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  1. Wow... and with Dzanan Musa, the Celtics-Nets trade is finally complete.
  2. I can already see a sequel to the Uncle Drew movie in the works.
  3. He is another stellar example of why you don’t come back to school if projected in the lottery. Really no examples out there in the last 15 years of guys raising their draft stock by sticking around at that point.
  4. Moritz Wagner... yeap... that will make LeBron want to come to LA.
  5. A poster on a UK message board nailed it earlier tonight Sure enough... he breaks out the well known Grayson Allen-Bob Sura comparison.
  6. Troy Brown to Wizards. For a self professed college basketball fan, the PAC 12 is a giant black hole in my knowledge.
  7. I think they are terrible even with Doncic. Don’t think the pick will convey
  8. Ask and ye shall receive
  9. Now they take Robinson. Looks like they are getting a whole new back court.
  10. Guess that’s more of a Philly thing. Would have been totally like them to take Porter and redshirt him.
  11. Guess Austin Rivers is on the way out in LA.
  12. Always odd to see a guy wearing one hat talking about being traded in his first ever NBA interview.
  13. Wouldn’t that be even more Knicks though? Take Porter and watch his back keep him from ever reaching his potential?
  14. Medical reports on his back today. Said he was going to slide greatly.
  15. Knox is good pick for Knicks. Still developing.