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  1. I'm all in and going to see part 2 when it comes out. But from that trailer, there was a little much of an Jamiroquai moment when Paul starts moon dancing or whatever.
  2. I know. Robert Downey Jr couldn't wait to stop having 8 figures thrown at him every few years.
  3. Not sure if I got the rec from here or from one of my friends, but out of the 50 or so plus kindle unlimited you might like this offered, I started Blind Sight last night. Quite engrossing. Only about 40% through, so minor spoiler if does it even need a tag, on the birthday thing at least, I've pretty much agreed with Siri since I was about 14, and it got worse in the online era.
  4. Looking forward to it. Also saw the summary of what David Lynch had planned. Not hewing to cannon, but had potential. Definitely enjoyed the wrestler pic.
  5. There's got to be a name for this. Had no Kahlua left but still wanted a big lebowski sort of drink. So I substituted Chambord for Kahlua. Creamy raspberry epic.
  6. OK that may not be a small stuff thread idea. Was their in May, and didn't even really know about any of that history there before April last. Gorgeous site though. And very richly endowed with history.
  7. PFE and MRNA are uncommonly ethical companies that look to make their end users better off. Would never push a product without long term definitive proof that their end user stab partners are getting a positive health tradeoff. I apologize for saying something that could, however wrongly, be interpreted to imply that they would ever suborn regulators to sell a harmful product that everyone, literally everyone, should have to take. Inconceivable.
  8. Yeah just ripped out a fairly dolorous version of not as good as I once was at karaoke. Not quite like late Johnny Cash would have done but did my best to honor.
  9. I'm sure all just retirement and turnover not cardio clotting or turbo cancers decreasing nurse supply or increasing demand.
  10. There was still too much snow on the ground to play the temporary greens today even though I picked up my new irons yesterday. Hopefully get out there Saturday before the rain. Should be highs of 50 the next three days before snow again next week.
  11. Neal Stephenson covered this in his third book or so diamond age.
  12. Tav and I are both in for the con. Tuesday and Wednesday before we ll be bouncing around the Inverness area for Scotch tastings. Staying there both nights and training back for Thursday is the plan. Reserved my own hotel for Glasgow. Willing to look at an airbnb or such as long as I have my own room. If anyone wants to join us for Scotch tastings pre con just let me know. Looking forward!
  13. Got a club fitting tomorrow for some new irons. Going to drink a bottle of decoy cab when I get home so I get the proper hung over irons.
  14. I'm pro trucker. I think you're pro Trudeau but can't tell for sure. I'm agnostic about rooting for the Leafs, but objectively it looks like they still mostly suck right?
  15. It really depends on your starting techs. Assuming you start with Mysticism then opening Polytheism is strongly recommended, especially as the AI tends to favor Meditation. If you happen to pop Masonry from a hut, and don't have any happiness resources readily available then you should beeline Monotheism. Though if you're not starting with Mysticism, then I'd say try to get Code of Laws first and found Confucianism. YMMV.
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