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  1. Saw the first one (and maybe the second?) back in my first year of chiropractic school. It was a run of the mill cop story with fast cars. Ive not seen any others but don’t recognize what I see in the trailers compared to that first.
  2. Welp, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on ordering it. Sitting on my desk in all its generic fantasy cover art splendor. I'm midway through book three of Shadows of the Apt though, so I will need to finish that up before I delve into this... whatever it is.
  3. All I'm getting out of this is that I need to re-read LoLL.
  4. I actually never watched it either, just know it got a lot of critical praise.
  5. On the one hand I understand what you are saying; on the other hand they have the Joker movie completely unrelated to anything else they’ve done and they are getting ready to film a musical sequel starring Lady GaGa. So which is it? We trust the audience to discern a bit of a side project? Or we need the audience to be spoon fed the reason we are tugging on their nostalgia? Or maybe it’s just that Joker was actually good and everything else they have been putting out is crap?
  6. NFL is officially appealing the suspension. Setting Goodell up for a face turn?????
  7. I never got around to watching the Justice League… but the only reason I want to watch Flash is to see Keaton as Batman again. I would have watched Batgirl just for that. And not planning for Batman Beyond with Keaton as Bruce is just criminal.
  8. Batgirl movie not to be released Damn... is Keaton the kiss of death or what???? He got replaced for Aquaman 2 and now he doesn't even get a chance to show up in Batgirl. Despite spending $90m and already going through reshoots, WB has decided not release Batgirl theatrically... or even on streaming services. How bad must this thing be?????
  9. Feel like there's a good opportunity for a Progressive commercial where Baker moves... but that only works if he wins the starting job.
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