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  1. What the MCU needs is more gyatt from Captain Marvel.
  2. In that article, he touches on an issue that I think is central to the current situation the MCU finds itself in. As he is listing potential leaders, he brings up Shang Chi and mentions that he was well received in a movie that did pretty good overall. (I've already discussed my issues with the ending... but 3/4 of the movie was good and Simu Liu's performance was not one of the weaknesses.) The author makes the point that we haven't seen him again and quips that it may be a decade before he gets a sequel. In the run up to the first Avengers movie, we got two movies for Ironman and one each for the other super powered Avengers. And that all happened in a 4 year span. I think the MCU has sacrificed depth for width. There's a lot of really shallow heroes that we have no connection to instead of building all over again with a narrow focus. Post Endgame needed to be a bit of a reset, but starting from the new status quo. But that obviously didn't happen.
  3. But at what cost Kal? At what cost?!!? In all seriousness, I don't know what Nebraska would look like to day if the Big XII had stayed intact. But there's no way they'd be less irrelevant than they are now in the Big ICANTCOUNT.
  4. Niners are 2.5 point favorites. I don't like that. Rather see them be underdogs.
  5. They left the Big XII to get out of Texas' shadow... and now here it all goes again for them.
  6. I was just about to point that out. Earlier in the year, it really looked like the Bears had a real shot at the 1 and 2 overall picks. I don't know if the "Trade Justin Fields and start over" train still has the steam it had in those first few weeks, but its definitely a possibility.
  7. The more I look into the delusion of A&M fans, the more it blows my mind. Kentucky (with no delusions of grandeur) has more 10 win seasons in the last 5 years than A&M has had since the 1980s.
  8. Ahhh... they didn't want a former Jimbo assistant that over-acheived at a basketball school in a good conference, so they went with a former Jimbo assistant that over-achieved at a basketball school in a bad conference. Don't ever change, A&M.
  9. To quote Rickey Watters: “For who? For what?”
  10. A lot of hype for a guy to just stand there in a white T Shirt and not say anything. Orton looked good in his return though.
  11. Sounds like Stoops and aTm had a deal in place and the Aggie fans went into full on revolt. And I can’t really blame them… spend $80m to get rid of Jimbo, you’d like to think they’d aim a bit higher. But either way, I think they are delusional.
  12. Shit. This is why Bama is Bama and no one else is.
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