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  1. Cowboy Stadium have Stripper Poles throughout the place. Nipplegate was 16 years ago and dumb.
  2. 1917 with Dean Charles Chapman and Richard Madden as brothers. I am bad at recognizing people so I did not see that until the credits and had a chuckle.
  3. RIP Luke Perry at 52 https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/luke-perry-90210-fame-dead-age-52-n979046 90210 was a big deal when I was young and Perry was a big part. His small part as Krusty's half-brother on The Simpsons was great in a episode with many high profile guest stars. I was happy for his part on Riverdale though my interest waned after the first season.
  4. RIP Monkee's Peter Tork It appears to have been from a long battle with Cancer. https://variety.com/2019/music/news/peter-tork-the-monkees-dies-dead-1203144914/
  5. Flipping around one night and came across Patient Zero. Within the first minute I saw it had Natalie Dormier and John Bradely in it. Not very good however it is interesting seeing two actors together who never interacting at all on the show.
  6. Ken Berry passed at 85. I watched Mama's Family as a kid and saw F Troop on Nick at Nite when it ran those type of shows. He also was on the Andy Griffin show and starred in its spinoff Mayberry R.F.D. He was always enjoyable to watch whatever he was on. Ml
  7. For Halloween a Slasher Films Boy Band
  8. Casting News: https://deadline.com/2018/09/westworld-aaron-paul-cast-season-3-series-regular-1202464194/
  9. The system stated that Delos always came back to his last meeting with Logan. Either Delos being the first human to be uploaded in the system Delos chose it to honor Logan or the system took the appearance of Delos's cornerstone. Since Logan will never be in the system it will be unique.
  10. Westworld really know how to end on high note for the second year. I agree with people that this will be great as a series finale as I thought the same for the first season finale. I kind of just go more with the story and do not want analysis too much until the season ends. I just want to state what I enjoyed for the season for now: The best overall story for the season I give again to Maeve. Her journey for a daughter she most likely will not know her yet does everything to protect and sacriface for her. I do think Felix and Slyvester will bring her back but it will not cheapen it for me. For single episode story, "Kiksuya" with Akecheta's journey of self awareness. It may be the best episode of the series and it dealt solely on a tertiary character. I thought they handled Ford as well they could. He was never made a Host, was essentially program code, and then Bernard's own voice. Clemantine being a Pale faced rider on the Pale Horse. Teddy's suicide showing he had more humanity than almost anyone. Sizemore overall journey towards true empathy. I agree that I do not how needed his sacrifice but it was a good speech (though Hector would of done it better). How they used Logan was great. He was significant in many ways though he was quite minor. Making him the representation of the main system was a nice touch. Bernard's plan after his awakening was very well presented. This I have to revisit but in the episode I really enjoyed it. I thought Shogun world was handled very nicely though I found more as a pleasant diversion. The after credit scene shows what I thought William would of ended up as in the end. I do not think they show more to the character which is not good. Yet going through murdering his daughter again and again will be a perfect hell.
  11. Jerry Maren, the last surviving Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz has passed at 98. He gave a Lollipop to Dorthory. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-44386487
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