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  1. Durckad

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    That's a good idea, which means the Democrats won't be doing it. [/lokisnow]
  2. Durckad

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    Cult leader fits best.
  3. Durckad

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover

    And the values of Bumfuck, Nowhere* are not the values of everywhere else. It's a two way street you know. * Speaking as someone who lives in Bumfuck, Nowhere.
  4. Durckad

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    Indeed. Fuck Flake. Attempted rape is okay, but tarriffs? My god, Trump is simply unworthy of the presidency! Didn't he tweet several months ago that he would not support any Trump SCOTUS nominee as long as he was under investigation?
  5. I saw AF back in July and they were truly outstanding. Probably one of the best live shows I've ever seen and while they did not play Funeral in its entirety, they played just a good mix of songs from all of their albums. Hell, even the songs I didn't like from their latest were pretty damn good live. I would definitely consider seeing them again and I don't think that often. Very highly recommend you see them if you get the opportunity and you're a fan. As for what I'm listening to, the absolute and complete fucking opposite of Arcade Fire.
  6. Durckad

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    If true, I wonder if this is an attempt by the Trump Swamp to bury this story beneath the current Kavanaugh scumfuckery or if they're attempting to shift the news away from Kavanaugh so that they can just go ahead with the confirmation and hope nobody notices.
  7. Durckad

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    I really, really hope that's just a pseudonym for POTUS.
  8. Durckad

    Healthy delicious vegan Nutella alternative

    Raw air works even better when combined with such a diet.
  9. Durckad

    Healthy delicious vegan Nutella alternative

    Even better, you can make it with raw water.
  10. Durckad

    US politics: No sub rosa Omarosa

    It's probably because he's rich and white. He'd have to also steal from nuns, orphans, and homeless vets before he gets that first slap on the wrist.
  11. @Toth I just want to say your Stellaris write ups are amazing and really make me want to play that mod. Holy shit does it sound fun.
  12. Well, for a while at the beginning of his term, they were sleeping in different states. I wonder how fondly she looks back on those days...
  13. Durckad

    U.S. Politics: The Marionette Presidency Edition

    Yes, I believe that the more fundamentalist strains of Islam are opposed to the more liberal values that I hold. Then again, I believe the same is also true of Christianity. See the Christian right's opposition to a woman's right to choose, access to contraceptive devices, LGBTQ rights, women's rights in general, and their general willingness to enshrine theocratic laws throughout the land that uphold one religion's views and beliefs over all others. I do think liberals tend to give Islam a bit more leeway than Christianity sometimes, but that's mainly because Muslims make up such a tiny minority of the population here in the United States. That said, anti-liberal Christians make up a large and powerful bloc in the US political sphere, one that is constantly catered to by large sects of both parties (one party more than the other it must be said). It's no surprise that the left and liberals, in general, see the anti-liberal Christians as a much more pressing and immediate threat than Islam is. Question for you: which type of violence do you think you are more likely to be the victim of here in the United States; that which is perpetrated by Muslims or by Christians? Or, more simply, which kind is more common here in the United States, violence perpetrated by Christian ideology or Islamic ideology?
  14. Durckad

    What Are Clubs?

    I own a chair and have eaten a club sandwich in the last week... does that count?
  15. Durckad

    Should snake owners be forced to publicly register?

    I support these endeavors, just as long as we also throw "people who unironically play the ukulele" into the pile.