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  1. mcbigski

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Keep the confidence points. If we re voting. Also can you get us the group ID number and password to get registered. Apparently clicking on my championship trophy from last year doesn't link to the registration page.
  2. mcbigski

    DC Worldcon 2021

    Already promised Bill I d be attending.
  3. mcbigski

    Westeros Football League C

    Sorry 25th I ll be at the Titancon Feast in Belfast. I should be home late afternoon Monday.
  4. mcbigski

    Fantasy Football 2019

    As far as draft dates for C go, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 28th all conflict with other drafts and I'm out of town on the 1st. So Thursday 29th would be spiffy. Or that Tuesday, Friday or possibly that Monday, if it's late enough.
  5. mcbigski

    Fantasy Football 2019

    C for me.
  6. mcbigski

    Fantasy Football 2018

    In for C if the draft doesn't conflict with Ireland and my money leagues. So currently sometime between aug 27 and sep 2 inclusive. Had my first draft last night. Tried to sneak the bears D for 1 but the bidding went to 5. TBH I didn't analyze the impact non standard scoring would have on DSTs. But I picked up Dalvin cook, Mike Evans, and David Johnson for fair market value and went nuts grabbing value later.
  7. mcbigski

    U.S. Politics: Pedophilia is Just Acosta Doin' Business

    I'm like 5 cons in and dry as a bone. But I'm rooming with Cuellar in Dublin, so there's a ray of hope. Anyway, to the broader audience, this thread has been quite amusing so far. All the leftist autophagy. While in the long run, it would probably be best for all of us if the echo chambers got pierced, this is super instructional for all the lurkers so they can see what you all think of each other. Where would that leave the middling folks if you ever got power, pray tell? As far as POTUS's comments, I felt the same way about Bono for about 2 decades. Not entirely a congruent situation as some of the people in question were domestically born, but if you say the US is the awful while coming from an objectively worse place, why should I take you seriously? I suppose that made me anti-Irish. On a side note, Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces are an entirely phenomenal snack food.
  8. mcbigski

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    If I or they went to another country without papers that would be best case yes. Its not like anyone was dragged from their home country by ICE. Yes yes orange man bad.
  9. mcbigski

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    Just run the numbers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming you'd count yourself in the Party of Science, and reality based community. That link was a hyperbolic screed about anecdotal evidence. In a population of 40,000, you'd expect about one death a day, not one death a month. Granted that subset is going to be younger than the population as a whole, but still it was a complaint about one death a month out of 40000 people. Numeracy, it's a thing!
  10. mcbigski

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    How many people are in ICE custody at any given time? If its an average of 40k daily, according to a quick googling, and 24 have died since trump took office, that can only be evidence of exemplary care. The all cause mortality rate in the US is a bit under 1% so illegals are almost certainly safer in custody if the figures linked above are close to accurate. In any event, a bunch of breathless fake news. Also calling those centers 'concentration camps' is to beclown one's self.
  11. I'm fully booked now for flights, rooms, and both memberships. Woot! Glad to see in my email today a note from TitanCon that lists Peadar as the Toast Mutant. I do sort of wish I booked a week or two earlier because the regular rooms for TitanCon have sold out and I had to upgrade to some sort of Executive branded room. About 50 pounds a day more, but hey, it comes with breakfast.
  12. Tav I just picked up my membership for TitanCon. Will be happy to split something Thu thru Tue in Dublin. Still think you should extend for Belfast but get there are other obligations. As far as TitanCon goes, would like to book the feast but probably not the coach trip since last time leg room was rather limited. Will look at the website later in the cold sober light of morning, but couldn't find the link to the feast. (NVM, the link is easy to find from the main titancon site but there's no backlink once you get to the grenadine site.) Anyone looking to unload a worldcon membership, feel free to PM me.
  13. No. The University would just raise tuition, juke the stats to ensure more passing grades, and capture the revenue. (The bureaucracy is expanding...) At least by making the offer after the final semester's tuition, that can't happen. The cost of college isnt going up two to three times faster than general inflation because we re not shoveling money into the system fast enough. Idk when i recall Krugman's post election comments he's got to be as surprised as you are. Less regulation and lower taxes are, at least to we simpletons, stimulative. If only Congress could work more graft from those ideas than their alternatives, itd be our natural state!
  14. mcbigski

    Happy Metric Day!

    Two kinds of countries. Moon walkers and metrics. Eta America fuck yeah!
  15. Trying to decide between Eurocon only, or Worldcon in full or part, plus Eurocon. If anyone is looking to split a room in Dublin or has space, PM me. Provisionally, I'm looking at arriving that Friday. Also up in the air as to what to do between the cons. My heart is disappointed that Cuellar's schedule and mine don't seem to be syncing up. My liver rejoices.