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  1. And in the meantime, you can marvel at the amazing work done by the Starry Expanse team here: http://www.starryexpanse.com/
  2. IlyaP

    Bakker LVII

    He's got a blog up here (for those who don't know), and he seems to be semi-active in the comments sections.
  3. So many stories that I've come across are similar to this. So many. Just wait till Cyan finish Starry Expanse - then you'll be able to revisit Riven in proper 3D! (It started out as a fan-made game and amalgamated with Cyan late last year, just before Covid hit, but it's still being worked on.)
  4. Figure this might be of some interest to some folk here. There's a kickstarter campaign up to help documentary filmmaker Philip Shane fund an expansive documentary on the Myst games. (It's currently 56K away from its funding goals.)
  5. Admit it - you're actually Iron Man.
  6. “You are trying to kidnap what I have rightfully stolen, and I think it quite ungentlemanly.”
  7. They have a plagiarisers union.
  8. I think you forgot Liefeld.
  9. *This* is the good place.
  10. Clealry, the people that appear in this tally. (This is the 2020 Hugo stats sheet.)
  11. Enjoy the convention without the stress? So...if he'd kept the nomination that...would have been more stressful? Because he might have had to present/speak in front of an audience? (I ask aloud, having not been to a convention since I was 13, which is a distant, foggy memory at this point.)
  12. IlyaP

    Bakker LVII

    I thought time was a big ball of...stuff. Stuff that's...you know...wibbly wobbly. And uh, timey wimey.
  13. A little bit of magic is lost when everything is explained.
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