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  1. It's a bizarre incongruency to witness. Dems are looking so weak, but the Biden admin. WTF. Put VP Harris atop a fact finding task force independent of the DOJ, and release the findings universally. Let the note taking be seen by every American citizen who cares to know. The latter is far from insignificant, or am I an idiot. This canuck is glad there's lots of grassroots that not only feared this possibility but were also organizing and preparing for it. There's lots you can do. Best wishes America.
  2. That’s pretty much all it it was. I was being glib and backhandedly simplistic. I’m sorry, @Chataya de Fleury
  3. Not nitpicky at all, I appreciate the correction. What the hell, Card.
  4. Bird is live posting. I welcome this addition to her repertoire.
  5. Ok. So I have no idea what’s going on yet, but I so dig this show’s vibe.
  6. Someone put Rudy's description over the video lol Fucking clown. I'm going to watch Westworld.
  7. All good, yo. I tease, I jest. Hyperwave, waveform, quantum superposition, yeah, one could fiddle with that. Thanks.
  8. Nah. We just got to embrace Cali, Oregon, Washington and Minnesota when they come calling [and they'll have leverage] while the extremely poverty stricken red states cannibalize each other and try to take blues. This might require western Canada hasn't split off yet, or maybe that'd make amalgamation easier.
  9. If you want to get really dicky about it [and don't mind if I do] I never caught an explanation about how interstellar communication works. It'd have to be something like Card's ansible for instantaneous interaction with hologram projections from Revan knows where or how far, yet it's not a big deal to me. And before anyone writes a book at me [narrows eyes at Varys] I've only read Splinter of the Mind's Eye [so long ago I remember not a thing except the cool cover] and the Heirs trilogy.
  10. My 12yo is deadly about starting boxing. I wanted her to go with jiu jistu but she wants the former first, then pivot, then both. We have not watched any MMA together. The girls used to be pretty scrappy but they've kind of grown out of it [for the most part] let's see if any of it sticks.
  11. Anyone feel like they have enough of a handle on how the Maga-Ats might react to Trump having been used by the socons as a stalking horse?
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