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  1. Bironic

    Big Walder Analysis

    Godric borell seems to be a rather ruthless guy, a sisterman after all. If he was in the Freys skin he would have probably said something similar. BW is also quite young so all the guys in front of him in the line of succession can die of old age, sickness, war, mishaps, etc. And we have to see that BW is a 9 year old kid: all nine year old kids from noble houses dream to become lords or famous knights one day. Jon Snow once said that he is the lord of winterfell in a game with Robb. He never meant for robb to die. Even though he admits that he wanted WF. I am also unsure if we should apply medical terms that are usually used on adults for 9 year old kids. If BW is the same in 20 years, i would reconsider my opinion. BW the most psychopathic person in ASOIAF seriously? so Ramsay Bolton, Gregor Clegane, Littlefinger, Euron Greyjoy, Aerys, Vargo Hoat, Cersei Lannister are all just tragically misunderstood people who are a little rough around the edges?
  2. Bironic

    Big Walder Analysis

    I agree
  3. Bironic

    Big Walder Analysis

    If this is true a large part of westerosi noblemen would be sociopaths and or psychopaths. Godric Borrell suggests as well that Wyman Manderly should kill the Freys who brought back his dead son's bones. That's exactly what Manderly does. BW shows that he's smart and cunning, he didn't say I'll kill my own family. Does Jaime Lannister or Tyrion show any grief after they hear about their uncle Stafford's death? Tywin Lannister gives up on his favourite son Jaime after he gets captured, the same as the Blackfsh after edmure's capture, or Balon after Theon's capture. Old Lord Hunter has been killed by his youngest son, a son who will soon kill his elder brethren, according to LF. Tywin Lannister wiped out two entire families. Arnolf Karstark conspires to marry off his niece Alys to his son and tries to force the Lannisters to kill his own nephew and rightful lord Harrion. Randyll Tarly threatens to kill his eldest son, after mobbing him in various ways. Stannis Baratheon was an accomplice in his brother's murder (although maybe unknowingly). Bronn would kill a babe at the breast for the right amount of money, Allar Deem does it for free. Victarion kills his wife. And the list goes on. Basically if you want to survive or thrive in Westerosi nobility/society you need to show off the attributes of a sociopath: lack of empathy, lack of conscience, etc. this doesn't mean that you are a sociopath. For example Bran notices that both Ned and Robb have a "Lord's face" that is very different from their behaviour in private. Both can be harsh and cold at times and they know they have to be perceived by others as such in order to survive. Yes there are better terms to describe BW and other characters: ruthless, cunning, smart, effective, unscrupulous, intelligent, harsh, hard, ambitious, dangerous, brutal, efficient, cold, severe, etc. We don't need to diagnose them all with the DSM
  4. This poem doesn't remind me of ASOIAF but I like it quite a lot. It's about a panther (black leopard) that is encaged in the Jardin des plantes (zoo/menagerie) of Paris. It's written originally in german by Rainer Maria Rilke.
  5. Bironic

    Craster is a Stark

    The dogs are Starks as well it seems. Makes sense since dogs are easy to warg and some Starks are wargs, dogs are also kin to direwolves and Starks have a direwolf as sigil and occasionally as house pet. We are onto something here... Good point, I always assumed that WW are a different race/people while wights are transformed dead humans. It doesn't explain though why the WW have something against humans though.
  6. Bironic

    Consolidation of Doom of Valyria

    If Dragons are the ultimate super weapon wouldn't the goal of most people be that they get their hands on dragons too? That's what happened in our world with WMD's. And Euron, Victarion, Astapori Slave masters, Xharo Xoan Daxos, Moqorro & red priests, Warlocks, Marwyn, Tyrion, Aemon Targaryen, Melisandre, Stannis, Ben Plumm, they all seem to want dragons too. Weirwood does burn I think since Melisandre burned the godswood of Stormsend, it doesn't rot though, and weirwood arrows might be dangerous to Dragons. If wild dragons really lived in ancient times, they must have gotten along with COTF though I suppose. And we never hear that COTF somehow opposed Targs/valyrians or dragons. I thought that the Undying tried to take over the power of Dany and her dragons, to their own ends. Quaithe & shadowbinders might have similar goals.
  7. Bironic

    Consolidation of Doom of Valyria

    Care to elaborate why the COTF, the shadowbinders and the warlocks are supposedly anti-dragon?
  8. That's not considered incest in Westeros. In fact it's not even considered incest in most parts of the real world.
  9. Yes the messenger was killed, he never reached Stannis.
  10. First the trial wasn't fair by any means. Second Lysa Arryn (née Tully) sets Tyrion free on the mountain road with only a sellsword to guard him, after almost all of Cat's party got killed on that same road. Lysa was poised to kill Tyrion no matter what the outcome of the trial was. The mountain road was a death sentence. I agree though that none of this was Catelyn Starks (née Tully) doing. Yes Tywn is very, very proud. Second if you let someone imprison your own son with impunity, what'll they do next? Kidnap your wife? Steal your gold? Rape your daughter? Execute your brother on whatever grounds they find? Both your enemies as well as your bannermen lose all respect for you, if you don't react. And when they lose respect of you, you will suffer more and more. This is a medieval world, not modern society. “Kind of you to go to war for me,” he said as he climbed into a chair and helped himself to a cup of his father’s ale. “By my lights, it was you who started this,” Lord Tywin replied. “Your brother Jaime would never have meekly submitted to capture at the hands of a woman.” “That’s one way we differ, Jaime and I. He’s taller as well, you may have noticed.” His father ignored the sally. “The honor of our House was at stake. I had no choice but to ride. No man sheds Lannister blood with impunity...” “Hear Me Roar, “ Tyrion said, grinning. The Lannister words. “Truth be told, none of my blood was actually shed, although it was a close thing once or twice. Morrec and Jyck were killed.” Tyrion AGOT Tywin didn't know that Cat took Tyrion to the Eyrie, Cat said to all the witnesses at the Inn, that she brings him to Winterfell. Winterfell is to far away for Tywin to reach, Riverrun is nearby and if he gets his hand on some Tullys he can trade them for his son. The Tullys are also Cat's family.
  11. As with most wars there are many reasons to go to war: The Starks and Lannisters disliked each other and they didn't trust each other Cersei Lannister cuckolded Robert Baratheon (this is a mostly unknown fact) Lysa Arryn (née Tully) wrote Catelyn a letter in which she stated that the Lannisters killed her husband Jon Arryn, Hand of the King. Cat tells Ned about the letter. After Bran fell from the Tower, Some southerner attacked Bran with a Valyrian Steel Dagger, Cat and Summer save him, Cat went south to investigate Littlefinger told Ned and Catelyn that the Valyrian Steel Dagger that was used in the attack on Bran's life belonged to Tyrion Lannister. All these things happened in relative secrecy without many witnesses. Tyrion Lannister gets captured by Catelyn at the Inn of the Crossroad: beginning of open hostilities In retaliation Jaime Lannister attacks Ned in KL and both houses lose guardsmen Furthermore Tywin Lannister sends out Gregor Clegane who raids the Riverlands Edmure Tully spreads his forces thin along the border to prevent further raids, which allows the Lannisters to defeat them piecemeal and to capture Edmure Ned Starks confronts Cersei about her kids, this leads Cersei to kill Robert Baratheon. With Littlefingers help Cersei imprisons Ned(and Sansa and Jeyne Poole and claims Arya as well) and accuses Ned of treason, the rest of the northmen in KL are killed. Then she orders Robb, Renly, Stannis and a lot of other lords to come to Kingslanding to swear fealty to Joffrey Baratheon. This leads to Robb calling the banners, he knows that he will not get out of KL alive if he goes there, he does not believe that Ned is a traitor and he does know that he can only hope to trade Ned's life if he takes some Lannisters captive. Catelyn AGOT: “I...” He turned his head away, to hide the first tear. “If we march... even if we win... the Lannisters hold Sansa, and Father. They’ll kill them, won’t they?” “They want us to think so.” “You mean they’re lying?” “I do not know, Robb. What I do know is that you have no choice. If you go to King’s Landing and swear fealty, you will never be allowed to leave. If you turn your tail and retreat to Winterfell, your lords will lose all respect for you. Some may even go over to the Lannisters. Then the queen, with that much less to fear, can do as she likes with her prisoners. Our best hope, our only true hope, is that you can defeat the foe in the field. If you should chance to take Lord Tywin or the Kingslayer captive, why then a trade might very well be possible, but that is not the heart of it. So long as you have power enough that they must fear you, Ned and your sister should be safe. Cersei is wise enough to know that she may need them to make her peace, should the fighting go against her.” Ned's murder wasn't the reason for the war, since by the time of his death the war was already on. Robb receives the message of Ned's death after he frees Riverrun from Jaime's attack. But Ned's execution at a holy place ends all possible peace treaties between Robb and Joffrey. “Peace?” Tyrion swirled his wine thoughtfully, took a deep draft, and hurled his empty cup to the floor, where it shattered into a thousand pieces. “There’s your peace, Ser Harys. My sweet nephew broke it for good and all when he decided to ornament the Red Keep with Lord Eddard’s head. You’ll have an easier time drinking wine from that cup than you will convincing Robb Stark to make peace now. He’s winning... or hadn’t you noticed?” From Tyrions last chapter in AGOT
  12. Bironic

    Aegon TWOW

    How is he supposed to get the Tyrells when he marries Arianne? Why do you think it could go either way? Aegon doesn't have Dragons while Daenerys has at least one. It's exceedingly hard to kill a Dragon without Dragons. And that's without mentioning Daenerys will probably have an army of Unsullied, Freedmen, Sellswords and Dothraki at her back. And before he mets Dany he will probably have to deal with Littlefinger and his allies(Vale & Riverlands probably), Euron Geryjoy and less likely but not completely unthinkable Stannis or whoever holds the North. IMHO Aegon will be crucial in the Downfall of the Lannister-Tyrell alliance, he will rise high and then fall quickly. BTW welcome to the forum !
  13. Since I think that we will learn more about Daeron II, the Blackfyre rebellions, the Summerhall tragedy and the reign of Aerys in the Dunk & Egg novellas and ASOIAF respectively, I am most interested in the End of the Dragons and the events that led to it. This would mean the Kings: Jahaerys, Viserys, Aegon II and especially Aegon III. Valar morghulis
  14. Bironic

    Perfumed Seneschal

    Nice catch. Never occured to me that she might have seen MOqorro already.
  15. Bironic

    Perfumed Seneschal

    But she didn't say remember what you experienced in the HOTU. I think she meant how the Undying tried to use her for their own purposes in a similar way that Kraken, dark flame, lion, griffin, sun's son, mummer's dragon and the perfumed seneschal might do in the future.