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  1. Jon is Ice and Fire already. His ressurection does not have to make him a fusion of Ice and Fire. He already is that. Also, the dead on the southern side of the Wall didn't woke up. Oh, and I hope no Red Priest will have anything to do with his ressurection. But this really is just my own hope, and no speculation.
  2. I didn't go into details in the case of of thr stabbing on the shoulders, but here it is: From the behind the stabbing came. And it hit him on the shoulders. Now, the word "shoulder" has a really wide meaning, wider than some may think. For now, lets call the shoulder blade (I hope that it is the right word to use for the scapula, I don't actually know how people use it, or refer to it in English, sorry) and the collarbone totally part of the "shoulder". So let's start with the best option. This is the shoulder blade blocking the blade. This is, however, isn't that likely, because it is pretty secluded from where the dagger might got into Jon. Still, there is a chance, cosidering that it is a pretty big bone. At least there is something good too (If we root for Jon surviving). The one who stsbbed him from behind was likely right-handed. If that's the case, then his heart likely received nothing from the blade. Now the sadder part is coming. This is the case when he got stabbed between the shoulder blade and the vertebra, either between 2 ribs or hitting one. If went trough between 2 ribs, then it hit the lung. At these occasions, the bleeding would been big, but not horrible. If the blade hit the lung (that is more than likely), then death does not come in a fast way, but is still inevitable. And here comes the worst. Between the vertebra and the shoulder blade again, but a little bit higher, still either between 2 ribs or hitting one. If it went trough between the ribs, then the problem is big. And it still has different levels of being bad. It is pretty likely that the blade hit the major arteryas that lead to the right hand (assuming he was stabbed on the right). Then it could have hit the lung, major veins or even the aorta. In this case, the haemorragia is huge and horrible either way. And of course, death is inevitable. But here comes the fainting part. The dagger might have hit a part of the nervous system that is responsible for the communication between the hearth/lungs and the brain ( he might have fainted due to the damage a major part of the nervous system received)... In this case, fainting comes instantly, but only a few seconds before actual death (into other major things I wouldn't even go into). The chance for such a lucky 'shot' is extremely low. Yet, considering that Jon fainted, and you do lock out the chance of fainting due to shock or pain..... Anyway, at this point it doesn't even matter. I'd be dissapointed if he weren't. But hey, he'll be ressurected, so, anyway....
  3. Ugh, I have to rewrite this because I was a dummy-dumb, and fucked it up. Sorry if it wont be as fancy as I planned it. So, I feel like I have to answer you because we misunderstood each other at several points, even tho I didn't plan this. I've read that thread, and that thread has no proof, only that they met at Harrenhall. Instead, the theory is illogical. Here it is: -Why Howland let Ned raise his own child? Why would this come into consideration, when the father is at hand? -Why Howland never visites Jon, if he's the father? Jon doesn't even know him. -What would it change if Howland is the father? He'd still be a bastard, and he'd know his father did not want him! The first one might not be true if the two were married, but 1) Howland was likely married at that point, and 2) why would Lyanna marry a third guy instead of who she is betrothed to OR the guy who likely loved her, and vice versa? -The timeline does not allow it. Jon had to be fathered while Lyanna was with Rhaegar, likely at the ToJ, or on the way there. You don't have to answer. Also don't find this part offensive, you know why I wrote it down. RLJ has holes. But holes can be fixed, unlike contradiction. No, they don't. That's not what I meant. I meant that it would be illogical AND contradictive to make him survive, since it is not possible. Still, George might do it. It is him who asks for help. Like "How many days does it take for a raven to reach X from Y?", but this is just an example. Because he can't know everything. I don't know if he is asking someone about this matter too, it might be the case. With mostly you being the agressor, it is hard not to misinterpret you, if that's.the case. Anywayyyyy, hope everything's clear now!
  4. My parents' friends (a married couple) administraded an orphanhouse for several years, together. The children there were regularly not orphans, only a few of them. The place mostly helped for children that had a family, but their family gave up on them bc couldn't upkeep their kids. And still, several years after too, when their parents wanted to get them back, they always chose their parents. Even if the parents had been alcoholics, abusive, or careless. It did not matter what they gave them, the kids always chose their parents, no matter what. At least this is what they've told us. But this isn't Jon's case. He's not an orphan, he was raised by his fater (or so he thinks). Both of his parents likely died. His parents probably wouldn't throw him away, don't you think? But they died. The chance to raise Jon wasn't given to Lyanna and Rhaegar (If they are his parents). In this case, a person would likely honour his parents' memory and the person that raised him too. There's no way he'll forget his family. There is no way he'll forget what Ned did to protect him or that he grow up in Winterfell. He doesn't even have to. Shame on him, if he ever does. But if his name is Jon Targaryen, or Anyvalyrianname Targaryen, and he is in fact Rhaegar's legitimate son, I'd expect him to accept who he is, and not just throw it away because he wasn't raised by his father (to whom the chance wasn't even given to, bc he died). Also shame on him if he throws away his father's name and his memory. At least, this is how I find the situation correct. Hope you understand now what I'm pointing at whit the "blood does not turn into water". Her biological father will always be who is. I doubt YG would ever forget what JonCon did for him. I also doubt that he'll ever throw away the memory of his father and mother just because he never got the chance to meet them and wasn't raised by them (because his parents had no chance to do it).
  5. Yes, you've said that before, and you refused to show us evidence for it when it was asked. You can say that RLJ might not have enough proof for being 100% true, but at least there are no proofs against it, unlike HLJ. Because when he began to wrote the novels, there was no such thing. It became a thing after his books became popular, before ASOS, or somethig like that. He himself said that he has these kind of people to help him. If he did not want to kill and ressurect Jon, he wouldn't have stsbbed him several times. It might not be the case, but your sharp oppression does make people believe this. Also, someone being toxic does not allow you being one. Edit: Hope this ends here, as I originally only wanted to write down why Jon surviving the assasination is logically impossible.
  6. Not entirely. The problem starts with you becoming stubborn anytime it comes into consideration that Jon might be a Targaryen. You simply do not want Jon to have anything to do with Targaryens. That comes from you being so supportive of the Starks, but being oppressive with the Targaryens (for whatever reason, I don't even care). This might not even be true, since I don't know you, but this is what your acts and words make me (and many others) believe. People feel like that is the intention behind what you do. That qualifies you. He might. But if I'm not entirely wrong, he has people that help him out in such cases, when he is incompetent to know something he has to know to be able to continue. Again, those a special trait of the valyrian race? What kind of problem do you have with it when there are special traits of first men race (if there is) too? Warging, greenseeing. BUT, unlike you and several other people on this forum, I do not judge anyone for having special abilities due to their 'race'. Yes. That's why it is not a problem. It is like hating every Atlantean in the DC comics because they have special abilities and can breathe underwater. It is racism to hate someone for the nature of her race.
  7. Even if Westeros would not, Daenerys would still see him as rather rightful than herself. She does not seem to be as oppressive against poligamy as other Targaryens were after Maegor, since she wasn't growing up between those people, and noone told her that it's bad from a point of view. Yet, that might not even matter, if noone will ride a dragon, but Daenerys. That's not the way I imagine it, however. Neither I do imagine Daenerys being straigh hostile with another Targaryen. People forget that at the end of ADWD, Daenerys desires home, and rulership is a duty for her. Will that change? I dunno.
  8. You don't seem to understand human anatomy. Once somebody loses blood, there will be a deficit of blood in the body. That means that the heart doesn't get enough blood to supply all of your body with it, so it starts to beat faster, because he is supposed not to let your body getting numb due to blood deficit. To actually narrow the damaged veins takes a big amiunt of time, and your heart will still beat fast, but that isn't a problem once the bleeding is stopped. Also: the main problem is always coming from the big bloodloss of the first few minutes, because later the pressure weakens, that makes you not losing that big amount of blood, even tho your pulse is pretty high. So, actually, it is the first minutes that actually matter. To lose your conciusness due to bloodloss, you need to lose aroun 30-40% percent of your blood. At that point, blood transfusion is necesarilly requiered. That is not the case of Jon, he might have fainted due to shock, or Martin made a little mistake there. If Jon's wound does freeze under the fur, then he's already at a tage when he cannot be saved. Then, due to him being stabbed on the belly, people might not even realize he has an internal bleeding, that easily can cause so many deadly problems that I wouldn't even start naming here, since it's pointless. AND! Moving his body might also cause several problems. It will likely renew his haemorragia. And haemorragia cannot be stopped the way it van be in 21st century. He will be bleeding slowly but constantly for a very long time. Then again, when his body will not be able to supply his brain/nervous system, he is straight dead. Oh, and not to mention, due to his unconciousness to shock, intake of any kind of liquid is impossible for him. Sounds like a you problem.
  9. Jon's fate will come in the first hand, along with the Meereenese plot and the Battle of Winterfell. It has to. We don't know how will Jon come out of the situation. I seriously expect him to rethink his life and several things along with it, and decides to go for duty instead of love. I expect him to fail on this, because he has, yknow, a feeling heart, after all (Arya and Val breaking his shield he himself made to protect himself from feelings or something). The case of Roose and Ramsay will likely be solved without him, if not by Stannis then by northern conspirators. If Davos manages to take back Rickon, then the opportunity of him rising to the rank of Lord or King will likely wither away. So there's when I expect his true heritage being revealed to him or something. Trough this, he likely will contact Daenerys at some point. And even if we can't imagine a way, George likely can. So he solves this "who I really am to you" situation. If it will mean more for these two than being relatives or rivals, I expect Daenerys to approach, not Jon. This is shown by Ygritte, will likely be shown by Val too, and might not even have to be shown by Daenerys if Jon finds himself comfortable with Val. If Jon's heritage becomes a widely known thing, the two might actually be forced to marry each other for the sake of the Realm and peace or something. I don't see the occasion necesarilly cringe, but I am curious about it too. I don't see Jon being sychopant in any case, ever.
  10. It has to mean something, yes. What would it mean for him to be a bastard of Ned, of Rhaegar or of anyone on this planet? Nothing, literally nothing. This is all for him leaving back his bastard being. Remember that he swore for himself that he'll never father any bastards. He hates being a bastard, and that's what his disputed heritage would help him leaving back. I doubt a greenseer would be king after all. I rather see him joining the secret society of greenseers. That's what fits zo him, not being a king. I also don't see the point of electing a Stark Lord of the 7K until there are Targaryens or Baratheons lurking. And yes, King Bran would also make RLJ pointless.
  11. When people get into discussing Jon's heritage, and also consider him being legitimate or illegitimate, I always wonder how near everyone ignores this: What character development would Jon receive from being Rhaegar's bastard, not Ned's? That's the point of him. That he's not a bastard. Being Rhaegar's bastard might give him right to ride a dragon, but that's not what he always desired. Instead, he always dreamt of being legitimate. He might also be legitimized as a Targaryen afterwards, but who would do such a thing? And don't come to me with the "He will ignore it, because he's a Stark, or something", because blood does not turn into water, never will. And he knows this.
  12. Yea, the Rebels animated spin-off is cancelled, and its story will play out in Ahsoka, that's confirmed. Still, what will come afterwards? I live Filoni, obviously he gives the actual story to the Mandalorian too. But I am really afraid he will fail after "The Finding Ezra Story". I wish I'm wrong, tho.
  13. That's actually a logical approach, and I find it acceptable, as a valid solution for this mistery. It might be te case. I seem to imagine Quathie the only character who can not have a bacfire on Daenerys. Her intentions seem to be the purest, and this is shown by her being emotional too around Daenerys. I don't mind continuing this argument.
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