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  1. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    The Shivers

    Do we have a real world equivalent? It kills too fast in my opinion. It was accepted that the Targaryens do not get sick. What changed the game this time? King Viserys III and Princess Daenerys have never gotten sick despite possible malnutrition during their wandering years. It would seem not every Targaryen get blessed with super immunity. I think there is luck involved. Just like siblings do not always inherit the same traits from their parents. It's possible the Valyrians never encountered the shivers and therefore did not make themselves immune to it. But if that was the case, Jaeherys, Allyssanne and the other Targs would have gotten sick too.
  2. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Dance of the Princelings

    To whom is Gildayn referring to, Luke? Aemond? Is there any basis for the accusation of bastardry other than the dark hair? I don't care for the four boys too much but I love the dragons. Not only was it resolved ineffectively but the whole matter of the succession should have been handled better. Viserys should have abdicated and passed the throne to Rhaenyra while he was alive. Do it yourself if you want it done right. Put her on the throne before he dies.
  3. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    New Theory: Dany has a super stomach!

    Actually, Summer and Bran are already feasting on the flesh of the dead. They've even feasted on the corrupted flesh of wights. This is how the direwolves will survive the winter. Eating the remains of the dead. Now to put a serious spin on a rather silly topic. Some Targaryens have very strong immunity to diseases and other ailments that plague the common. Viserys and Daenerys have this supercharged immunity that some of their family have. The eating of the stallion's heart is a foreshadowing of the Dothraki getting consumed in order to fight the slavers. I don't necessarily mean this literally but the "heart of the people" means their way of life. They will be fundamentally changed and given a new mission as a people. That is to fight the slavers. The Dragon consuming the stallion.
  4. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Lucamore Strong the oathbreaker

    He'll get his punishment. He's already wearing the skins of his women and displayed before the public. Jon's perversion of justice did not go unpunished.
  5. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    I included Jon and Stannis. Both these turkeys are already dead. Their deaths will be formalized in Winds.
  6. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Aeron's religious conviction will give him the strength to endure. Sweetrobin will surprise everyone. He's gonna send Petyr and Sansa out of that moon door. 6 - Petyr. 7 - Sansa. Bowen is a maybe. The men of the watch will support his decision to execute Jon. The danger to him will come from the free folk barbarians. But they're more interested in getting out than fighting him at the wall.
  7. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    1 - Jon - from the stabbing he got for treason 2 - Barristan 3 - Stannis - already died per the pink letter 4 - Gilly - Sam needs tragedy in his life 5 - Hizdahr 6 - Petyr 7 - Sansa
  8. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    The Ramsey's list and the true goal of the Pink Letter

    What the letter says. His bride, his Reek, and the rebels brought to him. He's willing to let Jon off the hook for violating the laws governing the night's watch and treason to the kingdom as long as Jon complies with the request.
  9. I'd tell Bowen Marsh to send part of Jon to Ramsay as proof of the Nightwatch having gotten rid of its traitor.
  10. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Quaithe Farman?

    Qaithe is simply advising Daenerys to take a southeasterly course to Westeros. It is an unexpected move and certain to take the Lannisters by surprise. And the island with the three large rocks could be important. I expect she will do this in the book story. She doesn't need to make port in Asshai. She can order her fleet to take a southeasterly route and land on the west side of westeros.
  11. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    I doubt it will play out this way. Jon's place in the story has ended. He is the lord commander who betrayed the watch and caused it to weaken enough for the WW to cross. His future from now on involves hiking his legs and marking random trees. Yup, he will live as a wolf. As Ghost specifically. The other Starks will die and follow suit. Jon will become the alpha wolf of the pack. He will never rule Westeros. That will be Dany's future role.
  12. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Worldbuilding Question: North Animal Husbandry

    The management of livestock anywhere is built on the principle of breeding the specimens with desired qualities. Whatever those qualities might be for the given situation. The specimens most likely to reproduce will be kept for future breeding stock. The extras will be killed for food. Let's look at Craster's Keep for a good example. Gilly was breeding rabbits for food. Until Ghost jumped the fence and killed her rabbits. Those rabbits would have reproduced and provided meat for the Crasters. But anyway, so sheep, chickens, cows, and goats were kept. Egg layers have too much value and would therefore receive good care. Cows and goats who can provide milk are kept. This is sustainability at its finest. Sheep provide wool. So I'm saying only the extras will be killed for food. What the living animal can provide is more valuable. Helper animals like dogs are also valued because they keep the wolves away. Wolves are the enemy of the farmer. Effective predator control will have to be in place to protect the livestock.
  13. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    The "owner" of the egg did not hatch the egg. The momma dragon did the job. Dragons have their runts too. Perhaps nature cull the runts and only the strong dragons survive. Dog litters will have runts from time to time. They can survive with help from the human and this is how the last dragon survived. With human assistance. She would have perished in nature. Daenerys was able to hatch her three petrified dragon eggs because she has the power of necromancy. The mother figure is the giver of life. Aegon V tried to do the same thing. His fire was hotter because of the wildfire. Many more people with supposedly magic blood died at Summerhall. Yet none of his eggs hatched. Egg doesn't have the power of necromancy.
  14. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    GRRM: Some folk got it right.

    The theorists who guessed the Starks will all die and get their second lives as direwolves got it right. Jon dies and wargs into Ghost. Arya gets croaked for betraying the faceless men and wargs into Nym. Rickon and Bran die and warg their dws. Sansa just dies.
  15. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    The Mance Plan and how the Pink Letter killed it.

    People who want Northern Independence are crazy. Winter is coming. A north finding the white walkers and their wights without support from the other regions do not stand a chance. Then again, maybe that is George Martins plan from the start. Those crazy northern people will choose independence and then the joke is on them when the white walkers arrive. Mance is stupid enough to do this because he's so hung up on keeping the free folk way. Jon and the Starks are stupid enough to want this because they put family ahead of everything else and they can't see the bigger picture. But the more reasonable people in the north like Lady Dustin will hopefully knock some sense into the Stark nutjobs. Ever hear of the Trojan horn idea? Mance used the horn to trick Stannis and Jon. He didn't have anything to bargain with. He used the horn to give him leverage. The best hope for the north is to work out a peace deal with Roose Bolton. Stannis will give up his claim and take the black in exchange for more men to guard the wall. Jon Snow will recognize Roose Bolton's rights to lord over the north and Winterfell. Jon pissed all of that chance away when he pushed his nose into Ramsay's business with the Arya rescue operation.