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  1. polishgenius

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    Ep 2 was daft filler but it was fun so I don't mind. I'm okay with thingymabob not being as badass as he claims because, well, we're kinda just assuming that he's badass and so does everyone else, because he's a Mandalorian. The scene in ep 1 with the other Mando makes it reasonably clear that he's actually fairly rookie and the whole Mandaloring thing. Sceptical about BabYoda being so strong in the force but there are obviously plenty indictaions that they're something remarkable. I like the clone theory though it'd need to be a souped-up clone for that to fly if we don't assume Yoda's whole training philosophy was just hypocrisy and he coasted on natural talent. Generally I just like the whole vibe. It's not what the trailers and early parts promised, but on its own terms of what it's actually been so far it's an endearing, charming show with a pleasing physicality about the action scenes even when they're goofy (the Jawa fortress scene in particular). It won't win awards, but it's eminently watchable.
  2. Fair enough didn't look closely enough at that.
  3. You're probably deliberately missing the point- nobody wants to take just your guns away. My chances of being killed are obviously far less if there are far fewer guns. Robbed, not necessarily, but I don't think my having a gun will make me less likely to be killed if someone tries to rob me, it just means both sides are more likely to kill someone. The argument that you need guns to be safe relies on pretending that there aren't lots of countries where we can't have guns where we're safe. We already covered this... You have a good stock of miniguns and missile launchers, do you?
  4. If *that* were to happen then you don't need your guns anyway since the military vastly outstrip anything you could possibly bring to the table. Sorry, I conflated two quotes from you. My bad but you did say 'I'm not going to just give up' which has the exact same implication. That if your government is trying to opress you and you don't have a gun, you're giving up. Basically it sounds like you're more comitted in this hypothetical scenario to the last blaze of honourable glory than the tough slog of long term workable resistance, but I can't read your mind, maybe you're just casting about for justifiable reasons to keep your gun. Or maybe you do believe that you can fight the government with your relative peashooters and your relative lack of training but t And I'm sorry if I sound disrespectful - I don't know you personally but I have no respect for almost any pro-gun argument. Like someone said above, they almost universally rely on pretending the rest of the world does not exist. And yes, Liffguard is right, in the state the US is now you couldn't just walk in and take everyone's guns away, there's all sorts of reasons why you'd need to approach it very carefully and slowly with lots of checks on authority and lots of education and attitude-changing along the way. But none of that changes the fact that 'I need my gun or I'm not safe' is a nonsensical argument backed by basically nothing. Like, yes, there would be occasions when people would be killed or robbed by guns but those things happen anyway.
  5. Yes. That is what I'm saying. In the time the second amendment was instituted it was not true. Now it is. And as for defence against everyone else the statistics make it pretty clear that having guns the way USians have them doesn't make y'all any safer. When you say 'pardon me for not giving up' when I say guns wouldn't help you, you don't think that's saying that if you didn't have your gun you've given up?
  6. Yeah sure my dad and his generation were giving up because they didn't have guns when they worked against the communist regime in Poland. They and others gave up so hard the Soviet Union fell. FFS. Nelson Mandela, that famous giver-upper. Martin Luther King, oh craven surrender!! I'm sorry but what are you even talking about? In the meantime the US has by far the highest murder rate of any nation in the 'developed' world but we're supposed to believe that freely accessible guns make you safer.
  7. If America wanted to treat its own citizens the way it does the rest of the world there would be nothing the guns of ordinary people could do to stop that. What, you think there wasn't resistance in these other countries? It's not as if there isn't repression and huge inequalities domestically anyway. Most of that kind of thing no longer comes via the gun, except in flashpoints which, again, if the American state decided it wanted to impose things via force they would, quite casually.
  8. It's bizarre. I have lived in three seperate countries where the general public do not carry guns yet I have never lived in worry that some crim is gonna show up with one. Maybe I'm really really brave or maybe this notion that if everyday folk can't have guns things will turn into some kind of warzone or dystopic bootstamping police state automatically is the baffling fantasy of terrified Americans.
  9. polishgenius

    U.S. Politics: Gar Nicht Trump's Traumschiff!

    I haven't been following all this as closely as many of you will have been but Buttigieg seems like the emptiest of empty suits to me. He seems like everything anyone ever hated about the Clintons but with added total lack of experience.
  10. Look guys you just have to accept that my family's presence in the UK is a big time threat to HoI's way of life because we open our presents on Christmas eve. I mean it's not as if we expect you all to do it but with that sort of carryon where will we stop? ps Anyone arguing that the profileration of Polski Skleps hasn't been a great thing is an eedjit but we could definitely use a few more entrepeneurial Polish souls opening genuinely good Pierogi places.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-50438177 So there's been a fire in a student flats in Bolton where the fire appears to have spread very quickly around the outside of the building along the cladding. Thankfully everyone seems to have got out fine but... fuck. Two years since Grenfell and the only action we've had is a hasty testing of multiple blocks, twice, because the first one said it was all unsafe so they had to use a different test that told them it was safe, and a report that laid the blame on firefighters and the people inside the block for their deaths.
  12. polishgenius

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    In the meantime, Pete Buttigeig got a bunch of 'endorsements' for his 'Douglass Plan for Black America'... which turned out to be his campaign sending an email to a bunch of prominent figures and demanding they opt out by a certain date or they'd be included as endorsing. What a fucking arsehole.
  13. You're really comparing your plight at the hands of economic migrants to the UK to the genocide of the Americas. Your lack of perspective would be utterly hilarious if it didn't have such horrible things driving it.
  14. polishgenius

    Trailer Thread VI

    Beasts of the Southern Wild is my film of the decade, so fuck yeah.