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  1. IlyaP

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    So, I'm doing this really fun project of reading the original version of American Gods, then the author's preferred edition, then Anansi Boys, and then watching the show American Gods. And then season 2, whenever that launches. All whilst reading Mieville's Kraken concurrently, as there are some interesting overlapping themes and ideas.
  2. IlyaP

    The books coming out in 2019

    I wouldn't dream of it!
  3. IlyaP

    The books coming out in 2019

    So: "still unfinished twenty years after it began"?
  4. IlyaP

    The books coming out in 2019

    Now he works at the Pizza Pizza!
  5. And Terry Pratchett's Discworld too, if I am not misremembering all 40+ books?
  6. IlyaP

    The books coming out in 2019

    Edgelord: Someone, especially posting on the internet, who uses shocking and nihilistic speech and opinions that they themselves may or may not actually believe to gain attention and come across as a more dangerous and unique person. Most Edgelords are teenagers trying to seem overly cool and/or over-casually apathetic. A poster on an Internet forum, (particularly 4chan) who expresses opinions which are either strongly nihilistic, ("life has no meaning," or Tyler Durden's special snowflake speech from the film Fight Club being probably the two main examples) or contain references to Hitler, Nazism, fascism, or other taboo topics which are deliberately intended to shock or offend readers. The term "edgelord," is a noun, which came from the previous adjective, "edgy," which described the above behaviour.
  7. IlyaP

    The books coming out in 2019

    Can't go wrong with Yul Brynner! But thank you for having a good sense of humour about my query.
  8. IlyaP

    The books coming out in 2019

    Uhm, what? Whhyyy are you invoking the argumentum ad logicam (otherwise known as the bad reasons fallacy) in a provocational manner, like some kind of wanna-be edgelord?
  9. Am currently reading the omnibus edition published by Tor, and it is magnificent. Daniel Abraham is so good it hurts. His writing is humbling in its clarity and quality of execution.
  10. https://imgur.com/gallery/iz2b9 "Shh. Let people enjoy things."
  11. Totally fare, DC. De gustibus non disputandum est, y'know? It's not your jam, it's not your jam. That's cool. I personally dug the hell out of the Nevernight books. Like what ya like, I say. I'll never judge ya. But yeah - Abraham is way rad. Dagger & Coin is an absolute delight.
  12. In answer to your request, Mwm: I found the characters in Daniel Abraham's 'Dagger and Coin' pentalogy to be extremely interesting. Like Martin, each chapter is written from a different point of view. And the series is finished as well, so you won't be left waiting for any sequels. Further to this, Jay Kristoff's 'Nevernight' trilogy is exceptionally well-written and engaging and utilises a colourful, and day I say even "baroque" style of prose. It's great stuff.
  13. IlyaP

    The books coming out in 2019

    Link requires a login and password...
  14. IlyaP

    Most filmable adaptation

    Haven't seen the film, but I found the Daniel Pemberton score to be absolutely delightful and wonderfully different and unexpected.