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  1. Ah c'mon. You just gotta do your own research.
  2. I keep considering it… but something always keeps me from doing it? Not wanting to admit that I’m aging? Vanity?
  3. I just sent this to my cousin: Andor is a legit great show that just happens to be set in the Star Wars universe. I have dreamed of a show/movie like this for years. Then I complained to her that I still struggle to catch all the quiet fast dialogue in a British accent. She told me to start watching Dr Who and I would catch on in no time.
  4. We need The Buff. @Ferrum Aeternum Well done on your escape this weekend. 12 years from now when we come again, you won’t be so lucky!!!
  5. Wait... what??? WF is almost three hours long??????? I struggled to make it through The Batman earlier this year and still had to take a strategic bathroom break. Whoever is planning these marathon movies is not taking into account the aging geek demographic!!!
  6. I was watching the Peyton and Eli feed and it was funny because you could tell they were getting the raw feed while the main feed was showing on the screen and they were talking about it. Peyton even said "I understand why they can't show it on the A feed... but we're just the B team, surely they can show it here." Next thing you know, it was on the screen and they were analyzing it.
  7. Tyrese Maxey looked really good last night FWIW. 20 points on 8 shots in just 14 minutes. Some good passing and above average defense too.
  8. Still gonna bury Cowboys media darling Rush by two scores next week.
  9. I’m really, really liking this Hufanga kid.
  10. Excuse me... the Rams still have a beating to take tonight before everyone starts planning their inevitable win in Dallas next week.
  11. Hmmmm... Riri goes full on Ironman as has been long speculated. So I wonder who is in the She Panther suit at the end?
  12. Enjoy these times. Before you know it, the kid will be telling YOU all the basketball news.
  13. But Stafford did turn out to be the missing piece on a Super Bowl team… I love Lamar’s game (and he’s a genuinely good kid. I can show you video of post Heisman Lamar throwing a football with my neighbor’s five year old in their basement.) but I don’t know that he’s a final piece for any team just yet.
  14. How long before we get a "Bad Lip Reading" edition of that?
  15. The ending of Last of Us was one of the most powerful moments of storytelling I have experienced in nearly any medium. So for me, anything that moved on from that was going to be a bit of a disappointment.
  16. That's what I don't get... If Lamar gets $50m acting as his own agent, isn't that 33% better than any other player is getting?
  17. We do have more multiverse movies coming up…
  18. Well... how about that? Edit: Now, if they could just land Keira Knightley as Cable...
  19. Trails from Zero officially released today. I played the (near professional quality) fan translation a year and a half ago, but I wanted to support the publisher by purchasing the game. I got it via GoG. Frustrating, because it has the same problem Cold Steel 4 has in that it won't recognize my Dual Shock 4. All six of the other games in the series work fine with it, but these two are dead. The work around I found for CS4 works with Zero... I add the game as a Non-Steam game to my Steam library and launch from there and it works perfectly. Recognizes the button prompts and everything. Kinda defeats the purpose of purchasing on GoG though.
  20. Oh fuck... that trailer was actually... amazing. Dammit... I may have to dish out for HBO now. Hope is a dangerous, dangerous thing.
  21. Watched them talk to Tayvion Robinson (UK receiver for those not in the know) on SEC This Morning and they asked him about Hendon Hooker. The talking heads spent a bit talking about how VaTech had both of them on the roster at one point and now they are major contributors in the SEC.
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