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  1. Woj bomb just came in on my watch... Carmelo to be traded from Thunder to Hawks and is expected to be waived. Then will sign with team of his choice. Translation: Carmelo is going to be a Laker.
  2. Sounds like I need to be watching Cloak and Dagger. (I’m assuming that’s what you are referencing anyways. I’ve not yet watched any of the Netflix shows)
  3. Picked up Octopath the other day. As a guy who cut his teeth on the 8/16 bit Square-Enix titles (pre merger!) it is everything I want it to be. Started with the thief character and have enjoyed the few hours I have played.
  4. I took a picture of my PS4 connection test after getting it onto the new WiFi. It is in the basement on the opposite side of the house from the physical location. (We used to have a wireless router in the basement and one on the main floor... long story about install drama on the fiber. I plan to get another wireless point in the basement at some point.) That evening with probably at least 7 other devices going of some sort (tvs/phones/teenager on a laptop/etc) I got 42.4 Mbps Download and 74.2 Mbps Upload.
  5. Called Comcast yesterday and gave them the boot. The fiberoptic internet is amazing... I’m getting upload speeds faster than my downloads. I do think I would avoid the Apple TV in retrospect. We picked up a Roku Express to use in the bedroom since it is significantly cheaper and my wife likes it much more. As with all things Apple, sometimes function is a slave to design. The touchpad on the remote is just needlessly finicky. The Roku device with its more traditional analog crosshairs is just more reliable when navigating menus.
  6. He has all the books written already and will be editing them as the prior book releases to push them out. Even without that approach, Joe has never been one to take excessive time between novels.
  7. Rhom

    NCAA Basketball 2017: Final Four cont.

    Knox came to UK to play on the wing and Cal let him. Knox’s biggest problem was always consistency. You would have a game like West Virginia where he pretty much single handedly won the game and then you had games like KState where he just disappeared down the stretch. I think his game translates well to the NBA and as he matures as a player he will develop and grow into the aggressive mentality he needs to be successful. I don’t think Cal holds guys back, but I won’t lie... when you have more talent than every team in the country but one or two; I think you should be running non stop. Cal has a tendency to let teams play early in the season and then try to reel them into more disciplined “tourney teams.” That has obviously worked pretty well, but I can’t help but remember how dominant Fox-Monk-Briscoe-Adebayo looked early in the year against a decent ASU team only to struggle through the SEC.
  8. Its Direct TV... so I'm sure there are possibilities of that. I would assume that Netflix and Amazon are not necessarily immune to rate increases in the future either. And being DirecTV, its never quite as simple as "Hey... sign up for a free seven day trial" either. You can get your free seven days or you can sign up for an intro deal of something like $10/month for three months then it goes up to the full price, but that voids the free seven day offer. Or there's the offer that I took advantage of where you prepay, but get a choice of either a high end Roku or the 4K Apple TV device. Considering I need the streaming devices, and the 4K device is $180ish; I went ahead and jumped in feet first. Seemed to. But it also might be that my sign in was still running under my Comcast information saved somewhere in ESPN's cloud. If I run into any problems, I will let you know.
  9. They want the guy for the first couple of years and are willing to pay higher amounts later to get him up front in the good years. Certainly not unique to basketball. The Mets pay Bobby Bonilla $1.2m every July 1 until 2035. And he hasn't even played a game for them since 2000. (Although that deal is much more complicated than any of the basketball deals we are talking about.)
  10. Sure. So far so good. And yes, for $50 I have all the sports channels I want plus the HGTV and Hallmark that my wife wanted. Anything less than $50 and I lost SEC Network; so those weren't options for me. Also have all my local channels. So you may not need the antenna if you go with the Direct TV. At the $60 price point, honestly the only other channel I recognized was DIY network which we rarely watch. I presume that the two device limit is enforced by a denial screen when you try to log in with a third device. We may add the $5/month to up it to three. I think that would more than cover us. There's a bit of a learning curve especially with how to operate the Apple TV. The remote is a small thing and very simple. Over the years all my remotes have been getting more and more buttons, but the only thing I ever used was the direction arrows and volume... this one has a volume, a button for Siri, a "home" button, a menu button, and the top of it is a touch pad with a clicker like a mouse. I'm learning to navigate the DirectTV menus with the touch pad. I spent last night setting up favorites and just checking things out. Went very smoothly. ETA: Also, when I needed to type in a username or email for something like Prime; I get a pop up on my iPhone that offers to let me use the keyboard to input the info or I can speak using the Siri button on the remote. Easier than the touchpad hitting each letter of the alphabet. I have that one set up in our kitchen/sitting area. The free one on the way will likely go in the living room. (That's my oldest HD TV, but still performs great. The large TV in the basement is new; so I'm unlikely to upgrade it to the 4K anytime soon.) Then I will need to figure out what to do with our bedroom TV and the exercise room (that only my wife uses honestly ) I may try to go with a cheaper option like one of the lower end Firestick or Roku sticks for that one. I also went ahead and set up my Amazon Prime Video on the Apple TV last night and downloaded the ESPN app and was watching a NBA Summer League game on ESPN3. That will be good because it will give me the occasional game from my alma mater Murray State which is rarely on the national feed. As we get more familiar with the touch pad and apps, I will let you know how it goes. I also have yet to fiddle with the cloud DVR. In a few minutes, I'm going to call the local company with the Fiber Optic internet and schedule them to come out and then give Comcast the boot. Exciting!
  11. I bought an Apple TV box and signed up for DirecTV Now. Picture quality is great and for $50/month I am getting every channel we want. I may drop the extra $5/month to get a third device for streaming. Also, if I agreed to pre-pay my first 3 months with DirecTV Now, I get a free 4K Apple TV box sent to me. So now I will have a couple of TVs covered. Still bummed I can’t get the app on my basement Home Theater tv
  12. I am watching the Big 3 for the first time... man, it’s like a “Who’s Who” of the NBA from like 1999 - 2008.