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  1. 1917 with Dean Charles Chapman and Richard Madden as brothers. I am bad at recognizing people so I did not see that until the credits and had a chuckle.
  2. Flipping around one night and came across Patient Zero. Within the first minute I saw it had Natalie Dormier and John Bradely in it. Not very good however it is interesting seeing two actors together who never interacting at all on the show.
  3. For Halloween a Slasher Films Boy Band
  4. The show is done better then a lot thought and maybe should be. The world built that feels very normal beside what is a wierd Karate fascination that gets subtly references. Looking forward the second season.
  5. David Hildebrand (Kraznys) has an interesting look on a new YouTube Red show that debuted today:
  6. The episode title is Beyond The Wall. http://watchersonthewall.com/new-photos-game-thrones-season-7-episode-6/
  7. No he does not final say. D&D are the ones in charge of the T.V show.
  8. I said nothing about them being Liberal that is your addition. Just as out of touch Elites. Margaritaville was not exactly an ode to Libertarian Economic Principals and Theories. I am bothered that they view this straight as Trump is not serious (S19) or it is obvious he will lose (S20). It cut off some deeper exploration of his appeal and dangers.
  9. I wonder how Trey and Parker are going to handle being some out of Elite they did not even think of having two endings. This rest the season may just drag out and be just some exhortation of Liberal elites, a dark ominous warning, or some optimism with acknowledge problems that should not be ignored.
  10. Well, tounge was in cheek some. Yeah, it was a call back to the Thenns. I was just thinking in the S3 fianle scene he said to Theon "What do you think I am some savage?"
  11. I did not think of the apple skin. I was thinking that Osha's line would of got into Ramsey's head that he need to "step his game up". It also got me thinking a little also of the Season 3 finale pork susage scene.
  12. 8/10 Best The North: Best: Theon hugging Sansa was one of the show'starts kinder moments. The chase music is fantastic. I really loved the pledge scene and that everyone had a part in it. Ramsey mourning Miranda then feeding her to the hounds was about right. Worst: Good fight but the disappearing hounds with handler is apparent. The Wall: Best: The opening shot from the wall with Ghost howling Dolorous Edd getting some real about damn time screentime. Alliser's speech was quite powerful. You do not like but he has a point of view and will defend it honestly. Davos Seaworth and Mutton Melissandre's reveal Worst: N/A Kings Landing: Best: Cersei and Jamie mourning together over Myrcella. Cersei citing the Prophecy to Jamie was interesting. Margery and The High Sparrow was a great scene and look forward to more. Worst: Trystane Martell is an idiot... and Sand Sanks. Dorne: Best: Ellaria speech to a dying Doran. Worst: It's Dorne Bravos: Arya scene was good overall. I like the dynamic with Arya and The Waif than others. Nothing new but done well. I am tiring of Arya being beaten up. Mereen: Best: Tyrion offering money and saying I want to eat your baby. Varys and Tyrion Worst: The burning ships did not have a real impact. The Dorthraki Sea: Jorah and Daario is another solid pairing. The beaten down circular grass pattern. Daenerys scene was great. It is great to have the Dorthraki back. Worst: Though I like the image, finding a single ring in a field was way too easy. Saw it coming but still not great. Overall, a strong premiere with a ending that is preparing people for more magic and fantasy.
  13. Except for Breaking Bad which is on cable, the shows you listed are on broadcast commercial television while GOT is on a premium subscription service. There is a far larger potential audience to draw them. They are also more familar genre of Sitcoms and a Modern drama. I think the show has surpass many expectation in terms of Ratings and able to maintain the Ratings is very good for this genre of show.
  14. I gave it a 8 The final 20 minutes was some of the best of the series. Stannis's final moments and his final lines were great. Disappointed with Sansa final arch. Though the moment between her and Theon before the jump was great. With this show jumping off the highest wall is hopeful. Disappointed of Allesier being on the assassination. The show supported a post I did awhile back that Myrcella knew.
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