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  1. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. And it twirls its moustache as it does so.
  2. Or more? Maybe make him being a dick more understandable because there is a difference between fearing a mad channeler because of stories vs, first hand experience. Logain laughing at seeing Mat would be a misdirection. Because Rand shone extremely brightly in Logain's eyes, so Logain pretty much realized at whom he was looking. Mat would not shine quite as brightly.
  3. That does look solid. I also like the costumes of the Ghealdanin soldiers, very Middle-Eastern or Eastern European. Interesting that we catch a glimpse of Mat staring at Logain and him back. Or is that just misdirection, like Lan's boots in the teaser trailer? Maybe the writers have employed some deceptive tactics so they don't give away who the Dragon Reborn is right off the bat like RJ did.
  4. Jack Ryan renewed on Amazon for season 4, though no release date for season 3 yet. The article gives a snippet about season 3. https://deadline.com/2021/10/tom-clancys-jack-ryan-renewed-season-4-michael-pena-cast-amazon-series-1234855347/
  5. 4. Bezos waits 30 years, then resumes the show, filming it on the Moon for added realism.
  6. That joke better make it into the show. Has Perrin made a better joke in the entire series?
  7. Yes, that part was bewildering and feels like another Sanderson moment.
  8. When does Mat betray his friends and betrays the spring of his promises to them? I recall that in one of the middle books the main female characters make a big a deal about getting Mat to give his word, because he will never betray a promise. He hates responsibility and wants an easy life. But when he puts his mind to something, he does get it done. Multiple times he does do the right, responsible thing. His humor is largely centered about his grumbling about his lot in life, while still doing the right thing.
  9. What disappoints me right now is that the season 5 soundtrack still hasn't been released. I've no idea what's going on.
  10. I recently read an article about Jackson's initial struggles with LOTR and the studios involved. He was initially contracted to work with Miramax, yep that company. He pitched a two film idea first, which the rapist was fine with, but apparently his brother wasn't, who wanted only one movie. They were going to gut a lot of stuff, including Helm's Deep and kill one of the Hobbits. Jackson really didn't want that, but he was in danger of getting sued by Miramax for the initial down payment they made. Eventually he found New Line, who not only agreed to pay Weinstein off to go away, but also suggest 3 movies is the only proper way to do it, which made Jackson ecstatic. Anyway, that's my thread derail of the day.
  11. People in this world live longer, so you wouldn't have to significantly age up the actors.
  12. From interviews I've read it seems they did know. I don't expect the protomolecule timeline to be fully wrapped, though a satisfying end with a door left open is viable.
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