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  1. What... no love for Pootie Tang?!!?
  2. Objection... assumes facts not in evidence... All we know is that GRRM is holed up alone. Nothing in that post says he’s actually doing anything with that time.
  3. I get it. But do you not agree that the order for the West is essentially set for the next few years absent a team like Houston pulling an OKC and deciding it can’t get over the hump and just blows it all up? As to how to get there... I dunno man, how does any player ever get anywhere? I keep hearing this is an unprecedented age of player agency. If a player really wants to go somewhere, most of the time they get there. I’m just overall convinced that the best thing for all these young up and comers is to go East. I don’t think it will work for Kyrie and KD in New Jersey, but that’s more on them as personalities. The concept was sound.
  4. I read an article the other day that said the actual risk of COVID-19 from playing football is fairly slim. It’s the wider concerns of contracting it while in the unregulated collegiate environment that makes it more difficult to keep under control.
  5. Blows my mind that Phoenix is still undefeated in the bubble. Booker is fantastic right now. It cost Draymond a lot of money to say it, but he wasn’t wrong when he said Book needs to get out of the desert. He and Towns and a couple of the other young stars that I mentioned earlier need to head East.
  6. Glad that I could draw you out! Welcome to the board!
  7. As another famous author repeatedly told us “Words are wind.”
  8. Agreed. I have become wary of open world games due to a lack of gaming time in my life, but HZD hit a good balance. If you do all the extra stuff as you go I found myself a tad over leveled; but it wasn’t excessive.
  9. I want to just assume that LeBron will just turn things on next week when the playoffs actually start... but these Lakers have some very real structural issues. The Blazers look set to steal the last spot from Memphis, and then LA could be in legit trouble.
  10. I would go Fight Club personally. Complete tonal shift to cleanse the palatte.
  11. That's interesting. Count me in as one of those that thinks Origins was a far superior game to Knight.
  12. Does “protagonist” have to equal “good guy?” Or is it just that the protagonist is the face of the story and the forces against him are antagonistic?
  13. I kinda look at the Chandrian like the Lost Radiants from Sanderson.
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