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  1. They haven't replaced Doherty which is a bigtime problem for them coz it means Traore is the only RWB they have. They urgently need to get him twenty yards further up the pitch.
  2. Fernandes was good business in the winter, except that we tried to get him in summer, but failed coz we did the exact same thing we appear to be trying on Dortmund now - wait until the last possible second without upping our offer or going for any other targets, on the assumption that Sporting would cave. It's more or less what happened with Herrera who we got a year later than planned, and we had other players we tried a similar approach for too, it's not a new issue. James came in quickly but we should never have been relying on a kid stepping up from the championship as our main option and that proved true. VDB looks a tidy signing and adds creative depth, but not in new positions. Which has been the problem for ages. We've got good signings in, although obviously some duds as well, but it's not been in enough depth or quick enough and the squad's been getting thinner and thinner. The lack of a plan B definitely is a thing and I think it comes from a lack of the proper footballing people in place too - if the first option goes awry they just don't know where to turn. It's either that or arrogance. Fans can and should have their say.
  3. Like I don't know if this was the right thing to do ultimately, but what else can he do? He's made it clear he can and does talk to Woodward, and this is what, eight years now under Woodward and we don't appear to have learned a damn thing about conducting transfer business. If we think we need a change, and we obviously do, bringing public pressure to bear seems to be the only open avenue to have any chance of getting that done.
  4. I haven't read the Vision comic but I have read the Mister Miracle one also by Tom King which I gather has a similar tone and style, and that trailer is pretty much exactly what I expected based on that.
  5. Him not being employed by the club is kinda the whole point of why it's a problem, but in any case though not employed he's still in contact with a lot of people there and a respected elder figure despite the clowning, so it makes sense that people talk to him.
  6. Patrice Evra has absolutely torn into the club hierarchy on Instagram today. Summary is that Ed Woodward is a decent fella but has no fucking clue what he's doing, Matt Judge our transfer negotiator is so arrogant that other club directors wanting to discuss transfers have to ask Evra (and presumably others) to pass on messages, that the people sent to talk to players we want to sign are lawyers, and that players get so fed up waiting for us to make a move that they end up turning us down when we eventually do. Absolute shambles.
  7. Burnley are going to have a real tough time this condensed season even with Dyche's elite-level management skills. Fucking got Erik Pieters playing right wing and they still scored two goals, how.
  8. Well, not entirely, but more passes than any Chelsea player is still pretty crazy. He also had the most passes in the opposition half of any player in the game. He's gonna push Liverpool's creative baseline so much closer to the opposition goal.
  9. I was very much being sarcastic. Doesn't that apply to just about any scoring chance? They could always mess it up.
  10. Mane would almost certainly either have got to the ball before Kepa did or close enough to block it past him, and if he did he was clear. It was a clear goalscoring chance.
  11. I'm not saying either one is having a great game and we already know I'm not super-high on Wijnaldum but what is it you want from them that you're not getting that wouldn't be against the tactics you obviously play to? Chelsea are playing a five man central midfield and yet you're still largely pressing them back and winning that battle and then getting the ball out wide fast to where your creative game actually lies, and Henderson isn't doing that all on his own. Domination in the center is just not what your midfield is asked to do.
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