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  1. There are exceptions for scarfs when the weather is cold but the police has accosted people wearing them before. It's up to the police to decide if it is cold enough.
  2. I wonder how well this thread title will age. What ever happens the parasitic finance industry will recover and the rich will get richer and the poor poorer.
  3. Wearing a respirator is currently de jure illegal in Austria outside of medical settings and caretaking facilities unless you have doctors note. It's because we have a law that forbids masking in public(from 2017 when we had a right/far right coalition government). The spirit of the law was to prosecute Muslims wearing veils obviously. To prevent legal challenges it is a broad law and with mask mandates gone it has actually been de jure illegal again in most places for a while now. Just made news because police tried to enforce it against a 87 year old woman wearing one. The health care minister said that masking is not illegal but until they actually change the law that is not really true. It is a law that our far right police force likes I guess. No surprise there as they more or less supported people protesting against COVID mandate. Strangely enough they forgot their new approach to de-escalate at all costs when the climate protests started up again but remembered it again when people with Russian flags started to protest for peace. However all people who have filed a complaint against being fined because of the law since 2017 have succeeded afaik because everyone involved expects that our constitutional court would declare the law invalid if a case ever got that far. Lol.
  4. Weirdly enough both Kotor games got ported to android it some point. I got them for free from amazon back when they were pushing their app store(I might be addicted to free games I don't play). Horrible interface obviously was not well optimized for touch at all.
  5. Hey don't forget Austria has intelligence agencies too! Foreign agencies only share information with us if they want Russia to know I believe.
  6. Kotor is a game in which consumables can make a huge difference when an encounter is too difficult. But it is certainly much easier when you min-max especially because you are forced to multi-class in this game and you can easily pick things that will not improve the jedi class you pick and you can kinda level your base class too high. Kotor is not as bad as some other games in that regard I feel. Neverwinter Nights 2 comes to mind or the Pathfinder games. When you can pick from an insane amount of powers/feats/abilities you can really fuck your character up.
  7. Catching up on the stuff Adrian Tchaikovsky released while I was not in a big reading mood. Enjoyed both Children of Memory and City of Last Chances. Looking forward to Lords of Uncreation which will be released in April. I just noticed while checking his Bibliography on wikipedia that he has written a WH40k book called Day of Ascension which I have added to my to read list now. I have enjoyed WH40k novels in the past(mainly books by Dan Abnett and Sandy Mitchell) and as Tchaikovsky is one of my favourite authors I'm looking forward to his take on the setting.
  8. If you have Prime Baldur's Gate enhanced edition is currently free on Prime Gaming. If you feel the urge to replay that game but don't have that version I recommend it as it has a lot of solid quality of life upgrades. It's the first game in the upgraded engine of Baldur's Gate 2 though so it is not for you if you are a purist. In general Prime seems to have give away classic games quite often I got Starcraft Remastered and Morrowind GOTY Edition(lost the disc years ago) that way. I got this weird urge to pick up all free games even if I don't play them but I have played more games from Prime Gaming than Epic at this point. I'm surprised that Epic keeps doing it although I noticed the some of the free games repeat. EA gave it up pretty quickly when the tried to push it's old Origin launcher. That was really nice though as it had true gems like Dungeon Keeper, Red Alert 2, Theme Hospital, Syndicate and Jade Empire. If you unlocked those games back in the day you can still play them because the library transitioned to EA Play. I played a few levels of Dungeon Keeper just a while ago.
  9. I actually remember noticing that back when Dune came out but I just assumed it was part of the character design. Maybe some side effect of the steroids and hormones he has probably taken for most of his adult life. He is 54 and was a wrestler. Nothing about his physique is natural.
  10. an add... lol Might even true according to their stragety but I would not hold my breath as 2022 about ~6 percent of the vehicles produced by Mercedes were electric. This are the exemptions that are currently planned: A true exemption for the millionaires and billionaires not for brands that the upper middle class might afford like Mercedes. The main exemption governments that are currently preventing that EU legislation want is for e-fuels which would ensure that you could keep producing cars that can use fossil fuels indefinitely. That would get at least Germany on board afaik.
  11. The EU parliament voted for that but as the parliament on its own is powerless that does not really matter. The European Council has postponed the vote because they expect countries like Germany, Poland to vote against it and can't get past the 65% of the population and 15 out of 27 countries threshold. It will only pass if enough exceptions that make it completely useless are added I suspect. There is already an exception for luxury cars built in lol...(does not really matter emission wise but works well for the side that is against such measures because it shows only the lower classes are expected to change behaviour).
  12. I enjoyed Quantumania more than Wakanda Forever but it felt a bit lacking. Still entertaining enough. Apart from
  13. Years ago I read a review which called Fallout 3 Oblivion with guns and that stuck with me. Although I feel Fallout 3 is a better RPG than Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas is the best one by far.
  14. Playing Skyrim with guns and you expect reactivity? Bethesda does not make that kind of game.
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