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  1. Question, I'm considering buying a PS4, rather than upgrading my PC. I'm hearing rumours about the PS5, but I don't think I can really wait that long. Should I wait? Will prices come down at any time soon? And then really should I move over to the Playstation from PC, I generally play strategy games, but I think I'm going to need some games with a bit less time investment soon.
  2. Heartofice

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    It wasn't legally binding but the government said: "This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide" But then, like everything else we've seen so far, words don't mean very much, its easy to backtrack on basically anything.
  3. Heartofice

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    Marvel have definitely tried to do origin stories a little more differently as they have gone on, Black Panther jumps many of those hurdles because his character had already been established in Civil War (and done better IMO..) The weakest MCU movies are the ones that tend to stick to pretty standard origin story structure: Introduce main character, they discover powers, use powers to defeat baddie.. the end. Dr Strange and Ant Man are examples where this feels the most formulaic and uninteresting (although Ant Man uses humour to stand out a bit more) Captain Marvel manages to dodge this bullet a bit by mixing up where the origin story sits and its importance, probably a good call and it kept me more interested. But then at the end of the day all these first movies have the same issue in that their main purpose is to introduce a character, and then have time left over to do anything interesting with them at all. Which means the final third of all these movies feels inconsequential.
  4. Really it just depends on your goals as to whether the gym is right for you. If it’s just general fitness so that you don’t die early then play sports and eat better. Lets be honest the gym is really about aesthetics, people want to look better, almost everyone would prefer to look somewhat athletic. Lifting weights and a controlled diet is the quickest and best way to do that. You can do body weight stuff of course at home but it’s definfely harder to progress to something more advanced and gain better results. I get why people don’t like gyms though. My gym can be quite loud and has been over taken by a group of guys who are loud and take up a bunch of space. If I was new to working out it would put me off. But there are lots of options, finding a gym that’s right for you, go at the right time ( mine is 24 hours), get a PT to help you out. Back on the main topic though, I think companies should give real incentives and bonuses to employees for using gyms. Lots of companies have gyms in their offices and I think it should be encouraged far more.
  5. Heartofice

    Terrorist Attack at New Zealand mosques

    If doesn’t even make any sense as an idea. If your objective was to get rid of Nazis in order to stop racist violence then creating an incident like this would be utterly counterproductive. Especially as your priority would probably be the welfare of minorities, murdering them would be the absolute last thing you would do. It’s so ridiculously unlikely you’d have to be a moron to consider it for more than a moment. False flags are more likely if you want to provoke violence and start wars, even the most rabid leftist doesn’t seem keen on that.
  6. Heartofice

    The Umbrella Academy

    I’m only 3 episodes in but I really like it so far. I chose Doom Patrol over watching this as I’d heard such mediocre things about it but it’s a ton of fun. Knowing it’s a comic book adaptation helps I think, it definitely gives off that vibe. I really like Juno in it, god her face is so sad!
  7. Heartofice

    Terrorist Attack at New Zealand mosques

    Think you missed the bit where he punched him in the head.
  8. That generally doesn’t tend to happen. I think you’ve been watching too many movies. the environment isn’t very competitive , most people just get on with what they are doing and ignore what everyone else is doing. Yes you have certainly demonstrated that, and not just in this thread.
  9. Heartofice

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    Yes if there is a ref on a deal which doesn’t deal with immigration or sovereignty up against remain as the other option then I’m not sure why any Leave voter would bother
  10. Heartofice

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    Well to be fair a large portion of the stories constantly pumped out by the media about food shortages, medicine shortages etc have all been total nonsense. So the scare tactics are real. If you want to convince people that the media isn’t trying to thwart Brexit then maybe they should do a better job.
  11. If you mention you don’t like the people who attend the gym then that assumes that there is a type of person who goes to the gym. That you group them all together demonstrates your thinking quite clearly.
  12. Heartofice

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    Why would they bother ?
  13. Of course because in your mind , gym people are not far off being Nazis. I can see why you might have trouble. Either way, there is nothing to be proud of in sneering at ‘meatheads’. It’s a completely unproductive mentality. Accepting that you are not good at something is the first step. What you notice when you go to the gym is that nobody notices you.
  14. You sound like so many of my friends. There is like this weird superiority thing some people have over gym people, as if they feel better about themselves imagining that being some out of shape academic type makes them better because they imagine anyone who looks after the way their appearance is a ‘meathead’. But loads of people go to the gym, and they aren’t all the same, many of them are really nice people. They just don’t want to be fat.
  15. Heartofice

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    If it turns out that delivering on Brexit is impossible then yes the whole thing should be cancelled. That won’t be the end of it however