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  1. Yep. Project Remedium and Virus Remedium.
  2. Is the world at least interesting? Or is it Fantastica Generica?
  3. Had a check - I was confusing Durlag's Tower with The Watcher's Keep in Baldur's Gate II. Clearly it's time for me to revisit these games.
  4. Is that the battle that's preceded by a blurry knight, a wizard, and....a rogue of somekind with more knives than is humanly possible?
  5. At what level of difficulty did you play? I remembered that BG: EE features a Storytelling mode, which doesn't let players die. Which might be an alternative to minimise player frustrations.
  6. Really? I just went in with my high level paladin and crew and repeatedly smashed him over the head until he stopped moving. But that was with the original version of the game, rather than the EE version.
  7. We know that Josh Sawyer is working on a mediaeval-flavoured RPG of some kind that isn't Pillars-related (presumably a new IP), but a lot of fans seem really excited about the possibility of an Obsidian/inXile follow-up to Fallout: New Vegas, now that they're both under the Microsoft banner. Which, given the good reception had by New Vegas, I'm not surprised.
  8. There's been some speculation we'll be seeing some new footage from the game sooner rather than later.
  9. I purchased this just the other day. It's on my immediate to-read list, having just finished Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives (aka The Art and In-Game Notes of Dishonored). It's 314 pages in PDF format, and included artwork from both Dishonored games within. It's a lovingly-made book.
  10. Am inclined to agree. There's also something to be said for - in the context of when the game was released - of how damn cool it is to wander around in lovingly drawn nature backgrounds before finally arriving at - gasp! - a giant friggin' fantasy city. It's still just the coolest sensation to hear the music swelling a bit and the video playing, as it reveals the city of Baldur's Gate (see below). Interestingly enough, the music that composer Michael Hoenig composed as it appears on the soundtrack is quite different, and much more rousing. Still gives me shivers every time I listen to his music. (It's a damn shame his creative output slowed down in the 00s, he's a talented composer.) In 2021, I can see how the city sequence might feel a bit passe or outdated or not that significant compared to what modern day games offer, but for its time, it was phenomenal - especially in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.
  11. The previous post from the last thread talked about the wonderful Dishonored/Dishonored 2 documentary produced by NoClip (see below). Which prompted me to revisit the first Dishonored game, which led to the realisation that I'd never played the three DLCs available with the version I'd purchased - The Brigmore Witches, The Knife of Dunwall, and Dunwall City Trials. It looks like the third and final DLC (trials) was part of some sort of online trial/ranking/leaderboard system. It appears to still work - though I don't think Arkane and Bethesda are tracking trial success numbers anymore. It's also led me to investigate the artbooks released for both games. If you enjoy maps, stylised art, whaling, and engineering, you'll probably get a kick out of these books - they're really lovingly crafted. Otherwise, the Diablo: Belzebub* slog continues. I'm halfway to level 30 and still don't have gear sufficiently strong enough to prevent me from getting stun-locked by the final bosses in the game (Doomlord Gam'ar, Bloodlord the Destroyer, Benedict the Black, and Diablo), so I've started using the "$player #" command to increase the difficulty level in order to farm some better gear - apparently a known and regular practice among Diablo players. Am hoping to finally get around to finishing the write-up on Tyranny that I promised myself I'd finish last month - which was delayed by job hunting, other games and novels, and creative writing. Will probably do a third playthrough and test a few more game mechanics and systems before finishing the essay. *It's a really great mod. It's made the game enjoyable for me, in part due to numerous quality of life improvements.
  12. I picked this up on Steam, but haven't installed it yet. Do I need to play ME2 an ME3 to properly understand and enjoy this game? Or is it enough that I've played ME1?
  13. This accurately and nicely addresses something that inherently bugged me about the second game - it's ultimately a side-quest. An intersesting one, to be sure, but a side-quest nonetheless when compared to the primary story established in the first game. And to make that pivot after I'd so heavily bought into the initial game's story is...frustrating.
  14. If there were RPG elements there, I struggled to find them, even on my PC version. It just felt like...an over-the-shoulder shooter with stats. And somehow less satisfying than ME1. Hard to quite identify what it was, even now. The textures, palette, and world in general also felt darker, and the increased focus on squad-based tactics didn't speak to my style of gaming either.
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