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  1. So where are we all on the activated/masturbated debate? Ready to go I believe he said activated, but that third syllable sounds harder to me and more like a b than a v. But context... It's perhaps like that dress thing from a few years back.
  2. Does that mean they're open for tourism? I miss my tan. And vitamin D helps too, they say. The stay inside portion of lockdowns is especially counter productive, I think. There's more than enough outside to maintain 1 meter or 6 feet or X of whatever your arbitrary local distance is. I want to see a study on one way grocery aisles. An actual reproducible study, not some engineered to hit a certain p value crap. In happier news, the casino stock I bought last March crossed 300% gains today for a bit.
  3. Might have to look at the foam rolling too. Mostly I get low back pain that goes away with deep squatting with moderate weight. There's a point where something near the bottom of my spine releases and everything is great for the next 5 days or so. As long as I keep my form pure, the knees won't hurt either. Even there I feel some elbow pain lately just holding the bar in a high back squat position. (experimented a bit with a lower bar position, but having relatively long arms, was sometimes pinching my fingers on re-rack. Need better shoulder flexibility for sure. Also iced it since what IP said makes total sense. Didn't help that much the first time, but reducing inflammation should help heal. Been working on wrist flexibility on that side too, as apparently that is a contributing factor to the tightness I have. Going to keep that up daily or more for a while. If you've read Antifragile, this definitely sounds like an idea with positive EV and no real downside.iced Also, noticed that no one in my elevator thread had any worldcon stories. Got to get into peak shape before DC!
  4. Golfer's elbow has wrecked my upper body workouts. Which also has cratered my motivation for sticking with the nutrition plan. Weight hasn't gone up, but I'm almost certainly getting weaker. Oddly, golf didn't aggravate last time I played. (About 4 weeks ago, it was almost 40F out.) The other elbow, which used to bother me a lot more, has been great since the massage therapist beat the hell out of my bicep and tricep last year. Did wonders for my range of motion and increased my driving distance for disc golf quite noticeably. I must have spent a decade not even realizing how limited I was. Have another appointment with the orthopedist Wednesday. Going to make sure a prescription for PT this time, which is really why I went there in the first place. Stupid ConnectiCare and their gatekeepers. Also started doing some yoga. Kind of aggravates my back in not a stretchy way, had a chiropractor tell me to expect arthritis in/around some vertabrae in the middle, perhaps this is that. Not at all limiting so far, but that I notice it at all is a change for the worse.
  5. I guess I m late. If I get up in time heading to play some 1 2 nl in the morning. Limited seats so its get there early or wait around for 3 to 4 hours twiddling. Mohegan Sun if that matters. 30 wasn't bad at all. When the joints act up...
  6. Was about to say don't sell yourself short. But realized that's poor phrasing as we've met in person. Fwiw your underwater exploits win the thread so far.
  7. 1st century BC featured Marius v Sulla, and the various civil wars from the first and second Triumvirates. Unless you're saying we're already entering the age of the Antonines/five good emperors. Biden as Nerva is kind of a hot take, tbh. Not as hot as Hunter as Trajan to be sure...
  8. I had to google that but for $55 for the Aviary book, I could fall pretty far off the wagon.
  9. I mean that last one is just purely hypothetical. But if you have an interesting story this is a safe space.
  10. Alas poor Andrew Luck, I knew him well?
  11. Looked for that today based on your rec at the place with the best selection to distance tradeoff for my ride home from the office. No joy. Ended up punting on anything new and made a couple Basil Hayden Manhattans, plus a bottle of Bordeaux, and for some reason, a Bacardi & Coke. I guess because I noticed recently I had two open 5ths of Barcardi, which I only keep for tailgate mixers. I've got a tingle in my toes. Going to pour a very large water next. Winners don't dehydrate. But the Drunk Thread sees, the Drunk Thread knows.
  12. How come nerdom has cancelled all Highlander sequels but the Hobbit movies are still a thing? Sure The Quickening was shit, but the honest director's cut of the hobbit movies would come in under 2 hours.
  13. Or video poker w game selection. At least 2 of the 3 casinos near me have games you get 99+% back on. With comps and promotions you can approach break even, sometimes get there. Depends on how much you value free rooms and free golf. Either way, free* drinks! * or $400 glasses of wine, depending.
  14. When you add Serenity as the finish it ends ok. To me its about a bunch broken people who fix themselves by basically forming up a family and it's witty and clever if you like Whedon's sort of dialog and sometimes quite touching. I'd check out Dr. Horrible first though as that's a one off. Plus it has NPH and Felicia Day. I know we've come to bury Whedon not to praise him but I'm surprised no one that i recall brought up that one.
  15. My friend Big Mike quipped that he was surpised they didn't flag the halftime act as he was wearing red. <actual friend named Mike about 6 7.>
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