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  1. I agree, I enjoyed the opening as well and even a little of the stuff in the present. I'd say after the fight on the bridge is where the movie fell apart for me. Some of the CGI just looked beyond fake in this one and they had nearly two years to work on it, after it's intended release date.
  2. I'd love a What If story, about M'Baku becoming the Black Panther. I don't feel like that character gets enough love.
  3. Season 2 had some great moments, like Omar's time testifying in court, but to me was a step down from season 1. I know it sets up the rest of the series, by introducing the Greeks and Prop Joe's connection with them, but certain elements just didn't click with me. Brother Mouzone feels like such a wasted character and I know they bring him back for a few episodes in season 3, but he really doesn't do much in that season either, aside from getting revenge on a certain someone at the very end. I think they introduce Bunny in season 2 as well, who aside from Lester and Bunk, is my favorite cop character; but sadly do nothing with him. Season 3 Bunny, now that guy is awesome.
  4. Man this episode really made me feel down. The way Chadwick Boseman sounded seemed a bit off to me; almost like he was in pain the entire time, which is probably was. I wonder just how close it was recorded to his passing. It sort of reminded me of Kirby Morrow, who returned to work on the Inuyasha sequel, but sadly was only able to record one episode before his passing; he too sounded very different.
  5. I love The Wire so much. It's easily one of the greatest shows I've seen in my life and Michael K Williams death really bummed me out all week. I first watched the show a few summers ago and was amazed with how well written the first season was. Every character was just so dam likeable, even the criminals like Avon, Stringer and Prop Joe. Heck even minor characters like Carver, Bubbles and Wee Bey were insanely memorable and probably better written than most main characters on tv. It's funny too, since me and my friend, who both only ever saw the show once, were listing off some of the insanely minor characters from this show, the other night; such as Stinkum, Bird, Savino and Poot. All of these characters are extremely minor and were little more than stormtroopers, from a narrative perspective, yet all of them left a lasting impression on us, all these years after we finished the show. The Wire really is unlike any show I've seen before, for being able to do that.
  6. Let's be real, everything about zombies doesn't make sense. You really just need to roll with the fact that your story will not completely make sense, if you put zombies in it, because they themselves are a walking contradiction to the way death works as we know it. I mean if we're going to get real technical, the human body starts to decay after only a few days, once you're dead. Heck our dead bodies are paste after about a months time, so it would be very easy to simply wait out a zombie apocalypse in a safe shelter. Also don't even get me started when it comes to gasoline in a zombie film/tv show. In the real world gasoline only has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months; diesel might be able to last a year. Yet on so many shows/movies that take place years after zombies have taken over the world, you still have people driving cars and getting gas.
  7. Not sure how I feel about this weeks episode. It was alright, but nearly everything I saw done in this episode, I saw done better somewhere else. As said above the Vision and Wanda stuff was the best part and I wish we got more of it. Spider Man really took me out of this episode, with his overly happy personality; it wasn’t bad, but I found it distracting. Scott’s head in a jar was basically right out of Futurama, part of me is shocked they didn’t make a joke about it.
  8. Agree to disagree, the first episode is easily the weakest for me, for sticking way too close to the plot of The First Avenger.
  9. I mean you could say the same thing about any dark episode of the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits that did something similar. It's not really the point at the end of the day. The point is the MCU did something different from it's usual, happy and safe formula. The first two episodes of What If followed that tone, but this episode and the one before it, at least tried to do something a little different, which is a welcome change of pace in my book.
  10. I'm just glad we finally got something really dark from the MCU. I mean sure the ending to Infinity Wars was dark, but knowing that End Game fixes this, it's sort of lessened for me. This was easily the bravest episode of the series for me.
  11. I liked this episode a lot, but doesn't it sort of break Marvels "consequence free" time travel rule, that was established in End Game?
  12. I really liked that episode. It was dark and disturbing and reminded me of an episode of the Twilight Zone.
  13. I mean all 3 of those characters you mentioned are Gary Stu's, so why not, lol I mean heck, me and my friends watched Die Hard 3 together a few weeks ago and made a drinking game out of every scene that should have killed John McLauglin. It was a rather fun night.
  14. I feel like I say this every week, but I'm still shocked how much I've been enjoying Lower Decks. Out of all of the newer Trek shows, it's easily been my favorite and just makes me feel happy watching it.
  15. sifth

    Cobra Kai

    Same, the last scene of season 3 really put a smile on my face and now I'm worried the story will drag on too long.
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