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  1. @Toth I just want to say your Stellaris write ups are amazing and really make me want to play that mod. Holy shit does it sound fun.
  2. Well, for a while at the beginning of his term, they were sleeping in different states. I wonder how fondly she looks back on those days...
  3. Durckad

    U.S. Politics: The Marionette Presidency Edition

    Yes, I believe that the more fundamentalist strains of Islam are opposed to the more liberal values that I hold. Then again, I believe the same is also true of Christianity. See the Christian right's opposition to a woman's right to choose, access to contraceptive devices, LGBTQ rights, women's rights in general, and their general willingness to enshrine theocratic laws throughout the land that uphold one religion's views and beliefs over all others. I do think liberals tend to give Islam a bit more leeway than Christianity sometimes, but that's mainly because Muslims make up such a tiny minority of the population here in the United States. That said, anti-liberal Christians make up a large and powerful bloc in the US political sphere, one that is constantly catered to by large sects of both parties (one party more than the other it must be said). It's no surprise that the left and liberals, in general, see the anti-liberal Christians as a much more pressing and immediate threat than Islam is. Question for you: which type of violence do you think you are more likely to be the victim of here in the United States; that which is perpetrated by Muslims or by Christians? Or, more simply, which kind is more common here in the United States, violence perpetrated by Christian ideology or Islamic ideology?
  4. Durckad

    What Are Clubs?

    I own a chair and have eaten a club sandwich in the last week... does that count?
  5. Durckad

    Should snake owners be forced to publicly register?

    I support these endeavors, just as long as we also throw "people who unironically play the ukulele" into the pile.
  6. As someone who drinks coffee from morning till night, yes. We are all raving, uncouth savages fit only for the civilizing chains of forced registration and oppression. We will eat your pets and seal your families in old, rusted oil barrels if given half the chance. You just haven't smelled good crack coffee then.
  7. Durckad

    What are your favourite Philip K Dick books?

    I've only read one of his books, Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said and I didn't care for it honestly. The prose is okay, nothing exceptionally bad nor good, the characters are fairly thin, and the ending is godawful and pretty much comes out of nowhere. The story isn't that weird, but there was enough bizarreness there to keep me interested and hoping for a satisfactory conclusion, which, unfortunately, there was not. I also started to read Eye In The Sky, but nothing in it was connecting with me, so I just lost interest at about the 20-25% into the book. I have a couple more books of his on my Kindle that I'll probably give him another shot sometime in the future, but right now there're other authors and books that I want to read way more than him.
  8. I'm pretty sure that for Ann Coulter, "breastfeeding" simply means feeding on the sweet breast-flesh of human mothers.
  9. Durckad

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

  10. Durckad

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    Correct. Good steak goes on a stick OR in a brown paper bag.
  11. Durckad

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    Because it's delicious.
  12. Durckad

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    I don't know who that is, but you're a monster.
  13. Durckad

    All things Star Wars

    Can we at least agree that all 3 of those movies just fucking suck? Even then, I'd still heartily disagree that TPM is the best of the lot. For one, it's just so fucking boring or cringingly annoying for at least 90% of its runtime and that remaining 10% is either the lightsaber fight or the pod race sequence. And, honestly, the pod race is also boring because it's just a bunch of nonsense CGI bullshit and uninteresting characters. The light saber fight is cool but it pales compared to... well pretty much all of the light saber duels from Empire, Jedi, and even Force Awakens. It's flashy and fun, but lacks any emotional resonance or tension whatsoever, primarily because Maul is more of a plot device than a real character. It's pure spectacle over substance. While RotS may not be much better, at least it aims a little higher than the big budget Command and Conquer cut scene mess that is TPM. In short, fuck TPM. It's utterly godawful.
  14. Durckad

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    Pick a side you dirty centrist!
  15. Durckad

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    Aside from Hardhome, which was actually a spectacularly bright spot in the season, pretty much everything else was just a huge step down from the other seasons. Mereen was somehow even worse than the books, though thankfully it was resolved much more quickly. The Wall story is not bad, but the ending betrayal is very perfunctory and lacks any real bite. The Dorne, Sansa, and Brienne stories are generally just... bad. I'm not someone who complains about every minor change in the show, hell, I liked the last season quite a bit, but Season 5 tested my devotion. I was not at all looking forward to Season 6, but thankfully it was a major step up in quality. Can't argue with that. Season 2 has some serious pacing issues and Pullo and Vorenus get a bit sidelined at times, but there's some good stuff in that season and it is worth watching at least once. Perfect? No, but it's still good television. Well, what is? Unpopular Opinion: While bacon is great, I think that some people take their love of it a bit too far. It's just a strip of fried fat, not the god's ambrosia. Also unpopular opinion: Deep dish is the best way to eat pizza. Fight me. Unpopular Opinion Detected!