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  1. Actually I've read the ratings for Mando season 3 are down, by quite a lot. Not sure if it's true mind you, but it's what I've read.
  2. To be fair, he/she wouldn't be a very good defense lawyer, if they said he was guilty, lol
  3. https://deadline.com/2023/03/damon-lindelof-justin-britt-gibson-exit-secret-star-wars-movie-1235306120/amp/ Here’s the article I read. Take it for what you will.
  4. They confirmed the Lindelof film isn’t happening, last week.
  5. True they made less and less each time, but each of those sequels still made a billion dollars. That's still a lot of money. Are they worried that Rise of Skywalker has angered the fandom or something?
  6. It just seems rather crazy is all. All of these scripts being rejected.
  7. What exactly is the issue, Star Wars has run into when it comes to making films? Didn't the sequel films each make over a billion dollars?
  8. I suppose he’s easy to recast if the worst should come. Not every variant has to look the same.
  9. I know GRRM lies all the time about this, but he mentioned that he doesn't want to add any new POV characters.
  10. I love that they named a ship The New Jersey. It instantly made me smile.
  11. I was describing God Emperor of Dune to my friends, about a week ago and they were wondering if I was on drugs, lol I told them I wasn't, but I was pretty sure Frank Herbert was, lol
  12. Yea, but Mel is a nut job, who thinks Stannis is destined to save the world and that murdering a little boy, will let her wake dragons from the Earth. I take the things she says with a massive grain of salt. Also her ADWD chapter pretty much outs her as a fraud in many ways. If what your saying has anything to do with the Five Forts, I really don't see them playing any role in the series; we're literally 5 books in and they've not been mentioned once in ASoIaF. GRRM just doesn't have the page space, to make the Long Night, a massive event that effects Essos. My own guess is, the Five Forts were just put in the series, for the sake of world building.
  13. I want that to be true, but no one in Essos has once mentioned anything about The Others yet or anything that would resemble them. So I just don't see it happening.
  14. They're also no longer being brainwashed into killing puppies and babies. I'd say that's more important than anything else.
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