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  1. Morte

    Whats the point of BwB storyline now?

    Good points. We also do not know there the soul pulled (back) into the body is coming from (question would be: does GRRM know? ). If the person is only dead for a few hours most ancient (or nature) religions would argue that it not even left the body completely, but was at least lingering near it, or even still inside it. Such a soul would be in shock, but quite complete and still bound to it's body and the living world. So awakening again would be something like a really bad dream (at least the first time around), even if one knows he/she was dead. Three days on the other hand are a long time, especially if the death was brutal; the soul would be harmed and hurt; either starting to turn (or turned) into a mischievous spirit or already on it's way to wherever the religion is thinking souls go. So it would be forcefully pulled from the - finally - peaceful place of Limbo/Waiting hall to rebirth/Nothing/Paradise or from even more horrible or at least frightening scenarios, as the way into a - however friendly and peaceful - underworld in many religions is not a walk in the park, but a way of trials. Both possibilities can be even more traumatic for the already hurt and tormented soul of a murder victim. And we not even asked the question whether it is truly the original soul, that was put into the body, or just something that acts accordingly to the memories and purposes provided (this would be nearer to the ice-wight, but not a puppet, but an automaton with a specific program).
  2. Morte

    Whats the point of BwB storyline now?

    I meant "friendly" in view of his purpose, of course you are right that the "Robin-Hodding" of the BwB did already started to change into robbery while Beric was still with them. She does - also - want to find her daughters, yes. But her primary actions are about vengeance: She is killing everyone she thinks involved with the RR or the Freys in general. Killing everybody you think associated with someone or something, even if they weren't, is not "answering for their crimes" and it's not justice, but bloody and stupid vengeance, which leads to nothing but death (for everybody involved). Putting more injustice on injustice someone did suffer doesn't make the injustice go away, it only makes it into even more injustice. D'accord. Well, I wouldn't mind if he comes back as one-trick-pony; like: the last and only Lord Commander the Nightwatch would ever have from this moment on; something like the opposite of the Night King. Would be cool, for me. The other outcome would be just another Lady Stoneheart, so I would find that quite boring.
  3. Morte

    Whats the point of BwB storyline now?

    Doesn't matter, this was about what GRRM thought about him coming back stronger: From here: http://time.com/4791258/game-of-thrones-george-r-r-martin-interview/
  4. Morte

    Whats the point of BwB storyline now?

    But Beric is not Beric, not even the first time he wakes up. He is a wight, as is Cat. But a fire-wight, not an ice-wight. He and also Cat are driven by the last thing they had on their mind that was important to them, by their last purpose one could say. For Beric it was "help the people and bring the kings justice", so he became a more or less friendly wight with this one purpose. That he was a lot more like the original Beric derived (compared to Cat/Stoneheart) from being resurrected just after death, so he still had a lot of his other memories, but with each death this memories were fading more and more, as he himself is telling us. The only thing Cat felt then she died was pain and vengeance, then her corpse was lying in the river for several days, before the BwB found her. We even know that Thoros thought it unwise to resurrect her because of the time passed... So, no: Stoneheart may still have _some_ - however twisted - memories of Cat left**, but she is even less Cat from the beginning, than Beric wasn't Beric in the end. And, most importantly, she is not driven by a "nobel" cause, like Beric, but by vengeance alone.* So the point of this storyline now is imho to show us the corruption of a noble cause and the futility of vengeance, to the point then you cannot longer distinguish the good guys from the bad, because in the end (there we are now with the BwB) not even the "justifying cause" is left, it's just slaughter by another party. Sidenotes: * That's why I think we all should hope for Jon to simply survive his injuries or die, because if he will come back, he will be an one-trick-pony like the other fire-wights. If the fans are lucky with the purpose "Nightwatch-oath", if not with only the purpose "I want my sister back": Yes, I know a lot of people are hoping that warging into Ghost will keep Jon's soul intact, in contrast to Beric or Stoneheart, but wouldn't this be the same kind of cheating death GRRM did not like about Gandalf's death? However, I hope he is just wounded. ** I wouldn't even be surprised if Stoneheart would even be able to kill Sansa, would she get her hand on her, because Sansa was married to Tyrion.
  5. Morte

    Poll: 10 actions of asoiaf

    1. Yes 2. No 3. She has little choice, does she? 4. No (but lacking a therapeut it was foreseeable, that's why Cat thought it was a stupid idea to send him) 5. politically understandable 6. politically understandable 7. he was elected, so yes 8. Do they even follow the same plan? If it's "for the realm", when yes 9. emotionally understandable in that moment (beside it was necessary for the plot), else no 10. No, even though it was a clever plan (Tywin's side) to end a war with as little further looses as possible. For Walder the revenge came quite costly, and I doubt it will pay out for Roose.
  6. Long read. Did not finish it, simply because it isn't an analysis only, but also a much too long summary of Jaime's arc. Just a short remark: Will Jaime survive? Yes, in my opinion the chances are good for him to at least make it till quite the end. Simply because I think that of the remaining two of the "Magnificent Seven" the last survivor will stand vigil for the other one. And one of them will actually finish the entry of the other in the White Book (and maybe, just maybe, this two entries will indeed be the last finished in the book?)
  7. Morte

    What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

    I, too, don't believe the horn does work the way Euron or Victarion think it will, because of the exact reasons given by @blacken. But I am confident that something will happen, when it is blown, so here is my theory: We know that dragons can and do bound because they are raised by and with humans, or simply tamed by feeding and trust growing. But it seems to me, that you can't control the binding this way, just make it more likely - it still depends ONLY on the sympathy between dragon y and human x. This was okay with the few dragons the Targs did have in Westeros, as you only needed a few bounded adult dragons (and Cannibal ^^) to ensure population control. But in Valyria, there were not only a lot more dragons, but they also were played a much bigger part in their culture (we can presume). In this context you not only don't want a lot of uncontrolled dragons roaming free, but you also don't want to make the binding a game of chance. In fact, binding with a dragon may well have been part of an initiation ritual, at least a bit part of growing up, in which case you would like to somehow force the binding, even if you can't force to whom. So how about the horn indeed somehow forcing unbound dragons to look for a fitting rider? But not necessary the one blowing the horn? Or maybe the @Giant Ice Spider and @blacken got it right and it is indeed the one blowing the horn, but only, if this someone does know and had preformed the necessary blood&fire-magic-of-not-being-burned-by-it correctly? In the latter case - and without a Valyrian Bloodmage at least on novice level trying to bind to his or her scaled childhood friend- when the horn is blown the two free dragons will indeed start looking for "their" rider, but I highly doubt it will be one of the Ironbound.
  8. Morte

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

    Yes, the infamous "King's Mouth" is from the new translation. And no, nobody can even imagine why they chose to call King's Landing that way. The naming is inconsistent and as often as not quite disturbing, even for German reader who don't know the English original.
  9. Morte

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

    Yes, as a german-as-a-first-language speaker I can say you are right: It would be "Königslandung". As others have stated, the new German translation is incoherent and sometimes quite awful. It was even worse in it first installation by Random House. The very first translation from Bastei (last century ^^) was decent too, they left the names untranslated, and had not half as many errors.
  10. I'm with @LyrnaSnowBunnyAvenger here: Your first premise alone undoes the complete story, as Rhaegars first and foremost reason for the abduction of Lyanna is, that Elia is unable to bear another child, aka the third head of the dragon. As Rhaegar wouldn't have disappointed and hurt Cersei as Robert did, she would have been at least _more_ faithful (maybe even completely) and Rhaegar would at least have got his three children. He isn't Robert, so "love" alone would not be a reason for him to dangle with Lyanna. So, no: No tower of joy, no child born there, no rebellion, no dragons, etc. No Song of Ice and Fire. [Lyanna would get a very unhappy marriage with Robert; if Tywin can no longer control Aerys' madness, he, Rhaegar and the Kingsguard would get the king to retire (as was indeed planed by Rhaegar and his friends); Cat would marry Brandon (most likely not as happy as with Ned); well: and maybe Ned, as the second son _could_ indeed get his father to allow him to marry Ashara (if they were indeed in love), so this two would be happy - not really enough story for seven books, eh?]
  11. What I would like: 1) Maester Marwyn will become Dany's Maester and one of her advisors. 2) Gilly will end up in the Bay of Dragons and can indeed offer something: she will be the one who can verify Marwyn's claims about the Others, so Dany will be more convinced to go to Westeros and to the North. 3) Maester Aemon will be the first Targ in a long time to get a proper family burial - by Dragon fire (I think he would have liked this ) 4) Yes, this would be poetic indeed: Aemon Steelsong, the prince beyond the Wall, heir to the Iron Throne.
  12. While I do not think that a lot of characters are based on just one persons (else we would not be able to give them the freedom that blessed us with - mostly - logical and in-depth developements of characters and cursed us with massive knots GRRM has to untight), I like the topoi and pictures he uses, for example here one maybe not all have noticed: Dany (a woman) riding a white filly (and not a black stallion) while wearing the fur of a lion is a reminiscence of Alexander the Great, who was often depicted wearing the lions fur of Herakles on coins and whose stallion Bukephalos was black.
  13. Morte

    We need more V. Steel at The Wall.

    Some of my thoughts on the subject of weapons against the Others: So what do we have? - Obsidian works; this will most likely be the material used for weapons for the masses, especially bowmen. And Obsidian does also work quite well for spearheads (+ range is good against the Others). - Dragonsteel, which could or could not mean Valyrian Steel should work against them; I do think we have a synonym here, even if its not confirmed yet - Some of the Valyrian weapons are missing. I always wondered, if the .... with blood inside the Targ family does have something to do with secret passages inside of Dragonstone only available for people with enough Targ-blood, so maybe Dany will find a hidden cache (containing the missing Valyrian weapons and armor of House Targeryen) on Dragonstone? - And there is a smith who can reforge Valyrian Steel, who knows the spells, but did not manage to make new Valyrian Steel... What if the problem with making them lies in the "old" name - "Dragon Steel" - and you would indeed need Dragon fire to forge a Valyrian weapon? Maybe we will see Tobho Mott forging new Valyrian weapons with the help of Dragon fire?
  14. Morte

    Powdered hands

    Powdered hands feel smoother to the touch of others and look brighter and more harmonious, so yes: it's make up for hands and something very feminine to do. That's why nobody finds it strange, as they expect such a behaviour from an eunuch, even more as they know that Varys was born as a commoner and sold as a slave, so maybe they even expect his hands to be more harsh then a eunuch would like. For Varys himself this makes it even more simple to avoid being recognized when in one of his less noble disguises. That's all: He plays the feminine eunuch, and plays his role well. No big mystery here.