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  1. He also really hates the Jedi, on account of his papa. He literally held his dad's severed head in his hands. For the kids. Maybe some time stewing in the Sarlak's digestive juices gave Boba some time to reflect on his Mandalorian heritage. "What life choices led me to this? How did I get here?" he might have asked. I could be wrong, I've never seen anything in any of the depictions of Boba Fett to suggest he's one to double cross or break a deal once made. Apparently the kneepad rocket launchers are cannon.
  2. "WE'VE BEEN FLYING AROUND THE ROOM FOR HOURS!!! IT'S HORRIBLE! MY BONES ARE BROKEN! OH GOD I'M IN SO MUCH PAIN!!" Seriously who the hell would want to be a Stormtrooper? Literally the *least* elite fighting force in the galaxy.
  3. episodes of the Twilight Zone, Martha Stewart (she knows why)
  4. More on Paranoia: Frailty is a really good if overlooked film. Directed by the late Bill Paxton. Memento, The Prestige...
  5. I need to see that. David Fincher is probably the best modern example of using paranoia as a theme: The Game, Zodiac, Gone Girl, Fight Club. I really didn't get that from the Hateful Eight. Just a little too cool, a little too schlock. Word.
  6. I honestly thought Fury Road was a bit overrated when I first saw it. It just got better and better on repeat viewings. Masterpiece.
  7. I'm not a huge John Carpenter aficionado, but IMO The Thing is his best film. And yes, the extant critical reaction is really hard to believe given how well made that film was and how it has aged since. You can definitely find F For Fake on youtube.
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