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  1. Agreed. And if Aiyuck can get out of the doghouse, he can be a legit threat opposite him.
  2. Reading over some of the early lines... Lawrence was 14-33 for 118 yards. Wilson had the four picks. Damn. Just goes to show how hard it is to succeed in the NFL if your situation isn't just right.
  3. Its easy to work him in when you're winning comfortably... but its a whole other level of commitment to go ahead and do it in a tight game no matter what your intentions are.
  4. Okay… analytics nerds help me out here. SF is up 17-3. 4 minutes to play. Philly scores and it’s 17-9. An extra point makes it 17-10 and is the typical play. But Philly goes for two and makes it 17-11. Why? What’s the real advantage there? You think you can get two FGs? Set yourself up to win with a TD instead of tie? Seems too much of a risk for me.
  5. Wait… are the Panthers (and Sam Darnold) actually… good?!!?
  6. Through the glory of Sunday Ticket, I have been lucky enough to watch the Niners the last two weeks. It is truly stunning to me just how bad the B & C team announcing crews are for America’s most popular sport. Seriously, as a Kentucky fan, I’m used to getting the C team of the conference network or worse for UK football games and they provide better analysis and entertainment.
  7. Can Deion coach though? FSU has gotten themselves in trouble by going for the splashy hires like Taggart and Norvell. Deion is in that mold. As much as I hate to even put this out in the universe... FSU has a former defensive coordinator who took a job that was universally considered one of the worst in the country and just this week had multiple national writers calling it one of the ten best jobs in the nation. The problem though, is that from everything I've read; Kentucky now legitimately has better facilities than FSU and less interference from non football types. Stoops may not have the twinkle in his eye for Tallahassee that he once did.
  8. You guys got my hopes up for nothing!
  9. I agree... but they did weirder things along the way.
  10. I was almost 100% certain that RJ himself said after the release of the New Spring novella that it could serve as a new entry point to the series...
  11. When is the movie coming out stateside? Your posts made me check my local theater and I do not see any showings this weekend.
  12. Agreed... but only to an extent. He's really the only villain they killed off that got a great death scene. Honestly, his request to be buried at sea was as great an exit as could be asked for.
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