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  1. She isn't happy. And the Dothraki themselves have a bone to pick with the Qartheen milk men anyway. I think Qarth is going to be sacked and razed and burnt in The Winds of Winter after the situation with Meereen is resolved. I think the show had the right of it by taking Slaver's Bay and renaming it the Bay of Dragons
  2. I'm sure that both Winds and Dream (but especially Dream) will be very, very dark books with some grim endings. I think Sansa is going to have a hard go at things in the next two books. Well, you have to remember that adolescence is a 20th century concept. Either you were a child or an adult and adulthood came early for both boys and girls back in the Middle Ages. They might not have been married off at 13 (clearly Sansa and Daenerys were exceptions) but they were betrothed and had jobs and apprenticeships and maybe even homes.
  3. I know right! But yeah, in season 7, during that pitched battle against the Lannisters and the Tarlys, there's no reason why she would be unarmed in a dress, no matter if it is a dress made out of multiple layers of boiled leather. That was crazy! You would think she would start wearing armor after her close call with Jaime Lannister yet...there we are in the season 7 finale with Dany pulling off the world's strangest, fastest, most impossible solo rescue mission in yet another dress. One of the three things that I liked about season 8 is how we finally saw Dany pick up a sword and fight. It's going to happen in the next two books (she's a dragonrider warrior-queen...
  4. I actually don't think it was a silly idea What was a silly idea was the fact that she never wore armor given how she almost always led from the front
  5. To me, Westeros is prime medieval northern Europe. The Free Cities are Italian city-states during early Renaissance I really wish that some of the story or we had a POV from Yi Ti. One thing I am excited about Melisandre's POV is that we will get more information about the lands east of the Bone Mountains
  6. I agree mostly. But I will mention that people do get categorized/diagnosed as mentally ill or emotionally unstable when they are in high-stress, toxic and dangerous if not uncertain environments. Even when those events have passed. There is a debate going on as to whether PTSD is a form of mental illness.
  7. I actually don't think Jon Snow has an explosiver personality. In terms of temperament, Arya has more in common with Lysa, Catelyn, Rickon and of course Lyanna and Brandon. Somewhat racist? Are you referring to the whole orientalism thing or is it something else he got flagged for? Can you please elaborate? I would say that Asshai is a cross between India and the Americas
  8. My favorite theories: Euron Greyjoy is a skinchanger, and a powerful one at that. He forced Victarion's wife to approach him for sex. Euron Greyjoy is a legit bloodmage and sorcerer...a rival of Melisandre and far suprassing the powers of Mirri Maz Duur Euron Greyjoy was Bloodraven's first apprentice but Euron had been rejected by Bloodraven (or Euron simply declined) Euron Greyjoy is the final big bad of the series: he is the single greatest human threat to humanity and will be a major archrival of Daenerys and Bran The Others are alien life forms who have made their specific corner of Planetos their home Wights are the human slaves of the Others who use an ancient form of magic to control the bodies. So, in a way, wights are more like ghosts being possessed by aliens instead of mindless zombies that are being resurrected and remote-controlled by aliens. The Hightower is a gigantic magical battery for the Wall. When the Hightower is sacked or damaged, the magic at the Wall weakens. Euron Greyjoy will take the horn from Sam and, by blowing it, take down the Wall The Others are not evil. They are trying to stop Euron Greyjoy and other people like him Varys is a woman Varys is a female Blackfyre who may or may not be related to fAegon Varys is one of the Deep Ones in disguise fAegon is a Blackfyre descendant Illyrio Mopatis is fAegon's father Euron Greyjoy is working with Patchface and the Deep Ones to destroy the world and remake a new one. Patchface is working independently to support the Deep Ones or the Great Other Euron Greyjoy will raise an army of horrific sea monsters and use them for battle The valonqar is neither Jaime nor Tyrion. The valonqar is Euron Greyjoy, Aeron Greyjoy or Arya Stark Myrcella Baratheon will go down in history as the first ruling Queen of Westeros to be acknowledged. Rhaenyra Targaryen, unfortunately, isn't acknowledged...yet Lady Stoneheart will give her life for Jon Snow Cersei Lannister will kill Myrcella Baratheon (a totally innocent accident, mistakenly while doing something evil, on purpose) one way or another Riverrun will return to the custody of the Tullys: Edmure and his son will survive the series. Lady Stoneheart will orchestrate another Red Wedding for the Freys and the Lannisters at either Riverrun or Casterly Rock (Daven Lannister's wedding) Arya Stark will have her own private army (the leader of the Brotherhood without Banners) when she returns to Westeros Sansa will marry Sweetrobin not Harry Hardyng The Giant's Lance will fall Rickon Stark is the future of House Stark and will survive the series I like these. I think that it may have been a dragon who killed the stag in the first Bran chapter.
  9. Agreed. After Cersei, Renly did the most damage to the Baratheon dynasty. What Robert should've did is punish Tywin and his brutes and strike some sort of a deal with Queen Rhaella. That said, Stannis Baratheon has the best claim to the Iron Throne if we are strictly talking the Baratheon dynasty.
  10. Maybe. I'll watch the first two episodes and make my decision based on that
  11. Agreed. Also agreed. Well mostly. Jon had delegitimized and endangered the Watch...not so much with the Arya thing or the wildlings thing but with the Mance Rayder thing. If Slynt had been so openly insubordinate with Tywin/Cersei/Joffrey or Ned or Robb or any other man/woman in a position of power, he would've suffered the same fate. Mind you, Slynt was not only insubordinate once but twice. I doubt Tywin or Cersei (or even Tyrion for that matter) would've given him a second and third chance. THANK YOU! I've been saying this for ages. It wouldn't have even been just Bolivar or Napoleon who would've approved. Everyone from Julius Caesar to Barack Obama and his war council would've approved. Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives would've approved. Jaehaerys the Conciliator and his sister-wife would've approved. Both Rhaenyra and Aegon II would've approved. Both Daeron's would've approved. Hell, even Aegon V might've been inclined to approve. Hell, most of these great kings and leaders would've been more irritated and angry that she didn't do it sooner and that she let herself get carried away and destroyed the entire city rather than focusing on the Red Keep.
  12. Don't forget about Bran's personality. Everyone loves him. Such a sweetheart. I don't see Lady Stoneheart dying until after she learns that all of her other children are alive and (relatively) well. Which of course would mean that she would have to reunite with some of them. Which, for me, puts it so that Lady Stoneheart makes all the way until about halfway into A Dream of Spring.
  13. Honestly, if you're talking about re-editing the show so as to make it more faithful to show, I'll save you the trouble by saying this. You have to completely rewrite seasons 5-8. There's no re-editing or re-ordering; it's all rewriting.
  14. She was whitewashed because no one called or viewed her behavior inappropriate or abnormal.
  15. Not necessarily. First of all, The Kingsguard is not a lifetime prison sentence. It's like becoming a justice on the United States Supreme Court: that is a lifetime office, a career worth having and a huge honor. No one would ever say that being a Supreme Court justice is a prison sentence. Second of all, when a Kingsguard breaks his oath, it's either death or a lifetime prison sentence at the Wall. Cersei turned everything on its head and delegitimized the reigns of her son because of it.
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