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  1. I m pretty sure I could take out herbivores half my size. But angry badgers are like 4x force multiplier. (Assuming i can catch them)
  2. Gulag extermination culture is a child a paleo marxism, but I dont go rubbing your nose in it. I do wish the lefties spent at least half as much time figuring out how to make their utopia work as they spend figuring out how to trash and destroy our awful current lives so that we'll be ready for the actual really this time it will work we mean it collectivist revolution.
  3. Well, my take on the Dolphins draft it pretty straightforward. I personally didn't like the trade back up to 6 to end up with Waddle. But if Grier and Flores actually did have number 2 overall on their draft board after Lawrence, then they definitely manufactured a lot of extra value. Though after the draft, saying Waddle was the plan all along is the only thing they can say, seeing how it played out. I suspect if Chase fell to 6, then they'd leak that he was their #2 overall prospect, but I'm cynical. All that being said, Brian Flores is a trusted authority figure, so Waddle must be good. I hope I'm wrong about him not being 2 first round draft picks worth of good, but there we are. Jaelan and Jevon, I'm fine with, and trading back up for the RT for Notre Dame was fine too. And while I'm sure he'll grow into a very handsome man in another 6 years or so, I really do hope Zach Wilson's ceiling is Sam Darnold and the Jets have just continued to Jet.
  4. Maybe Rodgers and Watson should both retire from play and team up with Elway to form a genius GM triumvirate, and dominate the league.
  5. Your words are hateful. Body Positive Lumpkin please. Clearly we need a modern translation for LoTR. Feel kind of dirty even typing the name, what with the inherent patriarchy and authoritarianism the title celebrates.
  6. As far a conviction goes, is that expansion good or bad? Sounds like they are going from the specific to the unprovable, with a side dose of misdemeanor at best (in most jurisdictions). But solid headline writing as far as shaping narrative. So full marks there. You and I have had very different life experiences.
  7. Gotta say, they should make everyone draft remotely. Last year was way more accidental entertainment.
  8. Can't wait for the silly season to be over.
  9. Started a new Stellaris game with the Nemesis expansion. Small galaxy, 6 AI, 2 fallen empire and 1 maurader. Playing a fanatic militartist xenophobe dictatorship because I figured I d go for the dissection achievement. So dissection went well, and managed to block off that empire (also xenophobe and militarist so def got of on wrong foot to be friends. Oh well its a big galaxy) with a one system choke point. Got an event that gave me a scientist who let me the third level of sensors. So I find that just beyond the Ether Drake and main mining drone system, its Determined Exterminators. Ok probably not making friends with them either, but they re blocked off for now too. Eventually make contact with another empire across from the first but they act like assholes too. At least they get ground down slowly in a war with the dissected and keep them of my back. So then the Found the Galactic Council or whatever thing comes up and I figure i should vote yes to find a friend somewhere. That fails. Next empire to make contact is a fanatical purifier. At least they are bordering on the Dissected and can keep them busy. At about this point, the Caravaneers get destroyed. Hardly knew you. Then get contacted by a pacifist spiritual megacorp. The rest of the galaxy is chock full of assholes but they don't like me either. Good luck with branch offices on a machine world bro. Then the Racket dudes get destroyed. I mean those guys are annoying but can be helpful. So I finally punch into the Exterminators and come to find out theyve been blocking of a second set of fanatical purifiers. The world is a mess and i just need to rule it. If ever a galaxy deserved the new You Become the Crisis perk, it's this one...
  10. I thought the quote from Marco to Drummer about being thin years or whatever, at first, was calling back the book. That being said what the show does is probably up in the air since theyre going from 9 to 6 seasons but really?
  11. Looks like while they reduces the pop growth, they also increased the bonuses from the tech tree and added some new ones to compensate. Not sure yet how the new industrial districts will work out but having the various forge buildings have a planetwide bonus with a one per planet limit seems like less micro which is good.
  12. Also, there's out of season snow in a temperate region and Clarissa mistakes the sun for the moon due to all the dust in the atmosphere. Plus everyone who can is like fuck this Earth shit the conditions are nicer on that airless rock up there.
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