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  1. I think it's a good title. A24 is always lit
  2. Something special for @Myrddin https://www.imdb.com/video/vi2911093273/?listId=ls025720609&ref_=hm_hp_i_4
  3. Hmmm, I always assumed you would have been more obsessed with the volleyball
  4. Lies! All damn lies I think the honest trailer of the film gives the best assessment of the original film:
  5. I watched Ti West's X yesterday, a horror film set in 1979 about a group of lowlifes heading out to Texas to shoot a porn movie in the hope of cashing in on all the Deep Throat fervor. They travel to a farm and as you can imagine, the locals are none too keen on these outsiders' plans. It's been a while since I saw a horror film at the theatre, but this was an enjoyable experience. You are not missing out on anything by not seeing it, but it is definitely above the average. It's not very scary, but I like the atmosphere and the way they take their time to develop the story.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm one of the few people who didn't really like T2 all that much, but even to my black heart this plot twist does not appeal
  7. I'm actually curious now what they do in Dark Fate that is so upsetting to everyone?
  8. I have even shilled out for IMAX, because I heard the film really makes good use of the screen. Not like some others that just use it as a gimmick to bilk money out of your pockets.
  9. I could not find any thread about the film that is going to deliver us from evil, so I decided to go ahead and create one. As a massive fan of the original I knew I was going to see it in theatre and I believed that it was going to be epic. Based on the reviews that have recently been released it seems like my faith is going to be rewarded. Who else feels the need for speed? A really cool making off featurette
  10. I started the latest season of South Park. It's definitely not on top of its game anymore, but I do admire their consistency. Unlike The Simpsons which devolved into a mess, at least this retains a lot of its quality. The second episode about the name of a certain character was really good and I laughed a lot with it. Looking forward to finishing the season, although I worry it will be a tad too short as it's only six episodes. Not a knock against Succession, which I really enjoy, but Ted Lasso is definitely better.
  11. Who else is excited for Top Gun 2? Just booked my tickets for the avant-première in my neck of the woods in IMAX and I'm damn pumped now that the reviews seem to be so positive The capture alone is briliant
  12. It's a terrible title, but the trailer does look interesting. I would say that your definition of "western" is probably a bit too narrow if you don't count a proto-Czech guy as Western :p
  13. I got to admit, really looking forward to the finale on Saturday but I can't imagine also watching the semi-finals. That would just make me overdose.
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