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  1. I assume Snyder will want to redesign the uniform (even if the colors stay similar/same) to maximize retail sales.
  2. The thing I can’t wrap my head around is the idea that Scott Lynch is viewed a wildly successful and powerful author.
  3. If I had some macaroni, I could make macaroni and cheese, if I had some cheese.
  4. For TV shows my top recs would be: sopranos the wire breaking bad Let me think a bit on movie recs.
  5. This is great. Love transitioning to IJ movies. Honestly, the other SW series are good for the most part, but it’s completely different than the movies and it’s quite a time investment. I’m a huge Star Wars fan from childhood (Empire Strikes Back was my first movie theater experience at 2 years old, and my mom took me and my brothers out of school to watch RoTJ the day it came out). But I only watched the cartoon series because my children got into it so I would watch with them Saturday mornings. Good stuff, but could have went my whole life happily not seeing them.
  6. Loving this thread! @Gaston de Foix let us know how you liked the finish of the OT.
  7. unJon

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    I love Sarantine.
  8. Good call. Assume this will be resolved in book 2, which will be about escaping from the priests. That’s great. ETA: Leftover question from the last series is what’s with the Messenger white star? I was assuming it was maybe a spaceship approaching or possibly a non dying star that humans could escape to. I hope that gets picked up in this trilogy.
  9. I think the OP is writing his graduate thesis on the impact a thread title has on thread length and content. Continue posting all ye guinea pigs.
  10. Oh damn. So much for me not watching every ep. Off to the web to read about it.
  11. Watching Money Heist and really enjoying it. Spanish show that’s dubbed into English. That bothered me for the first 10 min but I barely notice it now. Almost done with season one. Quite good.
  12. Ok I got sidetracked here. I thought it was great to be back in this world. The mythos and world building was significantly advanced. In fact maybe too advanced as I think a lot of mystery was removed. The Missing seem to be humans that came to Abrth in a first wave. They then decided to strip themselves of negative traits like anger and greed and jealousy then upload themselves into some sort of computer paradise. That leaves the world empty as the ice creeps in (with maybe some humans that decided not to upload) plus a bunch of “demons” that are all the negative traits The Missing stripped. Then comes a second wave of humans, the descendants of which are the human population of the books. But in the interim, the big AIs (the cities) start to break down and one of the AIs (Sues) goes rouge. Somehow Taproot has kept himself out of The Missing paradise bubble and is acting as some sort of system admin trying to keep everything running. Also some guy names Prometheus is born from The Missing anti-tech crowd and becomes the leader. Some missing backstory here as he seems to have come over to the tech side, stripped himself of “demons” and joined The Missing in paradise. His demons are now trying to join up to piece him back together again. Set up for the Big Bad is done nicely with some sort of Sues vs Prometheus vs Taproot showdown. I liked most of the characters but thought, other than Yaz and Theus and Maya, that they were a bit one dimensional. I didn’t emotionally connect with them as much as in other Lawrence books. I can’t figure out when this series takes place relative to the Holy Sister trilogy. Seems like there is still a small green stripe around the equator so it could be contemporaneous. Am I remembering correctly that there are references to the Pit of the Missing in the last trilogy? And am I remembering correctly that the Thorns trilogy or Red Queen also had the Taproot Needle gimmick? Overall I enjoyed it and thought it was a promising start to the trilogy, that should set up the rest of the series well. Though I saw most of the twists coming and thought Yaz was a bit overpowered.
  13. Living this arc. This episode a bit slower than the last but some nice emotional punch. I wonder if they’ll throw in an Easter Egg with a Kanan cameo in the last episode.
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