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  1. Good premiere. Tom messing with Greg about his date was killing me, but the funniest part of the episode might have been Connor’s wedding ideas. ”bum fights?”
  2. Some serious Penny Dreadful disrespect. Not even a mention.
  3. Titane (2021). Wild, wild stuff. Felt like something Cronenberg or Lynch would make.
  4. Highest signing bonus in the history of the league for an offensive lineman ($31 million). The Bengals have totally changed the way they operate over the past couple years and I absolutely love it.
  5. Ashley Johnson as Ellie’s mom was a nice touch.
  6. I still maintain it’s one of the better horror franchises. The only true miss (imo) is the 3rd one. We’re seeing it Friday night.
  7. Rose Byrne as Leatherhead is certainly a choice.
  8. Btw the guy that played James was Joel’s voice actor from the game.
  9. He was in so many great movies, including some of my absolute favorites like True Romance and Heat. RIP
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