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  1. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    Empress Daenerys Targaryen has a nice sound to it. Gylbert Farwynd Pretty Meris Symon the Stripeback The Lord Of The Crossing Harma Dogshead The Lash Archon of Tyrosh
  2. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Dorne Predictions

    Arrianne is a player who isn't very good at the game. I don't imagine her story will end well. But Cersei will get to her before Daenerys does. It isn't that Cersei is smarter than Arrianne but the older gal plays the game better. She sure beat Ned Stark.
  3. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    Minor huh. That would take Jaime and Sansa out. Bronn. Yeah, I want Bronn to lose.
  4. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    ASoIaF character poll

    Age: 43 Gender: Male Favorite GOT character: Daenerys Least Favorite GOT character: Jaime or sometimes Sansa
  5. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Future Centers of Power in a Democratic Westeros/Systems of Government

    All of the people currently alive will be dead or very, very old by the time spring comes again. A new empire instead of a democracy will rise from the remains of the long night. My theory is too long to go into here but in summary, I believe Daenerys is the "Maiden Made of Light" and she will have children with the "Lion of the Night." It is these children who will start the foundation of the new empire, the new empire of the dawn. Empire building will take many generations and at some distant future, the royal family might step down and allow for democracy to start.
  6. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    The Updated Exodus Theory and its Corollaries

    Over 50% in Westeros. Like maybe less than 30% might somehow make it out. The combination of winter starvation, death from the cold, war between Roose vs. Stannis/Jon, greyscale, war between Euron and the reach will cause over 70% or more to die. Essos will fare a bit better because of its sheer size. The majority are slaves and the master class only make up about 20-30% And some of those slave masters will see the light and buy into the new way. I mean they won't do it because they have a moral change of heart but because they will have no choice. They will be forced to free their slaves. The ones who continue to resist will deservedly die and the ones who comply get to live. The Starks will remain in the north. I fully believe this too. The Targaryen side (Daenerys) will stay in Essos.
  7. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Why was Viserys mad and his "Sister" and "Brother" wasn't?

    I would not be too certain at all of the role parentage will play in the future of the plot. DNA will but inheritance is not. Daenerys hatched three dragon eggs. Even if she was only Half-Targ won't mean anything. She will be seen as the real deal, the daughter of House Targaryen and a person to be taken very seriously. Rhaella's teenage crush is the likely among the usual suspects if you want to take it that far. I just don't think it matters. The Baratheons already took the throne and broke the line of succession. The Targaryen who takes it will have to do it through force and not some inheritance technicality. The Lannisters took it from the Baratheons. Ned's, Jon's, and Stannis's accusations of bastardry against the Lannisters did little good. And yet they did. That's why Luwin came up with his line of bastards growing up faster than other boys. He knew or at least suspected. He chose to keep peace and support the lie.
  8. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    This fact was established on the first chapter of the first novel. The deserter got executed. Desertion does not make the oaths go away. Ned was not going to accept any excuse. Any last words by the man was just a courtesy. Ned was going to execute him and did. Mance Rayder should have been executed. Not sent on that mission. Jon's plan to attack the Boltons didn't require a lot of planning. Gather the wildlings to his cause and attack the Boltons. It's that simple. The delicate part of the planning involved the question of how to keep the Night Watch from stopping his mad plan to attack. The only way to accomplish this is to rouse the wildlings and get them fired up either before or at the same time the announcement was made. Jon needed to get the wildlings on his side because he was going to do something that violated the rules of the Night Watch. Jon was more concerned about the Crows than he was about anybody else. The planning time was spent on how to keep the Crows from interfering. This put the Crows in a tough spot. They had to come up with a plan to stop Jon's crazy plan and do it fast. That's why the assassination was carried out in haste. Jon and Tormund spent hours planning. The dedicated Crows only had minutes to plan a response.
  9. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    Hi there. Rhaegar is long gone. He was not the one who hatched the dragons. The old kings in the vision referenced on this topic made no mention of Rhaegar. They were encouraging Daenerys to wake the dragons. They were each the Azor Ahai of the past. For one, Rhaegar was never a king. He was never close to becoming king of westeros. Viserys was a king but he never got the chance to rule. Only Daenerys has a the chance among the three children of Aerys and Rhaella to rule. She is already a ruler among the Dothraki and the Ghiscari. I believe Daenerys is Azor Ahai.
  10. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    The Shivers

    Supernatural cause. I suppose the warmbloods can send heat their way too. Symmetry is important in this world where light and dark fight for dominance and yet neither side has won.
  11. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    The Shivers

    Do we have a real world equivalent? It kills too fast in my opinion. It was accepted that the Targaryens do not get sick. What changed the game this time? King Viserys III and Princess Daenerys have never gotten sick despite possible malnutrition during their wandering years. It would seem not every Targaryen get blessed with super immunity. I think there is luck involved. Just like siblings do not always inherit the same traits from their parents. It's possible the Valyrians never encountered the shivers and therefore did not make themselves immune to it. But if that was the case, Jaeherys, Allyssanne and the other Targs would have gotten sick too.
  12. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Dance of the Princelings

    To whom is Gildayn referring to, Luke? Aemond? Is there any basis for the accusation of bastardry other than the dark hair? I don't care for the four boys too much but I love the dragons. Not only was it resolved ineffectively but the whole matter of the succession should have been handled better. Viserys should have abdicated and passed the throne to Rhaenyra while he was alive. Do it yourself if you want it done right. Put her on the throne before he dies.
  13. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    New Theory: Dany has a super stomach!

    Actually, Summer and Bran are already feasting on the flesh of the dead. They've even feasted on the corrupted flesh of wights. This is how the direwolves will survive the winter. Eating the remains of the dead. Now to put a serious spin on a rather silly topic. Some Targaryens have very strong immunity to diseases and other ailments that plague the common. Viserys and Daenerys have this supercharged immunity that some of their family have. The eating of the stallion's heart is a foreshadowing of the Dothraki getting consumed in order to fight the slavers. I don't necessarily mean this literally but the "heart of the people" means their way of life. They will be fundamentally changed and given a new mission as a people. That is to fight the slavers. The Dragon consuming the stallion.
  14. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Lucamore Strong the oathbreaker

    He'll get his punishment. He's already wearing the skins of his women and displayed before the public. Jon's perversion of justice did not go unpunished.
  15. James Fenimore Cooper XXII

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    I included Jon and Stannis. Both these turkeys are already dead. Their deaths will be formalized in Winds.