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  1. Who cares what YOU would call it? The ratings and buzz speak for themselves. Plss we've had some classic games as a result. In December.
  2. How is it too early to tell? It's been a massive success.
  3. This certainly seems to be where it is heading. Was talking to a friend in Israel yesterday who basically said something along the lines of "why won't Egypt take the Palestinians? We cannot allow Gaza to return to how it was." He's not a fan of Netanyahu, but he supports a single state solution, now.
  4. But hey, remember, that this Israeli government's number one priority is retrieval of hostages. We know that to be true because they said so!
  5. An estimated 80% percent of Gazans have been displaced from their homes. A population the size of a city is homeless. They were told to go south, to some supposed safe zone, which the UN does not consider safe. We are witnessing a massive crime against humanity being committed here. Absolutely boggles the mind that Israel is allowed to carry out collective punishment to this extent. I have lost any and all sympathy that I had following the Oct 7th attack. What we are seeing, this response by Israel punishing an entire population, is absolutely criminal, morally repugnant, disgusting, and deserves to be punished. Edit - removing a sentence that was not truly reflective of how i feel. I still sympathize with the good people of Israel. But this government needs to go, and more needs to be done to get it out of power immediately.
  6. weird, the formatting is all fucked. anyway, its not an inspiring list of FAs
  7. Klay Thompson SG 33.8 13 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_gs.png GSW UFA : Bird $37,980,720 Tobias Harris PF 31.3 13 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_phi.png PHI UFA : Bird $36,000,000 James Harden SG 34.2 14 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_lac.png LAC UFA : Bird $34,320,000 Pascal Siakam PF 29.7 8 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_tor.png TOR UFA : Bird $34,226,304 Gordon Hayward SF 33.7 14 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_cha.png CHA UFA : Bird $30,000,000 Kyle Lowry PG 37.7 18 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_mia.png MIA UFA : Bird $28,333,334 DeMar DeRozan SF 34.2 15 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_chi.png CHI UFA : Bird $27,300,000 Buddy Hield SG 30.9 8 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_ind.png IND UFA : Bird $23,500,000 Mike Conley PG 36.1 17 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_min.png MIN UFA : Bird $22,680,000 Joe Harris SG 32.2 10 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_det.png DET UFA : Bird $18,750,000 Spencer Dinwiddie PG 30.6 9 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_bkn.png BKN UFA : Bird $18,000,000 D'Angelo Russell PG 27.8 9 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_lal.png LAL UFA : Bird $18,000,000 Gary Trent Jr. SG 24.8 6 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_tor.png TOR UFA : Bird $17,280,000 Markelle Fultz PG 25.5 7 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_orl.png ORL UFA : Bird $16,666,667 Marcus Morris Sr. SF 34.2 13 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_phi.png PHI UFA : Bird $16,000,000 Jonas Valanciunas C 31.5 12 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_no.png NOP UFA : Bird $15,067,500 Malik Beasley SG 27.0 8 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_mil.png MIL UFA : Non-Bird $15,000,000 Tyus Jones PG 27.5 9 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_wsh.png WAS UFA : Bird $14,500,000 Doug McDermott SF 31.9 10 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_sa.png SAS UFA : Bird $13,750,000 Gary Harris SG 29.2 10 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_orl.png ORL UFA : Bird $13,000,000 Kelly Olynyk PF 32.6 11 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/uta_2022.png UTA UFA : Bird $12,398,374 Robert Covington PF 32.9 11 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_phi.png PHI UFA : Bird $12,000,000 Coby White PG 23.8 5 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_chi.png CHI UFA : Bird $12,000,000 Nicolas Batum SF 34.9 16 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_phi.png PHI UFA : Bird $11,277,084 Talen Horton-Tucker SG 23.0 5 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/uta_2022.png UTA UFA : Bird $10,260,000 Alec Burks SG 32.3 13 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_det.png DET UFA : Bird $10,012,800 Malik Monk SG 25.8 7 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_sac.png SAC UFA : Early Bird $9,709,025 Grayson Allen SG 28.1 6 https://d1dglpr230r57l.cloudfront.net/images/thumb/nba_phx.png PHX UFA : Bird $9,350,000 Monte Morris
  8. Why NOT give up some draft capital? OKC is totally stacked with picks and the 2024 FA market isnt all that loaded.
  9. This is a good point that isnt being brought up enough.
  10. I suppose I should have phrased it like this - "not shocking if true. Painfully obvious that preventing loss of civilian life is not high on the list of priorities. Only shocking thing is how people keep making excuses for this Israeli government and its actions" and then I could have added something about confirming biases and blah blah.
  11. Would like to say that this is shocking, but its not. Its been painfully obvious. The only shocking thing is how many people supported, and continue to support, these Israeli attacks on civilian targets. An estimated 15,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza since Israeli forces began bombing the densely populated region. However, Palestinian health officials have lost the ability to track and count the deaths, as their health system collapses. JERUSALEM (AP) — Palestinian health officials in Gaza said Tuesday that they have lost the ability to count the dead because of the collapse of parts of the enclave’s health system and the difficulty of retrieving bodies from areas overrun by Israeli tanks and troops. https://apnews.com/article/palestinians-israel-health-ministry-gaza-hamas-fe30cbc76479fa437d5f5a0e96c36e52
  12. Pretty crazy that this Israeli massacre of Gazan civilians is being led by a guy who claimed his country's courts held too much power. Only god can judge me, and so on.
  13. Crazy how the Gobert trade could look so bad a year ago, and so defensible now. Good for Timberwolves fans, really. The last likeable team y'all had included Sprewell and the Alien.
  14. Except Israeli forces will be striking south of the river soon enough. We discussed this over a week ago. I'd love to see whatever plans the Israeli army has in the works to mitigate civilian casualties once it resumes operations. Other than some supposed "safe zone" there doesn't seem to be anything on that front.
  15. Kinda makes you wonders if the rate of Tesla crashes is higher among Jewish owners. Also, fuck Elon.
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