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  1. What Scott said. Because those shields that you see shimmering when they fight basically makes people immune to any physical object that moves too fast, a Renaissances of fighting with swords and knives occurred after their invention. There is no teleportation, though space travel is done through folding space, so ships jumps from one point to another.
  2. Yeah, the movie unfortunately fails in the final act, but it was pretty good up until shit hits the fan. In case you're familiar with the books, she played Gisela. Her role wasn't that big, but she did well.
  3. But Melkor made dragons, didn't he? Or were dragons mysterious evil spirits to which he gave bodies?
  4. Why? I hear Aruba is a nice place, the Mexicans must really want it.
  5. To be fair, the old Lynch movie covered the entire book. This movie won't.
  6. I would love for the TVA to show up with their little sticks to try and capture the Scarlet Witch.
  7. Well the trailer just showed about the entire movie. It looks great, with added humor to attract a larger audience. Not sure about that scene with Paul in a golden armor fighting Harkonnen/Sardukar. Could be just a vision, or maybe an event near the end of the movie, but I feel slightly skeptical about the armor.
  8. Haha, half of the Battle of Merillor is at night, so it absolutely made me think of GoT as I was reading it. And the battle in the valley in Thakan'dar is during an ever worsening storm. I have no idea how those people even managed to not kill each other.
  9. Durin's Bane could be a plot, but certainly not in the first season. I suppose they could set it up with the Balrog only arriving in the depths of Moria in this time, having slowly made its way through the mountains ever since the War of Wrath. During this time, Khazad-dum experiences significant economic growth, in part thanks to the relationship with the Eregion elves, so it may be sufficient to just setup characters. There is also potential to do something with Gundabad. Maybe that's where the ice trolls come in. The Dwarves send an expedition to clear what is a holy site for them of any dark creatures, and setup a small settlement. Then they lose it in season 2-3, when Sauron invades Eriador.
  10. I've finished the book. At least two thirds of it reads like fan fiction. I hope the show can improve on the last act of this big, epic story.
  11. Curious what parts of Unfinished Tales and Silmarillion they didn't license. If they're showing a flashback about the corruption of Elves into Orcs, then at least mentioning Morgoth is part of the deal.
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