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  1. Well Qyburn doesnt need to sneak into Maegors if he shows up with robert strong at the drawbridge i highly doubt that meryn trant or boros blount would object. Well no one is going to check after Pycelle before morning so that gives qyburn and cersei a couple of hours lead, before the general alarm is raised and the Tyrells are informed. Well I agree that Mace could storm Maegors but with both Tommen and Margaery at Cerseis mercy i think he might reconsider such an option. Also as far as we know Myrcella is in Dornish hands and betrothed to Trystane, and given the Sand Snakes reputation if Mace would try to get his hands on her (which considering the numbers he has at hands he could) they would just threaten to kill her if he would try it. Or just kill her right away. Also there would probably be a few who would prefer FAegon Targaryen or Stannis over a little girl(myrcella) of dubious parentage since there has never been a queen on the Iron Throne and Westeros is rather patriarchal, as well as all the precedents such as Baelon over Rhaenys, the ruling of the Great Council, Aegon II seen by most as King while Rhaenyra is seen by most as an usurper, Viserys II over Daena and her sisters, Aegon V over his sisters and nieces etc. He could starve them out but the longer the "second secret siege" drags on the more strength gather his enemies such as Aegon taking Stormsend, the Sand Snakes approaching KL and the High sparrow, Euron destroying the redwynes and/or Oldtown, the Faith Militant gathering men, Stannis winning winterfell etc. So he has to act, a protracted siege like he did in stormsend is not an option. If Cersei looks guilty even more that actually plays in Varys hands he needs a queen that is soiled goods and despised and hated by everyone (similar to how Rhaenyra at the end of her reign) because then FAegon shines ever so brighter in comparison. I agree that cersei will have no lasting power she will have some sort of power for a short amount of time before she flees the city towards Casterly rock(Mirroring rhaenyras rule after the death of helaena).
  2. Well if she remains a captive without any real power she can not really plot against the Tyrells. She coudnt plot against them while being held in the Great sept nor afterwards when she was a captive in Maegors. So Varys needs her in a position where she can harm the Tyrell-Lannister alliance: this means the regency or a seat on the small council or at the very least freedom of the castle, not imprisoned like she is now.
  3. You got me wrong I dont think he knows that he's being manipulated by Varys and I agree with your perception that Qyburn works with Cersei. Thats why Varys will order his little mice to inform Qyburn about the death of Kevan and Pycelle (without obviuously telling that it was Varys who killed them and sent them to him). Qyburn then will "summon" Robert Strong and inform Cersei and take hold of Tommen. Because he knows Cersei needs him while the Tyrells do not. They have their own Maesters and even a good candidate for Grand Maester (Gormon).
  4. I agree, it doesnt make much sense without further explanation.
  5. Maybe you underestimate your namesake Lord Varys Kevan: Oh, Dorna. Pain washed over him. He closed his eyes, opened them again. “There are … there are hundreds of Lannister guardsmen in this castle.” Varys: “But none in this room, thankfully. This pains me, my lord. You do not deserve to die alone on such a cold dark night. There are many like you, good men in service to bad causes … but you were threatening to undo all the queen’s good work, to reconcile Highgarden and Casterly Rock, bind the Faith to your little king, unite the Seven Kingdoms under Tommen’s rule. So …” I thought the crossbow fitting. You shared so much with Lord Tywin, why not that? Your niece will think the Tyrells had you murdered, mayhaps with the connivance of the Imp. The Tyrells will suspect her. Someone somewhere will find a way to blame the Dornishmen. Doubt, division, and mistrust will eat the very ground beneath your boy king, whilst Aegon raises his banner above Storm’s End and the lords of the realm gather round him.” So Varys wants Cersei in some form of power after the murders of Kevan and Pycelle. He doesnt want the Tyrells in complete control. “Hire the Mountain’s men,” Ser Kevan suggested. “Red Ronnet will have no further use for them.” He did not think that Mace Tyrell would be so clumsy as to try to murder either Pycelle or Swyft, but if guards made them feel safer, let them have guards. The dry moat surrounding Maegor’s Holdfast was three feet deep in snow, the iron spikes that lined it glistening with frost. The only way in or out of Maegor’s was across the drawbridge that spanned that moat. A knight of the Kingsguard was always posted at its far end. Tonight the duty had fallen to Ser Meryn Trant. With Balon Swann hunting the rogue knight Darkstar down in Dorne, Loras Tyrell gravely wounded on Dragonstone, and Jaime vanished in the riverlands, only four of the White Swords remained in King’s Landing, and Ser Kevan had thrown Osmund Kettleblack (and his brother Osfryd) into the dungeon within hours of Cersei’s confessing that she had taken both men as lovers. That left only Trant, the feeble Boros Blount, and Qyburn’s mute monster Robert Strong to protect the young king and royal family. Only after Tommen and his kittens were escorted off to the royal bedchamber by Ser Boros did their talk turn to the queen’s trial. Here we learn that Meryn Trant holds the bridge and Boros Blount is with the King ( I assume within or just outside his bedroom), neither of them will resist Robert Strong since they are cowards and Cerseis creatures to the bone. From Fire and Blood I (the part where Aegon III and his brother are besieged during the regency) we know that you can basically be besieged in Maegors Holdfast, it's a castle within the castle. So IMHO the one who takes control of Tommen within Maegors Holdfast first after the death of the current Regent will get the regency. When Robert dies Renly and/or Littlefinger (it's too long since i read AGOT) suggest a similar scheme. Varys murdered Kevan and he will inform Qyburn and Cersei about the regents death through his little mice, before the word spreads to the tyrells. Qyburn will summon Robert strong and whatever lannister guards or Mountains men there are and they will make for Tommen and Cersei. As soon as they have him in their custody they will make him turn over the regency to Cersei. By the time Mace Tyrell finds out (probably in the morning after kevans death) they will be already safe within Maegors. With Robert Strong playing the part of Sandoq the Shadow (who is mute as well IIRC) in fire and blood. Then there will be a short phase of stalemate between Cersei and Mace with him being the Hand and having control over the Red Keep, Kingslanding and the realm and Cersei being besieged and holding Tommen in Maegors Holdfast, similar to the events in Fire and Blood. In the meantime the High Sparrow and the Dornish will be informed as well by Varys and the news of the fall of Stormsend will reach KL, thus forcing some sort of compromise between Mace and Cersei(in the face of the common enemy the Dornish and FAegon), with her regaining some power after her trial and Mace remaining the Hand and Margaery being declared innocent by Tommen.
  6. That's true. I had a similar thought. Is there a mention of how many ravens Feathers has taken on the trip?
  7. Well The Targs, Starks, Martells, Tyrells and Baratheons seem to tolerate every religion in their respective domains. There are septons up north, Red Priests in Oldtown and KL, etc. The Greyjoys/IB seem to be the most intolerant. Balon and other Kings kicked the Septons out of the country. It is odd that the faith of seven is very unified, there are no schisms or antipopes or anything like that. Which is kind of unbelievable. If the faith of 7 is the westerosi version of roman catholicism, Where are the Westerosi equivalents to the prostestants, the cathars, the greek-orthodox, etc.
  8. Good Episode The scenes at the wall were great (Jon and Sansa, Pink Letter, Tormund having a crush on Brienne, Brienne & Davos/Melisandre...) High Sparrow's biography was boring and too much cliche. Littlefinger & Royce scene was unbelievable IMHO, also there are too many leaders in GOT who are puppets of their councellors (Tommen is basically the same) or insane (Ramsay) or a combination of these (Joffrey). The Dany scene was cheesy, but it fits to the show style. I expected Drogon to come out of the sky and safe the day, so at least I was a little surprised. The rest was okay. Liked the Osha part(do you eat them afterwards?)
  9. A really bad episode. Jaime's absolutely unbelievable plot to rescue Myrcella with a single Sellsword, is made even worse by the cartoonish Sand Snakes who arrive at the same time!!! The rest of the episode is hardly better, even though Peter Dinklage, Ian Glenn and Alfie Allen do some good acting.
  10. I loved the Bolton dinner scene and the dynamic between Jorah & Tyrion. The rest was less inspired IMHO. The idea of fusing Show Jorah (who always was quite different from book Jorah) with JonCon is interesting, I am curious where it leads.
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