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  1. I watched 4 movies over the weekend: Re-watched Oppenheimer for the first time since its release. Great movie, I actually improved my already high opinion of it. There is one shot, though, that essentially fails the Trinity detonation scene which Nolan shouldn't have put it as it dispels the illusion of a nuclear blast. Re-watch Dune Part 1 ahead of its sequel. Also a great movie. Next Goal Wins is a Taika Waititi comedy based on the real life events about American Samoa's national soccer football team. It was amusing, but not one of Waititi's best. And I've added another Oscar nominee to my list, The Holdovers. A good film with strong performances. Paul Giamatti was excellent. To paraphrase a line from Oppenheimer, the chances of Giamatti stealing the Oscar from Murphy are near zero. He definitely shouldn't, though. Other than that, not really sure why this movie garnered a best pic nomination. It's a competently done movie, but the subject has been done plenty of times, and this time in a less relatable medium. It had a crisp script, yet its runtime is a bit too long for what it was.
  2. I thought he discovered that the Cobalt's real flight plan was in fact that they simply went to another part of Reach. The comm relay in question was on Reach and its failure matched the pattern of what had happened on Sanctuary.
  3. Indeed this episode really hammered home the reason why this bomber group was called the Bloody Hundredth.
  4. Is Chelsea running out of money for kits or is Gallagher trying to start a fashion trend? What's up with those socks? Edit: and finally a good string of passes on the counter for Chelsea.
  5. None of those failures have sunk the studio, though. At the time, Marvel Studios was small and not doing well financially. If Iron Man had flopped, it might have been game over for them.
  6. I wasn't thinking specifically of WoT when I said that. I was also thinking how this could lead current and new authors to putting their stories in a visual, animated medium.
  7. It repeats the same line over and over gain, but sure it was more of a character than Isildur.
  8. Well, book adaptations are going to become more accurate.
  9. No, don't stop! This is better than what we got the previous pages! Pleeeasse, go on!!!
  10. I don't dispute that Galadriel is poorly written. Or a few other characters, too. And the Mithril thing is complete nonsense. It's disappointing that they felt the need to tie in Mithril with the slow decline of the Elves. Or the whole took 'er jebs angle in NĂºmenor. But none of this really means that it's because of woke activism, something something. They just had subpar writers, who didn't know how to craft a compelling story out of the outline in LOTR's appendices.
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