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  1. Morte

    What to do with Harrenhal?

    Yes, especially as Missandre pointed out that the Unsullied can be used as police and building squad in peace times (just as the roman legions were). In this case Harrenhal would make a really good head quarter. Good question. If they hear whispers directed to them, it's not unlikely. We know little about the Lady of Spears, but people tend to attribute things they can not understand to their gods, so - yes?
  2. Morte

    What to do with Harrenhal?

    The feudal society of Westeros doesn't have standing armies yet, so - while indeed being quite a nice place for something like a big garrison - no one could use it for it. If however Daenerys would bring her Unsullied, and if they survive the fight against the Others as "the Unsullied", Harrenhal would indeed would make a fine head quarter for them. In fact, the only thing that can effectively man it's walls is a legion, so it seems to be made for the Unsullied. Professional standing armies appeared in Europe around the first century BC (development toward this started earlier, of course), the Unsullied were highly inspired by this particular standing army (with some reminiscences of the hoplites), so I wouldn't be surprised if they turn up as garrisoned at Harrenhal.
  3. Morte

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    The NW's problem in this state is not their vow, but forgetting about the Others and the whole purpose of the Watch. That's why nobody wants to go there anymore, because nobody remembers (just as @Lord Varys pointed out just a few posts above yours). This only works with an actual military system in place, with a strong state administration and citizens. Which you don't have in this feudal society, expect for military orders (like the NW). We are not talking about Athenian Democracy, Roman Republic, Revolutionary France, the Soviet Union or any other modern state here, we are talking about a feudal and by far pre-modern society, the people are not citizens, they are subjects, and are not only threatened as such, but also think in the way subjects thought about their lords. The "best" thing you could get in such a world as standing army would be lansquenets - if you want to know how "nice" the lansquenet-system worked for anybody but the people paying them, read about the Thirty Years' War.
  4. Morte

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Not love as in fraternity, but romantic and familiar love. In the Long Night you have to extend your "love" from your family to all people. If everybody is looking for the safety and survival of their relatives first and foremost, how will you as humanity stand against the Others and survive the Long Night? You will kill each other for food and temporary shelter even without seeing an Other. So no, this part of the vow wasn't stupid and maybe is even one of the oldest parts: Make an organisation with the only purpose to save and guard humanity, without thinking about lovers and family. It became an abomination in regard on the Wildlings ( @kissdbyfire is right here), as they were excluded from the mission and seen as enemies, while I do think that originally they were part of what the NW had to guard (maybe even more then the people living in the safety of the Wall; the NW was there to look out for the Others to come back and provide the people staying outside the Wall with a safeguard and retreat). And also because the NW forgot their original mission. Yes, blind adherence. That's the point. Not all the vows are stupid, nor is following them in their meaning and by understanding them, see Maester Aemon's and Mormont's interpretation of the vow in AGoT, for example. In fact, in the books we see that both, blind adherence and careless discarding of vows, lead to destruction and bad things. Here we agree (even if we maybe will never agree about the Pink Letter and Jon's reaction to it ). It's about keeping the balance.
  5. Morte

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    For me Jon's personal arc (his character development) in the first three books was very much about realising the names and families are not that important, but what you do it. And that there are things more important than family heritage. I always thought about Jon as becoming the Lord Commander under who's rule the Night's Watch found it's purpose again and fought the Others. That's why I'm with @Lord Varys here and don't like the assassination plot very much, as for me the Jon's reaction to the Pink Letter was far out of the development he already achieved in the first three books. But then, all the people who helped him remember his vows are away, but still... I would have liked at least a little more inner (and outer) conflict on this matter, not just a "I'm going to save my sister! Hug!" [The way this plays out is not Jon's fault as an imaginary person and character, but because this all was written as a plot drive, and maybe wasn't mend to be written at all with the 5-year-gap in place. It's the same with Daenerys sitting in Mereen not solving any conflict, waiting for people to arrive who should have made most of their way offscreen.] But then, now that this thing happened, I'm with @kissedby fire and hope he isn't dead dead, but only very severely wounded, having some wolf dreams while in his coma, etc. If Jon has to come back as a fire zombie, I do hope he comes back focused on the Night's Watches vows, not as another vengeance-family-zombie, as we have that one already (frankly, if he becomes something with a mind set close to Stoneheart, I would prefer him staying dead, as this would go so much against his arc of becoming free from the thinking in clan-pattern and "us and them"). As for Daenerys: My gut feeling is, that if/when she ends on the Iron Throne it will no longer be because she wanted it, and it will not be about being happy, as happiness in her life will at that moment have long ended [I think in this scenario all her three loves and a lot of people she did and could indeed trust will be dead, maybe she will loose another child, at least one of her dragons will not survive (and I think by treason), etc.] but about duty and things that must be done. It will be part of the bitter-sweet ending (more bitter then sweet). Her reign would start on the note of "I'm married to England" and end on "Since well I've played my part, all clap your hands, And from the stage dismiss me with applause". A life for the realm, nothing else, as nothing else is left. I, too, like this idea: Belwas had no purpose till now, as you point out. And concerning Illyrio, Dany switches between trust and a gut feeling, that he is too good to be real and has his own plans. It would move thing forward the Dance - and the Tattered Prince would get his Pentos.
  6. Morte

    Mance Rayder's background story?

    Captain Obvious at your command, Sir!
  7. Morte

    Mance Rayder's background story?

    Has anyone mentioned recently that we need the next book? Because we do.
  8. Morte

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Last one, as this doesn't belong here: 1.) It's a difference between don't being "great" at something and being "bad" at something. Don't you think so? 2.) Reforming the calendar was a good deed, yes. But this was one of the few things he had consensus from almost everybody (because how much the old Roman calendar was already out of synch). 3.) He wanted to turn it into a monarchy. They killed him for this. 4.) Other rulers? Herodes the Great - Augustus (Herodes became king under him, before that, he was just a vicegerent). The Parthians? Caesar wanted to go to war against them - It was again Augustus who made a lasting peace with them. But if you mean Cleopatra - well, she was playing him, using him for her own goal of a stable, rich and powerful Egypt, just like she later did with Antonius (which was very understandable from her side. And she played the game well, better then both her men). 4.) It was Augustus who changed the res publica into the Principate. And he is actually quite an interesting example for how to learn to rule (just some of the things he had to learn): a) Have friends (in high places? even better). b) Don't send your friends away! c) Sometimes you have to go through with that god damned subscription lists... d) Convince people. (Especially those you need and/or really don't want to put on a list) Give them the feeling they are needed and important, even if they no longer are or never were.
  9. Morte

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    No, he was not. That's why he was planing the next war already, because he couldn't solve the problems within. It was only the calm before the storm: The res publica was still in ruins, he had no vision on how to reform it, how to in-cooperate the provinces, how to reform and build a proper and working administration, etc. etc. pp. His were the great gestures, but not the dry, hard and tedious work that is called politics. He was a brilliant general and orator, a great leader with huge charisma, intelligent, smart and well educated - and maybe even a grammar-nazi. He was however not a great politician. You mistake him for Augustus, his nephew and testamentary heir and adoptive son.
  10. It's good to stick to once pet theory, I do have a few on my own. However I do thing that @Jabar of House Titan is right here: Martin did invest too much to make the "get-people-to-Dany-no-matter-how-much-this-damages-her-storyline-by-making-her-WAIT-AND-DO-NOTHING-and-then-move-them-all-back-to-Westeros" work, for him now going the opposite route. However, maybe this was indeed one of his potential plans for a solution. I said "Snowy" because it must have been a place she could identify or guess as "Hard Home", had she seen something that looked like a place in the south (sunny, warm etc.), she would have gone with the rest of the Wildlings and tried to reach a harbour more fitting. But again: Every place beside Dorne will sooner then later look familiar for Wildlings - it already started, as we know from - for example - Jaime. Yes, she will take Dragonstone, but I don't think she will stay there as in the ...you know that. I did think about the Saltpans, because there are things to pick up, too (Rubies and a man and his horse, if Brienne and Jaime aren't faster for the latter). The Bay of Crabs in general would be a good place to land, as the towns there are not too far away to land a fleet in multiple harbours. I think we can agree that wherever she will land her fleet, the people will be like the pirate outlook in "Asterix", seeing the ships and the flags they are carrying. This will be one of the moments where we will see that truly became of Tyrion: Is he able to see his mistake in how he treated Alliser and how he dismissed the things he heared at Castle Black? Will he be pro or contra a "try-to-save-the-world-and-most-likely-dying-in-the-attempt"? Exactly. Sh** is hitting the fan in Westeros and not much later in Essos too (remember, the gras has started dying in the Dothraki Sea). I, too, don't see the Faceless Men siding with the Others or the Drowned Whatsoever - as you said: For them death is special and something in balance with life. She isn't a fully trained assassin by now, and as Martin removed the five year gap, it's unlikely for her to become a true Faceless Man - but I also don't necessary think it's what the FM wanted her to become: For me it always seemed as if they try to get her to connect back to her self by forcing her to abandon it. I could well see her being send on a mission with another FM to Westeros however (remember: there is no Night King in the books, maybe there will never be one).
  11. Sorry, I was sarcastic again: Yes, her vision was about something different, as she saw a fleet, I read your theory about the story shifting to Essos, and while I don't agree with you on the Exodus scenario as a whole, I do agree that she does interpret her prophesy wrong, as she only sees a fleet coming to a snowy harbor. But at the time Daenery's big fleet will come to Westeros almost any harbour north of Dorne would be more or less snowy. I often thought about where Daenerys could possible land with her fleet - there aren't that much places/harbours big enough (Dragonstone for example would be too small for that many ships). If the fleet will indeed get that big as it seems now, she would need a big natural bay... Anyway: Thanks for sharing! If GRRM had more time, the Exodus-idea could be a way to smoothen the story and entangle his knots, but I don't think it is very likely at this moment In fact, they can even meet with both of them without Arya and Daenerys seeing each other till much later, as only one of the two ships came to Braavos, the second (Elephant) is said to have succeeded in getting to Lys with it's "cargo". For Arya they may provide a way to get out of the psychopath-killing-thing and remember who she is and that she still has people she can care about, so I could see her going with them. As for Daenerys: They are almost all women and children, taken as slaves in a situation of peril - she will most likely welcome them with open arms. They will however be crucial for spreading the news on what is happening beyond the Wall in Essos, backing Maerwyn's words and maybe even get the Sealord to take the situation more serious. It get's more interesting the more people are on the move or actually manage to get somewhere and talk to each other ... We need the next book!
  12. The comment wasn't mend too seriously. I, too, think that Quaithe will most likely stay behind (through it is possible for her to come alone). It is quite likely however, No, not just likely, just looked it up: Cotter Pyke says that much: At least parts of Mother Mole's group was taken by slavers to Essos, just as she prophesied (the visions did not mention the slavery part, I presume) ...
  13. (Potentially) you forgot a bunch of Wildlings, her personal shadow binder and Barristan the Bold! SCNR
  14. Morte

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    Good to know, I have really forgotten that part. But you are right, Old Nan would be an easy retcon, so unlikely. I do agree that Varys was right in his reason to kill Kevan, he had to die for Aegon to work. If it is Kevan it's because Martin did underestimate how difficult it would become to make the remaining KL-crew work at all without him. This scenario would even be a better reason then him being important in Mereen. Now we have Sam and a few other youngsters searching for something, without any clue or guidance. Finding something of interest will look just as stupid and "deus-ex-ish" like in "the-abomination-that-should-not-be-mentioned". Beside: The interesting books about dragons and the long night are most likely locked away, Aemon's presence would make it more believable for Sam to get access to this part of the library. And Maewyn could have a letter from Aemon for Daenerys, making him more reliable in her eyes... Yes, we can agree on Aemon.
  15. And to skip time! For example: Don't tell us the whole of Dany's journey with the Dothraki, make that one chapter with a little pondering about how they behave toward her (and one flashback what happend then they met) - and at the end of this chapter let her arrive at Vaes Dothrak. I really think that Mereen by itself wouldn't be a big problem, because with the many POVs he can move fast there, while still able to skip some time. Imho the problem now lies with all the plots not only being asynchron, but also in different paces (that happened because of the splitting in AFFC and ADWD, where he didn't had to think about what happens when where), making it difficult to put the remaining story together. Admitting that he does need three books (or make TWOW two volumes) would indeed be the first step to work this out, as he wouldn't be forced to have all plots evenly displayed in TWOW (remember then in books 1-3 Daenery's story, and also later Bran's story in the north was told on a much faster pace then the other stories and had a lot more time-skips in it?).