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  1. Gareth Bale becomes the first British player to win trophies in the CL era. What an incredible achievement.
  2. That's what I figured. He strikes me as someone who- assuming his mindset is right- would be a good replacement for Pogba in the role we've been asking him to play and an obvious upgrade on Fred and McTom, in being a midfield linkman who can handle the defensive responsibility and keep the passing ticking, but he ultimately doesn't solve the actual biggest tactical problem we have.
  3. If Liverpool don't win today Klopp should be fired for this abysmal failure of a season.
  4. That's a fan cut, with Beta Ray Bill's line lifted from one of his animated appearances.
  5. Is De Jong at his best when he's the deepest man? He still plays alongside Busquets most of the time at Barca, right?
  6. While in an ideal world no service or mode of provision for that service would be discontinued so long as there was one user demanding it, in practice that's not... well, practical. But also: can we please not pretend like there is no other option for kids to entertain themselves while round their grandparents? it is not child abuse (nor elder abuse) to not have CBBC available. It's an inconvenience, not the removal of a human right.
  7. From what I can see reading around about it, it's put itself in an odd position because it's very deliberately a Telugu film about Telugu freedom fighters and deals in part with some themes about the splitting of the main Telugu state, Andrha Pradesh, into two states in 2014, being a false split (although that in itself seems to be complex because the real Komaram Bheem is associated with the opposite, though my quick read doesn't say if he himself believed that since he fought in a time before India was independent at all so it wasn't his main struggle either way). In any case a key purpose of it was more prominence for these two figures and for the region/s they were from. It also has Bheem apparently disguising himself as a Muslim (I missed that in the film, but there was one scene, when he's going into the city, that he dresses all in white that clearly did have a visual significance I just didn't understand and that may have been it) which is significant and against typical Hindu/Indian nationalism. But it that has then added Hindu mythic symbology in the finale - the Rama and Bhima stuff- which was as far as I can tell just meant to give it a wider national appeal and say 'yes we are of India too, we fought the British too' but came unfortunately timed just after another, apparently far more openly nationalistic and racist, film (the Kashmir Files) got cinema goers in a certain mood and got it associated with xenophobic nationalism in a way the director probably wasn't intending. It also has Ram teaching Bheem in ways that apparently lean a bit into unfortunate stereotypes about tribal peoples in India being less cultured. Ultimately though any film positively portraying an independence movement will inherently be patriotic to some degree, and it being - quite deliberately- a superhero movie too heightens that, so where it lies on the fine/uncomfortable line is up for debate, but I don't think it's, like, Modi-ism or anything. But all of that is based from literally a couple hours reading time after seeing the film, I am completely undeducated on this and will definitely have missed stuff. Also a note for Marvel: see, it is possible to make a ridiculously over the top action epic and make it have complex themes and meanings!
  8. Lot of reports that we're near to signing Jurrien Timber, and are still in for De Jong. As good as each player is or might be individually, it's always a little concerning when a manager comes in to the biggest job of their career so far, financially and in terms of competition, and their main thought is just players from their old club- even when it's a club as well-run as Ajax. Hope there's other deals on the table too.
  9. I don't think it's part of the franchise? Just by the same director. If it is connected it's only by the loosest possible (or thematic) threads, coz this is an entirely standalone story. But I've not seen them yet. In any case it's great. A combination of storytelling norms I'm not used to and a director just apparently entirely unconstrained by anything that would make his movies less fun.
  10. I get some of the criticisms of TLJ, or just why people dislike it, even though I don't - but blaming Rhian Johnson for TRoS's failures is just a bit odd imo. Two reasons: first, he didn't make it as some kind of guerrilla film project where he dropped a finished Star Wars films they had to put out. They'll have known what he meant to do before he started filming, and it's not as if they haven't booted directors during filming or made big changes to a movie after primary filming finished because they didn't like where it ended. So they were obviously fine with what he was doing until it came out and the backlash hit. Second: regardless of what you think about how Johnson moved on the plots TFA set up, or where it left everything in its own right, there clearly were ways to take it that didn't involve just trying to recant everything so hard that it ended up not only undoing all the progress of TLJ, but a lot of its own plot points as well. They just gave it to a director who it turns out clearly didn't have the imagination for that. Like killing Snoke in particular was an odd choice that left them some difficulty, but Palpatine returning as the solution? There were far better solutions in play for Abrams to use, some of them which the film even hints towards (a broken and wild Kylo battling with Hux for control of the new order had potential for example, but was squandered in the stupidest possible way). None of that mess is Rhian Johnson's fault, even if you hate TLJ on its own merits.
  11. RRR The one disappointment is that the Netflix version only has the Hindi dub, not the original Telugu. I'll have to buy the film at some point to see the OG, but it doesn't distract from the briliantly OTT action or anything.
  12. I watched RRR. It's fucking great. Most epic bromance of all time, and is gonna be hard to top as an action film this year.
  13. This, coming from the guy who's been arguing about this for like 12 hours to someone who's written four sentences, does not follow the evidence. Sorry that you're irrational.
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