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  1. Bironic

    Big Walder Analysis

    Godric borell seems to be a rather ruthless guy, a sisterman after all. If he was in the Freys skin he would have probably said something similar. BW is also quite young so all the guys in front of him in the line of succession can die of old age, sickness, war, mishaps, etc. And we have to see that BW is a 9 year old kid: all nine year old kids from noble houses dream to become lords or famous knights one day. Jon Snow once said that he is the lord of winterfell in a game with Robb. He never meant for robb to die. Even though he admits that he wanted WF. I am also unsure if we should apply medical terms that are usually used on adults for 9 year old kids. If BW is the same in 20 years, i would reconsider my opinion. BW the most psychopathic person in ASOIAF seriously? so Ramsay Bolton, Gregor Clegane, Littlefinger, Euron Greyjoy, Aerys, Vargo Hoat, Cersei Lannister are all just tragically misunderstood people who are a little rough around the edges?
  2. Bironic

    Big Walder Analysis

    I agree
  3. Bironic

    Big Walder Analysis

    If this is true a large part of westerosi noblemen would be sociopaths and or psychopaths. Godric Borrell suggests as well that Wyman Manderly should kill the Freys who brought back his dead son's bones. That's exactly what Manderly does. BW shows that he's smart and cunning, he didn't say I'll kill my own family. Does Jaime Lannister or Tyrion show any grief after they hear about their uncle Stafford's death? Tywin Lannister gives up on his favourite son Jaime after he gets captured, the same as the Blackfsh after edmure's capture, or Balon after Theon's capture. Old Lord Hunter has been killed by his youngest son, a son who will soon kill his elder brethren, according to LF. Tywin Lannister wiped out two entire families. Arnolf Karstark conspires to marry off his niece Alys to his son and tries to force the Lannisters to kill his own nephew and rightful lord Harrion. Randyll Tarly threatens to kill his eldest son, after mobbing him in various ways. Stannis Baratheon was an accomplice in his brother's murder (although maybe unknowingly). Bronn would kill a babe at the breast for the right amount of money, Allar Deem does it for free. Victarion kills his wife. And the list goes on. Basically if you want to survive or thrive in Westerosi nobility/society you need to show off the attributes of a sociopath: lack of empathy, lack of conscience, etc. this doesn't mean that you are a sociopath. For example Bran notices that both Ned and Robb have a "Lord's face" that is very different from their behaviour in private. Both can be harsh and cold at times and they know they have to be perceived by others as such in order to survive. Yes there are better terms to describe BW and other characters: ruthless, cunning, smart, effective, unscrupulous, intelligent, harsh, hard, ambitious, dangerous, brutal, efficient, cold, severe, etc. We don't need to diagnose them all with the DSM
  4. Bironic

    Craster is a Stark

    The dogs are Starks as well it seems. Makes sense since dogs are easy to warg and some Starks are wargs, dogs are also kin to direwolves and Starks have a direwolf as sigil and occasionally as house pet. We are onto something here... Good point, I always assumed that WW are a different race/people while wights are transformed dead humans. It doesn't explain though why the WW have something against humans though.
  5. Bironic

    Aegon TWOW

    How is he supposed to get the Tyrells when he marries Arianne? Why do you think it could go either way? Aegon doesn't have Dragons while Daenerys has at least one. It's exceedingly hard to kill a Dragon without Dragons. And that's without mentioning Daenerys will probably have an army of Unsullied, Freedmen, Sellswords and Dothraki at her back. And before he mets Dany he will probably have to deal with Littlefinger and his allies(Vale & Riverlands probably), Euron Geryjoy and less likely but not completely unthinkable Stannis or whoever holds the North. IMHO Aegon will be crucial in the Downfall of the Lannister-Tyrell alliance, he will rise high and then fall quickly. BTW welcome to the forum !
  6. Bironic

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    That's true. I had a similar thought. Is there a mention of how many ravens Feathers has taken on the trip?
  7. Bironic

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Well The Targs, Starks, Martells, Tyrells and Baratheons seem to tolerate every religion in their respective domains. There are septons up north, Red Priests in Oldtown and KL, etc. The Greyjoys/IB seem to be the most intolerant. Balon and other Kings kicked the Septons out of the country. It is odd that the faith of seven is very unified, there are no schisms or antipopes or anything like that. Which is kind of unbelievable. If the faith of 7 is the westerosi version of roman catholicism, Where are the Westerosi equivalents to the prostestants, the cathars, the greek-orthodox, etc.
  8. Good Episode The scenes at the wall were great (Jon and Sansa, Pink Letter, Tormund having a crush on Brienne, Brienne & Davos/Melisandre...) High Sparrow's biography was boring and too much cliche. Littlefinger & Royce scene was unbelievable IMHO, also there are too many leaders in GOT who are puppets of their councellors (Tommen is basically the same) or insane (Ramsay) or a combination of these (Joffrey). The Dany scene was cheesy, but it fits to the show style. I expected Drogon to come out of the sky and safe the day, so at least I was a little surprised. The rest was okay. Liked the Osha part(do you eat them afterwards?)
  9. Bironic

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I think at least Jaime lives at the moment. I mean he has been lost in the Riverlands for weeks(it is said so in one of the last Kingslanding chapters in ADWD), with no news. If LSH has killed him, then it should be known by now. So no news is good news. Less sure about the others though, I don't think that someone would recognize Podrick's corpse, he is far less known than the Kingslayer.
  10. A really bad episode. Jaime's absolutely unbelievable plot to rescue Myrcella with a single Sellsword, is made even worse by the cartoonish Sand Snakes who arrive at the same time!!! The rest of the episode is hardly better, even though Peter Dinklage, Ian Glenn and Alfie Allen do some good acting.
  11. I loved the Bolton dinner scene and the dynamic between Jorah & Tyrion. The rest was less inspired IMHO. The idea of fusing Show Jorah (who always was quite different from book Jorah) with JonCon is interesting, I am curious where it leads.