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  1. This seems to work for some people, but it's the exact opposite for me. My feet just need help! My personal suspicion is that my feet are not very biomechanically optimized. I think most of you know I'm quite tall (76 in/193 cm), but my feet are only a US 10-11 (size 41 Europe). I also have very narrow feet and high arches. So those small areas of contact on my heel and forefoot and doing a lot of work!
  2. I saw a doctor about it once and they basically just shrugged and were like "stretch it out." I probably should have gone back at some point, and to specifically a foot doctor not my GP, but it didn't seem like there was much they could do anyway. Good luck with the recovery!
  3. I find that scenario to be extremely unlikely. But yes, I agree that might change the calculus. But sitting here now and making scathing remarks that the Dems "continually" follow the law is ridiculous. And please, I never said anything about not rocking the boat. Rock the fucking boat! But no, I'm not currently interested in a revolution.
  4. That is what happened to me and I ended up having to take years off running and I am still paranoid about every twinge in my feet. Things that have helped me: a foot roller/massager that I use daily, arch support insoles in ALL of my shoes, not just running shoes (I have high arches), and basically never ever going barefoot except maybe in the shower. I even got orthotic house slippers to wear at home. I also slightly increased the padding and drop of my running shoes. Plus stretching my feet and calves three times a day, although I don't do this as regularly anymore. Not to say that any of that will help you, just some suggestions. And I recommend not ignoring it, because that's what I did and it just kept getting worse.
  5. Um, yes? I'm sorry, I don't follow this logic. SCOTUS shouldn't be binding because you think the judges have a political preference that is affecting their rulings? I'm not trying to "both sides" here, but that is basically exactly like Republican rhetoric and I damn well expect them to comply with the SCOTUS rulings they don't like. Illegal activities should be stopped. We need to do better at holding people accountable for breaking laws and ignoring House subpoenas etc. We need to establish laws for things that turned out just to be important norms. We need to fight at every level to get smart, compassionate, and dedicated people elected into government. We even need to amend the damn Constitution if the original text is senseless. But yes, in the meantime, I do plan to accept SCOTUS rulings. What you're advocating for is anarchy and a civil war. Perhaps you think we're at that point. But I think you will find the vast majority of people do not.
  6. I finished listening to Heartless, which was good but not great, largely because I think the author failed in making the pre-Queen of Hearts character sympathetic and compelling. But had lots of fun bits, and made me want to re-read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Now I'm listening to The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro. I have very little idea what this book is about, and I'm only a bit into it, but it's intriguing so far. The main characters are an elderly couple living in a remote village in ancient Britain who have trouble remembering things, which seems to be an issue endemic to the village and not to this couple's age. Curious to see where it goes!
  7. Well I'm hoping that once I finish I'll be able to find parts of it to like and make the whole thing better. I've abandoned projects before, but usually once I get past a certain point I find it best to just go ahead and finish without judgment. This is the 8th full novel-length manuscript I've written so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the middle-of-the-book doldrums. Of course, none of those manuscripts have snagged me an agent, so I'm not exactly doing everything right...
  8. That's...wow I can almost see the froth at the mouth. What's funny is that I've lived in both places they use as bogeymen (California and Chicago), and I have absolutely loved them both. Far more than my time in small towns or the south.
  9. I actually have had semi-loose plans to emigrate eventually--not because of this, but because I'm in an international relationship and he's closer with his family and friends there than I am mine, and we both prefer the weather there. This all is helping me feel better about that potential path, though. But still, it's one thing to talk of fleeing, but there are close to half a billion people in the USA. Not everyone can flee.
  10. I'm about finished with the first draft of my latest novel. This was last year's NaNo project--50k in 1 month and then 10 months for the next 30k...oops. Problem is I think it kind of sucks and that's pretty demotivating. But my boyfriend is reading the draft now so I have to finish or he'll be upset at not getting an ending! I think there's only about 2-3 chapters left. @Lord Patrek, I'm curious how you took a 12 year hiatus and still have an agent on call?? Impressive! I know that feeling of writing again after a long break, good luck with the new story!
  11. Oh yes, it was certainly its own thing, but enjoyable nonetheless. Which I found to be very in the right spirit of things.
  12. Yep definitely, telescopes are designed with a certain focal length so you can't just point them at anything for optimal results. But there are several ongoing missions that should have some capacity to observe Venus from space, and my understanding is that it doesn't need to be super high resolution as long as it can see the relevant wavelengths (that are blocked by the Earth's atmosphere). But I should clarify that I am *not* an observer so I have only a passing knowledge of these things!
  13. You're missing out, I actually really enjoyed that series and was sad it didn't get to continue!
  14. This is really exciting news! Of course this isn't a confirmation of life, but it's an unexpected and intriguing result. Phosphine had previously been identified as a possible biosignature in a relatively compelling way. This observation was originally just to benchmark what the phosphine line would look like in Venus--the actual detection was a big surprise! It was also confirmed with a second telescope. However, while it seems to be a robust observation, it *is* based on a single line only. Next best step IMO is to get some multi-line observations--not really possible from the ground (thanks, atmosphere), but could be done from space observatories. And Venus had already been up for several NASA proposals--already a desirable target before this and now I think even more compelling. In situ measurements will be very important. It's possible and even likely that this is some sort of abiotic source. But to be clear, there is *no* known process that can explain this amount of phosphine right now. So no matter what, we'll learn something new if we can identify the source. And knowing the abiotic process happening here will help avoid false positives in detection biosignatures on exoplanets. So yes, this is a really great discovery and, while "ALIENS!!" is obviously an overreaction, excitement/curiosity is not.
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