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  1. I was going with the modified Bronn strategy. Bet the max against the Dolphins esp on a Thursday road game. Tho from now on, Fear the Beard!
  2. Mostly pointless without the House. They floated some proposals IIRC that were going no where in the House so Trump tried some phone and pen stuff. I didn't qualify any relief myself, but since my buddy Fern hasn't bought me a beer in the last month or so, I'm guessing that didn't go anywhere either.
  3. I turned on the game just before the start of the second half, I think it was. It must have been just at the start of the Joe Buck tribute. It felt at least 4 minutes long, and I had to recheck the cable guide to make sure I was on the right channel and not stuck in some sort of hellish mockery of "A Football Life". (At least I assume I pretty much got in at the start, maybe there was a montage about his greatness in elementary school at the start that I missed.) I'm not even sure why I loathe it so much when he's calling games, but really not my favorite.
  4. Well, there was that one league where picking 8th or so I took Adams over Thomas, and then grabbed AAron later on. worked well enough so far. (Had Thomas elsewhere but not Adams, so made it easier to buy into Angry Rodgers narrative there.)
  5. Today (which is technically inaccurate here for another fifteen minutes) is a good day. Going to play a golf scramble with some good friends and see a bunch of people that mean something to me who I haven't seen since early March. All outdoor, and in a state where about 1 in 90k are currently hospitalized for covid. (Which mostly means we got hammered early. Connecticut has done worse per capita in reported deaths than Peru, which is currently leading the world on a country basis.) Both regardless and irregardless, the forecast calls for sun and beer.
  6. How long til this thread gets shut down for overly explicit furry talk? It's a family board!
  7. Fell into the Zappa youtube black hole tonight. Makes me want to sell my practice and move to Montana soon, or possibly a Dakota, Wyoming, or Moose Jaw.
  8. Looks solid to me. Finished my smallest money league's draft tonight. Got Adams and Thomas and got stuck with Golladay playing auto draft chicken. (Not that the projected WR7 as a flex is awful by any means). Trying to trade Cooper Kupp who I kept. QB WR WR RB RB TE F DEF K. Got Edelman and Cooks too because the price seemed right at the time, though Gibson went for 4 later Doh. Current RBs are Drake (keeper), White, Coleman, AP, Ozigbo, Hines. full PPR. Should be able to piece something together, hoping the guy who clocked out and got Taylor on autodraft by mistake will swap him for Kupp. Aaron and Ebron, as QB and TE for what its worth. Was planning on spending $2 for Jarwin late, but the autodraft team with 4 slots and 40 bucks opened bidding at 2.
  9. Adam Gase is definitely your friend here. I'd stay away from Herndon, but Gase is usually at or near the top in slowest pace of play. Less plays equals less points. If you're getting graded on lack of efficiency, Frank Gore should be solid at this point in his career, but he tends to get consistent work still. And don't sleep on Darnold either, he may be better than last year, but the Bills D is fearsome, Hoodie can out scheme him blindfolded and Miami upgraded their secondary significantly, so I expect that his division schedule will be clearly harder than last year as far as pass defenses. But Ty is certainly correct about Mitch too. For TE, go ahead and draft Smythe from Miami. He's listed as the top TE on the depth chart(so not even a total tank job), but does all the blocking work while Gesicki gets most of the targets. Or Mo Alie-Cox, impressively super big.
  10. I have a not totally complete memory as a kid of someone being given 2nd base as a momento after a steal in the middle of a Mets game we went to at Shea. For some reason my sister was a Mets fan. As I remember it, it was Lou Brock, I was 6 summer of 79. Got to ask my dad if he remembers that game more clearly. Damn i used to love baseball. RIP.
  11. When I got down to 5 roster spots and 20 bucks or so, I penciled in Cam, DJax, Tarik, Gibson, Jarwin and B Hill. Got stuck holding the bag with Gurley, thought he'd go for at least one more to someone else as RBs were still going pretty rich at that point. So getting Hill and Jackson through for 1 each was nice. Basically slammed the 7 or 8 button on Cam too to lock it up. Figured I'd still get Jarwin for 2 so could muscle you out of Gibson. I do have a QB to spare, if the price is right. Looking at you Nat. Or I just stream from my bench. Feel gross that so far in two auctions I ended up with Bell in both. I'm sure he'll be fine once he gets away from Gase. Between Montgomery and Gibson I should be OK in a few weeks there regardless. My first impression is that Experts ain't all that!
  12. Trade up for Mitch is like going all in for Neville Chamberlain
  13. 9 would be better than 8 for me, but should be able to do either.
  14. What time next Monday? Assuming 9 or 10 eastern. Havent seen an invite yet on Yahoo.
  15. So we're doing: Superflex Individual QBs as per usual with no roster limits No Jaxoming. Is that correct? Too much headache with the team QB approach?
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