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  1. I think I'm beating a dead horse here, but either the vaccines are effective, or NZ is going to eventually have covid spread through the population at large regardless. Best thing for most of us is to lose 10-30 pounds. (or more, or less, depending) Either way, while Covid doesnt ignore slimmer folks entirely, it does seem to focus elsewhere.
  2. Ty knows best apparently. I mean I can think a few boarders at least who I 'd expect to know more about bears, but if he's claiming expertise, I'll believe.
  3. Maybe I'm a homer, but Dolphins (winning record last year) against division opponent Bills plus 3.5 at home seems like a smash that bet. Also got to adjust my pickem league picks but fade NO with 2 d starters on IR and 7 coaches in covid protocol.
  4. Was actually a humble brag. Being bigger, stronger, smarter, than the average bear. But also drunker. That being said, I'm totally in the waiting for the other shoe phase of dating right now.
  5. It's possible that a guy running for President on his third or fourth try who finally wins his first primary after almost every other opponent drops out in Carolina prior to voting, gets the highest number of votes for President in history. But hey, millions of Wednesday morning voters in exactly the close states controlled by Democrat Secretaries of State needed can't be wrong. Also, it's possible that the Sultan of Brunei will name me his sole heir and beneficiary. Gavin will win convincingly. Sure a majority of voters wanted him out to force the recall election. But an even larger majority is going to vote that he should stay. Trust the process.
  6. Who is dying in Denmark? Are the 3 a day a random mix of the population? What's the average age? BMI is a flawed measurement compared to body fat percentage, but what way does that data skew? When setting policy for millions of people, you have to weigh whether 3 people a day near to death dying sooner is better or worse than the externalities of lockdowns and fear. I still think a zero covid approach is really just a way for the people in charge to consolidate their own power, so if the above sounds off, I probably sound like a raging maniac.
  7. That clarifies my rosters some. Bah. Was already dropping him in non IR leagues, but other than one keeper league possibly, I guess that's that. On a non fantasy note, if any of you are living in New England, and aren't Patriots fans, I heartily recommend listening to Scott Zolak on the Patriots radio network for the post game when the Patriots lose. He said something along the lines that Tua is shit compared to Mack Jones and that the Dolphins D is nothing special on Sunday's postgame. Apologizes if I posted this already, but if both of those are true, how bad is New England?
  8. Well the good news is that there are literally billions of unavailable women. So you probably don't need to focus so much. I will say though there were times when I was younger that I was entirely sure that this (for multiple values of this over time) woman was exactly the one for me and I had to do all I could to make it work. Which failed miserably, typically. No one likes the stench of desperation. But when you're totally focused on The One, sometimes you end up settling for something that actually is going to work out better. Some of that is maybe assortative mating, and some of that is just the natural grace that comes with not getting yourself into knots like you would with "The One".
  9. I thought Mostert was an 8 week or so injury, not season ending. But starting Mostert and Aiyuk plus Davonte Adams in my big money league could have been a disaster. Instead I won both match ups with 2nd highest point total. Thanks Kyler, Dak, and Amari. I'm especially glad they don't know how to draft in superflex.
  10. I think I should start rewatching this myself. I remember seeing a few previews for The Wire during it's original run, and being not interested at all. Eventually the buzz caught up, and I binged it. If we're being totally honest, the thing I remember most vividly about season 2 is Ziggy's cousin's girlfriend's endowments.
  11. Patriots post game w Scott Zolak is lit. Tua is a terrible quarterback compared to Mac Jones. The Dolphins defense is nothing special. Sounds like a home win to me. EABOD.
  12. Saw a camera shot of Kraft in his suite. Looks like a guy who shit his pants a while ago.
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