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  1. But that is because of the CEO and investor caste having realized that acting utterly greedy has no repercussions. That has nothing to do with how pharma research and production works. It's just late stage capitalism.
  2. Chemical industry in general. The current world population is probably not sustainable even if we got rid of animal agriculture apart from the small amount that is 100% grazing based. With turning most plants we grow into meat like we do now it is completely inconceivable.
  3. How do you think active ingredients for clinical trials are produced? That requires at least pilot plant production level scale. Drugs often fail if you can't upscale production to that level in a cost effective way even if they might work otherwise. Which you won't know because you never get the amounts needed for proper tests in that case. A lot of drugs fail in the clinical trial phase after pilot plants produced active ingredients for millions or even tens of millions of $.
  4. So I finished my Shadowheart playthrough. I was the goodest emo princess ever. Tried to romance Karlach but could not resist the charms of Lae'zel in the end. It's true love when she crits you and stuns you with her first hit but you think you might win. Only for her to pop action surge. Taking a bit of a break. At least until one or two hotfixes. Next playthrough I plan to add the non-origin companions as early possible to my party. Playing as a resist Durge probably as I have not done that yet.
  5. There was a handcuffed suspect in the car. You know how afraid cops in the USA tend to be of unarmed and restrained people.
  6. I did not watch the video. But I usually only read about lignite vs. natural gas because I mainly read German language sources and in that case I have not read anything that suggests natural gas is not better than coal. Even fraking is better than surface mined lignite measured across the whole chain according to the stuff I have read. But I'm not saying the video posted is wrong.
  7. There is not doubt that it is superior because buring it releases far less particulates and other pollutants. Also less CO2. But any solution that still releases CO2 is insufficient. Any regional improvements are more than offset by the growing global population and outsourcing of emmisons to other countries. Global CO2 emissions are still increasing and only global economic crisises have caused years with less emissions then the previous years with COVID measures having the most positive effect.
  8. I was sceptical about the dice rolls before I played the game. But somehow to feel like a great addition to the game especially without all the spells and items you can boost stuff with. They add excitement I feel. Maybe only relevant if you play low reload or honour mode(was not a thing from the start). I do speed them up most of the time but I would not want to skip them completely.
  9. Well there is the risk of a woman of color becoming president if Biden becomes incompetent or dies. That is way too risky for many "centrist" voters I suspect.
  10. The time window for Germany being relevant is closing anyway. A CDU/CSU/AFD coalition won't do anything against Russia and elections are 2025.
  11. The idea that Russia needs to stop advancing if Ukraine surrenders seems odd to me to be honest. Why stop a war machine that is running? I mean they could probably pass right through fake NATO member Hungary. Annihilate the Austrian military in a day or two when we run out of ammunition and cross into Germany at that point if they really wanted. Although by this point a far right/right government in Austria is likely and we will just bow to Russia without any shots fired. I know Moldova is a more realistic next target obviously and there seems to be no reason not to take it after Ukraine to be honest.
  12. In think France is focusing on its nuclear weapons again and Macron at least hinted that they would be used to protect all of the EU. At last according to some German language articles I read. Seems sensible. Strong nuclear strike capability is the only thing that will keep the EU safe if the christian fascists take over the USA completely and the country becomes more isolationist.
  13. Pretending to care about human lives was always limited to certain groups. The killing and forced displacement of natives in countries like Brazil because of agriculture and mining has been ignored for a long time now because we all benefit from it from example. Cheap raw materials and cheap meat/animal feedstock are a key aspect of our way of living after all.
  14. People thinking citizenship will protect them in the long term are deluding themselves. That's not how fascism works.
  15. Pakistan has launched a strike in response. Pakistan claims they are just striking at militants though. Hopefully that won't escalate.
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