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  1. The Del Rey releases on Amazon.com are now up until October and this book is not listed. Nor is it on Gollancz listings for Amazon Uk.
  2. I got a copy of that. Nice book,
  3. I have to say that "Hernan" series looks just fantastic. I'm gonna see if I can get my hands on that asap. Having watched th eexcellent "Apocalypto" recently I was already very interested in this period. And really, this looks stunning.
  4. What a shocker from the All Blacks. Holy hell they were bad. Someone had a nice quote on twitter saying this AB team was like an old Honda, only gear it had was reverse and took 80 minutes to warm up. The danger when stating how underwhelming the AB's were is to understate how good England was, and to dismiss how these things are related. Hence my thoughts in bullet points: For England, Tuilagi, Curry, Underhill and Itoje stood out to me At the same time, every single England player played an excellent game and most of them surpassed their AB counterpart. All in all an incredibly good performance by England, which does not surprise me one bit. I had rated them as secondbest going into this tournament behind the AB's. They kept them on the back foot from minute one and the AB's lost confidence, Barrett and Mo'unga had quiet games and that was crucial. However for the AB's... These current wingers are not up to the hallowed and legendary status of All Black wingers of the past. Rieko was on the bench or not selected, Savea and Milder Scudder not even selected for the tournament. Reece and Bridge seem like moderate, acceptable quality wingers on a team, not standout wingers. Steve Hansen's surprise move didn't work. Perhaps the writing was on the wall that this AB team isn't as good considering one or two surprise losses this year in Rugby Championship and Bledisloe Cup games. I sort of dismissed those as one-offs but it seems now I was wrong to do so. I think Sonny Bill should have started. But then I often say that. I wonder if this team will be able to raise its level and to become nearly as good as the glorious team from 2015 with Conrad, Nonu, Carter, McCaw, Savea, Milner Scudder. It seems like in all those positions the team got weaker, which surprised me. I do like Jack Goodhue. They will need a new no.8 with Read retiring. The two lock will stay on for a while longer which should be a big relief, Big Sam and Retallick still one of the three best pairings in international rugby. But man, to be so completely outplayed like that, to be so error prone, it was turnover ater turnover for England, penalty on penalty, just shocking to see an AB side flail like that.
  5. I'd see it. I heard ( but have not seen) that the Hateful 8 Netflix version wouldn't differ much at all from the film, and hopefully that would really be different here with signficiant additional footage. I enjoyed this film btw. Mainly because of Pitt who was so excellent in it, and Di Caprio too. I wish there had been more stuff in it like the ending seuqence though, it felt "mildly entratining but slow" for too much of the film. But, it was definitely intriguing. I thought more should have been doine with Tate's characters and really kept hoping we would actually see Manson again later in the film,
  6. I really wasn't expecting that. Turns out that he was injured so that played into the end result. Still a big shame. He would have had a big fat test in Medvedev thoughm I would like to have seen that. Because that guy reminds me very much of Djokovic ( but less charismatic). The crowd in Cincinnatti ( before US open) was pretty bad too, very disinterested. Not sure why you say the US open crowd is bad, at least they care.
  7. Definitely agree on Kyrgios, if the game is close he has huge problems winning it. He's error prone too of course, because he plays high risk tennis. Still, he can be a real joy to watch. At this point I am not sure he will ever become a top 10 player, or even top 5, like he seems like he could be based on skillset. Rublev, is, along with Shapovalov and Medvedev, part of the rise of very good youngsters. Shapovalov to me the most exciting to watch but he lost to Monfils in 5 sets. He still struggles to be consistent, in other tournaments too. He's only 20 and should still improve as he is a sensational talent. Personally from all the young guys I have seen ( including Auger Aliassime who Shapovalov beat easily in round 1 of the US open) he is the only one who seems to have Federer/Nadal approaching level of sheer talent. Anyways, I am already hoping for a Federer Nadal mega final
  8. 5 potential winners left, Lopez Moreno, Valverde, Roglic, Quintana and Pogacar is definitely still in there ( amazingly, at 20)
  9. Federer struggled in the first two rounds but has since put up some amazing shows against Dan Evans and David Goffin, who was absolutely crushed yesterday in 6-2 6-2 6-0. Next up is Dimitrov who has never managed to put a dent in Fed. Then he plays the winner of Stan vs Medvedev which is hard to call. Medvedev is the favorite but Stan might finally be making a bit of a resurgence. Of course, he would have been beaten by a healthy Djokovic, and him withdrawing does suck a bit. As for Nadal, he has looked very good so far, in superb shape, and I expect him to handle Cilic easily. Kyrgios.... well we should acknowledge that Rublev is a very good player. He was always going to make it a very tough match for Kyrgios, who himself was playing well but found himself opposed to a guy who could match him, and then of course he breaks down again.
  10. Yup, that is a major move by Dumoulin to join Jumbo Visma. I still hope Carapaz doesnt also join Ineos cause they already snatched Sosa as well, he just won the Tour of Burgos and is such a big talent, as a fan you want him to oppose Bernal in the years to come, not in the same team. For this Vuelta, sure, Roglic Carapaz and Lopez but I would look to Valverde and Quintana as well. Uran is teamleader as well, was announced today, he's not done a proper Vuelta before, but who knows right? And Martinez is a strong dark horse for me, from that team. Astana actually has Fuglsang starting too, could he have a lot left in the tank after a year like this, I doubt it. Majka could do top 5. We have yet to hera if Mas will start....
  11. You'd rather trade Davis straight up to the Knicks for RJ Barrett than the haul they got now, which was I believe Josh Hart, Ingram, Ball and a pick in this year's draft right? Because to me that seems like a better deal than getting just Barrett.
  12. Just saw Federer at Cincinatti. Its his only warm-up tournament before the US Open and the first time he's played since Wimbledon. First round he played against a total nobody but now he played against 21 year old Rublev, who had an excellent match and completely outplayed and utpaced Federer from start to finish. Federer in his turn looked flat and even unmotivated, not an ounce of emotion, very strange to *such* a lacklustre game from him,
  13. Nah, they do not. Olympics is rated much higher in Europe as well. For the FIBA world Cup, there is at least the chance of beating the US this time through, which might make it more interesting for European teams. Next year at the Olympics you just know that most if not all the NBA stars will be preesent. You can already see it queuing up, it looks like everyone wants to participate next year, even the Lebrons and Durants for what might be one final go. The idea is that he is a player at a position where there is no real need once Klay comes back. If Klay turns out to be fine playing at small forward they might well decide to keep Russell, and this is plausiable. However if not, then the idea is that they trade Russell for players in positions where GS misses a great starter. Which in their case would be at small forward or center. Though with the system they play I could see Cauley Stein or even Looney being adequate for their needs at center.
  14. No one really. Kruijswijk isn't really going to contend. Pinot looks like the best shot. Perhaps Alaphilippe and Mas will surprise. From the rest, Porte looks to be in mediocre shape. Uran is a follower. Bardet is in terrible shape and he knows it. Landa is two minutes down now because Barguil made him crash yesterday. Quintana will challenge for the podium at best but does not really challenge a Geraint Thomas. Adam Yates looks like he is at Quintana level. @ Karaddin: I don't personally think it's the team that is the problem for Quintana, this is just his ceiling,
  15. Thought this was a good article. https://www.theringer.com/2019/7/14/20693870/novak-djokovic-roger-federer-wimbledon-final-2019
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