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  1. It's a rip-off within a rip-off within a rip-off. If we go any deeper, we'll probably meet Leonardo Dicaprio
  2. I'm glad you wrote this, because I actually agree with you here. Didn't want to state it, as it has been a while since I saw 10 Things I Hate About You, so there is always the danger of nostalgia creeping in, but it is a magnificent film. I really need to watch it again.
  3. Ah, that is what I feared. Now that I have read it, I can see why the original Dune novel has so much cult appeal. It does a very good job at drawing you into the world, but I did already feel like the ending of the first novel was a bit weak. If the others are a step down I'm not sure whether I'd place them high on my list. But is any of them able to hold a candle against the original in your opinion? @Deadlines? What Deadlines? They launched Dune in theatre in several European territories on the 15th of September
  4. Thank you for the offer. I hope it won't be necessary as I bought one of the signed editions, so I'm guessing these are not so easy to procure after launch I'll let you know, but definitely thanks in advance.
  5. I'm surprised by the love the last two episodes got. I thought they were very average and frankly reminded me a lot of Disney's Loki series.
  6. Going to see it this week. Finished the book yesterday so I'm fully prepared. I do wonder what you all think of the rest of the series. I have heard conflicting things about the other Dune books, so are they must-reads or did Herbert peak with his first one?
  7. Don't have much in the way of updates, but I have been enjoying Clarkson's Farm. Never understood the adulation aimed at the Top Gear trio, but this show is very endearing. Two episodes left so pretty sad to see it go. Also watched the final two episodes of Rick and Morty's fifth season. They were average episodes. I guess this show is at a point where Archer was when it launched the Vice season. I hope I'm wrong, but if not I see myself checking out next season. Yeah, Cruel Intentions is really good. Although my favorite Clueless copycat is definitely 10 Things I Hate about You with Heath Ledger, Julia Styles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and - that one actress who was seemingly everywhere in the nineties and whose name I always have to look up - Larisa Oleynik. It's based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and it's delightful.
  8. Let's fight in your imaginationn than you are just like Frank Dux I hope the fact that I'm a total Baldwin makes up for my other shortcomings I get that on both fronts. Never understood the love for KoH's Extended Edition.
  9. I know a lot of you will probably go all " As if" on me, but I had never seen Clueless. Huge oversight obviously, but I saw the error of my ways and watched it this weekend. I fully understand why this film basically started a genre (famous literary classic transposed to an American high school) and am sad that said genre isn't really a thing anymore. Seriously, between this, 10 Things I Hate About You and She's All That, this short-lived trend produced a few gems. After Clueless, I made the mistake of watching another "classic", namely Bloodsport. This movie is a sad joke. For one, it is probably the only movie that is more closeted than Top Gun, secondly it is based on the ravings of a compulsive liar and thirdly, it(s just terrible. I don't understand how this could have cult appeal as a martial arts film as the fights in this are dreadful. I would be able to stomach the wooden acting, paper thin characters and nonsensical plot if only there had been some cool fights in this.
  10. Both trailers convey the vibe of "generic fantasy setting "
  11. Sad, mine hasn't even shipped yet. That's the downside of buying these signed editions.
  12. I must have missed or forgotten that he was also responsible for Lovecraft Country... Fuck that guy.
  13. I think you are being somewhate disingenous to the Shannara Chronicles trailer. The show was shit, but the trailer for me was on a par with the WoT stuff unfortunately. I'm betting visually WoT will be better due to higher budget and advances in technology, but this trailer didn't give me much to work with. Then again, I'm also not the audience for this show I suppose. I thought the books were dreadful when I read them many years ago, so I think this show starts at a disadvantage for me.
  14. The trailer reminded me an awful lot of MTV's Shannara Chronicles series of a few years back. I hope the LOTR series will look better.
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