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  1. Christmas Carol sort of counts, anything that happens after that should be erased from history
  2. Yeah, I’ve tried working in press ups in between long turn times on Total Warhammer. Not a good long term strategy though, i find it best to block out half an hour and do it properly rather than half arse it when I’m doing something else
  3. I think we all have this problem, but we also realise it simply isn’t true that we don’t have time to work out. We don’t make time is the real issue. If you made your work out times non negotiable, stick them in your calendar, do a reminder etc then you’d find time. Plus maybe you’d have time instead of playing Heart of Iron 4?!
  4. I don’t see how anything you have said has influenced government policy at all? If there is an urge to open up the economy it is because closing the economy is damaging, and lockdowns are damaging. It doesn’t have anything to do with ‘letting old people die’ or ‘old people are worth less’. We can make definitive statements about which demographics are affected by the virus more than others , we’ve known that very early and the facts haven’t changed on that. The real question that needs to be answered in all of this , is why couldn’t we shield the vulnerable properly? What made that so difficult? Because that proved to be impossible, for reasons I’ve yet to see outlined, instead we have locked down everyone.
  5. I’m going for aesthetics here, I don’t really have an issue with the Salem thing, comics really do mine that source quite a lot and it doesn’t bother me. I just think the way it was done could have been far more subtle and interesting and less ‘modern’ for lack of a better word.
  6. I don't have a problem with people shooting lazer beams out of their hands, but the issue with the witches doing it, is that it's so damn unimaginative. It's just a lazy fallback for witches powers. You'd think they could have come up with something better for Salem crones than just shooting pew pew.
  7. Well, although I highly doubt they would make superman black, I’d say given the fact they’ve hired someone who is mostly known for political writing , often on race, that the suggestion isn’t particularly out there.
  8. Yeah true, but knowing how the internet works you’d think there would be a big push to clarify those statements so that things don’t get out of hand
  9. Yeah like I think Agathas dungeon is cheap daytime teen lit inspired decoration, and I’m seriously hoping it’s not meant to look like that, I’m still partly hoping that the whole Salem thing was an illusion too, or some sort of facade. The issue is that the show is so immaculately produced, the sets and design are brilliant and well observed down to the last detail. To then come out with the set of Goosebumps or Sabrina the Teenage Witch makes me think something else must be going on. Ive been delving a little deeper into internet chat on Chaos magic and the multiple origin stories for the Scarlet Witch , there is still a lot of room in this story for a Mephisto style man behind the curtain, so that gives me hope
  10. The article cites an ‘improper verbal exchange’ between Whedon and Trachtenberg, which again is quite vague as to what that even means. Most likely it just sounds like an aggressive slanging match ans Whedon being a bully, but it still leaves in the hint that there was something more sexually inappropriate there. You’d think they would make more effort to try and clear that one up
  11. I really doubt they would go that far tbh
  12. It was awful, much worse and stupider than anything in Iron man 3 or Thor 2. It reminded me of the crappy teen soap that they were writing in Netflix's Love.. what was it called? Witchita?
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