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  1. I look here, look at the publishing schedule of my favorite authors and sometimes people I know from here post recs on facebook.
  2. We don't have final numbers yet but between 60-80% of the residents and 50-60% of staff took the vaccine in Austrian retirement homes so far. Those numbers are only based on the doses ordered though and some people refused the vaccines on the day it was due. This has caused two different scandals. Politicians and friends of staff got the "spare" vaccines(spare in " because some homes ordered vaccines for everyone without asking first). After this scandal people got scared and now they started throwing doses away instead of giving it the other people(even a doctor who visits a home on a regular basis did not get it in one place). That is the next scandal. Austrian ineffectiveness used to be amusing... It seems federalism does not work that well in such a crisis. But we have skiing related clusters again! It feels like a time loop...
  3. Centrists are just far right folks in denial right? *runs and hides*
  4. Of the people I know very few seem to be willing to take the AstraZeneca vaccine. People already call it the "monkey" vaccine. Just anecdotal I know but everyone wants the mRNA vaccine which is the one the anti-vac crowd seems to fear the most in the other hand.
  5. The news out of Isreal that the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine might not be as effective as expected is not very uplifting. Most countries are not taking the approach that involves stretching the interval between shots but with the supply problems it looks like not keeping the amount needed for the 2nd shot in reserve will bite many countries in the ass.
  6. Splitting the Republican party sounds like a best case scenario for the Democrats.
  7. The goal was to harm sick people by saving money. The harm goal was achieved.
  8. We actually had a pretty effective way of organizing health based things until the last goverment of our chancellor decided to unite the 9 reginal health insurance orgs into a big one for the entire country. Out health care system that worked since WWII has yet to recover from that and it is a chaotic mess.
  9. Here in Austria the current scandal is that some retirement homes ordered enough vaccines for the entire staff and all residents instead of asking people if they want the vaccine beforehand and ordering only what they need. Politicans and people with connections to the people working there including familiy members got the "spare" vaccines while other people in "at risk" groups that were also waiting did not. The wait list for the vaccine among people 80+ is getting longer every day in the other hand. It is just awesome. While a lot of people who work with at risk people refuse the vaccine people with connections get it before people that are at risk and want it. A friend works at a retirement home and only 1/3 rd of the people that work with him took the vaccine(thanks Facebook and WhatsApp I guess). That home only ordered what they needed though and there were no spares. I was never optimistic about our goverments ability to get things done and it looks I was still too optimistic.
  10. The US is actually better at it than many other countries. Well less shit but yay optimism!
  11. Hail Saint Jiub. I will never forget the boots of blinding speeds or the jump potion that you could find on a corpse that would kill you.
  12. Ah that makes sense. I never played the addon although people have always said that it was awesome.
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