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  1. Morte

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    No. He died on a big dose of ambition, impatience and Rhaegal.
  2. Morte

    MIA - but not Killed on Page

    Am I blind or did you not include the Hound?
  3. Morte

    Who is the 3EC?

    Brynden Rivers.
  4. Morte

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    I don't think were will be a "Sword of the Morning" in the books, or at least not till the very end, as I think the sword would have to go to a Dayne of Starfall, and the candidate for this is too young to have earned it yet: Edric. But I do believe it possible for "Dorkstor" to get his hands on the sword - just don't think the family would recognize him as the "Sword of the Morning" if he somehow steals the sword.
  5. Morte

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    No. I still do see a little, tiny, wee bit of, like 2-3% hope for N+A=J, but I don't think it will bear fruits.
  6. Morte

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    Look, I like your advocatus-diaboli-approch, trying to get/to keep a discussion going. And with some theories it works well because there at least are different points to discuss. But in this case the "theory" not only doesn't add anything to the novel and has no hints pointing toward it, but also it would hurt the in-world logic, and badly. It would be a really bad deus ex machina, as it wouldn't even solve anything. So I stay with no.
  7. Morte

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    But of course! I will instantly move the entire series form it's now-home into the junk-shelve. After that I will commit myself to not touch another belletristic novel again, until I have read the "Astronomica Nova", "Die Phänomenologie des Geistes" and the whole MEGA, because I was so silly to think there could be a fantasy-novel worth reading. After that I will start anew with belletristic. With Proust. Satisfied?
  8. Morte

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    The good thing about this is: Having the Enterprise in orbit also solves ALL the other problems Planetos has to face
  9. Morte

    most tragic character

    Agree. Or better: I hope so. Agree again. Cat (not Stoneheart!) is a tragic character, even has something (do not overinterpret, it's just one small parallel) of Cassandra, as she does give good advice to Rob, and is not listened too. Hell, even her "betrayal" was a right bet, as both Tyrion and Jaime would have followed their agreement. Tragically (and this is true tragic again) fate and time did work against her as Tyrion wasn't longer in charge, the Tyrell's had switched side and in the end Cat dies at the Red Wedding and Sansa is "missing".
  10. Morte

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    It is simply one of the most ridiculous "theories" I ever heard or read, so I had to say "no" in as many languages as I could (and "non" is counted for two - French and Latin!) But maybe he is Riker in disguise and the Enterprise is teleporting him between the different locations, thousands of miles away from each other... What do I know? I just think we desperately need the next book, or the members of this and a lot of other forums will go nuts.
  11. Morte

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    no, non, nein, njet, nie, nee, oú...
  12. Morte

    most tragic character

    But he is in the sense that he is causing his own downfall by his deeds and has to bear the consequences and the knowledge. Yes, but not to that degree of suffering (the question was about the most tragic character ) Yes, both Jon and Jaime can be seen as such (and sure a lot of other characters as well), albeit Jon has some traits that contradict the (good) "classical greek tragedy" (but not the classical greek hero-modus). Yes we can. It's not over yet. That's why I said it is quite possible that Theon will get no redemption at all. GRRM is not finished with him and may evn kill him off "pointlessly" - just to drive the message home that suffering and trying/beginning to change for the better is no guaranty for catharsis.
  13. Morte

    most tragic character

    Sure. But I think because of his treason he has more similarities with Jason, even though I don't think Theon's "cloak-turning" was even near as bad. What I wanted to say is, that Theon is by far the most tragic, because he causes his downfall himself, because the active working toward once own downfall is what tragedy is about. No matter the cause (it can even be a just one) or if one is struggling to prevent something, but is unintentionally causing it. Theon wants to rise, but all his doing only leads to his ultimate downfall, his catharsis is his suffering by Ramsay Snow and the rescue of "Arya". Whether he gets any salvation out of this, or even just a little sympathy from anyone because of it, is speculation at this moment. But even if he can find a place where he belongs, his wounds - inner and outer - will never fully heal. That's tragedy.
  14. Morte

    most tragic character

    Jason wanted to rise in status by abandoning his wife Meade for the young daughter of the king of Corinth. Of course he did want to keep their children with him (who would become bastards by the divorce), while forcing Meade out of town. Because of his treason and what this would mean for the life of her boys, Meade kills the bride with a poisoned gown and then kills her children. Jason comes home to see their dead bodies, Meade leaving on a wagon her grandfather Helios has send her, riding over the sky as Jason watches and breaks down. Oedipus killed his father, married his mother, had children with her. Upon realising what they had done Iokaste hangs herself and Oedipus blinds himself and walks away, becoming a seer. So yes, no gross torture for them both, but I doubt it was pleasant.
  15. Morte

    Poll: Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?

    Welcome to German humour (dry) and German weather-bias (it's never sunny, not even if it did not rain since nine month )! But yes, even here it is possible to grow fig and pomegranate, and also to some degree lemon (although the last does need a really good and sheltered place, a warm house or has to be dig up in winter). Well, they have to (or Martin did not think too much of it), because of all the things you mentioned. I also would go with at least something like "mini seasons", aka rainy seasons and some months with lower temperature, etc. And yes: Dany does of course choose to remember the sunny, happy days. Because she was little and this were the only truly happy days in her childhood. (And science is good! Not only but also because I think GRRM did think about things like this, if maybe not to an end, but at least in broader sense.)