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  1. Well this is a pleasant surprise: https://www.pcgamer.com/the-cyberpunk-netflix-show-is-taking-over-the-2077-mod-scene/
  2. HALF A BILLION DOLLARS?! Fuck me like a virgin goat! What the hell are they spending all this money making? What kind of game necessitates this kind of insane budget?
  4. Wowzers. @Ran I've been following a guy on Forbes, who did a 1.6 patch review. From what he wrote, it doesn't sound like a lot was added? That sound about right to you and @karaddin?
  5. Finally finished the final chapter of the Tomb Raider Survivor trilogy: Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It's been nearly two months since I began my revisit of the Survivor trilogy, and this final chapter feels the most conflicted. For one - this was primarily designed by Eidos Montreal, and sought to explore far more complicated themes than its predecesssors - including play narrative, colonialism, history, and (half-heartedly) theology and myth. It's not entirely success, and the cosmology set up in the first and second game seem at odds with the direction taken by this installment. But at least it tries. SotTR also openly criticises Lara Croft, her actions, decisions, etc. - and by proxy the player and (potentially) its previous designers/history, which introduces new questions that...are never fully explored. Despite that, the art direction here is top notch, the coloring much richer than in the previous two games, and the return of the grappling hook is a welcome addition. It also features the strong score of the three games, with music from yet another new composer: Brian D'Oliveira, whose score features a variety of South American and European instruments and brings in several new themes whose composition styles are reminiscent of Bear McCreary. Due to being produced primarily by a different studio, there's a palpable thematic disunion and exceedingly gamified and unrealistic world - particularly in the challenge tombs, which are overdesigned and rely on unrealistic perpetual motion machine mechanics to challenge players. The game tries very hard to make players reflect on their actions, but also brings more depth to Lara Croft and Jonah Maiava, but at the expense of internal consistency and logic.
  6. That was my feeling too. Like, I can jump up to insane areas and see peoples' clothes lines, the heck do I need to be able to go into every single building for? But I understand the position.
  7. An interesting observationt that a friend made: he felt that compared to Witcher 3, the game felt a bit hollow in part because so many buildings were empty and could not be entered, the way they could in Witcher 3. I always found that aspect of Witcher 3 less than interesting, or maybe I just wasn't curious enough. I have managed to access the area behind Pacifica Stadium and found a bunch of unused/empty/transparent assets, but beyond that, it does raise a good question: why are so many buildings not enterable?
  8. D'oh! Thank you @karaddin! (I remember your answer now that you've reminded me!)
  9. What's the appeal of NG+? That one perplexes me. I just...don't get it.
  10. Looks like Cyberpunk 2077 is going to have a crossover with Edgerunners.
  11. Thank the gods that the fans are doing their work. New fixer quests!
  12. But I waaaaanntt a dllllccccc, @karaddin! It's been soooooooo long!
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