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  1. Agree. I let my 11 year old read Schoolmanse. YMMV
  2. Many of the books mentioned in this thread are ones I enjoyed at that age. However, I have had very limited success getting my kids into this books I loved. Instead, below are some series that my kids (who are now 11 and 13) have read and liked: 1) Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger 2) Cherub by Robert Muchamore 3) The Immortals by Tamora Pierce 4) Warriors by Erin Hunter 5) The Schoolmanse by Naomi Novak (nine year old probably too young)
  3. I mean if that’s just not the most perfect trilogy of book titles to read all at once, then I don’t know what is.
  4. How are people reading Children of Memory? My Amazon kindle says January 2023! Unfair.
  5. It’s criminal, immoral and exploitive if an author gets less than the agreed compensation. If an author agrees to get $0 comp for his or her work, then there’s nothing criminal, immoral or exploitive. If the author agrees to $10 and only gets $1, then that’s criminal (assuming there’s a relevant law), immoral and exploitive. And presumably more authors choose to write at $10 than $1, and more choose to write at $1 than $0. And society should figure out its policy for incentivizing authors.
  6. Whether or not it’s a big difference depends entirely on whether the amount of very little compensation is big or not. The difference between nothing and a dollar is not big. The difference between nothing and an amount larger than a dollar may or may not be big, depending on your point of view. I personally think we should disentangle the idea of morality from this issue. The idea, to me, is to better the public by finding a system that encourages the creation of work by rewarding the author. To me there is no intrinsic morality to it beyond trying to make more and better books. Is it a moral question that I can loan out a DVD I purchased, but can’t show the DVD in a public viewing that I charge for? I don’t think so, but I can easily see how the latter is more likely to reduce compensation for the movie creators so disincentivize movie making.
  7. Scott, you have accurately summarized the law, at least in the US. But you didn’t engage with the text you quoted, which is concerned with morality not legality. The quoted poster has a point. If we all used libraries, the author would receive very little compensation. The policy rationale behind IP (copyright or patent) is to encourage the creation of IP. Whether our current copyright system does so for books is a question that can be debated.
  8. I’ll take a stab since I reread the Ancestor trilogy just now after finishing the Girl and the Moon. Beware spoilers follow: seriously, spoilers for all Abeth books Ari and Nona. No idea. It’s mentioned near the end of Holy Sister by Nona that legend said that The Missing had a way to burn ice. It adds more optimism to the end of Holy Sister. It goes from Nona’s possibly plan of slowly pushing back the ice while using the remaining propellant of the Moon, which maybe is a few generations of extension, to being able to burn ice, with Theus says could be tens of thousands of years of fuel. It also gives an explanation for why Zole goes back to the Ice at the end of Holy Sister. She says “I hear a whisper and it seems important. Perhaps the Missing are calling to me.”
  9. In Holy Sister when Nona is deep in the path with a ship heart she sees the 1024 pillars as a map for the 1024 arks.
  10. Just finished Girl and the Moon. Really enjoyed the wrap up. I’ll would love to see him return to this world again and follow where you know who went.
  11. To me, this is the part that the NFL does better than other sports. The equalizer of the salary cap giving fans of each team reason to continue hoping their team will have a chance soon.
  12. So envious. April 26 seems very far away. Looking forward to the spoiler free review.
  13. I assume you mean other than the tabby cat in The Second Apocalypse.
  14. Let me know if you still think so in the end. I used to love North, but have found her more recent books hit or miss, so have been reluctant to get this one.
  15. I doubt Moon is a Harsh Mistress could get made. It has not aged very well.
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