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  1. The reason cities are expensive at the moment is because they are where the jobs are. If you disattach being able to stay alive from location, there'll be far less reason to stay in them, and also makes it far more likely that they move out to places and don't get a job- not even out of idleness but because if you're struggling to live in the area where the jobs are, but can live comfortably where the jobs aren't even if you don't have one, then you'll go there and worry about whether you can find one later. In fairness I think ultimately changing our dependence on cities would be a good thing, but it'd need more of a plan than hoping people being given a just-about-living-income move sensibly into areas where it makes sense. But also if 2-300k houses are your standard for how this would work I feel like you have unrealistic expectations of what UBI is? In this scenario the reason people don't have the means to stay in places is because you're not allowing them to have those means. You're essentially saying that anyone living only off UBI aren't allowed to live in major cities.
  2. You say that like it's really simple for everyone just to move. Also if you create a system where you get rewarded for living in a cheaper area you're very quickly going to make those the most in-demand areas and shoot the price up. There's no perfect solution to giving everyone 'equal' pay, but adjusting for living costs is the solution that means people aren't getting vastly different lifestyles out of the same system based on location.
  3. Aston Villa are really fun to watch. Swag king Bertrand Traore's been great for them since he won a first team spot.
  4. Apart from all the actual moral things about how having enough money to live should be a fundamental right, and my belief that the increase in automation means we have to get rid of the stigma around not working, I'm for UBI on the basis that shit gets done by people who aren't stressing out about where meals are coming from. People would have far more freedom to choose the direction of their own lives and end up in places where they actually do big things, be it art or science or whatever. Sure, you'd have the odd person who just sits at home doing nothing, but most people don't like doing that.
  5. Odegaard would be a potentially excellent signing for Arsenal, even though it means they probably wouldn't get Buendia and that makes me sad. They've done alright without Vardy last time he was out, but they're really gonna have to start doing something soon about getting backup and an eventual replacement. The one thing their transfer policy has failed at so far. No idea who it would be though.
  6. How is panic-buying a January defender gonna fix that you haven't scored a goal in four games?
  7. I think you took the setup for a joke about how much harder Dyche is than Klopp a bit more literally than it was intended.
  8. It looks like Klopp tried to start a fight with Dyche as they went down the tunnel so you might get your wish for a new manager soon...
  9. If I'd had to guess I'd say Klopp reckons he offers more physical presence against what Burnley offer and is less likely to get muscled out of the game.
  10. To be clear I think of Zidane in a different category to out-and-out midfield, though I probably shouldn't since he did play deeper some of the time.
  11. Obviously. Most gifted and best are not the same thing though. Keane in his hey was positionally the best midfielder I can remember apart from Xavi (who's the one guy I'd put along with him as far as true CMs go in that timeframe), defensively equal to anyone, but also an incredible box-to-boxer, really good at driving runs, a top drawer passer and always available for the out pass. There's a reason Scholes in his early days was able to play so advanced he got comparisons to Bergkamp despite playing in a two man midfield alongside Keane. He couldn't have done that alongside anyone else. I joke about people not remembering him but genuinely I feel like current ratings of Keane are based on his later days when his back went and he couldn't run and just sat deep in DM.
  12. Gazza was more gifted obviously but I think it would be fair to say he didn't consistently live up to his potential. Mind you also while he is technically 'in my lifetime' Gazza was fucking about in Italy by the time I really remember the fitba so I didn't see the best of him.
  13. Only to people who don't properly remember Keane in his prime.
  14. Of course. The greatest midfielder I've seen in my lifetime but a massive cunt.
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