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  1. Snatch is a classic. I love Lock Stock, but I’ve re-watched Snatch way more.
  2. I liked it a lot. Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell were both great.
  3. I was hoping Dallas would score a goal so Blake Coleman could have the Cup clincher against his hometown Stars, but I’m really happy for him regardless though. That was a great pickup by the Lightning at the trade deadline, and I’d like to think he help put them over the top. And how about big Pat Maroon winning back-to-back Cups with two different teams? Pretty cool.
  4. Seems a bit much. The only stuff that should be tagged are comic spoilers, imo.
  5. I’d certainly trade most of the Bengals early round picks the last few years for the best LT in the league right about now. The picks that ended up being guys like John Ross, Billy Price, Cedric Ogbuehi, Drew Sample, etc... But ofc it all depends on the offers. I’m not just trading the pick automatically though. The last time a team traded out of the #1OA the Titans moved all the way back to 15. I want a better haul than what Goff fetched for Trevor Lawrence. Now if it’s only moving back a few spots that’s different.
  6. I mean, Penei Sewell is a generational type talent LT... With as bad the Bengals OL is it would take a hell of a haul for me not to be tempted to take him if we’re picking #1 again. I’m certainly listening to offers though.
  7. 8x If we gave him even a mediocre OL he’d be balling out.
  8. Corey Perry scores in OT2 and forces a game 6.
  9. Speaking of Clone Wars Padme, she seems to be the only character where the voice actor isn’t anywhere close to their movie counterparts voice. It kind of throws me off a bit. Other than that I’m mostly liking it. On season 3 now.
  10. It was a pretty satisfying ending for me. It sets up something I would have gladly watched, but we don’t necessarily need to see for it to feel complete.
  11. Reds win 10 of 12 and make the playoffs for the first time since 2013.
  12. I liked it a lot. If you are into his style I’d say give it a try, but it’s definitely a polarizing love it or hate it (like most of his stuff). I seem to remember a lot of criticism about it being boring, but I didn’t find it to be in the slightest. Cristina Rodlo really steals the show. She was by far my favorite part.
  13. I’m digging The Third Day on HBO. I guess it’s split into two parts (summer & winter). One more episode with Jude Law and then it switches to Naomie Harris. I really like the look of it in particular.
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