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  1. Calibandar

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    Djokovic vs Nadal was an incredible clash though, what a game. Back and forth, some superb winners from Nadal especially, but Djokovic is fully returned and with that comes incredible toughness and ability to stay in the rally. Still the only guy to outlast Nadal in baselines rally's. As for the final, I agree with Jeor, Anderson's game will not hold up to a Djokovic in this form, he will be made to play from the baseline more than he wants.
  2. Calibandar

    Trailer Thread V

    Mary Queen of Scots and Life itself look pretty good from that batch.
  3. Good move for the Bulls I think, in their position they have to snatch up young talent and try to make a new team. I've always been surprised by how easily that team was blown up, Rose fell apart and then Noah and Butler were traded, Mirotic gone, Taj Gibson suddenly irrleevant, nothing left. It seemed to me to end prematurely. So now they've probably overpaid LaVine, a 12th pick with potential. He really needs to prove himself in order for this Bulls team to make steps. Parker did not get such a mega deal but him and LaVine both need to show they can stay healthy and if they can, intriguing. In other news, still no news about Kahwi, what on Earth is going on? Read an interview with Magic Johnson today in which he states he is perfectly happy with this team and all eyes are on the 2019 market. They are basically ok with being non-competitive for the title this year, they'll see how it goes. Which all rhymes with the stories about how little they have offered the Spurs. Would they have even offered the Spurs one or two of their youngsters? I would get rid of Ball if I could.
  4. Calibandar

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    So where does Hazard want to go to? Barca? Madrid?
  5. Calibandar

    Comics XIII

    Two sequels to famous comics that I saw come out in 2019: Sequel to Miller's 300, by Miller and a new artist. https://www.amazon.com/Xerxes-Fall-House-Darius-Alexander/dp/150670882X/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1531490002&sr=1-5 Sequel to Beasts of Burden: https://www.amazon.com/Beasts-Burden-Wise-Dogs-Eldritch/dp/1506708749/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1531490002&sr=1-2
  6. Calibandar

    Cycling 2018 - TDF, puff the magic cyclist.

    Shame that Dumoulin lost 52 seconds due to broken wheel and then got a 20 second penalty as well, very dubious that, as Astana had been stayering for miles behine their car earlier in the day and Fuglsang and others were not penalized.
  7. Calibandar

    Any shows like the Sicario films?

    Superb shows indeed, but seen
  8. I just wonder what Bill Simmons would say when he read this thread and saw someone just say that Bill Russell wouldn't even be a starter in today's NBA
  9. Calibandar

    Any shows like the Sicario films?

    Sure. What really appealed to me: Del Toro in what is easily one of his best career roles and for my money his very best, as Alejandro. Superb, cool character. Brolin likewise is very good in these films. I thought Blunt had a very good performance in film 1 and her absence in film was felt. Story is tight and very good in film 1. I just love the Mexican setting, when they cross the border into Mexico and see what life is like in Juarez. Film 2 has that as well. The Mexican police, whose side our characters are never sure they're on.
  10. Calibandar

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    Isner vs Anderson has a very different ring to it than Federer vs Raonic. Shame he's out.
  11. I've just watched the second "Sicario" film. Liked it a lot, good film, though falling short of the excellence of film 1. Still I'd happily see more Sicario films. It makes me inquire if you guys know of any shows like this, set on the border with Mexico, or in Mexico itself? The only one that comes to mind is the American version of The Bridge, which I have not seen yet. Is that good? And Narcos of course, season 3 is set in Mexico I believe, still need to start that series.
  12. It's been a very underwhelming NBA offseason so far, in and of itself as well as compared to other years. LeBron's move to the Lakers, on his own, is not what anyone expected and if nothing happens and they leave this team as is with leBron at age 34 then it's a disappointment in my view. Impossible to see how that is an upgrade from last year's Cavs team, so while I'm sure LeBron had other reasons for leaving other than just roster construction and creating a GS contender, from a competitive standpoint this is not exciting. PG signing with OKC is great for OKC but does not change the landscape. It does keep OKC relevant and they are going all-in. And.... that's basically been it, as nobody expected Paul or Durant to do anything but re-up. In the East I just feel the Celtics and Sixers will stand pat. Celtics can justifiably rely on the fantastic team they have and with Irving and Hayward back you almost get two new players in the team. The Sixers, often named in trade rumours, but if you think about, trading for Kevin Love? They have Saric and might think he fulfills a similar role. Kahwi? Not if he's a rental. The main thing outstanding is who gets Kahwi because he is not stayin in San Antonio.
  13. Calibandar

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    It does look like we could be in for Federer vs Nadal doesn't it, they've bene tremendous so far. But there are some hurdles left, Djokovic and Raonic not the least of which.
  14. The thing that stands out the most for me is how quickly he regressed. He was dogshit for the Thunder last season. Then you look at the year before when the Knicks were flailing around and people thought Carmelo was the only good thing left on that team. But maybe he wasn't, is what some are now thinking, and he may not only have been unable to left that admittedly bad team but was already deteriorating. Things have gone quickly with him. Not sure I agree with you on Howard, though I do agree on Green and Rivers, though Green was signed for a very small deal I believe. There could be chemistry problems yes, and maybe he just doesn't fit. But clearly they were done with Gortat and who knows, this might work, he can still play and be useful. But I do think it's a red flag teams keep trading him.
  15. Calibandar

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    Rumours circulating today that Kahwi doesn't want to play for the Lakers with LeBron there and that other destinations might seem more plausible. Who knows what's true. There's also the Damian Lillard trade rumors due to his tweet yesterday. Lakers would love to get him.