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  1. I was confused for a moment, thinking you were reading the Warlord Chronicles trilogy, then I realized you're talking about the final book in the Saxon Chronicles/The Last Kingdom series, right? Not released yet in the US.
  2. Finished La Révolution. Nothing special here, a familiar fantasy/horror story in a different setting. The best thing about was the combination of modern music with classical. I'm not sure such a story is timed well, though, considering a certain dimwitted, but dangerous conspiracy gaining ground in America, and maybe elsewhere. I've watched two episodes of Barbarians. I'm liking the story, but some of the execution is not so good. There was some bad editing in episode 2 Does anyone know how old are the religious beliefs we normally associate with the Norse and pagan Saxons? Because these guys also believe in Woden, but this is a time long before the Germanic migrations and the Norse.
  3. Dammit, I was looking for that, but couldn't spot them. It's been awhile since I've seen a show/movie fail at that.
  4. Second episode had its moments and its issues. I bet the planet suffered a massive dilithium explosion. And so far the most unimaginative part of the 3rd millenium are the weapons.
  5. And the best 2020 headline goes to > https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/10/23/escaped-cloned-female-mutant-crayfish-take-belgian-cemetery/
  6. I've been mainly using a first gen Kindle Fire, for almost 9 years. It was a Christmas present. It has never been really good for internet browsing or video streaming, though I've occasionally used Netflix on it, so I've mainly used it for reading. Maybe that's why it has lasted so long. I don't plan on getting another reader until this one dies.
  7. A bit of a raspy voice tonight. But yes, he's cured.
  8. I read an article a while back talking about another excerpt from Hibberd's book in which apparently GRRM's least favorite scene in the WHOLE SHOW is Robert's hunting scene in season 1. I think everyone can agree that is not the worst scene in the whole show, but I would like to discuss it. GRRM's reasons are that this is nowhere near how Robert's boar hunting would have been in the books, and really in any universe, real or imaginary. Budget limitations meant that we were never going to get hundreds of mounted retainers, hunters with dogs, horns blowing, and certainly not the moment when Robert meets the monstrous boar. I remember that I felt pretty much the same way about the scene at the time. It is one of the scenes, (the Hand's Tourney is another), that really made this universe feel smaller than it was. The hunting scene wasn't necessary, and it could have easily been covered with some dialogue between Cersei, Ned, and maybe a member of the small council. But instead we got four guys, awkwardly hiking through the woods, and talking about getting laid in all regions of Westeros. It should have raised alarm bells.
  9. Apparently the Cassian Andor show will start filming at the beginning of November.
  10. The defender clearly had a hand on Firmino. Well a new attacking trio.
  11. Based on how much he's yelling I think he knows, he just wants them to be less shit.
  12. Ha. Shaktar could have breathed easier at the end if they hadn't messed up their 2nd half golden opportunities.
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