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  1. Tell us how you really feel So funny seeing Rondo throw a punch a Chris Paul last night. Those two guys should make a new Odd Couple after retiring.
  2. Y'all remember last december when i said Jason Taytum was the next Kevin Durant and y'all laughed at me? I bet you don't, but i do What a beast
  3. I doubt he'd be toxic with CP3 on the roster. Hard to accuse that dude of not working hard enough. And he's friends with Melo, I think. Anyway, he's a great defender and a good 3 point shooter, seems like a no brainer.
  4. Houston reportedly turned down an offer of Butler for Gordon and Tucker. Ummm mmmm.... What??
  5. Not sure what bugs make Pathfinder unplayable. I'm 40 hours in (allowed myself to binge a videogame for the first time in ages) and this game... It's possibly better than BG2. I really really like it.
  6. Really? I saw some flashes but I also saw a not-in-great-shape dude that could barely get by some random Chinese players. He's going to have a tough road in the NBA is he's bound for greatness.
  7. Is he? I only saw highlights from the game against the Chinese team (and Luka was...alright), have they played again?
  8. Relic

    More Things Star Wars

    You know guys, its possible to dislike this movie and not be a robot, a troll, or an angry white virgin. Just puttin' that back out there, seems to get lost in these threads.
  9. Reports are that KAT signed a 5yr 190 mil extension. Good for the Wolves, now they need to get a head coach who isn't washed.
  10. It's amazing how dumb some organizations are. Thibs has been a train wreck thus far, how the fuck does he still have a job?
  11. Relic

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Can't believe there are people in here calling Cavill a good actor. Have we really sunk so low?
  12. Relic

    Jack Ryan - Amazon Prime Series

    This show really falls apart in the final two episodes. Until then it was mostly enjoyable (if more than a bit done deaf)