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  1. I’m sure quite a large percentage were the same people demonstrating about everything since Covid arrived, general anti vax loons. But I also suspect some people have turned up wanting to protest against vaccine passports.. bet they wonder what they got themselves into
  2. Some really mentally unwell people making speeches there
  3. Anyone wanting to laugh and then feel terrified and depressed, here is a Twitter thread showing some of the ‘highlights’ from today’s Lockdown protest in london. Featuring Katie Hopkin, and Ike and Corbyn family members
  4. Well at least you honestly accept the coercion term. But yeah again depends. The Uk has very high levels of vaccination amongst vulnerable groups and the vaccines are doing their job here in terms of preventing death and lowering hospitalisations. So what is it we want from the vaccination programme now? As I posted up earlier, the goal of the UK vaccination programme was explicitly to protect the vulnerable, not to eliminate the virus completely. Im genuinely amazed that more people are not outraged by some of the illiberal policies being put forward right now. There might be a case for them has we been unable to vaccinate the vulnerable and people were still dying in large numbers but we have and they aren’t. But that I guess is the level of fear we are living with now.
  5. I suspect different areas of the country would have different levels of conformity.
  6. Yeah just commented in the watched thread the same thing. The deviation from the show is bizarre enough as it is, not even having He Man in the show most of the time. This is almost like a parody of modern fantasy writing My comment:
  7. Sure but that’s not going to suddenly change just because the rules changed. Anyone not bothering to wear masks correctly probably never did
  8. Sure it’s anecdotal but on top of that most polls I’ve seen suggest people are going to keep up the mask wearing. Pure peer pressure, plus the fact that most shops and public transport are basically maintaining the rules. And yeah anecdotally since last week, every bus and tube I’ve seen has had around 90% of people wearing masks, every shop I’ve been in I can count on one hand the amount of people not wearing them.
  9. Watched 3 episodes of the new Masters of the Universe thing on Netflix. Was intrigued by the trailer and was looking forward to a nostalgia hit seeing all my favourite toys from my childhood in action again! First episode sort of delivered some of that, it seemed to show some affection for the original show but add in a bit more depth so that it felt more modern. After that first episode though.. I have no idea what I just watched. Quite frankly bizarre and infuriating. So basically a He Man show… that doesn’t have He Man in it?! Are you kidding me? It’s really Teela and the female mistresses of the universe. Not only is He Man not there but there are no men there .. well the ones that are seem to be completely ineffectual sidekicks who just apologise the entire time for their own uselessness. It doesn’t help that if you are going to centre the entire show around Teela that you also make her an annoying self aggrandising arrogant brat… and team her up with other unlikable characters to really make the whole thing unwatchable. I saw a rumour that due to contractual limitations because the original show isn’t owned by the same company that they had to make it a bit looser, but Kevin Smith needs his head read if he thinks ditching He Man was a good idea Oh well. Shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up
  10. Cases could be dropping just because people are deleting the app, but if you look at the change in case rises over the last few weeks it has been slowing gradually, then last week did a big jump and then dropped down again. That jump might well have been the football effect. Its possible that we will see another rise due to opening , but since there has been almost no tangible changes since last week, given most people still seem to be wearing masks, it shouldn’t be dramatic
  11. Yeah there are definite attempts to appeal to mainstream audiences with that trailer. That is quite normal, many movies put out trailers that make a movie look completely different. Guess it means they can use them in different contexts
  12. They also had some crazy deals, think I picked it up for a quid a month. Used to be I would read football365 every day, but I can’t bare it now. Or I would watch for Jonathan Wilson articles but the Atheltic has a great range of writers. Good point that many of those articles are just incredibly long winded, maybe they just aren’t for me though. Used to love Michael Cox but there is just a very granular level of detail in his articles now that I can’t be bothered with. Tifo is great though
  13. Yeah have to say Atheltic is rather good quality. Having said that, they are becoming the Amazon of sports writing and basically throwing money at it to grab the entire sector.. I feel a bit dirty reading it
  14. Tried watching ‘dumb but fun’The Tommorow War but the levels of dumb completely outweighed the fun.
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