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  1. Starkess

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Funny, my sister just texted me that article earlier today. She is really worried about it, while I was kind of like, shrug. If people wanna have less sex, fine? Also I had tons of sex when I was single and have tons of sex in my relationship, even though I was a bit of a late bloomer in that department. I dunno, I guess I just don't get that alarmist about it. I think it would be more concerning if people wanted to have sex and weren't getting it (which obviously happens, but the article seemed more focused on the fact that people are wanting it less).
  2. I finished Merchanter's Luck by CJ Cherryh. It was a re-read, but it had been so long that I forgot basically all of it. Unsurprisingly, I enjoyed it (she's one of my favorite authors), and I think I'll re-read Forty Thousand in Gehenna next,
  3. Oh that was a great one! I'm not really a big non-fiction reader, but I picked it up on a whim and it was a quick and interesting read.
  4. I finished Spinning Silver. It wasn't as good as Uprooted for me, and suffered from being a bit overly long, overly stuffed, and overly meandering, but it was still quite enjoyable. Next up I'll be starting Becky Chambers's Wayfarer series.
  5. Starkess


    Growing up my mom cut my hair and it was generally only cut when I wanted a change in length (ie no maintenance trims). I would cycle through growing my hair out really long, getting annoyed with it, and then chopping it off, only to miss my long hair and commence growing it out again. As an adult I have continued this cycle but now I go to a professional to get it done and I've been convinced to trim at least 2-3 times a year, even when I'm growing it out. For a couple years I paid through the nose to go to a fancy salon, but lately I've been going back to Master Cuts or similar and honestly it's been just as good, especially for trims. I even recently let them do a ~6 inch chop on me. And while I was a little nervous (the lady barely spoke English and did not know what I meant when I said "lob" and had a terrible very 80s hairstyle herself), it turned out fine. I'll probably keep doing that, although probably not that exact location, which was not the cleanest. I also went pink 2 years ago (exactly from today, as Snapchat reminded me earlier), and at first I got that done at my fancy salon, having never applied bleach to my hair before. But after a couple salon trips I got comfortable enough to give it a shot myself. It's been a learning process for sure, and sometimes it turns out better than others, but I now do my own color (bleach every couple months, not to the roots but sort of a balayage type look, apply pink 1-2 times a month). It is so much cheaper it's not even funny, and I get to spend the processing time watching TV in my undies and not making awkward small talk with someone charging me hundreds of dollars.
  6. Starkess

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Had my surgery follow up and got my big dressing removed. Still have to wear a splint for a few weeks and not supposed to lift anything heavier than 5 lbs with my left hand. It's frustrating to workout but I can use the weight machines for now. Also went for a run yesterday without any pain so I can at least stay mostly active. I'm extra fluffy right now but trying not to get discouraged and just appreciate myself for where I'm at.
  7. I got to watch it tonight (I don't have BBCA, so I have to buy the season on Google Play, which is nice for no commercial breaks but also means I have to wait a day to watch), and I really enjoyed it. The new Doctor was fun and still recovering from regeneration, and I liked the new companions okay. Well, that's not true, Ryan and Graham were meh, but I really liked Yaz. Even though she got to the least development/screen time of the 3, she just seemed less overly-serious meh than the other two.
  8. I started Spinning Silver, which is so far good but not as compelling as Uprooted. I'm only 10% in so I'm looking forward to it picking up a bit as the story actually gets going.
  9. Starkess

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    I'm so excited for a hot weather Christmas, I am not a winter person at all!! Good point about some kitschy USA stuff, I'll make sure to bring something along. We're going to Sydney mostly, but may also go to Perth, where his mom live (or she may come to Sydney to visit instead). I have always been extremely arachnophobic so I'm legit worried about the crazy Australian spiders. I do know that drop bears aren't real at least!
  10. Starkess

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Oof 19 seems suuuuper young. I'm not big on arbitrary rules about age but at 19 you're barely an adult vs at 28 when you've had literally a decade of adult experience. That said, when I was 18/19, I hooked up with several guys around 26-28 and I don't feel bad about that having happened or like I was taken advantage of. I booked tickets today to go to Australia for Christmas with my boyfriend. I'm both REALLY excited and a bit nervous. Meeting his whole family, plus staying with them for over 2 weeks, including for a major holiday, is a little nervewracking. But mostly excited.
  11. Finished Norse Mythology. It was fine. Still maintain my tepid attitude towards this one. Started The Sun is Also a Star. I like the concept and the execution is okay, but I'm a little halfway through it and I'm kind of sick of it. It's a YA love story and it's just Too Much. Past romantic and into sappy/eyerolling territory. But for now still planning to finish it.
  12. Starkess

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    Thanks! Luckily it's my left wrist so I should hopefully be able to muddle along okay. And yep, classes start again on Monday! Get thee to the doctor!!
  13. Starkess

    Golf: The Majors and the minors too

    He went up 1186 spots in the world rankings this year. Truly insane.
  14. Starkess

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    I know that feeling, I recently did the same thing with my birthday cake. Plus it's like, you know, for your birthday so you feel extra entitled to it, as if the universe is just going to ignore that it's unhealthy because it's your birthday. Sounds like you're doing well with your workouts though, even with all the traveling, and I'm sure it'll be fine! I made it to the gym today for the first time in a few weeks. Now I have limp noodle arms. Not sure how I'm going to wash my hair. Unfortunately I won't be getting back into tip-top shape soon as I am having surgery on Thursday to remove a cyst from my wrist. This will limit my upper body workouts, and anything involving gripping with both hands, for weeks (not sure exactly how long I can expect for recovery). Ah well. I'll be glad to have the damn thing gone, it's really been irritating me for over a year now. I had this same surgery in college and all was well for a while, but it was a persistent little guy and came back. Hopefully I don't have to do this again in another 11 years. Also I noticed one of the feet on my scale at home had become lopsided. I straightened it out, and weighed myself again, and it was about 4 pounds more. So I've been underweighing myself for an indeterminate amount of time now! I know it's just a number and doesn't change anything about my actual body, but it's still really disheartening and means I actually need to lose TEN pounds.
  15. Starkess

    Golf: The Majors and the minors too

    Watching the final round of the Tour Championship and it really is insane to see Tiger making this sort of comeback. If he manages to come out of this as not only the winner today but also the FedEx Cup winner...damn. And it really is crazy just how much the fans respond to Tiger, no one else can even come close to getting that sort of enthusiasm. I'm a Rory fan, so disappointed to see him shit the bed today. I know it can't be easy to be in the final pairing with Tiger, but he really just fell apart.