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  1. sifth

    Star Trek Discovery #3

    Anyone else see this vid yet? It's a great little take on the state of Star Trek today and why it doesn't look and feel like the Trek we know and love.
  2. How did Poe survive anyway? I'm sure this is covered in the books or something, but in the movie it's done in a very half assed way, where Poe just randomly shows up in the third act of the film and says, "hey guys, I'm not dead". I mean I don't think I've every seen a character come back to life in such a half-assed way before. It's never a good sign when the dragon balls make more sense than something, lol
  3. sifth

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot in the works

    If it's a spinoff, I don't want the main character called Buffy. It could be almost any other name on the planet and I'd be fine, but let Buffy at least be her own separate character.
  4. You know the moment Abrams was revealed to be the director a massive red flag went off in my head. The guy has made a career out of copying the ideas better people came up with before him. What really sucks though was Brad Bird was apparently offered the job before Abrams, but turned it down to work on Tomorrowland. Brad Bird is amazing and gave me some of my favorite movies growing up like The Iron Giant and the Incredibles. I mean sure Tomorrowland was trash, but there's only so much you can do with a Damon Lindelof screenplay, lol
  5. Yea, I know about that, still sucks to lose MKW though, regardless of the reason. Replacing Lord and Miller didn't make me very happy either, especially with a "yes man" like Ron Howard. Ironically one of the few things I didn't hate about Solo was Alden Ehrenreich as Han and I went in prepared to hate the guy. He looks and acts nothing like Ford, but for some odd reason still feels like Han...............if that makes sense.
  6. I'll admit I've only seen the movie once and it's been well over a year since I saw it as well. I just remember Rose being all about how "everyone at the casino is evil for being rich" and "why doesn't anyone think of the animals" and crap like that. I know in hindsight it's not quite SJW topics, but still trash things I don't want in a Star Wars movie. I'm still upset that Disney replaced Michael K Williams, with Paul Bettany in Solo. For the record I like Paul Bettany a lot, but MKW is just on another level. The guy is such a fun actor filled with so much energy. You just can't replace Omar with anyone, IMO
  7. Is it weird that the only thing I liked about TLJ was the casino planet.........................alright most of that is a joke, but it did touch on something I really do love in both fiction and non-fction; the war economy. That if you have a series of prolonged wars like the Star Wars universe seems to have, for better or worse you will create an economy based around it. I loved when Benicio Del Toro pretty much shoved Rose's SJW ideology down her hypocritical throat, when he revealed to her that the rebels were getting their weapons from the same people the First Order were. For a briefly moment I was able to see signs of a much better movie, inside the turd that was TLJ...........but only for a moment. It's probably one of my favorite elements of much more interesting sci-fi series, like Babylon 5, Mobile Suit Gundam, and even Star Trek to a certain extent.
  8. sifth

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot in the works

    I tried to give Legacies a try once and I just couldn't. I think after the first episode I was done with the show.
  9. sifth

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot in the works

    I loved Buffy up until season 5, but I always viewed Angel as the better of the two shows. Once season 3 started, I always felt that Angel's cast had more chemistry and I loved how everyone added something to the team dynamic; Lorne, Wesley and Fred being my favorites. Speaking of season 3, I think that was Buffy's best as well. The Mayor still remains one of my favorite villains in just about anything. A bit worried about this remake, considering nearly every remake sucks, with The Thing, Dawn of the Dead and The Fly being the only major exceptions, IMO
  10. sifth

    MCUniverse- Captain Marvel Rises!

    Just the way this place works at times, sad to say. I remember being called a sexist just for not liking the character Rey in the new Star Wars film. It's one of the main reasons I stopped posting here for a while. If people were going to have such a narrow mindset on issues, I couldn't be bothered to talk with them. I personally love the Aliens movies and Ripley is one of my favorite fictional characters. I loved Sarah Connor and Buffy as well up. They seemed like real people, with real flaws that were elevated by the events around them. However the moment you talk about one in the modern sense as being portrayed as too perfect and one dimensional, you're labeled a sexist in this place, even if some people don't want to out right say it. I mean I can list you dozens of male characters I hate for this same reasons, but I'm sure no one would give a dam if I did.
  11. sifth

    MCUniverse- Captain Marvel Rises!

    Not my fault she isn't.
  12. I love how you view me as "one of those", for being a person who wants fun sci-fi to just be fun sci-fi and not have an agenda behind it. That Rosa Parks episode was pretty much "white guilt" the episode, much like how the Indian episode was "British guilt" the episode. The fact that you can't see this makes me wonder if you've been brainwashed by the current PC world. I mean these PC episodes were why I hated a few of the episodes of DS9 during it's final season, when out of nowhere Sisko was suddenly talking about racism, when it happened almost 500 years in the past from his POV and it was never once brought up by him in the 6 prior seasons. Also David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston did carry guns at one point. They just didn't like to use them. edit: I forgot Matt Smith used a gun as well.
  13. sifth

    MCUniverse- Captain Marvel Rises!

    It's called a joke buddy, lol
  14. Now you lost me. I'm just saying Doctor Who is just viewed as a silly kids show in the UK, which is what my 3 friends over there tell me all the time. You seem to be defending it as if it's some type of hardcore sci-fi drama. Again just assumptions, because your replies to me have been very vague at best.
  15. Says the guy who thinks Doctor Who is some type serious drama. It's a children's show man.