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  1. So... Tyrion might be a Seer. Let me start again. As I read and re-read the Tyrion chapters, one thing strikes me more and more each time. Tyrion is often the mouthpiece of irony. He will say something or think something that is not only not true, but ironically, opposite of major plot points and important world lore. One of the first and most iconic examples of this is when Tyrion ponders Jon Snow's heritage thinking something along the lines of, "Whoever his mother was, she left little of herself in him." The irony here being the opposite, Jon takes mostly after his mother Lyanna Stark over his father Rhaegar Targaryen. And while I'm not making an essay here so I'm not going to list a bunch more examples, in effect Tyrion make several like statements thought ASoIaF. Well maybe this means nothing. He's not necessarily some Cassandra esc prophet. Maybe it's just sometimes the little man is just lucky or very unlucky. He's smart and perceptive, and maybe he misinterprets some things. But Tyrion may not be who he seems either. Some think Tyrion is a Targaryen bastard, and Targaryen's are known for their dragon dreams. Not only that, but if he is a son of the mad King Aerys, as some have speculated, then he is also of the blood of old kings and the First Men, through his Blackwood grandmother, The same line mix as Bloodraven. Still he's got to be half Lannister, and what's so magical about lions? I mean Leaf does go to mention Lions in company with Dire wolfs and Giants when talking to Bran in Dance about magic going out of the world, so maybe Lions are more special than we think? AND Speaking of Targaryen Bastards who practiced magic, one was called Shiera SeaStar, and her mother was of Lys. Her mother was also supposedly a sorceress who slowed her own aging. interestingly she died giving birth to the Seastar, a girl of incredible beauty like her mother. and interestingly enough, this daughter leaned to practice magic as well and serves as master of whisperers. And this Bastard daughter (who Im not suggesting is also the mother reborn as her own child but am not not suggesting that) of Targaryen blood showed a single defect. two eyes of different colors, one of green and one of dark blue. And a Dwarf blinked back with his mismatched eyes.
  2. "Oh, pardon, I was just remembering something old Wisdom Pollitor told me once, when I was an acolyte. I'd asked him why so many of our spells seemed, well, not as effectual as the scrolls would have us believe, and he said it was because magic had begun to go out of the world the day the last dragon died." -Wisdom Hallyne A Clash of Kings, Tyrion XI
  3. So put on your tin foil hats because this one may be reaching a bit Val is incredibly beautiful. she has long blond hair and pale-blue eyes, a boastfully beautiful face and body of pale skin. These are just physical characteristics that any person could have. But she seems important in the future and we don't really know why yet. Now what does that have to due with Dragon blood? well we know there is one dragon in the north still, old bloodraven, Brynden Rivers, the three eyed crow. and while she is mentioned little in asoiaf, he had a lover of indeterminate fate, his beautiful half sister Shiera Seastar (Who had one green eye and one dark blue eye - like Tyrion- mini theory). she had one blue eye, light blond hair, was called the most beautiful women in Westeros. If Shiera, who was purportedly a sorceress, followed bloodraven up north, she could have had a child with him. A line of beautiful light blond haired Targaryens. This would also make Aemon Steelsong aptly named, ironically.
  4. Lady dustin is bitter, but i don't get much of a sense that she is lying to Theon. And even if your right, the maesters do seem to be anti-targ, and were also helping form this block to the end of making war on the Targs. in that case we should blame Rickon's maester for the war, the order for manipulating them into being in the alliances that made the rebellion possible, and rickard for being manipulated. in which case Rickard wins biggest idiot, for being manipulated
  5. Lets be fair, their moves were all blunders, but none of these things is what caused the war. Robert's Rebellion started when Jon Arryn refused to hand Ned Stark over to Mad King Aerys. That is what caused the banners to raise in rebellion, or rather allowed. And to be fair this war was going to happen anyways, its just that these events sped things up and gave pretext for war. I mean wasn't that the whole point of southern ambitions. Build a power block through alliances to challenge, overthrow or secede from a Dragon-less Targaryen Dynasty?
  6. I've actually read some theories saying just that. the fact that her sister had knowledge of magic being a sword without a hilt is supposedly evidence to some old knowledge of the wildings that her family inherited. I can't find the original so I'll just quote an old post made by user: THE FATTEST LEECH " Val will be majorly important. GRRM stated a long time ago that his characters and the story will be introduced in three 'waves'. She was introduced as part of the second act. I could talk about Val for days! You are correct, we have little info on her, but what we do have is already immense and will just point out a few things to start with: Val is a healer and of the Old Gods, as Jon sees Ghost is and then realizes that he, himself, is also of the Old Gods. Having healer of the Old Gods like Val and Morna white mask around while you are stabbed to death is going to come in way more useful than what Mel has to offer. Jon is also starting to see himself more a wildling by the mid- end of Dance. Val sings to the "Little Monster" and we have already seen in Essos and Westeros that different witches sing spells. Val is protecting the wildling baby because she knows she has to leave and she wants the baby safe. She passes it off to Jon playfully as , "I can't help it if the baby happens to hear me sing." Jon has a romantic thing for her but feels he is not worthy on some level because he is a bastard. Honestly, the way Jon feels about himself compared to Val and the whole highborn-prince-princess thing could be a thread on it's own. The phrase "you know nothing Jon Snow" carries over to here. Jon still knows nothing about himself and how he would be worthy of the wildling princess. (He is the prince that was promised). Jon already "stole" Val when Stannis came riding in and sacked Mance's camp outside the wall. Val asks about Jarl and this event twice (?) just to make sure. Again, "you know nothing Jon Snow" because he is the only one that does not see it yet. Most importantly, she is well respected within the entire wilding community and can travel unmolested and even aided by different clans. When Jon secretly sends her out, she comes back as promised and when promised. She is competent and loyal. The passage I put below shows how Jon thinks of Val, and what he wants long term. But again, we the readers know what Jon is still blind to. He needs to still open his eyes like Ghost when he found the wolf as a pup. Ghost was the only one with his eyes already open. Ghost really likes her, and we all know that if your dog doesn't like your girlfriend/boyfriend, then it's time to break up Mel uses potions and Magic once to fool Ghost into coming over to her while Mel used a "small" glamour to make herself look like Ygritte for a moment to lure Jon over to her. This was a false disguise. Val was true. ADDING: When Jon stole Val, the constellation "Thief" was in the "Moonmaid". Mormont's raven calls Jon a "thief" several times. Jon refers to Val looking very "moonish" and silvery when their breath mingles in the air. Again with the repetition of the Moon and Stars attraction theme for the main characters in the story. Stannis sees the high worth of Val and tries to marry her off to the higherborn knights in his service. We all know that ain't happening! Jon does know this... which is very curious. But no matter, because whoever Stannis puts in Winterfell, Val comes with the castle."
  7. I mean Dany's' already had two husbands. it wouldn't the weird for them to get to together and she could still die later on. if Jon does become king beyond the wall then she also makes an appropriate consort.
  8. I think a useful comparative might be the situation with Marillion in the Vale. As a singer, he was employed by Lysa, and later when littlefinger murders her, he blames Marillion. Marillion is accused of murder, but I don't think any mention is made of broken guest right in the context of Marillion's supposed action. I think the question then is to what capacity Mance is a guest vs employee. I would argue that the boltons are aceptingthem more in the context of temporary employee than guest. Also are we sure the breaking of guest right is really some divine sin and not just something that pissed off people in regards to human decency. I mean sure the freys are being killed off, but they were being murdered by people who have legitimate grevineces about them, not crazy accidents. you make enemies of people and they do bad things in turn.
  9. She saw something symbolic of the red wedding, but few of her visions were iron clad truths. From the wiki: Visions of Daenerys Targaryen The warlock Pyat Pree persuades Daenerys Targaryen to seek answers in the House of the Undying. In the long hall, she passes many rooms containing visions before she reaches the chamber of the Undying. The visions include:[3] A beautiful, naked woman being ravished by four little men who resemble the dwarf servitor. A feast of slaughtered corpses holding cups, spoons, and food, with a dead man with a wolf's head sitting on a throne wearing an iron crown, apparently foreshadowing the Red Wedding. Daenerys's childhood house with the red door in Braavos, along with Ser Willem Darry. A throne room with dragon skulls on the walls where a king resembling Aerys II Targaryen sits on a barbed throne and appears to give the order to burn the Red Keep during the Sack of King's Landing. A room where a silver-haired man (presumably Rhaegar Targaryen) is with a woman and a baby. The man names his son Aegon, says the child is "the prince that was promised", then plays a harp. A "splendor of wizards" who falsely claim to be the Undying of Qarth and offer to teach Daenerys the secret speech of dragonkind. After reaching the gloomy chamber of the Undying Ones, Daenerys is also shown:[3] The death of her brother, Viserys Targaryen. A tall lord with copper-skin and silver-gold hair beneath a banner of a fiery stallion, with a burning city in the background (this may be a glimpse at what Rhaego's future would have been). A dying prince (likely Rhaegar Targaryen) mutters a woman's name with his last breath, rubies flying from his chest. A blue-eyed king who casts no shadow (possibly Stannis Baratheon) raises a red sword in his hand. A cloth dragon sways on poles amidst a cheering crowd. A great stone beast takes wing from a smoking tower, breathing shadows. Daenerys's silver trots through grass to a darkling stream under a sea of stars. A corpse standing at the prow of a ship with bright eyes and grey smiling lips (possibly a reference to greyscale or a Greyjoy) A blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice, filling the air with sweetness (this could indicate Jon Snow's true parentage and potential kinship to Daenerys). Boneless, terrible shadows whirl inside a tent. A little girl (likely Daenerys) runs barefoot toward a big house with a red door. Mirri Maz Duur's death by pyre. The corpse of the wineseller who had attempted to poison Daenerys being dragged behind her silver. A white lion running through tall grass. Naked crones emerging from a great lake beneath the Mother of Mountains to kneel before Daenerys. Ten thousand slaves crying "Mother!" as Daenerys rides past on her silver. These events are things that happen or may have happened, but most importantly they are depicted symbolically. The mummers dragon is not actually a cloth dragon. The White Lion, is not a real white lion. The wolf headed man in the crown is symbolic of Robb, but it is not a definitive vision of the physical events at the red wedding.
  10. I think I know what passage you're referring too. the one where its Jon in a wolf dream as ghost. it said something along the along the lines of 'four remained... and one he could no longer sense.' I interpreted that line as four including ghost and summer who was beyond the wall outside of his sense. they knew lady was dead, but the wording is more vague regarding grey wind.
  11. Robb Stark is dead. there is little doubt in that, we saw it happen at the Red Wedding. Later, we hear that his body was mutilated and his wolf's head sown atop his own. Unlike Cat's body, we never see this happen through a character, just hear of it. Besides that we don't get many details regarding grew winds death or what happens to Robb's corpse. Maybe they just tossed it into a shallow grave... maybe. or maybe the tales small folk tell have distorted the truth. Theirs a long ways between the Twins and Kings Landing, and if anything is true, it's that the small folk have the tendency to both exaggerate things and make things up. So what if this is not what really happened? What if grey wind never died but was saved by Robb's squire? If they lost robb's corpse in the confusion or his wolf, Walder or his men afraid of their lord, may lie about what happened to save face. better to lie than admit incompetence. And so maybe grey wind is still out there. maybe robb warged into him before it was too late. maybe they made it to greywater watch and maybe robb's body did too. It's not as if we know where ned's body is at this point, so who's to say its not being kept at the same place. Maybe its not the case. maybe the mutilation of robb went as we hear it from Tyrion. I'm just skeptical.
  12. Im sorry a what? is that real theory because i have never heard of that
  13. Where not sure which of the spear wives murdered, but we do know that at least 2-3 are now dead (we Saw them die) and so that alone may be the punishment for that act. You could also consider that Jon did not order them to kill, it was something they simply chose to do. Finally there is the reality that Mance is a king, and not necessarily considered a member of the nights watch by any attentive gods. the Boltons themselves were in violation of guest rite during the red wedding, as were the freys- the primary two groups targeted in Winterfell. These are possibly mitigating factors that may release jon from breaking guest rite, but it could just as well be like you said. Regardless of the fact, jon snow is stabbed not long after the this, and that could be the punishment for his violating guest rite.
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