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  1. Yes and no. As always, it depends on one's perspective/opinion. That Martin's a crafty one
  2. Speaking of the above, I always wondered how Lewis Black happened? Now we know
  3. Good point. I think, if he has his way, he won't ever need them again if he's re-elected. Agreed that he's very, dare I say it, narcissistic in his transactions but that doesn't make him any less transactional. I didn't necessarily mean to imply competence when I said he "understands transactions". I didn't express well that I simply meant he's completely transactional.
  4. I believe you're right that Trump doesn't care about religion (or anything but himself, really). But that in no way negates the fact that he'll continue to try to deliver things the Christian nationalists want in order to maintain their allegiance. He knows he needs them. Surely one thing, perhaps the only thing, Trump actually understands is transaction.
  5. I agree with the vast majority of what you wrote. And welcome!
  6. Ah, understandable. I hope you find something workable closer to home!
  7. Never done it myself, but I understand many Americans (and personally know some) who have gone to Mexico for dental work due to the much lower cost.
  8. Oh! "Cers" must surely mean "rotten", then, right?
  9. Oh, agreed here, too. This is all with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, of course. If they had won, Baltimore not running the ball would have been seen as genius as would the Lions going for it on those 4th downs, if they had succeeded. I was mostly agreeing with the idea that Flowers didn't need to extend the ball there. Why take that risk when it would have been a 1st down anyway even if he was stopped just short of scoring? I agree with Belichick's banning of extending the ball. But I get it. You play to win the game, winning is the best deodorant, all's well that ends well, and all that
  10. Agreed. Or, even if Flowers was stopped just short of the goal line there, it would have been a new set of downs. Situational awareness for the win.
  11. Yes, given the timing of the dragons hatching, etc. (that I had not taken into account so thanks everyone for that) maybe Jaqen being in the Black Cells was simply happenstance? I don't know but it could be? It was mentioned above, and I agree, that Martin doesn't write superheroes so even a Faceless Man could get caught and imprisoned.
  12. Complete speculation on my part but I think it adds up quite well. If Jaqen is, in fact, after some of Septon Barth's forbidden writings (as it seems to me) then he would have to determine some places where he might find them? And, of course, this wouldn't be easy due to Baelor the Blessed's attempt at purging those writings from the world. Some possibilities could be the Citadel, of course, as one of the foremost repositories of knowledge, and just maybe...a very old library largely cut off from the rest of the world that happens to have been presided over for many decades by a Targaryen (i.e. a family that may just be interested in dragons, etc.) So, I theorize that Jaqen wanted to be in the Black Cells because he knew of the precedent of emptying the Black Cells to accompany VIPs to the Wall. I mean, what a great way to infiltrate the Night's Watch! Someone volunteering would be scrutinized or, at least, would draw a lot of attention because, let's face it, hardly anyone does that currently in the story. However, no one would give a second thought to just another common criminal being pressed into service. Then, when that whole situation kinda went pear-shaped, I think Jaqen switched to plan B (the Citadel). Remember, Jaqen said he felt he owed Arya a debt. So, if we take him at his word, he logically didn't want to leave until he had paid that debt. Or maybe he also saw something in her and wanted to look out for her a bit? He did give her access to the secret society of Faceless Men, if she wanted to pursue it. I doubt they hand those coins out to just anyone. This is a good question and I think you may be right. If the Faceless Men are after at least some of Septon Barth's writings on dragons, it may not actually be on behalf of someone else but on their own behalf. Or, as you say, Jaqen could be acting simply on his own behalf? And, in either case, maybe the deadline isn't quite as urgent? I don't know, just having fun theorizing a bit
  13. I'd embed the Billy Madison Jeopardy scene in response to that nonsense but I've never learned how to do it. And now, after watching Walsh's stupidity, I'm too dumb to even begin figuring it out!
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