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  1. @Frey family reunion I just want to point out that this whole theory about Bran bringing the long night, Brynden Rivers being bad and all that other stuff is contrary to Occams Razor. So here let me spell it out for you. Here's a crippled boy from the good family in the series. He names his wolf Summer, and is a greenseer. He is helped by the children of the forest, who love the green and living places. He is defended from the others, and his arc tends toward knowing the secrets of this universe and helping to make things right somehow. You know what, hahaha all thats bullshit, here's some barely supported evidence about brynden rivers not being the three eyed crow, and clearly being in league with the others. Whats my evidence for this? theres a weir wood in a dream, why is this brynden rivers? cause I feel like it. Where is the three eyed crow? somewhere else not wanting bran hes being duped. I buy into fantasy tropes and Brynden rivers is rotting and looks gross. This implies hes bad. ah yes also, what do the weir woods want, who are clearly living things who depend on the cycle of life and death. it to stop. Because ice does not give the dead back, and neither do the others. edit: also where is the three eyed crow? continuing a conversation Brynden Rivers was just having with bran while simultaneously not being Brynden Rivers Secondly @Mourning Star the same applies. Here is a man who is a greenseer, whom jojen believes to be the three eyed crow, whom is teaching bran the things the three eyed crow promised to teach bran. He is a character who has been previously introduced, and fleshed out. He is supported by the children of the forest, and warded from the others. the explanation for all this? clearly that he is bad and wants to posses bran. why, idk, im one of those people who got into this series for the realpolitik and doesnt understand that realpolitik is at best a device to illustrate the real themes.
  2. he doesnt want to get shanked by the maesters
  3. Yeah you're right. If there was anything it was a gradual decline in health. Which doesn't jive with the considerably degraded health of the dragons on the pyramid. There is definitely a bit in one of the Meereen chapters about how dragons do not do well in captivity. yeah we don't have any hard evidence of it do you guys have a theory on what the maesters did
  4. Yeah it worked, but the dragons did get sick and die. If it had something to do with their confinement, as it appears that the pyramid affects the dragons negatively, and I think maybe someone says something about it or Dany thinks it, it would be interesting to see how the Valeryans kept their dragons without stunting them
  5. yes;) I have an agenda about this
  6. @Castellan yeah I really like that I think the Ice/Oathkeeper thing might be another example of the kind of multiple parallels way of things coming true that happens in asoiaf. Well at least in asoiaf mythology. The Last Hero, Azor Ahai, I think there's some other examples of that one. I suppose prophesy is actually pretty direct, what with Dany's visions and the ghost of high heart. But there are less reliable kinds too. Like seeing in the fire. Although that is sort of taking visions, like the person has a kind of voalition, and in the case of shade of the evening its not up to the person as much. Although I don't know that. Maybe the warlocks can control it. And I don't know how the wierwood seeing works either for the ghost of highheart. But it does feel like there are more than one important sword, Ice, Longclaw, Dawn, Needle, but they all have different characters. I definitely think Gendry is important. I, yeah..its such a tragedy that jaime and Brienne need to be involved with catelyn. Honestly idk what will happen. I am worried about them. I feel like maybe this has more to do with Briennes character development and GRRMs views on honor Its funny that Brienne is the Just Maid. Theres all these weird half parallels here. Like I feel like its the same with Oathkeeper.
  7. @Castellan Yeah its possible, why do you think the parallel exists then? I feel like Brienne is sort of the opposite of Cersi, she's ugly but honorable and so on. I mean Ice/Oathkeeper is a really strange place for a good thing to come out of a bad thing. Like I would not have thought that Ice being returned or going back to doing something good for the Starks would come in the form of it first being melted down by the Lannisters, and then given back by one, so that he could do the right thing. But I think it might illuminate a theme in Asoiaf which is that things don't go back to how they where, and the bad things change the good ones irreparably. I mean this also happens with resurrection, which reminds me of the sorcery is a sword without a hilt thing. In the sense that everything has a price and nothing is ideal? I'm not quite sure thats the right word. Like everything is mixed up. So Brienne being the ugly honorable sword wench that she is, why the hell is Jaime giving her a sword. what with the Cersi Brienne contrast and all. I mean Brienne is definitely a path to redemption for jaime, or at least she's helping I think. Honestly I think it might just be something badass to say at the beginning of a fight, or in a fight I guess.
  8. how do ya know?? did he ever try?
  9. I think the implication is that Starfall is where the fallen star that Dawn is made of fell. Also thanks for the replies y'all, this got way more interesting than I thought it would:) I think there's a chance that this is just George playing a joke on us and saying hahahahah look jaime said he'd give her the sword and then he does. but there might also be something there thats deeper. Also its sorta a romantic trope that these characters are fighting and then they literally end up doing what theyre saying but in a different, nice way. idk.
  10. just..... why, why does this parallel exist and then there's this nice lil bit of irony:)
  11. Yeah thats true. Its odd, the Targaryens in Westros seem to have lost a lot of the knowledge of the Freehold @Targaryeninkingslanding
  12. mate I think they just require blood sacrifice on a semi regular basis and the targaryans didn't do that so the dragons got sick and died.
  13. This is interesting. Its cool for some reason to imagine humble people becoming dragon riders +1 I think this is a great take. It is really cool that there are different magics rooted in different areas, and the character of the area corresponds to the character of the magic. The Wyrms make me wonder if perhaps the targaryans created dragons? man that'd be horrifying and cool. Like what if dragons are some sort of magicked up wyrm. But hopefully in a really horrifying and cool way. This doesn't exclusively mean that the initial taming happened in a way other than being friends, it could, but it also mightn't. But it does show that the Valyrian's have some sort of additional connection to dragons. I mean honestly they're creepy. I don't remember the quote but when Arianne sees the Lyseni spy master she thinks something like, "Hes beautiful but there's something profoundly unsettling about him and if Viserys looked like this perhaps its a good thing hes dead." For some reason I find I more comfortable for the Valyrians to have messed them selves up than to have just come into existence messed up. I feel like people ignore the fact that the Valyrians are creepy way too much. Like damn. They have purple eyes and sacrifice people and give birth to half dragon monsters? They're kinda lovecraftian tbh. But so is all the magic in asoiaf. Sorry for the dump. Still cool tho
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