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  1. Yeah, no one knows what will happen past one generation into the future, but some of the speculative population projections indicate ~10-11 billion around 2100 whereby the fertility rate barely equals the requirement for replacement. Slow increase, slow decrease or a plateau are all possible, but I think a steep decline may be one of the less likely outcomes
  2. Two points, I think there was some significant time pressure going on there, and of course, Carlsen had more pieces (even though materially they were somewhat equal, its easier to have combinations and be more dynamic when you are moving a rook, knight and those extra pawns rather than endlessly move a queen and a pawn, back when he had it)
  3. Finally some excitement where both champion and challenger had winning chances, but now it looks almost even post 40-move time control. One of the algorithms I was thinking about had P=1pt, K, B = 3 pts, R=4 pts, and Q=9 pts, so with Nepo's Q against Carlsen's 2 Rs, you'd think Nepo would be up except for his doubled pawn on the f file. I use this algorithm myself to evaluate mathematically how many pawns to sac for a bishop, or whether B+P is enough compensation for an R etc.
  4. Well shoot, then we already wasted 2021 (for reconciliation, I hasten to add). The recovery act and the infrastructure bill were no small shakes for sure.
  5. I mean we have wasted an opportunity for reconciliation in 2021, since we only have a finite number of attempts every year. At this point it would have been better to pass aspects of BBB piecemeal every year.
  6. Speaking of celebrities, Mehmet Oz is planning to run in PA for Toomey's seat (as a Republican). Anyway, what's going on with the BBB stuff? I dont think it will get passed this year, so we have essentially wasted 2021.
  7. Might be too off-topic for this thread, but I've heard a lot of scuttlebutt about how Trump allies and friends are trying to talk him out of a 2024 run; the main line of reasoning they are using is that he would lose and he doesnt like to be a loser. On the flip side his private pollster thinks he will run and has a path to victory (not surprising considering the current situation but its still 3 years away)
  8. Dont know about the ears, but I always suspected insurance for the eyes and teeth were structured that way because those two are intertwined with cosmetic/aesthetic stuff in a way different from the rest of the body. Sure, you can have plastic surgery, for instance, but I feel as if there is a clear deliniation with health related stuff. To give an example, you could be myopic and require glasses, but the eye doctors then start offering you designer brands for frames etc...its just crazy.
  9. SHOCK POLL: Matthew McConaughey Tops Texas Gov. Greg Abbott By 8 in Head-to-Head Matchup, Clobbers Beto Nearly 2-to-1 (msn.com) I mean, if you want to have a sacrificial lamb might as well be the actor with fairly middle of the road positions rather than a career politician. Crosstabs here: dmn-uttylernov2021.pdf Note that the election is a long way away, and even if its a pretty legit poll, its just one. Still, its fun to think about.
  10. Have a somewhat similar story at my company, where I noticed it happening more and more and incorporated it into my signature. Should note that it routinely makes the top 25 of the friendliest companies for LGBTQIA+ people to work at, so it doesn't have to created any questions or ruckus (keep in mind we are in a reasonably conservative part of Michigan, but not capitol storming crazy level). I did put down the pronouns as preferred, which is fine when it comes to me I guess.
  11. Just got my Moderna booster....oh, about 2 hours ago. They didnt even do the 15 minute monitoring this time, just said go ahead and do your groceries, and if you do feel anything let us know. I had a mildish headache going in, but didnt take any OTC medication. If I do feel feverish or whatever in a few hours (dont have any symptoms right now), the acetaminophen (paracetamol for my European and Asian readers) will hopefully take care of the headache too.
  12. After the Alex Hales blackface incident, and Rafiq himself having to deal with some old antisemitic tweets of his, the Paine controversy seems almost quaint. Not to excuse his conduct, but the Guardian wasnt very clear about what happened except to say they were explicit texts sent to a colleague. Were they considered harassment or was it part of an exchange regarded as consensual?
  13. Yes, I meant first woman as President, acting or otherwise its still history. I had known about Cheney stepping in for Bush a couple times as well. Based on all your comments about the feeling of incapacitation the anasthesia provides, it makes sense to have an acting President. Not to bring everything back to the West Wing, but there were all kinds of questions (usually raised by Toby) as to what was happening when Bartlett blacked out from his MS.
  14. Did someone already post that Harris was acting President for 1hr 35 minutes while Biden underwent a routine colonoscopy under anesthesia? Two things: I think this is some sort of history. Second, I need to do my first colonoscopy ever soon, and I didnt realize it is done under anesthesia. Is that what I need to expect?
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