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  1. I just think he's being used incorrectly. He's not a PG. Play him as a SF or PF in a small ball lineup and you'll unlock him.
  2. A proper ass whipping is always fun. I was explaining soccer to the new GF and she knew 4-0 was brutal. Thought it was going to be 5-1 there.
  3. Idk about that. I think Trump actually made small gains among white women between 2016 and 2020.
  4. Owners also shadow ban players from international games and private ones.
  5. Hey! I had a really cool pet snake. He was a rare lavender ball python named Adrian. I could stick my arm in his tank and he'd just wrap around it. Problem is the bastard escaped and was hiding for months. My step-dad's step-mom who was a biology prof found him quickly and after he went back into the tank he was a dick lol. Had to give him away.
  6. Wemby has been better than Chet, but I have a hard time giving it to him. Chet is a key piece on one of the top teams. The Spurs just flat out suck. If they were a fringe play in team, sure, but being that bad should disqualify you. I have no idea who the MVP should be. It's a weird year.
  7. Yes and no. Their contracts do control some of the things they can do.
  8. The counterpoint is almost all these dudes play in private and/or non NBA sanctioned exhibition games were they try harder.
  9. Could be, it's not like it hadn't crossed my mind. But sometimes the risks are worth it.
  10. There are literally multiple major wars going on right now and no, he doesn't just have to make noises fart out of his face hole. Training a dog is very, very, very far down on the org chart.
  11. We talked about it, funny thing is the kid has the same name as me and doesn't love it, but I'll look out for him and am sure I can win him over. She's also thumbs up with having a few more kids so that alleviated my concerns. Even more so she wasn't sure before if she wanted to leave NM, but now is fine coming back to MN or going wherever I want to.
  12. Well I guess I have a GF now. Wasn't expecting that today.
  13. Nope, my dad. I've still got a lot to go through, but I forgot about the watch.
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