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  1. Yup. A born pilot and championship calibre race car driver. Plus honorary masters degrees in several engineering disciplines as well as expertise in robotics and race car fabrication by the time he was 10. All this despite a short lifetime of illiteracy and wiping his ass with sand. Cattle exist in the SW universe but no hamburgers? I call BS. Totally got Terminator vibes. The baggage check was a waste.
  2. It's also established that the dark sabre is a particularly difficult weapon to use.
  3. That episode was good for a about 10 minutes. Apparently Tattoine is the most significant planet in the galaxy now. You can catch the bus there. I was getting ready to laugh my ass off at the Mandalorian helmet with ear holes. I guess he's getting some Beskar chainmail booties or something. That ship-mechanic montage was excruciating. Anyone notice that "shaft" was identical to the one in the trash compactor scene in ANH? Beggars canyon. Pod racing. "Wizard". So much fan service it hurts my tummy. Yeah, what is the New Republic doing playing traffic cop out there? Cameo, that's what. Whatever. Edit: Isn't it convenient that Mando's new hot rod has a Grogu shaped batchelor apartment behind the cockpit instead of a droid socket? I'm on to you Star Wars...
  4. So this is a thing now. https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/likeabantha
  5. I'm not sure it's that straightforward. It's a triumphant moment in a sense, but is it a happy ending? Fletcher got what he wanted; his "Charlie Parker". but he had to burn his life to the ground to get it. Neiman is similarly alienated from the world. He got what he wanted; though I'm not sure he's even clear on what that is. Was it to become a great musician or did he just achieve in getting the approval of the one person who matters to him? If it's the latter, then neither of them win.
  6. I bet the other Tu-Tu-Grammers went home every night and cried in their pillow. They were ashamed. They were desolated. To see that kind of dedication and intensity, and to find it lacking in themselves, cleaved their very souls.
  7. Whiplash: Y'know, I had never seen this film from start to finish for some reason. Amazing film. I deserves all the praise. Fletcher is a fascinating character. He's clearly a manipulative psychopath, but I can't decide how much his nastiness and mood swings are sincere and how much is manipulation. And to what extent either is dedication to the craft or just plain screwing with people.
  8. Hands down, the best long form, retrospective film review ever. Although Ryan Gosling is absolutely right: James Cameron totally phoned-in the title design. When will the nightmare end?
  9. Munich: The Edge of War on Netflix. A pretty well made historical spy thriller. The Munich agreement is pretty controversial topic (that would be a thread of its own) and many would say this film provides an overly sympathetic portrayal of Chamberlain. It's a portrayal that does have some historical support and is plausible if not historically accurate. A pretty good film.
  10. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/general-news/regina-king-son-ian-alexander-jr-dies-at-26-1235079451/
  11. I thought the same thing. I even suspected Lotti might be the pit girl for a time. p.s. isn't the pit girl wearing Jackie's necklace? I thought Rockies too. There is a mountain range in northern Ontario, but you have to squint a little to make it look like what's in the show. That part of the country would also make more sense to find a cabin owned by a French speaker, being further east. And if they are in Northern Ontario, they'd be screwed trying to find a road. There are parts of that province where roads and towns are pretty thin. However, there is a fair amount of fly-in fishing and hunting tourism. I would imagine they're going to see a plane sooner or later. Not the one that blew up that is. That could be how they end up getting found: a pilot of a plane with floats sees the wreckage from the air and lands on the lake to check it out. And the compass going crazy is totally a thing. My home town was just inside the Canadian Shield. In grade 6 (I think) we went to the local ski hill in the spring for orienteering. We were warned that if we stood on a at a particular spot on the course to get our bearing, the compass would go mental because we were probably standing on top of an iron deposit. Walk 20 feet in any direction and it was fine.
  12. You're right. The two scenes are close together and I connected the two somehow.
  13. I laughed my ass off for most of that episode. I'm like, "This idiot is so obviously going to die." She learned to fly from studying the flight manual? Seriously? On the other hand, It betrays a desperation that might not be obvious from scenes as-shown. I wouldn't be surprised if we get alternate flashbacks depicting a much grimmer, nastier situation. I still blame Misty though. p.s. Melanie Lynskey (adult Shauna) is a Kiwi? I had no idea.
  14. Yeah but, like, there's energy coming up out of the ground, man. If that scene takes place just before the first snow, that bear would have spent the entire summer fattening itself up and preparing to enter its den to hibernate 'till spring; so weakness from hunger doesn't seem plausible to me. And how is it possible that they spent the entire summer there and this is the first live bear they encountered? A bear weak from hunger would attack. A scared or confused bear would bolt or attack. A bear surrounded by terrified humans would get aggressive. Everything about that scene is just weird.
  15. The ceremonial feast depicts 8 survivors. Tai, Shauna, Misty, Natalie, Travis and Lottie definitely made it out. The stature and head dress of the one on the far right suggests one of them is Van. That leaves one that isn't accounted for, although the costumes they wore to Doomcoming would probably provide a clue. I'm pretty sure we saw Javi die in episode 10. Here they are, looking like some Grizzly Adams version of Slipknot. Misty is serving dinner. https://soaps.sheknows.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/yellowjackets-antler-queen.png?resize=1024%2C598 The best liars always do. I don't know. I got the sense that scene was being told from Shauna's or Lotti's POV. Tai is also present. Travis and Natalie (the people most likely to protect Javi) are not. If you look at the individual reaction shots after Lotti stabs the bear, it's more stunned silence than anything else. And there was something really off about that bear. p.s. I also thought it was strange that none of them make any effort to seek protection inside the cabin. And none of them mention the word, "bear".
  16. ... anymore. Jonathan Ross gave Kit Harrington a lie detector test once and he passed it with flying colors. These creative types are crafty, lying bastards. If the flashback scenes are told from the POV of one of the surviving characters they might.
  17. We were talking past each other then. I'm perfectly calm, Dude. Woof.
  18. The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy? Too soon? The Clone Wars got a brilliant ending, thanks to Disney reviving the show for a final season. Gave me chills.
  19. It's cool. All I know about that show is that people are trapped on desert island and the series finale really pissed people off. And it has something to do with philosophy or something. People have recommended it to me in the past but I just haven't gotten around to it.
  20. Let's recap. You said: To which I responded: To which you doubled down: I put nothing, nowhere.
  21. Lost is still on my list of things to see... It's all good. Can't expect spoiler tags if the show ended a decade ago. That, and there were a few too many maguffins and deus ex machina moments for my liking. Still pretty solid. I tuned in every week.
  22. Adam was definitely a a cult member. Did anyone notice the line about taking off for the weekend to, "A cabin in the woods"? That seems like an odd suggestion given what he claims to know about her. I'd have to rewatch but I'm pretty sure one of the guys who grabbed Natalie was also one of Adam's concerned family members on TV. Please, please, please don't fuck this up like American gods. We know Tai is an unreliable narrator. It's also a pretty good bet that, through starvation and/or low dose poisoning, the '90's events are not told accurately. I'm also betting the mental breakdown started long before Doomcoming. Remember how in an early episode one of the girls warns the others to not eat the berries? In a later episode they're out searching for food and one of them complains there are no berries left? They also seem pretty chill about drinking fermented berry juice. I'm thinking the animals might be a proxy for humans. I'd bet money that the bear was actually Javi. Why would a bear behave like that? The "bear" laid down because he was hungover from the night before. He didn't attack them because why would he attack his friends? He didn't react to Lotti approaching him because why would he? There are also parallels with the opening "dinner" and the bear feast. It's possible the wolf attack was actually one group of girls attacking the other. Why does the pack evaporate when Tai kills one of them with an axe? Why don't they bring the wolf carcass back for food? Did they consume it already? I'd have to go back and rewatch but are there any minor characters who disappear after that scene? That would be the confirmation.
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