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  1. Couple of notes: Antony spent most of the game, when we were in possession, pushing up against the nearest defender, calling for the ball and aiming to beat them with his first touch. Which was great, because his first touch is probably his best attribute and not trusting himself to do that more was exactly what I was complaining about a few days ago. Hojlund was blunt as a finisher, but the difference in energy between him and Martial is crazy. I don't even think that's a desire issue for Martial, the injuries have fucked him up so much the dude can barely run.
  2. That was a good performance but it's still a big problem that we only scored two. Chelsea are so bad. We've had moments where we look like some of our players don't want it enough, but nothing compared to them.
  3. Setting all bias aside and speaking completely objectively, McTominay is the best midfielder in the league.
  4. It's the price he paid to step up from being a pretty decent midfielder to a quite good one.
  5. Decided to give the footy a skip today coz it's only Arsenal vs Fucking Luton. What the fuck is going on.
  6. Looks like they've released it early coz it leaked.
  7. Obviously Blade Runner and Alien are the best two films in either's filmography, but True Romance isn't that far off. And Top Gun, despite being a very, very silly film, is an all-time classic too so... you know. Also Unstoppable fucking rocks and Ridley wishes he could have made it.
  8. Glad to see us all come to the collective realisation that Tony > Ridley. I don't think it's a good movie but I do think there's something to it being a better movie than it is an Alien movie. But then a fair portion of its badness comes from trying to balance the two. Also it gets added downmarks for two things: first, how completely it failed to live up to the absolutely incredible trailer, and second, Ridley claims he was gonna shock and surprise audiences coz he was gonna answer a question from the first no-one in the audience ever thought to ask, aka 'who was that alien pilot and what was his deal', and it was like Ridley: everyone asked that.
  9. I mean, not quite. The initial plan had been to do that, yeah, but they changed that after Soto pitched, before filming started, because they thought he had something.
  10. No. It's more that Toho don't seem to see the American movies as in competition with or interfering with their own productions. In fact (though I dunno if this is any kind of formal decision or just a coincidental changing of the taste of those in charge in the ten years they took off from their own films) they seem quite happy to let the American films take on the mantle of 'Godzilla as hero' and the Toho ones go back to the roots- both Japanese live action films since the Legendary films started, and as far as I can tell an entire anime trilogy in between as well, have Godzilla-the-horrifying-monster type vibes. I should finish Shin Godzilla.
  11. I've said it before and I've said it again Haaland is shit.
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