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  1. I like how they're not revealing any of the actual plot in these trailers. It seems very refreshing for something Disney related.
  2. That the maesters are purposely slowing down human advancement. Seems rather strange how little science has advanced in the world. The technology of Aegon’s conquest, is near identical to the technology in the present story. I mean it’s even more crazy when you see just how far we’ve advanced in the last 100 years, in the real world.
  3. It's the only way I can see the world. I can't pretend I live and was raised in the middle ages, that you seem to be able to. Simply put, the people of Dorne are more evolved, compared to the rest of Westeros, by not being bigots, to which I rather like.
  4. Honestly the longer Benjen stays missing, the longer I wonder if George has any idea what to do with him. In fact he feels less like a character and more like a plot device. He's only appeared in the flesh in about 2 or 3 chapters at most.
  5. Only read Fevre Dream................I wasn't a fan. I didn't hate the book, but it's no A Song of Ice and Fire and it's a book I can't ever picture myself reading again.
  6. Equal rights for both genders and no discrimination for bastards, isn’t advanced, lol
  7. Probably a Maester. So far it's either been a character beyond The Wall or a Maester.
  8. It's up to you. Though if I had to compare the two, the original show is much better.
  9. So much for that 7 season plan.
  10. I mean just watch the 90's show. It's easily one of the best American animated shows ever made. It's right up there with Batman the Animated series.
  11. Barristan defending his queen, from The Titans Bastard, using only a stick.
  12. On the plus side, Lower Decks is an anime, so that means it could presumably return later down the line, at some point. Family guy and Futurama have both been cancelled several times and returned, so anything is possible.
  13. I mean that’s the character, he’s suppose to be like Spock and show very few emotions.
  14. So if this is true, it's clear as day, they don't have a plan and are just making this up as they go along.
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