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  1. Kingdom of Heaven Director's cut. It's what he would understand (because of the medieval setting), and would appreciate too. I don't know a single person who didn't like the Director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven.
  2. @Lee-Sensei it was good to have this conversation, but since you're trying to protect Robert from obvious things (claiming that Bella isn't his, and not educating Joffrey because he wasn't his son, like he knew it), I find my words entirely worthless. Grow up and realise what is relevant, what isn't, what is true and what isn't, because I only see a Robert fangirl trying to protect the statue of his favourite. I mean, it's okay to like bad characters, I do too. Also, I think my replies are fulfilling enough so that I won't feel the obligation of writing another one. Goodbye.
  3. Chances are pretty good that Gaemon was his son. I mean, we can only guess how many, but people like Daemon, Aegon II, Aegon IV, Daeron (son of Maekar) and some Targaryens (most probably Aerion) before the Conquest likely left behind a lot of bastards around themselves. And I mean a lot.
  4. I never said she did anything nice to him. That doesn't mean anything, tho, it just proves how this relationship was doomed from the very beginning, and I'll try to show it to you a last time now. Also, it's really hard to understand what you wrote if you just write down your toughts entirely without quoting for qhat you're answering to. It's not a big deal, you just had to spend 2 more minutes than how much you actually did, and life would've been easier. It's whatever know, tho. Explain me what are you reffering to here, because I don't get it. Just once, and she did it properly then. Also, not quite relevant in a discussion where we argue over who fucked up this marriage. At the point Cersei decided to murder him (when Ned didn't even know about her and Jaime), their relationships was over for years. I never said said that. I only said that: 1) Robert is a horrible person, and doesn't deserve to be called good or grey, but is far from Cersei 2) He is responsible for how his marriage turned out with Cersei just as much as she is. The fact that Robert is a way better person, but still bad and disgusting, doesn't change anything. Yes, it was. He was whoring from the moment he met the pleasure that comes with it. It's clearly shown where he spent days in a brothel during RR (where he was fighting for the live of his life) at Stoney Sept. And a whore actually tells us that he was doing it all the fucking time, and his goddaym favourite was Bella's mother. What kind of person does such things? Going as far as having actual favourite bitches while fighting for the love he desires the whole time? Not relevant. She was thinking of doing it, yes, but it's not relevant. Not relevant. Still not relevant in a discussion about who fucked up the royal marriage, and you also describe the situation worse than what it actually is. After all, may I ask you what are you trying to prove with this? That Cersei is worse than him? I already admitted/aknowledged it several times by now. What more do you want with this? THIS DOESN'T PROVE THAT ONLY SHE IS RESPONSIBLE, stop it. We discuss here what actually ruined the royal marriage. It was broken at the very beginning, anything before or after 1 year of the marriage is COMPLETELY irrelevant. Question the obvious then. It's something a stan would do, so I'm not surprised. Neither am I. But that doesn't mean Robert didn't have a hand in ruining their relationship just as Cersei had. I never questioned that, but we don't argue over which of the two is the better person. I tought I'd tell you if you hsven't realised it yet. Not relevant. Not relevant. Not relevant. I also never claimed she has any sanity left. No, he's not. A character flawed this deeply is a bad one, tho. Don't use kinder words on him because of your preferances. To whom? He can't forget Rhaegar and wants to crush her chest til the end of time? He's not forgiving, royal mercy isn't forgiving. This actually made me laugh. Like when he threatens Ned when he leaves because Ned just realised what person Robert actually is? Or who else was his friend, and what sign of loyalty have you seen from him towards anyone? Maybe. Sometimes not. Agreed. Never. He was never an ideal knight to be called chivalrous. Just a great fighter. He actually had to. To win the Rebellion. When he didn't have to, he pretty much didn't do it. Like when he sent assassins after Daenerys or made Ned murder Lady. The reason Ned didn't tell him about Joffrey's true heritage is because he tought he would be so mad that he'll order the execution of the children and Cersei. Because he lacked mercifulness when didn't have to be merciful. Yea, he kinda does. Changes so much, I guess when you are told that he blamed the drink for raping her. No, because she doesn't. But this isn't relevant. Cersei wasn't doing anything that anyone would regret at the very beginning of their marriage. Not true. Unless you count that once he hit him so hard that the boy lost a teeth. It was when Joffrey killed the pregnant cat. Wait, it actually helped, because he never did it again. We should be thankful to him for hitting him once, and giving a damn about it his entire life? I guess a king's duty isn't teaching his son and heir. Better, a king has no duty. Cersei is responsible for doing it wrong, Robert is responsible for not doing his job at all. If Joffrew wasn't mentally ill, these wouldn't even be problems. IF. If you would know Delena Florent, your assumption would be correct. I mean, obviously it would've been a better one, but I doubt Robert would've ever had a good marriage, anyone be his wife. Because he was a drunkard rapist ignorant dickhead from the very beginning. Yea, this was a good thing he actually did. Great accomplishment from him. I mean Ned would've never give reason Robert did to Cersei to hate him. And notice that I didn't call it a good one, I called it a better one. And no, sorry to say that, but Robert being a way better person doesn't change the fact that he had a hand in fucking up his relationship with Cersei just as much as she had. Goodbye.
  5. Oh, now I get what you meant. Tho I don't believe it, and it's pointless to argue over it.
  6. I think you misuderstood this. He meant that without the 5 year gap, a 12 year old will conquer the world if he/she has to. Not that it means anything. He pretty much would never spoiler anything on such a big scale.
  7. I always tought the same. For most characters, a jump of 6 months would be necesarry or acceptable, with really only a few having issues with this after the 'Big-Bang' we talk about here. But then that could also give time to characters for plotting or participating in wars (after all, medieval wars didn't solve themselves in months the way Wot5K did). Then again, for the Long Night to has a weight would have to be years long. After all, we don't know how far George currently got eith the story, but probably war farther than we can guess (altough still not far away enough to publish TWOW).
  8. I am not condescending you. I am trying to respect your opinion even though it's in a lack of logic. I am not trying to prove anything desperately to anyone here. If you consider my discussion about Jon's looks fully irrelevant, ignore it. It wasn't a pity or desperate last card combo to prove anything oe win a final showdown of our discussion here. But if you stand to this discussion like someone who's inclined to change his own opinion (which, at this point, I honestly doubt), give it another shot. Again, may I ask you why not using any kind of name of Jon given by Lyanna would be a disrespectful from Ned? If he received a Targaryen name, why couldn't Ned go like "Okay, that could be your name, but we can't use that, so noone will know that and I'll call you Jon afterwards."? It is not such a thing. Noone yet considered it that, but you. Noone insisted yet that Jon was named after Jon Arryn (whicj might still be a possibility). A name like Brandon (which I again don't believe might be Jon's real name, but whatever), on the other hand, would surely insult Catelyn, and people also wouldn't understand why Ned named his bastard after his father instead of a trueborn one. At this point, however, I feel like you're not opened to any suggestion in this discussion, and with already saying what I think should be said, I say goodbye to you.
  9. I don't think Robb will ever come back. The guy likely died twice, let him rest in peace. Altough I find very interesting the story about the founder of House Crabb, and I wonder how I never noticed that.
  10. No. Giving one does not. Using it does. But this I think I've told in my earlier reply, here, if you missed it: In case you didn't understand that I meant there: Ned doesn't have to tell people his real name. It's that simple. I honestly don't see any problem with it. Yes, there could be. Imagine the boy having the name Rickard (after Lyanna's dead father) or Brandon (after Lyanna's dead brother), for example. People would consider naming a bastard after Brandon or Rickard (in this case) a sign of disrespect from Ned to his close relatives who recently just died. In summary, we don't know if she named him or not. Don't act like you know what happened, because you don't, and Jon having another name is a likely option(be it Valyrian or not). Hell, even the likelier one. All we know is that Lyanna didn't give Jon the name Jon, and that naming her child would only take minutes. I was just trying to make it easier for you. To understand that you don't have to use the boy's real name, and the fact that Jon having a public Valyrian would expose Lyanna's affair and Jon's true identity didn't stop them from naming the child. Because they didn't have to worry about such things, since he might have turned out to be Valyrian looking too, which would also raise questions, but can easily be resolved by simply telling that Ned fucked a whore with Valyrian looks. And such a lie would be as easy as saying/lying that Jon's name is Jon. I hope I was clear enough this time.
  11. Naming him, be it Valyrian or Northern, is a possibility. It doesn't put a target on his head if he has a Northern name, but not even a Valyrian one, since the boy doesn't have to wear it. Not to mention that if Jon was born without hair, they probably didn't even know if the baby will have a Valyrian look or not (because it takes a couple of weeks to open its eyes for the first time). Neither that would be a problem, since not only the Targaryens have the Valyrian look in Westeros. Ned could've just said that he fucked a valyrian-looking whore and that's it. And we have examples of women dying 6 months after childbirth, but still because of it (Alyssa Targaryen). Queen Rhaella was able to name Daenerys, because she only died a couple MINUTES after givin birth. As far as we know, days or weeks might have passed since the birth of Jon when Ned finally arrived and Lyanna died. But she only needed minutes to do such a thing, not even hours. It's not about what name Rhaegar or Lyanna would've given him. Lyanna, after all, had a good change to name his son, and might have respected what they together tought of with Rhaegar in case of a boy, if they ever tought of any name (be it Valyrian or not). But even then, Lyanna might have named him, as we don't know if she had time to do so or not. And if she did, it's surely not Jon. George confirmed the name Jon was given by Ned, noone else. And I do agree with you that still talking about this is absolutely pointless. The thread before this regarding Jon's 'true' name was recently used. It's not if it annoys you for 6 or 7 years, because not everybody was here back then, but again, you're right because this was recently discussed, and people can easily find those threads if they're interested in it. Still, I don't see why this is so annoying (altough I too consider it crackpot).
  12. He was almost 60 when he joined the NW. Now I'm not saying someone at the age of 60 can't father children (usually MOSTLY not, but in ASOIAF yes), but he became a Lord Commander in his early days up there. That means he wasn't really ranging that much (if he ever did) altough at the age of 74 he did dissapear while ranging. That might have brrn an exceptional case, because he likely knew where he has to go or something.
  13. Well, we only know Aerys wanted Joanna, but we know nothing about Joanna. After all, he wasn't a charming character, especially not in 272. That means that Aerys had to rape her, unless we imagine she was fine with doing anything with him. If he eventually raped her, I don't know if Tywin would've waited so much to avenge such a thing. Yea, it might be that he didn't even know it, but that would only happen if Joanna really wasn't forced into this. Otherwise, this doesn't work for me, not only because Aerys gave a damn about secrecy, but also because it ruins not only the weight of Jon's true parentage (because everyone becomes a Targaryen) and the character of Tyrion too, because then he actually didn't kill his own father.
  14. I don't see how pointing out some examples gor the 10th time foes change the value of your opinion. As a woman (I suppose, sorry if you're not), could you love someone that raped you, or at least accept it? The woman of the free folk doesn't, and kill the man they don't. On the other hand, abusive noble husbands aren't the rule. Pointing out a few of bad examples doesn't change that. Mentioning some good examples will change your opinion, or what? Just a simple question. What do you think was a better option to Lyanna: Being kidnapped by Rhaegar (assuming she was kidnapped) or being given to Robert? And there is no 3rd option. Also: Wildling culture survived beyond the Wall because there is no social categorizing. What do you suggest? A lord should have no word against a peasant or anyone kidnapping his daughter?
  15. Well, I'd like not to consider that a fact, as I see Mance being a possibility, along with Ramsay. But, of course, it's just me.
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