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  1. Yeah, the Georgia elections IMO will be driven by turnout, and I dont know if the infrequent voters on either side will make an appearance again. I think Perdue will win, but I think Warnock may be able to pull it off.
  2. Lets hope this is true, meaning Trump will be running our of runway soon.
  3. Much as it hurts me to say this, but even with the sheer incompetence of the Trump legal team, at least they have a (pretty bare)framework of reference in which to hash out a path forward. I dont think Trump is capable of even that.
  4. I dont know how reliable Axios is, but this article was shared by the Guardian: https://www.axios.com/trump-giuliani-white-house-michigan-covid-abbbbcf3-e415-4d9d-8911-427be7b645b1.html?utm_campaign=organic&utm_medium=socialshare&utm_source=twitter If he is going it alone with the Michigan lawmakers, then I think nothing is going to come of it.
  5. There were comments before the press conference even started about how crowded the room was. These clowns are really without empathy (at the most charitable), and criminally dangerous at worst
  6. Rudy Giuliani's son Andrew has tested positive for COVID. And he was at his dad's sweaty press conference yesterday. I wouldnt be surprised if Rudy has it too (after surviving the first round during debate prep)
  7. As of now the count for Senators is : Republicans 7, Democrats 0
  8. Georgia will be certified today, and I think Michigan certification is Tuesday, so whatever shenanigans the WH is cooking up with the MI GoP legislature (if the latter is complicit) has to happen pretty quickly. I read somewhere that GoP legislatures are 'in control' of ~ 300 EC votes, but some of them have Dem governors. Getting some of them off the table (like Georgia) would further shrink Trump's chances to go the faithless elector route.
  9. Yes, I read that too, and I didnt see popular vote mentioned there either. Still, I feel confident about the Michigan results (eventually), since the SoS, AG and governor of Michigan are all Democrats which helps a lot (not to mention extremely competent women). Trump will need more than Michigan to flip, however.
  10. Well, I am no lawyer, but the Supreme Court has ruled (unanimously, this year) that states can bind presidential electors to back their states’ popular vote winner in the EC. I'm not sure if this is actually the case in Michigan or not, but the precedent from the SC ruling makes me think they would throw out an alternate set of electors.
  11. My superficial understanding is that pay scales and experience levels among so-called 'professionals' is so diverse that you cant really collectively bargain for anything without shortchanging someone. Also, as has been mentioned before, the set of specialized skills they (we) tend to have allows for greater mobility and therefore greater individual bargaining power with the employers. As to why others with specialized skills (e.g. nurses) need to unionize, I dont exactly know. Perhaps the labor market has enough candidates for nurses in various geographies.
  12. The argument for increased wages by decoupling health care to employment is (probably) a two-step one: increased mobility between jobs since one of the barriers to movement is removed, followed by companies forced to provide competitive wage increases to keep their employees for leaving. This argument is not universal and likely applies to more specialized jobs rather than so-called unskilled/lower-skilled ones, but like all economic theories we wont know the real answer until we try it.
  13. Looks like the Wisconsin recount will end up costing the Trump campaign ~$7.9 M. Feel sorry for some of his supporters, those who cant afford it, but are on the hook for his continued delusion (I mean, how difficult is it for him to pay for it himself?). Also, it appears as if Raffensperger is unloading on his Republican colleagues. He just gave an interview to WaPo, where he stated that Graham was one of many people pressuring him to toss out legal ballots. Also, he called Collins a liar and a charlatan (and depressingly, he and his wife received death threats as well)
  14. They've now lost 14 frivolous lawsuits (all funded by his poor deluded followers). There is no path forward for them.
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