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  1. I think Last online on the 14th of October according to his profile. Might be taking a break. Might have been banned if he went of the rails(the posts would be deleted). Hopefully it is one of these reasons as we are in the middle of a pandemic and Bavaria is not doing that well right now. We might have elections soons. I'm not 100% that they will go through with the vaccine mandate now.
  2. A lot depends on how Omicron behaves and Xmas gatherings I guess.
  3. Well Kurz is stepping down as party leader and his other political functions. But it looks like the puppet chancellor that replaced him has to go and we are getting a new chancellor. According to information leaked to the media on his closest is planned a chancellor Karl Nehammer our current minister of the interior who did nothing to enforce covid-19 measures for 1 1/2 and got told by the police union when he started trying that they are neither capapable nor interested in enforcing the lockdown for the unvaccianted(which was a very short live experiment anyway). I guess the plan of Scholz and Co. to rule after the pandemic is over did not work out. I guess collation talks on top of unnecessary deaths is something new.
  4. Daily positive cases are going down. The peak in the hospitals has not been reached the experts agree though especially because the voluntary unvaccinated are the group that ignores that other measures the most. Austrian point of view here I'm aware the the overlap between anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers is not as big as in some other countries(not the USA or Germany though afaik).
  5. The House of Commons unanimously agreed to pass Bill C-4, the legislation to ban conversion therapy Good news from another country hitting my feed is rare nowadays. Good to see.
  6. Well that is a significant amount for most people. I have yet to find such an expensive option here. Here where I live I can do the express option for 89€ in 5 hours as the lab is in Vienna. We have a free system that usually works in less than 24 hours as competition though.
  7. Chats can properly bill that as expenses... :p Cost of that test would be interesting though. Fastest test in Austria (Vienna) costs 89€ for 2 hours maximum. @Chataya de Fleury
  8. Skinning 20 cats yourself sounds like a lot of effort.
  9. Well personally I think it is bad for people to be anything but disgusted when they see such a thing and that they should vanish completely from the puplic. But sounds like you could make a pretty penny if it is in good condition.
  10. All parties including the opposition except the far right FPÖ are involved in the lawmaking process for the vaccine mandate. A good sign. The FPÖ was invited but did not participate (yet).
  11. You can't force someone to do it but places where it is required need to deny you access if you don't or both sides can be fined. At least that is the setup in Austria. Most places started having 2G or 2G+(vaccinated/recovered + tested) before our lockdown. Does not really work to control the pandemic if it is not enforced and cities did far better than rural areas with that system. Work is one of the few places where 3G is still acceptable. The fines for employers are pretty severe if they don't and they have the right to fire violators without notice (which is difficult otherwise here in Austria). It is seen as reasonable by the law because everybody who wanted and was eligible got vaccinated months ago here. It is supposed to be uncomfortable to get people to vaccinate. 3G for work is the main reason why our PCR test system is being overwhelmed outside of cities that started offering the gargle test PCR test system months ago. I just got one such result in less than 24 hours(I'm moving and have to interact with people and I prefer a better safe than sorry approach). In Germany you have to pay for PCR tests new I believe. PCR tests are valid for 48 hours and flow tests for 24 hours. As those tests are free people prefer getting a PCR test. I can get a rapid PCR tests in cities if I'm willing to pay if course. Not following quarantine rules when you have been informed that you have been infected is actually a far more severe thing because there are epidemic laws.
  12. Well the anti-measure people usually piss on other rules too like mask rules which makes them easy to fire if a company actually wants too. I have yet to meet an anti-vaxxer who follows other COVID measures diligently.
  13. It will definitely be challenged. I also expect that it will be a bit less severe in the final version. I'm surprised that they went for 12+ and not 16+. But I never expected our government to go for a vaccine mandate too. Even now first shots are only rising slowly most vaccinations are booster shots. If it becomes law by February it might take April or so until someone actually has to pay a fine. 2 G at work if it comes might actually be more effective. Some companies that can afford it have already started firing anti-measure people now that have have 3 G. Our politicians also wasted the summer completely. But all German language governments did that.
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