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  1. The thing about international football is there seems to be the opinion that to win tournaments you need to play cautious football, that it's too hard to put together a cohesive system based on attacking high pressing styles. In that I think Southgate has been pretty successful, he seems very concerned with controlling games, with or without the ball. It might be that Maguire sort of fits the style that Southgate is going for.. plus he's got a Slabhead so scores goals at corners, which is a key element of Southgate's tactics. I'm assuming Gareth is fine having a solid defensive unit and a more potent attacking unit which works almost independently.
  2. At least if you are going to watch it at home, have a good sound system.
  3. It's a common criticism of the show NOW. That is a reflection of where society is now that this ever really comes up as an issue. If sociology in your state is trying to paint Ross as an antisemitic trope then maybe thats no bad thing.
  4. My point is that you are claiming there is an issue with antisemitic writing on the show.. except it's really just you who seems to think this is the case. There was no outcry over it before, the jewish writers didn't seem to think it was an issue. It's just you. So the writers wrote a Jewish character and didn't make her cheap.. was it another set of non-antisemitic writers who wrote her I wonder?
  5. I had a quick google, there also appears to be a number of occasions where Ross is actually very generous with his money. So I don't even know if this critique holds up at all. edit.. sorry which I think you just mentioned.
  6. Yeah plus the other costs that suddenly might add up, like needing a bigger house, needing a car. If you are in your 20's these things are a literal impossibility unless you want to raise your children in a tiny 1 bed flat. I do envy some of my childless friends who are able to go on holiday, or go to a nice restaurant, talk about the fun things they did. The opposite is also true of them as they come round and see the kids being angels and think it's amazing, not being there to see the screaming and tantrums.
  7. I think the biggest factor is the cost of raising children, overwhelmingly it would be seen as a career and life changing decision that might be an enormous mistake for a lot of young people, and so they avoid doing it until they are absolutely sure they can afford it. There was an interesting thought I saw somewhere else about the way having children intersects with class as well. It used to be that large families were the preserve of the working class, just culturally it was more the norm to marry early, have a load of kids, the wife would stay at home to look after them or have a part time job. There would be lots of family around to help provide support. These days there are really only pockets of the working class where this is even slightly true. Now with rising housing costs, the inability of one parent to support a family financially, dispersed family structures and stagnating wages, the working class, and in reality the middle class (who also actually work) put off having children to much later. But then there is a trend in the 'leisure class', rich people who don't really need to work, can afford permanent childcare, to display their wealth by having more children. Personally I know a couple of richer friends who are now on their 3rd and thinking about a 4th. That would be impossible for me. Ironically they might be the sort of people preaching about over population and women's rights. The other part of this equation, which I think doesn't get talked about enough and is something governments will struggle to do much about, is the sexual marketplace and general cultural changes. Back in the day you might know only a handful of people who would be willing to hook up with you and the societal penalty for sex outside marriage was severe, many would marry the first person they slept with. Now everyone is dating, using apps, hooking up and thinking Mr/Mrs Right is out there somewhere. There is no chance of us going backwards in this regards. Also I don't see people having children at 21 in an age where they could be prolonging their adolescence well into their 30's. Having a kid means growing up, it's hard, it's often really not fun at all. It means an enormous sacrifice in time, wealth and energy. Many people will not want to do that until they have done all the things we are told we need to do, like going bungee jumping off a waterfall or some shit.
  8. So not only was there no outcry from the general public and audiences, there wasn’t even seen a problem by the Jewish writers of the show. It’s almost as if this is a controversy that lives entirely in your own head.
  9. It could be that it was written at a time where nobody was thinking like that, and given the lack of outrage about it at the time, the writers knew it wasn’t an issue.
  10. Yeah same. It never even occurred to me that Ross was Jewish, maybe until about 10 minutes ago. Maybe it’s more explicit in the show, but it wasn’t something that crossed my mind. But then, there wasn’t the unfortunate level of hyper sensitivity that we have these days! It was a better time.
  11. What I always hated about Friends was how the characters being extreme versions of themselves in later seasons, Ross and Monica in particular were just absolute gargoyles. As far as I’m aware that was partly due to each actor demanding more screen time and ‘funny’ lines. It’s one of the reasons the later seasons became completely unwatchable for me.
  12. Logan’s run. just putting it out there as an idea.
  13. Spaced was also 1999 so long after friends. It’s not really a complete comparison to Friends because the humour is so unique and almost subversive of mainstream. The UK at the time had quite a few mainstream sitcoms, but they generally centred around families or some quirky situation. I always remember Fist of Fun making a joke about the sitcom trope of the time where a character would buy a pub / shop / cafe and the pub that would arise from that and be the title of the show. There were a lot of these middle of the road shows going on, but also the more edgy BBC2 stuff and then crossover stuff like Father Ted and Ab Fab. I can only think of something like Game On that might be a decent comparison to friends, but the difference in tone is stark, the main character being agoraphobic, the female character having some quite major issues with her sexual relationships. You wouldn’t ever have that level of depressing content in Friends. But it does show the different approaches to comedy at the time.
  14. Seinfeld in the UK was relegated to like 11pm on BBC2, which wasn’t the major channel, they had no idea what to do with it. Friends was given a popular slot on a Friday evening which really helped it. At that age I had a real issue with Friends and it annoyed me how popular it was. At the time there were so many amazing UK comedies like Alan Partridge and The Office, which were ground breaking and unique, but was Friends that everyone talked about at school. One of the reasons I ignored Seinfeld for so long is because it seemed to epitomise that US comedy style, all really broad, obvious comedy that just wants to manipulate its audience. Wasn’t till much later I understood how good it was. With Friends, I seem to remember almost every single episode, can quote a lot of it , and I sort of appreciate what it was doing, but I rarely found it funny.
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