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  1. Joss Whedon wasn't involved with Lost, as far as I know. He's also responsible for getting Angel canceled, because he demanded an early renewal from the WB and they refused him. Had he just waited a few months, odds are the show would simply be renewed by the WB, but by trying to force them to renew the show early, he inadvertently got the show canceled instead.
  2. I mean compared to some of the violence shown in the recent Suicide Squad film and Peacemaker, that scene is relatively tame by comparison.
  3. I did a group movie night this past Holiday season, where me and four friends each picked a Christmas/Holiday film and we watched it together. One friend picked Batman Returns, because he couldn't think of a good Holiday film. It holds up really well, despite them clearly only having one major set for a lot of the action scenes.
  4. I'm still confused if The Suicide Squad takes place in the DCEU. It seems like a reboot, more than a sequel, despite having some of the same characters. I suppose non of this will really matter, once Flash Point comes out this fall and resets the timeline.
  5. Weren't there a whole bunch of Watchers talking to Stan Lee, in the second GotG film.
  6. Also, why didn't Boba Fett just kill the Sarlaac, before looking inside of it's stomach. It seems rather stupid to look inside a giant monsters mouth, while it's still alive. I mean at least do something to put it to sleep first.
  7. So why does Boba Fett think his armors in the Sarlaac Pit, when he crawls out of the pit, with it on? Did he just lose all memory of how he escaped or something?
  8. I've read that Secret Invasion is going to be a more self contained show. I mean that could always change, but that's how I remember them describing it in an interview, a few months back.
  9. I do worry there will be a lot of that type of writing, in order to make the Eternals fit into the larger MCU. Sure they talk about the Avengers and Thor, in this film; but that aside this movie feels very disconnected to the MCU, despite the fact that it involves a world ending type plot. Heck even the Black Knight reveal at the end, feels very awkward and out of place. I know next to nothing about this character, but I doubt he has the power to fight a Celestial, so it almost felt like a joke to me.
  10. This is why I think the Eternals would have worked better as a whole. They could have made an entire episode or possibly several episodes, just exploring Thena and Gigamesh's relationship over the centuries.
  11. Yea, but didn't the Red Skull mention that Thanos has a father in Infinity Wars. That wouldn't make any sense, if the guy was made in a factory.
  12. So Thanos is an Eternal? Because I’m pretty sure that’s the reason that lot called themselves family.
  13. Did he really say Gal Gadot doesn't understand English? Because it sounds like he said that, in this article. This is just getting insane.
  14. I mean to be fair, so did Mr. Data on TNG, so that one doesn't answer anything for me, lol
  15. That type of logic, just makes Laconia seem too OP if you ask me. They already have the strongest ships in the universe. The fact that they take an extremely long time to create, at least gives the good guys a chance.
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