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  1. Yeah it is kind of distasteful to speculate here, but I have to agree it’s more than likely not Brexit related. More likely I suspect it might be religious in nature.
  2. Wasn’t sure what to make of the trailers so it’s good to hear Ridley Scott might be back to making good movies. I’m still highly dubious because he’s been god awful for a while now and I’ve been let down by any number of historical movies in the past, especially by him. Having said that, Green Knight is one rare time I will agree with Zorral and say I absolutely loved it, but I get that it’s not for everyone. Probably goes over a few peoples heads
  3. I’m going to assume agents will find some sort of middle man way around the problem and it will just end up being a minor inconvenience for them
  4. I saw this thread and I assumed it was probably some conspiracy theory or something but it didn’t take long for it to jump into 9/11 truther craziness
  5. Halfway through Midnight Mass and it’s really finely balanced between dreary, overly long and slow dialogue drama, interesting thoughtful commentary on religion and slightly schlocky horror. There are definitely elements in there I like But also, it does tend to move at a snails pace and it would take a lot of commitment to get past that first episode if you were looking for some cheap horror thrills
  6. If we were still in the EU we would have been part of the procurement programme and we wouldn't have gotten the AZ vaccines before the EU. How can we all forget the mighty hoo haa the EU kicked up with AZ because the UK had got in ahead of them in the queue. Maybe you did. Plus it wasn't just AZ we got earlier. I think they are slashing checks by more than 50%, which is a good offer, though its worth noting one of the big problems here has been the disparity between checks in either direction, with the EU taking an over judicious level of checking on goods, which was deemed not to be in the spirit of the agreement by the UK. So them, backtracking on this is a positive, even if it is one more in another list of the many things they have said in the past was simply not possible to do, which they have managed to make possible (almost as if they make the rules up when it suits them?) Honestly why isn't more ire thrown the way of the illegal people smugglers, who take vulnerable people's cash to throw them into dangerous situations. And more sympathy for people who have attempted to claim asylum in the country the legal way, whose path is being blocked by those who want to jump the queue and get in illegally.
  7. The vaccine thing is oft repeated but it’s not really true. Like a lot of what of what the EU says, just because you ‘can’ do something, it really doesn’t mean you can. The idea that the UK would actually have left the EU procurement programme had Brexit not have happened is fanciful at best. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/inews.co.uk/opinion/eu-uk-vaccine-supply-row-astrazeneca-brexit-849033/amp
  8. Well the government has put in a hell of a lot more than that into healthcare recently so I’m not sure it matters. Either way it’s worth reading Dominic Cummings comments on the figure and seeing it it’s worth fighting over. But anyway, I gave you some benefits, you can leave now.
  9. The simple answer is that the benefits of leaving the EU are long term, and anyone expecting overnight changes would be disappointed. Not being part of the EU, and therefore national law having primacy rather than the other way round ( have a look at the EUs unintentionally threatening post to Poland if anyone is under any doubts about who is in charge), not being part of an ever close union with a centralised , less democratic and opaque form of governance are all huge benefits. We’ve already conducted a ton of trade deals globally and are in talks with a lot more, including a potential trans Pacific partnership.. it’s almost like it’s much easier to do trade deals when you aren’t part of some constantly bickering multinational groups who has to halt everything on the back on what some Flemish farmers think. Even then, in the short term we managed to get our Covid vaccination started while the EU was going round and round in circles because we were able to act unilaterally.. who then got so worked up and tried to deflect blame that they went after AZ and tried to pull out Article 16. Anyway, the point is, of course there will be short term pain from leaving an institution that has grown roots into so much of the way it’s members are run, it would mad to think it would all go smoothly from day one, especially when actually our own government has so many incompetent people running it. But actually in terms of the project fear projections, almost non of them have come to pass. Despite what some of the hyperbolic members of the board will tell you, we are not living in the end times, everything is basically the same. Even where there were issues such as with HGV drivers, Brexit is only one of a number of factors in the equation, but because it’s not convenient to see the big picture, that gets swept over.
  10. Do you have anything of relevance to say on the matter? You don’t actually appear to know anything about Britain or Brexit so what point are you attempting to make?
  11. That’s not engaging. I’m genuinely interested in what your issue is. Firstly how much of any of these issues are Brexit related and how much are to do with a once in a lifetime pandemic event, I don’t think you really have a clue or are even interested in figuring out How much of the pig cull was to do with rocketing gas prices creating a shortage of carbon dioxide used to stunning pigs. Not Brexit related so I guess you don’t care. You use the word wrecked and carnage with little awareness of what is actually happening. That is why it’s not worth engaging
  12. Not really though. You’re talking about “carnage” and it’s very hard to take you seriously when you use that language. I know you spend all day reading Twitter posts by momentum and Femi which maybe explains why you believe the things you do , but there really isn’t any sort of ‘carnage’ going on. There are some some minor supply issues around the country, which are partly caused by a lack of HGV drivers, which is in part a result of brexit. Notice I said in part there because there were a lot of other factors, as to why there is a shortage , like a pandemic for one. There was a tiny issue with fuel supply, which was almost entirely caused by panic buying morons and an irresponsible media who loves to whip up said morons and create such panics. Really had nothing to do with Brexit. So it’s really hard to see what there is to engage with when you constantly rant about these things. Like what is it you actually want a response to?
  13. Homestly when someone says something worth responding to seriously then they might get a serious answer. Spending page after page with over the top ranting and screaming into the wind, doesn’t really deserve much more than a little smiley face.
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