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  1. Thanks! Interesting read and, of course, I completely agree. I really, really, really like the last line:
  2. If I hear "No due process!" one more time, I swear... Well, it's almost 5 pm where I am so it's time to start drinking, I think.
  3. I'm reminded of "...if neither the facts or the law are on your side, pound the table!"
  4. Well, duh! You know it's only about Trump's Jan. 6 speech and not that he was ginning this up from well before the election! [/s] I wish someone would "ask" a question just to clarify that point, at least
  5. Rule #1: ALWAYS double-down on the stupid! Rule #2: See Rule #1.
  6. I wasn't sure we could reach further heights in hypocrisy...but I was wrong. Also, I just love how this is not a criminal trial when it's convenient (e.g. "jurors" coordinating with the Trump team) and, oh yeah, it also is a criminal trial when it's convenient (e.g. level of "proof" needed).
  7. Yep. Was just going to address the redefining of "insurrection". Pretty neat trick, simply define a word the way you want in order to then refute it
  8. @Maithanet Yes, I think they are. Wasn't it Collins who said she thought Trump "learned his lesson" after the first impeachment? ETA: And this Van der Veen is laying it on quite thick! Weren't they just saying that this whole thing is unconstitutional? Now he's saying just how constitutional it is and using it as a defense
  9. Yep. You're gonna need a much bigger bingo card before the end. Let me add a few more: - He didn't say the exact words! - He didn't know what they'd do! - How can he be held responsible for what those people completely independently decided to do?! - He didn't intend for them to do that! - And, oh yeah, did we already point out that he didn't say the exact words? Unfortunately, we're gonna hear all this and even more disingenuous BS before the end.
  10. Agreed. I've been saying for quite some time now that GoT will probably be studied in film/theater classes for years to come as an example of what not to do. At least, I sincerely hope so.
  11. And in the small portion of those comments I read, I was...maybe just a little, surprised to see people chiming in to support that insanity from not just the US but the UK and Switzerland.
  12. That's about how far I made it, too. I also made the mistake of checking out some of the comments
  13. Yeah, but...was it a "deal breaker"? We always lock our doors at night but that's about it. We live in a pretty rural area with good neighbors and we're the last house at the end of the road. We don't have any handguns but we do have some rifles and shotguns that are safely stored (so, yeah, those probably wouldn't be much help in an emergency). Neighbors have dogs but we just have a house cat that would simply watch any goings on from, hopefully, a safe vantage point. We also don't have any cameras or motion sensor lights. I might have to think about installing some eventually, though?
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