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  1. mcbigski

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    After the latest patch started a new stellaris game as a rogue servitor race, hoping they fixed the ai that assigns worker jobs. (Previously the Coordinator jobs just cost a shit ton of energy for a small bit of unity and crashed your economy without massive micromanagemnt. And the worker drones wouldnt prioritize amenities even if there was a local deficit.) Totally lolled when the inhabitable system next door got discovered. "Though none of the new life forms appear to possess the self awareness neccessary to appreciate Dekron pampering, it's likely only a matter of time until before we encounter beings that do!" With the only event choice being: "wonderful: prepare the gift baskets!" For those without the context a Rogue Servitor race is basically Skynet that decided to maximize what the computer thinks is human happiness rather than just exterminating them. Think grass fed free range beef owned by vegans.
  2. mcbigski

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    Dude, A. Calling 38 and 58 year olds 'girls' is demeaning in a way orthogonal to whatever one may think about sex work. B. Maybe it's just because I'm turning 46 next week but for as much as I despise the million or so Patriots bandwagon fans in Connecticut that never heard of John Hannah or Mosi Tatupu (Still love that Simpsons Halloween ep from '93 or so btw) I don't think you can slag a widower in his 70s for finding something to like about middle aged women.
  3. Was about to reply, Hoover Dam.
  4. I get that. I was just driving towards the question of whether a dislike of the work you re going to Vegas for taints your overall trip. There are plenty of non gambling activities there too. The smoke part sucks all around.
  5. I don't like 'having' to do anything as a general rule. Though since i spend a fair amount of my free time in casinos if I had to be somewhere for work, i could do a lot worse than Vegas. Scot, if you were doing the same work in Hartford, for example, would that be better or worse?
  6. One of my cousins apparently learned to read at 4 similar to Fez's story where there was a book about clocks his mom read to him a lot. As for me, we learned the alphabet in kindergarten, but didn't really do reading drills. (This was 1978-9). After a few months of Dick Jane Spot books in 1st grade they moved me up to the advanced group. (IIRC they split the class into thirds.) Been a book worm ever since. "Mainstreaming" might be another interested education related thread. That's at least what they called in my town. Didn't really hit until early 90s so where I was so I basically just missed it, (might even have a bit later and I heard about from my parents, who are retired teachers) but the concept was that you shouldn't segregate kids based on ability. Throw them all together and the kids who are ahead of the others would help the others catch up. Which to me seems like one of the dumber ideas the education establishment came up with. I mean if a bright 3rd grader can teach another 3rd grader, why should we waste money on higher teacher salaries or smaller class sizes?
  7. mcbigski

    The Drunk Thread: Kraken Open a Bottle O' Rum

    Got my taxes back today, and since the damage was less than expected, poured myself my house scotch (Glenlivet 12). Was near the bottom of the handle. And so figured I'd finish it off. Thought I was getting a finger and a half, but turned out to be three fingers. And I liked it. Also noticed a deduction my accountant didn't realize I was eligible for. So even better than originally thought!
  8. mcbigski

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    Now that makes me want to write some Elcor Avengers dialogs.
  9. mcbigski

    Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    I m just glad that as of right now at least, tomorrow will be my first day of sleeping in since the clocks change. It would have been a poker sin to leave that table Saturday night before around 4 30am but man that and daylight savings has been a real double whammy.
  10. My girlfriend's son is in kindergarten in a relatively low income school district. He's getting a fair amount of instruction that is more traditional but also has a computer program that works on phonetics and such. Surprised me yesterday when he read on his new Super Sonic plushy that it was not made for children under the age of 15. But he also gets read to every night and having an at home component almost certainly helps. Not sure how much whole language stuff is going on there. Whole languange seems like a daffy idea and another education fad that puts the needs of consultants and educators ahead of the needs of children and society but then i was raised on old school phonics.
  11. mcbigski

    Athletic Debate: Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

    Well if Hartford gets an NBA expansion team around 2040 he probably will. Was pretty great when Gordie Mark and Marty were all skating for the Whalers though. 7 year old Lebron James once beat Angel Cordero Jr in a maiden race at the Northampton Fair but NYRA wouldnt let him ride at Saratoga.
  12. Yeah I think the number of private jets at Davos last time was 10^4. Even if it was in the high hundreds when the Al Gores of the world start acting like its a crisis instead of a shakedown opportunity....
  13. I'm all in on supporting fission and border control. Americans are the most wasteful people in the world. We should stop uncontrolled immigration for earths sake.
  14. Is this also the titancon thread?
  15. mcbigski

    Most poignant lyrics

    "All that remains are the faces and the names of the wives and the sons and the daughters." What else you got?