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  1. Hmm I’m not sure reporting people to the police and wasting police time for cheap political points is anything to chuckle over. I think whether Farage breaches his quarantine by a few hours is an incredibly minor issue, but the leader of a political party thinking it was a reasonable excuse to send in the cops is actually more disturbing. I think that luckily all this does is expose the petty embarrassing nature of some people’s politics, these stunts are hardly an isolated incident, every day there is a new news story about Cummings being questioned by the police over the size of his barn or where his car is parked, this stuff isn’t winning any votes.
  2. Turns out Farage had been back in the UK for two weeks and tested negative. But as ever, having the leader of the Liberal Democrats actually phone up the police to hopefully try and get him arrested doesn't make anybody look good. Are people really going to want to vote for a curtain twitcher
  3. Can we at least agree that the corridor of light was not a good addition to the story? It might be the only moment in the whole show I actively disliked.
  4. I’ve rarely seen a video of someone who films themselves talking back to police officers and thought ‘ hey I’d really like to go for a drink with that guy’
  5. I remember being deeply disappointed in Killing them softly. Jesse James is one of my top 5 movies and couldn’t wait to see what he followed up with. It was deeply ‘meh’, and didn’t really seem to have much of a point. Jesse James is such a beautifully crafted movie I wanted more of that but it wasn’t really there. On the plus side it was one of the first roles I’d seen Ben Mehndelson and Skoot McNairy in, both guys I will now watch in anything.
  6. It’s not surprising that there are more cases in workplaces only after work places start reopening. Surely that is entirely predictable? At what point do you suggest pubs and restaurants open? ( you know without drifting off into some strange irrelevant Brexit tangent)
  7. I saw this one last week and it is a shocking level of incompetence. If the suspect they were looking for was dangerous then you could imagine that the stupid bear hug might have been necessary ( probably not though), but any sensible person would notice that the first cop was not in any danger. But the sheer lack of communication going on there was really eye opening. Why don’t they tell each other the situation before going all WWE on people? Why did the first cop not make clear the situation before the bear cop does a sliding tackle. In some ways this reminds me of the George Floyd situation, where some of those cops had just started their jobs Why are cops not speaking out about bad behaviour? What are the social incentives that are happening that prevent junior cops from challenging bad behaviour, and how do you break that up. The idea that cops work in some tight cliques that you cannot step out of without extreme social exclusion and career damaging consequences has been an open secret for a while, I mean how many movies in the past few decades have dealt with that subject! Sure most of those movies are about crooked cops on the take but it’s the same thing. One of the issues that surely has to be changed with US police is democratisation of opinion and voice, especially internally. I get the impression it works like the army.. you can’t criticise your superiors or challenge them. Might be ok in a war but it doesn’t work in other environments.
  8. Sending it directly to a board member is threatening behaviour and I’m going to just assume the mods will look into it quite seriously.
  9. In defence of BFC it’s quite clear to anyone reading these posts he has little love for the brutal nature of many US cops, and has been repeatedly critical of them. Anyone thinking he’s ‘defending his own’ simply isn’t paying attention. I think it’s quite right to examine every situation that arises with a critical lens, and wait for evidence before passing judgement. Who would argue against that? As for sending ACAB.. that’s genuinely appalling. I hope someone does something about that.
  10. Even if the ‘observer effect’ was one of the answers and did solve a lot of problems, it doesn’t help with problems with it narratively. While it is nice that there are resources online to help with understanding the show, we really shouldn’t need to be digging that deep into them, days after finishing the show, to actually understand what happened. That’s not good storytelling unfortunately.
  11. I have to say that thinking about Darks complexities has now stopped being all that fun, and is more headache inducing than anything else. I just cannot keep it all in my head. There was a point where I could build a picture of what happened, but now I will need to construct an enormous ‘cliche serial killer wall board’ with strings, pins and newspaper clippings in order to make the connections. And there will be a shot of me collapsed on the floor amongst piles of paper crying.
  12. I really enjoyed Sacred Deer, you’re right, everything about it is a little off, which is unsettling. Colin Farrell is also fantastic in it, he has an awesome sense of timing which really showed through in the Lobster as well. I like pretty much everything by the director, even though his movies aren’t perfect he has a unique voice and tone that I just really love. The Lobster has its flaws, especially second half but the world it creates and the way it makes you feel is very special
  13. Anyone trying to defend Crystal Skull should watch the monkey rope swing scene and try to not develop a drinking problem https://youtu.be/VbdaoAYveUA
  14. A lot of the controversy around it’s release in India was because it depicted Indian cuisine as monkey brains and eyeballs, which was seen to be offensive to a largely vegetarian country. ( completely missing the point that the scene is meant to be a send up of western views of India, the prince serving up what westerners expected) Sure there was also the ‘white saviour trope’ but this had more to do with the depiction of Christianity saving Hinduism than anything around race. The other issue was the depiction of Kali as a god. As a general point, Indiana Jones uses nationalistic stereotypes for almost all its characters, that’s just what it does. Id say that was the excepted ordering. I do think that Last Crusade is pretty terrible from the point River Phoenix leaves to screen until Sean Connery arrives but after that it’s great.
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