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  1. Here's what I think on this issue... I think Rhaegar and Lyanna (and Elia as well) knew that the Second Long Night was coming again. How? Maybe Rhaegar had the power of dragon dreams like Dany does...which is very likely. Part of Rhaegar's way of preparing the realm for the coming of the Others was siring children who would become warriors. The whole "the dragon must have three heads" thing. Elia cannot have any children but Lyanna can. They knew that Stark blood is just as magical as Targaryen blood. There are hints in the books that suggest that Lyanna and/or Brandon were skinchangers; with their gift for horse-riding being so notable people refer to them as centaurs (aka half-human, half-horse). But anyway, Rhaegar takes another wife in Lyanna (with Elia's consent) and impregnates her. However, Rhaegar, Lyanna and Elia - so focused on saving the world from the Big Bad - failed to account for the political and social realities of the situation. Case in point: Rhaegar was so focused on the War for the Dawn that he neglected to properly address the very real problem of his father's mental illness in a timely manner (he says as much to Jaime when he leaves for the Trident). I think it all goes back to the theme (and mystery) of what is the song of ice and fire. Balancing the big superhero antics of saving the world with the down-to-earth minutiae of ensuring that the world is ready to be saved.
  2. Stannis' actions (or lack of action) in A Game of Thrones is inexcusable. He could've taken the throne if he had just stayed in King's Landing (or had just gone back) and worked with Ned. Granted, he probably would have still had to deal with Balon, Renly, Mance and, possibly, Tywin and Ramsay among things such as religious tensions and inheritance. But Stannis is his own worst enemy.
  3. No but seriously. Why do we care about the Boltons so much? Like Ramsay Bolton was up at the Dreadfort with an army (which might've been the largest army in the North) but did absolutely nothing to relieve or support the Night's Watch. Stannis Baratheon, however, travelled 1500 miles to relieve the Night's Watch. But yet, we're demonizing Jon Snow for 1) accepting Stannis' help and 2) negotiating with Stannis to put the Night's Watch in a better position. Not to say that the Mance Rayder issue isn't an issue (because it is a HUGE issue) but come on. Killing your Lord Commander is not making your situation any better.
  4. I am sorry but why are we trying to pacify the Boltons? You all do know that the Boltons are the enemies in the story, right? Right?!
  5. Really? But I thought the caveat was that Martin said that he would never allow a heroine (or hero) to be raped in real-time in their own POV Where did I hear that from? Or am I just making that up?
  6. But with that logic, Mercy cannot be Arya's first chapter in The Winds of Winter. There is no way. Why would the FM want to destroy KL? Idk, maybe it's part of the Iron Bank's masterplan. FM are already alleged to have caused the Doom of Valyria. And even if the FM would send her, who's to say that Arya would be an untrained rookie at that point?! She's not even an untrained rookie as of the end of A Dance with Dragons. To be honest, the destruction of King's Landing -- if it is ever to happen -- is likely going to happen in A Dream of Spring. The likelihood of the Lannisters being the rulers of King's Landing and the power on the Iron Throne by that point is extremely low.
  7. I love this post. @Moiraine Sedai needs to give it another read. Bowen Marsh would be a horrible choice as would Alliser Thorne. This is the one of most colorful uses of metaphor I have seen in the past two years. And it's so accurate. I wish I could give rep points. Yes. But that's 5,000 men inside your castle gates...versus 80,000 men who are 2,000 miles away A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Besides, whatever happened to old fashioned gratitude. Stannis had just saved the Night's Watch from complete annihilation when the Iron Throne, Highgarden and the Dreadfort couldn't be half-assed to send 20 men.
  8. The better questions to ask are: why did Rhaegar wait so long to call a Great Council so as to properly deal with Aerys? why didn't Stannis, Renly or Robb call a Great Council?
  9. I can see Arya destroying King's Landing with wildfire on accident, in the heat of battle or as a missive of the Faceless Men. I don't see Arya destroying King's Landing for anything outside of theat. Especially not vengeance for Jon. That's beyond the pale and out-of-character. I do, however, see Arya slaughtering every single man of the Night's Watch directly or indirectly responsible for Jon's death AND I also see her destroying the Twins and the Dreadfort for their role in the Red Wedding, how they treated Jeyne Poole and how they sullied her name. Thank you for saying this! I would also add that we don't know exactly what message GRRM is portraying until the very end. Nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction are a thing but it pales in comparison to mass mind control and a supernatural surveillance state.
  10. I don't believe Jon will become an ice wight per say. But I do think that he will die again in the series and that the second death will be permanent. He is not surviving the series to just go off beyond the Wall. I agree. I'm certain that Jon will hold the Iron Throne for a little while. Perhaps he will make Dany his co-ruler or maybe Dany will just be his consort. Bran probably won't be named King until the very last (or second-to-last) chapters of the book. Yeah but I think Harrenhal will be the new capital of Westeros after King's Landing is destroyed. If Bran becomes "king" (I'm using the term king loosely because the type of king I imagine Bran being is more like a chief or guru), I can see him making the Isle of Faces as his "Throne Room"
  11. That is true. She was a positive influence. And she got along very poorly with Tyanna for a reason and undoubtedly tried to warn Maegor. Regardless, I find it hard to believe that Visenya was really okay with Maegor becoming a kinslayer, death in battle. Maegor's best bets were to either abdicate once Aegon became of age and announced his intentions on making good on his claim or to have just done everything in the name of being Prince Regent, Lord Protector and Hand of the King. It always struck me weird that neither Visenya nor Maegor relieved Aegon and Rhaena at Crakehall or Casterly Rock. I didn't get the impression that Aegon favored or liked either son over the other. Not at all.
  12. Oh okay. Gotcha. Just curious: what would you say is the significance of Balon being the second king to die? Does he have to be the seciond? Is Euron's impact lessened if he doesn't enter the story until after Robb Stark and Joffrey Baratheon die. I understand than that obscuring story elements are a book thing and streamlining and fully displaying story elements suit the medium of TV and film better. However, I feel like the mystery and surprise of Aegon (among other things) can be ruined if they are telegraphed too soon or too explicitly. For example, I honestly wouldn't have fArya pop up or mention fArya until the very moment when Theon is "made" to walk her down the aisle or whatever. But having Renly and Margaery's wedding play out (perhaps alternative or in addition to getting what we got in the series with Loras convincing Renly to make a bid for the kingship), seeing Prince Doran and his family extend a warm welcome to Myrcella as a cold open in season 2, watching the "secret" love affair between Arianne and Oakheart play out in the A Storm of Swords seasons. But the show would have to make good use of flashbacks and dreams to make some of that work. That was another major flaw of D&D: I can't think of a single TV series created after Twin Peaks (1990) and Dallas (1978-1991) that doesn't either: regularly make use of flashbacks, dreams, hallucinations or visions: when the plot demands it, when a character arc demands it or to simply break-up the monotony and jazz up the storytelling have an episode that serves as a origin story or address unresolved plot threads or doesn't have a major flashback/dream/vision/hallucination episode (or sometimes season). That's a MAJOR issue.
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