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  1. Well all that sounds like aces for the defense contractors and the congressmen getting the kick backs. Plus if they get enough US soldiers killed then it's escalation time and let's suspend civil liberties too. Personally I don't think we have a sound election system here, so pretty much all the incentives push towards confrontation, escalation, and (temporary, of course) emergency spending. Might need a distraction considering how fantastic the economy has been lately too. FML.
  2. Luckily I'm still tripoding, which is sometimes a ROFL impediment. We're way off topic though. <also I think i meant to say 90%+ percentile femurs and such. Half Irish half Polish>
  3. Tri pods shouldn't sweat that but I have 90+ percent femurs and such.
  4. Smaller folks need less life support. And for EVAs you're going to build suits that fit the widest range possible. So astronauts should be average or slightly below in height for males at least. Slightly taller than average women would still meet parameters. I recall when I was in high school, going to a college expo or whatever it's called. Navy guy said you're tall for bulkheads. Air Force guy said you're to tall too be a pilot. Army guy said you'd be a perfect target. I've thought about a sort of grim dark sci fi scenario where all the astronauts are short people with their legs amputated to reduce the 02 needs. (and other basic metabolism needs foods and nutrients etc). Also the nerdy kids knew that if they and the jocks were all belters, a lot of the jocks would self eliminate.
  5. How did this all turn out? I would think that Cocaine Bear, even without a breath weapon, would just roll with the old school Claw Claw Bite.
  6. It's St Patrick's Day somewhere.
  7. Was just at home during a sleeting windstorm. No specific celebration. Who won the debate?
  8. Got a little over my skis tonight. Bottle of red, half a bottle of rose, steak and martinis. Red was with the steak, to be clear. Starting to wonder if the Martini Fairy is actually real? Calling all scientists.
  9. I should be content about that Jalen Ramsey for Hunter Long and a third trade, right? Most of Jalen Ramsey is way better than none of Byron Jones, even if he has Bristol roots. Hunter Long might be good but from what I recall from first year o Mike McD, (Durham Smythe = Gesiki)> Hunter Long. Don't recall enough targets to have my own opinion on Long but IIRC he's catch first block not really but also not super explosive like the Bristol tight ends.
  10. From the Dolphins side, extending Tua is a far far safer move than going after Lamar. Less money now and more picks later yes please. Tua has had injury issues, but not much different than Lamar games missed wise. I think the Ravens did the right thing using the tag they did. It's a depressed market because of the cost of two first rounders, so they kind of put Lamar on the spot, and are probably going to resign him for appreciably less than he asked for. I do think the commentary that Miami or SF is going to sign Lamar was kind of hilarious because it was entirely groundless. Both teams have QBs on rookie contracts. Torching your next couple of drafts to pay more for QB is a loser, unless your QB is Zach Wilson, MILF hunter.
  11. Personally, I think it's because they're another captive that's compelled to go along with the top down narrative. If we end up provoking China I'd be shocked. Also, squirrel!!!! Lol. DoE is even less reliably than my bowel cycle. Some mornings I don't have to shit, but the government is constantly pushing out things that favor the government narrative. My bum can't handle The Truth.
  12. What's sexist about that? Is he not his child's father? There was that whole supply chain west coast port issue a year or so ago where Sec Buttigieg had nothing helpful to say, and the end dictate from the government was that backed up cargo ships should stay out of sight of the shore, rather than finding a solution that could increase efficiency and relieve price pressure in an inflationary environment. Let's look at it from the other direction. Tell me Varys, what are Sec Buttigieg's successes?
  13. Seems like whenever there's a transit related issue he's on vacation or paternity leave. OTOH he's probably more competent than POTUS or VPOTUS. Something besides ignore it for a week or more. Anyone remember back in 2016 when I said that as much as Trump being the actual winner was a disapointment to people, at least it meant the media would be adversarial? We're not seeing that now for some reason. Think about why.
  14. I'm 6' 5" and about 245 these days. Not exactly the same, but I've always felt like that there is a percentage of women, maybe a quarter to a third, where tall is not only a plus attribute but quite desireable. And ask around, I have an odious personality. Not in a literal way but just keep putting it out there. Everyone has their own hang ups, but being taller has its advantages.
  15. A likeable Jay Cutler is funny as hell. My point on that trade is that if you have 2 QBs on your board that are basically the same tier, you don't pay at all to trade up one spot. But Chicago overspent, when they likely would have gotten Mitch anyway. Not sure how much NFL GMs are applying probability models to their draft picks. I assume they're doing it a fair amount. But if your model says it's worth that trade up, maybe check you math going forward.
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