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  1. Veltigar

    Tiger King - Netflix - Spoilers Here In

    Thanks for sharing, that was a fascinating read! I had no idea that Crystal Meth was so popular with gay men in the US. We always make jokes about it being a hillbilly drug, so really surprising.
  2. Veltigar

    Trailer Thread VI

    Didn't think this was going to get a sequel. It's been a while since I saw it, but are there characters from the original returning? I was just joking it's quite whimsical in the way that it seems a bit inspired by Wes Anderson. The same way Jojo Rabbit's trailer felt a bit like a Wes Anderson light version.
  3. Veltigar

    Tiger King - Netflix - Spoilers Here In

    Is Oklahoma that bad? Is it SFW to google that? :p
  4. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    I'll take those %! There is such a herd mentality when it comes to these type of classics. It is always tough to break through it Still haven't seen Arrival, precisely because I disliked Sicario so much. Should remedy that one of these days, as it does seem to be one of the more interesting films of the decades if I go off on what people say. Apart from Rutger Hauer's stroke of brilliance, I think the only other thing in Blade Runner one should really give credit too is the aesthetic of the world it was set in. That's what made Blade Runner so influential at the end of the day. Don't bring Jesus in to this Ran, he would definitely share my opinion on Blade Runner I have a tendency to ignore long run times in movies I find interesting, so I won't argue on the last point. Disagree with you Leto as stated earlier, he might be distractingly awful, but his character isn't Had a similar experience. Although I wouldn't say that I rewatched it more than 2 times. Still, that speech Hauer makes is brilliant. Really top 10 movie soliloquys ever.
  5. Veltigar

    Tiger King - Netflix - Spoilers Here In

    The funny thing here is that he doesn't even say it XD Why make such a fuzz about it and then not use your freedom of speech? As Tywin et al. says, it does show you the inside of these things and that opens some eyes. Think of it this way, the "animal-rights-people" (I'm going to borrow this term from the show and stereotype the hell out of it, as you seem to imply that everyone in this thread who watched the doc doesn't care about animal abuse. Black and white baby!) would never watch this type of doc anyways. On the other hand, the people who are pro these kinds of places or know the case and want to defend Joe will probably check this out. When checking it out, they'll find out that e.g. Doc Antle gasses baby tigers, they'll find out that Joe burned 6 alligators, that they kept chimpanzees apart from each other for 10 years out of stupidity, that they shot 5 tigers, etc., etc. No longer can those people claim that menageries like this are not a case of serious animal abuse!
  6. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    The original Blade Runner is an overrated piece of trash and I have repeatedly shat on it over the years in this very forum. It's a hugely important film in the cannon, but the movie gets more love than it deserves quality wise. The only really memorable scene in the whole damn movie was pretty much invented by Rutger on the damn spot! That being said, I loved Blade Runner 2049. It's a vastly more interesting film. I still remember some of the mixture between music and images. Just visual poetry throughout. It even made Jared Leto interesting... Can you imagine how great a film needs to be to pull that feat off? I haven't seen much of Villeneuve, but he seems to be a hit or miss director. I loved Blade Runner 2049, but I despised Sicario as the boring, barely incoherent playing at crime film it was. So 50/50 for me!
  7. Veltigar

    Tiger King - Netflix - Spoilers Here In

    Adding spoilers to the title is probably for the best! As to your point, I think are viewpoints are not that far apart, so let me rephrase it
  8. Veltigar

    Tiger King - Netflix - Spoilers Here In

    I enjoyed this like crazy, but I have to admit the novelty wore off a bit in the last episodes. I think after
  9. Veltigar

    Moody Murder Mysteries

    I just finished Endeavour season 7 and I need to vent. Glad to see that some among you have already seen it and were not as enthusiastic, but I myself must say that I thought it was absolutely rubbish from start to finish. If this is how they are going to be from now on, I'd rather have them stop pumping out these half-arsed attempts at a murder drama. This show has never managed to get even close to the heights its reached in its pilot episode (still my favorite murder mystery episode ever), but now they are really pushing it. This season was riddled with plot holes, red herrings and just bizarre references to the supernatural. Not to mention that the season's climax was plucked from a bad Sherlock Holmes adaptation rather than a grounded murder mystery with some high-culture flourishes and an engaging backstory. Endeavour lost its way and I'm just floored that no one at ITV saw this coming. It's pretty much Rise of Skywalker levels of bad really. I mean, after the second episode I was saying to the person I was watching this with, that these kind of murder drama's are the one type of show immune to streaming and/or illegal downloading. It doesn't make sense to watch them on your own, because for me, the greatest pleasure I have is watching the mystery unfold, pick out the killer in advance and speculating about it with my watch mate. The very best episodes then, are the ones that manage to completely blindside you, but in hindsight make complete sense (e.g. I still love Endeavour's pilot because I was completely in the dark about the killer's identity until the very end and then when I rewatched it was so clear that they were building to that reveal). The worst episodes on the other hand, are those in which the series counts on nothing but pure shock value and pulls out random reveals just so that you are shock by their resolution... Utterly infuriating, the whole point is that you can solve them in advance if you interpret the clues correctly. Random arse-pulls are the last thing I fucking want to see and Endeavour's season 7 was full of it: Is it so difficult to make a good series about all of this? All I want from Endeavour are good self-contained murder mysteries, a slow trickle of nods and character growth towards the Inspector Morse character and a relationship between him and
  10. Wonderful news! and I almost missed it
  11. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Just finished Season 7 of Morse. I'll elaborate more on my misgivings in the Moody Murder Mysteries thread, but this was obnoxiously terrible television. Absolutely godawful to see so many plot holes in a series that started so wonderful.
  12. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Finished Tiger King. It was good throughout, but it becomes far less enjoyable near the end, simply because
  13. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Can't argue with that. It's quite catchy as a song as well XD Up to episode 4 now! Tonight I'll watch the rest... Crazy man although Joe I'll join the 1917/Tiger King cross-over love fest!
  14. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Damn it Tywin et al. I was coming here right now to make exactly the same post. What the fuck is this weird subculture?
  15. Veltigar

    The Mandalorian: Eurotrip

    Just add [spoilers] to the title. And everyone will be happy.