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  1. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: Sing us a song, you're the Tariff man

    Too weak to resistance: I also think Curling could of only come about because of alchohol. I cannot see throwing a stone on a frozen lake being guiding by someone with a broom being thought up in stone cold soberity.
  2. TheKitttenGuard

    Trailer Thread V

    2nd Trailer
  3. TheKitttenGuard

    R,I.P. Thread

    Ken Berry passed at 85. I watched Mama's Family as a kid and saw F Troop on Nick at Nite when it ran those type of shows. He also was on the Andy Griffin show and starred in its spinoff Mayberry R.F.D. He was always enjoyable to watch whatever he was on. Ml
  4. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    So, this is conflicting, Mia Love apparently has a small lead in her house race. So on one hand it is a seat that is held by the Republicans that was flipped. On the other, it definitely makes Trump looks like a moron. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/417238-mia-love-pulls-ahead-in-utah-race-as-judge-dismisses-her-lawsuit
  5. TheKitttenGuard

    Trailer Thread V

  6. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    The DSA gang met Jeb!
  7. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    I woke up in disgust over another mass shooting and refuse to get numb over this. I do not think I have solid idea either in matters of gun or mental health yet do not think in anyway its excuse to continue with nothing while inane things like "Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun" or "we need arm guards in..." are stated about. My heart goes out to all there. With that, Florida being Florida in now both the Senate and Governor is oddly comforting.
  8. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    Tucker was not home and his family was. I do not like what can be reasonably considered threatening to a person's family. It is stepping over a line regardless how righteous someone feels they are. Though pointing out Tucker's statements and his attitude with the pipe bombs should be done.
  9. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: In Through the Out Door

    Like to get the bad stuff out the why: Republican Senate pick up- I think this is more in expectation coming from 2016. It is tough but still could be worst. Floridia- Consider all the polling this is a definite dissappointment. Though I think this so early really damper people moods. Steve King won- Do not know the real chance opponent had but the man is just revolting. Now, things to be actually happy about: The House- The Democractic won the House and that is good. A lot of B.S people in the Administrative has a real check now. Texas- The excitment for Beto got some house seats to flip. I am especially happy that Pete Session lost. Beto came up short but he did a lot to revitalize the Party there. "The Blue Wall" rebuilding project- Walker is out in Wisconsin, Whitmar won in Michigan, and Wolf reelected in Pa, and all the Democratic Senators re-elected. I know of solid pick up for the Democrats in the house in Pa. as well. Trump may have a unique popularity. In 2020 if the Democratic Nominee hold all states from 2016 and win back these states than Trump is out. Laura Kelly beating Kris Kobach for the Kansas governship. Kobach was a big Trump guy and lost in a Deep Red State. Overall it is a good night for the Democratic Party and Progressives overall (beside Alabama). Yeah Florida sucks, and Beto came up short. This is not some stunning lost and people have to stop acting like this is 2016 just due to the most optimistic prediction did not happen.
  10. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: Four Days and Counting

    Do not what sign this point in the Govenor election but this is enjoyable: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/415346-kemps-voter-card-said-invalid-when-he-tried-to-vote
  11. TheKitttenGuard

    U.S. Politics: One Wave, Two Waves, Red Waves, Blue Waves

    I was wondering the same thing when you decided to focus on that decade. Any reason why the immigration laws done should not be viewed other than a Xenophobic reaction that were more acceptable during the time?
  12. TheKitttenGuard

    U.S. Politics: One Wave, Two Waves, Red Waves, Blue Waves

    You do know that in the 1920s was the height of mainstream acceptance of the Klan? You want to focus on a period that include widespread acceptance of the Klan and their views. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/12/second-klan/509468/
  13. TheKitttenGuard

    Youtube Videos.

    For Halloween a Slasher Films Boy Band
  14. TheKitttenGuard

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    My problem with Warren doing this is that it will be viewed as this is something Trump made her do. Even if the sceince is very accurate, it will not stop something like Trump calling her Pochantas. I am sure Trump will bring this up at his next rally, ask the crowd if he should continue, get hus affirmative response, and keep on doing it. Warren ancestry and Obama Birth Certificate are things the factual is very irrelevant. It is more what Trump can make somebody do.
  15. TheKitttenGuard

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    What was expected has happen: https://deadline.com/2018/10/james-gunn-boards-suicide-squad-2-to-write-and-possibly-direct-1202479455/ The move to D.C is what was expected, not Suicide Squad specifically. It states so far it is to write the sequal though it is expected he will direct it eventually.