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  1. I watched it solely for Anya Taylor-Joy. And to no surprise she was easily the best part (even with the bad accent).
  2. Inside sources for the Bengals are saying we’re taking Chase at 5.
  3. One of my favorite all time scenes from any film.
  4. He also did the Freak Show season of American Horror Story. I think that was actually the last one I watched before dropping it.
  5. The worst coach in the NFL is still employed by the Cincinnati Bengals thank you very much. Zac Taylor 6-25–1 .203% Adam Gase 32-48 .400%
  6. I watched a really disturbing documentary about Russell Crowe called Unhinged. Pretty crazy stuff, even for him.
  7. Kyle Pitts and Ja’Marr Chase both had extremely impressive pro days. Pitts has the largest wingspan of any WR/TE in 20 years. I’m pretty sure he was made in a lab. Hearing ATL is very interested in him at 4.
  8. FFS the Sabres blew a 3-0 lead in the 3rd to lose their 18th in a row.
  9. You should definitely watch The Wire at some point, but you’re not going to find it any less depressing.
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