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  1. Vought-a-Burger! It works on at least a couple of different levels!
  2. @rocksniffer, I think you may need to go into your account settings and change your home time zone?
  3. Exactly! Currently, the rich don't have to give one single solitary shit what is "legal". That's the largest part of the problem.
  4. Yeah, it was awesome always watching my queue shrink faster than I could put players in it I think my starters are reasonably solid. Anyway, here's where I ended up: QB - Herbert, Tannehill (Bridgewater, D. Jones) RB - CMac, Harris, Mostert (Fournette, Hyde, Gainwell, T. Jones, Jr.) WR - Hopkins, Lamb, D. Samuel, Pittman, Jr. (Chark, Jr., Parker, Kirk) TE - Hockenson, (Goedert) K - M. Gay DST - San Francisco
  5. Don't know if it's one of my top three words uttered but I also probably say "excellent" way too much. I very rarely swear so, when I do, the kids really take notice. But their mother swears like a pirate and they seem to be quite desensitized to it from her I also probably say "awesome" too much. I do this with "just" and "like" as well. I find myself removing "just" from work emails far too often before I hit send. The 80s were my most formative years (but I was still a young adult/college student for most of the 90s) so I still say "cool" too much as well.
  6. I should have been more aggressive later in the draft but I think I can work with this team. QB - Wilson, Mayfield (Bridgewater, Jones, Lock) RB - Elliot, Javonte Williams, Singletary (Swift, Dillon, Hines, Ty Johnson) WR - Ridley, Anderson, Jeudy, Landry (Fuller, Mooney) TE - Waller (Fant) K - Zuerlein DST - WFT
  7. Yeah, felt like this was a decent draft as well. Feel best about the wr's I was able to get. QB- Brady, Burrow (Carr) RB - McCaffrey, Edwards, Singletary (Hines, Ty Johnson, Hubbard, Ty'Son Williams) WR - Allen, McLaurin, Anderson, Sutton (Pittman, G. Davis, Chark, Samuel) TE - Kittle (Goedert) K - Zuerlein DST - Pittsburgh
  8. Chataya, apropo of not much, I am with you in Rosacea solidarity!
  9. To add some more anecdata to this, Mrs. PotN and I had the Moderna vaccine. The first shot only resulted in pretty sore arms at the injection site for about five days (so, not too bad at all). The second shot resulted in about one day of flu-like symptoms for each of us and it was smooth sailing after that
  10. Hey, the phrase "It's five o'clock somewhere!" makes no reference to AM or PM.
  11. @larrytheimp Just want to add my condolences and thank you for sharing a bit of the beautiful story you and Darcy lived together. I hope, if such a thing is even possible, the sharing helps ease your loss.
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