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  1. He made that comment years ago, back when he was more involved, such as when he stepped in to save The Expanse after SyFy cancelled it.
  2. Barca imploding at home was not what I expected.
  3. Bezos: I want a show as big and as succesful as GoT. RoP producers proceed to literally take a page out of book 2/season 2 and use Tyrion's scheme of uncovering a spy but in real life.
  4. Are the absurdly large bags that the squires have to carry a humorous nod to the fact that players carry a lot of loot? I don't know about Fallout but if Skyrim were realistic you'd be weighed down just by all the keys you end up carrying.
  5. Finished it and greatly enjoyed it. This question was asked above, but I don't see an answer
  6. Civil War was good, but not great. It fell short on most accounts in terms of any kind of messaging. It didn't really show any more than a standard zombie apocalypse media sans the zombies. Some people being heinous and terrible, empty cities, some destruction, some hopeful moments, and a bit of action. It was competently done, great cinematography, and good acting.
  7. On the subject of RPGs, I've been playing Horizon Forbidden West which is very good. I'm not sure if it's quite as good as its predecessor, but it's close. In terms of the gameplay, it is as good or even better, jury is still out on the story. So yeah I would count Horizon Zero Dawn among the best action RPGs with an established character.
  8. I watched the 2nd episode and I'm really glad that the plot is 100% like a game quest. And it's funny how the protagonist can find her way through an environment with which she's completely unfamiliar. Almost like she has a map with an arrow pointing towards the destination. Also, surprised that
  9. There have been many US veterans who went to fight for Ukraine. Now one has gone to fight for Russia. And of course, he's a pedo. https://apnews.com/article/us-military-veteran-charged-russia-ukraine-60afee11f686c29ccf5f5e28b9243a2d
  10. While on paper it's possible, I don't think Liverpool will be able to pull a repeat of the Barcelona comeback with a Darwin Nunez who can't score to save his life and an out of form Salah. Maybe if Jota can play at least 60 min there's a chance and if McAllister, Endo and Szoboszlai have a good game. And Atalanta are a different team than Barcelona were, they can retreat and defend better.
  11. I never played the games. A pretty good 1st episode.
  12. She still wants to die because of the pain of losing her family and the shame, but not on Buntaro's terms. He only wanted to do it now because of the situation at hand and to continue to possess hus wife all the way to the end.
  13. I think that's very 50-50. Yes, Saka sought it but he also had plenty of momentum to justify clattering into Neuer. Yeah, judging from the replay above, he could have slipped the ball through Neuer's legs. Not the best decision.
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