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  1. Jon Snow was a moron. That stunt to get Arya was one of the most illogical, brain-dead ideas ever hatched in this story. Jon may have arguments to let the Wildlings in but Bowen Marsh had an equually good argument against it. And Jon failed to adequately sell his decision to his own men. He was the worst commander in the long history of the Nights Watch.
  2. They saw Daenerys and pushed her to move faster. Like Bran talking to Theon through that creepy Stark tree. The rulers of the first empire were gods and this is where Daenerys came from. Maybe they are still alive.
  3. It has been a year since I started this topic. I am still hopeful that the Freys will receive mercy and get a fair judgment from Queen Daenerys. I still feel that is the only hope for a fair trial for the Freys. The Starks and the north are barbaric. If Jon Snow is a typical north man then they are not capable of reasonable judgment. The reasonable north man died when Ned lost his life.
  4. Ramsay Bolton, Roose's boys, and his pack of hounds meet Arya Stark and Nymeria. Oh what a battle that would be.
  5. Arya's mind is also shrouded in darkness. Which is worse. It means she's gone to the deep end and lost it. Darkmind is a more appropriate description of her condition.
  6. Bowen Marsh and the knifing part were justified. Jon had fallen over the edge of reason. It's not like they could talk him out of attacking the Boltons. They saw what the long-faced lord commander did to Janos Slynt. The only way to remove their out of bounds commander was the one they used.
  7. Daenerys is not going to fall in love with Jon. Jon will already be tightly involved in some kind of animal bond with Arya. Those two will start their romance just like the NK and the NQ. Arya will be the wighted lord commander's corpse bride. Their time ruling the Wall will have begun before Daenerys ever sets foot in the North. The bond of love between Arya and Jon will continue when they both die and live as Direwolves. Expect to see their furry cubs before the end of the novel.
  8. For a while, yes, he can reign Joff in. A year or two at the most.
  9. Wights are not alive. Not the kind of life we know. They can move about physically and have lost much of their mind. The difference in Jon's specific example is his warg ability. HIs mind will find a new host in Ghost. Ghost the Host. So as his body goes into slow decay his mind will continue to function. Albeit getting more and more savage with each passing day. With each passing hour what was left of his human reason will slowly decay too.
  10. From the looks of it, Jon was headed in the direction of going batshit crazy during his last hours. What he was about to carry out, a savage attack on Ramsay Bolton, would have destroyed all the credibility and honor of the Night's Watch. Jon's honor, credibility, competence, and trustworthiness are already damaged beyond repair. How fitting if he should fall over the edge and into madness.
  11. True, many will find it hard to trust the Freys. But if we use the same idea, many would find it very hard to ever trust the word of a Stark. Robb Stark broke his oath to Lord Walder Frey. Jon Snow broke his vows to the Night's Watch. So in this, I say both families will have a terrible time earning trust again. Both families violated something considered sacred.
  12. Lord Walder Frey is the Montressor of this story. I hope to see Walder survive many more years and then tell the reader his side of the story. The thought process and the decisions which led to the red wedding will interests, as well as temper the anger towards the Freys, among the less partial readers. In Poe's short story, a man named Montressor tells the story of how he lured a friend into a trap. The friend is a vain man with a love of wines named Fortunato. Montressor enticed Fortunato to a prepared brick tomb where he seals the man inside. Montressor had the trap set. The bricks and the fresh mortar were ready at the site. The inebriated Fortunato was easy to trick. Montressor never told the listener the specific reason other than Fortunato had insulted his family. The story between Lord Walder and Robb Stark is known. We know Walder's reasons for hating Robb. Robb Stark broke his oath to Walder. This is very bad because Walder lost his eldest son and heir while loyally fighting for the Starks. Walder's anger at Robb's betrayal is justified and he deserves to have a very large compensation from the Starks. I think that much we are all agreed. Walder's sons prepared a trap for the vainglorious Robb just like Montressor did to Fortunato. Montressor and Walder are men of pride. Perhaps excessive pride. Unfortunately, that is the way of the upper social classes. The nobles of Westeros are very sensitive when it comes to family devotion and loyalty. The Starks are no different from the Freys and the Lannisters in that department.
  13. Jon inherited the faulty gene from Rhaegar (If he is the son of Prince Rhaegar). His chances of going crazy like Aerys is higher because of his gender. The men of the family have this fault. I proposed in my "Daenerys is Azor Ahai Reborn" essay that the Targaryens needed a fresh start. For that reason, the male line died out. Daenerys, the female who will start the new family, is not a carrier of the gene. Drogo's funeral fire symbolically burned away all the genetic baggages of the past. It is like the Phoenix reborn.
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