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  1. Why do people think that Edmure was old enough to fight in Robert's Rebellion? He literally wasn't. Catelyn Tully was 10 when Edmure was born and Catelyn was married to Ned Stark in her late teens. Edmure is in his mid-20s during the War of the Five Kings. Renly, Edmure, Willas and Arianne are all the same age.
  2. I do wish that Jalabhar Xho had a bigger role in the story.
  3. I'm with @Lord Varys Even if Euron takes a massive hit in the Battle of the Redwyne Straits, he will recover and he will be free to loot and pillage the Arbor even further or the lands surrounding the Oldtown. He could even feast on Oldtown should the Hightowers either surrender or be foolish enough to try to engage Euron without being fully-prepared. I am of the persuasion that Sam and Euron will cross paths and that Euron will find something(s) of interest in the Citadel or even in the Hightower. For example, if Euron comes across a book pertaining to old magic, the Others or the Long Night itself....well, then A Dream of Spring would be much more interesting. No one is suggesting that Euron makes this massive leap to becoming this powerful evil sorcerer with designs on world domination (beginning with Westeros) in one book. No, we think it will happen over the course of Winds and Dream. Although Jon, Arya and Sansa are magical and Sam has expressed interest in becoming a "wizard," Dany and Bran are the protagonists who have story-lines that are explicitly magical and supernatural. And both seem poised to clash with Euron. I'm not sure Euron will be the one sack/destroy Sunspear (I do think Sunspear will be destroyed by the end of the series so it means that it will be either him or Daenerys) but yes...Cersei is a natural ally for Euron and vice versa after Aegon takes King's Landing and forces her to make a decision between jumping ship or dying. And there's no way 10 dromonds can soundly defeat an entire fleet of ships manned by men who live and breathe naval battles.
  4. Ned Stark and his children (particularly Robb, Jon, Sansa and Bran) would make for a great dynasty. Catelyn would also make a great Queen and she'd be able to really reign in or outright circumvent Ned's dumber politics. Then I'd say Daenerys Targaryen would be the best ruler for Westeros.
  5. Tywin not being the father of Tyrion, or the twins for that matter. It's more impactful for all of them to be his children. Tyrion will ride a dragon Bran will never leave the cave Euron and the Deep Ones won't have a major part to play in the story's endgame Jon and Daenerys won't get married and fall in love Sansa will not return to the North and play a key role at Winterfell The Others are evil and will be soundly defeated Jaime and/or Tyrion is the Valonqar
  6. This is a little off-topic but Tywin's goal was to destroy House Stark both in reality and in name. By marrying Sansa to Tyrion and killing off Robb after their other siblings are assumed to be dead, Tywin ensures that there will be no more people born with the name Stark. The name Stark will first become a cautionary tale and then it will be a footnote in Westerosi history only remembered by maesters. And then long after that, no one alive will know what a Stark is....they'd have to look it up in a book somewhere. During the Bosnian War in the 90s, one of the genocidal tactics of war used by the Serbs was to kill all of the men, rape the women until they bear children, kill or lock away the women and then raise the children as your own away from their mothers....only to breed them with more Serbs when they come of age. That was the plan. By doing this, you are completely destroying the bloodline of ____ ethnic group and forcibly replacing it with your own bloodline and then breeding out the "bad blood." It's a form of ethnic cleansing and it's devious. It'd be cleaner to just kill them all and be done with it. So, in the same way, installing Tyrion Lannister as the ruling Lord of Winterfell by way of marriage (Sansa would not even be allowed to claim her own inheritance and rule) and then insisting that Tyrion sire a male Lannister on Sansa means that Tywin seeks to permanently replace House Stark with House Lannister and pass off all of what belonged to the Starks belong to the Lannisters. It's awful. That's the reason why Sansa was so horrified and resisted. She understood what it meant. What makes it all worst is her age and the actual match -- in and of itself -- was trash. Sansa is the eldest daughter and -- as far as Tywin was concerned -- the last living child of a Lord Paramount. As her maternal line is of the Tullys who began petty kings and her paternal line is of the Starks have been kings with a capital K for ~8,000 years, Sansa is doubly of king's blood. Not just any king's blood but old, magical king's blood. The king's blood of the First Men. As far as we're concerned, the Starks played a key role in saving the world during the Long Night. Prestigious doesn't even begin to cover it. Marrying a pretty, elegant girl (Sansa is the quintessential medieval lady!) descended from a long line of kings, lords and warriors to a disfigured dwarf with a bad reputation....who also happens to be the youngest son of another Lord Paramount. Not only is Tyrion not even first in line to Casterly Rock, Tywin has removed him from the chain of succession. So Tyrion stands to inherit nothing. Although Lannister blood is king's blood, it doesn't have the legacy or the sterling rep or the literal magic that Stark blood has. Lann the Clever took Casterly Rock with trickery and deceit (if not outright thuggery); he didn't take it in battle nor did he make it nor was it surrendered to him. That's a ding against the Lannister name. And then there's their ages. Sansa may be half Tyrion's age. There's just no other way of slicing it. Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister, as a married couple, are a bad match. Especially since literally everyone on the continent knows that Sansa is a prisoner married at proverbial gunpoint (which makes it practically state-sanctioned rape of a highborn lady). It's intentionally done that way because Tywin means it to be a slap in the face to Catelyn, Robb and all who swear allegiance to them, a last attack on them before they meet their deaths at the Red Wedding or suffer the boot of Roose Bolton. And it is a massive slap in the face. If the Princess of Dorne felt insulted when Tywin proposed a marriage between Tyrion and Elia, then Sansa and Tyrion are a bad match. If Arianne Martell outraged when her father entertained the marital inquiries of Walder Frey, then Sansa and Tyrion are a bad match. If you had Northmen and rivermen very bothered by Walder Frey's presumption to pressure Catelyn into agreeing to marriages for Robb and Arya, then Sansa and Tyrion are a bad match. Cersei repeatedly acknowledges how bad of a match it was before and after Sansa flies the coop...and she doesn't even like Sansa. Tyrion also understood what it meant. The fact that he saw it for what it was and still agreed to it (and in a self-serving, entitled way to boot) tells us that Tyrion is not a good person. Agreed.
  7. I think you have betrothals confused with marriages. Betrothals are one thing, it is not uncommon for them to be made at birth, much less in the preteen years. Marriages, sex and childbirth and all that entails are a completely different thing. Clearly the Lannister marriages of Ermesande Hayford and Sansa Stark are power grabs and acts of war. Dangerous, exploitative and socially and economically unconscionable to be honest, particularly in Sansa's case. A lot of people view Cersei's reaction to Tommen, Joffrey, Myrcella and even Sansa's betrothals and marriages (but especially Tommen) as irrational but they actually were quite rational. It is not normal. Notice how Joffrey and Sansa still had not been married and not been made to share beds and living spaces? That is a normal betrothal. Even Robert Baratheon knew better. Robb was betrothed to Roslin Frey. Yet Walder Frey did not deign to pressure him to call for the marriage. Robb is nearly of age and who knows how old Roslin is. Tommen is 8-years-old, he is the king on the Iron Throne with a heir to boot, the War of the Five Kings is essentially over and his mother is the legitimate Queen Regent and the ruling Lady of Casterly Rock. The pressure was unnecessary, rude and, frankly, insubordinate. Tywin served Aerys for decades as Hand of the King and their friendship was well-known to all; although Aerys' refusal of Tywin was socially inept and he made the mistake of gravely insulting him, Aerys was well within his rights to deny Tywin's marriage proposal as he was the king. Cersei was literally the king until the king becomes of age. There is literally no reason why his marriage to Maragery had to happen IMMEDIATELY and why he has to share a bed with what's essentially a grown woman. The Tyrells overreached, particularly since they owe the Iron Throne fealty anyway; I would've been furious. Also betrothing Myrcella (she was also 8 at the time) to Trystane Martell and then sending her hundreds of miles away to Dorne in wartime without a family member when the Prince's loyalties were dubious at best, Stannis an active aggressor controlled Blackwater Bay and Renly controlled the Stormlands and the Reach is also kind of extreme. And in poor taste. Although Tyrion was really desperate and Tywin understood that completely, Tywin found it distasteful. Catelyn Stark didn't even feel comfortable allowing 7 year old Bran to go and live in King's Landing at peacetime and he would've been with his father...who was legally the second most-powerful man in the country. And Catelyn is an infinitely more rational woman than Cersei. It is unusual. It is not accurate. Edgar Allen Poe's marriage was done secretly and kept secret for quite some time. They actually had to forge her age on the marriage certificate (and of all ages, they chose 21). Why do people marry in secret? Marrying someone that young at his age (especially with the career he had at the time in the military) was very unusual. And he wasn't even that popular and well-liked back then. Exactly. The only way a person can marry under the age of 16 is if their parents give consent. Legally, they cannot consent to marriage. Consummation be damned. Didn't Tyrion had to bribe or intoxicate that septon so that the two could be married anyways? Good point on aging. But one year? Giving the kids a one year bump up works for Robb, Jon and Dany. It however, does not work for Arya, Bran and Rickon. Not even for Sansa. Take Rickon for example. Rickon is three years old in A Game of Thrones. He probably has only just been weaned off breastmilk. And has he even been completely potty-trained at that point? A lot of 3-year-olds can barely speak. Multiple characters go so far as to state that Rickon is way too young to be separated from his mother for extended periods of time (which is still true -- if not more true -- in today's culture) yet Catelyn leaves him to gallavant halfway across the country and fails to immediately return at multiple opportunities. It honestly makes Catelyn look like a cluelessly bad mother and it makes Robb look like an idiot. However, if Rickon is 6-7 years old, then you have a different story. Catelyn's decision to leave Winterfell is more measured and responsible and Robb isn't asking for too much when he asks that his mother stay by his side. If he wanted more time to pass between the novels, then he should've made the War of the Five Kings in A Clash for Kings longer/more complicated. Maybe rope in the Summer Islands someway, add another war theater or add another king to prolong the conflicts. You made a very good point, Notice how the characters say nameday instead of birthday. Free Folk and the mountains clans in the North and the Vale give theri children milk names and don't actually start naming their children and counting their age until after they are no longer being breastfed. Which happens at age 2. So, if the rest of Westeros follows this somewhat, a lot of characters are actually one or two years older than what they are.
  8. The ages of the main characters. Marriages involving 13 year old brides have no place or precedent in medieval Europe. As a matter of fact, most of the world doesn't even deem it as acceptable. It is wiser and more valuable to have a 16-17 year old bride; it's another to have girls who are 12-13 years old be presented as brides and wives. I understand that Sansa's marriage to Tyrion Lannister is an abhorrently cruel act of war (and frankly, an act of genocide) but Dany's marriage to Drogo was established to be a normal marriage of a Dothraki khal to a foreign woman with a good name. I don't care if Drogo is the youngest Dothraki khal in ______ years, it was absurdly unrealistic for a 13 year old girl to be ceremoniously married into a foreign culture and then immediately expected to bear children....WITH NO EDUCATION!!! A khaleesi is practically a queen. Why is a new queen taught how to speak the language and culture of her husband and how please her husband after she is already married? LOL what?! And as high as the mortality rate of pregnant full-grown women and their newborn/unborn children, one would think that they would know better. Or at least know enough to recognize that their interests are far better served if the girl is in her late teens at the earliest. There are cultures in third-world countries that do that sort of thing and nobody in that country even likes it. Most people within that culture don't even like it. It goes for the boys too. Like there is absolutely no reason for Joffrey (a Crown Prince and then king no less) to be pressured into marrying any girl at 13 years old. Much less Tommen who is like 8. Absolutely no reason. Isn't the whole point of it all was to link younger women with older men. Older men because they are more likely to have gained maturity, experience, respect and power and the ability to actually impregnate their wives and younger women so that their biological clock can be maximized. Jaehaerys I waited until the age of majority to get married and people still complained that it was much too soon. Aegon III and Jaehaera were both hitched before the age of 12 and people -- while acknowledging that thought it was done out of necessity in order to bring a very bloody, ugly civil war to an end -- still found it to be deeply unpleasant. Not only that. But Bran is 7 year old. Can most people clearly remember being 7 years old? Even your brightest, most well-behaved and your oldest of old souls 7 year olds are still 7 years olds. They have only just begun to learn what the world is, much less how they are to fit in. In the medieval world, 7 years old isn't even old enough to be fostered away. 7 year olds have no value in apprenticeships; you'd spend more of your time raising them, than actually teaching them how to do the job. Even in the ancient world, 7 years old is when the Spartans -- as cold, harsh and borderline barbaric as they were -- would BEGIN training the male youth at age 7....not the age where male youth are thrusted into battle and given responsibility. Yet, Bran is expected to be the Stark in Winterfell and beccome Bloodraven's successor as this powerful greenseer. He can barely even knows how to keep his body clean. And what adult in any time or place would okay 14-15 year old boy running for election and winning said election...and then lording over them in an ill-advised fashion. Much less in a institution that has more in common with a prison than with an army. I like Jon and Robb but dang. The ages, the ages, the ages...it's hard for me to cope. I automatically age every single character up by at least 3 years in the books in my head. Robert's Rebellion took place 18 years before the start of the series, not 15. That's my head canon. Very good point. That's one thing the show got right. Re-quoted for emphasis. Even if he met Dany just a few moments before dying, I really wanted them to meet.
  9. No, you're wrong. "Any of the other players" are not arrogant. They are not all arrogant. Catelyn played the game and she was not arrogant. Jon Snow was also not arrogant. Ned was forced to play the game and played it he did....but not without being arrogant. Doran Martell is also not arrogant. Neither Genna nor Kevan Lannister strike me as arrogant. Barbrey Dustin and Wyman Manderly are all playing their own game but there's no real arrogance to be detected there...bitterness yes but not anger. Nothing Robb Stark did was done out of a set of arrogant beliefs. The big gameplayers are arrogant but not all the gameplayers are arrogant. And why do people want Dany to fail so bad? Do they like the status quo of people being able to treat other people as mere pieces of property? If you want Dany to fail, then you want the Stark kids to fail because their goals are literally the exact same. They are all children who have been made homeless orphans by indifferent and vengeful people.
  10. Realism often includes poetic justice. If it turns out that Tyrion was never Tywin's child all along, then -- in a way -- a lot of Tywin's and Cersei's behavior and suspicion towards Tyrion is justifiable.
  11. You sure? Patchface has been prancing around, singing songs about the creatures that lie under the sea since A Clash of Kings. The first Davos chapter in A Dance with Dragons and the Brienne chapter from A Feast for Crows where she explores Crackclaw Point both deal with people with webbed hands and feet. Cotter Pyke and many others issue warnings about dead things in the water. In the North, the Ironborn invaders are commonly referred as squids. Euron talks about raising krakens from the deep and he's not one for just talk. There also is the lingering mystery of what kind of monster in Valyria nearly killed Balerion. You're right. You can't heal a broken realm by supporting an unjust king. It's impossible. Tommen should not be king and the Lannisters do not deserve to be in power and that Cersei deserves to be punished. The fact that Kevan knows all of this and continued to support it is mindblowing and disappointing. I'm sure Dany is going to be oh so very deeply appreciative of all the years Varys spent toying with the lives of herself and her brother. Whoops, did I say "toying with their lives?" I meant, protecting. Dany is going to be deeply appreciate of all the years Varys spent protecting her and her brother. I can't see to what happens the two of them cross paths. Varys might very well have to come clean about everything. That's a different issue. It just goes to show how awful Tywin actually is because it is all very important news. Especially news of fighting in the Stepstones. I don't know what your point is but this track record, this modus operandi of his is simply no good. Who is going to be able to respect this? He does and says one thing but then turns around and does something completely different. And yet we are supposed to trust that his motives are for the good of the realm. Why? He does the exact opposite of what's good for the realm most of the time.
  12. I don't hate him but you have to admit that he is an outside agitator who may be stealing Dany's thunder. It also doesn't help how arrogant he is.
  13. Exactly. Is it really that hard of a stretch to consider that the Long Night might be a purely astronomical event and the Others are essentially aliens.
  14. Good point. Maybe it is the gods who are playing games of thrones with the humans. True. But the point that what I'm getting at is that GRRM is blurring the lines between science fiction and high fantasy. A lot of what people used to call magic in real life is actually widely known or explained as science today. A lot of the technology we have can and has interfered with the normal seasons. It should also be noted that GRRM particularly loves the space opera sub and his most famous novels outside A Song of Ice and Fire are space operas.
  15. Very good points here. But, naturally, this is all assuming that Varys actually does want to serve the realm. While it would be refreshing and welcome if Varys' chief concern was for the betterment of the entire realm as it were, it is also far too clean and frankly deeply suspicious and disingenuous. Varys came to Westeros as an adult. He was neither born nor raised in Westeros. According to him, he has no ties to any part of Westeros prior to his installation as the king's spymaster. Why does he care so much? Especially when he murders Kevan Lannister who was in the business of trying to heal the realm? Apparently, he feels like breaking the realm and allowing Aegon to take the credit for putting it back together is the best way to serve the realm. Nonsense! If there is any master player-politican who truly cares for the welfare of the realm, it is Doran Martell and that's a bit of a stretch considering that Dorne is his #1 and #2 priority and based on how slow-moving he is. The fact that GRRM has pointed out that Varys' true motives will be revealed in the last book tells us all we need to know. I read a tinpot theory a while back how Varys is an non-human interloper in disguise (some say merman a la Patchface) who wants to poison/destroy the realm so that it can be easily overran by his ilk. There is also the theory that Varys is actually a woman, that this is all an elaborate revenge plot and/or that it's all just for fun.
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