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  1. I believe China themselves said so: That's from this South China Morning Post article but I've seen similar claims elsewhere.
  2. Yeah I keep getting emails from LinkedIn "Do you know YOUR EX-BF?" regarding one of the only exes whom I have a genuinely bad feeling about. Damn social networking...
  3. As far as I know, this is genuinely intentional. To support their space station launches, they re-designed the rocket last year (May 2020, when this also happened and it fell into the Atlantic). My understanding is they removed the re-ignitable engines and so there is actually no way to guide the rocket stage on re-entry. So it's happened 2/2 with the Long March 5B and there are at least 2 more of these launches planned.
  4. Well the freaking out was because it was out-of-control and this is not generally accepted space practice among the international community. While this sort of thing does happen (see: recent Falcon9 debris over Washington), nowadays it is tried to be avoided and when it happens it's due to some sort of failure. But in this case, China just doesn't seem to care. This is not the first time they've allowed the Long March 5B to go into an uncontrolled re-entry and AFAIK they've given no indication they won't do so in the future. Someone called me a "racist bitch" on TikTok for pointing this out, so please let me emphasize that I am not saying this from some sort of anti-Chinese rhetoric perspective. But this is definitely a matter in which they are out of step with the international community and do not seem to care. Also note that this is not illegal, there are not international regulations for this, but like I said, it's not best practice and has not been for many years, and I would certainly like to see them change their procedures. ETA: On any individual instance, there's very little need to worry, as the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of it landing in water or uninhabited land. However if done repeatedly, these odds start to shift and it becomes quite likely that at some point this would cause damage to buildings or people. Especially as China is gearing up to do many of these launches for their Tiangong space station.
  5. Ha I definitely know that struggle! What I do now is separate the portions onto my plate + leftover containers before I start to eat.
  6. That...please tell me that cannot be real. what the actual f
  7. I love salads, so I tend to do those a lot. Lately I've been on a Thai-inspired kick for them, using a base of cabbage and adding veggies like edamame, bell pepper, corn, and bean sprouts and a peanut-based dressing plus tofu or chicken. In summertime I looove a Caprese-based salad. Just made one this week actually, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and tofu for protein (I'm not a vegetarian but I like tofu and I'm lazy), plus--and this is a key component--avocado. And a balsamic vinaigrette, of course. Sometimes I add spinach, sometimes no leafy greens (but basil). I also like a Southwestern type salad with black beans, corn, celery, mixed greens, and some sort of spicy meat (I like to get a spicy lunch meat from the deli counter because again, lazy) plus a yogurt-based ranch. Otherwise pasta is easy, bulk it up with greens and lots of chicken and use lighter sauces. I had pasta today and just used a drizzle of olive oil as the sauce. Yum. Risotto with shrimp is another good one. I first made risotto about 2 years ago and was surprised by how easy it was--something I always considered way too "fancy" to make at home! Also to be honest, as a single person, I rely a lot on pre-packaged meals. Trader Joe's is probably like 50% of my diet at this point. But it's easier than cooking a whole damn meal for 1 and with less dealing with leftovers. Also it makes calorie counting easier, as I know ahead of time exactly what I'm going to get and don't have to measure out things as I'm cooking. But I know that's probably not the healthiest thing overall, if you're interested in more than just calories. I've never had a problem with BP/sodium intake so I don't worry too much about it. I also do kind of a hybrid approach. Sometimes yeah I just get a straight up microwaveable meal, but sometimes I "cook" using 2 or 3 different types of frozen foods.
  8. After a few months of procrastinating, I've finally read through the first draft of my newest novel and come up with a revision plan. Started in on it this morning. One chapter down, many more to go... Feeling a bit down about my writing because I've been both drowning in rejections and slow at making new material. But cautiously on an upswing in productivity, having now written four short stories this year and plus now starting my new novel. Got a rewrite request for an anthology and just resubmitted so really hoping it gets picked up. Also had my boyfriend read one of my stories and he said "You must be sending these to people who can't read." And okay yes he's biased, but he also really means it and enjoys my writing. So that made me feel nice.
  9. Jk, the loan didn't come through on that one yet, so I'm actually on to The Battle of the Labyrinth, the fourth Percy Jackson novel.
  10. Oh boy. Probably wouldn't have stayed 6 years with that dude y'all hated...but then again, I learned so much about myself during that time, and I have a lot of happy memories, and it put me in the position to be where I am now, so on the whole, no regrets..
  11. I finished listening to Turtles All the Way Down. I quite liked it. Not sure how true it is to the actual OCD experience (the plot basically revolves around a HS girl struggling with her illness), but as someone with other mental illnesses I found parts of it very relatable and parts of it like, jeez, glad that doesn't happen to me...it was frustrating just to read about. The next audiobook I have lined up is The Queen of Nothing, the final book in the Folk of the Air trilogy (at least I think it's a trilogy!). Dying to read this one after the crazy ending to book 2!
  12. I got dose 2 of Pfizer yesterday. Took the day off work today just in case, but nothing worse than a sore arm and a bit of a headache (which might not even be related since I get headaches kind of a lot!). Glad to have the day off though. We had a small bump locally, going from <3% positivity rate in early March up to almost 6% by mid-April. But now it's trending down again, current rolling average is 4.7%. Hope that continues! Also I had a random date from over 3 years ago reach out to me and ask to meet up for drinks, so I guess the populace is slowly coming alive!
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