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  1. I read a study somewhere (might have been OKCupid when I was still on it) that women find 80% of the men on dating apps unattractive. The odds are really stacked against the average male on them, so you'd have to make your profile stand out with some unique hook*. But of all the apps, I've heard Bumble is the best. *I may or may not have leaned into my love for Tesla in both my profile and my username.
  2. Yeah I think England have done well to ride this 'Bazball' concept, but sooner or later the law of averages would catch up with them and they'd reach a more equilibrated state of how well it works for the team. I think we're at that stage. The other part that is a bit more worrisome is the apparent lack of introspection on how well the tactics are working for them. The team (most of them at least) seems to be doubling down - I think the worst part of it was Duckett saying he wasnt worried about the target set by India, and in the end they couldnt even conjure up 150 runs.
  3. Democrats better hope the general election polls start improving, by about May or so they have more predictive power of who will win. That's when I would panic greatly if Biden is still 3-4 points underwater, be highly nervous if he is at parity and still be concerned if he's 3-4 points ahead.
  4. Especially with Root being 'out', but I'm sure he'll come out to bat if the situation demands it. I have to say, the grounds so far have made for intriguing matches so kudos to the groundspeople.
  5. Good debut from Bashir, and of course one of the Indian greenhorn's, Jaiswal, did great obviously. Critical to get a high first innings score as the pitch deteriorates, I imagine. India does poorly in 4th innings chases, so batting first was also key.
  6. I've started playing bullet chess (1 min) on lichess, and while I pride myself on the speed of my calculations (as opposed to depth), some folks on there are surely cheating. They probably have some software in there to prevent that sort of thing, especially since Stockfish is available to analyze every game and if they see an overlap between player move and engine best move its a red flag for sure. Still, you have to wonder....
  7. If England can knock out about a 100 more it should be a very competitive match. Fourth innings chases are always tough, with the caveat that as mentioned, the pitch doesnt have major devils in it.
  8. McConnell clarified that negotiations were still ongoing, Thom Tillis is still on board and Romney was quite vehement about not caring whether this impacted Trump or not. I think we may still see something from the Senate side. The House is of course another matter entirely.
  9. Was it his wrist, though? Per the man himself : Which is a whole lot of nothing in terms of why exactly he wasnt up to par.
  10. Australia Bazballing WI by declaring while 22 runs behind, and India equally Bazballing England by scoring at ~3.9 a clip, which is roughly what England scored at. The latter are in a world of pain right now, but maybe they'll do better in the 2nd innings.
  11. The AP is reporting that the RNC is considering a resolution next week to declare Trump the presumptive 2024 nominee....which I guess they can do if they want, but surely this would tick off some voters? Heh, I kid, no conservative will bat an eyelid at this. At the same time, Senate Republicans are still negotiating the immigration bill, contrary to prior reports. It is possible we may have something soon. Edit: Oh, I didn't see the post....right above me, but it bears repeating.
  12. It isnt just Trump vs Haley and percentage of support, I'd also keep a close eye on voter turnout compared to 2016. By the time PA/WI rolls around Haley may well drop out and that would be our only metric. I haven't yet looked up the NH primary turnout numbers for various cycles. Most voters, Republicans or Democrats want younger blood, that's for sure.
  13. Americans arent crazy about tennis, but then again, with the possible exception of Serbia no other nation is. It'll find increased popularity if some new champions come through (on the men's side). I think the bigger problem is the lack of upcoming players who can crack the top 5. On the women's side Gauff went through to the semis after a tough match. Pity she has to meet the #2 seed while the other side is a bit more open.
  14. Ah yes, the sordid Babri Masjid saga that began in '92 comes to and end with this gaudy and gauche display. I was Indian back then and remember well the events leading to the masjid being razed, and the subsequent riots that flared throughout India (including my home town of Mumbai, then Bombay, a quite secular city). As to why Modi, while officially the constitution does prohibit mixing of religion and state in numerous scenarios (for instance, no state religion, and no religious instruction in state funded schools), there's a fair bit of flexibility as well. No one in India would bat an eyelid at government functions having a religious component. My parents, while practicing Hindus, are disgusted by all this. They are also fairly liberal and probably outliers.
  15. Yeah, I am hoping the 'reluctant Democrats' will come back to the fold too, in enough numbers. Keep in mind that while the polls right now show Trump slightly shading Biden, we'd the latter to have a comfortable cushion of 3-4 points (at least) because of the built in EC advantage for the Republicans, which concurrently would also show he's doing better in the key 'swing states' Only reason we are talking national polls at this stage is because those state polls are exceedingly sparse. The NYT/Siena one is the only one in recent memory.
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