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  1. Who said it's the right approach? I certainly didn't! I said that it might have more of an effect. It might even have a negative effect! But it's definitely done more than any number of online petitions that you've joined, or the five bucks you've put in to sponsor a refugee that can't actually get to them. I get that you and @Jace, Extat want to discourage anyone and everyone from thinking that it's okay to do this, and as someone who has been suicidal most of my adult life I deeply appreciate that empathy and concern. Lying about what this is or what it does is not going to make that change, however.
  2. Again none of that means he was particularly irrational, much less mentally disturbed or insane. I don't have a problem with you disagreeing with what he did. Unless you're going to use words wrong like Tywin regularly does, like the word 'tomorrow' or 'altruism'. But I have a real problem saying that people who do this are obviously insane because of this action. And sure, plenty of people do have the ability to know! So what? Plenty of people also have the ability to know about the Sudanese civil war, or what's going on in Ethiopia, or any number of places. My viewpoint is that he specifically wanted to call out, as a member of the armed forces, the specific culpability of the US in Israel's actions and protest that. I'd say that using words like 'insane' or terms like 'mentally disturbed' is also charged, just in a way that you prefer.
  3. You're the one assuming he wanted to change people's opinion. But if you think that it's impossible to change people's opinion, why on earth would you think that an online protest will matter in the least? Again, such a weird argument to try and make!
  4. You said it'll be gone tomorrow. I took you at your word. Figures you'd back out. I kinda think that people are aware of Israel and Hamas - or if they're not, I don't think a protest online is going to wake them up. But please, show me the online protest that affected actual change. You can donate to organizations that are trying to get aid to people, and right now they can do nothing. So it doesn't help. I'm glad we agree. You can sponsor refugee children - that's not what you encouraged, mind you, but you can do that - but again it doesn't help because you can't get aid through. You can work with local charities who have already said that they cannot get aid through, so giving them money doesn't help. Rationally there is very, very little a US citizen can do to help Gazans. Other than all the cases where martyring someone actually changed quite a bit I agree. Ooh, 'probably'. Well, that's at least some progress.
  5. But...this guy literally attained what he sought. He said specifically that he wanted to get the word out and say that his suffering was nothing compared to what people were suffering in Palestine. I think the point that should be made here is that many people have tried those options and they haven't succeeded. For him, he felt that he had no other option available to him. It's even reasonable to say that this was not an option either - but that's unknown, honestly. What we do know is that other types of protests in the US have not achieved their goals, so attempting those is clearly not going to work. Given that as a framing - trying something that has already been tried and failing, or trying something else - I think it's likely a more sane option to do something different. It's certainly more sane than joining an online protest and expecting some actual outcome. You can not condone it, but that doesn't make him disturbed, mentally ill, insane or somehow otherwise non compos mentis; it means you don't agree with it.
  6. Lancer is one of the most amazing settings I've ever read about.
  7. It's an easy bet. You're saying it won't be in the news tomorrow. All I have to do is find someone talking about it tomorrow. So let's go over all the things you've not answered, shall we? How does an online protest help anything? Do you have any evidence of an online protest changing anyone's mind, much less any policy? How does donating money to refugees when they cannot receive the aid already allocated help? How does attempting to adopt a refugee when the refugee coordinators themselves say don't do that help at all? How does volunteering at a local charity help the lives of those that he's trying to save? And have any of those charities done anything more newsworthy than what he did? In terms of public outcry there is a very clear delineation in opinion before and after that event. It's a bit more than for clicks. I guess it doesn't make you feel as good knowing that your online petition isn't actually doing anything at all other than feeding ad revenues somewhere? Again, weird to think that something that actually made the news, got his specific point of view and desire out there in virtually every major news organization out there and is getting people to talk about it is not effective, but volunteering at a local charity 7000 miles away is effective.
  8. But you're also saying that someone cannot be both rational and take their own life or sacrifice it for something else. I think we fundamentally disagree; people can and do often harm themselves to attempt to achieve something beyond them, and they are not acting in a disturbed or altered way or show any other sign of mental impairment. I get that you can think that, but I think that barring some other evidence that this person was not in full mental capacities you're simply wrong. Humans are capable of doing this and it is common enough that we have many different words for flavors of it.
  9. It did! Did it make you feel better saying the nonsense to start with? Title bet, go. I've asked you repeatedly about various things and you've responded back with 'uh uh, no you'. Who said that? I simply pointed out that it is not, as you said, the most ineffective means of action you can take. I also pointed out that saying it isn't altruistic is bullshit. Altruism doesn't mean good. Suicidal actions have often led to successful outcomes from the point of view of the cause they're trying for. Again, one of the turning points in US public opinion of Vietnam was a Buddhist monk burning themselves alive outside the White House. We literally have a word for people doing suicidal actions for their cause which you also object to using here - but the word martyr still applies. You've suggested online protest, stealing kids, and donating money to someone who can't ever use it as 'a much better impact'. Is this your idea of pragmatic liberalism - doing things that make you feel good and have zero actual outcome?
  10. Yeah, this is the stuff they're already effectively doing via their patches. They could add more, but they've already added a ton of things like that - the epilogue party, the Karlach ending changes, honor mode and legendary abilities, a bunch of other changes, a bunch of tweaks to various questlines in the game itself...I guess I don't see that really as DLC-worthy. Honestly, if they add really good modding support we might get enough from the community to add new content that will be enough. There's been things like that for Skyrim, and given how game the voice actors for it have been we might even get some new lines done in there depending.
  11. It puts it in the news. It gets us talking about it. I get that you don't want to talk about your personal viewpoints given how weak they are, but I am not so disinclined. Nonviolent protest, particularly protests that involve sacrifice, have a pretty long history of some effectiveness and getting people who are not directly involved to get involved. They're far more effective than online protests. That is a VERY weird definition of altruism. It also happens to be wrong. This is virtually impossible to do and is incredibly frowned upon by the refugee community as far as taking action goes; they strongly recommend supporting families and other people close by to help instead of stealing their children. You've suggested joining an online petition as a way to be more effective - how lame is that? But they can name the causes that they died for.
  12. It would be a bit more confusing as an intended message given the history of using it. Would it be okay if he did a hunger strike until he died? What form of nonviolent protest involving self sacrifice is acceptable to you? And if he did any of those, would you be even remotely talking about it now?
  13. So please, do show your work here - what of your suggestions has shown any meaningful outcome to what he was protesting? How many online protests have helped? Can you even point to one? How have donations helped when aid is being denied right now? As far as I can tell you're happy with the idea of working towards something that they can't possibly influence in any way as long as it doesn't inconvenience you in some way, but you're not okay with something that actually generates attention. As @kissdbyfire pointed out this is a very old form of protest that has been done for quite a while across the entire world, and signifies a very specific kind of final message. I don't need to defend or rationalize his behavior because history has already done so, but I wasn't doing either; I especially don't need to wrongly state it isn't altruism because I don't like the cause it represents. I'll say it another way: in today's world where attention is one of the most highly sought-after resources that exist and things like online protest are quite possibly the least effective way of doing anything, doing something that generates front page news across the US is quite easily one of the most effective means of protest one can do; doing so in a way that harms no one else to any particular extent and is a form of nonviolent protest even more so.
  14. Would you rather that he killed himself as a suicide bomber against Republican house members? Serious question here, because that appears to be where you're going for it.
  15. Again, what a weird idea. First off the notion that it is 'all for nothing' is because...what, the war didn't end immediately when he burned himself? I'm pretty sure his goal was to get people talking about it which...he seems to have succeeded in quite well! Also, if you're going to consider someone who needs hospital care selfish for doing so that is another very odd take; is your viewpoint that anyone who needs care at any time for anything that they may have brought on themselves via any behavior they took to be selfish? I think I already know your answer but want to make sure you're stating that anyone, at any time, who knowingly or unknowingly costs any public resource is being selfish. But no, something does not need to cost no one nothing in order for something to be altruistic. By that weird take anyone jumping on a hand grenade is not being altruistic because they're wasting the training that they got as a soldier. So odd! First there's no indication that he didn't do those things too. That said, a 'healthy form of online protest' - would you be talking about it if he did that? This gets back to the idea that the only way to protest is the way that makes it ignorable, and if you do anything to make anyone even think about it at all or does any inconvenience to anyone it is bad. Seeking attention for a cause and sacrificing your personal health and safety for it is altruism. It might not be altruism that you enjoy or like, but it doesn't change what it is. I get that you have a notion that altruism is noble and you don't personally consider this person to be doing something in the cause of something noble, but that doesn't make you right. Again, literally this is Gandhi.
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