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  1. Interesting parallel. Makes you wonder who the visgoths of Locke’s world will be.
  2. unJon

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Finished Brightness yesterday and absolutely loved it. It is very much a Kay book, but riveting and moving. If I have one mild complaint it’s that the authorial intrusion about small decisions having big life impacts got repetitive but that’s minor and fits in the narrative structure of the novel as a reminiscence by the protagonist. I also adore how Kay drops Easter Eggs from other novels in the book. I’m sure I probably only caught half of them.
  3. unJon

    About Bran

    Bran is the favorite to sit the Iron Throne in Vegas.
  4. unJon

    Discussing Sansa XXXVI: Long Night

    Sansa is going South with the army she held in reserve of the Glovers and Vale Warriors under Royce (who was notably missing in episode 3 after being shown twice in conspiratorial looking conversations with Sansa in the first two episodes). I’m guessing Bran is the Stark that stays in Winterfell. I’d like it if he turns evil somehow to give a final twist, but am not hopeful that will happen.
  5. unJon

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    I had a thought that Sansa kept both Glover and Royce out of this fight so she has an army to use against Cersei (and also leverage against Dany for Northern independence).
  6. Sansa told Glover to stay home and or retreat south. She did the same with Royce. It’s she will have enough soldiers to be a player.
  7. unJon

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    Good questions. Trying to refind article I was reading that day and can’t. Now wondering how much about Palpatine being big bad was just internet speculation. Heres an an article claiming, unsourced, that: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cinemablend.com/news/2470538/why-palpatine-had-to-show-up-in-star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker
  8. unJon

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    No disagreement here. Just trying to keep speculation going in some way that would redeem some aspects of it.
  9. Maybe Sansa schemed with him to send him somewhere as part of a power play after the Long Night. That’s how D&D do foreshadowing and the two of them were “caught” twice scheming in Episodes 1 and 2.
  10. unJon

    What was Bran doing the whole time?

    I just came here to post something similar. The NK was the failed weapon of the CoTF. The Three Eyes Crow is a much better weapon of the CoTF. But first the NK had to be cleared off the board.
  11. I’m surprisingly ok that Arya is the one that killed the NK. I really am overall disappointed the NK died in episode 3. Really poor pacing.
  12. unJon

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    Wait so Palpatine is back as the Big Bad and they’re saying it was the plan all along?!?!?
  13. unJon

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    I like this theory but am not sold on it. Mainly because I also like the theory that the strange pauses from Amos and the rebuilt kids is them using non local effects to access then process info from the big green diamond.
  14. unJon

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    Man I need a reread.