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  1. TheKitttenGuard

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS II

    That Hawkeye's family and everyone of the GOTG beside Rocket got snapped, it is not too much of a stretch that Peter and his group got snapped out. I do want little more on the galatic implications of Thanos's action even now it is reversed. I mean it is probable a whole planet got wiped out while one was not affected at all. It will be interesting for those who got snapped were the older sibling and are now the younger one. I thought the endings for Iron Man and Captain America were very well done overall. I will like if Thor is in a good amount of the next GOTG but split off from them. Will love if they are willing to give another Solo Hulk a go with his current form and explore it some more. Kind of wait and see on Hawkeye since it appears it will be a DP series. Do not want him to just be a mentor to his daughter and explore what the five years and Natasha's sacrifice affects on him. Finally, I get people thought Black Widow got short shrift with mourning her death, though I think her character did not lead to her much of circle of family and friends. I really do not need the Black Widow movie to be a full prequel and think something within the five year gap will work. Do not have very deep comic knowledge, read that there is another Black Widow (Blonde apparantly) and something on training a protege that will continue on can be a great send off for her.
  2. TheKitttenGuard

    Bad shows and movies you enjoy watching.

    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women. Nearly all of Schwarzenegger '80s movie are enjoyable. I think The Terminator that is a truely great Classic. Predator I think is in good based on Premise and execution. Conan the Barbarian just does not make it over the line for me.
  3. TheKitttenGuard

    Bad shows and movies you enjoy watching.

    A terrible and horrid mistake on my part.
  4. TheKitttenGuard

    Bad shows and movies you enjoy watching.

    Any '80s Schwarzenegger film excluding The Terminator and Predator. Of those I will put Commando as my favorite followed by The Running Man.
  5. TheKitttenGuard

    Best line of E01

    Bran- I am waiting for an Old Friend. Cersei- I really wanted those Elephants.
  6. No, there was a problem with the calculator which the IRS admitted to sometime back.
  7. TheKitttenGuard

    Trailer Thread V

  8. TheKitttenGuard

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    There were tens of thousands of former slaves following Sherman's Army and the order was to deal with short term settlement of these refugees so the Army will no longer need to deal with them. The long term nature of this has been disputed.
  9. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: compromising positions

    For me, that Pearl Jam is form the U.S and formed makes Rep. Davis a bloody traitor. Also, Creed sucked so much that not even a Republican will acknowledge them today. On my gratuitous shot Creed shot
  10. TheKitttenGuard

    Trailer Thread V

  11. TheKitttenGuard

    R,I.P. Thread

    RIP Luke Perry at 52 https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/luke-perry-90210-fame-dead-age-52-n979046 90210 was a big deal when I was young and Perry was a big part. His small part as Krusty's half-brother on The Simpsons was great in a episode with many high profile guest stars. I was happy for his part on Riverdale though my interest waned after the first season.
  12. TheKitttenGuard

    U.S. politics. thread

    It is so great Sanders has to be concern with the optics of Maduro while Trump states how great of a friend he is with Kim Jung Un. Venzuela election were a problem but Egypt's SiSi locked up opponents, got 90%, and got a congtaulatory call from Trump, and Pompeo throwing Democracy in the MidEast under the bus.
  13. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    White Supremecy always had a victimology aspect to it. All actions are a defense to a always coming menance. It has never been a new thing.
  14. TheKitttenGuard

    R,I.P. Thread

    RIP Monkee's Peter Tork It appears to have been from a long battle with Cancer. https://variety.com/2019/music/news/peter-tork-the-monkees-dies-dead-1203144914/
  15. TheKitttenGuard

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    There is intersections where one can be Pro-Zionist/Anti-Semetic as well. There is a good arguement that Netanyahu beem cultivating this the last few years. So, people like Soros can be attacked with many Anti-Semetic canards yet since Soros is not fervertly Pro-Israel and those who use it are, the criticism is more muted. I will caution that people who state they are Anti-Zionist can wind up using very Anti-Semetic imagery as well, and some use it to cover for Anti-Semitism. For me, Israel has many problem that needs to be more honestly discussed. When one wants to states Israel is The Problem is when it starts to be a problem.