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  1. This is essentially my take. I also believe that an adaption that essentially took the bones of the Thrawn trilogy and shifted it 30 years later would have been far more successful.
  2. For real though, when stories came out last year that Wong was pissed because he had lead the team in scoring and a transfer was given a bigger NIL deal; I thought the team would implode. Good on Larranega for being able to get them together.
  3. Well… ummm… it did. And yeah, they did make money. So did Amazing Spider-Man 2, but Sony saw the writing on the wall. The trends were there for SW and they had no plan how to move forward with the narrative beyond the retro named “Skywalker Saga.”
  4. The sequel trilogy made money… but it was less and less each time. Throw in Solo and they got a bad case of cold feet. All of which could have been avoided with the simplest of writing techniques… an outline.
  5. Texas is a great story too. Name me one other team that can have their coach dismissed with cause in the middle of the season and can find themselves playing in the final weekends???? And do we think Beard would have them any better than this???
  6. Thinking about my UConn or Gonzaga statement. If UConn were to win that would be three titles with three different head coaches in the last 25 years. I think that I would have to cement them into Blue Blood status for that. One of my highest criteria for judging a program over time is can they win with different coaches in different eras? That's better than most can do.
  7. I have not yet, but did get it for my niece for her birthday and she loves it!
  8. I had Zags winning. Don’t remember over who. So maybe I’m still in.
  9. I really think winner of UConn v Zags takes this tourney. Think about this as of 9:37 eastern time… in the Louisville region, one of San Diego St, Creighton, or Princeton will go to the Final Four.
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