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  1. mcbigski

    The Gambling Thread

    So its 4 in the morning and i should have been in bed by one. But the donkey called my 2x flop overbet and rivered a bigger 2 pair for a $2400 pot. Didnt get full revenge yet. But I m back up about 300. Action is good at MGM Springfield. Its a hell of a town.
  2. mcbigski

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    I feel like i didn't take enough chances last week. Otoh I did go 4 for 4.
  3. mcbigski

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    If i didn't outsmart myself I d have gone 4 for 4.
  4. mcbigski

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Well I don't expect New England to stop them 7 out of 8 times of whatever on short goal to go either. And if they get to Brady half as often as they got near Jackson it will be elder abuse.
  5. If they had the sportsbooks open in CT yet I d go San Diego moneyline.
  6. Curious what the line will be for that game. Patriots D is not quite as good as Baltimore's. Expect LAC's road dominance to continue.
  7. mcbigski

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Actually I m rooting eagles now. Only have them for 12 not 16.
  8. mcbigski

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    3 for 3. I switched to the Bears since im not in make up more any more.
  9. mcbigski

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    How do the tie breakers actually work? Do they ever come into play? Switched one of my Sunday games and now I have a team im picking to lose scoring the most points.
  10. mcbigski

    Things never before said

    I have often wondered which of my experiences might be unique and which are just another turn of the big wheel. So what have you said, that you re fairly sure no one else ever has? My Kindle doesn't seem to be charging tonight. So I exclaimed "fuck you Jeff bezos" then, in light of the uniqueness question,quickly appended, "in your crusty moldy vajeen". Pretty sure I'm the first in the universe to come up with that. What you got that's fresh?
  11. Well all the interesting games got flexed to later.
  12. And thanks to Joe Buck, tonight I learned that Pat Mahomes's dad played baseball.
  13. No doubt some of the are, but several of the mods I like do speed up the interface. Instant Avenger Menus, Stop Wasting my Time, and Quicker Reload are all mods that IMO improve the experience by speeding things up where they can. Also highly recommend the New Promotion Screen, which defaults the left to right promotion screen and saves you from clicking back and forth through the Training Center facility without affecting game play at all. Evac All is nice to save a few clicks and animations too.
  14. So I finished all of the XCom 2 legacy pack missions. Good value for free to be sure. The scavenge mechanic is a little wonky. I mean why are there Chosen level weapons available at that point? And would have liked it better if the player's squads were less powered up and they kept out the avatars, codexes, gatekeepers etc that Bradford is so surprised to see in the main game. I definitely LoLed on Tygan's rescue mission when you learn his call sign, and Bradford is a right bastard with his shaggy dog story in the last Lazarus Project mission, but amusing enough payoff at the end, for what it was. I just wish I could get any of my mods to work. I'd like to do a replay with the additional unlocked stuff but even though my mods are showing up on the start screen, they aren't working when I get to the game. Pretty much all of them are to speed the game up. If there's one thing I'd like to see in XCom2 , it would be to streamline a lot of the interface and animations. When replaying, it gets pretty old watching the cut screen from the avenger to the global map, for instance.