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  1. House: Sigil: Standing lion, green on a field of white Colors: green and white Keep: Towerfall Rest Ancestral weapon: double sided valyrian steel tipped spear, with a 7 foot, weirwood shaft. Kingdom: Stormlands Liege Lord: Baratheons of Storms End Blood line (First men, etc): Andal/Dornish Traditional appearance and house traits: Black hair, olive skin, brown eyes, not typically tall Founder: Joswyll the Joker, who laughed as he slew his foes Origin story: Current state of house:
  2. After the war, Jon Arryn went down to Sunspear to talk with Doran and bring Dorne back into the kings peace. He probably took elias remains with him as a sign of good faith. Rhaenys and Aegons remains should by rights be burned and interred in the great sept of Baelor as is Targaryen custom but maybe King Bobby Baratheon would be too happy about that so they couldve gone South with Jon Arryn.
  3. The same can be said about the first men that migrated west across the arm of Dorne. Granted theirs was a more primitive culture without writing or record keeping but some trace of them would surely have remained in Essos. Maybe George simply didn't want to dive too deep into that part of the world as it jut isn't relevant to the storyline.
  4. While re-reading ASoIaF I came across a chapter which, is by far my favourite. Its in A Storm of Swords, when Dany is outside Mereen and Strong Belwas fights Oznak Zo Pahl, the hero of the city. I liked this scene in the show but its 10x better in the books. It feels like the chapter doesn't develop much of the plot until Arstan saves Dany from the titans bastard, reveals himself as Barristan Selmy and exposes Jorah for reporting to Varys. So much content in the last few pages of the chapter make for such interesting reading. I want to know your favourite chapters and why (include a spoiler warning if your mention any Winds of Winter stuff!)
  5. Jeor Mormont's dying wish is for his son Jorah to join the nights watch. He tells this to Sam Tarly at crasters during the mutiny. Its clear that he's very ashamed of Jorahs actions, so much so that he puts his families ancestral sword in a box and completely forgets about it. But why keep it? If he didn't want it, surely just return it to bear island and leave it for Maege Mormont or something. If he kept it, he must have had a reason for it. Maybe in the hopes that his son could redeem himself by taking the black, but after long years of waiting, decides to gift it to Jon Snow. Also, Jorahs reputation in Westeros isn't the best, especially in the North. If he hadn't ran he would probably have been executed (although Ned would've for sure let him go to the wall if he wanted). I think Barristan Selmy says at some point that his presence might hurt Dany's cause if he went to Westeros with her, which is a good point. The allegiance of the Northern houses are vital to uniting the seven kingdoms, and having a known criminal/outlaw as one of her top advisers wouldn't bode very well. Maybe the best way of him serving Dany would be to join the nights watch and protect the realm for her.
  6. What would've happened if Lysa had been betrothed to Brandon Stark and Catelyn to Jon Arryn? I mean, Catelyn was the elder daughter so it makes sense that she would marry the elder of the two men, Jon Arryn. Therefore, after Brandons murder, Lysa would be wed to Ned Stark. Would Catelyn miscarry as many children as Lysa did, and become ultra protective over her kids? I would assume that littlefinger would never be able to persuade Cat to murder Jon as he did with Lysa, who was much more infatuated with him. Im currently re-reading the books and im still halfway through storm, so there might be some things im missing.
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