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  1. As a Real Madrid I admitted that he is a pretty dirty player. Altough he does many faults, he does most of them for the sake of the team, and yes, a few for personal revenge too (I'm not denying in it obviously). But this is the same case as what happened between him an Salah in the UCL final. Half of the word blindly 'judged' him for unintentionally falling on him. You may also see this case a different way, we're not the same. Outside the field, tho, he is a very correct guy, his interviews are never provocative, unless he's not provoked. But I'll leave on you to believe whatever you want. Peace.
  2. This again shows how much you know about his play and career.
  3. Cunt and dirty player are different levels of the same ladder. I admitted he is a dirty player, some of the dirtiest. But the blind hatred he receives is not acceptable for me. This wasn't even the theme of the discussion, a guy came into the conversation and started being toxic, sayin that he's a cunt, and others came into too sayin that he intentionally tries to cripple other on the field everytime.
  4. Crippleing someone is never intentional (with a very few exceptions), and it can happen with anyone. The guy who came up with Ramos intentionally crippleing and almost crippleing someone "on every game" isn't an argument, rather slandering. I did answer to that, I did not want to defend Ramos with him never crippleing someone. But again, I don't want to countinue this "argument"...
  5. @Lord Varys We just can't agree on this one. This comes from me seeing Velaryons and their origin/accuracy as more important to the show than you do. It's understandable, but not acceptable for me. In the end, my opinion is just the same: Characters that aren't supposed to be black should not be portrayed as one, and vice versa. Neither the opposite is acceptable, tho there's never been such a case, as far as I know, for some reason. Good day to you, sir!
  6. No there isn't. That does not mean that it ever happened or might happen, tho the idea is good. He's simply a colorful guest at court, that's all. But foreign nobility had no interest in Wedteros ever. Except for a FEW from the FREE CITIES. Technically none of them should be black, since they're simply not. I can't understand how Salladhor's (an episodical character's) look/accuracy matters more than Corlys'. Isn't it more manageable to believe that a Summer Islander married a Lysene (Lys is pretty close to the Summer Island compared to Westeros) than a Westerosi noble? I think it is. I do not agree on making any characters black that are supposed to not be one. But Lysene culture mattered nothing in the plot of GoT, while Corlys is part of the well-known westerosi/valyrian culture. Not at all. Making a character black that is supposed to be not only white, but Valyrian too, and actually standing in the middle of the story is nowhere near a small change. It makes sense for House Targaryen to marry with foreign Valyrian nobility, after all. And Doran married for love, and these people are all from one of the free cities. Bellegere was a lover of Aegon IV, not his wife. And Bellegere is said to having someine to lay with in every corner of the known world. Even tho they're merchant lords, never happened anything even close to this. They always married with Westerosi nobility, as far as we know.
  7. Dude, him having several illegal moves does not mean his moves are intentionally illegal. You're assuming he's intentionally going for (for example) breaking someone's leg? That really is not the case. He fouled several times and achieved most of his cards. Do you think he's thinking that "Imma gon break this dude's leg or something" when he's going for a tackle? That's hilarious. Also, if you'd know how he's got his red cards, you'll know that they mostly weren't recieved for irregular tackles. But yea, it's not possible to argue with someone that does not see what the actual situation is. Good day to you.
  8. Why are you ignoring this part of my comment: You're talking about how Lysene should look in a show that focused on Westeros, and doesn't even mention Lys. But I'll ask again: How does black people fit into medieval white society as nobles? How isn't it more important to have accuracy of a major character that's culture is well-known, and being black doesn't fit into that culture, than Salladhor Saan's culture, the culture that doesn't even matter to the actual plot, because it is connected only to an episodic character?? Corlys will be one the main characters in the show. If they'll began to make Westerosi characters black, then do it with all of them, or I dunno. Also, why would it make sense for House Velaryon to marry a Summer Islander prince? Anyway, I know my opinion cannot be changed on this matter.
  9. After all, I do understand when people claim he is not the fairest player ever. He is not. He is a very dirty player, in fact. But I don't see why would he be a cunt. I also don't get how all this had to come into a conversation about him, but you know. And the general hatred actually make people hate him even more, for such things too he's not guilty of. Anyway, I didn't come here to talk about this.
  10. Atrocious? It was an unintentional move. And let's leave out Karius' "injury that made him unable to defend in the final..." You mix up deliberately injuring and deliberately commiting a foul. Yes, there were occasions that were commited for revenge. Only a very few, but still, and I doubt anyone is proud of that.
  11. I cannot agree with you on this one. Isn't it more easier to make a merchant prince and a pirate black than a feudal lord, who intermarries with the royal family at several points? Someone who haven't read the books imagine Salladhor Saan as a black pirate, and Xaro as a rich dude half a world away. But how could they imagine black mans as lords of a medieval feudal kingdom? And not only this, but that they're supposed to have valyrian look, the exact opposite. House Velaryon's valyrian origin is what bring them so close to Targaryens to get their hands on dragons. It'd be serious bullshit. And Corlys (and his descendants too) will be nowhere near an episode character from far away like Saan was. He will be a major character, not inly in the first seasons, but in the lasts too.
  12. Here people expect others to come up with arguments against this? Yes, he has the most red cards, and he is still one of (if not) the greatest defenders of all time. You're claiming you've watched LaLiga regularly, I'd like to know which one? On which sseason/s was he treathened with being sent of on almost every match? We all know he never crippled anyone, and that almost all of his red cards (most of the time 2 yellows) are deserved. However, him comminting so many fouls backfired him another way too. With people acting a foul around him. This made him sent od not a single time (tho you mist know this, since you claim you've followed spanish football). And I'm not denying that he had some very unseemly fouls too. Still, how is that making him a cunt? Your comment contradicts your claim that you've followed spanish footbal, more precisely Real Madrid. People seem to have a blind hatred for him, that most of the time comes from some kind of 'personal' grievance.
  13. I'd like your relevant arguments of why he is a "cunt".
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