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  1. Alright, my longest training run is in the books. Was supposed to be 20 miles, but I knew I'd not make that so I stuck for 3 hours 15 minutes. Those last 15 minutes were...not fun. But I made it about 17.5 miles, a new record for me. And I feel confident that I can at least complete the marathon, although if that was a preview it is going to be an absolutely miserable experience in the end. Now begins the taper. Which I'm looking forward to, gods I'm so tired, but also I've gained about 5 lbs the past month and I know I'm just going to feel even worse about it when I'm not running as much. Didn't want to try and mess around with marathon training on a calorie deficit, but after the race I'll be starting counting calories again to cut this a bit. I just feel so puffy around the middle!
  2. I finally started reading Persepolis Rising. I've been waiting to read this for 4 years, so it feels nice to get into the story! Had vaguely heard there was a time jump, but was not expecting it. They're all so old now! Story is heating up and I'm just waiting for everything to go to shit. I'm almost done with Ninth House. This is a really good story, and an excellent take on Yale and the secret societies (which I know nothing about and so I assume there is some grounding in reality here). But gods why do I keep reading books with limited POV from an absolute monster of a character?! It gets so tiring and it really detracts from my enjoyment of the story. Alex is...horrible. I really hate her. But I want to know what happens, so on I go...
  3. I have a story coming out in a new anthology called Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging. The anthology is in two volumes, both available for pre-order now from Improbable Press! My story is in the Silver volume.
  4. I KNOW! It's shocking to me that anyone is on her side, in the story or as a reader.
  5. I don't know anyone who has died of it. I barely know anyone who has had it! Probably it's a very inhomogeneous distribution.
  6. I'm honestly not sure. I thought it was supposed to be clear that she's awful, but reading some people's reviews, man, they LOVE her. I did read that she is intended to be a Mao Zedong parallel ('Rebecca Kuang once described her Poppy War fantasy series as "what if Mao Zedong was a teenage girl?" '), so I'm pretty sure no?
  7. Yeah some people are just really next level. Pretty nuts to imagine!
  8. I finished listening to The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang. This is the second book in the Poppy War series, a thinly fictionalized version of Chinese history. The books are pretty well written and engaging, but the main (and only POV) character is an absolutely abominable human being, and I find being in her head for so long (the books are also long af) pretty unpleasant. I'll finish the trilogy, but definitely need a break before I do. Next up, I have The Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. I found the Grisha trilogy to be okay but not great, so I'm excited for this as I've heard it's much better.
  9. Yep, that's generally why it's not recommended to go over that, even if you're not hitting the mileage. It takes so much to recover from that it impairs your training more than it helps! Luckily this is my longest run and the peak of my plan--after this, it'll be taper time! Just a little 12 miler 8 miler the next weeks. And then I may never run again... Okay that's not true, but it will definitely be nice to take some time off and reduce my weekly mileage!!
  10. Yeah, I'm slow. I cut if off at 3 hours a couple weeks ago and that was only 16.6 miles!!
  11. Last week was my first week back to being 100% on my training plan. It was pretty hard, and my hip is still nagging at me, but I feel like at least I'll be able to get across the finish line next month! This weekend will be my peak training run. Nominally 20 miles, but following both general internet advice and affirmation from a physical therapist, I'm too slow to do 20 miles. I'll cut it off at 3:15 instead, as the additional time on my feet will hurt more than it will help.
  12. I finished Parable of the Talents, which was such a depressing book that it was pretty hard to get through, but a good book nonetheless. I read that Butler intended it to be a trilogy, or perhaps even a longer series, before writer's block and her untimely death ended that. I'm kind of glad it's only a duology, though. I think the ending works really well. Also, I went to update my Goodreads and good gods they've fucked up that UI. It's so bad now. grumblegrumble
  13. I read that a little while ago and found that they never really did gel into a story I cared about.
  14. Excuse me but the sogginess of my butthole is not a measure of civilization.
  15. I'm not up to date enough on my logical fallacies to remember which one this is, but baking a very subjective premise into your question is a terrible way to start a discussion.
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