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  1. Its a bad signing for the Nuggets and incomprehensible. They did however also get Bruce Brown and Kentavious Caldwell Pope so overall... He could indeed have done OKC a solid at the time, and it was a huge bummer why he left. Why there was no sign and trade, when later he would grant one to GSW, we have not really learned the reasons for why that is I believe. In any case, overlooking his tenure at OKC as a whole, you'd have to say he was a huge, huge positive overall. Durant at Golden State, well, he helped them win 2 titles. Then he left, and gave them a sign and trade which they are still massively feasting on to this day. He wanted to leave, and that seems like a bad decision now, but I dont think his effect on GS as a whole can be described as negative considering what he did for them. The Nets..thats terrible. But again, youre saying Harden left because him and Durant didnt get along...we dont know if thats what did it. The most mentioned reason for Harden giving up on the team was Kyrie's absence. Though perhaps Harden was also annoyed by how KD is always standing by Kyrie. I hope he gets traded to a contender anyways.
  2. I think thats a rather harsh take on KD He certainly didnt destroy OKC, or Golden State. Whats happened to the Nets is really sad though, first the Boston trades and now they seemed to recover with Durant and Kyrie coming and they get betrayed like this. But from KD's perpective, it makes sense. I dont think he believes the Nets are going to amount to much this year. Perhaps thats premature. Perhaps he is exhausted with Kyrie's antics. Perhaps he has no faith in Ben Simmons who is hogging up a lot of cap space. Its easy to see why he has no faith in these guys and thinks to himself...turning 34 later this year, its now or never. I'd really like to see him in Dallas with Luka. But that doesnt seem to be mentioned as an option.
  3. I'm kind of surprised that this trade request has come but even more that the Nets are co-operating. We've seen Philly hold Simmons off for so long and other teams to it to a lesser degree, for the Nets to just say right away lets go, there must have been some presentiment that this was coming and internal discussions already had.
  4. But if they have to let Ayton as well as Bridges go in that trade...thats also quite a big hit for them. Crowder also seems to be on the move. I would still do it though if I was Phoenix. Their picks cannot possibly excite the Nets though as the ones they do still have will all be in the late 20's in the next few years.
  5. Wow. KD has requested to be traded from the Nets, and apparently the Nets are working with him on that. Landing spots I would like that could somehow be plausible? Dallas, to pair with Luka. Maybe Phoenix or Chicago.
  6. Dark Schneider? Whats with all these German terms in anime I wonder. On another note, dont like the voices. Occasionally I prefer the original Japanese but I have to say I often prefer the English dubbing.
  7. Spurs trading away Dejointe Murray for Gallinari and 3 first round picks...
  8. Yeah thats a big get for them. I liked Wall when Houston allowed him to be on the court. With Kyrie opting in....I guess that means no Durant trade and they give it 1 more year. They really need to fill out that roster in free agency, and they really need Simmons to actually be good.
  9. I found the Ann Leckie book much more of a slog though, impenetrable/dull.
  10. Found this new interview with the writer which details the plans for the next releases, I will quote the relevant parts:
  11. Well, clearly it was addictive, guess I have a lot more to look forward to in this series. I suspect they are not going to to do an anthology for quite some time, certainly not this year.
  12. Started reading these and really enjoying them. I wanted to start with the novel but gave the first novella a chance. Do we get to see Murderbot take on other artifical intelligences and sec units in this series? Does anyone know more series similar to this? Banks' Excession has some of this stuff I feel.
  13. No no, I was talking about Durant trades, not Kyrie. Suggestions that were given that could be plausible were Chicago ( they'd have to give up either De Rozan or LaVine, and if I was Chicago I would not give up the latter because he needs to be paired with Durant IMO in order for it to work), Phoenix ( Ayton to Brooklyn), Memphis ( would probably have to give up JJJ and some of their picks). Of course, the Heat would love to be involved in that discussion too.
  14. So he expects a max deal for 4 years. Which is totally unreasonable. I'm surprised the Nets have even offered a 4 year deal, be it with incentives. Clearly thats as far as they can go with his history of unavailability and sheer unreliability. That the first 2 years are guaranteed should be a surprising bonus for him. In other news... As a Durant fan, I've been thinking about what I want. Irving could sign with the Nets and then they have what you could describe as a decent shot at being good. Though it feels the Kyrie-Nets relationship has soured ( because of Kyrie) and Kyrie actually playing full seasons seems so unlikely so its probably a pipe dream. So where to, if Riving leaves? The Ringer had a few suggestions: Memphis, back to OKC, Chicago, Phoenix, Philly Of that list I am going to outright dismiss a return to OKC, and Philly. I like the idea of him at Chicago. Same for Phoenix, and Memphis is not a team you'd think of but that would be cool actually. Rumor now is that Detroit no longer wants Ayton and has made Bridges their priority.
  15. Anyways, I thought OKC got a really nice haul. Watched some stuff from Dieng and now I understand why he's been getting a lot of praise , he has huge potential for sure. Jalen Williams also a solid looking 6'6 wing. They could have had Jabari, who I worried they might miss out on, but clearly just preferred Chet, who I also like. Houston now getting Jabari to pair with Green is also very intriguing. Detroit adding Ivey is a great get, apparently the Knicks really wanted him but couldnt get a deal done. Dallas will really have to shell out to keep Brunson. And Detroit add Duren to that, who has a very basic skillset which I just dont love but he might be better and bigger than Stewart.
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