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  1. The thought of Stannis and Cersei being wedded to each other is overwhelming.
  2. Honestly, I feel like Bran makes the most sense as the endgame king of Westeros. Not only for all of the really cool magical acts of heroism he'll likely perform, but also for the fact he is the rightful Lord of both Winterfell and Harrenhal, the head of House Stark, Jon Targaryen's closest male relative and the true heir of Robb Stark who was a king in his own right. Also, given the fact that Arya is his sister, the Iron Bank (if it's still intact) will likely support him by way of Arya. Exactly! That was the problem with the show. The Dothraki and the Unsullied and the freedmen companies and whoever else sworn to her are not going to just accept the fact that their beloved Mhysa had been murdered...much less by someone who was supposed to protect her. Dany is also in a unique position as she will be both khal and a member of the dosh khaleen. The Dothraki (who already have an established custom of avenging fallen khals with fire, blood and steel) will go apeshit and the Unsullied will co-sign the madness. In fact, murdering Dany could make her allies and supporters back in Essos want to invade Westeros.
  3. This already happened. Bran has already crossed paths with Varamyr Sixskins as Summer and claimed that pack as his own. Not so fast. The burning king could very well be Jon or Aegon.
  4. Sorry friend but Stannis burning Shireen is 100% aligned with the character arcs of Stannis, Shireen, Melisandre, Selyse, Davos and hell...even Justin Massey. Now Stannis himself might not do it but I fully believe that Shireen is going to be sacrificed and burned and that sacrificing her will backfire catastrophically. I am 100% it will not happen like it did in the show. My personal theory is that Stannis burns Shireen at the Nightfort in an attempt to stop the Others or thwart/usurp the newly reinstated Starks but burning her ends up being the very thing that allows the Long Night to begin.
  5. I strongly disagree. Once the Wall falls and the Others advance far enough, every nook and cranny of Westeros will have a walking dead problem. Otherwise, what's the point of the Long Night? Besides, I think the bulk of Dany's forces are going to make landfall in Dorne instead of on Dragonstone. I think Euron is going to prevent a smooth, organized landing of Dany's forces. Just like how Rhaegar took Elia of Dorne and then took Lyanna of the North, the Others will descend on the people of Westeros from the north and Dany will carve her way from the south.
  6. She doesn't. My comment was a tongue-in-cheek diss at the show.
  7. I feel like a lot of fans were spoiled by Storm Because, in fact, a lot of stuff happens in Feast and Dance...it just doesn't happen at the breakneck speed like it did in Storm. People also tend to forget that Storm is the climax of events that were introduced, complexified and broadened in Game and Clash. Feast works as both as epilogue for the first part of the story and the intro to the second part of the story.
  8. The family trees of the Great Houses at the start of the series are too small. To be specific, there aren't enough Starks or Targaryens The Lannisters and the Tyrells are a huge family network. The Starks start off the series with two male adults (one being in the Watch) and six children with one of the six which being half-Stark. The Arryns start off the series with one adult and one child. There's no reason why Hoster Tully only has one sibling. To be honest, the Targaryen royal family should be a lot larger. Aegon I and Rhaenys should've had another child, the descendants of Saera should be a lot more prominent, the children of Gael and Alyssa should've survived, Rhaenyra should've had a younger sister, Maekar and Aegon V should've had more children, Like when I read any of the material, I feel like that there should be a whole cadet branch of the family. Like the absence of the descendants of Saera and Gael are odd and Alyssa could've definitely given birth to another child before her death. It becomes really weird at the time of Robert's Rebellion. I feel like there should've been one cadet branch of the Targaryen family that isn't based out of Dragonstone or King's Landing.
  9. Sansa will get her annulment. But I think that she won't get it until Aegon takes King's Landing. She might have to manipulate both Aegon and the High Sparrow (if the High Sparrow is still around) in order to secure said annulment, however. But I think that Tyrion will find out in the last book and be outraged. Not because he actually cared for Sansa but because her state-sponsored rejection of him on top of the prior abandonment will be too much for his fragile ego to handle. He will object (belatedly, of course) and demand that she returns to him and perform her wifely duties. Sansa will naturally refuse or ignore him...she might even be married to someone else at the time. Her family (namely Arya) will support and protect her in this, and Tyrion will be even more outraged. If Daenerys supports Tyrion in this (which is likely...unfortunately), then that's yet another reason why we will have conflict between the Starks and Daenerys. It also gives Sansa a legitimate reason to hate Daenerys.
  10. It's my prediction that King's Landing will be uninhabitable, and that all of the Targaryens will perish or be banished. When that happens, Bran will become King of Westeros and his seat will be on the Isle of Faces with Harrenhal being the new capital. After all, with Lady Shella Whent most likely dead, Bran is the rightful Lord of Harrenhal. Actually the Eyrie is the only true exception Winterfell is located at the headwaters of the White Knife. Basically, you should be able to use barges and ferries to travel from Winterfell to White Harbor and the Bite. Kiev, the entire Crimean Peninsula and maybe Constantinople/Istanbul But you're right. The Black Sea is an ocean compared to the God's Eye and the Bosphorus is something major.
  11. I don't think Aegon is a brat. I just think that Aegon has to be better than Robb if he wants to be successful. Unfortunately, however, Aegon has a lot less going for him than Robb did. Robb was something of a military genius who never lost a battle and stood a good chance of retaking the North. Yet Robb made a couple of big mistakes and he got way too ahead of himself.
  12. Seconded. I don't really believe Cersei either. I find it very hard to believe that Cersei had been repeatedly raped by Robert at length only for Jaime to not find out about it. I mean come on. He was chomping at the bit to kill Robert at Darry over the whole Nymeria/Joffrey incident. Not only was that before Arya was found and Lady killed in Nymeria's place, but the whole Nymeria situation had absolutely NOTHING to do with Robert. Jaime hates rape. If Jaime found out that Robert was regularly raping Cersei (just like how he found out Aerys was regularly raping Rhaella...there's no way he wasn't going to find out if it was happening), he would've found a way to kill Robert. Even if he couldn't pull it off, the fact that the love of his life is getting raped by a man that he actively dislikes is something that he would think about. But it's something that Jaime never thinks about it? The closest thing that we get to a case of Robert raping Cersei is... the time that Robert cracks that lame joke about rough sex and Cersei responds by knocking out his tooth the time when Jaime had to go find someone to perform an abortion for Cersei
  13. Dany, Stannis, Robert and Visenya That's it. If Catelyn and Ned count, I'd put them on the list. But right now, it's only the four of them. No way Varys made such a big deal about Aegon being able to clean his own underwear...there's no way that this would be true
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