an honest question, are there these close 1:1 parellel mirroring of ancient battles and battles in our books currently available? I cannot think of one. Yes Robb and Daeron share some common traits, but far from mirroring. There are some examples of similar scenarios, but I cannot think of a single example of exact mirroring like this and many posts on this site suggest will happen/are happening.
  10. In either AFfC or ADwD, it is stated that the reason Bronze Yohn Royce was upset in the first place was because he wanted to join Robb against the Lannisters. If he had been made protector of the Vale because Lysa died or something, I see no reason that the Vale wouldn't have joined Robb. Seeing that Bronze Yohn is a Lord Paramount, I think he would have followed Robb's lead.
  11. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Your Top 3 "to murder" list

    To stop Wars, hmmm, then : 1. Petyr Baelish - He is really the person who caused the most trouble for both Jon Arryn and Eddard Stark. 2. Cersei Lannister - I actually don't dislike Cersei that much, but her removal would probably mean Robert is still alive and if Petyr is dead as well, Jon Arryn could freely tell Robert that Cersei's babies were not his own. 3. I guess to end chances of war, it would have to be Varys. I like Varys, but I think he has to die for peace in Westeros. If I was making this list with my own bias however, I would change it to : 1. Still Petyr. I really hate that guy. 2. Robert Baratheon - But after he disinherits Joffrey if possible. 3. Stannis Baratheon. Renly would make the best King, so my plan is basically to get the Hills (or would they be Waters, Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen) disinherited, then kill off Robert and Stannis who would be horrible Kings and put either Renly or Shireen (with Renly as her hand) on the throne. Both of these plans might work temporarily, but I think long term they will still lead to war. Does Daenerys still show up? What about fAegon? I think it is actually impossible with just three kills to avoid war all together. After all even if I kill every belligerent, the Others are still coming.
  12. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Could Daenarys keep control of slaver's bay and the 7 kingdoms?

    So I take it you don't think the Shavepate poisoned the locusts? He is aligned with Daenerys but more out of coincidence. He wants and probably wanted to destroy the old Meereen order well before Daenerys' arrival. ..... You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how children work. Yes, a 3 year old can get on a horse. No, a 3 year old cannot ride into battle on a horse, nor can they "lead" anyone. I teach 3 year olds. They can barely sit in their seats. Holding a pencil is difficult for them. In a controlled situation, a 3 year old can sit on a horse. Let's see them control a horse when it gets spooked by a coyote or something. When they are at a full gallop on uneven ground. Anyways, Rhaego is dead. He is unimportant to the story. If you actually think he is important, you clearly have not read enough of GRRM's works or simply have misunderstood where Daenerys' arc is taking her up to this point. Badly misunderstood.
  13. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Could Daenarys keep control of slaver's bay and the 7 kingdoms?

    You seem badly misinformed on the history of GRRM's world. The Targaryens were just one family from the Freehold of Valarya. As wel, they only controlled Dragonstone after the Doom of Valarya. They never had any control in Essos. And the Valaryons didn't withdraw from Essos, they all died in sort of huge volcano magic fueled apocolyptic doom. I cannot even respond to your Rhaego theory. It's too unrealistic to even be fun to talk about.
  14. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    To original post = We don't. Based purely on my friends and people I interact with (not a scientific survey by any means, but still a useful way to judge people's general thoughts in absence of anything else) most book readers believe r+l=j. I certainly am a subscriber.
  15. Lord of Raventree Hall

    Does GRRM dislike musicians/minstrels?

    I love this. Although I would add I don't understand why so many people excuse horrible actions of one character while blowing up others out of proportion, but do not see their hypicrocy. I see this awesome with fans who despise characters like Daenerys or Catelyn and praise characters like Tywin, Tyrion, or Stannis (let's admit it, sexism is certainly part of their differeing judgements). I will add one more thing though, there are a few characters that are not gray : I personally think Tywin has very little gray but a more common example would be Ramsay Snow. There is nothing good about that guy. However, for the most part you are right. They all exist in the gray.