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  1. I thought the Fly episode was horrible. I get what they wanted to do but it didn't work for me at all. Might have something to do with hating the sound of a buzzing fly, tho
  2. I never got the Skylar hate either. She was married to a total fucking prick, a man who I find to be far more disgusting despicable than the likes of a Vic Mackie or even a Tony Soprano. I personally never understood how anyone could like Walter. He creeped me the fuck out.
  3. Ive never rewatched BB and never felt the needs. Def watched The Shield twice, maybe even three times?
  4. In before Aldridge "his heart wasn't in it anymore" jokes. But seriously, great career. Glad they caught any potential problem before it cost him more than just the career.
  5. Dang, was up for only a few hours. Bummer.
  6. I dunno if this is new or not but...
  7. Yeah, remarkable how 7 top 15 players in LeBron, Ad, Kawhi, PG, Durant, Harden, and Kyrie are on 3 teams.
  8. Yeah, keep telling yourself you're the one looking at this with clear eyes. I've said all I had to say on the matter. If Peterson wants to compare himself to the RS, he can go right ahead. I find the whole thing, along with the hero worshiping comic book movies we have been flooded with in the last decade, to be silly. And i find Peterson himself to be an odious piece of human dick vomit.
  9. So, not literally. Glad we got that sorted. You should probably get your facts straight before making statements like that. There might be some small connection, but again, and really for the last time, what Peterson espouses is NOT original, there are a thousand clowns just like him saying the same shit. The comic seems to be aiming at showing the RS using ideology that radicalizes young men online. If Peterson sees himself within that miasma than that's on him and his deluded followers. To get on Twitter and declare that the RS is being based on him, personally, is just a weird flex, and probably due to his towering megalomania. If you want to get up in arms about it, go ahead. I'll just sit here and keep laughing at people like you.
  10. Or, he's flattered by any alleged parody. And again, there's no actual proof that his unoriginal ideas are the actual target of the parody. I'll repeat, it's absolutely hilarious that Peterson thinks he's original enough to publicly make the claim that the Red Skull is based on him. The amount of projection/narcissism this requires is incredible.
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