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  1. I mostly only play them with friends. We bond together through our suffering, ha ha ha We even started making youtube videos of our many adventures.
  2. Just level up a bit and get there move patterns down. If you want to really play the game on easy, you can always just play as a magic user. To be honest, I always found the final boss of DS3 to be kind of easy. The final boss of the Ringed City DLC though..............now he's a strong one.
  3. Which final boss in DS3 would that be? The one in the main story or the one in the final DLC? There's also the insanely hard optional boss on the final DLC.
  4. I mean I said that when the game was announced. FromSoftware has always been about creating their worlds first and their stories second. Still I look forward to playing this game. I was able to keep myself sane last year during lock down by playing Bloodborn, Darks 3, 1 and 2, in that order, with 3 of my close friends. We want to play Demon Souls as well, but only 2 of us have a PS5.
  5. Well it's a FromSoftware game, so most of the story will be told in item descriptions I imagine, lol Still these games are rather fun to play with friends.
  6. Ohh, both shows have their illusions of time travel rules.................they just constantly break them whenever the writers come up with an idea for a cool plot point. Like I said, time travel is paradoxical by it's very nature.
  7. Yea, but time travel doesn't really make sense in either of those series, which is probably for the best when you think about it, since time travel is paradoxical, by it's very nature.
  8. He returned the stone to that timeline, but Thanos from that timeline/reality still goes into the future to fight the Avengers, along with Gamora and Nebula, so all those characters should not exist in that timeline/reality anymore. Cap returning the stone doesn't fix that.
  9. Like I said in my first post, this is a problem all time travel stories run into, so you really just have to kind of let it go.
  10. So how do you fix the fact that there is now a timeline where Thanos vanishes from 2014? Because that's what I was talking about and the Avengers did not fix that, lol
  11. I mean Thanos coming into the future and getting defeated by the Avengers seems like it would cause some massive changes to the time line if you ask me. How exactly do these guys fix something big like that, lol
  12. Yea, but this causes other plot holes when you think of the other Gamora out there. Though every time travel story has paradoxes, plot holes and things that simply don't make sense, so I just don't think about it most of the time.
  13. I really liked this show as well, so far it's off to a much better start compared to the other two shows, IMO
  14. I mean I personally didn't find WandaVison's or the adventures of Sam and Bucky's first episode to be out right funny in anyway way. I know in the former's case they were trying to make it funny, but the retro jokes didn't land for me. I much prefer seeing Loki getting his butt kicked by the temporal IRS.
  15. I really enjoyed the first episode of Loki, in terms of comedy and emotion, it blows the first two shows out of the water, IMO
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