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  1. No, it's really not. TDS regularly took conservatives to task for their viewpoints, Maher did not. Maher would regularly have figures on his show and, if those figures were in favor of a particular viewpoint that Maher had, he would focus on that viewpoint, how even though they disagreed on other issues, they agreed on this single issue, granting their viewpoint a sense of legitimacy. Just look at all the times Maher had on people who were anti-woke, anti-pc, anti-free speech or whatever bullshit. He would focus almost exclusively on those issues, because Maher agreed with them or thought they were paramount to whatever other noxious beliefs his guests may have had. He did this with Coulter, with Yiannopoulis, with Barry Weiss, Sam Harris. He regularly platforms people with bad viewpoints because they're anti-woke. Will he take them to task for some of their bad viewpoints? Yes, he will. Good on him for that. But regularly he turns back to his anti-woke nonsense bullshit. He's the very definition of the "enlightened centrist," ie "look I think we need healthcare reform but have you seen what the Twitter mobs have done to Roseanne?!" There's a difference between having a guest on to challenge their viewpoints and having a guest on to spout their viewpoints. I think Maher tries to do the former, but he regularly lets his own biases get in the way of doing that effectively. Jon Stewart was much, much better at doing it than Maher.
  2. At least we'd have decent healthcare to treat those burns...
  3. Yeah, that is true, but like Trump, I get the impression that Musk overvalues his own greatness, butting his head into topics that his 'genius' does not cover. He's also a bit of big-mouthed, thin-skinned asshole, much like Trump. I do think he has the potential to do a lot more good for the world than harm, I wish he would just shut the fuck up most of the time and try not being some wondrous renaissance man when he is very, very much not.
  4. Eh, I dunno really. Trump and Musk both have one, very similar thing in common: they inspire a cult-like following amongst their supporters. People who think they can do no wrong and will support them no matter what shitty, stupid thing they do. So the fact that a bunch of brainwashed Trumpists might find another messiah in Musk and start clinging onto his every word and deifying him is not surprising. Cults gotta cult, bro! Also, Musk has a pretty tough couple of years amongst the Left and left-leaning liberals. His reputation amongst 'the Left' has pretty much tanked so there might be an element of the Trumpist Cult that likes him simply because he makes the libs mad.
  5. Elon Musk is a dumb asshole now, so not surprising.
  6. Is... is this a promise? Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy was Giuliani ever afforded a shred of credibility? The man is a walking cartoon. He's a Flanderized version of a stupid person, so stupid as to be beyond believable.
  7. It really is, but vinyl does display the art of the album cover better than any other medium. Other than a poster, I guess, but not all album covers get posters. And there are some really cool and beautiful album covers out there. I have about 30-40 vinyl albums, most of which I plan on displaying on my walls when I finally move into my new place. Mostly lots of prog rock and metal albums. There're a lot of really cool metal album covers out there that are just pure works of art.
  8. Not surprising. I'm sure the list on conservative reddit of what makes one a Chinese Communist is pretty long and encompassing. Probably easier to just list what doesn't make one a Chinese Communist.
  9. Yep. #nofaithforthefuture The only potential upside I could see is that the current Republican party absolutely implodes after this. What replaces it? I could certainly see a return of pro-business, economically libertarian party (best option, boring but backed by big money so high potential to gain traction), a more Neo-Conservative party (unlikely, most people fucking on the left and right seem to hate the Neocons, but they do still have power and after Trump they might look reasonable), or a full on Fuck The Libs Trumpist style party with whatever flavor of the month reactionary is currently en vogue (most likely and most destructively catastrophic option, IMO). It's a sad fucking day when a return to NeoConservatism isn't the worst option on the list. I honestly do not see Trump being the one to do this. He's lacks any form of self-reflection or capacity to plan and he's an abysmal moron to boot. If he pulled it off, it'd be because he somehow did accidentally in a "Oops, I did a coup, mommy!" *cue the laugh track* sort of way. Trumpism I think will stick around, but Trump himself will be seen as a failure after a period of time. It'll be someone else, someone who at least has enough sense to not recommend drinking bleach, which is an incredibly low bar to clear unfortunately.
  10. I guess we should be thankful that literally the dumbest people imaginable backed by some of the most gullible chuds on the planet are the ones currently trying to organize a coup. But just imagine if someone not Trump and someone in a position of power and not of the QAnon shithead brigade suddenly thought "Hm, it might be nice if the US tried a fascism." We'd be fucked. Seriously. How much of this failed because Trump is so incredibly obvious and bad at this and not because McConnell and Pence suddenly grew a conscience at the last minute? Like how much more onboard would they be with subverting an election if Trump was just a bit more subtle and less of a dunderingly corrupt moron?
  11. It unsurprisingly takes very little brain power to read conservative reddit... but it does take a lot of booze.
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