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  1. Can this country get any more bonkers? Evidently it always can. Now the anti-vaxxer conspiracists are considering whether or not to wear masks and socially distance to protect themselves from whatever it is the vaccinated shed, that messes up menstrual cycles and all sorts of who knows what. https://www.vice.com/en/article/88nnwg/anti-maskers-ready-to-start-maskingto-protect-themselves-from-the-vaccinated
  2. What is herd immunity? Not at all what so many persist in thinking herd immunity is. https://slate.com/technology/2021/05/covid-herd-immunity-end-pandemic.html
  3. Free beer after being vaccinated in the local bar is the best incentive for vaccination -- at least in NY state. https://slate.com/human-interest/2021/05/vaccine-free-beer-bar-covid.html
  4. "New York Yankees Somehow Have 7 COVID Cases in Vaccinated Staff" It's a mystery. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/05/yankees-somehow-have-seven-covid-cases-in-vaccinated-staff.html
  5. Rise and Fall of the Third Reich was how I learned of nazis, the Holocaust and WWII, when I was about 10 or 11. One of my grandmothers had stored stacks of old magazines in her basement, brought to her by family members and community members, which I dug into relentlessly from the first moments I had memory and could read. Among them were old issues of The Readers Digest, which abridged and serialized the book, as The Readers Digest did. The Readers Digest, as monthly magazine and book club was an institution where I grew up in Nowherelandia, bringing books by mail into many homes. For over a year I spent every visit to Gran's down there, reading each installment in a haze of fascination and complete historical ignorance, and surely understanding very little, yet, still compelled by what I read. It was one of the beginnings of my education into history, along with much else that went on in her basement, including the ritual of Great Gran in a rocking chair and my brother perched on one of the rocker's broad arms, and I on the other. She'd settle, we'd settle, then I'd demand, "Tell me about when you were a little girl. Start with your favorite horse." I always say I started on the road to becoming an historian in my grandma's basement. Currently re-reading Justinian's Flea: Plague, Empire and the Birth of Europe (2007) by William Rosen. Even more interesting to read now than back when it was first published. Have just finished from the publisher -- it's just about to become available for purchase -- Haunted by Slavery: A Southern Woman's Memoir of the Freedom Struggle by the still sharp as hell, 90+ year old Gwendolyn Medlo Hall. Gwen pioneered the compilation of databases as the primary historical research tool they now are. She did this BEFORE computers, while being harassed and abused by the FBI -- they kept getting her fired from jobs, evicted from her homes, denied banking service -- she had to move to France for a while -- and of course threatened with death and worse by the good white racists of Louisiana where she did this pioneering work. They would try to deny her access to the public records in court houses and so on because, "They ain't gonna do you any good, little girl, cause they're in French." "O that's just fine. I read and speak and write French just fine."
  6. Congratulations! Not so easy getting an agent in These Times.
  7. Vaccination incentive/award is unfair, discriminatory, and RONG! because I am already vaccinated, I don't get to compete for the opportunity to win a million buckaroos. It's just too MEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Imma gonna Tell. On Twitter. You'll see!
  8. Wait, you said he was a manipulative asshole, and asked why do people like him. What's going on here? Round and round we go and where we land nobody knows!
  9. Nope. It's an attempt to express that what some audiences want are not what other audiences want. Your perception is your perception as much as mine is mine.
  10. OK, Imma just going to say this: it's heartening to see at least those of us on the board who are USians talking about something other than US/us. Which again shows OUR GREAT PRIVILEGE, when all we/our sorts think about at all has been US/us, due to the horror show of who was in the White House, and then the pandemic. Again, the emphasis is indeed on OUR USian privilege, because this matter of Israel and Palestinians wouldn't even have been discussed here, I think, a year ago. But a year ago, these matters were going on and accelerating. Not quite sure what the point is I'm trying to make here -- other than what a privilege to even be thinking of others not right inside our own, local, pandemic dome. How many on this globe can say that? Is this, meaning what I'm groping to say, coming through at all? If it isn't, it's my fault. I'm not expressing myself well at all.
  11. You aren't the YA readers/audience. This ain't about you or for you. You don't even exist when it comes to that demo.
  12. I don't recall who it was today who posted about a video he saw of the ultra right orthodox marching in Jerusalem with bludgeons in their hands, shouting, "Death to Arabs." With the video the poster wrote, "This sure as hell looks like the videos I saw from the nationalist marchers in Charlottesville who were shouting/chanting, "Jews will not replace us!"
  13. Speaking of crypto as we were, Charlie Stross & His Merry Followers are now speaking of it too: https://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2021/05/because-i-am-bored.html
  14. A winnah! We have ourselves ah winnah right here! Pick up your stuffed animal of choice at the Green Market next Thursday. Thank you.
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