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  1. I've been accused of worse. Also, good luck, stay safe!
  2. You mean the populace of a country with the military might of the USA? Kind of a hard ask, no?
  3. Well, on one hand you are almost rabid at the idea of anyone blaming average Americans for the Iraq invasion, on the other you're blithely stating that your response to it was to get high. Although I get your point. Expecting the citizens of a representative democracy to take responsibility for the actions of their leaders IS too much to ask for.
  4. Right, but please don't hold these people accountable for the actions of their democratically elected leaders.
  5. Maybe Putin hasnt uttered those words in public, but his mouthpieces have. The foreign minister also accused the U.S. of not following international law. “In Iraq … they saw a threat to their American security, they bombed it. And when neo-Nazis and ultra-radicals are being grown right on our borders …we are not allowed to react to this threat on our borders,” Lavrov said.
  6. So, let's travel to a world in which the USA doesn't destroy Iraq, while killing hundreds of thousands of people. If we lived in such a world do you think Putin would have a harder time selling his actions to the every day Russian citizen? I don't.
  7. Really wish it would give me some pleasure in saying "told ya so". But it doesn't. Ok, maybe a tiny bit.
  8. I get your point. Don't disagree. But a lot of other propaganda is just as effective as swaying public opinion, so...kind of moot?
  9. Well, it sure seems that way, right? Think the last 20 years has made it abundantly clear that you can sell people massive piles of dogshit that they will eagerly gobble up if they are made to feel fear. Still, from an outside perspective, its a cheap justification.
  10. Justify? Absolutely not. The USA's illegal invasion of Iraq doesn't justify invading Ukraine. It did set a terrible precedent, just like many people in 2003 feared it would.
  11. Yeah that's what i meant. I assumed one of the two warring factions was strip mining the planet to build planet killing star ships. Thought it was Empire
  12. Finally, an adult-ish Star Wars show. Looks great, and kept me watching. I like the slow burn. I'm definitely in for more.
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