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  1. That's so true. Dany needs a Raye Penber. A person who is 100% innocent, but she still has a logical reason from her POV to kill him anyway, just to show us her warped form of a justice and how it doesn't work with anyone who isn't a slaver or overly evil like many of the characters she killed in Essos. I hope GRRM gives to us.
  2. sifth

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    I’d say it’s sort of say there is a bit of blame on both sides.
  3. Well in our world 12 year olds can’t join most military orders, but if one could and he was caught killing his general, that would be treason. You know a capital crime.
  4. I sort of hate this so called “trick”, it feels cheap and makes Jon look dumb.
  5. You mean a kid who joined a military order and committed treason? Are you trying to justify treason?
  6. In the second book it’s kind of weird. I loved Tyrion, but I wanted Stannis to win. A victory for Tyrion meant a victory for Joff and I’d take anyone over him as king. I mean when it comes to Dany she basically is just a different kind of evil than most people write about. Look at how she sacks Astapor and basically abandons it. This is basically something Tywin himself would do.
  7. That was the moment it just dawned on me that Dany is basically Light Yamagi. People have been looking away for so long because "Dany only kills bad people", which is fun logic to justify cold blooded murder, which she did pretty often; the nobles of Meereen being the worst case of this, but what she did to Astapor wasn't much better. Naturally going back on your word is fine "when the person your dealing with is evil", by her logic and the supporters of Dany. It's even worse knowing that many of the people she killed aren't even ones who are openly trying to kill her. The slavers in Astapor she basically kills, simply because "they're evil" and for no other reason. The nobles in Meereen she also kills "because they're evil" and no other reason; I wonder if she did any real investigation into which ones were hurting those kids and which weren't. Tyrion's right, there's only so long, before our real world views of what evil is and her warped one can match.
  8. I just GRRM’s version doesn’t suck. That’s all I can really say.
  9. By that logic every Frey at the Red Wedding, aside from Walder must be an innocent puppy.
  10. That’s a bit unfair. They gave us some great stuff early on in the show, like the Varys and Littlefinger scenes and all the ones with Arya and Tywin. I’d argue they became bad writers once the went off book entirely.
  11. It’s alright the poison butterflies will hopefully kill them.
  12. sifth

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    She’s also judging people with trials, for doing something that was legal up until her take over. She also never takes into account that some slavers could be reformed. She basically punishing people just because she doesn’t like the current law set in place.
  13. sifth

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    Dany literally mentions in her second chapter in ACoK that “she doesn’t want to burn Kings Landing”, and these are coming from inner thoughts, not Jorah trying to talker her into doing something less evil. So yea.
  14. Just saying we don’t know is all. I certainly couldn’t predict Mance being a spy at Winterfell for example.
  15. We don’t know that for sure. Just like we don’t know what role Vic and the Iron Fleet will play in the book.