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  1. Kalbear

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    When it's good, it's really really awesome. The Maul/Obi-Wan encounter is one of the best things ever. And they absolutely nailed Vader. But there are a lot of very, very dull episodes along that way, and it also isn't particularly good at serializing - most of the eps are self-contained. And that's fine! But it's not what I'm wanting any more.
  2. Kalbear

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I have! I haven't watched the latest season, but I've watched everything before, along with most of Clone Wars. And eventually Filoni gets there (sometimes), but it is often kind of trite and not particularly interesting. In particular he rarely has good guys turning particularly bad. Bad guys end up having a heart of gold or whatever, but good guys don't ever get particularly corrupt. I like Rebels, but there are a LOT of filler episodes and a lot of very forgettable generic characters. When it's good it is super awesome - having Vader come in and kick everyone's ass was great, and I like what he does with the Force and balance at times - but most of Zed's story, the fucking Mandalorian subplot, and much of the actual rebel fight wasn't great. I knew that, but I also just don't care that much. I guess it's cool they can finally explore that part, but it's also a baby Yoda that isnt' going to be useful for a while.
  3. Kalbear

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    To me it read precisely like she had been a big fan, and this was...fine. I didn't expect Deadwood, but I also hoped it would be a bit more than a casual ep of Rebels, with fairly uninteresting secondary characters and a textbook plot. I was honestly hoping for something more like Rogue One, with characters who have clear motivations and some interesting, grey conflicts. I was hoping that we'd get a bit more of him, ya know, hunting, instead of some bizarre Nick Nolte as free-range philosopher and an extended sequence of breaking in an ugly horse. I guess that's what's most disappointing to me - that (much like Rebels) this feels so incredibly immature as a story. Perhaps I shouldn't think that it would be different - it's not like any of the main movies were particularly nuanced - but I was hoping for something a bit meatier, like Solo or Rogue One. But instead we get "I have spoken" and extended bathroom molting jokes mixed in with some seriously cool action sequences. And no, Mandalorians don't go around wearing their helmets all the time, and typically aren't wearing their helmets except in battle. I don't know what's up with that.
  4. Kalbear

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    I could have written this. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/culture/2019/11/12/20961484/mandalorian-star-wars-disney-plus-review-pedro-pascal?utm_campaign=vox&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
  5. Kalbear

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    It was...fine. The production qualities are quite good, with a lot of nice callbacks. Seriously, they had life day! Some small bits of humor that worked, and some that fell flat. Ig88 was great. It works okay as a western, but only okay. The action sequences were great. The non action sequences were often dull. We dont need two minutes of blacksmithing. It felt like a live action version of Rebels, and that makes sense, but just like rebels the highlights are offset by the slower pacing. Also the soundtrack is distinctly un star wars and kind of sucks balls.
  6. Looked like a lake. And they were crabbing cages, meaning the fetuses basically crawl in there to eat.
  7. It was strongly hinted it was in the past when it flashed over the property and it went from grassland to development. Someone also said they started the millennium clock 4 years ago.
  8. I dont think its veidt. I think it might be one of the clones. She bought the property in 2015 or so.
  9. A Minnesota team that is undefeated would have also beaten penn state, Ohio state and Wisconsin. Any power 5 undefeated team is going to make it in. FSU showed that despite not being very good in 2014.
  10. Kalbear

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    Conversely there is no specific indication that musk is responsible for that, or that if he didnt lead spacex that it wouldn't happen.
  11. Kalbear

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    Maybe? There is zero sign of any kind of global entertainment, news or anything like that. There isn't broad ftl communication. I think it would be closer to something like the texas rangers - some people would idolize them, some would know, most wouldn't have ever heard of them. The star wars universe is weird.
  12. I got the impression that she wasn't perfectly clear on those memories. We also know Judd officially said that only one guy was found to her, and he never mentioned the second one at all. And it'll end up being Judd who was in that mask. I think her arc is going to be close to Laurie's in the Watchmen arc, where she's got to come to grips with the idea that Judd was both a hero to her and deeply racist, and both are accurate and we'll get that reveal as the big whoa thing. I think he's working for Keene, who wants to use 7k's terrorism as a pretext to give police vigilante powers across the US on a wave of authority and control. And having a bunch of masked police being able to do whatever the hell they want to means all those 7k people? They can just go be police, and no one will be able to do a damned thing. Laurie said it this ep - what is the difference between a vigilante and a cop wearing a mask?
  13. I dont think that's true. At the very least because it doesnt track with what will is saying or how high his friends are up in things. Nor does it track with Judd being part of the conspiracy. Theres a reason his wife works for Keene. Theres a reason that a 7k had Angela dead to rights and didnt kill her. Judd not being part of that and making him innocent doesnt fit at all. Now he might have been against it eventually - like the comedian was - but that doesnt mean he isn't 7k. It just means he might have been against the conspiracy specifically. But given what we know about that painting now, it seems ludicrous to think that it would be allowed to be hung in the house and him have custody of it. An aside - it is categorically brilliant how they're doing the extratextual parts of this show to mimic the original watchmen. I dont know if lindelof will make things satisfying or not, but it's clearly being crafted with a very large amount of care and love.
  14. Kalbear

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    I think that if the message you got from ren telling her her parents are nothing isn't combined with the continued message from ren about letting the past die and Rey emphatically telling him fuck that noise, that's on you. Rey did not take that advice - not from ren, not from luke - and both of them were about that. She decided to take the jedi books, to become another jedi, to reject leaving the past behind. And Luke changes his mind as a result as well. I think it's possible that the very specific parentage isn't a direct issue, but TLJ sets up quite clearly that Rey still cares a lot about her past and what has happened before, will make sure it continues to matter, and she will surpass it while coming from it. Based on that, I would say that it will continue to be a think in tros, and TLJ didnt remotely throw it all away.
  15. Kalbear

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    Anger psychologically innately stems from unfairness. We have seen this repeatedly in simian experiments including the best experiment ever done in the world. https://youtu.be/lKhAd0Tyny0