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  1. That's kind of how I feel about every game I play these days...
  2. I downloaded the preview demo last night. It goes live on the 25th. I'll let you know what I think.
  3. I decided to pre-order Anthem. What can I say, I’m a sucker for BioWare and I like Destiny... so it’s worth a try.
  4. Rhom

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    That actually brings up a question I hadn’t thought of... when taking a knee or spiking the ball, does that move the ball back a yard? Like from 1st and 10 to 2nd and 11? Or is it just kind of understood that you are killing clock and it stays at the original line of scrimmage?
  5. Rhom

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    They did... but a correctly called pass interference or targeting there gives the Saints a first down within spitting distance of the goal and the Rams had only one time out. Make that call and the Saints can kneel down three times and kick a field goal that is now closer than an extra point for the win with no time left.
  6. Rhom

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Edelman in the middle of the field on 3rd and Long is almost guaranteed isn’t it?
  7. Rhom

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Holy shit... what a game.
  8. Rhom

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Too much time
  9. Rhom

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    What a stop on 4th and Inches!!!
  10. Rhom

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    Thanks. Will wait a bit then.
  11. Rhom

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    Are all eps of season 2 up for streaming? I’ve got a free month of All Access when I want to redeem it and thought I’d hit both seasons.
  12. Rhom

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    In a league that throws flags like they are confetti in a Mardi Gras parade, I don’t see how that didn’t get called. Its rare that I ever say refs cost a team a game, but they definitely did there.
  13. Rhom

    Cartoons you'd like to see remade?

    Did that in 2011.  Wasn’t bad.