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  1. I would further claim and say Daenerys is Azor Ahai.
  2. The order of the night watch modeled their structure from what they know. Lords do not serve a term and then step down. It doesn't quite work that way. A person of authority will usually stay in that job until deposed or dies. The order votes in its leader so at some point in a progressive future the concept of term limits may gain support. But not during the period of Jon's time. Jon would have murdered them if they had tried to talk him down. There were no steps from where Bowen Marsh and the crows could stand on to make such a demand but it was still critical for the good of the kingdom and the watch to remove the unstable Jon from power. It was a very sad ending all around that was brought about by Jon's bad moves.
  3. This. She is Azor Ahai because she fulfilled the prophecy by hatching the dragons.
  4. Maybe they were there to clap Lyanna in irons and drag her to King's Landing. Hightower was loyal to Aerys. They were there because Aerys commanded them to. Either to drag Lyanna to King's Landing or to threaten her in order to force Rhaegar to fight the rebels. The Kingsguard would not recognize a child of Rhaegar and Lyanna as king. Not while Viserys is alive. Aerys would have seen to it that any son of a Stark would not inherit his throne. It is obvious from Hightower's devotion to Aerys that he would carry out the king's will. Besides that, a child from out of wedlock is a bastard. Rhaegar was already married and had children from that marriage. The Kingsguard were not at the tower of joy to protect a king. The king was on Dragonstone.
  5. Jon's choice to execute Janos was unethical and corrupt but it was not enough to vote him out. Removing a commander is a very serious matter. It's when he let Mance off the hook that made him unfit for command. The brotherhood would have relieved him of his duties if they had known. Aemon would approve of the removal if he had been present.
  6. The more able houses like the Manderlys would purchase and import goods from other places. The less able bought what little they could and made do. The long winter is a different matter. But then, wights have little need of imported food. They make do with each other.
  7. I don't think so. Viserys was his chosen heir. He would soon be groomed for the throne. Daenerys came along late in the life of Aerys. He would not live long enough to see her blossom into the very intelligent young woman that we know and love.
  8. Most would not know of it. The recipe to make it is arcane. The average human doesn't have the ability to see visions. The drink would be wasted. You would be tracked and arrested for fraud. The drug will have no effect on the majority of people.
  9. Tell that to the OP. I trust Aemon. George has said this of him, that he is very knowledgeable.
  10. And the real Aegon is dead. Besides, Rhaegar was wrong about a lot of things. Daenerys is the Prince who was Promised. Aemon came to that realization near the end of his life.
  11. Bran has begun to prefer the dark. He likes to watch without being seen. He is bound to the weirwood tree. Bran will be strong during the long night because some of the strongest trees grow in the dark. I presume human blood keeps them alive without the need for photosynthesis. In my last topic, "Daenerys is Azor Ahai Reborn," I said Daenerys is the Maiden-Made-Of-Light. I am now saying the Lion of Night is Bran. Time is circular and history repeats but not exactly. Bran is the Wolf of the Night. Daenerys is Azor Ahai. Bran will control the wights and send them to destroy the people who opposed the Starks. The Red Wedding and Jon's execution could be seen as betrayals from the eyes of a Stark. This is the blood betrayal all over again from Bran's perspective. The Lion of the Night's reaction to the blood betrayal was extreme and almost childish. To send minions which could destroy all life because of a betrayal is extreme and reckless. It is what an angry child would do. The Others and the wights have not attacked the Wall. They may not have the magic to breach the Wall. Bran will let them in. Daenerys saw the red wedding in one of her moments at the House Of The Undying. Robb's corpse was pleading for justice. It is important for her to see this, so she will know the reason for Bran setting the wights against Westeros. A treaty will surely involve turning over some Stark enemies to relieve Bran's rage.
  12. Aenar and Daenys could have had knowledge that are now lost. Westeros was the continent for the non-human species of the planet. The Valyrians respected the boundary during their time. That the other families have already violated the boundary is important. The Targaryens became more Westerosi in terms of culture by the time the three Targaryens began the conquest. They wanted to protect the people of Westeros, who violated the boundary, from the Others.
  13. Moat Cailin is surrounded by wetlands. It is good for duck hunting but not for agriculture. Suffice it to say that this area will have low revenues. Moat Cailin can be rebuilt but the Starks and the Reeds will be hard pressed to find the coin to make that happen. The north is poor. Moat Cailin will take a lot of construction work. House Reed will not have the financial resources to maintain the fortress.
  14. She may follow Quaithe's advice and spend those years in the far east.
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