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  1. What I find especially precious about his argument is that he ignores completely the absurd speed of temperature increase that we have had in the last 100 years. From a scientific viewpoint the scale that it is rising looks like a massive geologic or meteoric event. There is nothing in the record of such a fast change outside of incredible calamity. That it also almost perfectly correlates with co2 rises is a factor, but really that the temp rose without any other major attributable factor should be enough.
  2. Kalbear

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Well, per Bakker we also know the answer to this - it was him wanting specifically to tweak expectations of readers and effectively troll them. His goal was to leave you feeling unsatisfied and without answers, and potentially never get those answers. His goal was to sow ambiguity, to engage your meaning-making engines and then give you nothing. I mean he said this, and got all chuffy when someone got upset about it. What it isn't is closure, or resolution, or catharsis, or information, and that's all by design. At best it's simply information. "This is the way things happened". There is no interpretation given, and the notion that this resolves anything is not true. It's just shitty things happening to shitty people, and the few people who we were set up to think something would happen special with them just don't. I think he took all the lessons of Blood Meridian and didn't understand any of them. I get that he wanted to leave the ending and the story up to debate and discussion, and have it many-faceted - but Blood Meridian was haunting not just because of the ugly things, but because of what happened to the characters - and they definitely had several arcs that finished in fairly great fashion. There's a difference between ambiguity in theme and ambiguity in plot, and TUC is far more about the latter. I'm sorry for that. It is how I (and apparently others) took it. I'd recommend asking more open-ended questions instead of supplying the answers that you think might suffice if you want to come off as not being immediately antagonistic.
  3. Kalbear

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    I haven't found anyone saying that the No-God shouldn't rise. I think that line of argument is disingenuous and obviously combative. I don't think the problem is that TUC ends with the No-God rising, it's that TUC is the endpoint of the second series, and as an ending to that series it fails. As you mention, Mimara is a great big sucking point. But so is Akka, and Esme, and the entire resolution of Momemn (which literally IS rocks fall, everyone dies). Sorweel's plot ends not particularly well either. Cnaiur comes out of left field and then proceeds to do almost nothing important save take up space for reasons. Kel appearing in the Golden Room was so confusing we still had people questioning it regularly. And that's not even talking about the incredible pace-killer that was cannibal orgy death march. The other, other problem - other than all those other things - is that we still, to this day, do not know what Kellhus was planning in his lucid state. If the resolution was that he and Ajokli made a deal and that Kellhus' solution was to rule over the granary as a godling, that would at least be something - we would know for certain that Kellhus was a Bad Dude, etc. But thanks to Bakker, we don't even have that. There was barely any hint at all that Kellhus was under control of a god this entire time, so that comes out of left field - but that would have been okay had it been Kellhus' actual plan. So unlike the first series, where we get the entire plan revealed and discussed and the future somewhat resolved, we get the entire plan hidden even more, we get no answers as to virtually any of it, no promise of future answers, and no reasonable climax for any of the other main characters. Which...you already know, and we've discussed quite a bit before, so what is this bit of performance art about? If you want a better resolution, here: Kellhus reveals that he was evil all along, anticipated Ajokli riding him ,and still gets ganked because he has Kel as his blindspot. Ideally this is revealed in bits as early as TJE, but definitely first in TGO. Mimara gets to see Kellhus with TJE before hand and sees Ajokli as well as his own personal sins, but cannot do anything about it before she goes into labor (and her observation that he looks like Cnaiur did as well would be interesting) Mimara sees Kelmomas and sees nothing. Mimara is able to Judge Sorweel before dying and let him join his father and ancestors Esme gets Akka and Mimara to flee when Mimara goes into labor, and gets them out of there. Which gives them time to actually escape. Akka fights something. Shae's fate is more clearly spelled out Some fucking talk about why the Dunsult wanted to nuke Kellhus, jesus fuck Aurax and Aurang get to do something a bit more fearsome than cowering like a pug Again, most of the resolution changes go around fixing the character arcs. The story beats are largely fine. Akka does not bow to Kellhus, or he does so in a way that actually makes some vague sense and is important.
  4. Kalbear

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    Mueller's report has been filed, because we have to have massive late-breaking news on Fridays for ever so we can ruin all weekends.
  5. It's not shameful! Who the fuck cares? Again, I chose my words carefully. I do not understand on a very basic level how people do indeed like it. Just like I do not understand on a basic level how people enjoy watching trump speak. This is something I, personally, can never empathize with. I do not get it. I didn't say they were less empathetic - I said I cannot empathize with them. And I really can't. I didn't say that it was bad, and I know it isn't bad. It's entirely my failing in being able to get it, and it's a good sign of my personal anxiety and issues - but it makes my personal view of it no less accurate to me. When I go to these supposedly awesome bars and night clubs and casinos and see people enjoying it and having a great time, it personally fills me with sadness. Hell, thinking about it right now makes me anxious. One of my friends wedding was there, and hes exactly that guy and he goes to Vegas twice a year or more. He loves parties and being with people and the bar scene, and ugh. I'll never be able to understand or enjoy that. If you enjoy that, good for you. For me - as I said before - it is close to the antithesis of what I dont like.
  6. Oh, fuck off with the attacks! I'm not saying anything bad about people who want to or enjoy going to Vegas. I simply don't get them at a very basic level. I don't like crowds, I don't like noisy bars, I don't like gambling, I hate smoking, I'm not a huge fan of shows and I really don't like seeing a whole lot of artificial stuff that's there entirely for artifice's sake. And there are people who are entirely the opposite of me, and enjoy all of those things, and I do not get them. I appreciate them because they have a totally different worldview to me, and I envy them in a lot of ways - but that's not me, and as much as I've tried to make it me it never has been. So no, you can fuck off with your bizarre insistence on taking anything I say as a personal affront. It's not a matter of it being good enough for me or not. It's just me not enjoying that. I'd be happy to go there to meet friends and hang out with them, but I'd rather be doing it basically almost anywhere else. As an example, I often tell the story of my wife and I going hiking in the jungle, and talking about how exciting it was to see these big-ass spiders or swim in crocodile-infested waters or see bats swooping down and catching fish in the dark. And some people think that's totally awesome! And others have noped the fuck right out when they think about crocodiles or bats or those huge spiders that the bugs from Starship Troopers were modeled after. I don't think I'm better than them because I enjoy that any more than I think I'm better than them for enjoying playing geeky board games - but they have the same kind of reaction to crocodile jungles that I do Vegas. Same goes for people who enjoy running. (but seriously look at that spider OMG so cool!)
  7. No, I get why a person would go to Vegas if they like that sort of thing. I just don't understand people who like that sort of thing. The kind of person who enjoys Vegas is about as hard for me to empathize with as the kind of person who enjoys listening to Trump. Maybe harder, even. I don't think that they're bad people, just people I don't get at a very basic level.
  8. Vegas is almost the perfect antithesis of what I enjoy on a vacation. My favorite part of going to Vegas was to go precisely one block away sideways from either the strip or the old casino area and see what the city looked like, and that was it looked like the mockups of the old west towns from Hollywood. Everything is artifice. Everything is unnatural. Everything is greed, and money, and exploitation, bombast and direct. Everything is crowded. What nature there is has been carefully shepherded, cordoned off and groomed to immaculate hygenic standards. The one good thing is that it's warm, which is nice when you're going there in, like, March and it's just snowed for the third time in Seattle. The flip side of that is that there are a whole lot of other places which are warm, and they don't suck quite so much. I really don't understand people who enjoy Vegas. I don't hugely understand the fanaticism of Disneyland either, but at least there are rides and nostalgia for childhood.
  9. Kalbear

    Hello from Eurocommieland

    Thought we banned all the shite feminists
  10. Kalbear

    Trailer Thread V

  11. Oh gods yes, absolutely. So is the S8 and S9. The note still has by far the best screen in the industry, and since I really like using my phone for watching movies and whatnot it's great. Battery life is okay - though I use it for Pokemon Go, which uses location, and that drains things like no tomorrow. I even use the note features, which is silly but cool. And the biometric scanner is kind of awesome on it too - something I thought I wouldn't care about, but I actually really like. The secure folder thing ends up being awesome too, because I can run two instances of Pokemon Go at the same time.
  12. Kalbear

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    I dont think its that older voters prefer older candidates - it's that they prefer more vetted, more centrist ones. And Biden is a known commodity, one that they're cool with.
  13. I love my Samsung notes. But the s6 and s7 phones were not as great.
  14. Kalbear

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    It really isn't. There are a crazy amount of democratic ways to ensure that this isn't the case which are in place in basically every other democracy on the planet. The EC doesn't even guarantee this either - nothing ensures one candidate will get 270, even when there are only two candidates. And do you know what happens if there isn't a majority of ec votes for one person? Again, the implication here is that the ec actually does this, which is demonstrably false, as 2 of the 5 elections in the last 19 years were won by someone who got fewer votes than the other one.