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  1. I agree. also when alys begs Jon to save her. that was rly moving to mr for some reason
  2. @Mister Smikes bruh if you dont wanna talk about it being sad or other scenes that effected you emotionally then get tf off my thread. This aint about unberic
  3. I was just telling someone about the scene where beric tell thoros that hes been resurrected to many times, and tells him like "I had a home once, and a mother, but I can't remember it or her face. I was betrothed once, I know that, but I remember nothing of it. Was I born on this battle field? are you my mother?" anyway that shit makes me want to cry. Idk if y'all have any scenes that have been making you feel some type of way lately.
  4. yeah but it'd be tragic and awesome if her and aegon had issues. I can't argue with ur logic tho
  5. berserk is art man. I was just listening to the guts theme. made me wanna cry also yeah at least we have that
  6. I want to see a dance of the dragons
  7. @Egged yeah I did know I just finished it. I rly rly enjoyed it and yeah hopefully not lol bro I just gotta say this is some of the best stuff ive ever read. felt like Tolstoy I like the skull knight cold hands comparison I kinda hope George doesnt do him like that. I like young griff/aegon. he actually does sort of give me Griffith vibes tho with his arrogance. or just sense of destiny. I think it'd make for a great story. I can even see more of Griffiths arc being played out if euron gets involved. euron also reminds me of Griffith. its like George split the dark and the light in Griffith and put the light in YG and the dark in euron
  8. well here's the original post if you're interested @Loose Bolt I got embarrassed and deleted it, maybe you're interested in Berserk too? this is my first time reading it, and after getting further I didn't feel like there was as much similarity. Its really interesting to see a Japanese guy try to write medieval European fantasy. There are sort of similar parts but they're fragmented, and superficially the apostles are much different than Valerians, nevertheless I feel like there's some similarities, tho I can't tell if it has more to do with similarities between almost all fantasy or just between the series. There are also certain scenes that remind me eerily of asoiaf, but in a sort of weird twisted way, like the tress with faces and sacrificing people too them, tho again that could be a historical thing I'm not aware of. Anyway, hope you find this interesting edit* yeah there are parallels im almost done with berserk, I dont know I there's anything interesting to say, but maybe you guys will enjoy talking about this
  9. oh your confused, oh god what will I do @Groo
  10. @CamiloRP this is a rly cool idea, ive been thinking along similar lines
  11. im disappointed in myself for contributing to this thread
  12. I think me and all the people who like Bowen Marsh read different books. Whered y'all come from :‑| perhaps this board can be born again from the ashes. I wish id been on here in 2009 alas I was 9
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