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  1. Rhom

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    Just finished up the Tomb Raider trilogy here at the office... the PS4 Remote Play app is an amazing thing. I think next up for me will be the Spider-Man game. Its been a while since I played the Arkham games, so the city spanning super hero genre should be good for me to get back into. ETA: Speaking of the Remote Play app... is there any sort of device I can use to do that on a TV in another room? For example, my PS4 is on the basement TV. But there are situations where I would rather just sit in the upstairs living room to play. Is there something that can run the remote play app on my TV? The best I can come up with is my laptop and run it through the TV, but that's less than ideal. If there were something I could plug in like a Roku or some such that had the app, that would be great.
  2. Rhom

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    Here's the list of highest grossing video game movies ever. Detective Pikachu is at the top. Sonic is already number 8. (And man... are there some stinkers on that list! And a lot of Resident Evil movies!!!!)
  3. Rhom

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    A ton of movies have been made from video games if that's what you're asking. Just in the last couple of years there was Warcraft, Assassin's Creed, etc. The Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie did well enough to warrant a sequel or two I think.
  4. Yes. The lead shipped jumped to an unknown location and they all followed. Sort of became a legendary ghost fleet. Tracking them was the plot of a book or two or some such as I recall. Finding them was going to give the New Republic or maybe the Imperial Remnants a ready made navy.
  5. Rhom

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    I don't figure its worth its own topic, but can I just say here that I am stunned that Sonic the Hedgehog had the best opening weekend of any video game movie in history???? I thought that movie had "bomb" written all over it, but it seems to be getting decent reviews as well.
  6. Rhom

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    I heard some speculation today that he might be a fit for Texas.
  7. Rhom

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    Finally got around to starting WMF today. So in a few days when I finish up, I can add myself to the frustrated ranks of those waiting for Doors of Stone.
  8. Rhom

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    Oh it’s just a matter of time until the Sweaty One calls down the wrath of the NCAA with a backyard BBQ, an illicit church bingo game or some such.
  9. Kiper’s latest mock draft has the Lions taking Tua at three. They talked about it on Golic and Wingo this morning and said that Stafford’s contract has an out after next season. Could be the perfect fit to take him and redshirt him for a year before saying goodbye to Stafford.
  10. Rhom

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    I miss Chris Farley and I miss the days when ESPN had awesome college basketball commercials.
  11. Rhom

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Okay, I just watched the last twenty points on NBA network. It was legit good with a lot of effort. So the question becomes, how do we just get rid of the first three quarters and play that?
  12. Rhom

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    I turned the game off after a quarter and a half of uncontested lobs and having three players or less get back to the other end of the court. I woke up this morning to the news that Twitter apparently loved it. If you'll excuse me, I have to go yell at some clouds.
  13. Rhom

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    What the fuck is this shit that I’m watching?!!!? Yeah, the All Star game wasn’t great quality, but it at least resembled a basketball game. This is an abomination.
  14. Rhom

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    I was about to just say “Good win for UConn...” but I don’t know if beating Memphis qualifies as a good win anymore. It was a much needed win for UConn for sure, and a tough loss in a game they needed if they want to make the tourney for Memphis.
  15. Rhom

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Don’t remember who suggested it here, but Adam Silver just announced that the All Star Game MVP award will be named after Kobe. Appropriate I think.