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  1. Ser Reptitious

    UK Politics: The End of May

    Would have been funnier had she resigned as of May 31.
  2. The Hitler quote mentioned a few posts above isn't sufficient?
  3. Ser Reptitious

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    Genuinely curious, how exactly does that work?
  4. Ser Reptitious

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    This part of the article pretty much sums up the utter ridiculousness of the situation: So the British Speaker of the House disallowed the British MPs to vote on May's deal a third time, thereby apparently creating a British constitutional crisis, but solving this problem (according to Buckland) is the duty of the EU! Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Heaven forbid the British HoC has to solve its own problems!
  5. Ser Reptitious

    US Politics: compromising positions

    Indeed! I think the irony meter has been smashed to a thousand pieces by now...
  6. Ser Reptitious

    US Politics: compromising positions

    It's rather ironic (but in no way surprising) that American society just shrugs and accepts that the rich can buy a spot, yet scream bloody murder over the supposed unfairness of affirmative action.
  7. Ser Reptitious

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    Ser Scot and Mudguard are conservative posters that seem to manage just fine in engaging in serious conversations in this thread, to name two examples off the top of my head.
  8. Ser Reptitious

    US Politics: Make Thread Titles Great Again

    Unless you imply that "leftists = communists", can you provide some examples of this? Off the top of my head I don't recall elected social democrat/socialist parties that came into power aggressively suppressing all religion.
  9. Ser Reptitious

    New Forum Census

    Transylvania (yes, it really exists!) I suppose country-wise that'll put me under Romania.
  10. Ser Reptitious

    US Politics: Out in the Cold

    Just out of curiosity, I noticed that you used 2015 repeatedly in reference to the past presidential election, and now you are also talking about 2019 as the next one? Is it just a repeated typo or are you misremembering when these elections take place? It's 2016 and 2020.
  11. Yeah, but don't you understand that remain voters don't count? They, without exception, are clearly out-of-touch ivory tower types, as opposed to the good, honest, salt-of-the-earth Brexit voters. And @Heartofice is an honest-to-god, cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-die Remainer. He just really, really, really gets Brexit voters!
  12. Ser Reptitious

    UK Politics: Deal, or No Deal. To May and Beyond.

    Why? If Leave voters won't change their mind, as you indicate, then a second referendum will simply confirm the result of the first, thus making it more iron-clad. What are you worried about?
  13. Ser Reptitious

    International News Thread

    From the BBC link: How on Earth is passing a law that allows companies to delay paying overtime for up to 3 years going to help fill a labour shortage??? Naturallly!
  14. Ser Reptitious

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    I feel for you, but maybe it helps if you consider that a new boyfriend doesn't necessarily mean she will now get married to him and your one and only opportunity has passed forever? For all you know this thing might only last a few months before she's back on the market. At the very least, keeping that possibility in mind will maybe help you get through tomorrow's meet-up...? Wish you all the best!
  15. Ser Reptitious

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    So what you're saying is that the allegation of Kavanagh's sexual assault of Ford (and Ramirez, and Swetnik) should have been kept hushed up for the sake of political expediency? Um, yeah, I could say some very ugly things in response to that, but let's just say (to put it veeeeery mildly) I strongly disagree with that! I honestly hadn't pictured you as being one of the people who would prefer to bury a sexual assault allegation (even if truthful) if it might negatively affect a political calculus. Colour me disgusted!