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  1. Practicing a lot is one of the strongest superpowers. I recommend One-Punch Man.
  2. The looks like something someone under the influence of a mind control chip would write! :p
  3. We see Zemo in a hotel room he set up to pretend to be someone else who is not rich. His plan clearly involved money as bombs and EMP devices are not cheap. He is trying to keep a low profile for the entire movie. There is no indication that he is not rich and he clearly had the funds to finance his plans.
  4. He spent 8 years in prison after trying to kill himself. That might change a person no retcons necessary imo.
  5. Most people don't seem to know who they got it from around here. Unless most of them are just lying to make contact tracing impossible. I know quite a few people who had covid-19 and none actually reported the people they had >2m <15 min of contact with officially. You are the bad guy if someone is officially quarantined because of you.
  6. On the TV series side of things what Disney has done with Star Wars and Marvel so far. Maybe they could buy the rights to Star Trek too? Or do they already own them?
  7. I'm enjoying this less than WandaVision but Sam, Bucky and Zemo are enough to hold my interest.
  8. They could have cast a few more native German speakers. I kinda ruined the flow in episode 3 for me. Edit: although I have to admit that I have no idea how well Daniel Brühl speaks Russian and native speakers of that language might feel the same way.
  9. I just noticed that Michael Dorn has a part in Invincible. Nice. The cast is pretty great.
  10. I'm no fan of the return to weekly releases either. I actually postpone watching series that I do not expect to be spoiled about sometimes for that reason.
  11. Things like that should not happen in a GMP environment... In a normal situation I think they would shut the plant down until the problems with staff and/or equipment have been solved.
  12. Bob's Burgers his finally hit Disney+ and I started watching season 7. I'm also waiting for Angel and Golden Girls. Disney+ has a lot of stuff older stuff in the pipeline that I want to watch. I nearly finished Buffy but season 7 is not holding my interest very well. I watched Captive State on Netflix and was not impressed. Invincible is holding my interest and I like the things they changed from the comics so far.
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