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  1. Not necesarilly. Well, Rhaegar was, but we don't know much about Rhaella. But surely that's no reason enough.
  2. That's even worse! Why would he even do that? Why not just comfort his own mother in a different way?
  3. This is known. And thus: Benjen Stark=Brandon Stark (brother of Ned and Benjen)=Coldhands=Mance Rayder=Howland Reed=Rhaegar Targaryen=Daario Naharis=Euron Greyjoy. As such, Euron is the good guy of the story, the older brother of Daenerys, who only wants to look out for his sister, and of course, marry her, as it is customary. Not that he didn't have sex with Daenerys already: He slept with her as Daario, slept in her dream with her as Euron, and of course, slept with her mother as well (who was his mother as well), and thus he's her father-brother-husband. All this, unless of course Benjen is dead: then the whole thing falls apart. But we know that's not the case.
  4. Oh, okay: I just couldn't decide wether you refer to him as someone wearing plot armor or someone George will make fall deeeeep. Thou I can imagine Ramsay go full rogue even after he's stripped of his titles and lordships, surviving for much longer than most readers do, but I can't see him ultimately getting away.
  5. Well, I hate to break it to you, but Benjen Stark=Brandon Stark (brother of Ned and Benjen)=Coldhands=Mance Rayder=Howland Reed=Rhaegar Targaryen...
  6. Well, as Bloodraven would say: It is possible they don't grow up in a single generation, nor in couple ones.
  7. It's interesting that Euron wants to sacrafice a couple priests of different religions, but the thing is: He May very well not care about his brother's death, but the Ironborn would. Neither kinslaying, nor the ritual sacrafice of a priest of their own religion would appeal to them, and I think Euron is smart enough to know that.
  8. Like every other story, ASOIAF has plot armors as well. It is the genius of George that makes us not recognize it. But it's fair to say Daenerys will make it to Westeros and Jon will be ressurected. I don't think these are aspects George can our would want to throw away.
  9. The two times his ressurection was of use in the plot was the one you mentioned, and when he was left behind the Wall. Not only because he may have survived because he may not have been alive the same way others are (bc of the ressurection), but also to shock Daenerys when she sees his scars on his body (to make her fall in love with him?). Also, his most recent promise was that if by July 31 of 2020 he doesn't have the final version of TWOW in his hands, he allows the fans to lock him up alone in the middle of nowhere until he finishes. There was, I think, some kind of con on that date, and when the date came, he said that, well, since because of COVID the event wasn't happening, he can't deliver us the book, not that he could do it anyway. But to be fair, I think he may have like three quarters of the book written. Not that that means anything, he could get stuck anytime.
  10. Also, I'm not sure if this is related to the whole idea presented in my last post, but: -Daemon, after arriving at Harrenhall, was counting the days by slashing one mark on the weirwood tree of Harrenhall each day. -He made 13 slashes in total, as Aemond showed up on the 14th day of his waiting (he made the marks at dusk). The Last Hero and his companions numbered 13. The Night's Kings was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. The Night's King also ruled for 13 years. Why did he do it, and why on the weirwood tree? Why did Aemond only show up on the 14th day, after 13 slashes, that bleed every spring to this day? He could've kept in mind the number of days just as well, he could've numbered them on a piece of paper if he wanted to, he could've made someone count them for him, but no he had to do slashes on the heart tree. -The other interesting fact is that there is a godswood in Harrenhall, with a weirwood in it. The construction of Harrenhall started some 40 years before Aegon's conquest, but the Hoares weren't followers of the Old Gods at all. Yet there was a godswood, with a weirwood tree. If the tree was planted, it could've been 170 years old by the Dance. If I'm not wrong, weirwoods grow very slowly, don't they? 170 years later the tree is big enough for Daemon to make marks on it, 350 years later it has a face and Arya climbs on it. I guess the castle must have been built around one then, but that doesn't make sense either, from the POV of a Hoare. My bet is on George not thinking trough things when he decided upon the origin story of Harrenhall, which is okay. I guess this is really hard to come by with. -The third point could be totally unrelated thou, but the conclusion I make is: Daemon was doing meaningless things that somehow are connected to the Old Gods, which gives strange hints towards him surviving the battle above the God's Eye, and ending up on the Isle of Faces, which, of course, makes the idea of Aemond's son being taken away by the green man a little more likely.
  11. Quathie=Ashara Dayne=Jeyne Swann=Shiera Seastar=Elissa Farman=Rhaenys Targaryen. This is known. Jokes aside, elaborate.
  12. This could only distract him from a side project, not Winds. He can't be more distracted from Winds than he is.
  13. You kinda convinced me, but on the other hand, if TWOW's won't be at least 2 year long, I don't know how we get any weight of winter and time actually passing, with characters actually aging for once.
  14. I personally feel strong about Jon being dead and that 'the chicken soup option' wasn't an option, meaning hid death (after the assasination) is/was inevitable. However, I do think he will be ressurected. But at the same time, as someone pointed pointed out, George will probably not let him get away so easily. He will be different, yet similar. His own death will leave a toll on his personality and will traumatize him heavily. I think we will lose him as a POV, to sorta not understand what's going on with him, but I don't imagine him taking a turn to the dark side. If he stops being a POV, I imagine we won't really get to know what's really in his mind for a very long time, and his story will move forward from Mel's POV (otherwise I don't see much reason for Mel being established as a POV. She revealed some interesting stuff about magic in general, but nothing more. Nothing really essential) Altough he hadn't been trained in the art of skinchanging, it is pretty clear he'll be in Ghost for the time his body is dead. It is kind of strange thou, since you can't skinchange anymore once you leave your body for good. Which raises the question of how will he return. Well I don't know, but I guess somebody must live in his body once it is ressurected. As for Ghost, I also never had an answer on wether Jon taking over him would mean his death, but the same rules may apply for him as well. Once his body is free and alive, his consciousness can return. I once brought up Coldhands as an example to better understand Jon's situation. I imagine Coldhands was a skinchanger, but he died. He may or may not have been resurrected by White Walker magic, but that later was forced out of his body, with the help of the COTF? Either way, I think he is the product of a skinchanger being resurrected and returning to his own body. But of course, ressurection as a possibility had been established a long ago, and even tho I think Jon's will be slightly different than anyone else's, the connections are there. And if Jon is some sort of Azor Ahai or promised hero, Brynden and the COTF will definitely have a word about his death.
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