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  1. I wasn't particularly interested in this in the first place but my alarm bells rang when I saw that the development team said something along the lines of 'everyone does grid-based tactics now so we decided to shake up the field a bit'. Like they thought they were revolutionising the genre by making something that isn't Fire Emblem or Triangle Strategy. And what you describe bears that fear out coz it very much sounds like someone's made a game in a genre they haven't played in depth, and therefore made something quite shallow. Anyway I started The Spirit and the Mouse, a just-released indie that's basically the direct opposite of Untitled Goose Game. It's a horrible evening in the village and you are a lovely mouse.
  2. The strength of democracy in America isn't measured by the failure of the coup itself, because a coup is an inherently undemocratic process and all democracies should have systems against them, that's why they're coups. It's measured by how much power the GOP has after it, and currently you're seeing restrictive and hugely unpopular abortion bans being brought in on the back of a supreme court ruling made possible in part by the husband of someone who was apparently directly involved in the coup, and two further members who were installed by the President who tried it.
  3. The problem with assumption (1) is that, even without any evidence corroborating other assumptions versus it (and we have at least some with that hedge fund meeting), there are multiple ways to be incompetent in that position without being incompetent in this specific way that also enriches a few specific people and kicks the poor in the dick. The chances of being this incompetent in this exact way with no attendant malice seem really fucking low.
  4. France's government isn't trusted much as far as I can see but Macron's closest competition was a fascist. Italy just responded to an untrusted government by electing a fascist. Similarly, although presumably not covered by 'the West' as defined by this paper, Brazil and the Phillipines responded to hated governments by electing Bolsonaro and Duterte. Poland responded to distrust for the center-left party by electing a PiS party that had already proven themselves to be shit and have spent the time since actively assaulting the democracy and not yet been removed. Hungary's democracy has just vanished. In the UK, the Tories gave us Brexit six years ago, have been getting ever more incompetent since yet are still in power, and still have another two years before there's a chance to turf them (and even if they do, there's not lots of trust in Starmer's Labour). And, in the US, the GoP are still the second party and have loads of power despite attempting an actual, honest-to-goodness coup two years ago.
  5. Obviously I knew this topic title was sarcastic when I made it, but I didn't realise just how sarcastic it was going to be. Fucking hell, Kwasi.
  6. Obviously there are problems in defence but yeah the biggest issue is that England have arguably the best crop of creative dribblers but even when they're attacking decently well they hardly ever make use of that. Saka's assist here was a perfect example of what England should be doing all the time with multiple players- drew in defenders with a tricky run then played the ball into space. There's multiple players available who are expert at that but Southgate just doesn't see it.
  7. I think John Barnes beats him out. Garth Crooks is obviously the worst, but he's funny.
  8. TAA shouldn't be starting right now, but leaving him out of the squad entirely is weird if you want options. Walker plays for his recovery abilities and being able to cover as a right-sided CB in a back 3, but he offers very little that James doesn't.
  9. This may come as a shock, but Watford have fired their manager.
  10. Sure, but ethnic cleansing almost never (if ever?) happens without a side order of genocide, because there's always someone who won't accept it.
  11. This was apparently at half time. It looks bad for the US but imagine being the Japanese players, having to explain to their manager how they won the ball, in their opponent's half, more than once a minute, but only scored one goal.
  12. Well, not of working class behaviour. You do apparently have a rose-tinted view on the good faith of the people deciding who gets the handouts, because no-one's ever had their benefits stopped for bullshit reasons before.
  13. Shades of Eboue in his rehabilitation, although he's a better player than Eboue even after he turned the fans around I suspect.
  14. I'm ever more glad that my friend from Buratya got out when he did (and, since he's still in danger of having to go home, I'm going to take the opportunity to link to the update of his progress because he still needs help and anything anyone can do, including sharing this on to others, would be much appreciated). As much as it's fun to joke, given what it took for him to leave back in March, if he had to do it now - and anyone trying the same now- would find it much, much harder.
  15. If your comment had been to cancel tourist visas there'd have been a very different discussion. You got a shitstorm for saying this: Since that isn't what's happening here- I'm on holiday now but I'd be very surprised to find out that my Russian co-worker, resident in Germany but very much a Russian, had been shipped off to Moscow in my absence- I'm not really sure how right you've been proven.
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