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  1. mcbigski

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Garage door troubleshooting. My garage door opener was getting stuck about 20% of the way up. Oddly, this only happens from around 10am to 2pm. South facing, so something about the sun shine seems to be causing it. After watching the door go up and down a bunch of times and getting stuck each time, it seemed unlikely based on where the shadow line was that that was triggering the safety sensor. (And it occurs to me now that the safety sensor keeps the door from closing, not opening, so probably wasted about 20 minutes down that rabbit hole.) The garage door is comprised of 4 panels, each with a roller on each side in the corresponding track. I think it's standard, but maybe done much differently outside of North America. I noticed that when the door gets stuck, the weight of the top panel freezes the rollers. At this point in the process the top panel is tipped inward as it starts to make the turn from vertical to horizontal. Also this is just past where the bottom piece of track meets the curved part, so a bit of seam there. So I hammered everything a bit towards the directions that seemed likely to be most beneficial. No effect. Looking at the motor, I saw a setting for open and closing force for the door. Turned the open force setting up from near the minimum and near the maximum and now it's pulling through the sticky spot with no issues. But why the fuck was it only getting stuck in the middle of the day?
  2. They've effectively been Russian assets since they used the FBI and FISA court to wiretap Trump's transition team in a fake hunt for fake Russians. And then blaming HRC's obvious flaws as a candidate on a couple $100k of Facebook ad buys (that weren't all pro Trump to begin with) and then claiming Trump is some sort of Russian asset. Sewing chaos in the US is Putin's assymetric MO. Considering the extent that the Russian oligarchy is funded by petroleum extraction, if you're anti-fracking without being rabidly pro-nuclear, you're objectively pro-Putin. That the US is now a net exporter of fossil fuels alone makes the claims that Trump is a Russian stooge laughable. But i must confess to no small amount of shameful joy watching the media and DNC establishment now peddle fake news now about Sanders. And when considering the Venn diagram for people who are credulous on both fronts.
  3. mcbigski

    Board games!

    Tried out Wingspan yesterday. Pretty good. Despite missing the part where the game's owner explained the rules initially I managed to win my first game. 2 synergized bonus cards and a bunch of rodent eaters....good times. Also played Terraforming Mars for the first time. Seems like everyone loves the Prelude cards but they really unbalanced our games. The one player who had played before managed to start with a rather large asteroid and a very large asteroid and went up about 7 on the terraforming track by the first generation. Then in the replay he got a crazy plant stack. The Corp that builds greenery cheaper, a couple extra plant productions and another prelude that let him (iirc) put out a card from his hand ignoring climate restrictions, so was at something like 5 or 6 plant production to start. Game over. Seems like the Prelude cards make each player's quality of start highly variable, which isn't great for an engine builder.
  4. Clearly the owners want 18 games and are going incremental. Otherwise they could just add a second bye week and some Wednesday games. More broadcasts more recovery time but not anymore gate.
  5. I'd agree with "disdainful" whole heartedly, but not 'resentful'. People who are achieving things in practice don't really care about theory. Maybe it's false consciousness though. (Reading up on Marxist theory, since the Dems seem excited to nominate one.) I agree. There are far more voters that went reluctantly Trump last time around that aren't changing horses now than there are regretful Trump voters. Well, the Democrats are fundamentally about leveraging division. So this isn't shocking. If its OK to buy a Senate seat, why is wrong to sell one? Really wasn't necessary to pardon Blago, but when most of the bureaucracy has knives out for you, I understand over reaction sometimes. In no way worse than the Marc Rich pardon. Anyone remember when the Clintons were broke? Somehow they turned to the corner to nine figure net worths. Not saying pardoning hedge fund guys is the only way to make money, but it probably helps. If not the President, who is? As is typical, he expressed himself inartfully, but Article vests executive power in the Presidency. And while legislating is a Congressional perrogative, law enforcement with very few specific exceptions is an executive power.
  6. mcbigski

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Why is it that goats are fucking assholes generally, but their cheese is so damn good? Sadly, Ben and I were the only two BWBers at Boskone last weekend, so I had a bunch of extra meats and cheeses that I had acquired for the Cards Against Humanity traditional Saturday time. Which means I no share goat cheese tonight. Also, this might be a deeper question rather than a small one, but why Hall and Oates, and not Oates and Hall? It scans the same either way.
  7. Keeping trim is distinct from finding or getting trim. Though since you bring up waxing maybe better to move this to pubic grooming thread?
  8. mcbigski

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    When you consider the shorts and novellas it actually isnt an unreasonable question.
  9. mcbigski

    US Politics - Primary Numbers

    Yes, that's precisely what Pence meant. Soon there is going to be no Congress for unspecified but very long time, until there's a Congress again. No one is really sure about how it's going to go down, but clearly it's now going to happen. That he might have misspoke just isn't possible as your interpretation makes total absolute sense.
  10. mcbigski

    US Politics - Primary Numbers

    This whole topic is absurd. But I wouldn't recommend laying that responsibility at the feet of the Secret Service. That would be too reminiscent of the Praetorian Guard. Regardless, let's someone make a deal with me, if Trump seizes power for a third term, I'll bring all you guys care packages at the internment camps, if you promise to bring snacks at the Gulag if Soviet adoring Bernie wins. If the guy with the gun has the legal right to use deadly force in a given situation, he is clearly in fact acting with restraint if he stops at knee capping. So I guess your point escapes me.
  11. mcbigski

    US Politics - Primary Numbers

    Rampant hypocrisy does go down a lot smoother when the media is ideologically aligned and will you give you cover. Am I reading your post correctly that her dishonesty is a feature? No one should be above the law. If he actually was shitting on the chain of command then there should be consequences. What's the problem with Trump expressing his opinion on this? He has the legitimate power to unilaterally commute Stone's sentence to zero via pardon. He's actually being restrained by merely commenting. When a bunch of Democrat appointee holdovers resign in protest, and the next day the House is rumbling about investigations, it's clearly just more of the same manufactured outrage. Why can't the Democrats "Move on?"
  12. mcbigski

    Board games!

    Played Root for the first time yesterday. All four players hadnt played before. It might be a really good game once everyone learns it but both games were pretty much won by accident...
  13. mcbigski

    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Walter Durranty from the New York Times got a Pulitzer for his reporting about communist regimes. I believe the NYT to be every bit as credible here.
  14. mcbigski

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    So repeal the equal protection clause? Or at least just living constitution it away. (Is that a verb now too?) Sanders in contrast wants more or fewer race specific laws?
  15. mcbigski

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    The impeachment witness on the NSC.