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  1. Well I'm going to watch it again(with my mum this time).
  2. Personally I'm not sure if I avoided it. I started testing myself on a regular basis after self tests became available at the local pharmacy and never tested positive (never had symptoms just a better safe than sorry thing) but my antibody test after I got the vaccines was a bit higher than expected (at least above the values for double vaccinated people I found online). Not a big thing but maybe I should have gotten an antibody test before the vaccines (for reasons of curiosity). 100% social distancing was not possible because I work with a huge number of fuckwads who only kept their distance if you went confrontational at a regular basis. I still know nobody here in Austria who got it who followed strict social distancing, masked and did not give a shit when the government eased restrictions. All people who claimed otherwise actually lived with careless people or did not social distance at work. This is not about blaming people but many people actually think that they are social distancing when they are not. I was never able to do it completely because of work and would not claim otherwise. Edit: I'm not properly social distancing at all in some private situations since two weeks after I got both doses and I would not be surprised if I test positive (I still test myself regularly). I still demand it at work because while I'm willing to risk things for quality time with friends and family the job is not a place I'm willing to risk things mainly because of the huge number of completely untrustworthy and unvaccinated people there(official tests are worthless in Austria because you can upload self tests into the system except for Vienna which is controlled by the opposition which is led by an MD and not a far right populist like our chancellor).
  3. :p I wonder of there is a Denethor moment for you.
  4. I know that it is an amusing topic but vaccines do need names(maybe except the Moderna one because it is the only one so far). A number of names from my international vaccine certificate: Stamaril, Nimenrix, M M RVax Pro, Twinrix, Typhim Vi, dT-reduct "Sero", boostrix (), Engerix and quite a few more. :p
  5. Well maybe they want to hurt profitability? Hollywood accounting is an arcane science.
  6. Leto Atreides kills Leto Atreides! Finally my Snape kills Dumbledore moment!
  7. I'm for lockdowns for the unvaccinated at this point. No more postponed surgeries because people don't want to contribute to society.
  8. The shortage of building supplies is a global thing right now. Here in Austria even things like bricks are difficult to get. Ending a local lockdown in a part of a tiny country is not going to change that supply situation significantly. The shortages in the chip industry are also a global thing. Brexit is far worse for the supply of goods than lockdowns it seems at this point though as the UK is the only European country with significant supply problems on the supermarket side of things.
  9. I know a local emergency physician who said that he signed quite a few death certificates for people who died overnight at home during the first wave(they stopped sending ambulances for old people with pneumonia symptoms two times last year in his area) and he does not know if they were tested. He was not allowed to enter a residence if people told him that people had covid-19 symptoms. He stopped talking about work during the 2nd wave .
  10. They could increases the cost of human approved ivermectin. I suspect there is a lot of profit there. Focus on the fact that severe side effects are only common if you use animal approved versions and start printing money. I'm not suggesting that they do that because it has valid use cases but who knows in a country where people die because they can't afford insulin.
  11. I read that our chancellor Kurz is worried about a left leaning government in Germany. This pleases me.
  12. I called the convent in Nairobi (Kenya) where they are taking care of my grand-aunt (she is a nun, 80+ and recovering from a broken femur) and the topic of Covid-19 came up as I talked with the nun in charge of communications. Seems the situation is much more dire than official case numbers suggest especially on the medical supply side of things. She said vaccinated family members are welcome to visit but she does not recommended it at this point even if it is legally possible because of the pandemic situation. They are an island of the vaccinated from what I gathered (they got 1,5 % fully vaccinated in the country).
  13. The AFD got 12,6% and got the 3rd place 2017. Those political actors are certainly relevant to some people.
  14. Aren't the Freie Wähler anti-vaxx too? But the are only relevant in Bavaria I guess.
  15. That might sound callous but the effect the current wave has on some US states is a good warning for other governments that the pandemic is not over and that measures should be taken. The Austrian government is already changing its stance for example and started talking about more severe measures again. The German government will follow suit after the election I suspect.
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