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  1. If he does get indicted this week, not sure that he could delay the process to the end of the primaries next year. If convicted, I would think the GOP has enough time to replace him on the ballots.
  2. Nooo! So sad. I first saw him in Fringe and loved his performance and character. I was just thinking that he could have easily reprised his role in the live-action adaptation. So sad.
  3. I liked it for the most part. But it is the final season, I don't think they're returning. Sadly, Covid severely affected this production and with Amazon focusing more on The Rings of Power and likely even The Wheel of Time, this show was probably lucky to even get the release of season 2. I don't know if you've watched the final episodes. It was a decent finale, with a more optimistic ending than I expected considering how dark and dreary some of the episode were. But despite the good parts, there were some annoying flaws with this season, I would call them sins. The biggest sin A second sin. Spoilers for the finale As to other Expanse analogies
  4. Well, okay. The first season finished decently enough to allow me to give the 2nd season a chance... but I'm definitely not doing a re-watch of season 1 for whenever Vol 2 comes around. I hope it will have a hefty recap.
  5. No. I'm assuming it was the Purge. They saw their entire planet turned to glass and said welp, we must go even more extreme.
  6. Bo-Katan is likely starting to believe in prophecies again thanks to seeing the Mythosaur. How strongly she believes remains to be seen, but I think he will tone down her cynicism.
  7. Yeah, Coruscant in the Volume does not look great compared to desolate Mandalore in the last episode.
  8. If you must know click the spoiler.
  9. An interesting, but weird episode of The Mandalorian. It felt a bit like some of the recent better episodes of The Bad Batch.
  10. I've been waiting for Horizon Forbidden West to be released on PC. I'll probably have to wait a few more years, which is annoying, because HZD had a successful PC release, so I would think they would try to speed it up.
  11. I was a bit confused as to why Ellie was uncharacteristically silent in the first part of the episode. Indeed, she went through a traumatic experience, but last we saw them they were somewhere in north Colorado, and there was a lot of snow. And here they are in fine weather, not even needing jackets, and approaching Salt Lake City. So was Ellie largely silent throughout this entire last part of the journey? Or was her silence only partially related to the David trauma and she was thinking that the journey was coming to an end and she wasn't feeling excited about it considering all the loss that came before?
  12. FYI, the Chengdu nominations have been open since March 1 and will close April 30. https://www.thehugoawards.org/ Since I went to Chicago last year I'm eligible to make nominations, but I've not read anything new so I've submitted nominations just for the drama short form and long form categories.
  13. He must have seen The Grey and thought, I am way better than Liam Neeson.
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