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  1. But unlike Stannis, Alicent has no proof. And also unlike Stannis, Alicent has talked to the King about it multiple times. True. It's the only real weapon Alicent can use against Rhaenyra. If they were all girls, Alicent would make a comment about the integrity of House Targaryen and the Iron Throne being weakened by back-to-back successions of girls. Or if they had some features that obviously could be traced back to Laenor, Alicent would probably use -- I don't know -- some racist logic. The racism or sexism in this case isn't the issue. It'd only be the weapon. That said, Rhaenyra was a complete moron for giving Alicent this kind of ammunition. It might've been better if Rhaenyra had just ended up laying with Corlys, Daemon or some other blonde. LOL actually no it wouldn't. True. But I think most lords also understand what a toss-up genetics is. The fact that they know that genetics are so unpredictable is part of the reason why they arrange the marriages of their children so meticulously. Good genes are hard to come by and harder to keep ahold of so let's stack the odds in our favor.
  2. In the books, Laenor is a jerk. Joffrey was killed on accident at a tourney. Things like that happen. Like I can imagine his desire to not want to share a room or a bed with Rhaenyra....but they didn't even live on the same island, much less in the same castle. I imagine that castles like Dragonstone are so big and well-supplied that you can effectively avoid a person's company indefinitely. He didn't even do anything important for the administration of the towns or castles on Driftmark. It seems to me that he just lounged around on Driftmark and only showed up every now and again...and only because his parents forced him to. With Laenor being a pain in the ass on Driftmark and Alicent undermining her at court in the Red Keep, the book version of Rhaenyra clearly was desperate. In the TV show, the situation between them very different. The distance would be justified because Joffrey was beaten to death at their wedding feast and the man who did it got away with murder. Literally. Yet, they live together and they get along pretty well. Both in private and in public. Not only that TV-Laenor has had some sexual experience with women...enough for Corlys to talk about it being only a phase and enough for Laenor to dolefully express that he's tried. TV-Laenor is also not sexually impotent like Book-Laenor is implied to be. By that I mean, TV-Laenor actually strikes me as more energetic and virile (aka a "top") versus Book-Laenor who was giving more feminine, bottom vibes. So what the hell is the problem? Just pull a Margaery and make it a threesome. Or have Laenor masturbate on his own time and use the ejaculate for yourself. I don't know. Forgive how graphic I'm getting but the whole Rhaenyra-Laenor situation in the TV show looks absolutely insane and I (mostly) blame Rhaenyra.
  3. It leaves Otto flummoxed because Otto never understood Viserys nor did he ever respect Viserys. Viserys, being the sucker that he is, doesn't see this until far too late. I also think Otto is just taken aback by the whole thing because he doesn't understand love. He doesn't know what love or what heartbreak is. If he did, then would've been navigated the whole situation very differently. In the end, Otto is a bad person. He doesn't have a good heart and he doesn't love his daughter (nor did he love his wife) the way that Viserys loves his. It's probably the core reason why Alicent is so miserable and envious. Her dad didn't give her the love and freedom Viserys gave to his daughter even though Alicent is objectively the better daughter of the two. But that's not the way that love works. That's why her kids end up being so messed up. Larys tried to school her on it in his own twisted way but she couldn't hear it because neither she nor her father are able to understand the real meaning of parental love. They can't understand it on a logical level. Which is ultimately why the Greens lose the battle and lose the war while the Blacks lose the battle and win the war. Are you sure about that? I don't see any case where that does or doesn't happen. So on paper, the daughters of first marriages legally come before the sons of second marriages. Criston broke his own vows. Nobody broke his vows for him. We saw how long it took for him to take off his armor before sex. We saw him stop to put his hands on his knees and take a moment to think...before jumping back into it. Criston doesn't care about celibacy. How can he when he was trying to get her to marry and run off with him? It was established that he was not a virgin before joining the Kingsguard. Breaking an oath of celibacy once to have sex is very different from breaking the oath of celibacy to getting married and having children. Jeor Mormont tells us as much. That's why Mole's Town is a thing. And the Kingsguard is modeled after the Night's Watch. You can't restore tarnished honor by tarnishing it even more. Any honor he had left after sleeping with the Crown Princess would be completely destroyed if he ran off with her to some backwater Essosi town to live as a sellsword with her as his wife and the mother of his children. Because he damn sure wouldn't have been able to afford passages to Asshai or a home in Volantis. Not only that but he was also asking her to live a life of exile and poverty. If oaths and honor mattered, Criston is violating his oaths and his honor by being so bitter. His stunts in the yard were oathbreaking (he's supposed to be training and treating these kids all equally as they are all royal) and dishonorable. As was his name-calling of Rhaenyra. That's the problem with Team Green. They talk about all these really great things (honor, tradition, legal precedent, duty, family values) but they can't back it up at all. Not only are they hypocrites but they showcase more moral failures than the Blacks do. What makes it worse is that they are generally incompetent as well. No one cared in Fire and Blood, which is a part of the ASOIAF series. The only ones who cared about the bastardy of Rhaenyra's sons are people who either: hated Rhaenyra and wanted her out of the picture, had something to gain by Rhaenyra being out of the picture or both. Granted, Rhaenyra and Laenor were complete idiots. Well he did. It doesn't matter because Jaehaerys was very inconsistent and an all-out chauvinist. Strange considering the fact that he was surrounded by powerful women who proved that they were more than capable. In fact, Jaehaerys lowkey did worse. He did to Aerea what Maegor tried to do to him and all his siblings .Let's get this straight. The crime is not that Rhaenyra had bastards. The crime is that she is passing her bastards off as trueborn heirs? If she was a consort like Cersei, then this would be a big problem. But she is not. The line of power flows through her. She can name them legitimate at any time she wants...however scandalous that might be. This is such a headache. Rhaenyra and Laenor were complete idiots. In the books, I blame Laenor more than I blame Rhaenyra but, in the TV show, it's Rhaenyra I fault. The Iron Throne is still hers and no one should take that away from her but good God did she make a mess of her own inheritance.
  4. Number one: Aemma was in four scenes. Not one. Number two: this is the point you are missing. Just because a character isn't a main character, it doesn't mean that they should be cut out of the story. Look at how the impact of the Aemma character has made on the characters of Rhaenyra and Viserys. The impact of the character informs the plot; it's what gets the ball rolling with Otto and Alicent, the big "villains" of the story. You can't have a story with only main characters. If everyone is a main character, no one is. And everyone can't be ciphers and extras either. You need tertiary/side characters and you need secondary characters to support the main characters and their main plotlines. Number three: this isn't a three act story. The original outline and the story's premise is a three act story but that hasn't been the case since Game of Thrones first came out. It's was more of a five or six act story at this point. Most people don't even write three act stories. Ever heard of Freytag's Pyramid?
  5. Seasons 5 received also received a lot of really dithering criticism from audiences and critics alike. All of the complaints boil down to terrible plotting and bad characterization. Season 6 was received a lot better but it still got a lot of criticism for pacing issues up until the final two episodes. Still it didn't receive the praise and acclaim that season 3 and 4 had gotten. I think you are underselling the fact that season 5 nearly destroyed the show's momentum and goodwill. It's no coincident that the relative disaster that was season 5 was due to their "streamlining" of stories and characters. Case in point: Sansa. How can you say that the show would've ended more elegantly if D&D started going their own way? How can that be if they were waiting for him to finish the story? That points to a clear lack of ability on D&D's part. Or else...why would they be waiting for him to finish? And if they are waiting for him to finish, why rush? Can't they just faithfully adapt what has already been written? Why did they need to wait and see the payoff for what was already written? Especially when GRRM is already telling them "don't do that, you'll need that character/setpiece..." in response to what they write. Just adapt the story that you do have and write a ending for it. It's all besides the point. Because they did go their own way in season 5 and the reception was scathing. No one is proposing that they include all the plotlines and characters from AFFC/ADWD. I don't think anyone, anywhere has proposed that. But a lot of the plotlines and characters from AFFC/ADWD left gaping holes in the narrative once removed. Case in point: Cersei Lannister. She's a major, major character that D&D were crazy about. Let's look at her case. She inexplicably stays in power after its leader killing thousands of people (including very popular, powerful people with connections) to save her own skin from having to answer for her crimes. Nothing really important happens in southern Westeros after Daenerys destroys the Lannister army...which somehow regenerates for the second-to-last episode only for it to be destroyed again. Southern Westeros doesn't do anything nor does it matter. Which is a problem because this is half of a continent that is supposed to be doomed to be destroyed by a nuclear winter of a zombie apocalypse. Cersei herself does nothing in the last two seasons besides drink wine, look out of tall windows and scowl. She becomes a glorified extra. The plotlines of the Martells of Dorne and fAegon with the Golden Company would've changed that. How so? They would've given Cersei something to do becoming of an actress like Lena Headey. In seasons 7 and 8 (and for most of season 6 as well), a completely different actress could've done what Lena done and not a single thing would changed. It wouldn't have mattered because the character doesn't do anything that a regular person off the street with no acting experience could've done. In other words, the lack of those storylines made Cersei look like an extra on the TV show. You know what would have also improved the terribly uneventful (the ultimate sin in terms of storytelling) Cersei plotline? Properly adapting Euron Greyjoy...who, in turn, deeply impacts the story of at least two other main characters: Daenerys, and Theon. And if Daenerys and Theon's stories are impacted and changed this does the same for other huge characters such as Jon, Sansa, Tyrion, Bran, etc. And here we are at Bran, the endgame king and the ultimate "winner" of the game of thrones. They knew Bran was the endgame back in 2013. Yet, they don't allow anything to happen that makes Bran's ascension sensible and plausible in 2019. Why? If they had all that time to prepare a streamlined, sensible story...why did it have such a negative response and reaction. We're back at square one when it comes to the general incompetence and idiocy of D&D. Sometimes, the secondary characters and subplots are there not for their own sake of coloring the story but for empowering the main plot and the main characters. You can't include everything but you can't cut too much and you can't streamline everything. You destroy your own adaptation by cutting and streamlining too much.
  6. Exactly @The Grey Wolf Strikes Back Ordinarily, it wouldn't be a problem for Viserys to go back on his word on this issue. But Viserys goes back on his word all the time. Not only that: He can't properly kill an animal that is being restrained by half a dozen men he is in poor health almost all of the time he is a definitively unhappy people-pleaser he can't adapt to rapidly changing circumstances he schedules these big events only for him to lose control of them he can't effectively deal with -- much less control -- his out-of-control brother...which is his more basic responsibility as the head of his House he avoids conflict like it's the plague (which means that he allows conflict to unfold before him and does nothing about it) he can't effectively address foreign policy issues that have real domestic consequences To go back on his decision to name Rhaenyra as his heir (what with the great ceremony he had with hundreds of lords and knights in attendance) would topple him and the realm would soon descend into lawless chaos. Think that's some extreme logic. Let's look at Tytos Lannister and his rule of the Westerlands and House Lannister. It's a miracle Tywin was able to fix that mess.
  7. Agreed That's why the whole Laena thing in episode 2 was so jarring. The girl did not look like she was only a little younger than Rhaenyra and Alicent. If Rhaenyra is named the heir to the Iron Throne and she has that taken away from her, that is called being disinherited. It's literally what the word means. You'd have an argument there if Viserys hadn't (repeatedly) reiterated the fact that Rhaenyra is still the heir to the Iron Throne after the birth of Aegon, Helaena and Aemond. It does. Matters of succession and matters of inheritance, at the end of the day, are one and the same. Westeros (and much of the ancient, classical and medieval world) just has "winner take all" stance towards it. Oh yes. This is true. It is a crime--unless the King legitimizes them, at which point it would no longer be a crime. Which he basically has done already. But if it was really such an egregious crime, then Alicent wouldn't be the only one in the Red Keep pitching a fit about it. Literally...she is the only one in the Red Keep pitching a fit about it. Her own allies don't even care. Larys the Clubfoot Sociopath is indifferent...like most sociopaths are. He actually spouts a poignant bit of wisdom about how her complaints are not only a dangerous dead-end but that they are exposing her as a hypocrite. She can't even see her own children for what they are. How dare she rail against the likes of Viserys, Rhaenyra, Laenor, etc. when she does the same thing...and worse. And Criston? He's spiteful and petty and probably very jealous, yes...but he doesn't care either. He hates Rhaenyra so much that it doesn't matter what she does. She could be Mother Teresa and he'd still hate her guts. In fact, he probably secretly wishes that they were his babies. Not even Lyonel is that upset about it. He only gets upset about it when Harwin lets himself be manipulated into making a stupid spectacle about it in public...
  8. Massively streamlining things is what caused the mess that GoT became. And you can't just get rid of characters. This story doesn't even that many (main) characters. Get rid of too many and the narrative suffers. Don't believe me? Look at GoT. Like imagine if there was no Aemma Arryn. Either you need ridiculous amounts of exposition to explain what's going on and why (i.e. why is Rhaenyra acting out, why is Viserys so hellbent on making Rhaenyra his heir, why is Daemon always in trouble with Viserys, etc.) or the story of the first half of the season completely changes and suffers for it
  9. I don't think it was lazy. And I think Olivia Cooke is amazing. I just think that it is all result of how they are moving too fast and putting way too much in every episode. Given the reaction of all types of audiences, the show would've been better off ending season 1 with the fallout of Rhaenyra's wedding to Laenor and for season 2 to pick up 10 years later as this episode did. A lot of people (myself included) don't understand why they are trying to put ~30 years of story in a season of 10 episodes that each run about 50 minutes long. It's very hard (and very risky) to do such a big time jump in the middle of a season...if you watch a lot of TV (films and plays as well) and pay attention, you see this over and over again. Time jumps of 5+ years are hard to pull off and dangerously so in the middle of a season. But a 5+ year time jump where you have to recast significant parts of the cast that you've already established and developed. That's ballsy. Especially since they had already had four smaller time jumps over the course of the previous five episodes. @Caligula_K3 The showrunners are doing good job overall. In fact, they are doing two and three times better than D&D even though D&D had a lot more material to adapt, better material to adapt (let's face it, the First Dance of the Dragons is boring and repetitive compared to ASOIAF), a fresh market and a lot of momentum in their favor. Plus, these showrunners are respectable and considerate...unlike D&D. However, Condal & Sapochnik have -- objectively, I might add -- made a lot of bad decisions despite all the good they are doing. Some have been silly, some have been lazy and some truly idiotic decisions. And lately, the BTS discussions at the end of each episode have been headscratchers.
  10. The cultural taboo is doesn't matter. Maybe in the Iron Islands and maybe with men like Randyll Tarly but not overall. Women in positions of hard power are not unheard of in Westeros. In fact, it happens often enough for it not to be a problem. You have multiple highborn women from across the realm leading armies, fighting battles, commanding dragons and issuing wartime policies throughout the story of the Dance and its prelude... If it were such a big taboo that would make an established law, then Casterly Rock and all its wealth would've fallen to the Ironborn because no one would've been able to take orders from Johanna Lannister. And we would've in turn had a very different story when it came time for ASOIAF. The law is the law. The king's word is also law. If the king says that his firstborn child from his first marriage is his heir over and over and over and over again, then that is that. The fact that the law also supports his desire only makes it that much more potent. Regardless of the idiocy of Rhaenyra and Laenor and how it led to the proliferation of those beloved baseborn children, the Iron Throne clearly belongs to Rhaenyra and hers is the power to rule and decree as she sees fit.
  11. The letter of the law states that the children of the first wife cannot be disinherited in favor of the children of the second wife barring the case where the children of the first wife are guilty of unspeakable crimes. It's called the Widow's Law and it had been on the books for at least half a century at this point.
  12. I meant to say Condal. My mistake. Condal was right to overrule Sapochnik in regards to the name however. The thing is that if everyone knows, no one cares because no one is bothered by it. Not even Criston Cole.
  13. There is. Because the only ones who really harp on and on about it are the people who have ulterior motives: Alicent, Otto and the Velaryon cousins. It was clearly just another tool Alicent and Otto tried to use in their quest to undermine and disinherit Rhaenyra and the Velaryon cousins only wanted Driftmark for themselves...the craziest thing about it is that the Velaryons were themselves grasping at straws and were only repeating the rumors that the Hightower queen and her father had started...which, again, circles back around to the Hightower plot to get rid of Rhaenyra. In the end, GRRM still made it so that four out of Ned's five children don't look anything like him. And now that R+L=J has been confirmed, the same goes for Rhaegar. Two out of his three children look nothing like him. And if Young Griff is to be believed as the son of Rhaegar, then that turns Rhaegar's one out of three into zero out of three. Because Young Griff does not look like Rhaegar. You want to know who did look like Rhaegar? His brother and sister.
  14. The way I just cackled at the bold part... I hate Unwin Peake with a passion but his dismissal of Eustace never ceases to make me laugh out loud. For the record though, when Septon Eustace was kicked out of the city, he was forced to walk to Stoney Sept (which is in the Riverlands) not the Starry Sept (which is the one in Oldtown). It's still very far but...just not that far.
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