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  1. Bruh I would be...angry if Jamie is tptwp. But...just like with the heros thing, there are a lot of similarish stories like the last hero and such, for me, id be shocked if there was one person who filled that role. Stories like that are in my view about teaching each person how to act in a certain situation, so maybe everyone has a bit of the last hero in them. Anyway the Lord of Light grosses me out so I prefer to think of the last hero. Like there was no Gilgamesh, but it fs teaches you something about life, and tells you something about human history. yah know, the lord of light is not all bad, thoros and donadarion are cool as fuck. But I feel like some of y'all are a little to concerned with Melisandre. TLoL is just one bit of magic, and who knows how it really works edit*** it would be a lot cooler if there was a Gilgamesh, and in martins world those things are real, so maybe there really was a sort of last hero. I hope so. Also Brandon the builder @LynnS sorry I didn't really address what you said. Jaime is weird. I don't understand him. He has this aspect of light to him, but it feels superficial to me. I feel like the bright face..is more about the face than the man, if ykwim. idk. I honestly have no ideas on where Jaimes arc goes
  2. And Aegon knew that dragons must come to Westeros, and the Targaryen seer back in Valyria knew that the doom was coming and that the Targaryens must survive it, so I feel like the Doom was one half of a great balancing, but if the dragons had died out completely, then there would be nothing to balance the Others and it would go to far in the other direction
  3. As Martin says, I don't believe in heros I believe in people doing heroic things. So there could be an aspect of TPtwP in a lot of people. I don't really feel like Jamie fits, but thats just me. Hes certainly going to do something, what with the weirwood dream about him and Brienne and all. And that dream does feel kinda Other related. Maybe. When the White shadows of the kingsguard first came up I thought they where Others. But honestly no. I think that Jamie has more to do with the Dorne/Jon/Lyanna/Ned/Robert/Arys/Rhaegar interaction than the TPtwP, but its all connected so idk
  4. yeah he do be wearing armor @Jaenara Belarys
  5. yeah, and Aegon knew that the dragons must come to Westeros
  6. me too. maybe a dire wolf or a mammoth tho. those badboys r pretty cool to
  7. yeah. I'm tryna figure out if theres a connection between the Rome similarities and the doom
  8. yeah I agree. I think the reason for the doom was that the valyrians were over using that hinge. its odd that Valyria looks so much like Greece. I can't really find a reason other than that they are sorta the high fallen civilization that Rome and Greece were to the Middle Ages. I don't know that much about it, but Valyria seems to be closer to Rome than Greece, what with all the slaves. But there is aspects of Rome in Old Ghis too. Idk
  9. @Frey family reunion Yeah I agree about the Maesters, I don't know. So I feel like fire magic and ice magic are both unnatural, and the earth magic that the children have is closest to balance. The maesters are also doing something unnatural by destroying magic, because magic is part of the world and to cut it out completely is wrong. Theres so many types of magic in this world tho..its confusing. Like where tf do the warlocks and Euron fit into all this. idk @LynnS is...is this a joke. Or am I just stupid if the faceless men caused the doom..are they the gods??
  10. Theres also the maesters and marwins quote about "who do you think killed the dragons last time around, there was no place for them in the world that the maesters are building" So man plays a role in this too. sort of like the lord of the rings where man is mostly the non magical force. A sort of, god idk how to describe it, normalizing force. Like tolkiens story was supposed to take place in the past of OUR world, and man was the force that pushed our world to be as it is and not as magical. In lord of the rings the magic is the final dance and everyone comes back for it and magic resurges for a time, before fading into the west. Theres also that talk that Leaf has about how the Giants are dying and the and Children, and the Lions in the Hills, and the Direwolves will outlast them all, but will fade away too. Its a similar theme with men vs nature/magic. Cause I think magic has been fading since men came to Westros. I have way more thoughts on this than I feel like writing down rn, ssoooo fuck im lazy. The first men and the children fought, and then they made a pact and shared the magic, and then the Andals came and killed the first men and drove them out except in the north, and so on. But in the case of Martin, there is Malice to the normalizing force that men have. God I love these books. Also, the magic that the children have is nature magic, and it is in balance I think. The Ice and Fire magic are abominations. Or rather to far from the natural order. They destroy. If this doesn't make sense or y'all disagree, sorry, I'll try to write it down better soon.
  11. well the others showed up first chronoligically I don't know what that means thematically or on like a larger scale but I think its relevant
  12. I think it would be cool but also really sad if there is dragon on dragon conflict. It's difficult for me to see anyone getting dragon armor but thats just me. What do you think the circumstances of someone needing or getting dragon armor would be. Obviously from dragon stone or Essos but like what else is going on in the story? I wonder where Euron really got his Valyrian scale armor.
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