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  1. Teng Ai Hui

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    I have been watching See. If I had been helped with praying in the same way that the evil queen was praying, I would still be a member of the church, and a very active member as well.
  2. Teng Ai Hui

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    When I said “Emery Out,” I really meant “Emery Forever!!”
  3. Teng Ai Hui

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

  4. Teng Ai Hui

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    I was watching RuPaul's Drag Race UK. My 11 y/o daughter expressed some interest in it, so I let her watch it as well. (I'm on the fence about whether that was a good or bad parenting decision.)
  5. Teng Ai Hui

    Kate Elliott's Black Wolves series cancelled by publisher.

    Someone needs to start a new Blame Pod thread in Gen Chat. It’s been years since we had one.
  6. Teng Ai Hui

    Kate Elliott's Black Wolves series cancelled by publisher.

    Blame Pod!
  7. Teng Ai Hui

    MLB 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Mets

    Seeing the headline that Cards have swept Cubs has made my Monday more bearable.
  8. Teng Ai Hui

    Football: same old, same old

    ^^ I don’t know about the other more knowledgeable supporters but I’m still fuming about the pack of donuts that we have in central defense. I knew they should have kept Monreal for one more season. Also, why isn’t Torreira starting?
  9. Teng Ai Hui

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    I keep pressing on with the Alex Verus series. I’m 60% into book #5, Hidden. It was spurring me to get back into the Dresden Files. Then I read the thread for that series and decided against it. I’m glad Jacka keeps the sexual tension buried in the background.
  10. Teng Ai Hui

    Dominion by Tom Holland

    I thought he would have been too busy with the Spider-Man movies to do all that research and writing.
  11. If John Bercow would come to USA and tell Ttump, “Don’t gesticulate. Don’t rant. Spare us the theatrics. Behave yourself. BE A GOOD BOY!!” then I could die a happy man.
  12. Teng Ai Hui

    The Education Thread

    I’m going to try this thread again, and this time I won’t write about an internet article that I misread. My principal is an idiot. He presented a new policy to us teachers during a meeting on Friday. Our 12th grade has a high amount of smart students, and they have been working hard to earn high grades. As a result, they have been accepted into universities at a higher than normal rate. These kids are making our school look good, and the principal wants the school to continue to look good in the future. To make that happen, we teachers are supposed to just give students high scores, regardless of their performance on the assessments. This is the most counterproductive educational policy that I have ever experience firsthand.
  13. Teng Ai Hui

    The Drunk Thread: Riding the Negroni Pony

    A new microbrewery just opened up near my place of work. I bought a 1.5 liter bottle of pale ale yesterday after work for about 4 USD. Today I’m doing some day drinking to help me forget how long the work week was.
  14. Teng Ai Hui

    Football: same old, same old

    USA still can’t beat Mexico at home. Even worse, the stadium was only about half full.
  15. Teng Ai Hui

    Most disappointing show cancellations

    I agree with the votes for Terriers. In the past, I was annoyed about Deadwood's early cancellation, but it did get a movie recently. But, the biggest disappointment for me was The 4400. Yes, it shot itself in the foot in its last season with that idiotic nonsense about The Marked. Yet, to set up the next season, they were doing a lot of interesting things promicin (a shot that could either give you powers like The 4400's or kill you) and Promise City.