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  1. The current season is almost over and, for me, has been very meh.
  2. When I read this thread these days, I keep expecting someone to mention Guy Gavriel Kay or TTTNE.
  3. Does this mean that there will be a bidding war between Munich and Chelsea for Kompany?
  4. I know it's very much a Mickey Mouse trophy, but Arsenal did win the Community Shield this season.
  5. IMO, a challenge system should be added to limit VAR, something similar to the NBA, pro tennis, and test cricket. But if the choice is keep it as it is or abolish it, I say abolish it.
  6. If Tom Hanks is in attendance at Villa Park, then it will be a wild, exciting match that will include an own goal from Martinez.
  7. I'm sad to hear about Vivienne Miedema leaving Arsenal. She's the main reason why I started following women's club football.
  8. Now we need Wolves to steal points off City. They're more likely to do it than Spurs.
  9. It seems that there will only be 8 episodes this season. The first 2 are about the early part of the season. Eps 3~5 aren't about the men's team. So they have about 4 weeks to finalize eps 6~8. Also, a part of Wrexham's success this season was due to their goalkeeper, Arthur Okonkwo, who's an Arsenal loanee. I'm hoping that he is Arsenal's starter in 2~3 seasons.
  10. MLS has one last team in the CONCACAF champions league, the Columbus Crew. Currently, they are playing the second leg of their semifinal versus Monterrey and leading 4-2 on aggregate. I'm hoping they can get to the Club WC.
  11. Happy Labour Day! Whether you are at home or in an office, I hope you are able to do as little work as possible today.
  12. The intra-office message system at my workplace is frustrating as its main function is to be an ad for Samsung. Also, I have a deep seething hatred for power point. I tried to make one about 20 years ago. I have never cursed a computer so vividly and completely before or since.
  13. Ball Possession: Spurs 72% - 28% Arsenal Expected Goals: Spurs 0.85 - 0.7 Arsenal
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