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  1. Yeah, Super Metroid's controls are ehh, to the point I've not yet ever finished it despite it being the ur-example of my favourite genre. Dread is actually causing a bit of controversy in-fandom coz its focus on tougher bosses is making it harder to get through for fans who got into the series when it was easier on bosses but tougher on exploration. I really like the bosses, but I do get their complaint. I now wanna crack into another Metroidvania but none of the ones I've tried recently- Dondara, Ender Lilies- really hit the spot, though both have enough that I'm sure I'll complete them at some point or another. Might get Cave Story on Switch, not played that for a while. In the meantime, got back into Eastward, a sorta-Zelda-ish-but-more-story-driven, no-backtracking top-down action adventure indie, post-civilisation-breakdown thing. It's very engaging and the graphics/art design are stupendous.
  2. Looks great to me. Visually they've nailed the Batman noirish theatricality that I like that Nolan just didn't go for at all, and the premise and delivery fits the vibe. Also got a teaser scene from Black Adam: And an early preview for Shazam 2, which is disappointingly skipping Mister Mind as a villain but instead has Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren so that's entirely forgiveable, and also has clearly been given a massive budget boost. Won't be out till 2023 though.
  3. I've obviously been, by and large, fairly supportive of Ole, but starting a setup that requires Varane's particular skills to allow the defence to safely push up to back up midfield, when Varane isn't playing, should be a sackable offence.
  4. Was only like a year and a bit ago that he was neck-and-neck with Grealish for promise. Swear when they did that FIFA stat cards feature together Grealish siphoned some of his real-world talent away.
  5. Our defending was shocking but that finish from Tielemans was out of this world.
  6. Dreadful performance. No chance of top four if they keep playing like this.
  7. Salah sent Cathcart to space, fucking hell.
  8. I think international breaks are bullshit at the best of times and certainly shouldn't be happening in situations like this, but once it's accepted that they are I don't get this criticism of the manager. It isn't Tite's job to worry about Liverpool - it would have been a failure of responsibility if he'd left Alisson at home, then whoever did start got injured. He's got to look at his own job, not Klopp's.
  9. I wrote a piece/breakdown on it if anyone's interested.
  10. He's mandated to fight the winner of Wallin vs Whyte, so I assume that'll happen to avoid giving the belts up. It was a cracking fight. Wilder took another beating but he gave Fury trouble along the way. Also worth looking up is Cheeseman vs Williamson from the British card earlier in the day, that was awesome. Actually I gather all four of the big British fights were fun, though I've not seen the BT Sport card yet. Seeing Anthony Fowler get chinned was satisfying.
  11. Playing Metroid Dread. It's good. Controls nice and smooth, which isn't always the case in Metroid, and those damn EMMIs add some nice tension - though they are apparently not to everyone's taste.
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