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  1. Trump isnt even the first President to be arrested (allegedly). Wonder how small the cuffs will have to be to fit his tiny, tiny hands. Galloping Grant: the day a sitting president of the US was arrested | US news | The Guardian
  2. Doubt the indictment was happening this week, its all part of his grift to fleece his gullible supporters. It was amusing to see how well trained the House GoP was, swinging into action based on rumors and hearsay. Normally, Congress waits until an act has happened to respond.
  3. Vishy Anand used to live in Spain (not sure if he still does, but when he was more active for sure). He is quite fluent in Spanish from what I understand. In fact, when the University of Hyderabad tried to give him an honorary doctorate it was rejected because of 'confusion over his citizenship' (yes its weird, but also ... India)
  4. Ah I guess I misremembered then. Still, YE was dimly lit for sure (some sort of funereal atmosphere how badly the war was going for the federation).
  5. Haven't really began my dive into S3: Picard, but I am enjoying the memes on social media going "There are no lights!". I take it this is somewhat of a theme in the more recent editions. However, someone also pointed out that S2 TNG had its moments with dim lighting. I personally think this has mostly to do with Yesterday's Enterprise where the battle ship version was somehow lit differently than the science vessel version (of course, the bridge etc. design was also different, but that made sense)
  6. Hmm....our company has a performance award structure that is pretty transparent, based on individual performance (that doesnt vary a lot amongst employees) and company performance that you can track per quarter. By Q4 2022 I had a pretty good idea what it would be. I'm surprised the financial sector has a more volatile PA system (although to be fair its only ~12% of my income, and what I do has minimal impact on the company bottom line)
  7. According to a Daily Show segment, Fox News (this is second hand, since I would never watch F'N myself) thinks SVB failed because it was a 'woke' bank. One of the examples given was the month long DEI initiative they had just before it failed, no idea yet how they connected the dots between the two.
  8. I just learned recently that the etymology of 'cell' came from when Robert Hooke looked at a cork under the microscope and what he saw resembled the cells that monks in monastries used to inhabit. His published book sold like gangbusters too, so I guess that's when the current scientific terminology took off in popularity. Now, why churches in Gaelic are called cill/kill is a bit more mysterious to me, but the root word is still 'cell' (or whatever latin word preceded it)
  9. Would I rather be an OG racist, or a clueless naif who probably knew about the OG racists-in-law but went ahead with the marriage anyway. What a tough question to ponder.
  10. Cant wait for Discovery to end....not because I particularly hate the show or anything, am mostly ambivalent towards it. Its more that then my thread title will finally be true and no one needs to resort to any torture to make it so.
  11. Hurricanes can hold more moisture because of warmer temperatures, thereby increasing their intensity (which we've already seen some circumstantial evidence of)
  12. Guys, S2Ep4 of Picard already explained this mystery (as described by Jean-Luc to Jurati). His ancestors hid in the tunnels under Chateau Picard (shades of GoT?) from the Nazis during WWII and then fled to the UK for safety. Chateau Picard was only reoccupied much later, by which time the Picard family had acquired an English accent which I guess they held on to. Not sure it makes complete sense, but its some form of explanation
  13. This ended up being wrong, I think today's storm was about as bad as last week. We also had that rarest of rare events, thundersnow: Thundersnow - Wikipedia
  14. First thing I'd do is hire an accountant so I can finally start paying lower taxes. After setting up my family for life, I'd probably try to set up some sort of institute or foundation that tackles (or provides seed money) for both the pressing problems of the time such as climate change, as well as fundamental scientific questions as well that have no relevance to any sort of application. I'd be member for life of course, as well as a humble contriubuter.
  15. Monday and Tuesday reach up to ~40F here in Michigan, so I'm guessing its mostly local (and if you are in Alaska there is the whole of Canada as a buffer till it reaches us up here in the frozen north of US). At any rate, we had our big storm yesterday and overnight. School was closed these two days, but the roads have improved significantly. I'd say about 6-8" where I live, a bit more in Northern Michigan and the UP, and a icy/smowy mix south of us. A big mess, but I think this is the last of the 'tough' winter weather for us with mostly smaller storms past this point.
  16. Alright, I have no idea why the Ohio chemical disaster has led to a discussion on Elon Musk, but its clear that decaying infrastructure combined with a gutted workforce in the rail industry is just a recipe for disaster and we'll see more of these incidents in the future. We cant just NIMBY railcars away, many of them pass transporting goods through quite populated areas (the Chris Pine/Denzel movie had a plot about a runaway train ending up in Scranton, of all places with some dangerous cargo on board)
  17. Ah yes 42, I used to joke that was when I had the answers to the questions of life, the universe and everything.
  18. I think for me it isnt growing old as much as the thought that I am closer to retirement now than the start of my career. And that, say you retire between 60-65, leaves 15-20 years of your life where one of the big drivers of your existence no longer exists. I'm sure people throughout the ages have found ways to deal with this, but not having given this too much attention till now, I found the notion somewhat unsettling.
  19. I've glanced through some of the S3 Picard reviews, and the consensus seems to be that while it is better than S1/S2 because of the presence of the TNG cast, and with numerous 'fan service' moments littered throughout the episodes (think 1-6 are available now), it still has some issues with clunky plot devices, exposition-heavy scenes and lack of a great villain counterfoil. So I'll probably give it a go since its the last time we'll see the TNG crew together and it does have some promise. Still, you have to wonder if Kurtzman et.al. had been around during the 80s=90s if we'd ever have any Trek that was classic by today's standards (too early to say if SNW etc. will get there, and we may all have some recency bias)
  20. Alright, I've been trying to get an estimate how much was vented, but understandably this may be hard to quantify. However, Rep Bowman's tweet stated that the entire manifest was 1 million lb of vinyl chloride, of which some X quantity was released during the event. About 5 railcars were intentionally burned from what I've gathered, so the answer is probably less than 1 MM lb, but how much I dont know. At any rate, chemical spills are tough to deal with. Its a headache for us in the lab, and at this industrial scale its a nightmare.
  21. There is no GoP bench right now (apart from Haley), no one wants to be the target of Trump's unhinged rants. Biden will probably announce sometime after the SoTU, but there arent too many people enthused about his re-election bid. To be honest, at some point elections have to stop being about surviving (i.e., fending off a Trump Presidency) and more about thriving (i.e, have a dynamic leader in charge of our journey in the 21st century). What a pathetic state of affairs we have right now.
  22. Well, Sam Smith is British and Kim Petras is German, but surely their 'demonic' performance is an indictment of the American left.... somehow. Dont cede the ground to right wing clowns.
  23. CNN said that the determination was made that shooting down the spy balloon would create a debris field that may potentially cause harm to people, so the decision was made not to (I mean, it was probably a more complicated risk-reward scenario than that). Personally, I feel the response to this is overwrought as most so-called national security threats are, for instance, why the eff would Blinken postpone his visit over this trifling matter? Better to go and use tough words in person.
  24. Mostly oxidation of the fatty acids present in the oils, accelerated by the high temperature. The degree of unsaturation of the oil can also affect the oxidation (more C=C bonds implies faster oxidation, so the time of cooking is also important). I dont know what the health effects of the degradation products are though, and what levels they reach on multiple heat cycles.
  25. Pakistan: dozens killed in mosque blast in Peshawar | Pakistan | The Guardian So much to unpack, not the least of which is that 83 is hardly 'dozens'. Second, the sheer magnitude of it makes it seem like a major terrorist attack, but its really hard to find any major news outlets here in the US and the UK as well giving it any prominence. Lastly, you'd think mosques would be a line even most Islamic terrorists wouldnt cross but even that isnt a given these days it seems.
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