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  1. Few people thing what Jokic did was totally fine and above board. What most people ARE saying is that he was reacting in anger to a dirty ass play, and understand why he body checked Morris.
  2. Read some article where the showrunner said that only people who were in the Mr. Miyagi films are part of this K.K. universe.
  3. Lol, so obtuse. I'm sure Jokic would have hit him back slightly differently had he known he would injure Morris this badly. Whiplash is pretty random, however, and Jokic definitely didnt intend for this to happen. He reacted to a dirty ass play with a dirty ass play, but i doubt either player wanted to injure the other for 2 months.
  4. Shrooms def don't work like that, but this show is pretty damn good, regardless.
  5. I did not enjoy the first episode at all, so was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying this one. Hope the quality of the writing improves... but been burned so many times that I should know better by know.
  6. Well, i must have no ear for music haha, because im not really hearing all that much similarity.
  7. You're saying this - and this - sound "uncannily similar" ?
  8. They play team ball and when locked in they shoot like no one has ever shot.
  9. DeMar is balling the fuck out. Good for him, finally getting the respect he deserves.
  10. the only question i had after i finished watching this was - "why?". Did we really need to see any of that? Total retread of a million other things, except skinned as Bobba Fett. Very meh.
  11. Nah, i don't want him. I'd try to get Simmons tho...
  12. His initial injury happened at Duke, tho. Anyway, not trying to be an apologist for the team here, but Zion's lack of success is as much on him as it is on them, imho.
  13. It's not a crazy assumption to make, but it IS an assumption.
  14. Are the Nets to blame for Harden starting the season out of shape, spending his time in strip clubs? Ridiculous to blame an organization for a player's lack of personal pride.
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