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  1. Hilariously, Tom Cruise saw that they did this and is already planning his response: becoming the first non-astronaut to ever do a spacewalk, in a film he's developing with Doug Liman.
  2. In the history of English football there have only been two out (male) players: one currently, who plays in the Championship (second division), and Justin Fashanu in the 90s who was so abused he committed suicide. Like, I'd hazard a guess that there are some players out privately to their friends/their team, but yeah, it is (shamefully) a big deal.
  3. I hope not. I mean, in real life terms he can't, but since they don't care, there's a good chance of it. But I hope there's more of an arc of Ted (and Jamie) getting through to him than, you know, that. But I saw someone suggest that Zava will hurt or step on Danny Rojas in some way and Jamie will come to the fore and take leadership then. That does make sense. Jamie's on the anti-Nate arc and something that'd make him step up to a real leader is almost definitely on the cards. And he probably is too overwhelming a character to be a permanent fixture tbh.
  4. Wes Anderson being Wes Anderson in a big big way here.
  5. Short gameplay demo of Zelda. Still doesn't actually tell us anything, but hey ho.
  6. Yeah, those were cool. The other one that really stood out for me was On @dbunting's comment:
  7. He's also got a new game coming out soon, to bring things back to theme for a bit...
  8. Oh wait, so it wasn't the books that were the danger!?
  9. Yesterday I watched Puss in Boots 2. It is indeed excellent. Just a grand old adventure, fantastically drawn. Today I watched John Wick 4. Also excellent. It's long, but I only really thought one scene was too long. Other than that I didn't feel the length. Also, one particular action scene I thought was brilliant. Bit different from Wick's norm in terms of style, but so much fun.
  10. So I see there's a young Nordic striker, tall blonde dude with insane pace and strength. Left his home team for Austria, had a good spell there and got picked up by a trendy team in the top four leagues. Also: just scored five goals in his first two international games for Denmark. And he's a United fan.
  11. Sure, I know plenty of people who haven't scoped the controversy, but they're not active members on internet forums. I mean, that's one way to look at it, but Rowling actively campaigned against trans rights in Scotland, and is a huge figurehead for the movement making those kinds of laws. In the UK especially, but when she's shouting out Matt Walsh for his views on the issue, she's gone a little bit further than just 'liking a couple of dodgy tweets'. Like, if your views on separation of art from the artist are different, and the books are important to you, neither me nor Ilya nor anyone else can hold that against you, for sure. But this game didn't become the cultural battleground it did out of nowhere. It's weird and bizarre that it did, but Rowling made herself this figurehead on purpose.
  12. I know there's quite a big demarcation between online discourse and real life, but I don't understand how one can be on the internet, and be involved enough to know the Potter game but not know about Rowling's bigotry. Like how are you someone who has a username and online handle, but not have come across that battleground. Anyway, Dredge is coming out later in the week, that looks cool as shit. Eldritch horror fishing game, getting excellent reviews. Will have to give the demo a go.
  13. I'm no fan of Sanderson but that piece seems mostly to be the interviewer/writer throwing a tantrum about his own inability as a writer to portray Sanderson properly, and blaming it on his subject. It's a dreadful article. If the Clarke piece was him, it honestly feels like he's a dude whose got a job at Wired because the management there simply just don't know anyone else who's interested in covering that kind of subject, and also don't have the knowledge to tell when he's being shit at his job.
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