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  1. Nictarion

    ‘Outlaw King’: Robert The Bruce Scottish Epic

    Finally watched this, and it seems I liked it more than most here. Thought the fighting and battles were done really well (other than the weird Bruce/Edward ending). The Black Douglas was awesome.
  2. I loved Buster Scruggs. I think “The Gal Who Got Rattled” was probably my favorite segment.
  3. Watched You Were Never Really Here. Liked it a lot. Good crime movie staring Joaquin Phoenix. He was amazing as usual. Not familiar with the director (Lynne Ramsay), but I really liked a lot of her shots and camera work. Will have to check out more of her stuff.
  4. Nictarion

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    It would be extremely high on my list. My biggest problem with that one is the lack of Deadwood, and how low The Sopranos is.
  5. It’s actually only 8 episodes. But yes, it’s terrible.
  6. Nictarion

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    If I’m a Steelers fan that’s the last thing I’d want. You guys look like a legit contender right now, and our games always take a toll on both teams. We already play the last week of the regular season, too.
  7. Nictarion

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    The freezer bowl is the stuff of legend, and SD was not vastly superior. That Bengals team was really good. Led by one of the best QB’s not in the HOF ever in Kenny Anderson. They came very close to beating Montana and the 9ers in the SB. And yes it sucks we brought Hue back. If he’s who we end up getting as HC after waiting Marvin Lewis our for almost 20 years it might finally break me.
  8. Nictarion

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    And...he’s gone.
  9. Nictarion

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    Drew Brees is probably going to put up 60 on this Bengals defense. Teryl Austin is hands down the worst DC we’ve ever had. The players need to stage a revolt and get him fired like they did with Ken Zampese last year.
  10. Just finished binging Mad Men for the first time. Wow. I have no idea why I waited so long to watch this one. I loved it. Need to re-evaluate my top 10 as it’s definitely in there somewhere.
  11. Nictarion

    NHL 2018-2019

    Quenneville fired by the Hawks.
  12. Nictarion

    NHL 2018-2019

    Brian Boyle with his 1st career hat trick on Pittsburgh’s hockey fights cancer night. Great stuff.
  13. Nictarion

    The Deuce

    True, but can’t the same be said for The Handmaid’s Tale? And that show is hugely popular. For the record I don’t watch that one, but it certainly sounds dark. At least The Deuce has a tiny bit of humor.
  14. Nictarion

    The Deuce

    Really good finale, and overall I think I liked this season even more than the first. Feels like there’s no wasted storylines in this show. I liked that the mob was more involved this season. Not sure, but I think that was the first time we heard which families Rudy and the other guy (who’s name escapes me) are part of? It’s a shame this show seems to be so underrated. Then again hardly anyone watched The Wire when it was airing so it’s its nothing new for a David Simon series.
  15. Nictarion

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    AJ Green might need surgery for his injured toe. FML