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  1. Heh! Yeah, another related thing that they evidently thought was "credible" about the stroll north o' the Wall was having an undead Night King with several magic, super javelins that can take out dragons...and having him not even think to use one on the hated Stark scion/LCotNW he had trapped about, oh, 100 feet away
  2. Prince of the North

    NFL: Super Bowl, offseason and quarterback musical chairs

    Agreed. And I have no rooting interest in either the Chiefs or 49ers beyond wanting to see a good contest (I'm Rob Lowe sportin' his NFL hat). Also, even at the time, I took special note of the offensive PI call on Kittle and how eerily similar it was to Kyle Rudoph's "great play" in the end zone vs. the Saints a few weeks back. I get it, as long as there are humans reffing the games, there's gonna be human error but I sure wish it could be more consistent, especially when it's for all the marbles.
  3. What?!! You mean they actually didn't have things planned out years in advance like they said on multiple occasions?! /s
  4. Yep! Knowing where it all ends up makes it so the earlier seasons/eps can never be viewed the same way again Me, too! I mean, it could just be my own biases at play but it seems to me that people in the industry may be distancing themselves as fast as possible.
  5. Prince of the North

    The Witcher: Evil is Evil

    Heh. I'm actually not all that familiar with Popovich's interview tendencies. But I thought this interview read as very "Belichickian"
  6. Prince of the North

    Has it all gone quiet since the TV show finished?

    I agree with your theory! I was in on the tail-end of the old EZ board but somehow missed the transition to this board by about a month and still ended up with a relatively low number. I still bop around the board almost every day but I rarely post anymore. Now I mostly just lurk and...maybe "like" something once in awhile.
  7. Prince of the North

    NFL Playoffs: Hindsight Is 20/20 For Bad Coaching Decisions

  8. Prince of the North

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Ah...it is truly a fickle, fickle game!
  9. Prince of the North

    US Politics: Mail and Managers for Mitch

    Yep, a world in which the House always loses and the hookers always win!
  10. Prince of the North

    Christopher Tolkien Passes Away at 95

    Rest in peace, Christopher! And thank you! I've read most, but not all, Middle-Earth-related things. Of what I have read, though it took a few times, The Silmarillion became my favorite.
  11. No, no, no! They had everything all planned out years in advance! They said so!!
  12. Oh, you're definitely right! I was just trying to come across a little diplomatic there. Really, the whole thing gets exactly zero benefits of the doubt from me anymore
  13. Season 4 maybe wasn't completely horrible...until that excrutiatingly painfully contrived Brienne-Hound fight at the end. And Season 6 will forever be set to the Benny Hill theme in my head (Dorne and the Sand Snakes, I'm lookin' at you!)
  14. I was disappointed with that as well. I agree that the rapid turnaround in sentiment would have been disconcerting. Also, I think from an actor's viewpoint it would be hard to hear criticism of a project they poured themselves into, did the best they could with, and not see it as at least somewhat of an attack on them and their fellow cast members. It would probably make anyone a little defensive. I mean, I think by and large, people around here always did a pretty good job of being sure to separate criticism of the showrunners from criticism of the cast...but that's from my perspective, not theirs. I'd love to believe this but...I just can't. I don't think these showrunners ever met any stupid arrogance or arrogant stupidity (take your pick) they wouldn't double-down on