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  1. Veltigar

    Rick and Morty Season 3

    the new episode was kind of lame. they both are, but rick is fun at least
  2. Veltigar

    Rick and Morty Season 3

    Great first episode imo. Loved all the fascist jokes. Morty is such a little shit.
  3. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    I watched The Mandalorion, Rick & Morty and the latest South Park. Mandalorion was quite bad, but I'll give it some time. South Park was funny as always, although I did like their previous storyline better. Rick & Morty was awesome however, a return to form. I am actually more fond of it than I can remember.
  4. Veltigar

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    Saw the first two episodes, thought it was middling at best. For a "super badass Mandalorian", he gets his ass kicked a lot of the time and without much flair. I'll give it some more time to flourish, as Disney threw a lot of money against it and the 30 minute episode concept is something that has definitely peaked my interest. Hope it improves though.
  5. I was rereading some scenes from The Heroes last night, as I didn't feel like starting a new book and still wanted to read something and I came across the scene where And the brilliance of the transformation struck me. ALH is less subtle about it, but I love the fact that you can clearly see the transition in Bloody Nine's public image happening in The Heroes. The shift in perception from being seen as the absolutely terrifying monster he is, by men who were there to see Logen commit his atrocities, to every little boy building him up as their heroic role model is a stunningly well-written shift.
  6. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Rewatched a few episodes of Spartacus Blood & Sands. Love this show really XD
  7. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    I finally got around to seeing Sing Street. Absolutely loved it, can we force John Carney to make more of his delightful films? It's kind of hard to give my full appraisal of the film without going into spoiler territory, especially as I would like to relate it to Carney's other two brilliant films (Once & Begin Again). I'll give it a go however. A s always, Carney manages to make a film that is sweet, without being saccharin. It's earnest, heartfelt and it has a ring of truth in it due to the ways in which it shows how music can impact our lives, how love can lift us up and tear us down and what it's like to be young and filled of dreams. The music is fun, the actors are great. Particular shout-out to Jack Reynor's Brendan and of course, the lovely Lucy Boynton turn as Raphina. She's one to watch I think. It's shot in Carney's trademark style and it just breathes the time period. Very effective evocation of locale. A bit like Derry Girls actually, although this one does it for the Republic of Ireland and the eighties instead of Northern-Ireland and the nineties. If you feel down and you just want something to smile about, check this out.
  8. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Saw the latest episode of South Park. For me this 4th episode was the best they have done in years. They took on an important societal issue in a hilariously shocking and completely random way! I continue to be impressed by how this show keeps on evolving with the times.
  9. I think this is a good reading of it all. His long-term plans do not survive contact with the enemy, so he improvises and does everything he can to manage the transition as deliberately as he can. He strives to appear to be in control at all time, but he's clever enough to know that he's still dealing with people and that a network of control is hard to maintain.
  10. Nah, I don't think so. Stour seems like the kind of guy who doesn't really care about romantic love or even sex, apart from getting a kick out of a powerplay. All other aspects of his life are subjugated to his lust for power and glory.
  11. Veltigar

    South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    Got caught up just now. Really enjoyed South Park being back. Two solid episodes, though far from their greatest level. Still cool that the remain relevant though.
  12. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Saw Joker yesterday. It isn't really worth all the fuzz made around it. Phoenix is great as always, but that is where it pretty much ends in my opinion. So far it seems that all the reviews I have seen either give it a 4/5 - 5/5 or a 1/5 or 2/5, but if ever there was a movie that was a clear 3/5, it is this one. Enjoyable, but forgettable as well. Damn our hype culture to make a little trifle of a movie into this cultural battleground. I have actually and to this day I still don't get the hate. There are absolute classic moments in there. Achilles taking the beach (and pretty much everything before), his duel against Hector, Peter O'toole's Priam begging for his son's corpse and pretty much everything with Briseis. All the greatest moments in that film star Brad Pitt. The film as a whole never reaches the same level as those individual moments, but it is still damn enjoyable. Saw it once, but it didn't stick in my mind.
  13. If the Lamb was the last piece of the vision, I'd be on board with it to be Logen. Depends on what Joe does with him I guess. No one wanted to see the Joker again after Heath Ledger's portrayal and apparently Phoenix did a bang up job to replace him. Nice way of putting it. There really is something to be said about learning from one's failure. I'd say it is more realistic than Stour just staying the same after his defeat EDIT: Also my money is on Clover killing Stour eventually.
  14. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    As a huge Brad Pitt fan, this is the film I always turn to to show everyone that he's a brilliant actor and deserves just as much love as Leo.
  15. I'm surprised by the low opinions on Stour. He struck me as a very dangerous man indeed. The way I interpreted his character, he sort of felt like an amalgamation of his father's intelligence and his uncle's martial prowess. Think Bethod, but then without the need of a Logen to serve as his champion and enforcer. His trouble then lay mostly in the fact that he didn't learn humility yet. In a country as the north, he leaned into the warrior's side of things which is valued much more than his father's cunning. That's why he became so haughty and vicious as well, because he thought he could get away with it (it doesn't speak to his moral fiber, but this is Joe's universe after all). His defeat in the circle then, even if it doesn't have permanent repercussions physically, will change his style I think. He'll remain brash, but I believe he's going to play Leo as a fiddle through the whole 'macho/storybook' I-owe-you-my-life kind of sentimentality Leo was playing on. He's one to watch I'd say.