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  1. And now after three games that ended on last second field goals… we prepare for the game everyone expected to be the best game of the weekend! I love football.
  2. Holy Shit. An extra point away from a tie ballgame.
  3. A lot of the Packers fans over at the fan site I lurked seem to think they are headed for 20 years of Detroit Lions level play.
  4. Sat up late last night reading postgame comments over at Acme Packing Company while sipping a sweet tea chilled by the frozen tears of Packers fans. It was a good night.
  5. Packers about to trade a HoF QB for a whole buncha dudes on special teams.
  6. Don’t forget… at Rams in week 18 was win or go home too. We’ve just won three road playoff games!
  7. Definitely. Game was BRUTAL. At least we get one extra day’s rest. But either way; I don’t like a third Rams match or going to Tom’s house.
  8. That’s why you take the fucking points earlier. Kick a FG instead of going for it on 4th down and you’re winning
  9. Shoulda been 7-3. Jimmy doing Jimmy things. Not saying he’s great; saying Lance isn’t better and we gave up entirely too much for a guy who’s entire QB experience is 14 games at the FCS level. (Didn’t even play QB in high school.)
  10. I don’t think the kid is any better. Still pissed we drafted him where we did. Ultimately, do you think Trey Lance is better than Jimmy plus three 1 picks? Clearly not. This start is not on Jimmy tonight. We should be able to run and Kittle should have had a TD catch.
  11. Woulda been 6. We’ll be halfway through the second quarter in a bit and Jimmy has no completions… but I can’t say it’s his fault at all.
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