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  1. Obama openly talked about normalizing relations with Cuba on the campaign trail in Florida and won the state twice. He also managed to successfully dodge the 'socialism' tag, or at the very least not let it drown out his message. Part of the reason Florida is a lost cause is because the politicians succeeding him havent been particularly great at campaigning. Biden unfortunately was in a position post-Trump/pandemic to take certain measures that are easy to paint as 'socialist', although everyone including older conservatives in Florida have benefited from them.
  2. I have to say, complaining about cheating or acting divorced from reality is pretty much par for the course amongst world chess champions (or even those in the highest echelon). Lets begin with Fisher and his numerous crazy conspiracy theories (mostly antisemitic), followed by the various accusations of psychological tricks/mind control stuff between Karpov/Korchnoi, Kasparov vs Deep Blue, Topalov accusing Kramnik of getting assistance in the bathroom, culminating in this latest saga involving Carlsen. I'd say Vishy and Kramnik seem the most even-keeled of all the world champions thus far, and I thought Magnus was pretty grounded too. However, this year has him make some pronouncements that indicates everything is not all right with him.
  3. If this isnt some sort of Onion level satire, someone should point out that Malcolm X is a real human, while Ariel (I presume this is the source of all the conservative pearl clutching) is a cartoon character.
  4. Open the blinds (or curtains) during the daytime, and remember to close them during the night to prevent radiative heat loss. You'd also be amazed how much warmer you feel just sitting in the sun's rays during the daytime. Here in the US many utility companies offer smart thermostats that you can fiddle with on your phone remotely (for instance, Consumers Energy in Michigan provides Google Nest thermostats for free) where you can change the temperature when you are at work, for example, but pre-heat your house on the way home. I dont know if those thermostats work for houses heated by radiators rather than central air, for example....but its worth looking into. Overall its more energy efficient for the community as a whole, although you give up some of your 'liberty' by giving the utility company some access to your house.
  5. Wasnt it an online game? https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/sep/19/chess-magnus-carlsen-resigns-from-online-match-hans-niemann From the screen grab it looks like they are in different locations. Hans's protestations from here on will be known as the Niemann Defense.
  6. Sounds like something Phillip would have said.
  7. I agree with most of that, but I also think that since WI is poised to vote on whether the 1849 abortion law/ban will be the law (Evers and the AG will provide clemency to any physician, for example, that will be charged) it could mean that Barnes will outperform his polls. However, the polls in WI have been pretty bad, and abortion is lower on voters priorities than inflation, crime and gun violence, so it may end up being a wash.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/sep/15/incredible-fireball-crosses-sky-over-scotland-and-northern-ireland It was one of those damn colonials. Although, I dont think of Musk as Saruman, but more a budget Lex Luthor.
  9. Since its past after labor day, its time to do poll watching. GA and NV are concerns, particularly since the 538 model puts both of them in the D column for a total of 51 in the Senate. GA is a worry because Kemp is comfortably on track to retain the governorship, and I just cant see too many vote switches. NV is a concern because of voter registration numbers. The polls also historically overestimate D strength in swing states, so I am girding myself for a kick in the crotch regarding the Senate (House was a lost cause although the number of seats lost wont be too bad).
  10. NYT apparently just published an analysis warning that the strength the Dems are showing in recent polls may be a mirage in many of the competitive swing states. Cant read it because paywall, but it is of course a worry based on historical results (with the caveat of Dobbs) Edit: specific states to be worried about are Nevada and Georgia. Nevada is particularly worrisome because of some registration data Ralston (sp?) has been pointing out in recent months.
  11. Funnily enough, the original diamond was essentially cut in half per Prince Albert's orders (and polished etc.) since it didnt have enough 'lustre' during its original viewing. Not sure what he did with the remnants, hopefully didnt give himself a ....Prince Albert. Best I can do is 24 carrots. Anyhoo, sorry for derailing the UK thread, everyone. Good luck with the new Liz.
  12. Stole it from where? Most accounts state it was originally mined in one of the states in India (Andhra Pradesh), and since then passed through the hands of many invaders and rulers, including the Afghan empire and the Mughal empire. Personally I dont care for diamonds and their artificially inflated value etc., but its a stretch to say 'India' stole it first, partly because of the stone's varied history but also because 'India' as an entity didnt exist when it passed into a local ruler's hands.
  13. https://time.com/6212113/queen-elizabeth-india-kohinoor-diamond/ Being a famed environmentalist, I imagine Charles III is in favor of 'carbon capture', so I am going to guess not.
  14. The US Open switched to night sessions in the mid 70s, so people could watch the tennis after work. Part of the reason tennis gained in popularity back then. Wimbledon doesnt have play past 11 PM because of London council rules/laws, and I presume there is no corresponding barrier here. As to whether people stay, some do; there is public transport available so late at night but it isnt ideal. Still, better than nothing (London does not have public transport between midnight and 5 AM from what I've read)
  15. A ridiculous holdover from the time when we (as a species) were constantly at war with each other. There are more than enough volunteers to fill up the armed forces of most nations that are still in the war-making business. At any rate, isnt the trend moving away from humans and more towards machinery (drones, aircraft, tanks etc.)? Would be a return to old-fashioned ways of thinking about the battlefield if we were to reanimate the draft here. Also, I grew up in India where there are about 30-40 volunteers per empty slot in the army. Conscription would mean...an armed force of 100 million or more? Ridiculous to think about it, not just a logistic nightmare but also scary to other nations in the vicinity.
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