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  1. It’s so good. Very few movies/shows/books, etc actually choke me up. Wind River did. Specifically the scene at the end The statistics during the closing about all the unsolved crimes against Native American women are really upsetting. I actually just finished reading the comic series Scalped by Jason Aaron recently. It’s set on a fictional reservation in South Dakota. I thought of Wind River (and Yellowstone) more than a few times while reading it.
  2. Once Upon a Time in America, and Kingdom of Heaven are always the two that come to my mind the most as examples of studios butchering a film’s theatrical release. Both are great if you actually watch them the way the directors intended.
  3. I’ll still watch Clueless any time it comes on tv. Between that movie, and a couple of the Aerosmith videos she was in, Alicia Silverstone was actually my first big celebrity “crush” when I was in my early teens.
  4. I started a rewatch after Williams’ passing as well (this has to be at least half a dozen times now). Currently on S2. Chris Bauer is so good as Frank Sobotka. Never really gets mentioned much.
  5. Speaking of that DL…Reader and Ogunjobi looked absolutely dominant. I know the Vikes are banged up on their OL, but I don’t think our interior pass rush had that many sacks all last season.
  6. Dude, your team had like 37 penalties. They had no business even being in this game.
  7. Don’t you dare saddle that poor kid with this misery. Zac Taylor being an NFL coach is absolutely criminal. Fucking moron goes for it on 4th down from his own 30 up by two TD’s. Completely swung the game.
  8. Rewatched The Prestige for the first time since it came out. So good. I can’t believe I didn’t realize Tesla was played by David Bowie when I originally saw it.
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