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  1. Just took the lead over the dire wolves. Hopefully Kittle and Williams don't go negative from here. Going to be one of the lowest winning totals this season but every win makes me less jaxom.
  2. Ok, I didn't like the first episode. Very much at all. But I'm in on the show now. I still do think that Viserys looks like a thinner Homer Simpson with a platinum wig and fantasy leprosy, but no issues with Paddy's actual acting. And love his model train hobby. Daemon has grown on me in that he now does seem menacing when at first he seemed underwhelming. (Putting aside the idiotic scene that ended the war in the Step Stones.) I'm fine that we're done with young Rhaenyra though. Something about her jaw or mouth just bothers me. No issues with young Allicent though, she slayed in that green dress. Just started rereading the front half of Fire and Blood today. Not sure what I think about Cristan Cole yet as far as the actor. I didn't think the chemistry in the hunt scene was anywhere near electric, and he might be someone chosen more for attractiveness than acting chops, kind of like Laenor so far. But IIRC he should have more pivotal moments ahead to shine. Looking forward to the time jump and let's see what's coming next on Sunday. Unless Miami wins at home in which case I'll end celebrating too long to watch the episode when it airs.
  3. To be clear, I was being facetious about Shaq, but by coincidence the description I gave in first post does actually also fit Lebron James perfectly.
  4. Well, I have a golf tournament tomorrow morning and I tend to play best with a moderate hangover. I think it keeps me from giving too much of a shit and from over swinging. So after getting back from a friend's pre-wedding celebration, I'm having 3 fingers or so of Basil Hayden. Alas, autumn has arrived in New England. Tomorrow won't be awful, but I probably will wear pants on the course for the first time since early April. I also put up my worst round in about 2 months this afternoon, so I should be blazing tomorrow.
  5. Shaquille O'Neal, obviously. You ever see that guy in person? His arms look like my legs but wider.
  6. Well if you want a 6 to 15 billion or so population that is prosperous then fission is the way to go. Anyone anti fission is anti people in the aggregate. The Nile still exists. If 5000 years ago give or take the Nile found a lower outlet, what does that have to do with climate change now?
  7. Possibly it's apocryphal, but I've heard stories of the Chinese government hosing the blood down the sewers after the tanks ran over protesters. Also it's got be demoralizing for the pro democracy factions in China when they see the Big Guy selling out all principles for mere tens of million dollars.
  8. This is from CBS sports today. I think they said last week that Tua is a bust who can aspire to game manager maybe, and also that the Patriots got the best QB in that year's draft with Mac Jones. Healthy Tua, with actual blockers and receivers that can create space is a more than cromulent QB I think. All of the takes that said Tua is a bust and Mac Jones was a great pick... (granted that 5th pick is different than 20th or so) My prediction is that Mac Jones is like Mark Sanchez without the playoff wins. (admittedly MIA has been deficient there too.)
  9. Tua and Matt Ryan combined for 52 pts so I m looking ok this week right now.
  10. Really it depends on the country. In general I'm against. But if you happen to live in a unicorn sort of representative republic that's subjected to unfair aggression then sure. Defensive wars, sure, still problematic in practice a lot of the time but shades of gray. Offensive wars, no.
  11. I'm not sure how this otherwise perfectly respectable thread turned into weird stomp arachnoid fetish, but I'm here to put an end to that. I put in a relatively full body of work tonight. Couple of beers after golf, then a birthday party, then home and some Basil Hayden. I personally have no problems with spiders that are smaller than the last knuckle on my pinkie.
  12. Ugh. If you are all, talking about the new booster than ok. If you all are still taking the booster that protects against the fire that burned down the barn 3 years ago then for myself at least, I'd take the other side and trust that my previous exposure is less of a risk than ending up in the excess mortality cohort. (For the record I seem to be in excellent health minus some elbow bursitis, and have no cardio or respitory issues I'm aware of.) Had covid, not really interested in taking a booster thats going to tell my immune system to target the 2019 variant. Espescially since I no longer own any vaccine manufacturing stocks directly.
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