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  1. I wasn't comparing modern-day Japan with a medieval society. You misunderstood me; I was comparing medieval Japan with the Iron Islands. Basically, the Ironmen don't need to subsist on farming so much if they have bountiful waters like the Japanese did back in the Middle Ages.
  2. No what I meant by that is that Catelyn's POV contains only seven chapters. The inclusion of Cersei POV immediately after the Red Wedding would effectively be replacing Catelyn POV which ends at the Red Wedding. One clocks out and the other clocks in. We are on the same page more or less. But what I am saying is that Tywin is not a forgiving person. Tywin knows how to nurse a grudge and he is not likely to forget Tyrion's behavior 5-10 years later in the future. Frankly, I can't blame him because Tyrion's behavior towards Cersei, Joffrey and Tommen (but especially Tommen) in Tywin's absence when Tyrion is the one in control points to a major character defect. Based on what we saw of the Northmen in A Dance with Dragons, I doubt it. The Northerners play games of thrones too. They just play it with a rougher, more aggressive edge. Based on Sansa's personality traits and how she is blossoming in the second half of A Storm of Swords, throughout A Feast for Crows and The Winds of Winter sample chapter....I also doubt it. Tyrion would be doomed. The Northmen would not allow Tyrion to exert any influence; if they had to stop short of killing him, they'd lock him away in a nice tower cell within Winterfell and let Sansa rule. Given to how Sansa was treating Tyrion, the only way that he would have a child by her is if he raped her. Which, given how young she was, wouldn't have gone well. In any case, it doesn't stop the Northmen (or Sansa even) to view any child born of a Lannister-Stark union as a bastard.
  3. That's why I look at the people who are anti-Daenerys crazy. Obviously, Daenerys has been far too nice and accommodating. She is almost-literally letting the ruling class of Qarth, Slaver's Bay and the aggressively pro-slavery Free Cities walk all over her.
  4. Actually...she can have both. She didn't even have to destroy Yunkai. She could've just conquered Yunkai, made herself its Queen and then expand her rule into Meereen. Think Aegon the Conqueror. He made himself a headquarters in the Crownlands by defeating the armies therein and then he went on to overpower the kings in the Riverlands and the Stormlands.
  5. Not necessarily. A bird in the hand is worth two birds in the bush. And two birds in the bush is worth more than a dozen on the other side of the mountains. In other words, Wyman views Rickon as his liege lord because he knows where Rickon is. Not only does he know where Rickon is, he knows that Rickon's continued survival is very likely. In regards to Bran, Wyman doesn't have the slightest clue where Bran could be nor does he have any assurances that Bran is still alive. And frankly, given Bran's condition, his continued survival is unlikely in times o duress. All the more so if Wyman had learned that Bran went beyond the Wall.
  6. This is yet another reason why we should've gotten a Cersei POV in A Storm of Swords Sure, you'd be effectively replacing Catelyn's POV with Cersei's but it would really work. We only get a chance to see Cersei after the murder of her own son and father shakes her to the core. The examples that @Lord Varys points out just proves that the issue with Tyrion's fitness as the heir to Casterly Rock has nothing to do with his physical disabilities but it has more to do with his personality and his goals. If there was ever the slightest chance in the seven hells that Tywin would allow Tyrion to succeed him as the Lord of Casterly Rock, it was irrevocably destroyed when Tyrion threatened Tommen's life not once but twice. To make matters worse, one of those two times was on account of a foreign-born prostitute. And that's not even going so far as to mention the fact that Tyrion would physically discipline Joffrey -- in front of his own guard -- without the consent or knowledge of the boy's parents. And giving Tyrion Winterfell is like giving someone a sword without a hilt or a car without an functional engine. Honestly...the Northmen would rather have crippled Bran Stark rule over them than a healthy Tyrion Lannister.
  7. But you're taking in account the women. There's nothing that says that women don't make the make up the majority of workforce in regards to farming or even mining. And there is also nothing that says that the Ironborn don't live in waters where there are a near-limitless amount of fish, shellfish and other maritime foodstuffs. Think Japan. They are an island people with a fairly large population...large enough to starve to death if they had no fish to eat.
  8. I think most people on the thread are okay with that. The problem is that the Ironborn shouldn't have the resources to support fighting at this point. At least, they don't have the resources to support warfare off the islands. People are saying that they shouldn't be capable of any real invasion, much less amphibious warfare. People are also saying that the Ironborn shouldn't even have the manpower to threaten any one region on the mainland.
  9. That's because, after Joffrey's death and Jaime's declination, Cersei was Tywin's Plan B. The point that @Lord Varys is making (aka the point, you're missing) is that Tyrion was not even Plan D. No one wants Tyrion to be the Lord of anything. Well, if you want to make Tyrion Lord of Castamere or Tarbeck Hall, then fine...but nah. Not Winterfell, not Casterly Rock. And it's not even about Tyrion's dwarfism. It's his ugliness and his mischievousness. If Tyrion had the personality of Ned Stark, Doran Martell or even Stannis Baratheon, then Tywin probably wouldn't have had so much of an issue with Tyrion inheriting the Rock.
  10. Speaking of Arya, Ned Dayne or Quentyn Martell would have been a great match for Arya. Excellent matches. As a matter of fact, a match for Arya doesn't get any better than that. But good point on Sansa would've done really well with the heirs to Seagard, Raventree Hall, Greywater Watch, Cerwyn, the Rills, Last Hearth, Karhold or even Hornwood. She even would've done well Renly as the future Lady of Storm's End. Idk...I too find it strange that Edmure and Robb were not matched. Ned and Cat also should've actively been looking for a match for Sansa.
  11. So the problem is that the Iron Islands are too small. Seems like the Iron Islands needed to look more like the Fire Nation from the Avatar series in order to both have a population that can fuel an army of 20,000 and the land needed to grow and harvest trees along with other foods. The Fire Nation as a standalone Fire Nation continent and archipelago For all those who can't see or view the URL and/or are unfamiliar with the Avatar series, basically the Fire Nation is a mini-continent (aka gigantic island) with a few of its own island chains that sits not too far off the western coast of a larger, truer continent.
  12. Not only does the Gorge River take you directly into the Haunted Forest, the peninsula in between the Frozen Shore and the mainland also looks like it be a good place to get wood from trees....regardless of how mountainous it is. I don't see a reason why the Ironborn wouldn't go north of the Wall.
  13. I think it's rather simple. Ned and Cat are really good people who made a good team and raised really good kids. However, they wanted to make sure that their children stayed children for as long as possible. So they sheltered them. You can tell based on how dreamy Bran and Sansa are and how important the concept of honor is to Robb, Jon, Sansa and Bran. And all six of the Stark kids were taken completely off-guard by the realities of the world. While you can make an argument in regards to Sansa, there is absolutely no reason why Robb wasn't already betrothed by the time A Game of Thrones had begun. Margaery Tyrell (or any one of her Tyrell first cousins), Myranda Royce, Alys Karstark, Dacey Mormont, Alysanne Mormont, any one of the Bracken or Frey girls, Bethany Blackwood, one of Wyman's granddaughters and Talla Tarly all would've been great matches.
  14. Exactly. I also think it's worth mentioning that the Ironborn can raid the lands beyond the Wall. It's actually easier for them to raid, pillage and harvest the Haunted Forest and the lands of the Ice River Clans than it is for them to heckle the Free Cities. And even then....think of the political and economic repercussions if the Free Cities are being attacked and harassed by people of Westeros and the king of Westeros is turning a blind eye to it.
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