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  1. The trailer sort of reminds me of something David Lynch would make. I hope it's just as weird as some of the stuff he comes up with, lol
  2. Out of all of the MCU shows, they're making for Disney+, this is the one I'm most interested in. For the first time in ages it feels like Marvel is trying something different and actually taking a risk. Plus the Vision comic, where he starts a family is really good, which I'm going to assume this is heavily going to be influenced from.
  3. It seems to me that Edgar is just just a replacement character for James Stillwell, who doesn't exist in the show for some daft reason. We did get Madelyn Stillwell, but we all know what happened to her at the end of season 1. Honestly Edgar's arc in season 2, is very closely following James Stillwell's in the comics.
  4. Most CGI characters I’ve seen on tv shows have looked like crap over the years. Heck I wasn’t very impressed by the Hulk in End Game; he looked very fake to me, almost like a walking cartoon. I honestly feel CGI works best when blended with practical effects like the T Rex in Jurassic Park and the T-1000.
  5. Aside from IG-11, did Mando have any other CGI characters? Even he only appeared in 3 episodes, 2 of which he was given very limited screen time.
  6. Let's be real, if they CGI her, we're only going to see She Hulk for maybe 10% of each episode and Jen the rest of the time, which would kind of suck. I honestly doubt Disney is going to give this show the same budget that GotG had for Rocket and Groot or End Game had for the Hulk and even those movies were only about 2 or 3 hours long.
  7. I just hope they use practical effects for her and not CGI. One of the best parts of the She Hulk comics, is the fact that she's She Hulk most of the time and hardly ever Jen.
  8. Tatiana Maslany is an awesome actress. I just hope they keep her as She Hulk all the time, like in the comics and don't simply make her a Savage She Hulk. I also hope they don't use CGI for her transformation and simply use makeup and paint, like in Star Trek.
  9. To be honest, I rather hate the prophet/Pa Wraith stuff. I always felt the Bajoran's were always the least interesting part of the show.
  10. Well Ronald Moore was one of the head writers on DS9 and the show runner for the BSG remake, so I'd imagine that's what the connection is. I'm not a huge fan of the Pa Wraight stuff either. The Dominion arc was always much more interesting, IMO.
  11. I honestly feel bad for GRRM, the guy clearly has some form of writers block. I know a big issue he's had while writing AFFC/ADWD is making up his mind on certain things, which led to him writing and rewriting many of his chapters. I'm pretty sure he wrote 3 versions of Quentyn meeting Dany and quite a few versions of Tyrion's Shrouded Lord chapter, one or two actually have Tyrion meeting the guy. At this point, I'll just be thankful if I ever get a chance to read another A Song of Ice and Fire book, though to be honest Elden Ring is probably the GRRM project I'm looking forward to the most.
  12. I have a hard time seeing that, especially how the show handled all of the stories from AFFC and ADWD, most of them they rushed through, rewrote or just ignored. Heck so many characters on the show seem like different people in the books and many more character in the books don't even exist in the show. I have no idea how A Dream of Spring is going to end, but the show made so many daft changes that I don't see how 90% of the story can even line up with the books.
  13. Man, it's like Homelander on this show just finds new ways to be creepy each week.
  14. I mean he's not wrong, Discovery's biggest problem is it takes itself too seriously and forgets to have fun along the way. This is my biggest complaint with New Trek as a whole; we're no longer allowed to have episodes that are just pure fun. Each episode has to be part of the bigger story arc and usually involve violence in some way. Don't get me wrong, I love the action episodes of Trek, the Dominion and Borg episodes are among my favorites, but I want silly fun episodes to go with them from time to time as well. They help provide so much needed balance I feel. Frascape handle this type of story telling perfectly, IMO
  15. I guess I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed Vic on DS9. The episode that features him befriending Odo is probably one of my favorites, just because it's one of the few times in the series we get to see Odo actually be happy. I also love the one where he helps Nog recover from his trauma; this episode in particular has brought more than a few tears to my eyes.
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