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  1. Navigators Children looks set for November. Meanwhile I see Grim Oak has this amazing limited edition coming for Stone of Farewell. https://grimoakpress.com/products/stone-of-farewell-limited-edition Tempted.
  2. Grim Oak Press is doing a stunning looking illustrated limited edition of The Summer Tree: https://grimoakpress.com/products/the-summer-tree-limited-edition
  3. If he sticks to his one book per 3 year release schedule, he should have a new book out next year. But no hints given on it yet , I think.
  4. The idea is to show life on Cybertron before the war itself has erupted, which is something we havent really seen in Transformers movies or previous animations before. To show the emergence of Orion Pax into Optimus Prime ( he will apparently receive the Matrix during the film) and Megatron as well. Hemsworth seems to be doing an ok job as Prime voice but Cullen will be missed here I think. Looks like they have the Quintessons as the villains, which is very interesting to finally see that, Bay never touched it. And Alpha Trion features too, and actually resembles his G1 character. Lore wise, this looks very promising, my only concern is the quite comedic tone in the trailer. It may not play out like that in a full movie of course. Not convinced by J lo in this, at all.....but I do love the mecha design a lot, will be great to finally see a film that features mecha prolifically.
  5. Exactly that yeah. More interesting was what I saw in the Classics, with incredible work from Van der Poel from San Remo till Liege Bastogne Liege. Its almost unique to ride that well in the Flemish classics, and then compete again in LBL which Pogacar won convincingly. The Giro promises to be a race between contenders for place 2, and thats ok. The Tour though, all the big guns are lining up for it, Vingegaard when he returns, Pogacar, Evenepoel, Roglic and a few others.
  6. Are we going to get one of these excellent summary posts for April and May too?
  7. I have to say...at the risk of big backlash , but I dont think that most recent prequel trilogy they did, ( Duke of Dune, Lady of Dune, Heir of Dune) is bad at all. I found that quite an interesting prequel set just before the events of Dune, something I have always wondered about.
  8. Have to disagree with that take. Shattered Sea felt noticably different and much less interesting to me than his other works, I definitely noticed a different style and characterization. Its not on the level of the books that came before it. Is it super young adult? No. But the characterization is definitely a lot more young adult than his other books, that is clear.
  9. Someone made a very apt vide about The Acolyte. And actually someone made a video with precisely your title.
  10. "Star Wars: No white guys allowed" starts June 5 apparently
  11. Star Wars Acolyte to premier in June apparently as per news sites.
  12. Oeh, The Bright Sword by Lev Grossman, his long awaited Arthurian novel, is finally done and coming out in July:
  13. No Sandman season 2.... Unlikely for this year then? Or just not far enough into shooting to have a trailer.
  14. Aside from the fact that Serena Williams was not a better player than Rafael Nadal, you also cant make that comparison. She played in a different sport, with very different competition. You can compare her to other female players, but you can not say she was better than Nadal. She never played Nadal, and if she had, Nadal would not have given her 1 game. Compare her to those she played, or compare her historically. But not cross sports. And against Nadal, who achieved so much and has been such a legend. I was much more impressed with Nadal the last 20 years fighting in a very crowded field than I was by Williams who played an ever revolving cast of Russian/Belarusian players who would disappear a year later. And still I think she is a legend in her own right and worthy of the acclaim she gets.
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