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  1. Well said I highlighted all the major reasons why he is a terrible player. But I think Arianne and the Sand Snakes have a bigger part to play in the upcoming shenanigans that will cripple or destroy House Martell. Simply put I think Arianne and/or the Sand Snakes will think antagonizing both Euron and Dany is good idea.
  2. I honestly feel like most ASOIAF put way too much emphasis on the Catelyn-Tyrion situation It honestly doesn't impact anything serious What changes is: Everything about Lysa is a mystery...until Sansa arrives at the end of A Storm of Swords Catelyn pays a quick visit to Riverrun (introducing us to the rest of the Tully family much earlier) before leaving for Winterfell...probably just before Riverrun is besieged Ned's downfall is essentially inevitable, some type of showdown between Jaime and Ned writes itself and Tywin's finger was on the trigger. The Lannister forces were always going to invade/attack the Riverlands, and Robb was always going to march to war. We clearly see that Tywin doesn't really care about Tyrion; at this point of the story, Tyrion is more useful to Tywin dead or incapacitated. doesn't have the convenient excuse of "avenging" Tyrion. Whether or not Robb decides that Catelyn must stay by his side is up in the air, but the chances of Catelyn returning to Winterfell at the end of A Game of Thrones to be with Bran in A Clash of Kings is high. If Cat stays with Robb, literally nothing changes. If Cat leaves Robb to go be with Bran and Rickon, either: she is killed by Ramsay she leaves with Bran (the original outline has Catelyn going to the Wall and beyond with Bran only to be killed by the Others and turned into one of the Others) she heads off with Rickon And if she heads off with Rickon, then she might head south to rendezvous with Robb and end up dying in the Red Wedding anyways (just that, this time, Rickon dies too) or she ends up in Skagos with Rickon...in which case, she might still die.
  3. Yeah, maybe against the Lannisters. But ultimately? No. I think it's pretty well established that Prince Doran has missed multiple opportunities. At least four. But even if he had caught ahold of one opportunity, he has not even prepared his family for said opportunities Ellaria and Mellario have both opted out, with Mellario saying that she'd rather be on the other side of the world than deal with him. Oberyn's lack of self-control not only destroyed himself, but it also destroyed some of the best advantages and tools that the Martells had Arianne and Quentyn are completely out of their league. They weren't raised right. The Sand Snakes are ticking time bombs, all parts worse than their father. They also weren't raised right. Trystane is even less prepared than Arianne and Quentyn...and that's saying something. Manfrey and his side of the family are glorified butlers. Even if everything went Doran's way, things would have still backfired and gone sideways because he would've been the only one who was ready. I understand the need for secrecy, but Doran is a terrible communicator.
  4. No problem at all But I don't know if Benjen was still alive or if Martin was doing a bit of misdirection. Basically the way that Martin was so insistent that "Coldhands is not Benjen" is very similar to how he reacted to how Sansa was a stand-in for both Jeyne Poole and Donella Hornwood in Winterfell."
  5. This is not that big of a butterfly effect Because Stannis is still going to be fighting for the Throne. then you would have Tyrion angling to put Tommen on the Iron Throne. And all jockeying between Littlefinger, Varys and Tyrion become absolutely unrestrained. Arianne likely tries to make Myrcella queen earlier on...except Quentyn and Oberyn would likely still be around to either help or hurt. Honestly, the events in Feast and Dance that only could have happened in Tywin's absence just happen earlier on.
  6. When the show revealed that Coldhands was actually Benjen at the end of Season 6, Martin said that Benjen is not Coldhands and that the two are separate individuals. And based on what Martin was saying, Benjen is still alive.
  7. I'm beginning to think that Benjen did desert the NW but only in the sense that he has decided NOT to return to Castle Black after his ranging mission went sideways. If Benjen is still alive (I don't think Martin would have him die "offscreen"), he's in the Lands of Always Winter or maybe in the Heart of Winter itself. Either he is being held captive, he has switched sides and is working with the Others or he is trying to negotiate with the Others on the behalf of the Seven Kingdoms. I doubt Martin would have had Benjen die "offscreen" after all this time, but if Benjen is dead, Bran is going to have to find his body and learn what had happened to him. Or maybe Jon will run across Benjen (or his corpse) as Ghost and Bran finds out what happens. Either way—dead or alive—I'm 100% sure that Benjen encountered the Others and that he had been sidetracked/delayed.
  8. I don't know. I feel like one of the opening chapters has to be a Tyrion POV; the Battle of Meereen is upon us and it HAS to happen early on in the book Cersei and the King's Landing cast. Not life-or-death but it's a major gamechanger
  9. I think he was confirmed for season 2 during season 1's run But then they also cut down the number of episodes from 10 to 8 and...then there was the writer's strike. So I think its safe to say that plans changed and that they are taking their time to focus on the assassination attempts and the battles in the Riverlands
  10. Idk maybe because Daeron isn't supposed to appear until season 3 or late in season 2 but Daeron was confirmed by the showrunner on more than one occasion during season 1...so it's quite possible that things have changed
  11. Why does he hate Rhaenyra for lying when he lied too? And I wouldn't say that Rhaenyra manipulated him either... It's projection. They have very different values.
  12. Well, he's just going to have to deal with it I guess I think he can finish the series in two books. But they will both have to be huge
  13. This is not such a bad idea. The Prince of Dragonstone already rules Dragonstone, Driftmark and the other islands of Blackwater Bay. Giving them part of Crackclaw Point would do nothing. This is a bad -- or at least risky -- idea. Creating a principality out of the Dornish Marches under the control of the Prince of Summerhall is basically stealing the Lords of Storm's End of (arguably) their most powerful vassals. To do so would invite a lot of conflict. You might as well place a royal in the Gift, give him control over the Gift and make him the Prince of Queenscrown. Harrenhal has come under the control of the Iron Throne more than once but again...not sure if it's a great idea. The Iron Throne has more than enough funds; the problem is that they were terribly mismanaged and fumbled by Robert, Cersei, Littlefinger and the rest of the Small Council. Making a province out of the Stepstones would be expensive (as in you need to commission a new fleet just to protect the islands and enforce the law after its conquest) but doable. It's a good idea. But Tyrosh? No way.
  14. Ahhh okay I don't know. Iraq, Egypt and the Levant are all very hot and arid lands. However, millions have always lived in those areas. Why? The floodplains of major rivers. The floodplains of the Greenblood, the Vaith and the Scourge are more than enough to sustain a large population. Sunspear itself should be a very large city on par with White Harbor and Gulltown.
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