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  1. Nictarion

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Saw Doctor Sleep tonight. I really liked it a lot. I was nervous about this when I first heard about it, as The Shining is one of my all time favorite horror movies, but I figured it was in good hands with Mike Flanagan directing. And I was right. He’s right up there with Ari Aster, Roger Eggers, and Jordan Peele, as one of the best in the business right now when it comes to horror, imo. I’ve never read either book, but this was a worthy sequel to the original film. Cast was superb all around. Ewan McGregor, Zach McClarnon (Hanzee!), even the young child actress was really good, but Rebecca Ferguson was my favorite part. Rose the Hat was a great character.
  2. I don’t know anyone could possibly disagree with him on this... *please actually watch it and listen to what he says
  3. Nictarion

    His Dark Materials Series

    Would someone who’s not into YA stuff like this? Cast has me intrigued.
  4. Is this a serious question? Obviously Smart. And I say that as someone who loves the movie.
  5. I’d probably rank them... Orso>Rikke>Savine>Clover>Broad>Leo>Vick
  6. Nictarion

    NHL: 2019-20

    David Pastrnak with 15 goals and 15 assists in 15GP
  7. Did anyone else notice the name of Laurie’s hotel was the Black Freighter?
  8. I love S1 a lot as well. The Carrie Coon episode “Guest” is one of my favorites from the entire show. 1 & 2 are pretty close for me, with 3 being in last. Not that I didn’t love 3, but I definitely put the first 2 ahead of it.
  9. Nictarion

    (Spoilers) Mr. Robot final season

    That episode was crazy tense. I love the way this show is shot. Easily one of the best looking things on tv. I feel so bad for Dom.
  10. Nictarion

    ‘Outlaw King’: Robert The Bruce Scottish Epic

    Florence Pugh. Check out Midsommar if you haven’t already seen it. She’s fantastic.
  11. Nictarion

    Always Sunny Season 14: "Did they make Thunder Gun bad?"

    I give them a pass on last season, as the show is just not the same without Dennis.
  12. Nictarion

    Always Sunny Season 14: "Did they make Thunder Gun bad?"

    This might be up there with S4 & S7 as one of my favorite seasons. It’s awesome they can still bang out such quality after so many years.
  13. Nictarion

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    Well, it certainly worked for me. I loved it. Both hilarious, and emotionally impactful. Taika Waititi is quickly moving into can’t miss territory. And between this, and Leave No Trace, Thomasin McKenzie continues to impress me every time I see her in something. Amazing young actress. Also, the chubby little friend was the best.
  14. S2 of The Leftovers is hands down one the best runs of a tv series I’ve ever seen.
  15. Speaking of Glass, Tim Blake Nelson has been great in his limited role so far. Between this, and Ballad of Buster Scruggs, it’s nice to see him in some good stuff again.