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  1. Watched the latest episode of Rick and Morty. Greatly enjoyed the John Carpenter vibe they were going for with this episode and I feel like we are about one episode away from saying that the show is on a hot streak. Two excellent episodes in a row That seems a fair bet. It would be a bit anticlimactic for people after all the action that is to come. I assumed there were going to be only three seasons, but you think there might be a fourth one in the cards? Emotional reception wise, it reminds me a lot of how I felt about the first season of GoT. Not perfect, but given the practical nightmares involved they are doing as well as can be expected. A few things I would have adapted differently, but so far I think I see the reasoning behind most of the decisions they made. I might not always agree with it (although mostly I do), but the sum of the whole is definitely greater than its parts here. I hope the show will be able to maintain at least this level of quality throughout. If it does that, the audience will come. The IP is too big for a good show to fail, although sadly enough it will probably never eclipse GoT in popularity. Alas, I'll never venture to that forbidden zone. Too worried about GoT spoilers. I'd like to preserve as much surprise as possible for when the books are finally released Isn't that true for most of the streamers though? At least if you are interested in a certain degree of quality in what you watch
  2. Great episode. Loved the horror vibes. Apparently they had been sitting on this idea already for a long time, carried it over from multiple seasons and for me this was a home run.
  3. Yeah definitely agree here. The time jumps are a bit of a liability. That being said, I really do think the show is handling them about as well as can possible be expected. There are a few faux-pas here and there, but it's a superbly difficult thing to pull off. I see that @Raja for instance has difficulties with it and I totally understand that, but I don't see anything big that I would have done otherwise to make it work even better. Seeing it play out on screen, I not only have a lot of respect for the writing team, but I also appreciate HBO's decision to greenlit a show like this. Not sure which ideas were all on the table, but there were bound to be easier options to do on the adaptation front. I wonder whether season 3 will be (show & book spoilers): I think my least favourite episode so far was the fifth one. This sort of ties with the second one for the second least favorite episode, but apart from the 5th one I think they have all been quite strong. Remarkable really since this was all comparatively meek stuff in comparison with all that will follow. I would be very curious to see how effective they have been at this. On my side of things, I think every casual I watch this with is (show and book spoilers as well): This puzzles me tremendously Haven't seen it, but whoever is the inspiration
  4. Breaking the rules of this thread once again to say that I watched and enjoyed the latest episode of House of the Dragon. Definitely not my favorite episode so far, but a lot better than last week's comparatively poor outing (although even that little bit of a false note was still a pretty good episode of TV all things considered) and that with a much heavier burden to lift than anything before. I think they did as well as expected introducing all these new actors into the fray, although the logic behind the decision to keep certain actors around was sometimes a little bit difficult (Ser Criston Cole being the major one). This was basically a new pilot and a lot of the more casual fans I watched this with definitely struggled making sense of all the children. Still, even they enjoyed it greatly and I will say that I am still impressed by the much more mature storytelling this show has in comparison to GoT. I don't think any woman got naked this week and there was a great emphasis on the realities of child birth which I found rather stunning (both in terms of inclusion and in the way this was used as character development) I think so far the writers and cast have done a remarkable job coloring in the edges around GRRM's writing There are a few decisions I found questionable. My least favorite part of the episode was probably I am also not entirely sure about
  5. I zoned out during that song. I frankly thought it was annoying. I still can't get over how sociopathic the proto-hobbits are to buy into them singing sweet little tunes. It's all a trap before they kill you and eat your flesh. The poop goes into the pyre Denethor had prepared for himself and Faramir And the nonsensical aspect of Minas Tirith is indeed what @The Marquis de Leech makes explicit, the lack of farms and other supporting infrastructure needed to support such a large city dwelling population. That being said and to reiterate my initial point, PJ's Minas Tirith might be unrealistic but it looks epic, textured and really lived in. I don't feel nearly the same (or even any) sense of awe with anything we see in Numénor despite the fact that this should feel like their cultural zenith.
  6. Just finished the latest episode of the Rings of Power. I was quite optimistic for the first three episodes. It was never more than serviceable, but I had hoped it would tick up. Instead I feel like I have soured on the show. It's rather dull and nonsensical, which is not a great combination. If something is dumb, at least I want it to be exciting and coherent. This show does way too many puzzling things without any pay-off in cool factor. I just want more scenes of Poldarkesque scenery porn with Galadriel smiling like she's on Quaaludes, but instead I get scenes where the show seems to go out of its way to make everything feel small.. Hope the quality will veer upwards in the last three episodes, but I'm not optimistic.
  7. Just finished the last episode... I have no clue what I have just watched. When this show started, it was quite clear this wasn't going to become an artistic paragon for the ages, but I enjoyed it in all its glorious BBC Fantasy silliness for the first three episodes. After teetering on that "so bad that it is good" edge for three episodes, I felt they took a decided step to the wrong side last episode and with this episode they completely went off the deep end. I had to fight an urge not to send some emails for work tomorrow, which is not the way you should feel about a billion USD series based on beloved IP and pushed by one of the world's most dominant corporations. Seriously, the series lacks any hint of internal cohesion (Kemen's antics on the boat and then Isildur's inexplicable decision not to rat on him). Characters constantly do things that do not make sense and change completely in a split second (the whole Southlands storyline with Bronwyn wishing to give in). The same thing is true for organizations (who the fuck promotes people into a leadership role based on how good they are at cutting someone in a 1 v. 8 duel? That's a stupid idea to begin with, but they could have done something interesting with it if the character had done something clever to gain the upper hand, but no that is beyond this show). The motivations feel forced (Fighting cause you cannot stop? can they really not make this character work). The scale of action is too small (three ships do not make an army). The dialogue is so purple, if it suddenly became a person they would be emperor of Rome. The performances suffer because I think the actors themselves struggle to make sense of it all (when Elrond was explaining to Durin why he needed the Mithril, I earned a few laughs by pointing out that Elrond's baffled face seemed to indicate that even the actor was not buying what the showrunners wanted him to sell). The show was also visually not very inspiring this week. Someone already remarked that Numénorean soldiers looked terrible in the white outfits. I wasn't inspired by any of the vistas and I just feel they completely lack the sense of scale that is needed to make this era work. Forget about the books for a moment and just take a look at PJ's first trilogy. Gondor might not make any sense (where does the food come from?), but it looks so grand in comparison with the Nomenorean city. I'll probably finish this seeason, but not sure whether I'll tune in next season if it keeps dropping in quality likes this.
  8. People kept popping up at that wedding party who weren't even in any of the previous episodes The person I watched it with just guessed that they probably had a massive party on that final day of shooting and asked everyone who used to be on the cost to hang out. They just didn't care enough to explain it all. Only the old favorites got some screen time with dialogue. Still strange to think it has ended. If you had asked me 3 years ago, I would have probably guessed that Neighbors would outlive me (and I plan to die at an age suited for Methuselah). Really quite stupid what the Australians did. Although it does not explain why no one stepped in to safe it. It can't be that expensive to make and the sheer nostalgia factor would probably bring in interesting demographics. For all the money being spent into streaming, you'd think there would be an appetite for cheap garbage with such a long pedigree. It's all about locking you into their ecosystem and simultaneously diversifying their sources of revenue. The Verge had a nice short article about it a couple of years back https://www.theverge.com/2019/11/1/20942474/apple-tv-plus-amazon-prime-video-price-bundle-music-arcade-news-services Ah got you, I thought there was some active dislike for the platform. But if it is just a question of managing the subscription load then that is perfectly understandeable.
  9. So I need to know, why the dislike of Apple TV here? I haven't seen much of their stuff, but they did give us Ted Lasso which to me is the best television show of this decade so far, so surely not everything about them can be bad
  10. I like how they made about the same time jump in between season 3 and 4 as we did in real life
  11. Something completely different now, but I just saw the series finale of Neighbors (yes, the Australian soap). There was a time during the pandemic that I indulged myself with it. I have also gone on record to say that all soaps are trash, but if you have to watch one of them, Neighbors is about as good as it gets. I was thus more than a little shocked when they decided to ax this iconic series. It's command of the watercooler conversation might have disappeared completely (I hear this was like GoT in the eighties, everyone wanted to talk about it, although back then it was probably of a better quality than the latter seasons of GoT ), but I was still surprised that in the age of streaming and endless niche appeal they could not find any streaming service willing to take over this series. I thus decided to watch at least the final episode, because I heard that many of the old favorites came back. In particular, I heard a lot of praise lavished on Guy Pearce for returning and actually committing to a storyline. Margot Robbie, Kylie Minogue, Natalia Imbruglia, etc. came back but didn't do more than a cameo, while Guy Pearce actually put a lot of effort in. All things considered, the finale wasn't great. You felt the emotion, but a lot of the wistfully looking back and the barrage of cameos was a bit much. Guy Pearce's storyline was the highlight though. While everyone else was stuck in nostalgia land, his return actually impacted the stakes of the story. It was very sweet to see how willing he was to give back to soap that started it all for him. So you are saying that there is a lot more to Rick and Morty than people think. Rick and Morty are like onions. Onions have layers, Rick and Morty has layers. It's been on my list for years, but the fact that most is dystopian and that it's an anthology has kept me from rolling with it. Perhaps I should indeed give it another go. I hate to break it to you, but there are actually 13 episodes in the sixth season of BCS, so you have some time left to play around with the characters I do agree with you however, that the episode you just watched was the best one of that season
  12. Watched the fifth season of Cobra Kai over the last week. If I'm completely honest, I did not really feel this season. It took a great long while for me to get invested again, which is something I never had on this scale for this series before. There was still plenty to love, as it keeps on finding ways to mine the original trilogy for content and enrich plots and characters which were really very thin to begin with. All the actors were good in it, particularly the guy playing Terry Silver who played a rather fun villain. I think what didn't work for me was mainly two things. Firstly, how absurdly self-serious the series has become (I still cannot believe there haven't been more arrests yet). By always increasing the scale of the insanity it does feel like it lost its place a bit for me. Secondly, I also don't really like the diminished role for William Zabka. His character and his relationship with others is really what grounds this show for me. In this season, his Johny made some real progress as a human being, which is nice in comparison to the rather labored process that went before. I do however feel like they made too many cuts to his screen time as a result. I'm personally not that invested in any of Ralph Maccio's relationships which this season especially seem to have taken precedence. Okay sure, but that further illustrates why I'm frustrated. The Greens in the universe of the show do not really have a leg to stand on, but I feel like the show is still quite sympathetic towards their cause at this point. I'd put this in spoiler tags if I were you |dbunting. It might be very minor but it is still a spoiler for a quite recent episode. As to your point, I feel like it was a good choice to intervene in the source material there. Kudos for the writers for finding an area of improvement and going for it. I must admit that San Junipero reference flew completely past me, as I'm presumably one of the few people on here who hasn't seen Black Mirror yet. I saw the first episode many years ago when it first came out and I then completely missed the hype that would break out around later seasons. It was a great episode of Rick and Morty however even if I didn't get all the references
  13. Of course he can offer her the only thing she's been after this entire time... The same thing Tauriel wanted from Kili or whatever that dwarf was called in the Desolation of Smaug
  14. Ah I see, thank you Ran for the answer. I had hoped that GRRM felt so comfortable in this particular collaboration that perhaps the canons would be aligned, but this makes more sense.
  15. I watched the latest episodes of House of the Dragon and Rick & Morty. As stated by others above, Rick & Morty's latest episode was really good. This whole season has been pretty good so far. I think the previous season suffered from some kind of fatigue induced mediocre episodes (although it did also have some great ones), but the writing room seems to have found a new wave of inspiration which I'm thoroughly enjoying House of the Dragon was not as good as the previous two weeks (but those were pretty great highs), but I still enjoyed it. I continue to be impressed by this series in general and Matt Smith's portrayal of Daemon specifically. He steals every scene he's in. I'm also very curious about the adaptation choices that were made, particularly because GRRM himself was involved with this show (book & show spoilers). One weakness I did feel was very noticeable and which I think @dbunting also felt was (show spoilers only): I also feel that so far, the Hightower party has been painted way more sympathetic than they deserve to be (show spoilers)
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