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  1. Sansa wears a jeweled hair net to Joffs wedding but since they "jewels" were actually made of the strangler poison idk if you can actualy consider them jewels.
  2. Would Renly have made a good king. He had all the means necessary to become king. He had the support of the entire reach, including one of the richest houses of the seven kingdoms. If not Stannis and his blood magic, which no one could have anticipated, he wouldve managed to take kings landing. No problem. Even with stannis taking storms end, he couldve taken both him and the Lannisters. He could make common cause with Rob Stark, who has no beef with Renly or the reach, destroyed Tywins army and have become king of the 6 kingdoms. What would westeros look like under his rule? Renly is an extremely likable character, using his charisma to win over many major lords. He could face opposition from the faith if his relationship with Loras came to light, but other than that he wouldve had a fairly peaceful rule. If not for the threat of the white walkers. He is the perfect summer King but he doesnt seem like hes well apt for facing the long night, abiet better fit that Tommen and the current monarchy. Stannis probably wouldnt bend the knee to him, being the older sibling, and being the uncompramising person that he is, Stannis would rather die fighting for what he believes is right, however his men man not want to fight for a lost cause. He could prossibly be sent to the nights watch, so Renly doesnt begin his reign with kinslaying, which could helpful having such a seasoned commander at the wall. He also seems to fit perfectly with the whole vibe of the nights watch, living a hard and luxuryless life, dedicated to duty to the watch. Stannis is nothing if not dutiful. What do you think wouldve happened if Melisandre never birthed her shadow babies to kill Renly and Cortnay Penrose? Would Renly ever actually take Kings Landing? he was taking his sweet time getting there. And if Stannis and the Lannisters are defeated, Rob Stark sated and his reign installed, what would Renlys Westeros look like. Would he actually bring change the the kingdoms or would he just be more of the same?
  3. The dothraki in AGOT call Jorah "the andal". However, house Mormont is of the north, which are usually descendants of the first men. Is there any evidence that they actually have andal heritage, much like the Manderlys, or is this just the dothraki assuming everyone from Westeros is andalosi? Since a Stark won Bear Island for the Mormonts, this could mean that they didnt have land elsewhere. I feel like they could be like the Manderlys in this regard, but where the Manderlys still follow andal customs like the seven and knighthood etc, the Mormonts seem very in tune with northern culture.
  4. How much do we know about cyvasse? Its a strategy game, somewhat like chess, but we actually know how its played, rules, board, pieces, etc. Also what is its history. Where does it originate from (presumably from one of the free cities).
  5. I've seen some theories that Quentyn Martell is in fact not dead. I feel like this is a bit of a stretch as he's clearly described as dead by Barry the bold and Missandei. However it seems to me kind of weird that GRRM would put even add this plotline to the story just to have him burnt and killed. Is there actually any evidence that he might still be alive? Or could his arc actually be to get Gerris and Arch to Mereen to fulfil some other purpose. Lmk what you guys think
  6. Spoiler Warning So Im re-reading Dance and Im still on the early into the books. Tyrion is travelling with Ilyrio through Andalos, on his way to the Rhoyne. While reading it, I couldnt help but notice that theres no mention of Varys after he helps Tyrion escape Westeros. I recall him being in Pentos but he does not travel with the kinslayer and the cheesemonger. Does he pop up somewhere later in the books? I think he shows up in the red keep and kills Kevan Lannister but where did he go after Pentos? Again, Ive already read the books so no need to worry about spoilers.
  7. The same can be said about the first men that migrated west across the arm of Dorne. Granted theirs was a more primitive culture without writing or record keeping but some trace of them would surely have remained in Essos. Maybe George simply didn't want to dive too deep into that part of the world as it jut isn't relevant to the storyline.
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