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  1. mcbigski

    Canadian Politics: Revenge of the small minds

    He probably should have only worn blackface instead of making some sort of rambling vaguely not pro diversity comment. Is it a thing in Canada where it's acceptable to be racist against people of African descent but every other minority is a protected class? Unless the rule is you can do whatever you want if and only if you're a darling of the left, I cant wrap my head around it. Probably Trump's fault...
  2. mcbigski

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    I can't believe I'm actually putting the most points on that team this week. Knock on wood if you're with me.
  3. mcbigski

    Westeros Football League C

    Heck of an OT. Needed to fade about 6 points from Jimmy G, Carson, and Metcalf combined. Didn't even notice I was even in the match until late 4q. Not bad for having to play 4 free agent signings this week.
  4. mcbigski

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Yeah don't listen to that noise. I'm in Plainville myself. Hartford county not Fairfield. Most of the Jets and Giants games are on broadcast too. An awful lot of Yankees/Patriot fans. A bunch of low self esteem front runners. Not a good look! Of course you re sticking w the Bears anyway.
  5. mcbigski

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    More of a statement than a question, but feedback might be helpful. I upgraded my PC from 12gb to 16gb ram yesterday. When I closed up the box and restarted it, I kept hearing a thumping sound inside. Turns out the video card was sagging downward and the fan was getting caught on the data cable from the CD Rom drive that connects just below the video card to the motherboard. Haven't used the CD Rom drive in years so I yanked that cable and unplugged it from the power supply too. (Figured that would be marginally less power and waste heat once disconnected so why not.) Running the video card with only one of two fans operating seemed like a much worse idea. My previous round of upgrades was a few years back putting in a new video card that was significantly heavier than the previous one, along with a new power supply. I'm guessing it was the weight of the video card that has been slowing warping the mount on the back of the case where you screw it in. I took all the relevant parts out, remounted and tightened them back up for what its worth but still the card was tilted down somewhat. Is it worth it to try to replace the piece at the back of the case where you fasten the screws to hold the video card? Case is about 9 yrs old so possibly hard to find the appropriate part but maybe they're standardized. Or if I wanted to remount the DVD drive, I could also look at propping up the opposite end of the video card. I'm thinking take a pencil (should be nicely non conductive) and saw it to the proper length to push the opposite edge of the video card back up with the eraser end and set the other end against the bottom of the case. Is that a good work around or a very bad idea? Alas even with extra RAM it's still taking Stellaris about a minute to cycle through one late game month on a medium size map. Makes it hard to get those late game crisis achievements!
  6. mcbigski

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    Shit can happen to anyone at any time especially into your 70s plus. That being said, Trump still seems to be able to perform spontaneously at his rallies in a way that Biden or Hillary no longer can. Maybe I was just a tad too quick to assume media bias affected your opinion when the media decided it was credible that Kavanaugh post SC nomination masterminded drugging and gang raping girls while he was in high school but media darling and Clinton buddy Weinstein wasn't an issue for decades. The broad cast media clearly tilts the playing field.
  7. mcbigski

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    All the best media orgs that talked about the Gorilla Channel and yet didnt have enough evidence to report on Epstien 3 years ago are the ones saying he s impaired. So that must be true.
  8. mcbigski

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Not sure what happened with my pic tonight. I think I entered all of my pics and then was adjusting my points afterward and somehow left the Chargers as a zero. Probably helped me to be honest. Rest of the weeks pics are entered though.
  9. mcbigski

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    Five star thread title.
  10. mcbigski

    Westeros Football League C

    At least I'm favored by .05 right now. Everyone under 163 can just be quiet.
  11. Stop hating on the dolphins. They are iirc 2nd right now for lastly pick but a half game behind (or ahead) the jets with the tie breaker. Have a game left against the Jets Bengals and giants. Plus 5 other games. Probably 3.5 expected wins and the 3rd to 5th pick overall. Except that Flores seems to be coaching them up. So the Giants and Falcolns are also closing in on #1 draft pick. Or maybe the dolphins just suck at tanking too.
  12. Tomlin has job security, right? <just noticed I'm approaching 4k posts. Want to make the next one count. Isn't it NHAW season, traditionally?>
  13. I don't think blaming Nagy for running down the clock for a game winning kick is fair. Unless someone can quantify the risk of running another play versus the marginal increase in FG accuracy from a modest gain. But damn thats got to sting the bears fans. Pick up Mark Walton now if he s still on your waivers. Drake didnt travel to Pittsburgh so assume he gets traded.
  14. mcbigski

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    Pro fission watermelons don't exist afaict. But nuclear is probably the only currently feasible way to give 8 billion plus people a good standard of living w o carbon emissions. Socialists need things to get worse first which forecludes that I suppose. Saw today that China has more coal emissions than the rest of the globe combined. Mayhaps greta should go there next?
  15. mcbigski

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    You ever notice how when you want to quote and reply to 4 different posts nothing happens but when you want to reply to one five things get quoted? Or is it just me?