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  1. Isn’t it notoriously ahistorical and being accused of whitewashing the African slave trade?
  2. Witcher season one is a particularly egregious example of time jumps. At times I found it completely incomprehensible as to what was going on and when. Now some of that is on me for not paying enough attention, but the show itself did a very bad job at grounding the viewer and giving cues as to what is going on. I think we over estimate how much attention the average viewer is giving this stuff
  3. Everyone should take it upon themselves to watch this movie even if they don’t want to, just to spite the abomination that Disney just put out
  4. Actually if you read the thread they talk about quite similar things. But oh well, go back to doing what you do. Zorral has a habit of selective quoting of paywalled content, it’s just what she does
  5. Well it’s obvious the show will have some sort of character development t for Jen because at some point she will accept the She Hulk side of her. I suspect however that the show writers do not recognise that Jen has flaws, and so there won’t be character development outside of that. Other characters will tell her she’s great and an amazing person, despite her never being one
  6. I don’t have a NYT account so obviously I can’t read the story. Only the selective quotes posted. So not sure why someone would post a link to an obviously paywalled site
  7. Weirdly I was going to post this Twitter thread by Krugman on the same story, which seem to paint a slightly different picture to the typical selective quoting by Zorral
  8. Yeah true, but then that means Jen is permanently a shit person
  9. It’s pretty clear that Clark is not comfortable doing action scenes like that and the whole setup seems to have been designed to cover for her weakness. A bit like those Boba Fett fight scenes. The whole thing was very slow, her actions were just ponderous. At one point she pushes her sword to the back of one guys neck and he probably had a couple of seconds to react to it but of course didn’t. If you actually just keep your eyes on her during the fight it’s minimal , she doesn’t have to do much other than jump to the side or dodge a bit. Maybe that is the point but it feels like it was choreographed to cover for her. Any time she needs to move a sword it looks really amateur and slow. But meh, whatever, I really don’t think it’s the worst thing in the show, it’s just a symptom of a bigger problem
  10. I did groan when they started fighting over an open flame lantern in a ship covered in flammable liquid. It’s one of those stupid movie moments that of course has to happen
  11. I can’t even tell if a plot is dumb or not any more on this show, I’m mostly so completely unengaged when watching it, that it barely registers if Mithril suddenly becomes a Macguffin for the elves survival. I can barely understand what anyone is trying to do in any of the other plots because I’m too bored by any of it to really concentrate. This is the epitome of a ‘looking at my phone’ tv show, when it really shouldn’t be. I did work out this week that what is really irritating me about this show is how artificial and staged everything feels. After watching Andor and buying into that world in seconds I understood what’s bothering me about RoP. I cannot lose myself in this experience because it all feels like a production of a tv show , it doesn’t even attempt to create something believable. For instance - the CGI is epic but it’s too epic and obviously cgi. Everything that’s not a sweeping CGI landscape is a medium or close shot that locks the viewer into a narrow point of view and makes everything feel small and claustrophobic. - The costumes are cheap looking, don’t look lived in or real, they look like Star Trek outfits made for tv rather than something people would actually wear. Those Numenor ‘soldiers’ outfits just were awful. That whole scene of Galadriel training them was awful. - Most of the extras and even main characters just look and act like drama school students. They are all so clean, with modern haircuts and looks, so pretty and young. Nobody looks like they inhabit this world, they look like actors. I can’t buy that any of them are who they say they are because they don’t look the part. That’s not even talking about old looking elves with bad hair. - All the sets.. look like obvious sets. The watchtower set is an embarrassment for instance. I can see the joins! Everything about this show just have a layer of artificiality about it.
  12. Well they might be ok with critical acclaim, there is value in that on its own. It might also be a way to get adults to purchase Disney+ and bring in a different audience. If all you cater to is one demographic then you are really limiting yourself. You might come for Andor and stay for some other drama you spot on there.
  13. Thing about all these different shows in the SW universe is you don’t actually have to watch them all. I never watched Clone Wars and don’t care about it, but so far really like Andor. Are kids really gonna watch this? It’s mostly a thriller that is barely related to Star Wars most of the time. You can’t alienate fan bases who don’t watch something
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