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  1. Corvinus85

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    Oh, you'll enjoy this one. As I'm thinking more about the show, I will admit it is bad, and they should be ashamed for doing what they did.
  2. Corvinus85

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    This is entire post is 50/50 for me. Ok more like 70/30 agree with you. I, too, love 2049, and Arrival was excellent, and I think Sicario is a bit overrated. On the original BR, I don't think it's trash, but it is overrated. It is a highly simplistic story with only some nuance given by Rutger Hauer, set in an interesting world.
  3. Corvinus85

    Videogames: Perfect homies for the great indoors.

    Me too. I pretty much developed muscle memory while playing thousands of hours of Warband, and now I got to re-learn how I block and strike. I'm like Jaime, learning to fight with my left hand. But the game is quite enjoyable despite the bugs. The only real bad so far is the people's eyes - gives me memories of ME: Andromeda.
  4. Corvinus85

    Westworld IX; 03.22.20 Divergence - Westeros.org

    Thought crossed my mind, too. She could have made copies of herself just in case, and all the other spheres except Bernard's are a copy but at different points in her life.
  5. Corvinus85

    Westworld IX; 03.22.20 Divergence - Westeros.org

    Human-mimicking robots, perhaps (ie androids). But why wouldn't they have utility robots like we've seen so far? They have self-driving cars and drones.
  6. Corvinus85

    Videogames: Perfect homies for the great indoors.

    GRRM released his first draft of The Winds of Winter. Tale Worlds released the early access of Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, the long-awaited sequel to Warband. Finally, it's harvesting season!!!
  7. Corvinus85

    Westworld IX; 03.22.20 Divergence - Westeros.org

    I was annoyed by the cut to black moments between Hale's stuff and the Caleb/Dolores stuff. Other than that, the episode was pretty good.
  8. Corvinus85

    Westworld IX; 03.22.20 Divergence - Westeros.org

    Well I think you're jumping the gun here. This episode did not prove that they're in the park or simulation or whatever. It simply gave us more info what has been hinted, the system that is seeking to control the real world.
  9. Corvinus85

    Westworld IX; 03.22.20 Divergence - Westeros.org

    Of? The world is real.
  10. Corvinus85

    Westworld IX; 03.22.20 Divergence - Westeros.org

    Called what?
  11. Corvinus85

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    I know, which has me a bit worried. He was fine in that show's first season.
  12. Corvinus85

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    I just finished The Letter for the King (Netflix). Pure, unadulterated YA trash, easily as bad as GoT season 8. Though being YA, one could forgive a few things, but just a few. And unlike GoT, at least this was season 1, so no expectations were betrayed. There shall be zero expectations for season 2, if there even is a continuation.
  13. Corvinus85

    Rank your 2020 TV shows throughout the year

    Updates: Kingdom (Korean Netflix show) - a highly entertaining second season. Maybe not as solid as season 1, but still excellent, with a numbers of good twists and turns. Interested to see how the story evolves. Altered Carbon – not as good as first season and may be the last. A few choices diminished the characterization of the protagonist. It was still strong on the visuals, and I’m still intrigued about its universe. The Outsider – Had a very strong opening, then meandered somewhat, up until the last couple of episodes, which finished fairly well. Well-acted throughout. Beforeigners – An enjoyable dark comedy with an interesting premise, if the execution wasn't that strong. Most of the characters were fun. Star Trek: Picard - well this should have been better; slow start, strong build up, meh finale. It demands more exploration of the world. Patrick Stewart was strong, but I didn't feel much attachment to the new characters. Maybe that will improve next season. Messiah – not bad, but I feel the mystery is better than the eventual answers; the show had a good dance between religious and secular themes, which I liked, but I can see how it could be controversial. (Edit: show's been cancelled) Locke & Key – an interesting premise, and great visuals; predictable season ending, and in the end not that compelling of a story The Letter for the King - on par with GoT season 8. Stuff happened because of reasons, character development was stunted. I suppose it has the excuse of being YA, but it was still mostly trash. It had the weirdest, slowest magical good v. evil duel I've ever seen, with no explanation whatsoever.
  14. Corvinus85

    The Gallows Humor Thread

    Remember all them jokes about there being a baby boom in 9 months. He, it might just become a reality. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/condom-shortage-looms-coronavirus-lockdown-114905581.html