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  1. She's doing it for them. The whole situation is a catch 22. She either has to betray one friend or the other.
  2. Yea, that's a very good example there. The final for Civil War, was not some over the top battle, between 100 to 1000 CGI characters fighting the Avenger; it was simply a battle between friends, over a rather complex issue. The fact that the audience already knows, that all three men are good and decent people, only made it hurt harder, IMO. I'm not even a huge fan of the Civil War film, but even I have to admit they did a very good job with the climax.
  3. I think the problem is, these over the top CGI climaxes are happening so often, it's making them less special. I have no issue with them, when used with an over the top hero like Thor or Captain Marvel, or even in space with the GotG, but it feels unnatural for them to also happen in films about down to Earth heroes, like Shang Chi, Captain America and Black Widow. It's like the MCU is scared of trying to tell other types of stories, with the season final of Loki being the major exception.
  4. I mean I know it was done for budgetary reasons, but I believe each season of Dear Devil showed considerable restraint in its season finals. Same with season 1 of Loki; nearly the entire season final was hearing Majors talk and you know what, it's memorable. Not gonna lie, I talk more about that Loki season final, with my friends, than I do any of the others.
  5. So this is how Jimmy goes down. Well it's unexpected, if nothing else.
  6. This is also very true. Wandavision was a great show on how depression and trauma can make a good person turn evil...................and then for no reason we got an over the top witch vs witch fight, with plenty of explosions and fireworks. I'm honestly starting to think Fiege doesn't know how to show restraint.
  7. I agree, the best scenes from the Winter Solider's climax were Cap fighting Bucky and Natasha and Fury stopping Pierce. That was honestly, all that was needed.
  8. Exactly. For a while every MCU film felt like it had a blue lazier. Now however, it feels like every MCU film needs an over the top CGI ending. I honestly think Black Widow and Shang-Chi, would have better films, without them.
  9. I have to give Miller some credit. They led the police on a merry chase, for nearly two months. Heck Miller even mocked the police on social media while doing it. I wonder if Miller will try to plead insanity.
  10. Ohh, I found it very boring as well. I was very disappointed by the game, to be honest, and mostly because the Witcher 3 remains one of my favorite games of all time. I can't exactly call it my favorite, since I recently beat Elden Ring and that was a hell of a gaming experience in its own right. The Witcher 3 felt like there were so many ways I could handle a quest, while Cyberpunk seemed much more streamlined by comparison. It didn't matter if I was a corpo, street kid or nomad, the experience was more or less always the same. I almost feel lied to, because I remember back in 2018, they released a demo with a quest, with about 5 different out comes and it ended up being the only quest like that, in the final product.
  11. It wasn't so bad, I mean they gave me a full refund for selling me this broken game. Can't say there are too many companies that would do that. I still remember beating this game and my character not having a head in the final cutscene. Such a found memory, for why I will never enjoy this game.
  12. You're making me think of Demolition Man now. In the future all restaurants are Taco Bell and in the future all movies are superhero films, lol
  13. Joker is a strange film. It's almost like they took a script about a man suffering from mental illness and repurposed it as a movie about The Joker. Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie a lot, but it feels like a movie that wasn't made originally as a comic book film. In a lot of ways it reminds me of 10 Cloverfield Lane, where they took the story of a woman trapped in a bunker, with a man who may or may not be crazy and repurposed it as a Cloverfield sequel.
  14. Yea, she's only 18 now, so calling her an adult is pushing it. I find it rather disturbing that you're defending his actions, to be perfectly honest. Another story has Miller leaving a whole bunch of guns around the house and a child putting a bullet in her mouth.
  15. Close enough. Millers also a wanted fugitive at the moment, who’s openly mocked the cops on social media.
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