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  1. October 1st is a festival called Mid-Autumn Day. Please do yourself a favor, find a Chinese grocery, and buy some mooncakes. (Just avoid the ones with the egg yolk in the center.)
  2. Today at work, I just ate lunch and have no afternoon classes. Tomorrow is the beginning of an 8-day holiday. It's time to go find an empty classroom and have a nap.
  3. The local McD's has a new ice cream flavor. This time I had a durian McFlurry. That has to be the worst tasting ice cream ever created. I tried to eat the whole thing, but I could only stomach half of it. The only silver lining was that I convinced my daughter to try it as well, and the sour look on her face afterwards was priceless.
  4. I had two instances recently where I started reading about a new non-fiction book and was excited to get it. Then, I found the author's name and thought WTF. The books' names were Killing Crazy Horse: The Merciless Indian Wars in America and The Virginia Dynasty: Four Presidents and the Creation of the American Nation.
  5. At the beginning of the season, one of Tianjin's pro teams disbanded. Now this year's shortened season is almost over (4 games left, all scheduled before the end of the month), and the other Tianjin team is all but relegated. They have only earned one point from ten games, the team ahead of them has seven points. It's a bit embarrassing not to have anyone local to support anymore.
  6. Cardinal Nation lost a legend. RIP Lou Brock. He had a full life and a great baseball career, first ballot Hall of Famer. At one time he had all the stolen base records. He was the Sammy Sosa trade before Sosa was even born.
  7. Evidently, I have been greenlighting myself for my entire life. I just discovered that the Berenstain Bears were created by Stan and Jan Berenstain. It's really -stain, not -stein? Has my whole childhood been a lie? Is Optimus Prime actually a Transfarmer?
  8. I just finished 88 Names by Matt Ruff. It felt very akin to Ready Player One. (Both have a near-future Earth setting, and most of the plot occurs in a VR game system.) Next, I'm planning to try a novella (116 pages is a novella, right?) by Faith Hunter titled Junkyard Cats.
  9. Recently, I finished Dennis E Taylor's Bobiverse trilogy. Next, I plan to try 88 Names by Matt Ruff, who also wrote Lovecraft Country.
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. I've been looking for something like this recently. I just finished books 1 <We Are Legion (We Are Bob)> and 2 <For We Are Many> in the series. Next, I'll start book 3 <All These Worlds>. Also, I'm anxiously waiting for book 4 <Heaven's River> which will apparently be released on Sept. 24th.
  11. I just binge-watched the first five episodes of a docu-series about British sports called Jack Whitehall's Sporting Nation. I had a lot of fun with it.
  12. I'm really disappointed that no one has posted a review about Midnight Sun yet.
  13. I read that it was coming to US tv. That's what sparked me to start watching it online. I didn't realize it was there and gone so quickly. Maybe if The CW had paired it with Whose Line Is It Anyway?, they would have had more success with Taskmaster.
  14. Recently, I have been watching a British panel show / game show called Taskmasters. I find it to be hilarious. I just wish American comedies could make me laugh like this.
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