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  1. Weighing in on best performance in a QT film? That’s a tough one. Other than those already mentioned (Waltz in Basterds, Leo in Django, SLJ in Pulp Fiction) I’d also add Robert Forster in Jackie Brown.
  2. I’ve seen the Aldo Moltisanti thing a few places now, including screenrant. I’m pretty sure it’s legit. https://youtu.be/0mVcWOc4lJs
  3. And speaking of Talking Sopranos, Ray Abruzzo who played Little Carmine (in the running for funniest character on the show) was just on and I became aware of the existence of this little gem...
  4. I’m really enjoying Talking Sopranos. They are bringing on tons of great guests, and Michael Imperioli is a delight. Just like Gandolfini was the polar opposite of Tony, Michael is just absolutely nothing like Christopher. And we get his perspective as both an actor and a writer on the show.
  5. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Sucks it got pushed back again.
  6. I hear you. Here’s what I could find as to why they chose to make him the main focus: "My team and I decided to tell this story from Gil's perspective because he had this amazing story, and he's not typically who you think of as an ordinary hero," Tiller explained. "He's a guy from the streets who had a dream to be the first person in his family to go to college. He never imagined he'd one day work for the sheriff's department, much less that he'd join the legendary homicide department known as the Bulldogs. He was the youngest guy to make it that far and then he got assigned the case of a lifetime. And he did it all for his dad, his family, and the neighborhood." Tiller added, "That's the hero's arc that fascinated me, and I really loved him as a character."
  7. Eh, I don’t think Carrillo’s family stuff was exaggerated at all. The interviews with his wife made it pretty clear the guy was practically killing himself working that case.
  8. Of course not. I just wanted to give a shout out to the two detectives the series focused on. They were good police.
  9. We seem to have completely opposite takes here... There was certainly plenty of issues with bureaucracy, but the one detective (Carrillo) was as sharp as they come. I was extremely impressed with some of the stuff he got implemented with that case (forcing all the different precincts to share information for one, which just wasn’t done in those days). And that the top cop famous detective from the Hillside Strangler case handpicked him to be his partner when everyone else thought he was just some young punk trying to make a name for himself. Those two (Salerno and Carrillo) actually reminded me of detectives right out of The Wire. Both in how they talked, and the details they went into about the toll working murder cases takes on these people’s personal lives and whatnot.
  10. I thought it was refreshing to see them focus on a couple of the detectives who were actually really good at their jobs. That’s usually not the case with these types of crime docs.
  11. Texans are supposedly interviewing Bieniemy today (virtually). I wonder if hiring him would be enough to convince Watson to stay?
  12. Old man bowl has been brutal. I’d probably put Jameis in if I was Payton.
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