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  1. Yeah, the LTD II was the car I drove through late high school and college undergrad. It was gray and, thus, was affectionately known as "The Grey Whale" (yes, with an "e") It took about 40 acres to turn that thing around and, I swear, it seemed like I should be able to get up to speed, push those two doors open, and lift off because they were so long! And, of course, to say the back seat was "roomy" is quite the understatement
  2. Oh...let's see if I can even remember? 76 Chevy Impala 77 Ford LTD II 78 Dodge Aspen 88 Ford Tempo 93 Pontiac Grand Am 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 And currently we have: 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 2015 Chevy Equinox LT I definitely drove some beaters back in high school and college. But Dad's an auto mechanic so we could definitely keep them getting me from point A to point B between the two of us (and I bought them all myself). And I could never afford to be a first owner of a vehicle before we got married and we've have never bought a brand new vehicle after we got married either.
  3. I did, too! But, as @Fragile Bird said, I'm also old!
  4. Thanks! I checked it out. However, I always have and, until Martin gives us more info, always will believe that The Hooded Man is a figment of Theon/Reek's imagination. I think that encounter was simply the two sides of Theon/Reek's warring psyche talking with each other. I think it's basically a psychological confrontation between the person he's in danger of becoming in truth, Reek, and the person he once was and wants to be again, Theon Greyjoy. And, in the end, he chose to be Theon again by opposing Ramsay. I believe this is Theon's entire arc in ADWD and even the progression of the chapter names from his POV point to this. He's trying to decide who he wants to be? In the end, he chooses to reclaim his own agency - even if it could mean his death.
  5. Yeah, it's certainly no stretch of the imagination to think he could have known he had no shot of marrying his daughter to a Stark. Thus, he made the best match he could. This could very well be true. I think Barbrey was playing up her hatred for the Starks with Reek/Theon because she thought there'd be a good chance he'd relay it to Ramsay and/or Roose. Always good to have them believing she's with them. Also, even if Barbrey does dislike the Starks it still doesn't mean she'd actually rebel against them. I think she's trying to decide how to play things. I agree about the crypts. I think Barbrey was checking for evidence in the crypts that Bran, et al. spent some time there. If she thinks there are Stark heirs still alive it would definitely factor into how she proceeds. Does she stay on Roose's relatively good side...or does she actively oppose the Boltons by siding with the Manderly's?
  6. If Jefferson doesn't play due to COVID I'll play AJ Green.
  7. If Mooney doesn't play due to COVID then I'll play Agholor.
  8. Rest in peace, Alex Trebek! Thanks so much for all the years of extreme enjoyment you gave me while I yelled questions at the tv! Often I was wrong, sometimes I was right, but either way, I was always learning something. You will be missed
  9. Last evening it was a couple kinds of Irish whiskey. This evening it's been a bit of a dark brew world tour with brews from Ireland, Michigan, Germany, and Texas. I'm confident the celebration will continue tomorrow...and for a good while yet
  10. I think you can just hover over the name of the person you want to block and there is the option to "ignore user"? I could be wrong but that's the only thing I've ever seen on the board that might be it.
  11. Not only that, but I guess for some it's a very. very short journey from "simulation" to "stimulation"!
  12. Johnson for Singletary Green for Crowder
  13. McKinnon for Singletary Johnson for Gordon Green for Crowder
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