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  1. Jacob’s Ladder first time I’d seen it in decades. Much better than I remember. I still have a problem with the big reveal, as it undercuts much of the drama that played out over the previous 2 hours (the lawyer, his army buddies, meeting the chemist) but it’s still an incredibly great movie. And how great is Danny Aiello in that movie? Damn.
  2. My understanding was that Perlmutter and the creative board got neutered around the time of Captain America: Civil War. RDJ cost too much money and Perlmutter wanted to do Civil War without Iron Man in it. That’s when Fiege went to to the boss.
  3. Still no Javi huh? Interesting. Of course Jeff listens to Papa Roach. Pfft. Steve is so very fucked.
  4. It’s a screengrab. didn’t Fuentes get kicked off Twitter in like, one day?
  5. Expand the screen grab from the original Chris Miller tweet. The bottom is cut off in my post.
  6. I've seen it multiple times. Laugh out loud funny. For real.
  7. There's a brief mention of Runaway Train in Electric Bugaloo, the Cannon pictures documentary. It basically sounds like they gave the production the resources to make the film and failed to micro manage it the way they did on some projects. If Cannon pictures had one quality, it was that the would sometimes give accomplished directors a fair amount of creative independence; at least until the editing stage. Wikipedia lists Kurosowa as having story credit but IMDB does not. Curious.
  8. I remember seeing it as a kid. I can't remember if my parents rented it or if it was on CBC. I remember being kind of blown away by the ending at whatever age I was. - 3below: tales of Arcadia. a really good animated show on Netflix. Guillermo Del Toro, yadda yadda. It turns out it's part 2 of a multi part series that I haven't seen yet so I'm watching it out of order. That explains the Troll and magical idiots that suddenly appear in an episode of what is ostensibly a sci-fi cartoon. It's pretty great. The animation isn't anything cutting edge but the industrial design and world building are first rate. Well written and laugh-out-loud funny in parts. Stellar voice cast.
  9. Dear god. https://www.the-numbers.com/movies/custom-comparisons/Shazam-Fury-of-the-Gods-(2022)/Morbius-(2020)#tab=day_by_day_comparison
  10. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/marvels-victoria-alonso-fired-argentina-1985-1235360231/ Interesting.
  11. We're so screwed. ETA: These bloody LARPer's have doomed us all.
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