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  1. It's still top ten in Canada. It was top three as of last week. Not bad for something that's been out for a month. It's no Squid Game but still a pretty decent performance.
  2. I bet they shifted $50 billion in those popcorn buckets. Think about it...
  3. The guy on the right with the white coat; I have no idea what he’s doing.
  4. And this is followed by Ye's suicide, her wake, and the scene in the pub where he talks about how his project got terminated. Plus all the scientists around the world committing suicide and then his friend gets terminal cancer. This guys lack of productivity shouldn't be a mystery.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=260277880482654 Literally the first scene he's in.
  6. The character is totally "shown" piloting a particle accelerator when he's introduced in episode one. He also correctly susses out that the stars winking was a "deep fake" and not some natural phenomenon. And he knows morse code and he knows what "autonomous" means.
  7. What? He's a nice guy physicist who takes care of his dying buddy; holds his alcoholic lady friend's hair when she voms; smokes a little herb from time to time (maybe too much really); and is pretty successful when it comes to casual sex. His intuition was also correct when it came to the stars winking in episode 1. He's very capable despite not having much career ambition and his thinking can get a little nihistic at times. How much thickness do you need? Meaty. "Meaty", I tell ya.
  8. It's shit. It had its moments, but it's still shit.
  9. The baddies tried to assassinate him. Don't play with God. His selection is supposed to be mysterious. Inverse square blah blah. No radioactive fallout in space. The capsule would be shielded already just to prevent the brain being microwaved by cosmic rays.
  10. I rewatched it recently. Your initial reaction was correct. Great movie. I also rewatched Se7en for the first time in (probably) a decade. It also holds up.
  11. The White House Plumbers and Minx had great hair. It's tricky. Hairstyles were probably more regional and varied a lot depending on exactly what year you're talking about. Some of the hairstyles female celebrities were sporting in the early 80's wouldn't look terribly out of place today. The mullets. The perms. The braids. Oh, my.
  12. Fun fact: I saw that one in the theater when it came out... with my sister... who's almost a decade younger than I am... And yeah, that scene you're thinking of; it was uncomfortable...
  13. Not an opinion. No. I think that movie has the potential to do well but I don't think it'll singlehandedly reverse the current trend. The Deadpool movies have always been a bit of an outlier anyway. They're not really superhero films, they're R-rated superhero parodies.
  14. Not an opinion. Two Black Panther films are in the rear view. They were clearly correct moves from a business perspective. Saying maybe they should have been done different or not at all is idiotic. Disney's problem is this: A big part of their business is, a) the existing franchise IP and, b) CBM's, in the form of the MCU. These things have been massive cash cows for them over the last decade or two. However, Both of these "cinematic phenomena" are starting to show weakness. Will that turn around? Maybe. Or maybe that trend continues. If it does, they are in serious trouble.
  15. Yeah, but this isn't even arguing based on the artistic merit of the film. If you're saying: "Once I'm in charge, we won't be in the Black Panther or Marvels business anymore. How 'bout that?" The only appropriate response, from a business perspective, is: "Are you out of your fucking mind? Those films made cubic dollars... No. I don't want you in charge. Fuck no. See a doctor." In Alex Gibney's Theranos documentary, one of Elizabeth Holmes' early investors, Don Lucas, said something to the effect of, "She was 21 years old. No background in business. But her great-grandfather was an entrepreneur. Her great uncle was in medicine... Hospital named after him..." What?!? Business acumen and medical expertise are heritable traits? WTF?!? It doesn't fucking work that way! How the fuck did this guy get rich?!? Maybe there should be an age limit or something. Like once you turn 80 they take your money and just set you up in a mansion somewhere and bring you women and bourbon and ice cream whenever you want. That's your reward for winning the cosmic lottery and not being allowed to run things anymore.
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