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  1. Morte

    How could we find out about Aegon

    There is only one big problem with the baby-swap: There was still a King's Guard in the Red Keep, and Varys could never know what Jaime would do. Sure, he just stayed in the Throne Room, waiting for the other to arrive, but when you look at Jaime's dreams, you see that he is feeling guilty for not going to look after Elia and the children (He, too, thought them save - and Elia would not have thought different). He could have - and when? Do you really think, Gregor would have cut through Jaime to rape and kill Elia and slaughter her children? That's why I don't buy the story: Sure, Varys tried to raise the perfect king (plus hidden prince topos), but it would be very underwhelming if he would actually succeed, that's why I also don't see "Aegon" being a good ruler. But we may never get the true, just hints and assumptions by other characters.
  2. Morte

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    The question I am pondering since, well, almost ever, is whether the trophy isn't Jaime as a KG in her service, as the vision stands between the dead poisoner and the crones creeping from the lake (which is most likely the vision of her taking control over the Dothraki).
  3. Morte

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    It's funny that you brought up Alexander the Great and Hercules. I've always been of the thought that Daenerys Targaryen is the result of George R.R. Martin asking "what if Alexander the Great was female," "what if Alexander the Great was anti-slavery," "what if Alexander the Great had weapons of mass destruction" and put those questions in a high fantasy setting with dragons, wizards, zombies and magic trees. I agree. Her campaign in Essos does have similarities to Alexander; and if she ends up magdeburgerising a deviant city, it would imho be prove (together with the pelt and her filly) for him at least taking inspirations here.
  4. Morte

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    And this could be also true, of course.
  5. Morte

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    Alexander conquered his empire while still being a young man; Dany is still a girl, one could say young woman. (And Dany the girl is riding a white filly/young mare, while the boy Alexander rode a black stallion - ) Him (Alexander) wearing the lion's pelt of Herakles has to do with the latter's primal nature as a tutelary goddess/saviour and protector of people in need/the helpless. Both interpretations have connections and relevance to Dany's arc. It depends. The connections with the Lannister brothers is made a) for Tyrion because his hair is a very bright blond, b) for Jaime because being a KG makes him a "white lion". At least this are the hints I am more willing to accept, but I'm by far not in the camp of either of both possibilities, for this we would have to see interactions between Dany and the brothers. And as you say: As it really did exist, it may also just be that: the hrakkar - but then: why is he in her visions? That's what I can't say at this moment.
  6. Morte

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    The pelt because of this: coin of Alexander the Great and on the root this: Statue of Herakles The vision: May be of the hrakkar, but also may be on of the Lannister brothers. Context? We'll see.
  7. First: Sorry for my late answer; I'm abroad this summer and can only write on the weekends. While your uncouth ( ) summary of the of the Kievan Rus' is correct, the introduction of serfdom in the eastern Slavic territories started only around the year of 1601, when most of the problematic neighbours were no longer a thread. In fact, the introduction of serfdom slowed the development of the country in general and the settlement of the Eastern territories, as the Aristocrats were more interested in driving the farmers in the fertile and civilized parts of the country into serfdom, than developing the East. And they had the deal with a lot of uprisings. So I think the problem really was the dependence of the Czars from the aristocracy, and their inability (or maybe even unwillingness) to put them into their place. While everywhere in Europe serfdom started to fall apart with enlightenment, the self-presumed enlightened absolutistic monarch of Russia did do, well.. let's say: little and less, even if she may have liked (there were few Czars who would have liked, I'm afraid). That's good, so we are speaking about the same things, then using this categories. Ah, okay. No, at least I did not mean this as a "crushing the middle class" on purpose, but more as a regularly happening thing because of clinching to and wanting to expand their status, and fighting each other for power, without noticing how much damage this is actually doing to the society as a whole. The end of the Roman Republic, and the role the Optimates played in the spiral down, is imho the best example: Everyone believed they were fighting for the benefits of the Republic.
  8. As @Lion of the West said, "don't last long" must be defined; there have been city states that lasted many centuries. On "republics" - I'm not sure everybody here talks about the same, then talking about a republic. Autocracy (NOT monarchy) - yes and no, as a fall-back if republics go bad; feudalism - no. The existence or non-existence of guns is irrelevant in this. We know too little to judge in inner mechanisms of the Freehold. Neither the existence of slavery in a society, nor the status of slaves within it's laws are an indication for the development of it's legal system. And you do know that feudalism is essentially nothing else then extending a slave-like status on the majority of the population (yes, I'm on board with the similar/identical-crowd, as are the laws of European states since the 19th century)? Peasants may have some rights "on paper" (as do slaves, even in Rome), but in feudalism this rights only hold as long as the lord does want to grant them. Here @Vashon is actually right: Oligarchies/aristocracies tend to prey on the commons, and in this process the majority of the population will become poorer and have to struggle more to make a living. In the end the oligarchy will crumble (with rebellion or even civil war) and will be replaced by an autocracy with a power-base within the commons (on very few occasions it was replaced directly by democracy ). That's also why, then a republic goes bad (the oligarchic/aristocratic part is becoming to powerful, etc.pp.), the fall-back is almost always an autocracy with a power-base within the plebs (see the Principate). And that's also why feudalism has actually only ever existed for a longer time/came into existence in states/regions with a strong aristocracy/oligarchy, few cities, a weak central government (if existing) relying on this aristocracy and only weak ancient traditions. Note however, that on the other side the remembrance of polykephalic, tribal traditions can also slow down the implementation of feudalism, or weaken it's final form (see: England, Saxonia - in Westeros this would be the mountain clans, I suppose?). But even with such existing traditions saving you from feudalism for centuries, it is no 100% security to not end with one of the most strict and brutal forms of feudalism ever (czaristic Russia).
  9. Elio and Linda brought this up in their Endgame video. They don’t think Martin will take this route as it would be too close to Dune, but at this point who knows. I do however think that D&D may have ripped off Herbert’s theme. The whole Bran is the memory thing sounds too similar to be a coincidence. I hope for the D&D ripp-off. Frankly, Leto II Atreides is by far my favourite character from Dune, and I just don't see how GRRM could pull a God-Emperor for Bran without it looking stretched and cheesy (at best), because it takes Leto more then just his superpowers (which Bran doesn't have either) to actually become Emperor in the first place: First he does have a claim, and second with the planet Dune (Spice) and a lot of loyal followers quite a power base. Bran doesn't have neither (the North ist the least populated region of the Seven Kingdoms), so the other regions would not simply follow a kitn on the Iron Throne, why should they? - As far as we know at this moment, the knowledge and power lies in the trees, there are no Weirdwoods left in the South, so even with some strange and suddenly appearing "mullumullu" makes it no longer required for Bran to be linked to a tree, the Reech, Dorne, Stormlands and the Crownlands would say: "F*** yourself!"
  10. Morte

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    Exactly. Neither the "battle" in Ned's dream, nor his "conversation" with the KG happened in the way he dreams them. For example: The questions and answers are follow the typical "three questions toward an mystical guardian"-principal; they just don't end like this. They are more metaphoric than real questions. When, and how, do you think they got the news of the Trident? Who is originally 'sending the news out'? How are they sending it? (Why are they sending it - whats actually in it?) How is it getting relayed (by whom?) to the ToJ crew? I agree (with your whole post), but would like to mention, that it isn't at all impossible that Ned was indeed told, where Lyanna was (maybe by Benjen? Did she gave her little brother some "in-case-of-severe-emergency"briefing? Is this the reason, beside his knowledge, why he took the Black?). He didn't search for her blindly, but moves out with trusted men toward the ToJ.
  11. Yep, can you seriously expect Conan stepping aside and let his little sister take the big bad down? "Zeez iz called sahbverzshun, ja? Zeez iz what we are doing now" Nah, doesn't work. Conan also wouldn't kill Dany, but marry her and rule wisely, long and with an iron fist against their enemies... Hm, *headcinema* Would have been a nice ending. The Conan movies are awesome and not even a jota as dumb as many people believe them to be.
  12. Omg, yes "Too early in the morning to kill princes" and lets Hector return to Troy, wtf. Oh and Menelaus dies at the beginning of the war If Troy is an indication for their faithfulness toward GRRM's ending, we can at least hope for the books: KL will be destroyed - almost everything else will be different.
  13. What? No. I would just borrow the DeLorean from Preston Jacobs (see his review of episode 6), go back in time, tell Bloodraven in his prime what just happened in the future and take him and some of his teeths to the "Great" Council. Problems solved. And the expectations would have been greatly subverted. Sorry, it was just so awful - time travel is the only way to fix this.
  14. Late to the rant; was away, so I couldn't post - but I read all your comments here on the last three episodes (in the rant&rave-thread), so I only have little to add. First: Zizek wrote on the problem of the female characters and the ending in the show: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/game-thrones-season-8-finale-bran-daenerys-cersei-jon-snow-zizek-revolution-a8923371.html?fbclid=IwAR2mYK7eHEShZdRGkGFJ65gaW2wiEQkcRjBdxkJld8NcJ3ilzX1PrFc8GZY Second:Thank you @Cas Stark, The Wire-review is really spot on: and I do hope, that they indeed went far away from GRRM's ending, else he must be cautious to not send exactly this message. I'm a little bit worried about the books, to be honest, as I have seen too many fantasy books mess up their endings, but I still have hope. So, what do I take from this mess: - Jaime will get his trial and will be redeemed; and yes, by a Targaryen (but not because Brienne says he's an "okay-guy", but because Brienne will tell the truth about him murdering Aerys) - Dany will magdeburgerise at least one city (my bets are on Volantis, maybe more of the slaver's cities) - Someone will burn/destroy KL, either Cersei with Wildfire or JonCon&All, maybe even Dany, although I think she will come so late to the game that this would only happen as a "damned if you do, damned if you don't"-decision. A la: The dead rise as far South as KL and JonCon indeed did spread Greyscale in the city, so KL is full of corpses and sick/dying people. - Bran will leave the cave - Jon will not break his vows to the Watch. Actually I'm now more confident, that he will never get resurrected, because he never died, but "only" was severely wounded. Depending on the outcome with the Others the Nightwatch will change dramatically, and it will be Jon who will reform it. Now, that’s an idea I can totally get behind! So happy my darling Bloodraven never made it into this shitfest.  Actually, it's a pity none of the Great Bastards (Bloodraven or Seastar) attended the council - witnessing the gruesome deaths of all the Show!Starks would have been soooooo satisfying!