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  1. Underfoot

    COVID19/4 Keep calm and wash your hands

    It's a 36 hour drive that I've done before, but only ever over 4 days. I think I could do it in three, but I'm driving alone. Worst case, I know people at important stops along the way and could hunker down, but some of them I would not want to spend a multi week lockdown with, and would prefer to just be here (as long as my stuff was, haven't gotten ahold of the movers yet to see if they're still planning to pack me up on Thursday). Good luck with your travels too! I hope you make it!
  2. Underfoot

    COVID19/4 Keep calm and wash your hands

    This is a really rough time to be about to move cross country (USA). I didn't stockpile anything because I was trying to empty my apartment, and now the shelter-in-place thing hit. What do you think the odds are of any Bay Area airports being open on Sunday? Would it be better to try to drive instead? They wouldn't like, close state borders would they? I have a couple more weeks on my lease and I don't know if they'd actually kick me out or not given the shelter in place order, so it's possible I might be able to hunker down here, which is my absolute least favorite option
  3. Underfoot

    Words and Phrases that Bug You!

    yeet is a state of mind
  4. Underfoot

    Bond 25: No Time To Die

    I could see it working. The memorable Bond themes stick out in some way and her music definitely does that. It also has a beat/cadence/vibe that could complement the theme visuals really well.
  5. Underfoot

    Star wars...which befouls the OT legacy more...PT

    Given that my childhood was the prequel trilogy era, to answer the OP's question, the sequel trilogy is what's not holding up for me. To echo what some others have said, at least the prequel had a story, and that story was going somewhere inevitable so the only letdown could be the execution. I also love the color and expansiveness of the prequels, filling in the world way more than the OT did. I still (mostly) likethe sequels and in particular appreciate having better representation across the board, but with no cohesive storyline, too many retreads of what had been done before, and flat or controversial send-offs of our OT heroes, it's hard to say that they brought more to the Star Wars legacy than the PT did.
  6. Underfoot

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    This is honestly the thing that has bugged me most! In general I didn't like how Leia's character ended (though I fully understand that there was no perfect solution), but the disrespect shown to Leia's character by the creators by tying her memory to something that belonged only to Luke... feels really bad. (It also would've been nice to have some sort of shout out to padme in general, especially with this trilogy's obsession with parentage. I guess they really wanted to pretend the PT didn't exist?)
  7. I've been enjoying Batwoman well enough (we'll see how long that lasts, probably a season and a half until it becomes repetitive) so I caught the first ep of the crisis crossover, and wow. Just cringeworthy all around. I've abandoned every DCTV show after a season or three and nothing there indicated that I've been missing out
  8. Underfoot

    Audiobook recommendations and issues

    Audiobooks are the only thing that keep me sane for my commute so I will slog through bad narrators if I enjoy the book enough. I even survived the Fitz and the Fool trilogy voiced by Elliot Hill. If you give it long enough, I find it it stops being jarring unless you think about it. YMMV. The full cast production of the Graveyard by Neil Gaiman was great but the only time in recent memory that I've encountered multiple narrators, so I imagine it'd be hard to restrict yourself to those only.
  9. Underfoot

    The Boys (Amazon)

    thanks - may give it a try some day but it's not high on my list
  10. Underfoot

    The Boys (Amazon)

    do any episodes pass the bechdel test? serious question. the title and trailer don't make me feel confident that it treats its non-male characters well or gives them much to do.
  11. Underfoot

    Book of the Ancestor trilogy by Mark Lawrence {spoiler thread}

    I just finished the book and was coming in here just to say that The Ara/Nona subtext was strong throughout the whole series, IMO. I'm a bit disappointed that it remained subtext given that the series has been touted on some lists as having strong LGBT rep in the main characters, but at least there was Apple / Kettle and the two novices in Nona's class. I have to say, I don't really want the story to end. There's so much still to explore in the world and learn about the moon / the missing / the ancestor etc, so I'm looking forward to other books set in this world and hope we get to revisit some of these characters some day.
  12. Underfoot

    US Politics: 40 Acres and Barack Obama

    Klobuchar and Castro really stood out for me as candidates I wasn't really paying attention to before. I will be now. Liked them, Warren, and Booker overall.
  13. Underfoot

    Killing Eve (BBC America/BBC One)

    It definitely wasn't a blank. You can see in the shot of Eve lying on the ground that she's definitely bleeding. Villanelle shot her right where Eve stabbed her in 1x08. Interesting to see where they go in season 3 (and I wonder if it will be another 30 second jump?) Eve has burned all her bridges and doesn't really have anyone left. Villanelle I assume will go after her family and maybe we'll see a little more of her past. I think Villanelle will get a little more humanity and Eve will get a little darker.
  14. Underfoot

    Killing Eve (BBC America/BBC One)

    I think it's interesting that Villanelle isn't repeating her cycle with Anna. With Anna, she killed the husband. With Eve, she restrained herself and didn't. Wonder where the cycle goes now I'm betting Eve kills someone in the finale and that closes the gap between Eve and Villanelle. I hope they ride off into the sunset together as murder girlfriends
  15. ????? Is this a troll because I don't know if you heard, but bisexual people are real.