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  1. I can't criticize these primary character actors for refusing to go along with the criticisms of GOT, and particularly the final season. They went through 8 grueling years of making this project, right along with all the technicians and other people who make such project possible. Grueling is probably even a light word to describe what they all went through -- together. Yah. 8 / EIGHT YEARS. That's a really long run for tv, generally speaking. And some of the actors like Sophie Turner were barely into adolescence when they began this extended experience, which dominated their lives for over 8 years. They have BONDED, like people who gone through war and battle together for 8 years. They are not about to turn on their leaders. They naturally feel anger about the criticisms, and, very hurt, which is more than understandable.
  2. Zorral

    Loose ends

    AT&T bought HBO. They too are less approving of nudity, etc., as the nabobs are essentially born again types. Disney bought Hulu.
  3. Cadet branches, such as the Carolingians for the Merovingians, Capet for the Carolinginans, Valois for the Capets, Bourbons for the Valois, etc. is another common way to not die out particularly.
  4. Turning the LOtR's High Fantasy tropes upside down: The wizard instead of destroying Saruon, becomes Saruon, and will rule them all -- including the bended or unbended -- I can't figure this one out -- knees of the North, the 7th Kingdom. In the 7th Kingdom he shall start breeding white walkers/wights baby orcses.
  5. 12 minutes ago: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/pelosis-leadership-team-rebels-on-impeachment-presses-her-to-begin-an-inquiry/2019/05/20/263c11de-7b5b-11e9-a66c-d36e482aa873_story.html? Members of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s own leadership team confronted her in a contentious Monday night meeting and argued that it was time to begin an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, according to multiple sources in the room. At least five members of Pelosi’s leadership team — four who also sit on the House Judiciary Committee with jurisdiction over impeachment — pressed Pelosi to allow the panel to start the inquiry, which they argued would help investigators attain documents and testimony Trump has blocked....
  6. So sorry intentional historical obtuseness hasn't worked out for you, i.e. medieval vs 21st C.
  7. Sansa has charisma, and Edmure has none. Very telling when it comes to leadership and getting what one wants. And you are needlessly mistaken and mean about Sansa,
  8. But she will have more than one son. See above. When it is an elector system this is done all the time. The daughter of King James I, known as the Winter Queen, married Frederick V, the Elector of the Palatinate, who was invited by Bohemia to become King of Bohemia. The Polish-Lithuanian Magistrates invited outsiders to be their king, such as the younger son of King Louis XV of France. The idea is that it keeps anyone from the inside of the state from overpowering the others, while the king, an outsider, won't overpower any of them. Ultimately this system breaks down, as we've seen from history frequently. In fact it ended up with Poland being entirely erased as a nation and divided up among Prussia, Russia and Austria. Those are just two examples.
  9. Not for a couple of reigns or so. As I commented elsewhere on the forum, Sansa is going to have at least 4 or 5 healthy children and at least 2 will be sons. They will be well educated in all they need to know, loyal to the North, good at making money and at fighting. Who will they be fighting is just as an important a question as who will be their father -- somebody neither she, as far as we know, or we know, of course, and never will know. But the point is, that judging by historical examples in our world, the electors will pick without argument when Bran goes all treeish (can he die then? I dunno), they will pick unanimously one of Sansa's sons, who will be at least half Stark. Later Starks will use bribery and pressures of different sorts to keep their own heirs elected king of the 6 kingdoms. Maybe this works for two - three reigns. THEN hell breaks loose, probably. In the meantime the Starks will be marrying into all the Houses, and the Houses will be marrying whenever they can into Stark. It's not impossible that this will lead eventually to all the 7 kingdoms becoming 1 kingdom again, but it will be ruled by Stark.
  10. Zorral

    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    Ya think? But they iz both daid (and Ygritte is one of the few characters this viewer actively disliked -- that actor just makes my teeth grind, even when she's not Ygritte -- and how long are you betting their real world marriage lasts, now there's no more bonding over working on the one most difficult shows to work for --and she hadn't worked for it in years anyway!). Daid, daid, daid. What's he got to live for? He can't have kids, since he's now back in the Crows, who have no purpose either, any more than Castle Black and the Wall have any purpose. So how would killing himself be more miserable than the ending he's got? Unless you believe he must live for Ghost. But until he arrived Ghost doesn't know the guy's alive or daid either.
  11. You all should be pleased ... the boyz / nerds what read the books win!
  12. Charisma, babee. Sansa haz it, i.e. leadership. In a female way. Somebody had to tell that ass bloviating the typical politician's bs, just to hear his own boring voice, to "Sit down and shut up." Thank goodness he didn't, still, persist.
  13. Zorral

    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    It would have been so much more affecting, and even useful if, having killed Daenerys, Jon then killed himself. That's generally how men do anyway -- kill their wife / girlfriend and then kill themselves. It could have been done as in operas made from Romances, of doomed love -- oooo so poetic and loverly, as their dying arias entwine as their entwined souls ascend to lovers' heaven (though it would still be a guy killing his girlfriend to get the nerve to kill himself, but nevermind!). That was probably too imaginative and poetic for everyone involved, from the books themselves to the HBO series.
  14. I've loved the policiers featuring Bosch as amazon originals. But I've never read any of the Michael Connelly books from which they have been adapted, and I probably won't for reasons I don't quite know. it might be because the series is US based in that most USA of locations, LA, and begins (1992) prior to 9/11 changing the US forever, it seems, and not for the better. 9/11 is much a cut off for me for so much of 'before' and 'after.' Yet, the same could be said of Ann Cleeves's Vera Stanhope novels. But I love both the print and screen verisons of her Veras and her Shetland novels. Though I discovered Cleeves and Vera quite some time post 9/11 that didn't prevent me avidly reading them as quickly as I could find another one. So -- go figger! I don't understand this at all.
  15. Zorral

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    It's so much the matter that it is easier to start a book or a series than it is to figure out how to finish it. The number of fiction, movies, television, etc. that start with a bang and end with whimper or a shark or even whimpering sharks or -- just stop vastly outnumber the works that end as well as they begin. Particularly if the creators don't actually think through their characters and everything they put on the page. Every time a new character walks on, there has to be backstory and a place where that figure fits, even if we see that character only once. That's why the very satisfactory LOtR endings are so satisfactory. He worked it all out before he published the damned things. He pulled out what wasn't really for the story at hand, pretty much -- Tom Bombadil and Goldberry? -- and put it in appendices and the Silmarilliron. And it was all original with him, or inspired by original content in languages that Tolkien himself could read very well. Not a single fantasy writer since Tolkien has done any of these things; well, maybe some have pulled out characters, that as much as they loved them, scenes they loved and so. But most don't. They just let it all sit there and admire it, and then end up --STUCK.