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  1. In the US, it’s called Eminent Domain. Traditionally for things like roads, but has been stretched some recently for other things that ostensibly are for the common good. I don’t think even our courts could go so far as to do it for a sports franchise. ETA: Now... they need to take your grandma’s farm to build an arena for the betterment of the community? Sure. That could happen.
  2. Yeah, I'm no Brooklyn believer overall, but I will admit that they have been better for the most part than I expected them to be. Overall, I agree that there's more grown teams than we sometimes remember. But even as much as Golden State grew with Steph/Klay/Draymond... they became a poster child for the all star team ups when Durant came over. Toronto, Dallas, and San Antonio really are the best examples of growing your own talent and then having the stars align just right.
  3. Don't forget LA last year and the possibility of Brooklyn this year.
  4. Sadly I have to split between Team Liara and Team Miranda.
  5. Gonna let them make the choices for you?
  6. I have played the trilogy twice... as a soldier male Shep and a vanguard fem Shep. I don’t know what I will do with this one!
  7. My dad had my brother for freshman English. Wasn’t a big deal at all. Long before that he also had his niece. Also no issue. Other than the fact his name is Tom... so since my cousin always called him Uncle Tom, he let the whole class do the same.
  8. Yeah. I’ve seen it now. It was fine, but it also wasn’t Without Remorse. Michael B Jordan was awesome as random SEAL team chief, but that wasn’t John Kelly. The tag for the book was “Beware the fury of a patient man.” Nope. Not here. As I say, it was fine. And yeah, they definitely left it open to tie in with their Ryan-verse with the name dropping of guys like Jim Greer. Ah well. I like Jordan and I’m just glad to see some version of Clark on screen again.
  9. Just seems like an overly complicated way to avoid playing quarters.... like every other level of organized basketball.
  10. Sure... but do you have faith that is what is really driving the folks at the DC cinematic group to push for this?
  11. Feels unnecessary to me. Doesn’t feel “organic.” Almost more like they’re doing it to grab headlines than because it’s a natural extension of the Superman Ethos. But that may be my disillusionment with DC talking. I can just see the boardroom on this “Marvel’s biggest success was Black Panther. You know what we should do... here’s a crazy idea: Superman... but he’s black.” I just don’t think it’s all that crazy to imagine a whiteboard in a conference room somewhere that says “Needs more blacks” circled in bright red. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  12. I think that’s natural though. Much bigger risk in theaters vs the small screen. Movies are basically major blockbusters or they are nothing now. TV let’s them explore more.
  13. That’s kind of where I am. I will watch them because I am a sheep. But the only ones that grab me are Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.
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