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  1. Valid point... We also do bourbon well. Could we ferment the Fruit Loops?
  2. Just got them here at the office today. I got two boxes so we could open one and keep one. (I know... I know...) We'll probably break into one later tonight. He's got a basketball game at 7. I mean... I figure they're good. How difficult can it be to make a Fruit Loop like cereal???
  3. That's him... you know, Herro is from Wisconsin. No wonder the kid likes him. ETA: For anyone that can't tell, that's a limited edition cereal with Tyler Herro branding. Generic Fruit Loops. But the purchase does go to benefit his charitable foundation at least.
  4. Yeah... I’m a sucker.
  5. Been wondering about the game. Saw an ad that it was on sale I think.
  6. If the Niners are healthy next year, that's the fourth best team in the division. I don't know what the other offers were, but reports are that he's getting $23m guaranteed on a $31m deal. So I guess that's good?
  7. JJ Watt to Arizona. Is there a yawning emoji somewhere on this board?
  8. I wonder how long they can keep Howard. I don't see him leaving for any other college basketball job, but the NBA has to be getting ready to knock down his door and he's no Beilein. I think he has the skillset to do well in the league.
  9. I've been trying to edit a quote from @Poobah without the spoiler box for like five minutes... so to hell with it. This was my initial thought as well. We'll have some sort of Vision vs Vision showdown where the Magenta Vision wins out. Creates some iffy things for the kids long term survivability though. Vision broke apart outside the Hex. What happens to the boys with nothing to anchor to?
  10. Ya’ll are over here detailing heavy strategy in world conquest... meanwhile, I discovered Risk in the Nintendo store for the Switch. Anyone wanna hear the story of the time I traded in 8 cards for 30 armies and managed to retake the entire world when all I had left was Japan?
  11. I watched most of that game tonight and I have to agree. They are legit FF material.
  12. You’re right, that is everything I ever wanted in a FFVII remake. And they also announced they are trickling out more of the FF7R content as well.
  13. I've always thought of him as primarily a Spiderman rogues gallery.
  14. Did I misunderstand? Thought No Way Home was this Christmas? When the heck are those coming out?!!? If it’s before Christmas, that’s some of the least hyped Marvel movies I can remember.
  15. Most of that was presumably pre cell phone camera/social media.
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