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  1. COVID deaths in the US are set to surpass that from the 1918 pandemic, but it isnt that surprising since in 1920 the US population was only ~ 106 million. Weird thing about statistics, eh?
  2. COVID caused the Alabama population to shrink in 2020 - ~58k births, ~64k deaths of which ~13k were from COVID.
  3. More than 90% of Fox Corporation (which includes Fox News) full time employees are vaccinated, and those who arent will be required to do daily testing, which is much more stringent than the Biden administration has mandated. So there you have it.
  4. Judging by the election results maybe we should conclude that most of the petition signatures were fraudulent. I think this makes infinitely more sense than [insert whatever Republicans are claiming about the California results]
  5. It looks like Newsom will win his recall pretty handily (famous last words). What I find fascinating is that there will be many Republicans casting their votes in this election fully expecting the results to be fraudulent. Is this some sort of masochism they are indulging in? Are they holding out hope that the 'true true' results will be discovered in an audit? To quote Spock 'fascinating'.
  6. Why are the questions we are asking of the early 2010s so banal?
  7. Andy Bull has the answer: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/sep/10/england-india-cricket-test-blame-game As to what actually transpired to make this cancellation happen, we'll have to take another look at it in a few weeks after things quiet down a bit. Regardless, I think we can all agree Shastri is a bit of a tool. Not sure what possessed him to have a party of that size.
  8. I take it this is some soft of software used to solve equations (Mathematica maybe?. Forget (x/2+7), one way to determine if someone is age appropriate is whether they solve equations the old-fashioned way with pen and paper or use these new fangled 'computers'.
  9. I think Inception has primed us for no less than 4 layers of reality (dream within dream within...you get the picture), and if I recall correctly from the original Matrix everyone was in a dreamlike fugue state while their bioenergy was being harvested. So I think audiences are mature enough to accept (now at least) the notion of everything around us just being another Matrix. Of course, the weakness still would be what one level above us would look like, and if its just turtles all the way up, that would be majorly anticlimatic.
  10. I had the same opinion, except about being able to solve Schrodinger's equation for a particle in a box, but that cat's out of the err.. box at this point.
  11. Mugato, gumato, mugutu - did I get that right?
  12. I understand this is now the Republican playbook, cast doubt on the election beforehand by implying there is going to be massive fraud and then claim said fraud when the results turn out the way everyone rational expected. But claiming this in a Democratic stronghold where Newsom is now easily polling +10 points is too much even for them.
  13. I mean, the 5 day format is an improvement over timeless Tests. One of the key differences between baseball and cricket (for a physicist at least) is that the cricket ball has a seam dividing it into 2 halves; and its allowed to pitch on the ground (called the pitch sometimes, go figure) as well. So the condition of the pitch is quite important for sure, and unlike the timeless Tests of yore, pitches these days are curated quite well (covers, rollers etc..). Another big difference because of the seam and the two halves is how the cricket ball can be legally 'modified' so they have different aerodynamic properties (for instance, shining one side compared to another leads to differences in air flow around them so the ball can swing in the direction of lower resistance. Unlike baseball, saliva for instance can also be used on the ball to affect its roughness. All in all it makes for a more 'cerebral' game if you will, although I suspect most players approach it intuitively rather than try to figure the science of it all.
  14. Didnt take into account a good old fashioned collapse from England
  15. I think it may end up being a draw, dont see that much intent from the English batsmen to go for it, and the pitch has not much for the bowlers. May be a hairy last session though (but not really)
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