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  1. There have also been countless video game threads where Total War hasn't even been mentioned. Theres what, 4 pages where a few people are talking about it? Not sure what the problem is other than its a game you just aren't interested in. Let people have their fun. Hopefully this will fix the Chaos invasion and make it scary like it was the first time I played Warhammer 1. Right now the VC just seem to gobble up most of the empire in every playthrough, which I find far more challenging than chaos.
  2. Anyway, in more important news Boris announces that we will return the highly successful *ahem* tier system when lockdown ends. But on the upside gyms are now exempt and can reopen
  3. Sorry you’re right. I forgot the bit where you couldn’t explain what I’d gotten wrong about your post. Thanks for reminding me
  4. Maybe younger members of the audience wouldn't understand what a hilarious cliche this scene already was at that point. It was a trope I think the Simpsons was poking fun at at least a decade earlier.
  5. Well I mean there are no movies that aren't made from some pre existing source material these days anyway! (not to mention there are just no movies at all right now!). There is no appetite to make original movies.. well not enough appetite. These things happen in trends. After Lord of the Rings came out all blockbusters featured some long winded CGI battle scene and after Harry Potter came out every young adult book got turned into a movie. Outside of Star Wars how many examples are there of successful sci fi space opera? Recently I can't think of very many. The two recent attemps that spring to mind are enormous flops like John Carter or Jupiter Rising (I still maintain that John Carter is pretty good). Who is going to risk making another one of those?
  6. One fun thing I tried to do with one of my Empire playthroughs was to play a 'pike and shot' gunpowder army build. Basically even numbers of handgunners and halberds, in a checkerboard formation, you can bring any unit that uses gunpowder, so pistolers etc, artillery. It was really fun and actually almost sort of works. I also try and ban magic but that makes life quite difficult.
  7. I don't see why. Just ignore the posts if they don't interest you.
  8. That's actually not true. The first post about Goodhart was complaining that someone who was a racist was appointed to the EHRC. I pointed out that he really isn't one. A number of other posters also joined in on that point. It was only Mormont who then tried to divert to saying it was because Goodhart wasn't qualified. I asked him what such a qualification would look like, to which he declined to answer. Both links posted onto this board were Guardian links which were only interested in the views of Goodhart and Butcher and implied that they shouldn't get those jobs on the basis that their opinions are not the correct ones. Let's be honest that is where the real outrage is coming from, because there has been little discussion about what qualifies anyone for these boards before. If people are going to post links to articles I don't see why I shouldn't be able to talk about the content of those articles. In terms of trying to impose an 'ideological framework' on the board then why have they just appointed someone who doesn't agree with that framework (whatever the hell that framework is , mostly it seems to be about not buying into most of the bull that comes out from the left).
  9. I mean, have to completely disagree here. That was the moment the entire trilogy was building up, it was the moment that stirred my imagination before the movies even came out. It was the one thing I'd been waiting to see. And it was anti climax in so many ways. Where Vader vs Luke in Empire and Jedi was a wonderful dance of emotions via the medium of lightsabre battles, RotS' big fight was a video game, it was no less a video game than any of the other fights in the trilogy. It was greenscreen figures jumping on plaforms in lava as if they were mario, poorly framed close ups and completely unbelievable choreography. What a let down. What a dismal ending to a dismal series. Oh and lets not the biggest meme worthy scene: 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!' when I remember my audience bursting into laughter' Admittedly in the cinema I thought 'oh this is better! Much more what I was waiting for'. On rewatch it really is just as dull as everything else, it just feels like a zap zap video game in the same way. The banter in the opening few scenes is an improvement I will give it that. Does it really answer any of that? It does a pretty awful job of getting its message across because Anakin is such a poorly drawn and executed character. There a number of very interesting angles that could have been taken on Anakin and why he turned to the Dark Side, but actually in the movies his turn is almost overnight and has very little real build up. To get any sort of depth to who he is you need to go and watch all the Clone Wars cartoons, because it isn't there in the movies. The real message is that Anakin turned to the dark side because he's a little b***h who just moans all the time. Way to ruin such an icon George. Not sure if this is reference to a comment I made earlier, but I wasn't mocking the use of trade disputes, I was mocking the sentiment that the movies are a deep and clever examination of politics because they have have 'trade disputes' in them. Really I don't think you can just handwave all the problems and deficiencies of these movies away by citing 'ambition'. Tommy Wiseau was pretty ambitious when he made The Room.. doesn't mean it isn't a glorious mess. Yeah these are the sort of arguments I heard in defence of the prequels a decade or more ago, and I still don't see that they hold up to scrutiny at all. I'm sure someone who is more invested in the prequels could pull apart it's story and its stupidity, god knows I've seen enough videos on that in the past, but I've tried my best to forget these movies exist.
  10. Their views definitely come into it. But then why shouldn't they? Why shouldn't people be appointed to bring a diversity of opinion? That won't be the only reason they were appointed but I don't have a problem with it being a qualifying attribute. They have also appointed Su-Mei Thompson who appears to not hold similar opinions to Butcher, and so hopefully there would be some level of discussion and disagreement. Which is a good thing.
  11. In terms of groundbreaking, obviously it's merchandising and special effects where Star Wars gets a lot of credit. I do suspect that it did have an effect on the type of audience studios would aim at. This is really just off the top of my head so I can't say if that is accurate, but in the 70s you had movies like Jaws, Godfather, even trash like Towering Inferno. Big movies, but aimed at adults. The big blockbusters in the 80's were definitely all family led movies. Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones. These were movies that parents and adults could go and see. You could also say they were a bit sillier in some ways. 70's movies were pretty serious. I think it all became a general trend for blockbusters till you got movies like Independence Day.
  12. I wasn't that aware of Butcher before now, I think I'd seen a TED talk of hers in the past. I would concede her CV doesn't look especially impressive in these matters. Goodhart is someone I've followed for a long time and I like a lot of what he has to say, I think he is definitely qualified. However, if you look at the criticism in the media against their appointments, it is because they don't have the correct views. The argument from places like the Guardian is that only someone with the correct views on diversity can be allowed to sit on such a board. There doesn't seem to be much worry about Butchers lack of experience, more that she attacked 'modern feminism' and so therefore must be against women and diversity. The implication is that these two are trying to attack diversity itself. That is clearly not the case if you read anything they have written.
  13. What would you suggest the necessary qualifications for such a position would be? Goodhart has researched, spoken and written on these subjects for many years and is very well respected. Butcher is a young female entrepreneur who has also written and spoken on these topics. If you look at previous members of these committees, there really isn't a qualification you get which means you are a shoe in for such a position, they come from all walks of life. Some position themselves as 'diversity experts' and some are just people who worked in business. It's also worth noting that there have been 4 new appointments to the EHRC recently, Bernard Ribeiro and Su-Mei Thompson. There has been less outcry about their appointment because they haven't displayed 'wrong think' in regards to a couple of key subjects. My point about 'sensible' appointments is in regards to having diversity of opinion on such a board. If everyone comes in the room with exactly the same perception then that is pretty damaging and not helpful. I also personally tend to agree with many of the perspectives of Goodhart and Butcher in this case, and I'm quite happy that there are some level headed people there.
  14. Again, in regards to both appointments, what seems to be the main gripe about them is that there is only one perspective that is correct and so any appointment to these boards should already be a card carrying member of a certain consensus. Butcher doesn't sign up to some of the positions those on the left would demand, but so what? That doesn't actually mean she is any less for equality, she regards herself as feminist. Goodhart is also deeply concerned about equality and fairness. Both seem to be quite sensible appointments.
  15. I was weirdly pleasantly surprised by Eurovision the movie, mainly because it would be hard for my expectations to be any lower than they were. I saw the trailer and it looked abysmal. It wasn't that, but it wasn't a good Will Ferrell movie, in terms of humour it is incredibly lazy and you get the sense it was improvised quite quickly without anyone trying especially hard. But it had its charm, it was a kind of innocent bit of fun, and it showed a genuine sense of joy at the eurovision song contest, it didn't seem to be a PR exercise as much as I expected either. And I actually liked the song in the middle with the second tier eurovision acts from the last few years, it was cheesy and shit, but then so is Eurovision.
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