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  1. It is also on Steam, though the free rom version reportedly floating around on many a rom sites is apparently better than the official Steam release, from what I've been told (but cannot personally confirm) by friends of mine.
  2. Have become a big damn hero and defeated Dagoth Ur, so that's a wrap on Morrowind. ...For now. Considering Tribunal and Bloodmoon, but maybe after a break. Took me about...40 hours or go to get through the main storyline, which I finished by the time I was level 13.
  3. After being waylaid by a third run-through of Tyranny (this time taking all of 30 hours), I'm back on the Morrowind boat. Having found both of the artefacts needed to give Dagoth Ur the old one-two in the patootie, I've used my magical flying pants to get me to his little Dwemer fortress. So now it's just a matter of finding the damn entrance. And the switch that I've read I need to find to open the entrance as well. Joy of joys.
  4. I've been led to understand that a portion of the game's content got cut, and left the game feeling a bit strained and thin at places. Which might go a way towards explaining things. Also, I kind of get the feeling there's almost TOO MUCH world building, and too much explaining, and not enough focus on strong, interesting characters - which, honestly, I never felt any of the party members were.
  5. I keep trying to play it. And it just keeps failing to engage me. The characters in the party all bore me something fierce, and the interface, with its constant sliding text field, drove me bonkers.
  6. This is fascinating and crazy: https://www.pcgamer.com/hackers-release-reverse-engineered-versions-of-gta-iii-and-vice-city-rockstar-busts-them/
  7. OpenMW has made the game SO much nice. The other mods I'd recommend installing are (in no particular order): Better Heads, Morrowind Code Patch, Run Faster, Real Signposts, Skyrim UI Overhaul, Morrowind Graphics Extender, Better Dialogue Font, Landscape Retexture, Morrowind Optimisation Patch, and Morrowind FPs Optimiser.
  8. Come on, that's unnecessarily harsh. Also, everyone's mileage with games varies - as with any art, de gustibus non est disputandum, y'know? What doesn't speak to me might work for you, and vice versa. I am also reminded of Kotaku writer Ash Parrish's post regarding Dragon Age: Inquisition, where she explained how that game saved her life. I'm not going to defend the game, as I didn't particularly like it - having preferred Dragon Age II the most myself - but DA:I certainly means a lot to her. And the same can probably be said of any game out there. So please - be kind. There's no need to be mean or rude.
  9. Completely forgot about Grounded. There's that game as well. So that's five projects then. And maybe one day, if we're all very nice children, we'll get a sequel to Tyranny.
  10. A studio of about 55 (at last count?) that's currently at work on 4 different projects? Yeah, no way they could take over. Between Avowed, Outer Worlds 2, and 2 secret projects...
  11. Lots of sleeping, to heal. Before I found, of course, alchemists and wizards with *good* healing potions.
  12. And a Beach Boys cover that is absolutely glorious.
  13. A much stronger story would have allowed for exactly what you suggest - alternate universes, rather than a moustache-twirling eeeeevvvviiiillll one. It doesn't have quite the same psychological impact as one where characters were forced into much more complicated, ethically grey areas that come from having more nuanced parallel worlds. Maybe not quite as zany as we saw on Sliders or Doctor Who, obviously (though the Cybus duology with Rose's dad? *chef's kiss*). I know Kurtzman was a producer and writer on Fringe, but it seems like Robert Orci and Abrams almost...balanced out his more wild impulses?
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