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  1. Ned secured infant/baby Jon as soon as he practically could and brought him to WF where he not only kept him safe but raised him as part of his family. He really could not have done more to protect Jon's true identity by laying such a convincingly false trail at some cost to his own reputation and of course to his and Catelyn's relationship. No one suspects he is a a Targaryen bastard or potentially semi-legitimate heir due to potential polygamy on Rhaegar's part which keeps him safe from an unstable Taregaryen-hating Robert's vengefulness; any realpolitik decisions to remove an inconvenient alternative to the newly established Barratheon dynasty which is notably short on legitimacy; and free from any political ploys to seat him on the Iron Throne as a child and rule through him by unscrupulous Lords tempted to try a power grab. Ned raises him to lead and command, exactly as he does Robb, and though he is sent off to the NW for plot reasons both Mormont and Maester Aemon are quick to spot his potential and his rapidly accelerated rise to a leadership role confirms this quickly enough. He's a bastard so he'll never get to marry or inherit lands and in the North a career in a leadership role in the NW is not such a terrible thing. For those thinking it is, remember that the prologue to AGOT starts with Waymar Royce, a third son from an influential and powerful noble house in the Vale voluntarily turning up to pursue a career (i.e. lifetime in the NW). Catelyn precipitated it and Jon was unusually young but it's not that different to what Waymar Royce or Ned's own brother, Benjen Stark, chose themselves.
  2. That Daario Naharis is really Euron (or the other way round. Honestly who knows?). That Euron is the Dusky woman and is banging Vic for *reasons* That Catelyn's animosity towards Jon was not due to Ned shaming her by publicly equating his bastard with her trueborn heir but because she was secretly guilty about the fact that Robb was illegitimate due to her having premarital sex with Brandon and lying about it her whole life That Dany was a changeling or outright imposter coached by Viserys That Howland Reed is the High Septon (Sparrow) That Qhorin Halfhand was really Gerold Hightower because one of the Kingswood brotherhood once put an arrow through Hightower's hand and Qhorin lost two fingers catching a wildling axe aiming to split his skull open so it's cast iron proof they are the same man (or maybe Qhorin was Arthur Dayne; it's interchangeable because none of the KG actually died at the ToJ and all went to hang out with Elvis) Anything to do with the CotF greenseers being omniscient timetravelers able to constantly go back in time and effect events to turn out the way they want...despite facing extinction That Joffrey went to WF as an agent of LF under orders to kill Sansa, his intended betrothed, in order to stir up animosity between the Barratheons/Lannisters and Starks for LF's benefit, only hatching his plan to off the crippled Bran after Jaime had obligingly stumbled into the middle of an intrigue and LF was able to redirect his protege.
  3. I tried to find something here to consider seriously but came up short. Aerys the Great Victim, Jon Arryn the LF of his day, Robert a king in waiting long before events actually pushed people to action.... All based off conjecture around some marriage alliances. Rhaegar would have removed his own father from power due to incapacity (madness) given the opportunity. There's no reason to look for other people to fit the bill here or engage in a high risk plot. When Aerys started killing people of the highest rank without trial the game changed. Oaths work two ways. When the king breaks his part of the compact the issue is resolved by swords.
  4. I agree. I also don't see why Jaime, who we learn has always been faithful to Cersei, would not be affected by learning of her casual infidelities (Lancel as a Jaime substitute, Kettleblack because she found him useful). Jaime, in contrast, turned away Pretty Pia when she was sent to him as a bed warmer. This isn't about vows, it's about trust and Cersei has eroded Jaime's trust in her.
  5. Ah, yes, the good old religious extremist Aeron who quite literally drowns people as a test of their faith in order to perform resuscitation on them as a display of his personal convictions and power. The guy who, on being told Euron had sailed into Pyke harbour, claimed the throne and drowned Lord Botley in a cask of salt water when he protested, didn't give two hoots about the murder because the law stipulated that no blood be spilled and so as a "godly man" was fine with the murder being committed by drowning rather than the sword. A real role model here. 1. 45 2. Male 3. Impossible to pick one really: any of Dany, Jon, Sansa, Cat, Tyrion or Bran 4. Littlefinger - for causing so much chaos and suffering because of his poor little bruised ego
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