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  1. I know that's a typo and you meant Xenoblade Chronicles 2; but I've never really looked into the games. They don't have any tie to Xenogears do they? I loved Xenogears and mostly liked XenoSaga the "spiritual prequel" but would really love to see something more from that universe.
  2. Rhom

    MCU - X

    I liked it. Don't know much about the character. Other than being super strong and being in outer space... is there a defining character trait to expect as a theme for the movie? It looks like persistence based on the trailer.
  3. Rhom

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    I remember the play happened a couple years ago. Maybe Louisville a few years back? I just remember seeing it.
  4. Rhom

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    I don’t get it... that’s just a picture of Joaquin with long hair. How in the ever living $&@# does an entire company of people who make more money than I could ever dream of screw up something so simple?!!?
  5. Rhom

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    Episode three felt very Clancy like. As in, I remember clearly in Patriot Games when he spent four pages giving back story on random Maryland State Trooper number three... only to have an IRA terrorist kill him on page five. The seemingly unrelated backstory of the Air Force Officer that lead to a plot driving decision felt 100% Clancy.
  6. I think I’m going to have to just turn my phone off when watching games on the DirectTV streaming service. It’s a good minute behind the notifications I am getting from my ESPN app.
  7. Rhom

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

  8. Rhom

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    Is that the one with Kristen Bell? She’s enough reason to watch anything!
  9. Rhom

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Heck of a finish for that Auburn game!
  10. Rhom

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Jimbo may have been onto something... He certainly didn’t fight too hard to stay
  11. Rhom

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Yeah... I’m stunned. I always thought Taggart was fine as a coach.
  12. Rhom

    MCU - X

    Hard to tell from that article what is serious and what is him joking around.
  13. Rhom

    The Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover

    Same, and they are some of my favorites. The fact that I had to buy Blade of Tyshalle used in order to get it didn’t help.