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  1. That he's a younger, more dynamic Trump who got a tech dudebro to partner with him. Since he has a history of governance people are already aware of where he stands on the above, with his added flavor of being one of the right's primary anti-woke warriors
  2. Meh, we all thought Trump's escalator ride kickoff was a disaster too, and look how that turned out. I think rumors of DeSantis campaign demise are a bit exaggerated.
  3. Typically a PhD would run about 5-6 years, and its hard to give advice encompassing its entirety. There is of course the initial honeymoon period filled with promise, the middle years slog, and the final grind where the end is in sight but also seemingly far away. I would suggest a couple of things when you are starting out though. In my time the first year typically involved coursework, some TA assistance and shopping around for a research project. It doesnt hurt to start thinking about what specific sub-topic you are interested in, and even coming up with a research problem to tackle. The alternative is to have your potential advisor suggest a PhD topic, and there will always be aspects of it that you wont like (its also more satisfying to cook up a project all by yourself). The other piece of advice is that once you have identified a potential research group is to ask around about what the work culture is in that group. Keep in mind you'll be spending inordinate amounts of time with these cats for the next few years, and if the leadership is toxic or the workgroup dynamics are, then you'll be miserable for a large portion of your graduate career. My rule of thumb: too small a research group increases the risk of conflict because there are only a few people, too large a research group and there will invariably be conflict just from the number of interpersonal combinations. A group of ~8-10 is probably optimum (note that my experience is purely with experimental groups, theory ones are smaller by necessity)
  4. Its called Foreign Accent Syndrome, and there are only ~100 documented cases in the history of humankind, or so the internet tells me. There is one woman from LA who did have a traumatic injury and ended up with an Australian/NZ type accent after cycling through numerous others, but no idea if she was from Ohio or not. In short....maybe?
  5. I remember one interview I had where I was to fly out to their location, but two days before the date, got an email from them that they were having a hiring freeze effective immediately, and so were canceling the interview and the position. But I had my suit all pressed and ready to go....I guess that's the opposite of ghosting, some sort of straight up shanking. To be a little fair to them, this was in fall of 2008. Anyway, the only words of encouragement I can provide is that at some point in your search you have the same situation I did, which is to find a few interviews in rapid succession that are a good match and at least some options to choose from.
  6. DeSantis will officially announce his candidacy on Wednesday, the Miami Herald reports. That is all. Ohm, and one more thing. He has been noting to donors privately that only Biden and he have a chance to win next year, but probably smart for him not to state that publicly.
  7. Cool, another reason for conservatives to hate EVs; although I'm sure they'll get over it since this is what the free market desires
  8. Well, to be fair I also 'heard' about Ro on Maher (not really, since I was aware of him before that, but he does make a fair number of appearances on it).
  9. I've had the misfortune of hearing about and from him on Real Time with Bill Maher. If you do want a non-embarrasing brown dude, cant go further than Ro Khanna though.
  10. When I was in the market for academic jobs before I decided to make the switch to industry, some of the better organized departments (and the ones where teaching was as important as research) would ask you to prepare a lecture from a course and teach it to undergraduates. It takes the guessing out, although I found it onerous to prepare both a research talk and a teaching lecture. It also made the visit extend over multiple days. I dont miss those days very much.
  11. The Onion just ran an article yesterday with this hilarious headline (paraphrasing) "Increasingly unhinged Nate Silver declares 39 has 83% chance of being 64"
  12. Folks, since I work in an area where capturing IP is quite important, and when filing it determining who needs be included in it is paramount, me and all my colleagues are pretty obsessive about documenting our ideas (including the genesis of it). It helps to have a built-in system that helps with this, but even e-mailing a colleague about your idea could be a good practice to follow (not that anyone here doesn't know this already...). In the worst case it would even help if you were to file against the employer for discrimination. tl; dr create paper trails. @Starkess are post-docs not an option? Hiring for them tends to be more flexible/informal and doesnt involve a rigorous selection process. Pay is meh (~50-60k), and of course it is more placing careers in holding patterns while you look for something more permanent. Still, you can do some cool science and get the monkey off your back for a bit.
  13. Some neurodivergent folks on Facebook forums I frequent have made this exact same point (and I think some include Data amongst their rolls as well)
  14. This is probably true, but there are some metrics by which Picard S3 has done extremely well. Two of these include a nearly 98% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and breaking into the Top 10 Nielsen's rating for original streaming series. The latter I think is a bit more impressive since it goes by millions of minutes watched and has 25 episodes listed, so it must include S1 and S2 as well. However, to keep this in perspective, the Mandalorian has 3X the number of minutes with 19 episodes. For me, I'm mainly watching for the nostalgia and am willing to overlook the plot point issues, but was hoping they could have come up with a better Bifg Bad than they did. Still, maybe the last episode will surprise us.
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