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  1. Fifa L: Because We're Now Past 49 and It's Roman Numeral Time!
  2. I can't believe I didn't notice. *facepalm*
  3. Rich Stanton at PCGamer has a small write-up that sheds even more information on the background drama surrounding the Mad Max videogame.
  4. This is a depressing set of numbers. https://www.eurogamer.net/games-industry-layoffs-surpass-10000-for-2024-so-far
  5. So the studio was set up to fail. What the hell?
  6. People are losing their jobs, Rod. That's honestly a little insensitive and lacking in sympathy for people who're getting losing their livelihood. I know you meant it in jest, but I know you're better than this. Have a little heart for what these people are going through.
  7. @SpaceChampion I know a guy here in Sydney who would love to know what you have, as he is a B5 SuperFan and would likely buy anything of yours that he doesn't already own.
  8. It's the same problem I had with Indiana Jones 5: "why are all my heroes so sad?!"
  9. The World Between Worlds is apparently its official name, and it made an appearance in Rebelsand Ahsoka, as you mentioned. Though with Ahsoka, it seems a bit unclear if it was the WBW or a hallucination. Given that it's been used once already to change the fate of Ahsoka Tano, why not do it again, but this time in some cute way where the repercussions are such that, like a wave rippling outward, it renders all the things that led to the ST null and void, putting them into a separate timeline? Could easily see an episode of Ahoka or some other future animated series where it's accessed, and the consequences of it are that we get an actual happy ending for everyone, rather than the "everyone's so sad and depressed" state that the OG cast were revealed to be in during the ST events. And like that, boom! - the events of the ST are rendered valid in another timeline, which has now been negated by someone in the present acting through the WBW. Call me Lucasfilm! Let's talk! I'm full of zany ideas!
  10. The scene in Coruscant, with the platform, at 3:47? That was one of the first images to get leaked around the time news started spreading of the existence of potential prequels, with it appearing online on, I think, the Star Wars website. And there was so, so much speculation around it at the time. (Dear Brain: Why the hell do I remember this stuff, of all things?!) Anyways, I think it's cool that such a little thing ended up being part of the Special Edition version of Return of the Jedi, rather than part of the prequels.
  11. There is the whole conceit of the place between worlds, or whatever it was that appeared in Rebels and Ahsoka...
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