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  1. LeBron is 35 years old. He's played 10500 playoff minutes. He's in his 17th year in the league. The worst thing you can say about him is that he bitches about foul calls. He was 15 for 25 from the field last night, with 38 points, 16 boards, and 10 dimes. If there's a god than James is god's gift to basketball. Anyone who loves basketball should feel lucky to be able to watch this guy do his thing night after night, year after year.
  2. Yeah, im a fan of that as well. Never actively disliked Howard, thought that Orlando team he was on that one year was pretty cool.
  3. Yup, pretty much. They just have too many bodies to throw at Jokic. Howard had himself a great first quarter last night, seemed to take Jokic out of rhythm. Good decision to start DH.
  4. Let alone the same year. 2020 sucks, and just gonna get worse
  5. Who left? We need a better thread title. Something honoring kobe, imho
  6. He's not the only one. Im about 35% into this latest boo and i hate to say it but....yawn. Huge fucking yawn.
  7. What are the chances of intelligent life developing at lower altitudes?
  8. Yeah, I don't disagree. They fucked the whole thing up, pretty spectacularly, from all angles.
  9. I think we all agree that skin color shouldnt matter in a fantasy or scifi setting. However the bias is carried over from the humans who live in our reality, and that that's hard to argue against, since pretty much every major fantasy and scifi epic is jammed full of white people. On the other hand, bad writing and virtually zero nuance is still an issue with the new trilogy, no matter the character's skin color. Both of these things can be true at the same time, and are, imho.
  10. Totally. They managed to waste one of the most iconic white male characters of all time in Luke Skywalker, so i wouldn't chalk this one up to racism, as much as i do to piss poor writing, and a corporate mentality for generating profit over substance.
  11. I hear what he's saying but I'm really not sure what he expected would happen. How can he read the script for the first movie and think to himself that there was a nuanced character to be found within this series?
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