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  1. Israel and West is going to use any association with Hamas to be as a licensed to kill or justification for many awful actions. Consider the more complexity of the reality it is a fine point to bring up.
  2. Calling Hamas Nazi gets to be fairly fucked up in the end as well. What gets to be very difficult if Israel and West will want to treat Hamas as the myth many want to sell on Nazi, and its de-nazifacation, and it will not be the the actual historical truth of what happened which is a very mixed bag.
  3. So, Republican are using the border crisis to establish a state sovereignty which will be used to enforce their draconian reproductive laws.
  4. Yes it has served it purpose, did its damaged, and now to be discarded as obsolete.
  5. Always enjoy we have seek nuance out of statements from Israel when every statement from Palestinians are to be taken as on the face facts. Reviewing the article, the author handwave a statement or so on the emotions of the speaker. There is also a presumption that Israel is differentiating between the two and that is hard to make when Israel has been targetting a lot Palestinian Civil Society. Also, when Israel wants to state how many of Hamas fighters been killed, it has been stated they have been effectively declare all males of a certain age to be Hamas. Honestly this commentary here really showing the author's bias here. Not disputing the fact (which I never done) of the matter. It is still one of a dehumanization and make me question how Objective this analysis to be.
  6. Honestly since Biden and Senate Democrats went down the route of doing a border deal might as well. If they did not confront the rhetoric and framing of some invasion going on then better to full commit.
  7. So, Israel was commiting acts that could reasonable be view as Genocide and that was all fine? The ICJ did not order a ceasefire, though the provision they state for Israel could be effectively create one, it did indicate merit which Israel and U.S, and several Western countries, state was meritless and frivolous when there was.
  8. Well, Israel Strategic defeat is complete, great work BiBi. The ICJ stated that Hamas should give unconditional release to the hostages. I do not much that being will be followed. I do think important consider Hamas prior statement related to the ICJ.
  9. I think the last time I listen to AM radio for a sustain time was the late aughts. I actually listen to alot of Political talk radio until my mid 20s. Philly sports moved over to FM around that time. I mainly stopped listen with the Iraq war since many hosts pushed so many conspiracy and bellicose to invade Iraq and just did not care on how wrong it all was.
  10. Hostage lives are important you do not start up with the main mediator of negotiation which has been most effective the most hostages back alive. Though if do not think the hostages lives are important than go ahead. If all that is keeping Bibi around is this conflict than does he really have a interest in getting it resolve?
  11. Cool, Netanyahu decided to start a fight with Qatar. Article is Qatar response that Netanyahu playing politics. Not showing is Smoertich response calling Qatar a "Terrorist State". Yes, lives of hostage are so important to them. https://www.timesofisrael.com/qatar-fumes-at-netanyahus-criticism-says-he-undermines-talks-for-political-reasons/
  12. I am just viewing more it is harder to write-in than pull the lever and really just going off that. On people write-in Biden for he will be weaker, it is possible but more unlikely. I think handing Biden a loss in primary will given winner some more press and a little humiliating.
  13. At risk of being overly optimistic, I think Biden write-in is a very positive sign. Write in is a more committed process so a very large number went through should be encouraging in that Biden/Democratic voters will be dedicated though not enthusiastic.
  14. How is the PA not going be rotten out if it's only apparent function to keep their areas in the West Bank is to Palestinian in line while Israel has a free hand to do what it wants? What does not matter at all is what the Palestinian people want in their decision as a leader.
  15. Ones right of resistance or defense does not excuse you from all laws and morality. I may understand a lot on Palestinians resistance yet I am not going view it other than tragic. It is not even in Liberal Zionist of "Palestinian hate Jews more than love their children". nonsense. No it is not deserve.
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