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  1. Luzifer's right hand

    The world after the pandemic

    Because it produces nothing but harm and adds no positive value to our civilization?
  2. Luzifer's right hand

    Stayin' Alive - Covid-19 #10

    A co-worker of an aunt of mine who had a very mild case and no symptoms for 10 days was tested again 16 days after her first positive test and was positive again. This was only done because her doctor made it happen. Other positive co-workers of her with less mild symptoms returned to work 2-4 days after being symptom free without undergoing a test. For the last two days on my way home from work I walked past a construction site where people work and in hand with each other without any protective equipment. The police drove by one of those times without doing anything. At work people ignore the rules all the time unless you are aggressive about protecting yourself and don't shy away from confrontation. Most things I, famliy or friends experinced in the last few weeks don't match the narrative my goverment and classic media are telling at all. I dunno if you can call it anything else but propaganda at this point. Message control is what our chancellor calls this I belive(classic media in Austria is controlled by a handful of companies).
  3. Luzifer's right hand

    Videogames: Perfect homies for the great indoors.

    I started me 10th or so replay of Planescape Torment yesterday.
  4. Luzifer's right hand

    Corona Horse, Corona Rider - Covid #9

    Why stop at reduceing a risk if you can eliminate it? Even countries with "good" practices often have problems with things like salmonella or mad cow disease. All of those things could be as good as eliminated instead of just reduced.
  5. Luzifer's right hand

    Corona Horse, Corona Rider - Covid #9

    Better practices reduce the risk of zoonosis transmissions but they do not eliminate the risk. Only moving away from animal based foods can do that. But the pleasure people get from eating animals is more important than health just like it is more important than the environment or the right of animals.
  6. Luzifer's right hand

    Videogames: Perfect homies for the great indoors.

    Have you played Witcher 3? One of the best open-world fantasy games ever made. I would only rate Morrowind higher and that is probably because of the nostalgia.
  7. Luzifer's right hand

    US Politics: coughing for peace is like dying for the economy

    The USA Navy is mainly used for force projection and is not really required for the defense of the USA which makes it a lesser kind of "treason" in my book (nuclear weapons and the Air Force can keep the USA safe anyway).
  8. Luzifer's right hand

    Corona Horse, Corona Rider - Covid #9

    Many governments seem to have a vested interest in keeping the numbers as low as possible. Here in Austria it is mostly not testing or not finishing tests of old people who die at home because of pneumonia. The information you get from doctors, policemen and health care workers people know paints a picture that is much more dire than what the governments are telling the public. It seems to be the same in every country I have friends in. I guess mortality rate statistics will tell the truth once this is all over (at least in most democratic countries).
  9. Luzifer's right hand

    Corona Horse, Corona Rider - Covid #9

  10. Luzifer's right hand

    Who Pays the Coronaman? - Covid #8

    Paying with cards or phones is strongly encouraged here in Austria anyways because it reduces contact between store employees and customers. They even want to increase the amount you can pay with contactless cards without having to enter you pin code(it is 25 € now). Austria is still a pretty cash heavy country though. A plus for the Scandinavian countries I guess.
  11. Luzifer's right hand

    The world after the pandemic

    I sacrificed my beard to the mask gods because of that. The person in the mirror is now a stranger to me.
  12. Luzifer's right hand

    Who Pays the Coronaman? - Covid #8

    An emergency doctor I know is not allowed to enter a building if he suspects a COVID-19 case. When someone, mostly distrought adult children of old people according to him, descripes symptoms that make him suspect it he calls a special unit that does mobile testing. In most cases he or other doctors he works with(a shift system) gets called again a day or two later to sign the death certificate. He has yet to hear about a test result and they are not allowed to mention COVID-19 in it without a positive test.
  13. Luzifer's right hand

    Who Pays the Coronaman? - Covid #8

    Quite a few people here in Austria use this "free" time for house building projects. My uncle sells the kind of construction equipment and supplies you need when you build your own house and business is the best it has ever been. These things are always a group effort that require the close proximity of the people doing the work. My neighbours send their kid to another neighbours house every day. It is a joke nothing more. My mum who is a caretaker for the handicapped has lost all motivation because the useless bureaucrats that are in control of the place she works have introduced a new completely unworkable shift system and want a lot of stuff done in ways that are just not possible with current staffing levels. One the other hand people without training are now allowed to do everything which will cause a lot of harm. She would have quit this week if she did not care for the people she takes care of. A friend of mine who is a caretaker for the elderly tells more or less the same story. I suspect that people will start quitting jobs in those fields as soon as the job market looks better again after this crisis. My mum will just retire early I guess.
  14. Luzifer's right hand

    Videogames: Perfect homies for the great indoors.

    Today I nearly smashed one of my controllers playing Half-Life:Alyx. I forgot about the boundaries of my play area that never happened before with other VR games.
  15. Luzifer's right hand

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    At least Putin is looking after numero uno and dresses for the occasion. https://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/corona-pandemie-ploetzlich-nimmt-auch-wladimir-putin-das-virus-ernst-a-c2589502-b89f-4d5e-8f67-5fed68b66e85#bild-33c9f406-ea56-4864-9536-d0467c6a8e59 (Hospital visit)