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  1. Because it was on tv last night I caught the last half of When Harry met Sally, and I still think it’s probably the best romantic comedy ever created. Everything about it is pitch perfect, every line is immaculately written and performed. I could take any scene from that movie and declare it a classic. Rom Coms are a genre I usually avoid, but on the very rare occcasion they are well made they end up being some of my favourites.
  2. It sounds like United’s scouting system is piss poor so it’s not surprising he is relying on what he knows. That’s also not uncommon for new managers to bring in players who know a style of play the manager is looking to implement
  3. America Chavez is maybe the most mcguffiney character I’ve ever seen in a movie, it’s just bizarre that she seems to exist as a thing to make the plot work with almost no effort to make her into a 3 dimensional (pun intended) character. I would like to see a Dr Strange, monster of the week tv show though, a bit like Buffy but with more silly hand movements.
  4. I can’t think of another show where I was so ready to check out and drop by the second season, but the third season is something I look forward to more than anything on tv! The Boys has really hit a peak this season, all of the plots are compelling, it has so many scenes that will live in the memory and it just seems to have really come together in a way it wasn’t last season. I honestly can’t wait for the next episode
  5. I don’t think anyone was ignoring anything. I understood that Luke was good at flying ships, due to the limited tidbits of info in the movie. I don’t need to see the craft he flew or see him doing a fucking training montage to understand it. The problem with modern movie making, and maybe modern audiences is that they want everything laid out on a plate for them. Like they can’t believe that anyone could be good at anything without literally seeing the training and learning of skills on screen. Outside of that, the story establishes that Luke is special, has special force abilities as well.. it doesn’t require any real leaps of logic to think he might be good at flying an X-Wing.
  6. Oh I had no idea. THEY are a real piece of shit. That’s easy.
  7. If they make it so he’s running really fast the entire movie , so fast he’s just a blur.. they can just replace him. Problem solved.
  8. I read an interesting article only yesterday about the difficulty of creating tv about Muslim stories in the UK, mainly because there is a preconception about what its like to be Muslim and how if you are going to write those stories they have to follow a certain format and deal with certain issues. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/jun/23/british-tv-failing-muslims-ms-marvel What I liked about Ms Marvel is that it very much normalised the fact the family is Pakistani and muslim, it's not especially trying to push any buttons or tick any boxes. Thats why it felt very organic and natural.
  9. I always assumed X-Wings were just a bit more valuable. Why waste them shooting down AT-ATs when you could be using them to protect fleet ships and torpedo Star Destroyers.
  10. I think there is a big difference between someone like Larry David or Danny McBride, who are comedians and comedy creators with long histories of creative talent, writing and producing shows that they themselves will star in, and Kit Harrington who is.. a very mediocre actor with a moribund acting career doing the same thing.
  11. I also think her motivation for hunting Luke is kinda.. 'huh'?. I had to go and look it up why she was doing that, but I still don't get why she thought it would bother Vader. It was just another thing that had to happen to get to the end point. Honestly I think it would have worked better if she had just died.
  12. I've kind of moved past noticing his accent now, thought it was jarring at the beginning. I'm just not sure the MCU knew quite how to position Dr Strange as a character. Initially Stephen Strange seemed like a budget Tony Stark, all arrogance and quick one liners. As time has gone on, he just arrives in movies, acts knowledgable, totally messes everything up and then heads off to the next movie to the do the same. There are some attempts to define him as a character in this movie, his relationship with Christine for example, but it all feels a bit misplaced because its been so long since the last movie and we've just gotten a very paper thin version of the character in between.
  13. I do find it a little funny that Kit Harington came up with the idea of a show in which he is the main star, at a point in his career where the best he can do is a bit part in a pretty weak Eternals movie. I mean good on him for being ambitious and giving his career a nudge but don't inflict this on the world for selfish reasons. Also, 'Just write the book' George!' We are all saying it, but even if he just checks in once a month, it's a distraction, combined with all the other million projects going on. I've accepted I will never read it now, my time reading tWoW feel like a lifetime away now, I'm not even angry, just disappointed. As for this show. I don't really care. If GRRM is not writing it or never intended to write it then it will just suffer the fate of the last few seasons of GoT I'm sure, veering off into a highly predictable, mainstream direction that would never challenge the audience. It will probably be Turner and Hooch.. but with a Direwolf.
  14. I caught about 10 minutes of the the new Ms Marvel before deciding to watch Dr Strange 2 instead. I'm a bit worried that now the show is moving more into superhero territory it will become much less interesting. I was certainly bored of all the talk around finding bracelets and Djinn, I've seen that sort of thing a million times before. Hopefully when I resume the show will get back to being more unique. As for Dr Strange 2.. I dunno. There are a lot of fun things going on in it, those moments where you can see the Raimi-isms are just great, where it veers into horror almost. It does feel like its let down by yet another weak Disney script. None of it is really all that compelling, but maybe the core issue is that Stephen Strange is not an interesting character, Cumberbatch is a fine actor but a very bland Dr Strange. Add to the problem that Dr Strange must be the most incompetent hero in the entire MCU right now. How many movies has he completely fucked something up? In this he's almost continuously making fundamental errors, getting laid on his ass or destroying the universe. Not sure why more isn't made of just how crap he is. I guess thats why they centred a lot of the movie around Wanda, but even then it's very awkward. I can't imagine what someone who hadn't seen Wandavision would be doing going into this movie. It's absolutely required viewing going in, but even then, the shift in character from the end of that show to the beginning of this is quite jarring, even if they did try and set it up.
  15. I mean I agree that there are huge logic holes between the prequels and the OT but not sure adding in a new one is all that excusable either. To be honest I have to admit I probably wasn’t paying attention due the extreme boredom the series inflicted on me, but what was her motivation for pursuing Luke? She wanted to get to Vader, fails, almost dies.. then goes looking for Luke.. because? I’m sure I missed something there
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