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  1. Calibandar

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    Just saw a video on espn tackling exactly that, what does Houston need to do. Also, article here from last week: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23524190/lebron-james-houston-rockets-summer-here-how-happen-nba So they need to get him through a trade basically, and then it could be doable. He'd still make 35 million next year. That said I am not sure if he'd be that opposed to taking a paycut. Obviously there is no one one who knows but looking at him I have a feeling he is more than fed up being beaten by Golden State and beating them comes first. Why is why I think unfair praise is being heaped on Brian Windhorst's idea that LeBron should call Durant and try to sign with him somewhere ( away from GS). Not happening for so many different reasons.
  2. Calibandar

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    So, trying to look into Lebron's mind, Houston strikes me as easily the most interesting option, if they can make the dynamics of a trade work. You've got Harden, you've got Paul, and you've got a couple of strong supporting players in their prime. Presumably they'd have to give up Eric Gordon to make it work though. This is better than what the Cavs have. The Cavs need to make a great trade to have a chance of convincing LeBron to stay, because no one believes he is staying with this roster, and that make sense if he wants to win. Can they make such a trade? I believe that he would like to stay in Cleveland is only intending to leave because the team is so clearly inadequate to compete, even against next year's Boston. Many of the other options are quasi- pipe dreams. They'd be massive surprises in the sense that it would mean not just LeBron would need to go there, but others as well. This includes Lakers and Heat as possible destinations. Why go to the Lakers with possible Paul George and the Laker Puppies when you can join MVP James Harden and Chris Paul and Clint Capela? Especially if you want to win now, next year and the year after? I just don't believe in the Sixers or Spurs as viable destinations. I don't believe late-career LeBron is suddenly going to submit to Pop's Team first game, and for the Sixers, I would have concerns over the fit with LeBron ( something which applies in Houston as well admittedly). I don't think he is that keen to play with Simmons and Embiid. I do really like the suggestion of him going to New Orleans to pair with Davis, that would be fantastic. A great pairing, and Davis is a superb player. They'd need a bit more still to compete with GS though. I'd love to see LeBron at OKC. I'm not sure how this could be made to work. Don't resign George, get LeBron, and you have Russ, LeBron, Steven Adams and the Ghost of Carmelo Anthony.
  3. Calibandar

    Tennis Volume 7: Roger That!

    I've pretty much slept through Roland Garros as clay tennis is so boring in my opinion, yet now the grass court season has started and Wimbledon looms. Fed still the major favorite to win Wimbledon? Bookies certainly think so. Outsiders? Nadal seems unlikely to me despite his clay form, Djokovic....., Raonic, Kyrgios, Zverev. Interested to see Shapovalov on this surface as well.
  4. Calibandar

    Death of Gardner Dozois

    It sounds a bit strange to say this but this is not that unexpected, I recall reading over the last few years that he's had one or two big health scares before. RIP.
  5. Calibandar

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    Oh man, okc. Another loss, this is surely going to be too much, the Jazz are definitely winning one of the next three. On the one hand this is so expected after a miserable OKC season where they never looked good. But I thought they would probably be able to turn it on in the playoffs. They will probably salvage a home win next game but after that....
  6. Calibandar

    The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    Greetings Shortstark, How did you feel about the Fitz and the Fool trilogy?
  7. Has anyone here actually read the Witchwood Crown? Thoughts?
  8. Calibandar


    I've already given up on Valente years ago after sampling several of her books. I've not enjoyed a single one of them, the one that was least unpleasant was the two book series that brought her into fame, Orphan's Tales. There was something to be said for those. Since then it's been a downhill slide from an already not very high slope. Her books generally feel super self indulgent. But hey, if this new Space Opera book is so highly recommended and so praised as seen here, I am curious. So I read 15 pages and already had my fair share of her style of writing and characterization. Conclusion: If you're a fan of hers, you might enjoy it, but if you're not, no reason to expect that this is mouthwatering at all.
  9. Calibandar

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    Kind of agree with this. They have to win this against this depleted Boston team, if you can't win a series now, how far off can you be and still be called a realistic "opponent" in a playoffs series.
  10. Calibandar

    Tolkien 2.0

    Like you my primary interest in this news is finding out if we are seeing new material, or even a completed novel after all. You might think not, based on the fact that: It was previously assumed there was nowhere near enough material Chris Tolkien stating in "Beren and Luthien" last year that this would be the final book. The synopsis of this Gondolin referring back to the style of Beren and Luthien. However, something happened that not only changed his mind and made him decide to go ahead and publish, which is one thing, but where does a 300 plus page count ( 320 even on US edition) come from? If I look at my copies of BolT 2 and UT, I come to some 115 pages, and only one of those is in the hardcover format that Fall of Gondolin will be. Add 10 more pages from the Silmarillion and a short poem, we are far, far away from 320 pages. So the big question is, is this a more rounded story, what else is added? The synopsis' suggestion that the Tale of Earendal is also presented, even though not written by Tolkien, might mean more has been added to flesh out the Fall of Gondolin itself as well.
  11. Calibandar

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    Raptors are massive betting favorites to beat the Wizards, I think they will struggle more than expected and like you could see 6 games. However I think Milwaukee has to be beating this Boston team. Boston won't make it. I think the Sixers will win but it will be tighter than what I see expected on ESPN experts panel. I think the Rockets will lose at least 1 game to the T-Wolves. Thunder vs Jazz will be really close, the Jazz have become very good. I'd still say OKC because you can't believe they would let that happen. I'm also not super sold on Portland beating NO, it could be close. Still, it shouldn't be that close without Cousins, and yet NO has been on a great run.
  12. Calibandar

    Bosch... Amazon Original

    Thanks, I didn't know it released all at once, nice surprise. Lost in Space is on my interest list as well.
  13. Calibandar

    Gomorrah- The series [season 2 spoilers]

    Not sure if this is the most up to date topic but I saw Season 3 has been released on dvd in the UK. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gomorrah-Season-DVD-Salvatore-Esposito/dp/B0794MCD33/ref=pd_sim_74_46?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=VK809BH34TCJMN8JZNYS
  14. Ah but Netflix has in fact got a big one in the pen, created by Planet Earth luminaries, narrated by Sir David himself. https://www.netflix.com/nl/title/80049832 https://www.thebookseller.com/news/transworld-acquires-our-planet-netflix-tie-647996