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  1. God, make it stop. https://screenrant.com/predator-5-skull-prequel-earth-visit-plot-details/
  2. There is no way Dune's failure can be laid exclusively on Lynch.
  3. I agree. There seems to be a cottage industry of nostalgia for what might have been. I don't care what anyone says, Burton's Superman Lives would have been dogshit. While Jodorowski's take on it would certainly have been inventive and cool, a sure fire way to piss off sci-fi & fantasy fans is to take excessive liberties with the source material. He doesn't strike me as someone who puts fidelity to the text high on his list priorities. And there's the question of the production values. Someone once described a fantasy film as working on a jigsaw puzzle where every third piece doesn't exist. The fantasy elements are that 3rd piece. If you get that right, you get Star Wars. If you don't, you get something else. He refused to work with Douglas Trumbull because he wasn't his "spiritual warrior" and hired Dan O'Bannon as VFX supervisor. Um, OK. The sci-fi series is good but it suffered from very '90's "televisual" cinematography; and not even a particularly good example of it. Also very crude computer generated visual effects. As I see it, there are two eras in Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV: Before Battlestar Galactica and after. There may be an earlier example but BSG seemed to be a significant shift toward more cinematic looking TV. SciFi's Dune was definitely "before". Production problems aside, Lynch's Dune is a textbook example of how not to use voiceover in a film. Also, they so went-out-of-their-way to show how terrible and cruel House Harkonnen was that they became a parody of House Harkonnen. That sippie cup with the built-in press to crush some cute little critter so Rabban could drink its juices still makes me cringe. Everyone knows Rabban drinks Johnny Walker Black. The heart plugs were kind of cool though. As were the weirding modules. They had a few good ideas in that movie. It could also be 2049 got swamped by the MCU mania. But sadly, you might be right.
  4. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/universal-exorcist-trilogy-1235027500/ This is just for the right to make the movies. The production and marketing budgets are "in-addition-to" Also, why?
  5. Before or after the the sand worm orgy? I mean, damn.
  6. Woodstock '99: Peace, Love, and Rage on HBO. Very good documentary. I was familiar with most of it but this included interviews with artists and attendees I hadn't seen before.
  7. If you don't like it that's fine. I disagree with your assessment. But don't confuse things. I'm not talking about you and I'm not stereotyping anything. I'm talking about specific individuals on social media who have a track record of this sort of "outrage" commentary. The sort that consistently make a crusade out of this sort of thing for clicks. I chose not to call them out by name because I didn't think it was appropriate for this thread.
  8. Masters of the Universe: Revelation. I honestly had no interest in watching this. Then a bunch of YouTube and Twitter misanthropes went apeshit because Kevin Smith ate their balls or something. Apparently it's an insult to "fans" that many of the early episodes (the first half of the first season) focus on supporting characters and those characters have "bewbs". This is problematic because "woke" or something. So I gave it a look. The show is surprisingly good. The animation is up to the usual Netflix standard, the story is interesting, and the voice cast is impressive and delivers good performances. I made sure to give it a thumbs up. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the series.
  9. Comedy gold. Dinesh, "Fuck your feelings." $20 says Mike Rowe makes and appearance on Tucker Carlson's show next week.
  10. Outside the Wire Not great but not terrible. Impressive production values. First and second act were good. Problems with the third. Didn't do a very good job of setting up the climax.
  11. Gee, I hope this person doesn't have to go to the hospital... like, ever. https://www.rawstory.com/anti-vaxxer-2653941555/ I was talking about the conspiracy theory stuff with my mom the other day. She then gave me 5 minutes of how it's a good thing she's not on social media. She and my father, who are both in their 70's, are fully vaccinated and she still wears he mask every time she leaves the house, indoors, outdoors, no matter what. Heaven help the newly-made corpse who ever decides to get in her face about it.
  12. You guys have been considerably more sensible on Covid than us. Here in North America, we're spreading our legs and our cheeks for Delta variant. Don't worry, we'll be locking down around the time you guys are reopening. And lockdowns in Australia don't have much to do with North American box office.
  13. Shifting gear slightly, Black Widow's box office drop was in the news last week. I just checked box office mojo: Domestic (US & Canada) Friday Box Office: July 9: $39.5 mil July 16: $8.06 mil (-79.6%) July 23: $3.50 mil (estimated) (-56.5% & -91% respectively) And it's still playing on over 4,200 screens. Disney reported monster streaming numbers from Disney+ on the opening weekend and stopped after that, suggesting there was a similarly large drop there. Normally, I'd say it'll probably shed 2-3k screens by next Friday and disappear completely within a month. But these are not normal times. It's not like there's much of anything to replace it until The Suicide Squad comes out, and that doesn't seem to be generating a lot of buzz at the moment. A month from now we could all be back in lockdown anyway. Critics seem to like it. Audiences are a bit more mixed but generally favorable. But as we saw with Shazam! and Bumblebee, Franchise films and high RT scores don't necessarily translate into monster box-office receipts. Some people have blamed the concurrent theatrical/streaming launch but I'm not so sure. Hesitancy about Covid likely kept some people away. But am I wrong in thinking there just wasn't a lot of excitement for this movie? Even looking at trivial things like social media trends and trailer views on youtube, it didn't seem like there was a ton of enthusiasm there. At least not by MCU standards. Maybe the popularity of the Disney+ content took the light off it. I don't know.
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