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  1. Rhom

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    Name reservations are available on WoW Classic... I have my old human Pally and dwarf warrior all set and ready. I had originally picked the Faerlina server as an east coast PvP location, but apparently lots of people are concerned because that's where all the streamers are set up. They seem to be concerned that there will be mass shenanigans that would interrupt how you want to play. So I deleted them there and moved over to Thalnos.
  2. They did know he'd be Andoran royalty and obviously knew enough for them to convince the daughter heir to head out to the Aiel waste to make a love connection...
  3. I would say that having Perrin and Mat at least have the same racial coloration as Rand plays into the narrative that Moiraine wasn't initially sure which of the three was the Dragon Reborn though. Pretty easy to see how this Perrin doesn't fit the prophecies. In the scheme of things, that's a pretty minor plot point though.
  4. Just saw that. I have to assume that’s gonna be the end of his career with all these repeated lower body injuries.
  5. Saturday Down South agrees with my 8-4 prediction, but has a different route to get there.
  6. Predictions on your school of choice? UK has an opportunity to follow up the best season of my lifetime with another good year. The schedule is certainly favorable, its just a matter of if they can sustain success or not. Here's how I see the season. Four non conference home games. All wins. Toledo is actually pretty good, but I think we should win as long as we don't overlook them. Louisville is in the early stages of what I expect to be a long rebuild. Two conference wins that I don't see us losing unless everything imaginable goes wrong. At Vandy. Home against Arkansas. So that should send us to our fourth straight bowl. No small feat at UK. Two conference games I just don't see us winning. Florida at home. Georgia on the road. We beat Florida at their place last year, but they really improved as the season went on and they return most of that team. At this point, I'm seeing us as 6-2. (These games are not in order as I listed them.) Where the season for UK will be made is on the four other games. Lose all four and even with another bowl, its a bit of a disappointment. Go 2-2 and its a better season than almost every year in my lifetime. Missouri at home. We beat them on the road last year on a bit of a prayer. They have Kelly Bryant (another of those transfer QBs), and our secondary is untested at best and a huge liability at worst. Tennessee at home. They were hot garbage last year... and they still beat us. That game was humiliating and a reminder that for as much progress as we have made, we are still UK. Its in Lexington this year, so that gives me hope and I don't have much faith in their coaching staff. At South Carolina. We've beat them five years in a row and that is basically unheard of at UK. Their schedule is a meat grinder, for them to do anything this year they basically have to beat us. All of that works in their favor... but we still have an ace of our sleeve; they are coached by Will Muschamp. At Mississppi State. Its at their place. They lost a ton off a stellar defense. We beat them 28-7 last year. But even in years where we are good, we struggle to beat Mississippi State. With all that in mind, I think we go 8-4. We could and maybe even should be able to go 4-0 in those toss up games, but I don't see it. Similarly, I don't see us going 0-4 in those games either. So I'd say 7-5 I'm okay with, 8-4 I think would be good and anything over that would be an amazing show of progress as a program. @MisterOJ @Ded As Ned any thoughts contrary?
  7. I searched back and couldn’t find a college football thread... and we are just a few days away from kickoff!!!! With two spots in the playoffs pretty much already spoken for, the most interesting bit to me is all the news coming out about the QBs who transferred and how some of them are still not winning their hand selected jobs. So anyways, discuss.
  8. This article has an intriguing idea of keeping the World Cup as under 23 for US teams. Also points out a change in the schedule could have been a real factor in why the stars are dropping out.
  9. I didn't read it as a FIBA proposal in his suggestion... I thought of it as a USA basketball policy. You play for us and get ready to put our best team out there, or you don't play for us. Seems simple.
  10. Rhom

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    Uncharted 4 was great. I have whichever of the recent Tomb Raiders that was free on PS+ sometime last year. Don’t remember which one.
  11. Which is the irony of all this... when we started losing international competitions, we instituted the system where the best players committed to play for several years so we wouldn’t wind up in this situation, hired Coach K, and domination returned. Now the players have forgotten those lessons in the current era of planned rest. I wonder if we lose an Olympics or two if we will summon the resolve to truly compete again.
  12. I have a friend from Rockford, Illinois and she always pronounces it Rackferd. So I can see glasses instead of glossed.
  13. I think this is the key point. This isn’t like football. This is all of basketball. So you factor in his dominance on the world stage with somehow dragging Jim Boeheim to a title as a one and done freshman and I think it gets the job done to get him over the line into the HoF.
  14. “Fairly athletic” does him a huge disservice. At the college level I have never seen a big man that could defend a guard on the perimeter like WCS. He can move laterally and still get back and block shots. His offense has always been a weak spot, but that’s not necessarily what the Dubs need him to do.