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  1. Link to image(s): https://imgur.com/a/yt3TnfZ I like this
  2. (Spoilers Main) More Stuff from the Cushing Library : asoiaf (reddit.com)
  3. In earlier drafts of AGOT, GRRM intended to have the House with the Red Door in Tyrosh instead of Braavos. Tyrosh is way south of Braavos and experiences warm weather. Ideal conditions for lemon trees to grow. Braavos as you know is cold, grey and trees only grow in the homes of the wealthy (like the sealord). How does this house being orignally in Tyrosh in earlier drafts impact Dany's childhood? Is Dany just misremembering and that she actually grew up in Tyrosh? She even has a Tyroshi accent.
  4. What do the Dothraki eat? They're not allowed to farm. So they can only hunt (animals) or gather (berries and fruits from existing flora). But a Khalasar can number in the tens of thousands that is always on the move. How do they manage to scavenge enough food to feed them all?
  5. Thank you. Oh wow, so if it took hundreds of years to complete then it must've been literally and physically built by draggling and stacking large blocks of ice by the Giants. I thought the Others would have created it using their ice magic in a much shorter period of time.
  6. Mayhaps the wildlings aren't too fond of strangers setting up a colony
  7. Victarion is dumb as stated by the author... But he is not dumb for not knowing what the dothraki sea is.
  8. Did Jon wear any chaimail before being stabbed to death ?
  9. Death pays for life. Whose lives paid for the birth of 3 dragons ? Drogo, Mirri and who is the third person? Or was Drogo's soul so powerful it was enough to birth two dragons ?
  10. Kayakayanaya feels so misplaced amongst bayasabhad and samyriana. Imagine Kings Landing, Old Town and Yokohama
  11. Dany keeps her sexual relationship with Daario a secret. The ghiscari public doesnt know about it. Amerei meanwhile was caught in the act.
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