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  1. The problem isn't the fAegon plot. That can done all in one book. The bigger issue lies with Dany and the Others and both of those plots should take up almost two books....but it seems like it might have to all happen within one. Which makes it very likely for A Dream of Spring to be both rushed and bloated. It's not unheard of for the final book or installment in a long series to not be the best. For example, I was not a big fan of the last Harry Potter book. It wasn't until the movies came out that it became clear to me that the problem with my problems with the last Harry Potter book lies in the second half...or rather the final third.
  2. If Sansa briefly returns to King's Landing before she goes back to Winterfell (and doesn't marry Harry before doing), then yes...we're going to get an Arianne-Aegon-Sansa thing. The good news is that it won't last long; a few chapters at most. The bad news...it'd still be ugh. But yeah: JonCon and Arianne are not going to get along. I disagree. I think Arya is going to have a completely different ending than she will in the books. The showrunners seemed hellbent on making their own kickass, cold-hearted version of Arya while GRRM's Arya is more grounded, thoughtful I think Sansa will end up single and childless whereas Arya will be married to a high lord with a castle full of children Arya strikes me as an GRRM's version of Eowyn in that she always wanted to win renown and glory in battle only to get exactly that (and after nearly losing life) before settling down to marry and raise a family. Also, she seems to be closely tied to the Aragorn of the story (aka Jon) who sidesteps Eowyn (Arya) - while encouraging to do something else - in favor of an Arwen (Daenerys) I think the future of House Stark lies with Rickon
  3. The Watch storyline in A Game of Thrones is by far, the weakest part of the book. And I'd argue that the reason why people don't like Jon Snow's chapters, Jon Snow the person and/or the storylines pertaining to the Watch and the Others goes back to Jon's storyline in Game Apart from the first two Jon chapters (aka when he's not yet at the Wall) and the last two chapters, the Wall story is boring and Jon is super-annoying. I doesn't excite me to see characters be violated and abused but it would've made for a much better story. Louise Simonson (the famous Marvel comic book writer who created the characters of Apocalypse, Cable and Deadpool) once said that "in life, all my friends should be happy and fulfilled; in my stories, all my characters should be miserable." Why? Because it makes for more intriguing stories. The Wall - at least in the first book - should be a prison drama. Now, Sam's story at the Citadel? Oh, give me Hogwarts all day! School-boy drama and political intrigue and magical danger galore....especially with Euron coming
  4. But a lot of the reason why people don't like Jon Snow and/or Jon Snow's chapters is because his storyline in A Game of Thrones felt hollow and that it was spinning his wheels. Yes; I noticed that with the twincest way back in the first two books. No one who knew was able to effectively capitalize and weaponize their knowledge and a lot of the honorable people who cared were either killed or otherwise removed. But you're wrong about Littlefinger. The lords and knights of the Vale loved Jon Arryn and Sansa is privvy to a whole lot of information. The northmen and rivermen will also be wroth to find out as Littlefinger's murderous schemes directly led to the downfall of their beloved.
  5. Tywin would not have abided that. There was no way that his one and only daughter would be betrothed to a second son of an Ironborn lord. The Ironborn are already sketch so Tywin would be reluctant to even marry her to the Lord of Pyke. No way to Euron. It'd be Balon or bust. A good option for Cersei, however, would have been Elbert Arryn, Jon Arryn's pre-Robert's Rebellion heir of the Vale. If it wasn't Balon, Edmure or Elbert, Cersei would be marrying below her station.
  6. HAHA yea it was so horrific it beasr Have you read the Youtube comments on videos from season 6 and 7. Those two seasons get trashed too. Game of Thrones has gone down in infamy as to what happens when you don't write a good ending to a good show. I've never seen anything like it.
  7. They are. It's not even about whether or not the fact that they have a lot of fans in common. Dany and Jon are the Aragorn of the story with Bran being the Frodo of the story. But more than that, those three are essentially the foundation of the entire series. They are easily the three most important characters in the entire series...so much so that they make Tyrion appear secondary and ornamental. You mess up with those three characters, you mess up the entire story. The "King Bran" ending aside, I knew this back in 2016 when I finished reading all of the books. D&D had to have known this.
  8. I'm still convinced that D&D co-opted the ending of the Dance for the 8th season. Daenerys went down way too similarly to Rhaenyra
  9. To do this day, I still don't believe Joffrey sent the catspaw. I think it was Varys.
  10. [QUOTE]My issue is with the inequality of the grit. Woman will get raped all the time, but a group of male criminals with no women somehow does not lead to male on male rape. Dany is a target for rape, but not Jon. Part me thinks it is because Martin sexualizes Dany but considers Jon more of a self-insert fantasy (which why as a virgin he does great at oral sex).[/QUOTE] @butterweedstrover you're absolutely right. I was never completely comfortable with the way that the modern-day Watch was depicted. If you're saying that the Wall is a prison colony, make it a prison colony. The stories on the Wall should have more in common with "Oz" than "Midnight with Charlie Bone"
  11. I agree. EuronXCersei is all but guaranteed to happen. But I don't think that will happen until after Cersei leaves King's Landing. Which means to say it won't happen until A Dream of Spring I don't think Cersei will be stuck in King's Landing for too long. I can see there being a chapter or two where she is being held prisoner (and reunites with Sansa) by Aegon before engineering her own escape from the city. Myrcella will probably die during the escape similarly to how she died on the way out of Dorne in the show
  12. More like being a hostess, a mistress of ceremony and an intrastate diplomat. Also, the person that the Winterfell steward answers is the Lady of Winterfell. Also, when Ned holds court (which seemed to be often), she would be there as his second chair. Given the amount of respect and influence Catelyn is able to command, she had a big part to play in the northern administration.
  13. Yeah but the best time to get rid of a rival claimant like Stannis would be while he is in Essos, especially the Disputed Lands. I think you might be underestimating how Dany, fAegon, JonCon, Illyrio would feel to know that the Baratheons are their new next door neighbors.
  14. You can't postpone the invasion too much because that will then have a negative impact on the storylines of Bran and Theon. Granted, I do think it is more interesting if Bran is trying to cross the Wall at the same time as Mance's attack. But what is Bran supposed to do in Winterfell up until then? The problem with this is that it would inevitably put him on a collision course with Aegon if not both Aegon and Dany
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