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  1. Durckad

    To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? That Is The Question!

    I have a Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter account, but I largely don't use them. I'm too antisocial and reserved to post much and I hate bragging or complaining about things, which is what 99% of what Facebook is. I think the last time I checked my Facebook was on my birthday (about 2 months ago) and before that, one every 3-4 months or so. Twitter can be funny and informative, at least more so than Facebook, but yeah, the further in you go, the thicker the cesspool gets. I follow a couple of comedians and such, but I rarely post anything. Linkedin I have, but I haven't logged in in years. Just setting up all these profiles and checking in seems more like work with little to no gain. Oh, that guy I went to school with is now a conspiracy peddling asshole. Oh, this guy I met once in my current job now wants to be friends. Oh, one of my relatives is a hardcore pro-Trumpanista. Oh, this person I used to know goes on tropical vacations every 4 months or so and I would struggle to afford doing that like... once a year... maybe. I understand and even appreciate the good things that these tools offer, but the downsides and drawbacks (the faux socialization aspect, the bragging, whining, and complaining all for likes and 'heartfelt' emojis, the 10 minute political and social justice crusades where everyone can achieve some political or social end without having to meet anyone else or leave their couch, and just the abject misery of everyone having a soapbox and a megaphone to espouse their horrid opinions and thoughts) just seem to outweigh those benefits. I'm pretty sure I'm just too old and cranky and antisocial for this shit, but I just do not care about any of it and I wish it would go away and get off my damn lawn.
  2. Durckad

    US Politics: Culture Club

    Technically, it's the wine-yoga mom demographic. Also, she'll get the meme vote demographic who won't pass up a chance to say that they voted for love and psychic energies in 2020.
  3. Durckad

    U.S. Politics: Trump of the Will

    I'm positive he will, but I think we should stop overly worrying about this as history has shown that Trump will run with ANYTHING whether he has facts to back it up or not and his cult of rabid, hooting jackals will eat it all up regardless.
  4. Durckad

    U.S. Politics: Trump of the Will

    No, it's not just you. My first impression was that he sounded consistently confused and bumbling, but I sincerely hope that he's just being overly cautious about what he says.
  5. Durckad

    Workable Socialism

    Your point is noted, I just don't find it compelling.
  6. Durckad

    Workable Socialism

    Yep. 100% proud of my beta-cuck status.
  7. Durckad

    Workable Socialism

    It's controversial because it's a stupid point to make. When speaking of a society, bringing up human nature isn't really useful because the laws and norms of society are not created because they are supported by or reinforce "human nature" (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean) but because they are generally beneficial to society and its members. Hence laws against rape, murder, theft, etc. Human nature's views on those subjects is immaterial.
  8. Durckad

    Workable Socialism

    You can make this facile argument about ANYTHING in society. Why would someone pay for something if they can get it for free ergo capitalism goes against human nature and does not change it. That's the whole fucking point of laws in general. To curb the worst impulses of humanity and make life a little more bearable and safe for others in society.
  9. Durckad

    US Politics: RIP EHK FYVM GOP

    I don't know about that... I'm just a coward that doesn't want to get on the bad side of a pro-2nd Amendment monkey.
  10. Durckad

    US Politics: RIP EHK FYVM GOP

    Biden's main problem, in this particular instance, is seemingly two-fold: 1) He seems to be saying that compromise, in an of itself, is a laudable goal no matter what it is you are compromising over. I don't think it's a purity test to explain why this might be a bad hill to die on; some things are worthy of compromise, other things are not. I'll leave you to judge whether you think Biden's example of compromise (which, it has to be said, was not with a Republican but another Democrat) is a worthwhile one. I don't. 2) Biden's brain seems to be perpetually stuck in some pre-2008 land, one where compromise with sane Republicans was both a possible and worthwhile endeavor at times. Unfortunately for Biden, we can look back and see that the Republicans were not at all interested in compromise then and certainly aren't now. When they controlled all the levers of power 2017-2018, how many times did they reach across the aisle to compromise on legislation? How many times did they instead rely on legislative tricks (ie reconciliation) in order to pass their grotesque bills? Sure, they whined about "Democratic obstructionism" but that was all gaslighting in order to cover up the fact that not 100% of them were on board with being fucking monsters. So, personally, I think Biden is 100% wrong on both of these counts, full stop. Compromise is a nice-sounding idea, but not when you're dealing with pro-Segragationists and today's GOP.
  11. Durckad

    Star Trek Symbol on Mars

    So basically a Galaxy Quest scenario?
  12. Too agreeable and not confrontational enough. I award you 0 internet points, sir!
  13. I doubt Trump either believes in or even knows about this fact. Hell, I doubt he knows much of anything about Cuba's healthcare system at all. The only thing that matters top Trump is that Obama tried to loosen restrictions so doing the exact opposite is the only way forward. That or Cuba wouldn't let him build a series of shitty condos or a golf course or something.
  14. Durckad

    Babylon 5

    I'm assuming it was stolen by Rocket.
  15. Durckad

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    I'm honestly really, really not that big of a Star Wars fan at all. I just like some of the movies.