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  1. I wake up during the night to pee but I a) drink a ton of water and b) fall back asleep immediately and often barely even remember waking up so I'm pretty sure it's not apnea. Staying asleep is the part of sleep I'm really good! I tend to have trouble falling asleep frequently, but once I am asleep, I am a champion sleeper. I usually sleep 8-9 hours. After a trans-world flight (AUS to USA) I have slept for 16+ hours at a stretch!
  2. Looks like Starship SN10 is going up today!
  3. I loved both The Cruel Prince and Piranesi, although I thought the latter was just a hair too slight. A very interesting exploration of abuse, trauma, and coping. Impatiently waiting for The Wicked King (sequel to TCP)! For now, I'm listening to Fairest, book "3.5" in the Lunar Chronicles. It's a novella about the main villain and it's not particularly enjoyably to read (I do not like spending this much time inside the head of a narcissistic rapist, personally) but it is nice to get a bit more worldbuilding for the series, as I've felt that aspect to be a little lacking.
  4. I used to be a stomach sleeper and I weaned myself out of it a few years ago because I know it's bad...but ugh I miss it!! I don't think it's from sleeping as I haven't noticed it necessarily in the morning, but of course it could be contributing. I've been thinking about splurging out on a fancier ergonomic pillow, maybe this is a sign!
  5. I've been listening to The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and really enjoying it. I am not usually super into fairy stories (as in, the fey/fair folk type) but this one is working really well. Already queued up book 2 at the library so hopefully I won't have to wait long after finishing. My loan on Piranesi by Susanna Clarke came in so I started that today. I went into it with 0 clue what it was about. Definitely wasn't expecting this but I'm actually enjoying it so far! It's also quite short so I don't anticipate it will take long.
  6. Tweaked my neck again somehow. I seem to do this every few months. Heating pad and ibuprofen and cursing myself for whatever trick of anatomy is causing it. I can't seem to pinpoint an exact cause, and I take care to stretch and try to notice my posture and take regular breaks from my computer, so I'm not sure what else I can do to prevent it. With the polar vortex finally breaking, the sidewalks have cleared up enough to run outside again, thank gods. I've got a long run queued up for today. On my original schedule, it was a 10 miler, but since I spent a couple weeks doing a long hybrid cardio session (ie rowing/elliptical/swimming/some treadmill) instead of actual long runs, I think that might be ambitious. I'm aiming for at least 8 and maybe 9 depending on how I feel. Also reached the end of my bulk+maintenance phase, so starting Monday I'll be doing a cut. Luckily I'm only aiming to drop a couple pounds so it'll be a pretty slow and easy one, but I'm already mourning those 250 cals of chocolate
  7. I joined a covid monitoring program at the university, so I get to go in and get weekly tests now. Not loving getting the swabs shoved up my nose, which is tickly and painful at the same time and makes my nose feel irritated and runny for a while afterwards. My understanding is that this is the *less* invasive test as well. /shudder So far I [as expected] have returned negative tests. The university has done a good job of minimizing spread among the students and staff, and they're working closely with the city to get us vaccinated as soon as possible. Of course for me, as a Group 2 member (a rather misleading name, as it's the last group), they aren't projecting to start until May 31. Still, that's not *too* far away. Chicago overall is doing a lot better now as the second wave, which was never as bad as the first wave, has ebbed. We're at 3% positivity and still decreasing. It was weird to pick up my dinner last night and see people dining inside again! But I'm glad things are loosening, and hopefully going into the summer we'll be in good shape.
  8. Ugh so sorry, I also lost a ton of weight going through my divorce. Not sure how, I was drinking copious amounts of wine and eating Ben & Jerry's by the pint. Working out has been going okay for me. It's the one outlet I have right now, so I've been very consistent with it. I recently figured out the pandemic rules for using the pool at the university, so I started doing some lap swimming since it's far too snowy to be running outside and I loathe the treadmill. I still do a bit of treadmill work because nothing can replace running, but I replace my runs with other cardio or just walking outside when possible. I've been doing an experiment in trying a mini bulk and cut cycle. It worked okay, and I discovered my BMR is actually much higher than I thought it was. I don't like feeling so fluffy, though, even though I know in reality it can hardly be much of a difference. I'm aiming to start cutting in another week and I'm both dreading it and looking forward to it. Not sure I gained much muscle mass but my lifts are continuing to increase slowly.
  9. Yeah kids are a hell no for me for this and many other reasons. I remember almost gagging in disgust when I learned that you had to squeegee out babies' boogers. I just...bodily fluids aren't my fave.
  10. I don't really like multiuser unisex bathrooms. They make me feel very tense. No problem with single-user unisex bathrooms in theory, but in practice I prefer the women's-only bathroom (we have both at my office) because the unisex one is always a little grosser and dirtier. I know not everyone women's bathroom is a pristine sanctuary, but in my experience bathrooms used by men are usually dirtier, and I'm just not about that. (FWIW this has nothing to do with genitalia--I would hope in any scenario I am not seeing anyone else's genitals in the bathroom, and I'd likely feel uncomfortable with trans-men in a shared bathroom.) I also hate sharing a bathroom with a romantic partner. My ex and I always had 2-bathroom apartments so we could split them. I'm in a 1-bathroom now and I have a hard time pooping when my partner is here, and I hate thinking about him being in there pooping. I dunno, poop is just not very nice to think about? I've never thought of that as body shaming. Everyone poops, yes, and everyone's poop is gross.
  11. Maybe some of those 15% of Democrats are saying that to help encourage him to do it and thereby rupture the GOP forever...but also people are people and lots of people are stupid, D or R.
  12. Ugh no I hate air-drying my clothes! I do it for some of my more delicate items, but hanging things is such a pain and I don't like the way they feel afterwards. My boyfriend and I fight about it all the time because he dries everyyyything (note I don't mean actual fights, I mean like teasing each other about our respective preferences). I bought a drying rack when he moved in and he still has to hang things over all sorts of random surfaces when he does laundry.
  13. That's about how I feel too. They came out the gate so strong this season, and then it really felt like it fizzled. Still good, but definitely didn't live up to what it could have been. I do hope season 6 is a strong and satisfying finish!
  14. I can run in pretty cold temps, but I can't run in the snow. Recent snowstorms here have forced me onto the treadmill, and it's so awful. I have to do a walk/run to even get through a medium length run (5 miles). Definitely not going to attempt my weekend long run on the damn thing. Plus the polar vortex is coming through now, which means the snow/ice that's down isn't going to clear up anytime soon. Grumble grumble
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