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  1. I just noticed it in the corner of the TV in the treatment room... so I came back to my office to change the DirectTV Now stream coming from my phone. UVA looks to have this game under control now.
  2. I just threw that up on the TV in my adjusting room... had three straight patients in there all just gawking at the score. If UVA loses this year, they may never get a one seed again! Go undefeated? You get a three.
  3. And its too damn expensive! Why do I wanna spend that much on a beer?!!? Five Dollas?!!? Good Loard that's a lotta money!!!!
  4. I turn 41 a week from today... I don't want to hear it from you whippersnappers.
  5. I think I mentioned it here, but I went down to Murray for the final home game against Austin Peay. At one point midway through the second half, my friend and I both said Morant hadn’t done much that night... then I looked at the scoreboard and he had 21 pts 8 assts. He ended the game with 27 and 13. But he just made it all look so effortless! Just like yesterday when he filled the stat sheet but only took 8 shots. He’s a natural. @RedEyedGhost will be glad to hear of the news out of Vanderbilt. He has been wanting a Drew in Lawrence for a while. So if Self does leave, he’s covered!!!!
  6. I had Louisville picked to win that one game, and obviously I'm not too crushed to see them lose... I think I was caught up in the team that beat UNC and completely ignored the late season collapse.
  7. Yeah... passed up a wide open lay-up to send to overtime. Gets gifted a foul on a three pointer (but a legit call). Misses two free throws. Still gets the ball back for that last shot. Auburn using up almost all 9 of their lives there. Kentucky will be fine without PJ Washington tonight... should be okay on Saturday without him, but if he can't go next week we may be seeing the season cut short.
  8. Rhom

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    See! How hard can it possibly be?!!?
  9. Rhom

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    I was thinking on the Batfleck scenes in the first SS and it got me thinking how fun could it be to basically take the premise of “Almost Got Him” from Batman TAS and apply it to a live action Suicide Squad film where they are sitting around in prison sharing their story of how the Bat took them down. Would be a fun way of introducing this Batman’s history to the shared universe.
  10. Jealous. I saw him against Austin Peay in the regular season finale. Just so effortless. He was amazing.
  11. Rhom

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    I think its pretty amazing what a machine Disney has made with the MCU though. We all pretty universally ranked Winter Soldier at or very near the top of the entire MCU series. Captain Marvel was more varied in its ranking, but the consensus seems to put it solidly in the middle around the "good formulaic entry" level. Yet it still can rake in cash by the truck load at this point. Pretty impressive.
  12. Still too soon REG... still too soon... I still think a fully healthy Keith Bogans changes that game. That team was amazing on team defense, but once he got the dreaded high ankle sprain the entire team was affected.
  13. Rhom

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    Read an article that it has already made more than Winter Soldier.