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  1. Heartofice

    Trailer Thread V

    Completely agree, the formula is all there. The story isn't really that important, you could say it was already pretty weak in the first 2 movies anyway. The difference with John Wick is in the execution, there have been a ton of wannabe John Wick movies and they've mostly all been duds.
  2. Heartofice

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll definitely watch it. But this is certainly the least enthusiastic I've been for a SW movie in a long time. Even with the Prequels I was enthused by the thought that 'the next one MUST be better' idea. Her Jedi order will probably eschew teaching for a form of Jedi Mastery that involves just waking up and being brilliant. All Jedis who aren't just brilliant will be excommunicated. Or we could simply try and forget the Canto Bight section altogether, especially as it doesn't really seem to reflect anything else presented in the SW universe. I thought he had potential In TFA, but when he simply reverted to type in TLJ I've given up on him being an amazing Villain. I can imagine with a time jump the story could well restore my faith in him as a baddie.
  3. On why Corbyn asking to remove No-Deal from the table makes little sense: https://twitter.com/Usherwood/status/1085910248496513024
  4. Heartofice

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well exactly. What is there to anticipate? 'Ooh I can't wait to find out whether the universe goes back to how it was only a couple of years ago' Thats not keeping me on the edge of my seat. I wonder if the super overpowered girl will win everything? I wonder if the moody emo guy will get angry again (he will) I wonder if Finn will be used as embarrassing comic relief? Will there be more Porgs? Its really going to take a lot to rescue where TLJ took the franchise, just in terms of story if nothing else.
  5. Heartofice

    You (Netflix)

    Ah, found this thread. I'll just repeat that I didn't go into this with very many expectations, and in a lot of ways its just a classic dumb story of a serial killer / stalker. But what it does very well is make you genuinely like the protagonist despite his odd flaws and insanity. I really wanted him to get the girl by the end.
  6. Bit of a discussion of You upthread. I actually ended up really enjoying it despite reservations. It does a lot of unexpected things, but don't over think it!
  7. Heartofice

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If and when the ‘resistance’ beats the first order, well then what? We are back at square one of the force awakens. Blah blah. Something dramatically different is going to need to happen for this entire trilogy to not feel incredibly unsatisfying
  8. Sarcasm levels off the chart there. To be clear, I am definitely in the reluctant remain voter camp, but quite obviously I am not a remainer. If for no other reason than much of the obtuse arrogance on display. Anyway it seems May refuses to take no deal off the table despite Corbyn insisting on that. I read earlier he won’t even be invited to those talks!
  9. Heartofice

    Football: the winter break

    The man is a god.
  10. You need to get over this delusion and go outside and actually talk to people who voted. It might be helpful.
  11. Apart from say Females aged 18-24 the voting was quite evenly split at around the 60-40 range when you look at age groups. This is the point, there is a huge divide over Brexit, across the country and even in each community.
  12. Heartofice

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    The Leftovers did a good job of it.
  13. Huge range of views as to what the next steps are going to be. Nobody seems to agree.
  14. That relies on believing the EU will act in good faith and agree to things rather than keep the UK in a situation it cannot escape. Again I was asking the question because I’ve seen numerous people speak about the technical solutions but it went quite. Obviously I hadn’t seen that video as I wasn’t even on this board before. It was interesting, I’m not sure it’s quite as case closing as you assume it is however. Either way, it’s not an excuse for your tone.