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  1. Three hours might be short for that. Otherwise, you are so very... very... right. Also, an actor from a different Bruce Willis movie would show up to imply a shared world. (Maybe Hudson Hawke would be the equivalent of one of his failed worlds that never quite was good enough to earn its own book... ) On the subject of the status as a Number 1 Bestseller, it serves as a reminder of the echo chamber this board has become. I’m sure if I went to Goodreads right now, this book would be sitting near the top of all the cumulative ratings of the books on my shelf. Around here, we have Joe Abercrombie with multiple active threads; but this number one best seller has only moved a couple pages in the week and a half it’s been out. Somewhere there are people reading this thing and talking about it.
  2. Wanted to take his shoes off... ran through a glass maker’s shop... Neither one happened. What a missed opportunity.
  3. Oooh... couple more pages on and our hero is wriggling through a ventilation shaft. C’mon out to Urithuru, we’ll get together, have a few laughs...
  4. Nation is shutting down again... maybe lots of people have more time at home to read Die Hard: With a Rhythm.
  5. 200 more pages in or so and Detective Kaladin McClain is making a move to steal the walkie talkie from the terrorists occupying Nakatomi Tower of Roshar. I hope he starts writing names on his arm as glyphs as he taunts the blonde haired Pursuer and Hans Raboniel. Could Lift be the black cop from Family Matters? They both like to eat...
  6. Well... considering I don’t know any fans who call Mando by his given name and I fully expect the Child to still be called “Kid” by our perpetually masked protagonist; I think his moniker has already been decided.
  7. I had a Sith Sorcerer in TOR named Darth Anasurimbor. Think it’s a fine name.
  8. Oooooh... the terrorists were in the basement trying to break into the vault and then a big shield snapped down in place effectively cutting them off. The big question now... is this all part of Raboniel’s devious plan? Is she just waiting for the Rosharan FBI to come in and cut power to the block and drop the shield for her?!!? I know now that despite any descriptors otherwise, the Pursuer will forever be a large blonde man with a German accent.
  9. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Can we get a scene of Kaladin McClain running barefoot across broken gem shards?!!!!?
  10. Watching Nova v Arizona State. Just thankful to have some basketball. Whatever it looks like.
  11. Football Team blowing this thing wide open! Alex Smith limping on one leg straight towards the playoffs at 6-10!
  12. Dallas fake punt in the fourth quarter followed by a touchdown run... clearly not a smart decision.
  13. Alex Smith v Andy Dalton on Thanksgiving. Truly we should reflect on our blessings.
  14. I just finished Section 2. Kaladin has run off into the occupied tower. I kind of want to stop here and read no further... if I do, I can convince myself that Urithuru has become the fantasy equivalent of Nakatomi Plaza! I’m afraid if I read on, it won’t be that fun. Yippee-Kai-Ay Pursuer!
  15. I have a couple of those as FaceBook friends. There was a time on Google when the first search result for my first/last name was a guy executed on Illinois death row in the early 2000’s, the second guy was a priest in Iowa, and the third was a lawyer in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It’s like a joke that writes itself. Ironically, my brother found himself stuck in complete standstill traffic on I65 north of Bowling Green several years ago. People got out and started talking to their fellow motorists. He talked for a half hour with two people near him. As they were getting back in their cars they finally exchanged names and it was the lawyer. He laughed and said “That’s my brother’s name.”
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