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  1. He defeated his own people because they wanted us to stop polluting and overfishing the oceans. A win for the good guys!
  2. Why not both? Ukraine has a lot of fertile and useful land that might weather climate change relatively well. Water supply to Crimea was also a key objective.
  3. They are getting the future they want which includes ignoring the fact that we only have one planet. Of course the world is nice now for a lot of people because we are using finite ressources, destabilising the biosphere and exterminating other lifeform while keeping an insane number of lifeforms in settings that maximize suffering for profit.
  4. Inaction produces the least harm considering how our civilization is set up. I loled when people said that some of the positive effects of the pandemic for the environment would stick around and that it is a starting point for a better future. Look how the world doubled down on environmental destruction once economies started to recover. The war in Ukraine makes it even worse, more off-shore oil and gas production is already on the table in countries that have the options and fracking too. Lockdowns were the best thing that ever happened to our environment.
  5. The last time I looked most climate change predictions from the 90s/00s that were palatable to the public have turned out to be way too optimistic. We are on track for realistic worst case scenarios I believe. Optimism is just as damaging as denial I believe.
  6. Those statistics only work if you ignore the destruction of the environment. Having a good time on borrowed time is not a bad approach though just don't forget to use contraceptives.
  7. In the darkness that is the white north raiding your neighbors is commonplace. Mewtwo is Canadian for cat I believe. They have started the eating pets of other people because of the horrible state of their economy.
  8. If Ukraine had surrendered nothing like that would have happened.* Pretty easy it would say. *not my opinion.
  9. Being the knower of the WiFi password is an important position!
  10. I never enjoyed the mechanics of D&D 3rd edition games myself. I just googled strong builds and played them for the story. Mask of the Betrayer probably has best story of any D&D game that is not Planescape Torment. I never replayed any of those games I think unlike Baldur's Gate 1+2 and Planescape Torment. I never finished even IWD2 IIRC.
  11. Sadly streaming content varies between countries. Disney+ has all seasons of Buffy and Angel here in Austria for example. Prime has the SD version in the German dub... Disney+ is my main streaming service now because it has a lot old stuff in the OV. I freaking love Golden Girls for example.
  12. I loved the fight between Vader and Obi-Wan. I guess I could watch Ewan McGregor be Obi-Wan forever. I really liked the hello there scene which is probably evidence that my brain has suffered permanent meme damage over the years. I actually liked the prequels far less before I got into prequel memes... Apart from that I agree that it could have been much better. Marvel stuff tends to be so much better. I don't have Disney+ for Star Wars though it is just a bonus.
  13. You are preaching to the choir. I got my 2nd booster yesterday now that it looks like we are having a 2nd omicron wave and optimized shots are still far away. There seems to be evidence that repeated infections with COVID are not good for you immune system. What does not kill you makes you weaker I guess. Here people are getting annoyed that doctors test them when to go to one with cold/flu like symptoms. The urge to completely ignore the virus is incredible strong here. As if a massive wave of respiratory infections has ever been normal in June here...
  14. As expected the vaccine mandate here in Austria that was never enforced has been cancelled completely. An epic fail by our government. Lots of energy wasted for what? Showing people that laws are completely irrelevant in this country?
  15. They operators saved a lot of money by investing as little as possible and the reactors were at their end of lifetime because of that anyway. They would have refused to do that without state support anyway I suspect. Profit from nuclear reactors belongs to the operators while society as a whole can deal with the costs.
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