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  1. Now, we all know that Politico is ALL IN FOR BERNIE. So we think about that while reading this: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/20/bloomberg-brokered-convention-strategy-116407 Bloomberg quietly plotting brokered convention strategy The effort is designed as a potential backstop to block Bernie Sanders by poaching supporters from Joe Biden and other moderates.
  2. https://www.salon.com/2020/02/21/what-weve-learned-about-elizabeth-warrens-feminism-shes-no-moderate/
  3. Zorral

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Our $treaming oppre$$ion$ -- which evidently is giving pirating a boost, after several years of severe decline. Big Tech is also Big Entertainment, one and the same now. https://slate.com/technology/2020/02/netflix-hulu-disney-hbo-peacock-streaming-wars.html The conclusion:
  4. Which is in a large sense exactly what Warren did with bloomie, and he just wilted. And now all the news media are blathering on about his wilt, and about his NDAs and the tax returns -- our big take away from bloomie? 'consensual' and 'turbo tax.' BUT! the media wouldn't be talking about this if Warren hadn't given him her excellent treatment and it wouldn't even be talking about his wilt without her excellent treatment -- but seemingly nobody notices that she accomplished this. Their conversation, just like here, is all about TWO OLD WHITE GUYS, bloomie and Sanders.
  5. Zorral

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Speaking of amazon prime as the thread is, I've read not a single favorable review of it's vaunted new original, Hunters. The criticisms the reviews (of the first 5 episodes the reviewers were given access to, along with a host of restrictions of what they couldn't talk about in their articles) have in common is that it is schlocky and shallow, pretending to be several genres at once, and doing none of them of well. The schlocky and shallow is distressing because of the subject matter is the Holocaust; it also seems to be somewhat revisionist in terms of heroism and survival while at the same time reverting back to the horrors of the extermination camps -- wanting to have it both ways, which is the real distresser. Anyway, Hunters is now up on AP, and has banner ads splattered across every news site. (It must show something about my internet usage, that I get these ads, but no political ones, not even from omnibloomie.)
  6. Zorral

    First Quarter 2020 Reading

    John Le Carré's latest (2019); not a Smiley or Smiley people or Cold War or WWII. It's all BREXIT Trump Russia etc. and the entire utter clusterfuck that is politics + intelligence -- and it is savage. Like the author, the narrator views himself as a European, and the deliberate back turn on Europe and democracy in favor of a very few people in Russia, Saudi, US, etc. plundering all of it for power and obscene wealth, has him spitting angry -- and he despises them all. With very good reasons. Still, it is Le Carré, who has lost nothing of his writing power, and it is enthralling and page turning.
  7. Does it matter that when / if a Dem gets elected -- and actually, you know, gets inaugurated, and actually, you know, gets to move into the White House -- and then ends the multiple trade embargos which are already hurting the foreseeable apple profits etc., farmers get to sell their pork again, etc. -- that the stock market will crash, and other economic disasters in other sectors will follow??
  8. Paul Krugman about last night: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/20/opinion/warren-bloomberg-debate.html Btw -- I get the Warren campaign emails, and she's raised 7 million since last night. Which is still nothing compared to multi upon multi billionaire private fortune, but not bad. Which also shows that the media silence on Warren has had a big effect. Still, NPR had to make everything about Bloomie, not about this, not about her campaign, not about her positions and policies. Just about Bloomie and HIS chances to fix the USA = spit. I give money to Warren. Not to NPR.
  9. Zorral

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I may give season 3 a shot -- if it's true to this trailer?which makes it look rather different than the rape 'n torture etc. previous seasons. Some cool looking vehicles there.
  10. All Things Considered is now 'interviewing' Elizabeth Warren, which is one attack after another -- she was too harsh, repeating the words that Bloomberg uses about women, and so on and so forth. She showed that interviewer to be the ignorant jerk she is. The interviewer insists she's lost the election for the Dems for being too extreme. Have I mentioned how much I blame the clueless media for our messes? They can talk to Warren, but all they want to talk about is Bloomberg.
  11. Gads, this is PBS's Vienna Blood, except they, at least, had the class to keep Freud off stage, centering a student, with a detective, in a Sherlock and Holmsian sort of way. Vienna Blood isn't very good, and feels really outdated, solomnly proclaiming theory as fact that make us wish to laugh now, as we would have if we heard him talking about how effective the new technique of bloodletting is for curing illness. (They do a sort of version of that too, with electroshock.) The Alienist series, again the same era, nay, even the same decades, still feels real (another season of that is supposedly coming this year too).
  12. Zorral

    Does the flu shot actually work?

    O, good!
  13. As we see even here, among the commentators, every one of the Dems is determined to be unelectable due to lack of palatability to some sector of voters, including ourselves. As put on the previous thread (didn't know there was a new one) -- Considering how carefully each candidate has been shown to offend at least one portion of electorate, and thus is unelectable -- except when the media and establishment keeps insisting otherwise with a demonstrated reject like Biden -- the Dems probably shouldn't nominate anybody. They wan't even agree on a nominee, according to Received Wisdom. Received Wisdom has proven itself over and over, frequently, to often, be, wrong. But! Nevermind!
  14. Zorral

    Does the flu shot actually work?

    Get yourself vaccinated for measles soonest. Measles are no joke, nor are mumps, particularly for older people.
  15. Considering how carefully each candidate has been shown to offend at least one portion of electorate, and thus is unelectable -- except when the media and establishment keeps insisting otherwise with a demonstrated reject like Biden -- the Dems probably shouldn't nominate anybody. They can't, evidently, according to the received wisdom