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  1. I like all this. My question would be this... what does it say about us that we see a greedy slave owner and automatically say "Oh, he's Jewish."? Really? Do the Toydarians read the Torah regularly? Can we not just recognize "greed" as a universal trait without ascribing it to a certain faith or race? Who is the racist here?
  2. So you think would be as simple as downloading the file to the SD card or some such and then just add game through Steam to launch? Yeah, there's no way in hell I'd try to get Windows on there.
  3. Any perspective you can give me on how GoG or Epic Store works? Is that something that has to run within Proton?
  4. That's a heckuva beautiful snarl that Daisy Ridley has in that still frame though.
  5. I am still in the very early stages of really playing games on my PC. I actually grabbed a couple games on sale on Steam with the intent of being able to play them on the Deck at some point. I will fully admit to being intimidated by anything I read about doing things on the Deck. The subreddit for it especially is intimidating. When you say "dumping the default settings" I really start to worry that I won't know how to do things. The plug and play ability of console gaming has always been a comfortable place for me. I have several games on GoG that I would like to be able to play, but I don't know if that requires that I go outside of the Linux based interface to get those. Reading about Proton builds to get other non-steam games to work also terrifies me.
  6. Reports are that Love and Thunder is one of the shortest Marvel movies at 115 minutes. At long last my time has come! I can safely order the large Coke at the concession stand!!!!
  7. I read these responses and I can’t disagree… but at the same time I’m reminded of all the series I thought were over after game 1 only to completely flip the script.
  8. Ugh. One of the best thing about the MCU was that it kept things moving forward. I don’t think it’s coincidence that one of the most disappointing entries was Black Widow which stepped backward in the timeline.
  9. Books 8 and 9 of the Shadows of the Apt showed up today. They are thicker than most of the others, my shelf space I had set aside for the series had to be adjusted a bit to make it fit. I'm finishing Psalms of Isaak and then I need to decide if this is next on my list or if I might read the new Dan Abraham book before getting into it.
  10. You know, I'm not one to nitpick movies and I really didn't have much to quibble with on this movie. But... I did get to thinking this morning in the shower about America saying that she's the only one like her in the entire Multiverse. Implication being that if Wanda wants to hop around and find her kids, she needs America's power. And yet... the entire TVA in Loki could hop from branching timeline to timeline. And in What If? both the Supreme Strange and Ultron could freely move between universes eventually.
  11. I got my preorder late on that first day as well and it is still saying Q3 for me. So I still have plenty of time to decide.
  12. And don’t forget a great Bond villain! (You know… all of a sudden… cornering the market on the world microchip shortage does seem pretty diabolical…)
  13. I got a fevah... and the only cure... is more sardaukar!
  14. I did like the line “You know that dream where you get pushed off a cliff? Yeah, that was probably me.” Solid delivery there.
  15. Cheese it... they're onto me!
  16. Finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Hot damn is right. I enjoyed it an awful lot. I might have been expecting a little too much given some of the hype; but I really liked it.
  17. I kept hearing about Shadows of the Apt and when I saw that they were getting a rerelease with some slick black covers; I ordered them all. Have yet to read them; but they are coming up soon in my To Be Read pile! (For some reason, Book Ten has come already but books 8 and 9 are delayed.)
  18. I like your summation. The commercials for this are the first thing that has tempted me to get Paramount. Discovery and Picard had no appeal. But the first look I got at the Enterprise had my interest piqued.
  19. My thoughts exactly… but rather than “any time soon” I would say “ever.”
  20. There are fans convinced that Cal “lied” somehow when he said that Sharpe was going to play next year or that he should have “forced” him to play when injuries started to pile up in February on all of our guards. With the benefit of hindsight; here’s what looks like happened. Basically, this kid’s handler is the same guy who made the connection between UK and Jamal Murray/Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. He was enrolled in high school and even played in some HS games in November. Then his family decides he gains nothing by competing against overmatched Canadian teenagers. Handler contacts Cal and says Shaedon wants to enroll early, practice with the team, and play next year. At that time it looked like he would’ve be eligible for the draft because he didn’t finish HS until December or some such. At the time, Cal said publicly he probably wouldn’t play him but that they’d take a wait and see. Lot of catching up to do. Will do what’s best for the kid. Blah blah blah. After the season it came out that UKs compliance had some concerns about his eligibility since he went to one of those Christian HS basketball academies or something. UK was rolling in late December and January. Beat eventual runner up UNC by 30 and eventual champ Kansas (at their place) by 20. Didn’t look like they needed him. Sharpe is practicing and is on the sideline in uniform for games. Cal says teasing things like “Get to the game early and watch him dunk in warm ups.” Meanwhile, it later comes out that all along his handler is telling NBA guys they are working to get him eligible for May. Injuries strike. TyTy Washington turns his ankle. Sahvir Wheeler his wrist. Kellen Grady has plantar fasciitis. Cal goes to Sharpe and asks if he wants to play. Kid and his family say they want to play. Handler shuts it down and says he isn’t playing; but that he still wants to play next year. Cal publicly says he’s talked with Sharpe and family and they all agree that it’s best for him to wait and that he’s excited to come back next year and lead the team. Season ends with a huge upset. Team is a shell of its Dec/Jan self. Turns out there’s a mystery diploma dates in May 2021. Sharpe is declared eligible. Queue the pitchforks and torches.
  21. Yeah. That’s a sore subject for a lot of UK fans…
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