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  1. Tell that to the OP. I trust Aemon. George has said this of him, that he is very knowledgeable.
  2. And the real Aegon is dead. Besides, Rhaegar was wrong about a lot of things. Daenerys is the Prince who was Promised. Aemon came to that realization near the end of his life.
  3. Bran has begun to prefer the dark. He likes to watch without being seen. He is bound to the weirwood tree. Bran will be strong during the long night because some of the strongest trees grow in the dark. I presume human blood keeps them alive without the need for photosynthesis. In my last topic, "Daenerys is Azor Ahai Reborn," I said Daenerys is the Maiden-Made-Of-Light. I am now saying the Lion of Night is Bran. Time is circular and history repeats but not exactly. Bran is the Wolf of the Night. Daenerys is Azor Ahai. Bran will control the wights and send them to destroy the people who opposed the Starks. The Red Wedding and Jon's execution could be seen as betrayals from the eyes of a Stark. This is the blood betrayal all over again from Bran's perspective. The Lion of the Night's reaction to the blood betrayal was extreme and almost childish. To send minions which could destroy all life because of a betrayal is extreme and reckless. It is what an angry child would do. The Others and the wights have not attacked the Wall. They may not have the magic to breach the Wall. Bran will let them in. Daenerys saw the red wedding in one of her moments at the House Of The Undying. Robb's corpse was pleading for justice. It is important for her to see this, so she will know the reason for Bran setting the wights against Westeros. A treaty will surely involve turning over some Stark enemies to relieve Bran's rage.
  4. Aenar and Daenys could have had knowledge that are now lost. Westeros was the continent for the non-human species of the planet. The Valyrians respected the boundary during their time. That the other families have already violated the boundary is important. The Targaryens became more Westerosi in terms of culture by the time the three Targaryens began the conquest. They wanted to protect the people of Westeros, who violated the boundary, from the Others.
  5. Moat Cailin is surrounded by wetlands. It is good for duck hunting but not for agriculture. Suffice it to say that this area will have low revenues. Moat Cailin can be rebuilt but the Starks and the Reeds will be hard pressed to find the coin to make that happen. The north is poor. Moat Cailin will take a lot of construction work. House Reed will not have the financial resources to maintain the fortress.
  6. She may follow Quaithe's advice and spend those years in the far east.
  7. That's correct. The Martells will surely be upset with Quentyn's death but it's not a big loss for Daenerys. She's not planning to go to Westeros any time soon. In the meantime, Dorne will be torn apart by civil war. The Martells will be lucky if they could hold on to their power. Darkstar or even the Yronwoods may build enough support to challenge the Martells. Bottom line, losing the Martells as allies is not a big loss. And Quentyn's loss is nothing to the rest of Westeros.
  8. The world doesn't know it yet. The Martells will do their best to keep it secret for as long as they can. They cannot openly admit to sending Quentyn to Slaver's Bay nor can they admit to an alliance with Aegon (or Young Griff). The information will come out eventually. Arriane and Young Griff are the impulsive types. One of them will spill the beans. Dorne will be torn apart. Civil war will break out and the Martells will be hard pressed to hold on to power. Doran wants to play but doesn't want to commit. It won't work. As you say, he has committed. It's just a matter of time before somebody on his team spills the beans.
  9. In that sense, death has already bent her knees to Azor Ahai/Daenerys Targaryen. She brought the dragons back and they are whole, unlike Beric, Cat, and Coldhands. Dany's dragons are full of life and vigor. In the other tale, she is the Maiden Made of Light, the Sunlight. Bran is the Lion Of Night, the cold and the dark.
  10. Jon will come back in physical form but he will no longer be human. He will have become a walking dead like Coldhands. His last ideas before dying were Arya and revenge. I suppose those will motivate him to murder the men at the wall and then seek out Arya. It will lead to further destruction and sorrow for the people. This is a clear example of how love can be destructive when people do not have their priorities straight. Jon already went down that road when he sent Mance Rayder to get Arya away from Ramsay Bolton.
  11. This will be far in the future after the ice recedes and spring has returned to most of Essos and Westeros. Western Essos and Southern Westeros will become a glorious empire under the rule of Empress Daenerys Targaryen. The Free Cities will choose to remain free after they contribute to the fight against the Others. The north of Westeros, ever the troublemakers, will choose independence and they will pay with their lives when the Others arrive. The Starks will take side with the Others to survive and they will be the only power left in the north.
  12. The dragons do, indeed, prove Dany is Azor Ahai, the Promised Prince(ss). I don't believe there will be any more dragon hatchings. This is the definitive identifier.
  13. I've always thought of Arya this way. A psycho. Arya's sanity got lost somewhere between Kingslanding and the Riverlands. She was already gone upon reaching the House of Black and White.
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