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  1. He doesnt get enough credit for Hap and leonard. Bro....fuck
  2. He shouldn't have singled you out but he's got a point about how out of touch a lot of Westerners are with the reality of poverty around the globe. As fr the second part of your post, c'mon. You're better than that.
  3. I hear everything you said above, and totally agree. That was one of the reasons we started a travel website, actually. We wanted Westerners, and especially Americans, to travel more and see what the world was REALLY like. I was as ignorant as the majority of Americans are now until I spent 2 months in Peru in 2010. That time there changed my perceptions of the world drastically. I can go on and on, but i'll spare everyone the monologue.
  4. Yeah, a person who is critical of another for hunting (and eating) while consuming processed meat doesn't really have a pot to poop in, so to speak. Usually those people can be reasoned with, given time. Trophy hunters, on the other hand, well...fuck them.
  5. Can be argued that plenty of the crab is wasted too. And that's before you digest the meat. Anyway, i think its important to admit these things to yourself. I struggle with similar moral quandaries. But we can also disagree here, and that's fine too.
  6. Yes, there are certainly levels. We tend to forget that, and it makes us unable to be realistic with ourselves, and our assessment of our own actions.
  7. Eating for pleasure, not out of necessity. He literally admits to it. He kills the crabs because they taste good. Even feels some guilt about it, but not enough to not murder them. So yeah, its a bit hypocritical. Accept it, embrace it, move on. Cuz yes, trophy hunting is about 10x worse.
  8. How do you fail to see the hypocrisy in that? It's literally, like, right there. Also, just because you might be a bit of a hypocrite doesn't mean you are wrong to criticize the asshole who shoots an elk for its horns.
  9. Anyone killing anything for fun needs to be shot into the sun.
  10. I can't wait for the brainwashed FoxNews addicts to attend the next Trump rally with "Liberate Afghanistan" signs. The irony...
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