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  1. Calibandar

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    I'd still like to see more from him though, before I'd proclaim he's better than LeBron right now, which was the comparison. If he can get the Bucks past Toronto and the Celtics into the finals against GSW, that'll be a real feat. Some other NBA notes that I have observed: I still do not believe in this Sixers team. They are not coming out of the East. Houston is beginning to look like the second best team in the West after all, and possibly the only team to have some sort of halfway credible challenge to GSW. Denver, Portland and OKC have zero chance. OKC is clearly a team of very little margins, every game for this either a hardfought loss, or hardfought win. Very hard to predict their results. I wonder who gets Zion..... and Barrett, between Phoenix, Cavs, Knicks and Bulls. Seems to me that Bulls would be most dangerous with Zion as the addition. I kind of wish he doesn't go to Knicks or Suns cause it seems that those two teams are going to be lost causes forever, whatever players they get ( sorry Relic).
  2. Calibandar

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    I think after the season LeBron is having you can't really say that right now, he's the best player in the NBA by any sort of clear margin. It's also true that the other MVP contenders don't outshine LeBron, its more that they seem to be in the same bracket now that LeBron is 34 and had this year. Who knows, he may be phenomenal again next year. But I'd say Durant, Curry, Harden.. maybe also Giannis and Kawhi have been as good as LeBron ( and I'm not taking into account injuries, comparing them when fit). Of that list I think a sterling season end and NBA finals performance by Curry or Durant could realistically make them "best" for this season. Giannis and Harden as well if they manage to get their teams above expectation ( which would mean getting to NBA finals in both cases).
  3. Calibandar

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    Where did he say that? Seems like this date has been set for a good while now, in fact his publisher is still sticking with it. His own site ( referenced upthread) also specifically says it will be out in November. So that would be really weird if it then does not come up out in November, official channels are saying it is ( I know Amazon bashing is popular but their listing is also based on official info from the publisher). If we have a link to him saying very recently that November is not happening, that would clarify things, but if we don't then all signs point to November release,
  4. Calibandar

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    Really, delayed again? Damn. It's listed on the Amazons as November. You got a link to where he said it? That banner is from his own site..
  5. Calibandar

    RIP Keith Flint

    Yeah that really surprised me. I read that and thought, what, Luke Perry? Really? Used to watch Beverly Hills for years as a teen, and he was definitely the coolest character. Rest in peace man. This was unexpected.
  6. Calibandar

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    I see the Lakers have only 1% chance of getting the top pick so... http://www.tankathon.com/pick_odds I mean, that would be really rich, wouldn't it? And yeah, was thinking this morning that after this loss to Phoenix, they're not making the playoffs anymore, they are too far out now.
  7. Calibandar

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    Indeed, and that would be excellent. I'm hoping the Bulls get Zion actually, they have a gap in their roster at his position anyway. I see they have 12.5 percent chance, and if they keep winning as they are now, that'll go down. I thought even at the start of the season ( before any trade deadline shit) that this current Lakers team with LeBron is clearly not as good as the Cavs with LeBron. It's still not really clear to me why LeBron left to go the Lakers, presumaly the idea is to set up a new dynasty in LA. But I think the plan might have been to snag a big player this season already, and they failed to do so ( perhaps not through a fault of their own, but there you are). This always seemed to me like a wasted year for LeBron, dangerous considering his age, and it has turned out as a wasted year indeed. This team is ready for a complete overhaul.
  8. Calibandar

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    I've been watching highlights of Bulls games lately because of Lavine and Markannen, who are both striking me as very big talents that are very enjoyable to watch. I wish the Bulls had some more good pieces or could add them over the summer, I wonder what their outlook is, because with these two guys they have a core that looks very promising, but obviously it needs more.
  9. Calibandar

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    Darth Curry, Darth Kevin and their despicable henchman General Drayvous. Anyway, I don't see the Bucks toppling them. I wonder whats going on at Boston though and whether they will get it on the rails after all.
  10. Calibandar

    MCUniverse- Captain Marvel Rises!

    Let's bring up her actual quote so we can judge for ourselves: A previous statement from her commenting on a negative review of the film A Wrinkle in time. Darth Richard's statement that she didn't make that comment about white men is false, as I expected when Darth Richard started apologizing. Sifth's remark that Brie Larson *did* say that, is correct.
  11. Calibandar

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    I think Portland is clearly a good to very good team. I'd also say that generally, I don't consider Boston/Philly to be above them or OKC/HOuston/Denver. There are some clear problems with Boston that are rightly being highlighted, they know it themselves. That team is not right. No one expected that after last season but it's now become clear that this is a season long issue. Philly is inconsistent. Your win over them was in a game without Embiid. But even with him, they are inconsistent, they have lost too many games they should be expected to win for me to consider them the top candidate to come out of the east. We'll have to see if the addition of Harris makes them stronger and more consistent. To me, they are at this point least likely to advance out of the East of the 4 major candidates.
  12. Calibandar

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    This is very interesting. Definitely of even more interest than Young Aragorn stories IMO.
  13. Calibandar

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    I just don't buy any of that, seems like media narrative to me. Is the GS locker room toxic? It hasn't seemed like that for a good while. These guys are racking up win after win and we've not heard of any bad blood since the incident early in the season between KD and Green. Maybe it's still simmering, maybe not, we certainly don't hear that it is. As for this validation, maybe there is something to that, maybe KD doesn't care about that at all and winning Rings year after year is enough validation for him. And I still think that if he does leave, why the Knicks?
  14. I thought of that, and I did think that was notably better than any of the Bay films. But it's not what I meant, I meant a proper Transformers film with a larger cast ( Bumblebee is very limited in this and very small scale a film comparatively to the BayFormers films). A Transformers reboot, done by perhaps the same guy who did Bumblebee, or someone else.