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  1. Kalbear

    More Things Star Wars

    I like the style. Absolutely nothing else grabs me about it.
  2. Kalbear

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    Yay the monthly relitigate the campaign is here I missed it so
  3. Kalbear

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    There were still a number of people who were thinking it was an easy win. I was not one of them, mind you, but there were plenty. My favorite has to be Sam Wang, who famously was so sold on his shitty methodology that he ate a bug when proven wrong.
  4. Kalbear

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    By whom? There are a whole hell of a lot of people from Texas that think entirely otherwise. Same with the South and their waving a flag of a traitorous attempt at a nation state. The military is not monolithic either, and all it takes is some military to make a choice.
  5. Kalbear

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    The only way I can see Bakker committing to something like that with a 'good' payoff is if they turned to something even worse to replace it. I can't imagine that Bakker could look at addiction and actually write anything like a success story, especially something fairly physically addictive. I could easily see him exploring all the false promises, the slight beacons of hope that turn to ash later, and really mining that despair - but a happy ending? Nah. Also, I find his non-fantasy characters to largely be garbage.
  6. Kalbear

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    And...they doubled down on that too, didn't they?
  7. Kalbear

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    Yes! This is absolutely accurate! 100% agree. This is how it works. Same goes for Obama too. I supported Obama, knowing full well in 2012 that he would continue the drone warfare. That is entirely on me. If you support - and continue to support Trump, you're fully supporting things like separating 3000 kids from their parents - some of whom are STILL not united despite legally being required to do so. That's entirely how it works.
  8. Kalbear

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    An originalist can easily say that because it's not in the constitution, it isn't what the founders intended. Alternately, they can reinterpret the 22nd to mean something else if they choose to. And I think you're probably right that Roberts right now wouldn't do it, because he'd be the deciding vote in a 5-4 decision. However, if he isn't the deciding vote, I think he'd go along with it just fine.
  9. Kalbear

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    Where in the constitution - the original one - is the two-term limit?
  10. Kalbear

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Eh. My vitriol towards the man has been greatly overstated. I'm still fairly pessimistic that he'll be able to write any future novels, much less anything that gives the conclusion that so many others appear to expect. Part of this is that he simply isn't a prolific or successful writer, and that makes writing more difficult; part of it is that I suspect that he wrote what he wanted to all along, and he's now not got that drive to finish, as he finished.
  11. As an example, @SweetPea, since you're fond of polls: a poll shows that 83% of Republicans approve of the way Trump handles racial issues. This essentially means 83% of Republicans are racists. But yeah, we don't talk enough about that 1 in 6 that still votes for him but doesn't approve of him. Riiight. (note also that 17% is also about the number of minorities who are Republican) https://twitter.com/FaceTheNation/status/1028695045073977344
  12. Especially at this point. People who voted for Trump in 2016 might have been vaguely excused by thinking that this was all BS and he'd be normal, or reasonable, or something new. But now? We've got 2 years of Trump being Trump, and if you continue to support him now despite that, well, that's on you.
  13. Kalbear

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    That's certainly a reasonable point of view, though I suspect that both can be right; he can be happy about writing one day and full of ideas, and then iterate and find that they suck or aren't cohesive. That's often what happens when you're not sure where to go in a story or how you want to proceed, exactly. It's not surprising, mind you. The bad news is that this is much like the issue that GRRM has right now, save that GRRM has a number of specific endpoints in mind and has had them for 30 years. The good news is that there's probably nothing locking him in to anything in particular, so once he finds an idea he wants to run with very little is going to be there to stop him, and any narrative issues like logic and plot discrepancies can be brushed aside due to the prior narrative scope and framework.
  14. Mostly because you've given scant evidence to the contrary, whereas there are plenty of studies to indicate that this was by far the biggest issue to people - and continues to be. Nah. They're either that or they're okay with going along with that, and have rationalized that 'no, he doesn't MEAN what he said'. Like the marine who voted for Trump and had his wife deported; he never thought that she would be one of the 'bad ones' he mentioned.
  15. Kalbear

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    That's disappointing.