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  1. I think that the smallfolk won't give a damn about bloodlines when the Others come marching or when winter has them in its grip. It's people who do great deeds during hardships and have a claim(pretenders or not) like I hope Gendry and Davos will, who will make it big. Best Hope for Jon and Aegon too
  2. He was honorable, just ask Barristan Selmy. And he whored around when he was not a sworn knight of the Kingsguard.
  3. Tanselle was just half a head shorter than Dunk. Why stand on tiptoe to kiss him? Tanselle was just a painter in a mummer group from dorne, that doesn't make her a storyteller who knows nearly all Northern fables. She had dark Dornish features, surely people of Winterfell would have noticed, at least when she was young. Why would she go to Winterfell??? A strange and cold place for a Dornish woman. Dunk took the vows of the Kingsguard between 233-236AC. Surely he could not have broken his vows after that . Where could he have met her before then? Dunk's descendants don't have Dark Dornish features. Rohanne Webber went to High Heart/old stones in 230 A. C not to Winterfell. Why go so far to meet Dunk?
  4. Maybe BW stumbled upon Aenys murdering LW and tried to stop him, but it was too late. Aenys then brainwashes him with promises of making him Lord of the Crossing with another obstacle out of the way. Aenys could also have assuaged BW's conscience/guilt by pointing out that LW would have end up worse than Ramsay. I thought of this while posting the topic, but left it for a reason... to see if any one would think the same after reading my post It's unlikely, but possible.
  5. Most of the slaves are mentally broken by torture, loss of loved ones or worse. They have been so mistreated that the thought of revolt itself is ..well..,revolting.(not a pun) Otherwise, slaves who are scribes or bedslaves or in other somewhat better posts want to remain so. They know no other life. I'm not supporting slavery, but it is a system that needs to be tackled at the roots. Grown up slaves know no other profession other than their own. The forcibly taking of children to be made into slaves needs to be stopped first. Even Tyrion notes the similarity between servants in a Lord's household and the slaves of a rich man. They are not that different.
  6. PAST: Old Nan being Shiera Seastar is as downright ridiculous as the Freys claiming that Robb warged and attacked Old Walder Frey, the Lord Weasel. Shiera is Quaithe, It is known. Nan being Selenei of Lys is also preposterous. I personally suspect that Selenei was Larra Rogare (many similarities). There is also an old thread (if you can call 2015 old) about her being the 3EC, not BloodRaven. Very, very, very unlikely. Rohanne Webber being Old Nan is also wrong as many believe (though its a much better theory than those above) because, Rohanne is the Ghost of High Heart, not a CoTF. All the hints point to it. CoTF is a possibility, but very slim. So she cannot be Old Nan Furthermore, only a woman/lady born and brought up in the North can know so much (read: all) legends and tales of the North and Beyond... She (see below to find who I believe Old Nan is) must have been the woman kissing Dunk in Bran's visions as Rohanne webber was toooo short compared to Dunk (4"11 to 7''1-in feet) even when on tiptoe. So I think that Old Nan is....Alyssane Stark, Beron Stark's 5th born and 2nd daughter. This idea is not my own, as I was convinced by @Megorova She hooked up with Dunk and the rest is history (albeit an incomplete one) PRESENT: Old Nan is still alive in the Dreadfort (hopefully with Beth Cassel ) because GRRM hinted it in a cryptic message saying that most of the women of Winterfell who are captives at the Dreadfort are alive, though not in a good place/condition. She would have most probably won the guards with her wide repertoire of stories. Not all the Bolton men would be as cruel as the Bastard and his 'boys'...or so I hope. FUTURE: Nan has to be alive till the end to answer many of the mysteries which may/may not have the North involved somehow like: Rodrik Stark, the Wandering Wolf's whereabouts and if he is now the Tattered Prince.https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/157215-the-tattered-prince’s-motives/ If Dunk's descendants through her are WENDA THE WHITE FAWN/MERIS CAFFEREN/PRETTY MERIS, HODOR(most are sure 'bout this and the next), BRIENNE, CLEGANE Bros. and PODRICK PAYNE(https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/157278-podrick-payne-a-greyjoytargaryenblackfyrestark/) Dunk's parentage (if they are Daemon I Blackfyre and Daenerys I Targaryen). This would result in a large number of dragonseeds. Jon's parentage/if R+L=J is true.(if she was confided in by Ned like I think). Anyway there is Howland Reed and maybe Richard Lonmouth/Lem LemonCloak also for that. P.S. Now would be a good time as any to share your extensive consolidation of points that support-cum-correct (if any errors are there) this topic. (which also had me convinced and inspired this in a sort of way), @Megorova.
  7. Arya suspects, Brienne knows and certainly Varys and LF would know. He has survived for so long with the BwB, that says something. And at the fight outside the Crossroads Inn, he didn't disgrace himself (meaning that he held his own) He is known to be clever(not IQ160+ clever, but clever nonetheless), selfless and has shown leadership skills while with Arya and the BwB.
  8. What if Dark Sister and Blackfyre get forged into a new single sword? It would be the opposite of what happened to Ice. Just got this crackpot idea..
  9. Please see the reply which precedes yours. Westeros needs rulers and lords who are mindful of the commonfolk's sufferings like Gendry, Davis, fAegon etc. And those who are gonna believe Jon is Rhaegar s and Lyanna s son, fAegon is is really Aegon are the same who are gonna believe Gendry. Blood does not matter in these hard times, deeds do.
  10. More and more this thread goes, I get the impression that Jon is gonna be either the Nightking or King-beyond-the-Wall.
  11. It is also a parallel to Ser Arlan of Pennytree (Ser Duncan was his second squire) dying. And also Here Pod was Tyrion's squire and Tyrion left him.
  12. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. Winter needs lots of supplies to be bought in from across the Narrow Sea since places like the Riverlands are completely starving. War is not over yet and that would empty everyone's coffers a lot. What is left will not be enough to see through this winter (which will be longer than the summer which itself was 10years long) Now add the Others' invasion and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. So taxation is the need of the hour, not for warmer climate.
  13. When did that happen? Read the letter again. Bolton vows to kill the Lord Commander of the NW if he doesn't accept his demands, which are outrageous and which even craven Bowen Marsh would have refused. And Jon did not ask any one else to come with him, only the wildling volunteers
  14. It could have been Ygritte but that chance went.Now other possible candidates including Arya are Meli and Dany too. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/157273-ice-longclaw-dawn-azor-azhai-and-lightbringer/ That is what I said in my post the other day (below link) but people always move to dany and her dragons. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/157273-ice-longclaw-dawn-azor-azhai-and-lightbringer/ But i also suspect that there will be more than one AAR.
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