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  1. Since this thread is not marked with spoilers, I feel like its courteous to keep on using the tags. I think @karaddin has already given a very thoughtful rebuke. Misdirection
  2. I agree. I hadn't considered the implications/revelations of this episode on She was
  3. We're at episode 6 now and trust me, the titular Boys themselves just got interesting. Episode 5 they are still somewhat dull, but the supes remain great. Can really recommend 6 though. If the show keeps up this level I will sorely miss it when it ends. I like his previous stuff, all the way back to the Pusher series, so I would like to give it a shot. Do you remember whether the story leaves off at a good place or is it a frustrating ending? I mean, it can't be worse than the Neon Demon right? Right? Trapcard activated!
  4. I thought this was a brilliant episode. Now almost all the Boys are interesting. Only Hughie remains boring as shit though (and Urban is a bit of a parody, if a likable one), but I guess that's never going to change. Also loved the reveals concerning SF I do wonder how she's connected to Edgar And when exactly You and me both Ow shit, I knew I recognized that guy from somewhere. That's brilliant! He wasn't working for them, they blackmailed him.
  5. You're missing out. It's a surprisingly good show for the way it started. But Kelly Reilly though Respect her authority!
  6. I'm a sucker for these types of shows and will give this a shot, but this is definitely going to suck. This is going to blow even harder :p At least Britannia had Kelly Reilly. I'm glad someone pointed this out! Fucking Herman celebrations is not what we need right now. I'm pretty sure that they'll fall in those pitfalls though. This trailer was super melodramatic ("The greatest betrayal in history"? Like this doesn't even crack the top 10), you have people from Vikings involved and the minefield of Nazi history. Trainwreck in the making.
  7. Did anyone here see Refn's show Too Old to Die Young with Miles Teller? I'm shocked that I haven't heard much about it. Is it any good?
  8. Probably watching the episode tonight. Whatever the case, one major gripe I have recently discovered is that the show doesn't feature Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It for the BoyS " in any of its episodes They need to fix that ASAP. EDIT: S-added by the Velt
  9. I was pleasantly surprised by the episode and would rate it as "very good" on an entertainment level. What you describe in spoiler tags and what @Corvinus85 also describes in his comment alongside a bit of a disappointing resolution is what kept it from being truly excellent. Still, a major step up for this show even if it might not be historically correct. It now has a "good-to-bad" ratio of 2/6 which is sad given its potential but better than what it had before.
  10. It baffles me how this show could produce such a good hour of television. By far the best thing they have done so far. That being said, it still is a mixed bag. Episode 1 is good, 6 very good and 5 is interesting. 2-4 are dismal so the hit v. miss rate still isn't great. I'm in for the rest of the season now, but I sure hope that the last episodes are going to resemble 6 more than they resemble any of the others.
  11. *I love you Velt, you are the reason for my existence. The sun who never sets, a hero for the ages." The song is by far the best thing about the film, I'll agree with that. Still prefer Goldeneye and Goldfinger though
  12. Perhaps you can call in the help of your fellow trekkies apparently the source for HardyBond is quite dubious. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/sep/21/007-heaven-why-tom-hardy-as-the-new-bond-is-too-good-to-be-true
  13. Finally had my copy delivered at home. Unfortunately I have almost no time to read it this week
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