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  1. Well, for one, Cersei might have kept Robert along a little longer. I doubt Renly would have rebelled but it's likely he would have. Depends on exactly how persuasive, invasive and unscrupulous the Tyrells really are... Melisandre was already on Dragonstone at the time so who knows. It may have taken her longer to turn Stannis but he might've still turned and sought to usurp the Iron Throne. In any case, I doubt Joffrey would be a good person. He may even be worst because there's a good chance that Cersei would neglect/abuse him because he's Robert's son. Since Joffrey would be bad, Sansa may be in trouble which would spur the Starks and the Tullys to take action. Mance Rayder and the wildlings were still coming, the Others were still coming, the Targaryens were still coming, Balon Greyjoy still would've been plotting his revenge, Bloodraven was still looking for a successor, etc. I think that everything that happened and is bound to happen would still happen. I just think that it would happen further down the line. Like I imagine that it would take another 3 years (at the very earliest): Bran would be at least 10, Jon Snow would be a legal adult at 17 and Sansa would be 14 which is a more sensible betrothal age.
  2. BlackLightning

    Getting Away with Murder:Catelyn Stark

    While I do think that a Robb POV would been very enlightening and very welcome in A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords (mainly A Clash of Kings), I do think Catelyn POV chapters are often the most consistently best written, most consistently informative chapters in the entire series. If you remember from the text, Catelyn ACTUALLY did not want to be sent south to Renly and Stannis as an ambassador. She wanted to go home to Winterfell to be with Bran and Rickon. Robb overruled her and that's why she stayed. And in GRRM's first couple of drafts, Catelyn actually does go back to Winterfell (with Arya in tow, apparently) and reunites with Bran only for her to die beyond the Wall and become a wight. Robb technically has to give his mother leave. Catelyn isn't going to disrespect or embarrass Robb unnecessarily by just taking off. That's a big part of Robert Baratheon and the Small Council's problem with Lysa Arryn: she just left without notice or consent. It was considered rude, dishonorable and sacrilegious. Besides, Robb (although he is technically still a minor) is both head of House Stark and her king. Honestly, the way people feel about Catelyn Stark blows my mind. It seems to be that female characters get the worst kind of treatment. Jaime, Tywin and Tyrion ALL get away with murder literally but no one rags on them as much as people like to rag on Catelyn or Sansa.
  3. BlackLightning

    Euron or Jon Snow?

    I think Victarion will be Daenerys' next true husband (Hizdahr is a farce). The dying man smiling sadly on a ship? Yep. That's Victarion. Think about his last name: Grey-Joy. Plus, with his injury, Victarion is literally dead on his feet. He's not going to survive. Jon will be Daenerys' last husband. He's the blue rose blooming from a wall of ice. Not only are those particular roses native to Winterfell, the fact that Daenerys finds the rose beautiful and aromatic suggests that Daenerys will be madly in love with Jon. Emphasis on the term madly. And I think that sex nightmare Daenerys had depicts Jon. I think it's not only referring to sex with Jon but it's also referring to maybe her death at Jon's hands. Jon will be something of a zombie and likely cold-blooded (in more ways than one) so his erections will hardly be typical. What's another thing that is cold and hard yet not so assuming in size? A steel dagger.
  4. True. I love 99% of what you said and agree with about 98% of it. But Myrcella should play a role. No ifs about it. She is one of the prophesized three. The fact that she is female does not make her any lesser than the other two. In fact, Myrcella will be the last one standing. That I know to be true. Agreed. There's no other way. Leaving by ship is the only possible way she can leave and not be caught. That said, I don't think she will be caught by the Ironborn on her way back. I think that Cersei is going to make an overture to Euron from Casterly Rock (the rock wife symbolism) after getting there. The chief reason why I don't think Cersei is going to be meeting Euron at the Arbor is because I think Euron will be busy on the Iron Islands. I think Asha and Theon are going to survive The Winds of Winter and make it back to the Iron Islands. We already have had it established that a Kingsmoot election can be nullified if the son of the original king was not present. With that loophole established, Asha has a chance of overturning Euron's election in favor of herself, Theon or even her unborn child. Euron will have no choice but to go back to the Iron Islands once Theon's return is announced. I think Victarion will also feel honor-bound to go back despite the fact that he shouldn't really care as he will already be Dany's husband and king. So, yeah. That Kingsmoot will be a bloodbath. Cersei will, IMO, reach out to Euron afterwards. Or maybe she might actually interfere in the Kingsmoot on Euron's behalf as a way of winning him over. Who knows? While I do believe that Sunspear is doomed and will be left a ruin, I'm not quite sure Euron will be the one to do it. I can easily see Daenerys nuking the city and/or the city imploding with all of the anti-Martell sentiment that was well established in A Feast for Crows. Yep, I said it. I think Doran Martell and his household will get the Romanov treatment with Arianne being a stand-in for Anastacia. But if there's one thing the show did right in its last two seasons was the naval battle. I think Euron is going to attack Dany's armada either before she even makes it to Westeros or just upon her arrival at Dragonstone. I think that when that happens Victarion will die and about a third (if not half) of Dany's enormous military machine dies. Jaime ending up with Aegon? Interesting. I like that idea; I've never thought about it. I've always thought that Jaime would either die on command or go crawling back to Cersei after Catelyn is finished with him and moves on to greener pastures (i.e. Winterfell) I totally agree with the Others. And I think that one of the Boltons will survive long enough to menace the Starks in A Dream of Spring. Personally, I'm thinking Lord Roose makes it to the last book and Ramsay dies. But not both of them. Nope. No way in hell do both of them survive The Winds of Winter, successfully fall back on the Dreadfort and not kill each other. No way. Something has to give. I think Littlefinger and...wait for it....Tyrion will fall within "the bad guy" category too. Well, first of all, I don't think Cersei is capable of having anymore children. I think the prophecy will come true and that three live births with three healthy children who go on to become kings is all she'll ever get. That's why I said she'll either be faking one to keep Euron close or she will hang on this wildly irrational, false hope that she is truly pregnant. I doubt that Cersei will kill any child of her own body after the previous three died. Even if it is by Euron. Oh but come now. You don't think Cersei is going to be exploited by Euron? Are we talking about the same Cersei? This is the same Cersei who got outmaneuvered and outplayed by Bronn the illiterate sellsword-turned-Lord of Stokeworth. She's about as blind as Maester Aemon, even more stubborn than Lysa Tully and only marginally smarter than Victarion Greyjoy. No way she is not going to get had. What happened to Falia Flowers will be along the same lines as what will happen to Cersei. I think they will united in hate and a desire to destroy and burn. And I think they will get along fairly well for a while. The sex will probably be fantastic. But Euron is a crafty mother----- and wants to not only destroy the world but he wants to rebuild it with him as a god over it. I think he'll just use her as a means to an end and dispose of her as soon as he is secure on the Iron Throne and she shows herself to be a liability. I think Jaime and Cersei will die together. But I think it will be Euron that will kill them both and that Daenerys (or Bran...or both of them) will in turn kill him. The Faith? Meh. I don't think they will be a factor that far along. Between fighting Daenerys and fighting the Others, Aegon's supply of sparrows will be exhausted. They might not even be present to protest against a glorified Ironborn serial rapist and his vicious wife. Like I said: I am almost convinced that Euron is a skinchanger. Not just any skinchanger but that he is just as powerful as Bran and was Bloodraven's original successor. If Euron telepathically enslaves the people of King's Landing and Bran saves them all and stops Euron, then yeah...I can definitely see why people want Bran to be king.
  5. BlackLightning

    Martin confirms Dany's coin lands good.

    No, not all. Again. Please don't take this the wrong way but you are not reading what is being written. You just aren't. Where did I argue or even say that "Dany thinks she's a young girl so this proves how much she respects the Dothraki"? Where was that conclusion drawn? Where?! I believe I was abundantly clear so I am seriously wanting you to point it out to me. Again. First of all, Daenerys does not think they are superstitious fools. Daenerys thinks that they can be superstitious fools. Let's go back to the text that you yourself originally quoted: Could be... is a conditional statement. Meaning that Daenerys knows that it is not always true but it is true often enough that it merits acknowledgement. How does she treat the Dothraki like they were shit? Where does that come from. Let's, again, go back to the text.
  6. BlackLightning

    Death in Childbirth and Dany’s Choice

    I think a death by childbirth is certainly within the realms of possibility for Daenerys. But the realms of possibility are very broad when it comes to her.
  7. I didn't say the things that happened in Season 6 were big things lol All I'm saying is that a lot of stuff happened in Season 6 and that a lot of people found those things exciting and satisfying.
  8. I think something happened behind-the-scenes that made GRRM cut his losses and stop participating in the show's development. Season 6 had lots of things occur. Characters long separated began to reunite Arya became a warrior, survived the FM cult, came back to Westeros and avenged the Red Wedding Bran actually did stuff that made him worthy of being a main character Cersei's big moments in the finale The identity of Jon's mother revealed Daenerys takes control of the Dothraki The Battle of the Bastards Daenerys rides a dragon into battle Jon's resurrection Margaery makes a deal with the High Sparrow Dorne becomes "resalvageable" Euron's introduction Daenerys heads for Westeros Season 1 is easily one of the two best seasons. I would say that season 4 is the second best.
  9. BlackLightning

    Martin confirms Dany's coin lands good.

    @Rose of Red Lake I honestly want to know what your issue with Daenerys is. Because it's clearly not founded upon what's in the text. First of all, she says the Dothraki "were wise where horses are concerned but could be utter fools about much else." Not only is she talking about the Dothraki people in general as a society, but when she says that they "could be utter fools about much else" that means that Dany is saying that the Dothraki have the ability or habit of being utter fools about things that don't have to do with horses. That's like if I said that my classmate is a mathematical genius but her handwriting is illegible and she knows fuck all about grammar. Besides, the emphasis there is could which makes Dany's whole statement conditional. Conditional? Conditional as in Dany is saying that the Dothraki CAN SOMETIMES be utter fools things that don't have to do with horses and that they CAN SOMETIMES can be wise about things that don't have to do with horses. The word "could" is all about potential. As in potential to be something bad or the potential to be something good. And speaking of besides, we have the keyword of besides which means that - like myself - Dany has not only moved on to a completely different thought but that she is dismissing the previous thought as irrelevant in light of the current thought. Do you know what that means? That means this: Dany is saying that Irri and Jhiqui are just girls (i.e. girls=female children or female humans who have to become fully-developed) who don't know what they are talking about. Dany is pivoting from an assessment of Dothraki society based upon what Irri and Jhiqui said to an assessment of Irri and Jhiqui based upon what Irri and Jhiqui just said. Which is a wise and good thing to do because you shouldn't describe and prescribe entire group of people based upon what two people who happen to be two parts of that gigantic group of people just said. Anyways, back to what Dany is saying about Irri and Jhiqui. She uses the word "besides" to close the door on her original thought (The Dothraki could be utter fools about much else if it doesn't have to do with horses) and to pivot to a more important current thought (Irri and Jhiqui, whom are providing me insight about the Dothraki, are only girls). Nowhere in the text does Daenerys use the adjective "foolish" in reference to Irri and Jhiqui. She is not calling them fools, she called (past tense because the word besides moves the "the Dothraki could be foolish" statement aside and leaves it in the past) the Dothraki fools. Why? A quick rewind through the text shows that, according to Dothraki culture, it is bad luck to touch the dead if you have not personally killed them. That is the statement that triggers Daenerys into saying that the Dothraki COULD BE FOOLISH about a lot of different things. Okay, so Daenerys implied that that particular Dothraki superstition foolish (which it is). That brings us to my third point: Dany sees the fact that she too once was a girl and still is a girl. She first says that they are an age with her. Meaning that Dany sees that she, Irri and Jhiqui are all around the same age. Since Dany has lumped herself in with them, she recognizes that they all look like women but they are not all women. Sure, she's pointing out Irri and Jhiqui's physical bodies specifically but it is implied in the text that Dany is well aware of their similarities physically. We all know that Dany considered herself (and truly was) a girl when she married Khal Drogo. I'm a bit lost at why you think Dany is racist because she views these (your words not mine; if someone is racist it is never about just these it's about all) women of color (I'm sorry but didn't Dany just call Irri and Jhiqui girls and not women) as foolish (she never called them foolish) girls (the only part you got right). Am I racist for viewing my constantly-drunken college-aged white male acquaintances who also happen to be apart of a fraternity as foolish boys? This is where your maddening hypocrisy starts to show. But more on that later, this whole wedding gift comment makes no sense. Because Daenerys does not refer to them as her wedding gifts. Daenerys simply states that "they had been given to her when she wed Khal Drogo." Just because something is given to someone, it doesn't mean it is a gift. A police officer can give you a speeding ticket? Is the speeding ticket a gift? Your boss can give you a team of people and tell you that you are now their leader. Is your boss commodifying these people? An insurance company can write you a blank check that allows you to get a rental car after your previous car was totaled in an accident? Is the insurance company giving you an early Christmas gift? No. When Daenerys wed Drogo, she became his khaleesi and thus achieved a position of authority and power. In this new position of authority and power, she was given handmaidens and bloodriders. They were not gifts, they were something that she as a khaleesi is owed so that she may not be dishonored and that her duties can be better fulfilled. Back to the hypocrisy: you just brought up the fact that Sansa calls the Tyrells girls both "silly" and "little." But then you turn around and say that Sansa is only speaking of their individual innocence/naïveté. But in the same series of muscle spasms we call typing, you deny Daenerys of what you have granted Sansa. The text shows us that Daenerys' mind is not only capable of working faster than Sansa's mind (many would say that makes Daenerys smarter than Sansa) but that Daenerys' mind is also more agile than Sansa's mind. Why? Because: Daenerys can take what Irri and Jhiqui just said and recognize it that they are talking about Dothraki culture Daenerys can process what Irri and Jhiqui are saying and thereby make a conditional assessment of the Dothraki people Daenerys can dismiss or set aside her own assessment almost immediately and move on to a deeper, truer assessment of Irri and Jhiqui as people Daenerys can then apply it to herself and make an observation of how she connects and relates to Irri and Jhiqui and how the three of them are not that much different after all Did Sansa arrive at the same sort of conclusion as Daenerys did at the end. Because at the end of it, it is implied (and later confirmed) that Daenerys not only still views herself as a girl (like Irri and Jhiqui) but that she herself is foolish (unlike Irri and Jhiqui). The text itself tells you that the only person Daenerys calls "a foolish girl" is herself. Ethnic supremacists or whatever fancy term you want to label Daenerys as are typically not hard on themselves or people of their same ethnicity. Typically, they are lenient on themselves and their ethnic group and hard on everyone else who doesn't fit in with their ethnic group. So what really is the issue? I'm afraid to say that either you need to work on your reading comprehension or that you are letting your biases and personal feelings blind you in regards to the character of Daenerys Targaryen...or both.
  10. BlackLightning

    Why is Sansa so antagonistic towards Daenerys?

    @Rose of Red Lake @Mystical Sansa didn't size Daenerys up as an awful person. IF she did size Dany up as an awful person, she would've said so to Jon or to Brienne like she did with Littlefinger. IF she did size Dany up as an awful person, she would've had a couple things to say to Theon or Tyrion. But she didn't. She never did. Not even to Tyrion. How can she size Daenerys up as a terrible person when she was the one who was terrified of her own siblings and seriously considered having her own sister killed a few weeks before? No, it wasn't about Sansa getting an accurate read on Daenerys the moment she met her (or rather, heard her name). It was about Sansa simply not liking Daenerys out of jealousy.
  11. Believe it or not, I started having problems with the show in season 2. Talisa was problematic and they dropped the ball in regards to Arya's plot. But my chief problem was with the way they handled Bran and Daenerys. Particularly Daenerys. They completely messed up the House of the Undying scenes. On purpose for no real reason. And they failed to really do anything notable with Bran's dreams. Why didn't they emphasize the fact that Bran was ruling Winterfell? Why keep it in if you're going to half-ass your way through it? I kept hope alive until season 7. Season 6 had some very rough patches but it ended great and was thus therefore better than season 5. Season 7 was absolutely horrible even with all the good scenes that it had and promising. But season 8 makes season 7 look and feel as if it was a gift from God. I mean, come on. Was anyone expecting the Golden Company to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! after all the buildup that it had in the previous finale? Why include them at all if you were going to do nothing with them? They wasted money on all those actors and costumes only for them to die in their first five minutes on screen. Good. Conleth Hill is lying. Acting. We saw how he really felt in the script readings and we heard him express (or fail to express) his feelings on the red carpet with the guys who play Bran and Davos. I can't blame him though...it's generally unwise and unprofessional to speak ill of your bosses. Even if it's truthful. That's the problem. There was PLENTY of criticism earlier. Remember the whole PR nightmare that was season 5? Need I remind you of the Not-Rape-But-Still-Uncomfortably-And-Unnecessarily-Rapey scene in season 4 with Jaime and Cersei? It didn't help. Because they actually still had that very problematic cringefest that was the last conversation between Sansa and the Hound.
  12. Yeah you're right. But the problem here is that Myrcella is just as important as Tommen is. Not only to the pre-Targaryen geopolitical structure of the Seven Kingdoms (if Daenerys needs something to fight, so does Aegon and Stannis) but also to the stories of Cersei and, to a lesser extent, Jaime. So even if you were to cut the Sand Snakes, I think some degree of internal Dornish plotting involving Myrcella is necessary. Why? Because Cersei needs to be pushed over the edge. Which brings me into the second half of your post. Exactly. I think she will barely escape the city, establish herself in Casterly Rock with the Westerlands seceding from the Seven Kingdoms, striking an alliance with Euron (he chose to attack the Reach instead of the Westerlands which are next door to the Iron Islands...interesting) and retake the city with Euron. I think a lot of people forget that in A Song of Ice and Fire, the Lannisters are still very, very rich. Cersei can declare a trade war on Aegon or hit him with the medieval version of economic sanctions. Aegon doesn't have the food to feed King's Landing - much less the rest of Westeros - and he doesn't have the money to buy food or the credit to take out a loan to buy the food. The Iron Throne is bankrupt. Cersei and Euron definitely have a chance to retake the city. And I think once they do, Cersei's wrath will be terrible to behold. She would blame everyone in that city for her defeat. I would hate to live in King's Landing with the two of them calling the shots. I think Jaime (if he survives the Lady Stoneheart episode, which I think he will) will go back to Cersei for a little while only to leave her conclusively when it's clear that she is beyond his help and undeserving of his love. Those who deserve his help and love will be fighting the Others. But more on that later... I also think that Cersei will either be deluding herself into thinking she is pregnant or faking a pregnancy. I don't think Cersei will be that big bad wildfire boss. Well, not in the sense many people think. I think that Cersei will end up becoming like Robert: fat, debauched, willfully blind and empty inside due to grief and PTSD. Euron will do to her what she did to Robert: Cersei never loved Robert and used him up until the day came when she had no more use for him. I think the Valonqar is actually Euron and that Euron will be the one to kill her. I like to think the whole thing might turn out like the grand finale to Sleeping Beauty. You know? With Jaime (or Arya) being a Prince Phillip stand-in trying to get to a trapped/doomed Cersei aka Sleeping Beauty (not necessarily saying that Cersei is worth saving, Arya and/or Jaime may be trying to kill her). Euron will play the role of Maleficient as an evil sorcerer, Bran being the three fairies who are trying to help Prince Phillip and Daenerys and Jon both being the wildly destructive dragon that is wreaking havoc on a Greyjoy-controlled King's Landing. Maybe throw in a bit of greyscale-infected denizens and wham! You have another post-Others big battle. A Scouring of the Shire. If Jaime survives The Winds of Winter (honestly, it can go either way), I think Jaime will either die in the war against the Others, be executed by Daenerys for being a kingslayer at some point or be killed by Euron at some point because Jaime might either be the only thing standing in between Cersei and Euron (aka Her Certain Death) Speaking of Euron and Cersei holding the city against anyone with a better claim.....….I don't see that being too much of a problem because the people of King's Landing will likely be powerless to stop them and mad with starvation at that point. Winter will be in full swing, the Second Dance is going to weaken the city and maybe King's Landing had a zombie problem. I also don't see it being a problem because I think Euron is a powerful skinchanger who will eventually be able to take control of hundreds of people. Thus, Bran can basically step in and have his Big Hero moment that makes people want him as their king.
  13. We never needed Ellaria. I think we needed the Sand Snakes. At least, Obara, Sarella, Nymeria and Tyene. Sarella is in Oldtown at the Citadel (I know what happens there will be a massive part of the plot moving forward), Nymeria would've made things more interesting for the King's Landing cast and thus the audience and Obara is a warrior and just as interesting a warrior as say Bronn. A lot Ellaria's scenes and beats are actually taken from Obara. Tyene could have been an amalgamation character fusing Elia Sand with Tyene Sand I would hardly consider the Sand Snakes outside of Sarella as important but I think they are needed. Part of the problem with seasons 6-8 (especially season 8) is that not enough characters that mattered died.
  14. BlackLightning

    What will happen to Stannis in next book

    I agree. This is why I think Ramsay will survive The Winds of Winter and will live on to menace the Starks and the rest of the North in A Dream of Spring. I also think that Davos and Rickon (or maybe just Rickon) will be a prisoner of the Dreadfort and that Arya will actually get to meet her proxy-husband and/or his father, Lord Bolton Whichever Bolton survives Winds, I expect them to cause problems for the Starks (perhaps even killing Rickon), maybe try to strike a deal with the Others in Dream before being cut down by Arya. Since I think Jon will be mostly busy with Daenerys, Aegon, Tyrion and other southern players in Dream, I think it will be mainly Sansa, Arya, Bran and maybe Theon who will be having to deal with the Lord of the Dreadfort. Back on topic though.... I think Stannis will win the battle (or rather survive) but I think Stannis is doomed either way. Sansa and the Valemen will show up at some point to pull the rug out from under him, Aegon has already been confirmed to take Storm's End, Dragonstone has already fallen (but to whom...?), Shireen and Selyse will die at some point and then Jon and/or Bran will show up at some point after. Stannis will be so low on men, morale, support and supplies that he'll be forced to retreat like he did back in A Clash of Kings. Except he will fall back on the Nightfort instead of Dragonstone and he will be mostly alone. Long story short (it's a little tinfoily) … I think Stannis is going to become an Other and will be the face of the Others' invasion of Westeros. I think he will be slayed at Brienne or Daenerys or, you know, both at some point. If Brienne kills him, it'll be at the Nightfort before he is then resurrected and converted (I think the Black Gate at the Nightfort is going to be super important to the Others). If Daenerys kills him, it'll be a twisty retelling of Robert vs. Rhaegar on the banks of the Trident. I used to think Stannis was not going to survive Winds. Now, I think he'll present quite the problem long after Dream has begun.
  15. BlackLightning

    It’s my first time

    Nah, the atrocities you have mentioned are well enough. But I was talking about one in particular and it's on your list. I don't want to spoil the sweet summer babes. Think about it. Season 5 is when I started having issues with season 2 episode 10. What happened in season 5?