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  1. This is awesome, really! But, unfortunately, it's also a lot of speculation, opinion, and assumption with no in-story evidence to support it. It reminded me of this Thus Spake Martin" quote from Martin so I'll just let him speak for himself here: The point is that Martin himself was never concerned with being this precise while writing the story so using this approach or level of precision is not the way to "prove" anything in the story.
  2. Sorry, but the reason you think it's important to determine whether Rob or Jon is older doesn't matter to the point I'm making. I said readers not knowing how soon Catelyn left Riverrun after Rob's birth or how soon Wylla left Starfall after Jon's birth (if that's, in fact, how Jon was brought to Winterfell) means that the timing of when they each reached Winterfell does not give us any indication of who was born first. The only way it could is based on the assumption that Catelyn and Wylla both set out very soon after the babies were born. Because we don't know that, it has no bearing on trying to determine whether Rob or Jon is older.
  3. But all this is based on the assumption that Catelyn and Wylla set out for Winterfell right after Rob and Jon were born. We don't know this at all. Catelyn could have stayed in Riverrun for a time. Wylla could have set out much sooner after Jon was born. The point is, we don't know. And we don't know because Martin either doesn't want us to know or he doesn't think it's important. I believe the latter because, of course, it doesn't matter whether Rob or Jon is older regarding inheritance of Winterfell and all that goes with it. Jon is not Ned's son so he's not in that line of succession in any case.
  4. I'm in for A! I'll also play in B and C but would prefer B for something a little different.
  5. Whew! I can stay (but just barely) Hard to believe it's been 15 years already of mostly lurking around here. The time has flown but I greatly appreciate being able to do it!
  6. Yeah, like I said, I don't have much of an opinion either way. In the end, it's pretty subjective. But, for both films, I would say the wars are maybe more of a backdrop/setting than more central to the story, if that makes sense? Hmm...yes, I can see that now.
  7. Well, I guess I need to get out more because I'm not familiar with the great " Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?" debate. Here I thought I was displaying the height of cleverness Any opinion of Josey Wales being a war movie? Maybe just more of a western?
  8. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie or is it an action movie that happens to be set at Christmas time? And, in the end, does it matter? I don't have strong feelings either way. Just a question that came mind while reading this. Another question popped into my head: is The Outlaw Josey Wales a "war movie"? Again, I don't have strong feelings either way but it does start at the end of the Civil War and grudges originating in the war follow the Wales character all the way to the end. The war seems to hold a somewhat prominent place throughout the background of the movie
  9. Yeah, it's not always the best having your glasses riding up a bit higher on top of the mask (especially if, like me, you have progressive lenses). But, as I said, it usually helps reduce the fogging. Best of luck!
  10. I prefer a mask with a metal strip that bends over the bridge of the nose, of course. But sometimes I haven't had that and I've had some success putting my glasses over the top of the mask on the bridge of my nose. It's not perfect but it can help keep my breath from steaming up my glasses at least some of the time.
  11. As @Corvinus85 says above, the only way I could get through Ritchie's Arthur: Legend of the Sword was to watch as a completely different story having nothing to do with the Arthurian legend (which, of course, is practically true). I, too, am a bit of a sucker for the Arthurian legend - too bad there's such a dearth of good treatments of it. Excalibur is still my all-time favorite but, yes, it's far from "perfect". I appreciate all the feedback on Cursed here. Otherwise I would most likely have been suckered into watching it Working my way through Kingdom now.
  12. Watched The Babysitter the other night and I agree. When I saw the name Samara Weaving in it I wondered if she might be Hugo's daughter? Turns out she's his niece.
  13. Well, in her defense, why should anyone need to actually know where someplace is when they can just teleport there
  14. Sorry! I do apologize for adding any more angst to your life (no one needs any more of that these days). And, yes, as @Many-Faced Votary describes, I'm sure in their minds they feel they actually improved on the Red Wedding
  15. Yeah, they chose to distance themselves from Martin. I have no doubt that he would have been more involved if they wanted him to be. I'm very tempted to believe the only reason the first three seasons were as close as they were to the books was because they couldn't deviate too much and still progress to bringing the Red Wedding to TV (which, of course, is really all they wanted to do).
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