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  1. I assume it's a voice role for the upcoming ME game, because if it's an actual movie/TV adaptation I will join that article's writer in losing my shit.
  2. Like I said, Agatha's dungeon seems to be an old structure, very likely there for a few centuries, at least. So from Agatha's POV, it makes sense. The place has magic. But from someone else's POV who doesn't have this info, it would seem random. And Wanda herself doesn't seem to know how it all started.
  3. Why would Wanda pick Westview of all places for her fantasy world? This wasn't chance, Agatha lured her there. I agree that Agatha lived there or at least it's the site of an old witch coven. The only chance part is Woo's protected witness.
  4. Yes, I think it was to get him out of the way. He'd shown himself protective of the twins early on, and even in this episode his first question to Darcy is "Are my children safe?"
  5. The dungeon underneath her house is likely the only truly real place in the Hex, so I'm not sure if it would have even shown up in the broadcast.
  6. I doubt Agatha wanted this Hex to continue to exist in perpetuity. She is probably using Wanda's powers for something, and she is probably close to achieving her goals.
  7. Wasn't sure where to post this, I see you chose the more morbid route. Like the duo themselves with the video. I've never listened to their entire discography, but I really liked their Tron Legacy soundtrack, and just about every other song I did hear.
  8. On the contrary, I was alarmed. I didn't realize Disney's global domination plan was advancing so quickly.
  9. Liverpool right now is like a World Cup winner in the following World Cup.
  10. I think at one point one of the walls turned into bare bones, no drywall structure. I have feeling there isn't much there in Westview, in reality.
  11. All you calling the reveals underwhelming/anticlimactic because the theories + leaks have been spot on. Just imagine when The Winds of Winter is finally released.
  12. So I guess the rumor about the last 3 episodes being much longer was as false as Agnes.
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