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  1. The reason for quite some time I get Lin-Manuel Miranda confused with PR -- not an accident, one supposes that LMM thought for a while it would be a good idea to make Rothfuss books his Big Fantasy Project. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/lin-manuel-miranda-hamilton-tiktok-meme-1036975/
  2. Finished watching season 1 of amazon Prime's The Boys. My goodness a lot of women died / disappeared / raped / murdered in the course of bringing us this meta comix/graphix/supeverse. Even within the first scene the classic fridge the wife/girlfriend in order to get a male protag into adventure motivated by revenge and the urge for justice. There was an urge for justice there somewhere, yes? Oddly, it is the character and the actor of Starlight who has most impressed me. Looking forward to season 2 next month (September 4th). Also completed watching HBO Max's Perry Mason. It was mostly very satisfying. It seemed to get better as it rolled along. It's pretty intense. Really liked it too.
  3. No it wasn't. Though it was obviously a deliberate dick ugly kind of post
  4. What seems unlikely in These Times: no constant media blathers about the shooting that happened somewhere on Pennsylvania Ave. the other night ... the very few to downright scarce bits I've seen are all bits and don't even agree on what happened or where it happened. This seems so unlike the media generally for a politician in connection with a gun event, one wonders what if anything happened at all -- other than some guy is dead, who is dead because supposedly judged a threat to ... a cop? ... a politician? Who knows? We don't. No name, no nothing. Nothing at all.
  5. The very idea of seeing Klobuchar and Harris as the same seems pretty ... short-sighted.
  6. I expected it would be her for some reason since Biden is the one who got the primaries -- maybe? (We'still counting, or something, here.) As I'd have preferred Warren or Castro for the Pick, I'd have preferred them for VP too. But at least he chose somebody who can get on fire and show that fire to the voters.
  7. Born Agains don't believe anyone else is a Christian -- nobody, whether Mormons or Roman Catholics or Greek Orthodox, or Methodists, or Episcopalians or Presbyterians. Nobody.
  8. Again you graphically reveal that you don't know what you are saying, and you don't understand what herd immunity is. It does not exist except in places where enough people are vaccinated against a disease that those who aren't made immune can't spread it to those who are. It only works within context of an effective vaccine. Which does not exist. See, for example in real life, how measles are coming back now as so many refuse measles innoculations, as are quite a few of what we had come to think of as childhood diseases. Nor do you understand how isolation works -- the point is to SLOW DOWN THE WILDFIRE so doctors, nurses and all the others who have to deal daily, 24/7 with the masses of the sick don't die either. If Sweden had a population like ours, their method would have people lying dead in the streets. And this ain't over, not by a long shot. And it never will be until people understand how it works. A vaccine may never get made that works, you know. But 'It" will not be leaving the human population, probably, ever, particularly since the virusshares with all the classic flue viruses, whether or not Covid-19 is a flu, either animal to human, or human to animal (poultry) and back to human origin. And again, what is it about the reports that more and more of the Young, and children, are getting sick with covid-19?
  9. PEOPLE! Listen up! Yankees are New Englanders! From Connecticut (re Twain's Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court) and MA and New Hampshire. Not NYers! They'd have killed you during the War of the Rebellion if you walked around NY and called them Yankees! Moreover the dumpfers don't even have the other pedigrees that make for Yankees. Good frackin' grief, Don't mix up a baseball team franchise name with regional identities. As for claiming he's not made foreign catastrophes for the US -- one word: RUSSIA. He gave us and as much of the rest of the world as possible to Russia. That's just for starters.
  10. This is a graphic illustration of not understanding how it works. Allowing a contagion to burn through the globe without trying to contain, trace, track, isolate, distance, means every system from the most official to the most intimate is overwhelmed. Bodies lay everywhere, inside and out, putrefying. People die not just from the particular disease, but because there's no one to care for them while ill, including getting them food. People literally starve to death and die from dehydration -- and this includes people sick from something other than c-15. The economy from personal to national to global crashes (unless one is a billionaire investor who is sucking what liquidity is left up for itself and only itself). That's what happens when a disease of this nature wildfires around the globe, virulently contagious, unidentified, and virulently lingering. If you have no idea how gruesome and terrible this is, read John M. Barry's The Great Influenza, which killed so many also via the most violent pneumonia and respiratory shredding, leaving heat attacks, hallucination and weeks, months of weakness behind for those it didn't kill that way. Not to mention orphans, widows, widowers and those who lost their children. BTW, more and more children are getting sick with this now. Who will nurse them during their bout, even if they don't die, if their parents are also ill -- or dead? The biggest difference I'm seeing with how C-19 plays out vs the Great Influenza is that Covid-19 has a much longer incubation period before showing symptoms. and it takes them a lot longer to die in agony. People in the Great Influenza, as with the Bubonic Plague, not uncommonly dropped dead only hours after showing symptoms, or even, just immediately.
  11. When a location appears fairly free of infections , a lot of the problems of re-spiking come from locals determined to have their economic season, so they OPEN. Then come the outsider because in their minds a virus-free location meabs "safe for me and my friends to act like assholes like we did last summer." Saint-Tropez was described as as 'corona-free bubble.' So not only French who could drive there and couldn't go elsewhere for the sacred summer vacay, arrived in large numbers, and then came other European sacred summer vacationers in large numbers. They all went crazy -- refusing to wear masks, etc. These people all came to this healthy place to forget about the virus and party like it was last summer. And guess what happens? Guess what happens EVERY TIME? https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/saint-tropez-riviera-coronavirus-covid-closed/2020/08/08/e0de205e-d8ca-11ea-a788-2ce86ce81129_story.html? There is NO POINT in opening at all until there is a serious vaccine and we know more about this and have fairly put out the fires globally, because this happen every time. The Great Influenza came back over and over between 1917 and through 1920. It got milder with succeeding waves as more people had immunity from the previous wave, but there were still awful deaths and local destruction of economies and fall-out.
  12. It counts when the opponent is a morbidly obese figure who has to be driven everywhere in a golf cart. This is particularly true when Biden provides a real media-happy zinger to repeat while doing it when an awful Fox person shoved a mike in his face and demanded to know if Biden had picked a VP running mate -- and he responded, "Yes I have -- it's you." I actually heard about this, and I pay no attention to almost any of it because media idiocy and meaninglessness.
  13. Black Lives Matter -- Shield Waaaawwwwwll!
  14. Really enjoying so far (episode 6 tonight) the first season of Amazon Prime's The Boys. However, within the context of this discussion one can never forget that this series is meta from first to last, top to bottom, because without the metastasis of superheroes, comix and graphic novels, and pop culture into every nook and cranny of our post modern lives, this series wouldn't, couldn't exist. Yet I am enjoying this series, whereas there are very few series and films with supes that I do, and I don't like comix or graphic novels either (for one thing, my vision can't cope with either of those).
  15. A great big reason the USA is in the c19 catastrophe that has destroyed millions of lives economically at best, and death at worst: the insurance companies' GREAT BIG CONCERTED LIES. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/08/06/health-insurance-canada-lie/? (paywall)
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