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  1. Relic

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Yup, good game. I like the Elo system, or whatever it's called. Something for the NBA to keep in mind, movin forward.
  2. Relic

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Trisk, this one? Https://twitter.com/TheHoopCentral/status/1223365665823719424?s=09
  3. Relic

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Dame continues his hot streak, with another 50 point game. Very impressive run.
  4. Relic

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Taking mentorship more seriously, for one. Not getting into the mindset of being the GOAT, perhaps. More focus on appreciating team mates. And so on. Kobe changed a LOT in his career, going from pretty much a dick to a guy that everyone started to like, and even love in the second half of his career.
  5. Relic

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Man, Dame is ON ONE. WTF. He's been incredibly lately. The tribute was super classy. I wonder what this last week has done to LeBron's head. You have to think he, and a lot of other guys, are going to be changing up their approach to their careers.
  6. Whoa, you're barking up the wrong tree man. Stop it.
  7. Buddy Hield on his stats last night - "“In the overtime, I didn’t want to score no more,” Hield said. “I had 42 points, I had five rebounds, three assists. Turn 42 around to 24. Five and three assists is eight points.”" 24 and 8
  8. I'll do so tonight and message you on FB if they reply.
  9. Honestly, If i were you I WOULD email. Or maybe I'll do it for you to get some more clarity on the matter.
  10. "Photos of the alleged victim were also leaked and plastered all over magazines in the supermarket." https://thinkprogress.org/the-legacy-of-the-kobe-bryant-rape-case-6a42f159be7b/
  11. Sure, its possible. But unlikely given Kobe's own words - " First, I want to apologize directly to the young woman involved in this incident. I want to apologize to her for my behavior that night and for the consequences she has suffered in the past year. Although this year has been incredibly difficult for me personally, I can only imagine the pain she has had to endure. I also want to apologize to her parents and family members, and to my family and friends and supporters, and to the citizens of Eagle, Colorado. I also want to make it clear that I do not question the motives of this young woman. No money has been paid to this woman. She has agreed that this statement will not be used against me in the civil case. Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did. After months of reviewing discovery, listening to her attorney, and even her testimony in person, I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter."
  12. Well, if you believe all of the above you should probably email Vice and ask for an explanation, or a retraction. Who, in turn, leaked photos of her?
  13. The court reporter "accidentally" emailed it to 7 news organizations. That's...yeah. That's not an accident.
  14. I can;t read the Times article, seem to be out of free monthly views. Why did the court reporter do that?
  15. Who sent the sealed transcripts to the media??