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  1. Created by the same accident that gave Daredevil his powers. So definitely.
  2. Because as talented as Hakimi is there are loads of good right backs and even a lot of the cheaper ones, while not as gifted, may be easier to fit in on a tactical basis (specifically playing RB as well as RWB), and Inter will have been reasonably confident of being able to replace him for a reasonable price. On the other hand the chances of finding a good replacement for Lukaku aren't that high even if they dedicated the full 130mil to the search - they're not getting any of the players definitely better than him and other options they might be able to get, like maybe DLC or En-Nesyri, are a huge gamble in a position they couldn't afford to fail in.
  3. In this case, I'm more saying that TDK has slid in my estimation more than that I think Winter Soldier is that good. For me the tricky thing with Unbreakable is less whether it's an original story- Incredibles is obviously a superhero film- and more that although it has a superhero in it, it's genre trappings are almost all more detective film stuff, bit of neo-noir. Also I didn't like it that much but that's a separate argument. I think there's far less argument about Spider-Verse than Logan tbh.
  4. The more time goes on, the more I think TDK is an overall just-above-average movie lifted by an absolutely incredible villain. Which isn't to say just the performance - most of the writing, directing, editing around the Joker is great too, it's not All-Ledger-No-Nolan - but none of what's in it that isn't Joker stuff has aged very well for me, and even with him, the ship scene was unnecessary. Which isn't to say that I don't like it coz I do but it used to be difficult to imagine it not being top 2 superhero film and now I'm not sure it separates from the best couple MCU films (Winter Soldier and Ragnarok) and is definitely below what is a fairly clear top 4 of Kick-Ass, Incredibles, Logan and obviously Spider-Verse. (I know not that many people would agree with Kick-Ass and in some ways that's aged poorly too. But still) I think some of it is that the gritty-grounded approach to superheroes, which was like HOI says fairly unique on-screen at the time, has since been duplicated quite well, not by DC but by Marvel Netflix and Logan. And frankly Nolan's lack of facility with hand-to-hand action is really obvious once you've seen Daredevil.
  5. I'm just gonna take this opportunity to bring up JME's twitter review of Jurassic World. Much better than the film itself.
  6. I watched the 1963 Joseph Losey film The Servant, starring Dirk Bogarde and James Fox. Bit slight, but nonetheless very good slice of master/servant psychodrama. There's a bit of Parasite in it (or rather a bit of it in Parasite I suppose), though it's not as clever and a lot more sinister. Gorgeously shot, too.
  7. Biles is quite right to pull out if she feels she has to, mental health is no joke and she owes nothing to anyone outside the team and should protect herself, but given at least some of the pressure on her came from herself and her enthusiastic participation in portraying her as the GOAT, if any of her team-mates feel let down they have a right to. And if she competes in the individuals they have a right to be furious, though honestly it seems a little unlikely that she would.
  8. Yeah but 'most people would have watched' is not a criteria for greatest film, and Tokyo Story routinely gets high on movie lists focusing on anything but the most mainstream stuff- it's not a megahit but it's not obscure. Anyway the point overall is BFI lists may consciously be slanting a specific kind of way in their picks, but no moreso than, well, any other list really.
  9. That's the BFI's beat though to be fair. But also at least as far as mainstream goes I think you're exaggerating - their top three are Vertigo, Citizen Kane and Tokyo Story, which is a pretty standard top 3 and not atypical of the rest of the list. They definitely do eschew modern films for older, foreign films, but it's not a bad thing to have a fairly major player highlighting things that may otherwise be overlooked.
  10. I'd guess it's because at a studio level it's hard to untangle the British and US film industries. Wiki doesn't say exactly where Third Man's money came from, but it's implied Selznik's company was involved, which would make it a film with British writer/director but American (and Italian) leads shot in Venice funded by joint British/US money. Similar situation in Lawrence of Arabia. So while it's a bit cheeky to take those two films as 'American', if your specifications for it include production company it's not hard to do. Anyway I'm surprised at the notion that Jurassic Park's characters are nothing. Sure, they're not the focus, it's not a character study, but one of Spielberg's big strengths as a spectacle director is getting you attached to the characters via at least some nuance in amongst the explosions and stuff. It's something more modern spectacle directors, from the really explody ones like Bay to the wannabe Spielbergs like Nolan, haven't really learned.
  11. I can't believe we're sat here nitpicking Jurassic Park. Like yeah you can pick holes in the logic all day but it's not a mystery thriller, it's a spectacle film with almost no equal. Even the ninja-Rex at the end is worth it for the epic pose.
  12. I mean that's between him and Colleen, I just don't see why we should care. But yeah the only one I've seen in the club is some blonde girl giving him a nuzzle. It's gonna be awkward at home but even there there isn't any indication he's cheating or anything else, even if his history suggests he might have been trying it. I'd be far more worried by the fact that he joined in Derby training to make up for a lack of numbers and put one of his players out of action for 12 weeks.
  13. I mean, we knew that already. I'm not sure what pictures you're referring to other than the four that did the rounds on twitter.
  14. I don't really know what the fuss is about with Rooney. Like okay he shouldn't be getting into that state as a man of his position in the public eye, but '35 year old gets drunk' is hardly paper-worthy news, and there's no evidence that anything happened beyond him getting hammered and passing out in a chair. And if it did you'd have to wonder if he was in a fit state to have agreed to it.
  15. See I think this is unfair. He isn't at his best that often but Pogba just keeping it simple moving the ball about is still more effective at getting the ball through to the forwards than the vast majority of other players. The problem is less that than lapses in concentration mean he can't be a deep-lying or even box-too-box mid without a better full DM than the ones we've got and he isn't gonna replace Bruno in a no10 role, so it's awkward finding a fit for him. I feel like calling a 28 year old aged and here for his last hurrah is a bit of a stretch.
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