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  1. Yes, consider that shark well and truly jumped. Going from figuratively consuming our celebrities...to actually consuming them!
  2. Kind of a shame anyone had to lose that game. That was a contest!
  3. Parley! John wick 3 : Parabellum ending scene. - Bing video :42 second mark
  4. Gonzo game! Oh, it's 4th down? Chargers scoff in its general direction.
  5. Congrats on the win, @Mudguard! I thought I had a chance there for awhile but then...Jamar Chase happened!
  6. Fair fantasy season for me. Made the playoffs in four of five leagues. Didn't win any championships, though. Really had no business even being in the playoffs in A and finished 6th. Finished 2nd in B. Ended up 4th in my own long-standing money league and 2nd in another money league (so both of these will come with some payouts).
  7. Pretty much as usual, spending the night at home with the family (and wouldn't have it any other way). Firing up the grill (don't care that it's -35 F with the windchill) and will enjoy a nice New Year's Eve meal. Then we'll find something to watch together while I and Mrs. PotN enjoy a few cups of various kinds of cheer, I'm sure. And, finally, I'll be the only one still awake to actually ring in the New Year (also as usual). Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Don't have to worry about any lineup moves in 2021 Westeros C for me!
  9. You might be right, @Rhom. Maybe Meyer will go back to his roots, so to speak? But with what we've seen from him recently, I have my doubts. If he does get back on track and redeem himself, good for him! Who doesn't love a good redemption story?
  10. I agree. And I agree with what @briantw wrote above. I imagine "coaching" was pretty easy when many of the best players in the country always wanted to play for your program every season. I'll be surprised if he takes a smaller school coaching position.
  11. I kind of did, too. But with everything we saw and are now hearing it's like he didn't change/transition at all even though it's a completely different and higher plane of sports existence, so to speak.
  12. Hmm...someone cleverer than I could maybe come up with some riff on "Urban" and "sprawl" or maybe somehow linking "Meyer" with "Oscar Mayer" and being a meathead or something? And, yes, I expected him to ultimately fail but I did not see it being this quickly or spectacularly.
  13. A group of friends and I just passed one year of playing the Forgotten Realm's Rime of the Frostmaiden via Zoom. The DM just uses Photoshop to share maps, illustrations, etc. and we all just roll physical dice at our locations (but maybe we'll incorporate an online dice roller sometime?) It's worked well for us and has really been something fun to do - especially during the winter with COVID and everything. But the greatest thing about it is really that we are introducing our children to D&D. This group is our first run playing D&D online and it consists of me, my daughter, the DM I grew up with and his two sons (one of whom is currently DM'ing), and another friend who grew up playing table top D&D with us all through high school and college. I have no doubt that the kids will probably break off and do their own thing with roleplaying relatively soon but I think we old folks will probably continue playing a bit via Zoom as well. There was some skepticism that it wouldn't work in the beginning but we discovered that it does. So, it's been a nice discovery! I'm sure we'll probably just continue to play pre-made stuff, though (not like the old days)
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