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  1. Corlys' actor is in 50s; he's really not that young. If they can make Alicent's 27-year-old actress look way older over the course of the series (which I'm guessing they will, unless they recast her), then they can make him look older each season, too. If this show lasts five seasons (which, if I remember correctly, was the original plan), then we might not meet the Strongs until the second season, especially if they decide to have Rhaenyra and Criston be lovers in this version at the start. Lyonel was Otto's successor, so it would make sense for him to be introduced a bit later on. I certainly hope they don't merge Criston and Harwin's characters, since Criston would have to be cartoonishly evil in order to try to wage war against his own sons. Assuming they don't drastically change the Strong bastards plot, does this mean that the paternity of Rhaenyra's sons is going to come under question because they're. . . too pale? Maybe Harwin will be a ginger in the show, and all of the kids will have red hair. That could work.
  2. We Got This Covered is notoriously unreliable, so I wouldn't put too much stock in them.
  3. I was saying this to a friend the other day—it does feel desperate. They’re also apparently considering remaking Harry Potter as a TV show, and then there’s the True Blood reboot.
  4. I love animation, and I think that HBO creating animated shows for adults could definitely inspire more companies to do the same, which is very exciting. The Valyrian prequel seems like the most likely pitch to me, since it would require an insane amount of CGI for a live-action show.
  5. I love animation, so the possibility of an animated ASOIAF show for adults is really exciting to me. Granted, you would think that the Dance would be the right show to adapt in this case, since the dragon scenes are probably going to be nightmare to film with CGI. Perhaps this is the venue for Empire of Ash?
  6. I realize this show requires a certain level of suspension of disbelief in order to work, but what was the point of Miguel's injury? He's exactly the same as before: still a great fighter, same personality, same friends. Unless they've already run out of ideas for his character and this was just a way to turn Robby to the dark side, I don't really see the pay-off. This is a good point, and you would think that Miguel would be a little upset that none of his friends except for Hawk and Sam checked up on him. One of the scenes I liked this season that I haven't seen brought up by anyone else is when Miguel finally came face-to-face with Tori, and he really did seem quite sad about the way their relationship ended, and that she didn't come to visit him in the hospital.
  7. Does George have any say in this? I can't see why he would want another unfinished property of his being developed, especially since he apparently has another dozen installments in mind. Unless he's basically done with TWOW and plans on just cranking out D&E over the course of the next few years?
  8. Giving Daniel a second kid seems like a huge mistake in retrospect. Nothing against the actor, but they clearly have no idea what to do with him, and with all the focus given to Daniel and Amanda's relationship with Sam, it's weird just how little attention they pay to their younger child lol. I wish we didn't have to wait a year to find out what happens next. I'm willing to bet that the show won't premiere on New Year's next year, though; even though it got good ratings, season three did seem to slip under the radar quite a bit, especially compared to the original Netflix drop last fall. If they could manage to get the next season out by September again, I suspect it would do really well, but I don't think that will be happening.
  9. https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2021/01/cobra-kai-creators-have-a-six-season-plan-says-ralph-macchio/
  10. Ooh that's a good point. The one thing Sansa has going for her right now is that, as far as Tyrion knows, she didn't favor any other men over him; she just didn't particularly like him. If Littlefinger tries to marry her off to Aegon, that will really fuel Tyrion's rage.
  11. I've seen a lot of critiques of the Westerosi wars over the years, and whether they were written in a way that was believable: there was no reason for the Reach to support Aerys, the Greens were chumps compared to the Blacks, the Blackfyres never truly had enough strength to take on the Targaryens, etc. In your opinion, which Westerosi war was the most believable, from start to finish?
  12. Interesting! Although I wonder why Quaithe didn't warn Dany against him.
  13. Very nice. If Tyrion does push Dany into being more ruthless and Jaime ends up dying in one of her attacks, that could be his own tragedy. Towards the end of ADWD, when someone asks Tyrion what he misses most in the world, his first thought is of Jaime, and he also has that dream where he is a two-headed man who kills Jaime--one head angry, the other weeping. I personally think that Jaime feels a great deal of guilt for what happened with Tysha--why confess at the worst possible time if he didn't?--and deep down, Tyrion knows this. The show might have actually been right in having that be what turns Tyrion against Dany--they just decided to throw Cersei in there with him.
  14. It's hard to make an argument here, because I'm obviously not going to defend slavery. I think the issue isn't that Dany is ending the slave trade, but what her personality and ideology says about where she's heading. Dany believes that she's entitled to rule Westeros, a country she has no recollection of and whose people and culture is foreign to her. Every character who believes that the Iron Throne is "theirs by right" is corrupt in one way or another: Cersei and the Lannisters, Renly (who thought he could take the Throne just because he wanted it), even Stannis, who burns dissidents alive and wants to destroy the other religions of Westeros. We barely know Aegon, but I'd be willing to bet that he isn't going to be the perfect king that Varys and JonCon think he is. There's also the fact that burning people alive is arguably the cruelest and most inhumane form of execution (and Stannis and Mel are definitely also guilty here), and that Dany finds that empowering. Personally, I think Dany's Meereenese plot is the weakest part of the series, and that most of the people who like it seem to view it as a confirmation of their own theories. I can understand why it took George so long to write. As a reminder, this is not to say that I think Dany is irredeemable or even unsympathetic. I just personally find her very unsettling.
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