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  1. Hi @DMC Fanmade, yet. Noshtaljea
  2. Hey guys I need help. I deleted the Google account with which I signed up for Ebird first. Now I rejoined using a new account. My old account still exists. Not vanished with deleted g account. What to do? Whom to contact? [email protected] Not responding
  3. Attention Jedi Scum! The Fourth is no longer with you, Today is the Revenge of the Fifth! Today's revenge of the Fifth. Tomorrow is Revenge of the Sixth. Both are Sith days, since there are always two, no more, no less. Courtesy: @thunderpoptv Plus absolutes
  4. @divicasuccinctly summed up the narrow minded obstacles
  5. Well. Time to Star Wars binge gazillionth time!
  6. Living in a (bio) bubble Obviously yes Sheepish smile here Tsk Tsk Tsk As I said, IPL was my only escape from reality
  7. In my country the newspapers just said that the PM/Prez said few kids incl in killed
  8. No problem No prob again Yes. Progress. Less than two centuries ago 'witches' were being burnt at the stake. If everybody was a Stoic...
  9. Insomnia returns Heh? Misquote Free world, free forum. What are you, kind of boss from a George Orwell classic? I was courteous till now. If you thought I was sardonic and cynically mocking till now, think again. Empires are built on hope. I was able to convince an ex worshipper. Out of the few thousands (accounts, not people) out there.
  10. #465 posts, take a guess how many are blind worship. Emboldened. No such thing as that I hate worship of any kind. Because it's irrational. Borderline fanatic fervent devotion. Xenophobic. Racist. ValyARYANS. I don't hate the worshippers. Pity them. Tried to infuse rational thought. Gave up. Good night, here at least
  11. My only means of escape from reality went poof!
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