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  1. It's possible but if that's the case they've misunderstood the internet. That one isn't going away.
  2. Hasn't Lynch said before that he finds the act of revising much harder than the writing itself? Combine that with the stress (however self inflicted it was or wasn't) that must have come with the dirty laundry coming out in the wash last summer and it's not a huge shock it's taking a while.
  3. Yeah Kalbear you appear to be saying that, having shown his perspective, the show was obligated to take it as the only way for a black man to see things. I suppose you could argue that it would have landed better if the speech and the eventual taking up of the shield were in separate episodes and Sam, and the audience, had longer to stew on it, but beyond that there's not an awful lot the show could have done to bring that perspective into it yet still end up with Sam as the Cap.
  4. There is no way Bayern can afford what Abramovic would demand for nicking their manager after six months. Where's Flick going? National team, or?
  5. I mean Bucky essentially let him out. I guess the guards don't necessarily need to know that, but I also feel like Wakandan prison tech >> the Americans. I guess you could argue they wouldn't want to do it themselves but given their level of clearly personal investment in seeing him to justice, I ain't convinced. It's not a big deal or anything, if it allows Thunderbolts I'm all for, it was just a lil niggle to me. Trish too right?
  6. I never really complain about this sort of thing coz Gary Neville played for us for years and we had the shithouse king Ander Herrera until a short while ago. But it is infuriating when opponents do it.
  7. I suspect they'll look to sell one player for a good price to fund a squad fill-in. Most likely Aarons as being English he may get a little price-boost, but at the same time gifted English right-backs are not a rareified comodity so that might count against that plan.
  8. Hey, VDB is a fine player, he just can't pass forwards. Nah, Buendia, aka the Argentine Cazorla. Max Aarons is good too though. Norwich evidently have an excellent academy-and-scouting system.
  9. Feels like Norwich's main task is to keep... yeah @Rorshach you know who I'm gonna say.
  10. Oh yeah But my overall point is still that it makes no sense that the Wakandans would hand him over to (a) a US force that (2) is specifically about superhuman containment or Sokovia-Accords breakers.
  11. Oh yeah, one slightly clumsy thing albeit a necessary one for future developments: the Wakandans taking Zemo to the raft doesn't really make sense. It's a prison for unlicensed or insane superhumans run, as near as we've ever been told, by the US. Zemo is not superhuman and comitted no crimes either against US nationals nor on US soil, plus his rationale and the rationale of those who run the raft are the same, and the Wakandans with their personal vendetta against him and the whole 'you have no jurisdiction' thing have no reason to hand him over. But Wakanda just taking him would not set up Thunderbolts so needs must, and him sharing a rationale with the raft's masters does make an opening for him to head a Thunderbolts team out of there. It also amused be that Zemo apparently hung around by the monument for several days waiting for Bucky to finish chilling with Sam and Sarah and show up. Marvel must be fucking delighted with the reception for Zemo in this. If there was any doubt about making a Thunderbolts film or show, it must be nailed on now after Dancing Zemo got five million views.
  12. Sure but that doesn't change my argument that if and when Shearer was better it wasn't because Kane breaks down more, which is what I took Soylent as implying.
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