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  1. From the US Embassy in Russia. https://ru.usembassy.gov/security-alert-for-u-s-citizens-in-russia/
  2. The 4th wall breaks will be glorious.
  3. I hope Ecuador, Senegal, and The Netherlands completely trounce Qatar in the group, to show that their shitty team has no business playing in the WC.
  4. Norway and the UK, I believe, have been suspecting the Russians of sabotaging underwater internet cables in the Atlantic for years now. So it's likely that they do have underwater drones that can at least get there. Whether or not they can cut gas pipelines is another question.
  5. I do wish they would release more than one episode at a time for Andor. While I enjoy the way they're approaching the story, the attention to detail, worldbuilding, characters and dialogue, the plot is a very slow burn. We were introduced to so many more characters in this episode.
  6. Just saw the announcement. Maximum effort achieved!
  7. Did you miss the dialogue between Viserys and Alicent, where he cautions her that what she is toying with are very serious accusations? Or Lyonel Strong's anger with his son in their secret conversation, where he doesn't mince words and clearly states that this is a life and death situation. Yes, it starts with Otto. It continues with Alicent being a dutiful wife to Viserys and producing children. While Rhaenyra goes frolicking in the city with her uncle, having an affair with a Kingsguard knight, and in the 10 year time skip having 3 bastard children with another knight. It's clear that Alicent has developed resentment for Rhaenyra due to the differences in their lives. (This considering that they had one thing in common - both are motherless) In Alicent's eyes Rhaenyra is untrustworthy because she lied to her face and she flaunts her bastard children. Otto's words likely haunt her and she cannot permit Rhaenyra taking the throne. This isn't an argument for Alicent's sake, it's me disagreeing with you saying the show is not doing a good job relaying motivations and the structure of this fantasy medieval world.
  8. Considering that no country besides maybe North Korea will recognize the referendum, drafting people from occupied regions into your army is another break of the Geneva Conventions.
  9. Isn't that exactly what happened? She had blood on her dress but wasn't soaked in it. Laena seems to have not wanted her life saved at the expense of the child.
  10. Alright people, the big moment approaches. What are the chances that just as DART is about to hit, we get an audio signal from the asteroid that says DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME! and then the craft "misses" the asteroid.
  11. Show Viserys is worse than book Viserys. Both versions wanted a happy, unified family. But show Viserys should also be ruling with Aegon's ASoIaF prophecy in mind and thus always strive to make the best decision for Westeros.
  12. Yes, it was a major plot point in Game of Thrones. It's still the same world.
  13. Isn't it widely believed he was behind those Chechen apartment bombings in the late 90s?
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