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  1. unJon

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Someone told me the Browns waived Garrett but I can’t find it confirmed online.
  2. Really enjoyed that novella. I’m missing where we saw the one armed man before. Can someone remind me?
  3. unJon

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Been a pretty crazy game.
  4. I thought it was just a Big 10 championship game, not a playoff. With PSU and Michigan at 2 losses each, OSU would have to lose its last two games (to those teams) to miss the championship game.
  5. unJon

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Just watched all the trailers. Really excited for season 3. If they replace split timelines with instead an in the park and out of park storyline that converges, I think that is a nice improvement. The Incite thing is weird and sort of Lost like.
  6. unJon

    WoIaF versus the Silmarillion

    Sometimes I want an apple. Sometimes I want a steak.
  7. unJon

    The Simulation hypothesis

    What are the testable predictions of the Simulation hypothesis? If someone can formulate some, then I’m all for using the scientific method to try to determine if we are living in a simulation or not. If there aren’t any testable predictions, it’s indistinguishable from religion and people can believe it or not as they please.
  8. I just stumbled on this on Amazon. Not sure if this has already been posted. It’s the Amazon page with blurb for Mark Lawrence’s next book set in the same world as Book of Ancestors. Link to Amazon
  9. My issue with Bayaz = Owl is that it would fee like a retread of the first trilogy. We already know the twist that Bayaz is the “big bad” in control behind the scenes. To end this trilogy with Bayaz in the same place and in the same way feels uninspired. I’m expecting more of a twist from Joe.
  10. unJon

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    I felt the same way but then fell in love with Use of Weapons, the next Banks novel. Would urge you to try that one.
  11. If they did make peace, it opens up new possibilities for Zuri and her brothers, if they are Eaters. Could be there with Bayaz’s blessing.
  12. I think Far From Home isn’t truly a movie on it’s own but works well as the denouement to Phase 3 MCU. In the theater when the emotional impact of End Game was still fresh(er), the movie worked in that role. I’m. It surprised it doesn’t hold up well on it’s own terms upon a rewatch.
  13. I think there’s a three way fight brewing. The Union proper (led by Orso) vs a rebellion in the North instigated by the free open counsel members (led by Leo joining forces with Stour). The Lamb (Orso) will eat the Lion (Leo). Then there’s the people’s revolt instigated by the Weaver. The Union will unsuccessfully try to stamp it out but the Owl (?) will eat the Lamb (Orso). So to me the question is who is on the “people’s” side that could be the Owl. Broad clearly seems to be falling into that roll given his last chapter. The glasses are just gravy, and could see that being the reason he gets the nickname Owl.
  14. That’s the point. The union isn’t what Bayaz wants for its own sake. The union was just the best structure to keep Bayaz in power as he liked. But times are changing, as is the theme in this book. The Union is not longer a better power structure than his bank Valint. And the union is bankrupt owing so much money to the bank. So Bayaz will ride the wave of populism backed by capitalism to overthrow the union and put himself into a safer power structure by owning the bank. Don’t fight progress. Ride progress to better power.