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  1. Veltigar

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Season two It's brilliant in such an understated way. Really great how even with that setting, you can still get swept up in the girls' tribulations.
  2. Veltigar

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    The first episode of Derry Girls was hilarious again
  3. Veltigar

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    I have kept on going with Trigger Warning. KIller Mike is a national treasure and you Americans should take good care of him. He's a great satirist! yes! yes! yes! EDIT: Although I don't get why the Britons are always so unwilling to give an exact date for when a series is about to drop. Really annoying.
  4. Veltigar

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Just started the third episode of Trigger Warning, Killer Mike's Netflix show... This series is crazy
  5. Veltigar

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    They kept on not getting the film and eventually I lost it during the end when it was surprising though, since usually people are still quite respectful here during a showing. I have read some horrorstories on this board about what some of you all had to endure during the movies and I'm very glad this is still something very exceptional. Interesting information, you don't have any sisters by any chance? :p
  6. Veltigar

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Oh, I love GoldenEye, probably my favourite after Casino Royal. Only Goldfinger comes close for me. Oh come on, any Bond film with Robbie Coltrane in it is certified to be a good one. Also, always had a thing for Denise Richards in that film I saw that one in theatre as well. Very different from what I expected. Phoenix is amazing in it as usual. The theatre experience was dreadful though, I almost got into a fight with a bozo who did not understand the film and kept on talking to his moronic girlfriend throughout the film until I stopped them. Fun times.
  7. Veltigar

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    No, that wasn't it, but my neighbour on the bus was comparing Sully to this one though, so you got close
  8. Veltigar

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Was stuck on the bus when I came back from skiing and I managed to see three films: Creed, which I brought myself and which continues to impress me as a film. It has style, it has story and it has such emotional heft. I still can't believe how lucky we are that the seventh film in a franchise can be this good (definitely the best of the series, although I still have to watch the sequel). Then the bus drivers also had some films for us: The first was Going Out in Style, which is a truly mediocre film. I sniggered a few times, but overall I found it so uninspiring that I can't believe anyone involved really thought it worth their time making it. A bit of a shame really, I have seen worse films that I could respect more, because those tried something and failed, unlike films like this which are just kind of there. The second one was Sully, which was okay. I didn't get the complete nuances, since they for some reason had it on in German, but it was nice. It reminded me of other films though. I can't really remember which one anymore, but I remember seeing it and being like 'that reminds me off...' not really relevant as such, but perhaps someone had a similar feeling and might take a guess. And one question: Anyone seen Wayne yet? The new Youtube Red original? I'm willing to give them a shot after Cobra Kai, but the first episode was something I couldn't altogether finish. It was taking chances though, which I like, so if anyone has a take on it feel free to inform me
  9. Come to think about it, fuck Hirst, almost all the scenes mentioned in this thread as being truly great are the ones where there is little to no dialogue. I think most of us have the battle scenes also quite high up the list... what did he actually contribute apart from like the basic ideas which have long since ran out?
  10. Emotions wise, my favourite scene is probably Ragnar looking away from his ship to see a vision of his old life on the river bank. Young Bjorn, Lagertha, the white horse and then the way Travis Fimmel as Ragnar looked so longing at them. Summed up the entire character without needing words. Related, I also loved the scene after Lagertha's miscarriage when she screams at Ragnar and Bjorn to leave her alone and they just worldlessy stand up and sit behind her, thus both giving her the space she needed and the comfort of their company. => I actually feel like the two scenes above are some of the best scenes I have ever seen. There is also that one scene where Ragnar rolls his eyes and then follows that roll with him doing a backflip in one fell swoop. It was just such a great in character moment. The death of the old viking, after imploring Ragnar to take him was also something I loved. Torstein's death was also amazing as a scene. The way he storms the English with his infected arm while getting shot full of arrows was really evocative of how strange these men were. And then there are of course the already mentioned moments of greatness like the sacrificial episode, the blood eagle and Ragnar suffering from the death of his daughter. It gave us some of the best thread titles ever XD So much fun naming that one There is also that one berserker who gets shot in the chest when Rollo climbs the walls of Paris
  11. There is a new Luther?
  12. Veltigar

    Tolkien 3.0

    Just read the article, what a great find Zorral! Seems like a very decent magazine as well. Never heard of it before, but a shame that it's closing dow,.
  13. Veltigar

    Killing Eve (BBC America/BBC One)

    Ah well, Hannibal still has Jodie Foster & Julianne Moore