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  1. So, I was thinking the other day about what would've A Dance with Dragons looked like if GRRM was able to followthrough with his plan to include the Battle of Meereen within its pages. After all, the themes of the Battle of Meereen fits more in the titular concept of "dancing with dragons" than the Battle of Winterfell. So what do we all think was and is going to happen during the Battle of Meereen? A couple people I have talked to think it's going to be a simple case of Barristan, Tyrion and Victarion defeating both the Yunkish and Volantene invasion forces. First they'll do it separately and then they'll join forces and so do it together. Victarion and maybe Tyrion will end up being dragonriders. Daenerys shows up and takes them all into her confidence. At end. Next stop: west for Westeros, west to Volantis or a conquest of Essos. Who knows? But it is not GRRM's style to do anything simply. The likelihood of complications and surprises and setbacks and twists are pretty high, particularly since there are so many moving parts in Meereen. What do you think will happen? And do you think that there was ever a chance that the Battle of Meereen, from being to end, could ever have fit within A Dance with Dragons?
  2. My theory is that Bran will escape back to the North by way of Gorne's Way. That is, the underground network of caves, rivers and tunnels that Ygritte told Jon about way back in A Storm of Swords. And due to all the hints revolving around the Winterfell crypts and the story of Bael the Bard, I think that some of those tunnels will lead Bran to Winterfell...he'll literally be carried right out of the crypts as if he had been woken from the dead. Naturally, Gorne's Way will be infested with other horrors. But how could it be if Bran was to appear right out of the crypts on some sort of a litter with Meera Reed and his own retinue of Children of the Forest. But yeah: methinks that these tunnels lead from Beyond the Wall all the way to the Stormlands in some capacity. Not a chance. The Faceless Men worship death as a gift and the beautiful thing but the Others make death not only pointless but ugly. They literally just won't let it die. In the eyes of the Faceless Men, the Others would not only be a existential threat but a sacrilegious abomination. And that's under the presumption that the Others are not resurrecting people and skinchanging their bodies while their minds are still somewhat conscious. That would make it worst: the Faceless Men and Dany would have natural enemies in the Others because that would be the worst kind of slavrey. Exactly. Dany can also commission the building of more ships, of specialized ships designed for carrying horses or food. And she can ferry these ships bit by bit after she has established a beachfront or captured one of Westeros' many harbors/shipyards. Daenerys' invasion of Westeros will be multi-pronged. I can see her visiting or even installing herself and her court on Dragonstone while commandeering the landing of the Dothraki in Dorne, the Reach, the Stormlands and the Crownlands. Maybe even the Vale. If GRRM wants a true fire vs. ice, north vs. south dichotomy in his theme, the bulk of Daenerys' forces will likely be situated in Dorne or in the bottom half of the Reach. Either that, the Stormlands or Saltpans. No, the initial idea for Dance was a three-way war between Dany, Aegon and the Lannisters The initial idea for Winds -- the final book in the trilogy -- might've been a Dany versus the Starks situation but I disagree. I think it was going to be the Others versus Dany versus the entire realm (the lords and smallfolk of Westeros acting as stand-ins for the Sons of the Harpy)
  3. We're going to get The Winds of Winter...one way or another A Dream of Spring is another discussion.
  4. There wasn't that much time that passed between them. 2 months maybe. The Siege of Riverrun started in A Storm of Swords
  5. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the Riverlands as we know it had not been a region that had been be singularly sovereign kingdom in thousands of years. Recent history shows the Riverlands as being carved out by Aegon the Conqueror, ruled by the Ironborn, ruled by the Storm Kings or spoils that were bitterly divided between the Kings of the Reach and the West Good point. Thanks for point that out. Stoney Sept is more than likely ruled by a lord.
  6. I just got back from watching The Green Knight and....let me tell you that the people behind A24 should have done Game of Thrones Between Hereditary, The Green Knight (which, I can see now is the inspiration for the Brienne/Jaime/LS plotlines in A Feast for Crows, A Dance with Dragons and soon The Winds of Winter) and Midsommar, they seem to be able to tell an engaging, passionate story and incorporate the use of magic
  7. Another antidote to the five year gap would have been to not make the character arc endings for A Storm of Swords so final. For example, if you end with Jon 10 (the chapter where Stannis saves the Night's Watch) rather than Jon #12 (the chapter where Jon becomes Lord Commander and prepares to tell Stannis the news), then you have an easier transition. Another way to make the five-year gap work is to: give the Iron Bank a bigger role in the story by having them call in all debts which would force the War of the Five Kings into a brief armistice due to a lack of funds keep Balon Greyjoy alive for a few more years explain some of the motives and endgame of the Others earlier @Lord Varys @SeanF @Pink Fat Rast @Rose of Red Lake @Megorova @Angel Eyes @StarksInTheNorth What do you all think?
  8. I'm not entirely sure Daenerys will destroy Volantis. I think Volantis will just be sacked by the slaves as a gigantic slave revolt and much of the booty will be freely given to Daenerys who will then either redistribute the wealth or use it to fund her invasion of Westeros. The likelihood of her destroying Norvos (or Qarth, Lys or Tyrosh but especialy Norvos) is higher as Norvos is basically two cities made entirely out of wood downwind from each other with one said city being atop a high hill. As for the Braavosi...that's tough. I can see something of a civil war or ongoing unrest occurring in Braavos because of Daenerys. I can see a third of the city supporting her, another third of the city seeing her as a threat that needs to be taken out and another third of the city not wanting to stay out of the mess. I think her last chapter in Winds will be her going to Pentos, coming face-to-face with Illyrio and preparing her armies to sail for Westeros.
  9. @Alex13 you're asking two separate questions. If your question is about which parts of the United States of America would the Seven Kingdoms represent... King's Landing and the Crownlands: Washington, D.C. and the Northeast The North: Alaska The Iron Islands: Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico (geography and status as cultural/religious other) and the Pacific Northwest (climate) The Vale: the Rocky Mountains (for the Valemen) and the Appalachian Mountains (for the mountain clans) The Reach: the South and the Great Plains The Riverlands: the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River floodplains and the Ozarks Dorne: southern California and the deserts of the Southwest The West: the Rocky Mountains (for the gold), the Midwest If your question is about the industries of the Great Houses: Tully - freshwater, agriculture (continental) Tyrell - agriculture (southern continental), animal, wine, Martell - wine, spirits, agriculture (Mediterranean, arid), energy Targaryen - seafood Lannister - banking and financial services, jewelry Greyjoy - metals, salt North - furs, limber, energy Arryn - luxuries
  10. That's not completely accurate. He died in an attempt to honor his father and not go back to Dorne empty-handed...not in an attempt to prove himself worthy to Daenerys. Ser Barristan had the right of it. Actually, I think Daenerys will be marrying Victarion. When Tyrion meets Benerro, I remember reading something that stood out to me. It was like "some allies are more dangerous than enemies" and I think that will be what happens with Daenerys. Tyrion, the red priests (including Moqorro), the Tattered Prince, the Dothraki, Jorah, etc. fit the bill perfectly. I find Pascal's quote (and general stance) on religion pretty ironic (and thus, hilarious) seeing as his very name is a deeply religious reference. It's not an entirely accurate statement either...
  11. First of all, the Neck is north of the Trident. So, if the Others make it to the Trident, they'll make it to the Neck. Second of all, the likelihood that someone will be fluent 'Other' is fairly high. The Last Hero coordinated something of a peace with the Others and the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch married an Other and became the Night King...obviously, there was some communication to be had between humans and Others. If anyone is to be the one to broker a lasting peace with the Others via diplomacy, it'll be Bran....which will serve as yet another reason why people will support his kingship. Third of all, with the way that GRRM has been building up the threat of the Others, there is no way that the Others only become a threat to those in the North. It's bad writing for the Others to pose no real threat to those south of the Neck. If the Wall falls or melts or whatever, I can see massive earthquakes and floods resulting. Maybe the North breaks off, maybe not. But I doubt it: the Neck is not that narrow or fragile of a land. Plus, there are underground tunnels and caverns that stretch from the lands beyond the Wall to the Stormlands.
  12. Exactly. I think you and @Pink Fat Rast are not taking into account that both the War of the Five Kings and the Lannister-Baratheon dynasty as it were are unusual. Tywin, Lysa, the Mountain, Ramsay, Joffrey, Cersei, Euron, Littlefinger, Amory Lorch, Walder Frey and Tyrion (and to an extent, Robert Baratheon and pre-Storm Jaime) are exceptionally cruel and exploitative and unprofessional people. Since they are extremely powerful political figures, this has a big impact on the wars and politics of the era. I don't think he overdoes the barbarism. I think he is making the series more and more barbaric to make a point. Kinslaying, violating guest right, kingslaying, wholesale destruction of civilians and lands, the torture and murder of children, etc. are all egregious, sacrilegious things that the Westerosi public thought unconscionable. However, in ASOIAF, these are becoming very commonplace.
  13. Except for the costume design and set pieces, everything about Dorne was unbelievably stupid. AOC? As in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
  14. Sansa's knightly fantasies aren't unrealistic. Just outdated. Her romanticization of southern courts are more or less the same thing as Jon's romanticization of the Night's Watch, Arya's romanticization of war and Bran's romanticization of magic and knights. Sansa and Jon were just behind the times. Arya and Bran were the ones being unrealistic and "dumb."
  15. Cities? Or towns? Because there seems to be plenty of towns situated along rivers in the Reach, the Riverlands and Dorne Yes they did, They denied the charters for Fairmarket, Maidenpool and another place. But Seagard is different. Seagard is a both a rich port and a natural military powerbase.
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