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  1. Im gonna go with...Camelot by Kristian, Trouble with Peace by Abercrombie, Saturnine ( Siege of Terra book 4) by Abnett, Lost and the Damned by Haley.
  2. I mean...possibly. There is certainly a trend. But I think this Nature of Middle Earth book is going to cover a vast amount of unpublished material as it is, certainly it seems that whatever essays left that are worthwhile, apparently all from later years, are covered in it. The German translation is listed at 600 pages, the UK version at 400, so it seems to be a large volume at least.
  3. Definitely agree with that last part. There is almost no boring teams anymore. Ok you still got the Knicks who have very little talent and did nothing this offseason to boot, they look to be in full on tank mode for Cunningham or Jalen Green next year. The Cavs, pretty bad roster. Detroit also not great but better than last season. Charlotte got more interesting. OKC has a really bad roster now and thats not going to be much fun. But in the East, Indiana is an interesting team, basically the same side as last year but Oladipo should be fit now and Sabonis missed the bubble and was their best player prior to that. Atlanta got much better and has great depth now too. Apparently Gallinari was signed as the backup for John Collins, surprised me. The Wizards are back with Beal and either Wall or Westbrook, if that trade happens, plus some other nice players. The Nets, I find it really hard to comment on them until the trade is either done, or we hear it doesnt happen. Its a great looking team right now but obviously better still if they can trade a few guys for Harden. There is talk of how Harden would be a good fit with Embiid or Simmons but either one of those would have to be traded and then I dont see a championship team there in Philly anymore. The Bucks have to be hoping that one of their guards really pans out, be that DiVicenzo, Connaughton, Forbes or the just signed Nik Stauskas. Think Miami has a better chance coming out of the East again than Sixers, Celtics, Raptors. In the West, Suns and Pelicans look like a strong young teams and I am keeping my eye on this interesting new T-Wolves team. The Kings could be pretty good too, the question is, will they finally get a good season out of Bagley.
  4. Words from Hostetter himself: So basically all new work for most of us.
  5. I still dont see this up on amazon.com or UK, looks like its not coming.
  6. I'd agree, its a style thing of course, but I am not very enamored of this Cartoon Saloon style. Obviously those films you mention are not the best Studio Ghibli films but for me their style is much better. Arriety is a stunning film to look at. But we shouldnt forget Makoto Shinkai...or the awesome animation done by Netflix right now in some of their shows...or Avatar TLA/Korra/Dragon Prince.
  7. Gotta say, what a haul by Atlanta. I know its a team that no one talks about but....adding Gallinari and Bogdanovic both was very unexpected. Plus Rondo and Dunn. And Capela is basically new too. And they still have their young talented wings in Huerter, Hunter and Reddish too, plus the no. 6 pick. So that could be a startin line up of Trae Young, Bogdanovic, Gallinari, John Collins and Capela. Thought it makes me wonder if they will end up playing with two bigs like that, or basically play 4 shooters and either Capela or Collins as the big man.
  8. It does make a lot of sense for the Nets too though. Right now they are left with huge uncertainties. 1) Will Durant be back to full fitness and skill? 2) Aside from him, Irving is notorious for missing big stretches of the season 3) Would you not rather trade smaller pieces like LeVert, Prince, Allen for 1 star? Experts and most teams say you always do that for a superstar, and its actually always a bad deal for the team that trades the superstar. The question for the Nets is, are you willing to sacrifice the picks too. I think they might, they have a window now. And Harden is a reliable presence too, very fit and scores tremendously, he would make them a lot better. Are they really a championship team with Durant, Irving and these role players? Very debatable. I do think they seriously want him, just trying to get as good a deal as possible.
  9. I was very pleasantly surprised by this announcement this week . This sounds awesome. Osanwe Kenta was the one thing that came to mind as a great unpublished piece but its very clear from the description that there is apparently a lot more work that was never published. I knew I always had a feeling that there were various essays that never made it into HoME but it seems it's more than just a few as the book is listed at 400 pages and speaks to " numerous" unpublished works. Besides the Osanwe Kenta is only like 8 pages. There seems to be a lot of stuff on the lands and beasts of Numenor, and that stuff about Elvish incarnation/imoortality is not covered by the Osanwe Kenta I recall so that must be another separate essay. Similarly, Powers of the Valar. It really makes me wonder why this stuff was not included. But then CT even mentioned that something like Beacon Hills of Gondor was not included in People of Middle Earth for space reasons. Whats interesting to me is that it is specifically mentioned that these are all late writings that were not published yet, thats just fascinating. Some more info, this from the press release: In a press release from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Publisher and VP Deb Brody says that the book will cover a range of topics: Then this when the book was announced at Frankfurt book fair 2019:
  10. Two new shows from Netflix that have been really excellent. Transformers War for Cybertron ( when is season 2 out!) and Blood of Zeus.
  11. Phenomenal try by Johnny May
  12. There's been so many signings its hard to pick and choose what to talk about. Hayward to Charlotte, I guess they are expecting him to be back in full fitness and number 1 option. If you're Charlotte, you had one of the 3 most boring rosters the last few years, and you just added Lamelo Ball and Hayward, not bad. The weird thing is we kept hearing he was desperate to go to Indiana, but they couldnt get a sign and trade done with Boston because Boston asked for Turner and Tj Warren/Oladipo and that was too much. For me the Celtics are one of the losers of this FA period. Harrell to the Lakers is a big get for them. Caldwell Pope has also resigned. However the Clippers save their free agency by signing Ibaka, and even bigger get than the Lakers getting Harrell. The Raptors resigned van Vleet to a huge deal but are now without a center. If I was Marc Gasol, I would go to Golden State which is offering the same money Toronto is right now. On the other hand, he might only be a backup there and Toronto needs a center bad enough that he's a surefire starter, if he cares about that. Other deals I like: Jae Crowder to the Suns. Yet another upgrade for Phoenix. Gallinari to the Hawks. That team is looking a lot better this year, they also signed Rondo yesterday. Capela is also basically like a new signing for them. Joe Harris re-signed with the Nets, great shooter and that team looks strong. Steven Adams to the Pelicans, I like it. They lost Favors and then got a better player in return. Love the idea of him next to Zion, they needed someone and Adams is an excellent center. A player I am very interested in is Bogdanovic. He still hasnt signed elsewhere. Atlanta was thought to be a big candidate but they have now spent their money on Gallinari and Rondo. And Milwaukee still has a huge glaring gap at shooting guard, if he doesnt sign for them, its trouble. In terms of trades, I still would like to see a Westbrook for Wall trade. It makes sense, both players are done at their teams and have same positions and contracts. Would be really interesting in particular to see Russ next to Beal at this Wizards team that managed to sign Bertans, has Robin Lopez and an interesting pick in Deni Avdija. News on the Harden trade has trickled down. Its clear the Nets are waiting, they've hardly done anything in free agency and retained all the trade pieces they need to trade for him. Houston signed Wood, who seems like a player they really need, but its hard to parse that with getting rid of Covington who was seen as crucial for James and Russ.
  13. There is apparently still a chance for a sign and trade. How do you like one rumor that says he will be exchanged with Drummond? Boston could use a big man.
  14. So they will have a 17 million trade exception to do something with, but now they can also apply for a 9.3 million injured player exception, so thats 2 options they have, and thats outside of traits. Curious to see who they do get. Hayward has opted out his big last year. So that seems to mean he is going to walk away from Boston for nothing, that seems to be the scenario the Celtics did not want.
  15. Was expecting more trades and events during this draft. All this talk of Boston and other teams moving up, not much happened. Top 3 all seem to be very good fits with the teams they went to. Ball to Charlotte would presumably mean they are not trading for Westbrook. Think GS will keep Wiseman.They are also going to use the midlevel exception. But with Klay out, if that is the case, what a huge blow for them. I think the Wizards might have gotten a very good deal here with Avdija at no. 9 , he looks promising and was projected top 5 pick. Reminds me of Dario Saric, who I still like a lot after a few years. Detroit select Hayes as their PG, another potential Westbrook candidate gone. I wonder whats gonna happen with Bogdanovic now, apparently he is interested in the Bucks and has been talking with Giannis but he wants to see what he can get? As for the other trades, I was confused by Rubio to the T-Wolves but maybe they think the starting lineup could be Rubio, Russell at 2 and Edwards at 3? Could be. Rubio is too good to be a backup at the T-Wolves. Richardson to Dallas and Seth Curry to Sixers, thats two shooters now for Morey with Danny Green in as well for Horford.
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