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  1. Zorral

    History in Books

    Thank you for making the effort to share these matters. That is interesting. Ya, this "Wellington = God" business . . . . That bolded seems to happens so often every time and everywhere. It funny that Grant, who would put up with this during his generalship, later, when he was president, and it was his friends and it involved the Native Americans, would pardon them, because they fought so loyally for him during the War of the Rebellion. Working historically, you might find this conversation as to the present value of history of interest:
  2. Gosh it's easy to buy one's way into sovereign Little England -- Newcastle United supporters wave Saudi flags and don Saudi garb today!
  3. Don't ever fool ourselves: Pence and Cruz are part and parcel an active actor in this -- among many others. We see them matter-of-factly attending those kinds of extreme right coalition meeting in Europe all the time, from Turkey and Hungary to Spain and France. "The GOP alliance with Europe’s far-right deepens" https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/10/12/republican-alliance-europe-far-right/
  4. Zorral

    History in Books

    That sounds really interesting. I for one would love to hear a bit of what you are learning to be inaccurate among the generally held ideologies held about how Wellington, the Spanish and Portuguese -- and the guerillas -- conducted themselves against Napoleon's forces.
  5. Zorral

    History in Books

    Which is why historians are compelled to re-examine continually -- even ethically mandated to do so, and to include findings from other disciplines as well. Which, really, for most historians is part of why we love the work. Ya, really.
  6. Considering how much reporting seen here of the proliferation of colds and flu in Europe this fall, it strikes me with the US opening to all the vaccinated from Elsewheres on Nov 9th, it's a particularly good thing to get my flu shot next week! Plus that 400,000 viewers of annual Halloween Parade that will be kicking off right down here too.
  7. Article on the life being led by Gomorrah's reporter and writer, Roberto Saviano: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/16/my-life-in-the-mafias-shadow-italys-most-hunted-author-robert-saviano
  8. too much of Lucifer singing and playing the piano accompanying himself. The actor loves doing this, but in terms of the show overall, rather than a value ad, it's kind of a 'when will we get back to things happening' sort of interlude. OTOH, I am highly admiring (haven't finished it yet, due to time) their production techniques (turning half at least of an episode into animation!) to keep as few people in close proximity on screen as possible, while keeping up the tone and sheer bonkersness of the previous seasons (though the previous sagged in rhythm and timing, clearly due to pandemic) -- and then, through it all, actually grappling with matters that matter spiritually and morally. There's never quite been anything like this, or hardly ever. The sheer bonkers of this show has been, for me, its main attractor, oddly enough. Because, you know, I am the serious, sjw, superior sort. Ha!
  9. I think "December" because then it 8 months will have passed since my second inoculation, which was, at least back some ago, the time recommended to go by before boosting.
  10. So, it looks like Moderna boosters will be available in December?
  11. One of the 5 escaped zebras in Maryland has been killed by an illegal snare trap. They were happy and doing so well, divided into a trio and a couple, finding plenty to eat and drink with lots of room to roam.
  12. Zorral

    History in Books

    Serendipitously, wrt the discussion of Big History -- and even what makes a work one that is categorized in historiography, in the 4th Quarter Reading thread, today, Ancient World military historian, Bret Devereaux, has put up this examination: https://acoup.blog/2021/10/15/fireside-friday-october-15-2021/ He even gets in mention of the Annales French historians, whose philosophy and works of Big History they call the longue durée, I refer to constantly, particularly the longue durée historian, Fernand Braudel and his massive 3 volume series of economically transitional 15th-18th Century Europe: Vol 1, The Structure of Everyday Life; Vol. II, The Wheels of Commerce; Vol. III, Civilization and Capitalism. The focus of the first part of this essay concerns "'megahistory’ or ‘cliodynamics’ ", and the problems with Foundation's 'pschohistory' -- which operates on different models than le longue durée. The essay seemingly was sparked by the new Foundation television series, as Devereaux often uses popular entertainments to make his points that contrast professional, scholarly historical work, and the incorrect ideas and beliefs that are transmitted through entertainment -- often even for millennia, are part of, non-professional ideas about same -- such as galley slaves on Roman war ships, and so on. I recall one poster saying in response to Devereaux's advice that for historical fiction writers, they really do need to study primary documents of the time instead of other popular historical fiction-- he thanked Devereaux profusely: "I'd never thought about that before!"
  13. This may well be true, but the question, "Is this an antithesis to the Green Knight film?" still stands, for someone who has seen them both -- whereas I haven't seen either, though I do plan on watching The Last Duel when the opportunity comes, while still not bothering with the Green Knight film. Well, I will, if it comes along in such a matter I can take a look at it, w/o any effort on my part, and can skim through if it is as poor an effort as so many say it was -- like on HBO or something. BTW, a lot of the reviewers here in the US seem to be damning The Last Duel with faint and fainter praise, insisting upon looking at it through the lens of contemporaneity, including their choice of language, which makes me, at least, suspicious of them. OF course, the film had little or nothing to do with the 14th C poem, They All Say, which is why I'm not that interested in seeing it.
  14. I went through this one this year too, in July, I think?
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