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  1. I used to think that (at least the Disney part) but Disney have been streaming in the UK for a while now and they haven't really bitten into Netfli that I know of. And their US launch has been announced for a while without any great reaction from the other names. They also already run ESPN+ and while they're certainly looking to be the big dog in sports streaming it's by no means a foregone conclusion coz DAZN (which launches in the US in September) have a massive headstart on them worldwide and are getting aggressive in their moves in the US - and DAZN don't have nearly the head start that Netflix and Amazon do. They'll obviously make it harder for Netflix but it seems to me that the thing is that all those name value franchises are movies, not TV- if they want to take over Netflix' position as the prestige-TV kings they have to start from scratch. The rest of it, I'm hardly any kind of expert but I'm not sure it's as simple as you're saying. Netflix might be a smaller company (are they still?) but having essentially made this market they have a name recognition internationally that the cable companies don't, so any 'eating' of them is going to have to involve some kind of merger/buyout/co-deal where it is their name that is used, but within ten years? I mean correct me if I'm wrong but all the maneuvering and merging that's going on now is in large part a reaction to Netflix's shocking growth, it doesn't scream 'we can take over from you any time we like'. Amazon I don't see linking with any of the others on anything but their own terms as long as Bezos is in charge. Making prestige TV is as much of a passion project (or ego trip depending on how kindly you look on him) for him as a business move. Now, if and when Apple and Google start getting into it then I'll think Netflix might be in trouble.
  2. polishgenius

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    If you want to stay witchy but need more of a glare I highly recommend something of Granny Weatherwax.
  3. polishgenius

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    I dunno. There were probably some people who helped defeat the Nazis without commiting even a single genocide of their own. The war would almost certainly have been won by those two eventually but his importance in keeping Britain free and starting the fightback shouldn't be overlooked. A lot more people would likely have been murdered if he hadn't got the machine going. It just shouldn't be the only thing he is remembered for.
  4. polishgenius

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    I'll be honest, 'well gee, at least he wasn't as bad as Hitler' isn't an argument that strikes me as a very watertight defence of his character.
  5. polishgenius

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Deferentiality to Churchill can fuck right off. We are long long past the time where the UK and the Western world should be acknowledging that even by the standards of his time Churchill was a racist, imperialist shit whose vaunted commitment to freedom only applied to white people. And even then, only select white people - ask the Irish how anti-fascist the Black and Tans were. Ask the left-wing resistance in Greece who allied with the British to fight off the fascists only to see, once Greece was secure from the Nazi threat, to see themselves betrayed and sold straight back to the collaborator government again. The fact that last year saw two separate haigographies of that fucking man is infuriating.
  6. polishgenius

    Joss Whedon - SF Epic for HBO -The Nevers

    His answer to you was clear too, to be fair. I think the main damage to his feminist image comes from how she describes him justifying it. Oh I'm a big powerful producer now and all these hot young women want my cock I can't possibly refuse. If that is true it's not a good look for him at all.
  7. polishgenius

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    It could be worse- there's a Moussa Dembele who's French. They were very briefly at the same club- Fulham, too, though Belgian Dembele moved on to Spurs very swiftly. They have also been linked with buying the Frenchman repeatedly, but the dream of them playing together has never been realised.
  8. polishgenius

    Joss Whedon - SF Epic for HBO -The Nevers

    Nothing in the press release (nor in the article you linked to) mentioned space- I guess you've simply read 'sci-fi epic' and sort of assumed space opera or something like.
  9. polishgenius

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    I've been discussing this elsewhere, it's actually really worrying how few there are if you're an England fan. Out of all the players that have been winning youth tournaments for England in the last few years, the only central mids who seem to have made any inroads at all in first team football at clubs at the top level are Tom Davies and Lewis Cook. Both of them are good players (Davies in particular is the one I think Southgate should be incorporating into the squad asap building to the Euros) but neither are creative geniuses or anything and past that it's thin pickings. Will Hughes could yet make a meaningful contribution but he needs to have an injury-free top-flight season before he's considered.
  10. polishgenius

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    I've seen this said a few times about Fabregas but remember he not only came up at Barcelona but probably the best he's ever played was under Wengerball, before it became a total caricature of itself. Sarri would probably have to make a bit more accomodation for him than for Hamsik in terms of his hustle off the ball, especially since he's no longer a kid, but in possession I think Sarri could get the very best out of him.
  11. polishgenius

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    Pussy Riot are Russians.
  12. I hope we get a real trailer at SDCC next week.
  13. polishgenius

    International News Thread

    That's a really low-key way to present calling someone a pedophile coz they dared to say you weren't helpful. The mask has properly slipped on this one.
  14. polishgenius

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    My bad, I saw the replay with his foot going out to the side but yeah initially he kicked up backwards.
  15. polishgenius

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    Own goal in a world cup final. Ouch. He clearly slipped you spoon.