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  1. Underfoot

    The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb

    I forgot how dangerous Robin Hobb books are. I'm just starting the Fitz/Fool trilogy and keep staying up way too late reading Fool's Assassin. I remember when I first read Ship of Destiny, I stayed up all night to finish it, sitting on the floor of my bedroom. That was the first time I'd ever stayed up all night, and the next day at school my hands kept shaking from exhaustion. Truly deadly books.
  2. Underfoot

    Top Of The Lake

    Anybody watching season 2? The BBC released six episodes at once on iPlayer, but IMDB lists seven episodes for season 2. Anyone know for sure if there's going to be a seventh episode?
  3. Underfoot

    Sense8: why...so...sensitive (spoilers)

    Mild spoilers for each show:
  4. Underfoot

    Sense8: why...so...sensitive (spoilers)

    The level of bad press Netflix is getting over this is pretty astonishing. There's even a pretty successful change.org petition going around right now. Maybe I'm too wrapped up in it, but the level of uproar feels unusually high, and I agree with drawkcabi that they are more sensitive to PR issues than regular network shows. Maybe we will see a wrap up movie/mini-series/special. One can dream, right?
  5. Underfoot

    Sense8: why...so...sensitive (spoilers)

    Wow... I am shattered over this news. Really bad timing (Pride month-wise) and coming right after canceling some of their other diverse shows. I really really loved Sense8 and connected to each of the main characters more than I have to any TV characters in years. Just really heartbreaking. At least we're not alone in being upset, #sense8 has been trending Worldwide on twitter for a couple of hours now (currently at #2, was at #1) and there's been a lot of bad press about the cancellation. I don't think it will lead to anything, but it's nice to see how much this show touched its viewers.
  6. Underfoot

    LGBTQ+ 5 -- Now With More Gender Outlaws

    States that have republican governments have proven to be hostile to LGBT+ rights, so I'm not sure what your point is. See North Carolina's bathroom bill + their attempt to ban gay marriage, South Dakota allowing adoption services to discriminate against LGBT+ families, and Kentucky passing a bill that allows discrimination against LGBT+ students as a few recent examples. So maybe #notallredvoters are anti-LGBT, but it sure seems like the people they elect are.
  7. Underfoot

    Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    I'm in NWS (Sydney) for the next two-ish weeks -- any can't miss things to do in the Sydney area? I am working during the week but have mornings and weekends free
  8. Underfoot

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    I haven't done any hiking/camping trips since I was a kid, but I have been to Iceland, and it's pretty incredible. June/July is definitely the time to go for camping, although it will be a little more touristy. Renting cars is expensive, but from what I understand, you can pretty much camp anywhere you want at any time. You can also drink water right out of the streams without worrying about quality. Another big plus (for me) was -- no bugs! Or hardly any. Great for me as an arachnophobe Good luck with whatever you decide, and happy (and safe!) camping
  9. Underfoot

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    ehhhh, you're probably right. It doesn't seem as long as some of the other books so I'll think I'll just work though Silver Spike before moving onto the next four books. Saves me some money now too haha. Thanks!
  10. Underfoot

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Question about the reading order of this series, which seems to have been slightly addressed at the top of the page but I'm afraid of delving too deep into this thread for fear of spoilers, BUT: So it seems I've already screwed up the reading order. I'm reading the omnibus version of this series, and I've wrapped up the Books of the North (original trilogy) and am 2/3 of the way through the Books of the South, when all of a sudden I'm taken back north with the Silver Spike? Nuh uh, not cool! I need to see what happens with Lady's daughter and Soulcatcher and Longshadow and the Stranglers etc etc! My question: can I skip the Silver Spike (which I probably should have read right after the original Books of the North trilogy, but we'll blame the omnibus editions for that) and read the Glittering Stone sagas I and II and THEN go back to the Silver Spike? Or do I really need to read the Silver Spike before tackling the final four books? My biggest fears here are that I'm going to slog very slowly through Silver Spike because I'm so disappointed at the switch in story focus that I'm a) not going to really enjoy it and b ) I won't remember as clearly what's going on down south when I finally get to the Glittering Stone sagas. Thoughts?
  11. Underfoot

    Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Worth noting that the kindle version of The Forever War is $1.99 on the U.S. Amazon store. That was part of the bundle of ebooks linked above, but it's cheaper than the rest.
  12. Underfoot

    iZombie on the CW

    Love this show! I think it has a nice balance between being case-of-the-week while also being fairly heavily serialized. Blaine is a great villain, I agree! The bait-and-switch with Major was well done, I definitely didn't see it coming. Regarding the cure--Ravi has been working on it little by little since the rat was zombified--there have been occasional scenes with him talking into his phone, recording his progress, that sort of thing. My guess is that he may find a cure, but they it might have dangerous side effects and/or supply will be very limited. Do you think Major gets scratched, and Liv gives up her share of the cure for him? Hmmm... Really glad it's been renewed!
  13. Underfoot

    iZombie on the CW

    No matter how many shows or movies I see David Anders in, he will always be Sark (from Alias) to me. I still am surprised when I hear his natural American accent rather than his British accent from Alias.
  14. Underfoot

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Yeah, this exactly. GRRM did not write this episode. Benioff and Weiss were given the credits, and GRRM only wrote the one, 2x09.