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  1. I don't know if this episode was kind of boring or if I just have no idea what is currently going on in this show. Either way, not the most auspicious start for the season.
  2. So what are the chances Homelander runs for president either at the end of this season or the next? I'm not sure how long this show can continue, especially with how quickly Homelander seems to be both ascending in power and unraveling mentally and I'm not sure how compelling this would be without him, but that sort of story beat could keep him in check in a realistic manner through another season. Plus it kind of makes sense given his current trajectory. But then again, what do I know? I'm just a dumbass on the internet.
  3. I think my feelings can best be summed up as... I don't want it.
  4. Not a bad episode, probably tied for my least favorite. Still, SNW continues to be incredibly solid quality wise. When something like this is one of the 'weaker' episodes, things are looking up Millhouse!
  5. Well it's the Left's job to compromise otherwise it's their fault when Trump/Mussolini's corpse get elected in 2024. /s
  6. Ivanka mostly, who refuted some of Trump's election fraud claims during the inquiry.
  7. Nah, it's more like when Darth Vader force choked all those imperial goons.
  8. Oh I'm certainly not faulting it for how and the conditions under which it was created, just that, as a result of those conditions, it may not be best anchor to tie a strict canon to. It was being made up as they went along.
  9. No. Watching TOS for the first time right now and it's barely consistent with itself. IMO, TOS should be used as more of a loose guideline where possible (while ignoring many of its dumber moments). This is not really a knock against TOS per se, it's simply a product of a much older era of television. The TOS movies are a much better 'era' to anchor Trek canon to (though ignoring Star Trek 5 is recommended), they are much more consistent in terms of how the universe and characters within it function. Personally, I'd rather they use and expand upon an existing race rather than just inventing another one whole cloth, especially in a prequel show such as this. Even if it doesn't 100% comport with existing canon. That was one of my issues with Enterprise, introducing these 'new' alien races that are very important to the story of the show, but are never mentioned again afterwards.
  10. It's Ted 'A Nest Of Squirming Eels' Cruz. What did you expect? A not patently dumb idea?
  11. Yes internet, please give me another thing to be terrified of. I'm almost at the level where I need an excel spreadsheet to keep track of them all. Thank you
  12. "Why are these leopards eating my face now?" - Putin probably
  13. I'm guessing it's whichever one is able to take you down a highway to the danger zone. As for TLJ, I think the logic and general worldbuilding is pretty egregious across all three movies, TLJ and RoS in particular. However, this is something I fault with TFA more. That movie should've laid the groundwork for the following movies and it did, in some cases, but not very well. Too much is left up in the air or unexplained because Abrams was too busy not planning out his story and tugging on our nostalgia. The whole sequel trilogy is a mess. It's too bad really, as TLJ seemed like it had something to actually say whereas TFA and RoS are just kinda vacuous, empty entertainment. For as much as I criticize their general shittiness, George Lucas at least had a story he wanted to tell with the prequels. Disney just wanted that sweet, sweet SW money and were willing to churn out whatever to get it.
  14. In that case, I hope that paycheck builds Isaacs a fricken moon base.
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