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  1. During the era of T***p-ism, I found myself thinking, “I’m glad to be in China instead of back home,” on an almost daily basis. I never once thought, “I wish I could move my whole family back home right now.” Then again, I’m just a typical working-class ex-pat, so YMMV.
  2. Ms. Teng bought some camellia-flavored simple syrup. Instead of making a cocktail, she put it in our coffee. It seems like an odd flavor combination, but it actually tasted pretty good.
  3. I’m still watching the Alone spinoff series. The Skills Challenge is very entertaining. I hope it gets renewed for a second season. Frozen however is a bit disappointing. It seems that in the end there might not be a winner. If The History Channel makes a second season of Frozen, I hope they find contestants that are new to Alone, rather than having a group of all-stars. Also, I was a little confused about the rules in the newest episode of Frozen. One of contestants made a fish trap. I thought that those were illegal in Labrador, Canada.
  4. Today is a holiday called Mid-Autumn Day. It's somewhat similar to Thanksgiving, so hopefully everyone is surrounded by family and friends this weekend.
  5. My employer is trying to hire a new teacher. Evidently, the contract negotiations with their first choice went something like this. My supervisors: We wish to hire you. Will your current employer cooperate with us on the visa paperwork? The job applicant: Yes, but they want me to pay a contract termination fee of 4,300 US$ first. I'm trying to find a new employer who will pay that for me. My supervisors: Good luck with that. Bye.
  6. Part of a comment by @baxus in the previous thread: MLS had a couple of experiments when it first started in 1996. One was a clock that counted down from 45:00 to 0:00, and the officials were supposed to stop the clock during breaks in play. Another being an ice hockey style PK shootout to break ties at the end of the game. Both ideas were scrapped at the end of the first season, iirc.
  7. I’m really enjoying Arsenal’s new policy: If you score a goal against us, we’ll score one against you. In less than ten minutes, guaranteed!
  8. I just started the Otherland series. In which book is the kitchen world first introduced?
  9. I had to google MQM. I spent several minutes wondering why Doctor followed a Pakistani political organization called the Muttahida Qaumi Movement before I realized that it was a reference to frequent flyer miles.
  10. That does make more sense than Extra-Sensory Perception. Thank you.
  11. If you see the term "ESP skills" on someone's resume, what do you think that means? My first thought was Extra-Sensory Perception. But, hopefully, that person meant English for a Specific Purpose. I had never heard of that term before today.
  12. Yesterday, I watched the first 2 episodes of the Welcome to Wrexham docu-series. It did a good job of making me want to root for Wrexham and for Reynolds and McElhenney. I just wish that the run times were longer. Also, this seems like the perfect thing to start after All or Nothing: Arsenal just ended.
  13. I just noticed that season 2 of Untold, the sports documentary series, has begun. The first episode is about Manti Te'o. Such a bizarre story. I couldn't stop watching.
  14. ManU are no longer at the bottom. Thanks, Moyes.
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