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  1. Glad to have her. ---- Meanwhile, a Canadian previously tried in China on drug trafficking charges [found guilty and sentenced] was retried and sentenced to death. Fucking China, man. Vindictive.
  2. Even if DMC is right, it's a hell of a thing to cause this kind of fear and stress on individuals and families right before the fucking holidays. How's he doing these days, Kal? Since deleting my FB account several months ago I haven't seen any updates.
  3. Texas court ends Obamacare... [low whistle]
  4. My daughters loved it, even the youngest who is really starting to rebel against anything animated. Won't even watch She-Ra, that one. Myself, I admire how they nailed the comic book styling that Ang Lee was clearly going for in his try at Hulk. It had all the feels, the humor was well done, the feels were real. Very good show.
  5. Mmn.... probably doing it properly and at length our judicial system deciding the US didn't make their case and deny extradition on said grounds. I suspect the chances of this are actually higher than I might've initially thought. We're judging her alleged crimes based on ours and not US law, after all. I'd have to do some reading. What a clusterfuck though.
  6. So, Canadian law enforcement picks up Meng at the request of their US counterparts, pissing China right the fuck off. China makes demands and threats. Canada responds with we're a country that abides by the rule of law [yadda yadda] so China grabs one of our former diplomats on charges of espionage [apparently] while decreasing tariffs on US autos from 45 to 15%, and then [takes a deeps breath] yesterday Trump, bumbling cockeyed idiot that he is, fucks it all up by stating he'd be willing to trade Meng back to China for trade concessions and shit. I think that's enough to just cut her loose then, hmn? Or should we go through the motion first, then deny the extradition?
  7. JGP

    MCU - X

    Excited about both, honestly, but Shang-Chi could be spectacular.
  8. Yeah, sorry. It wasn't an indictment of others if that's how it was interpreted. Those were the best ones for me. [shrugs]
  9. For me, best shows: 1. Patriot S2 & Killing Eve S1 [tried, but can't pick one over the other] 2. Counterpart S1 3. The Expanse S3 Honorable Mention: Cloak and Dagger S1 Others were good, but these four five stood out for me enough to be named.
  10. Amazon's marketing is horrible, isn't it. This show is NOT. Everyone I know should be watching it, but alas. Definitely top or top two for me as well. Great cast, wonderful show lol
  11. S2 of Patriot dropped today and I am... happy. Twisted, quirky, darkly comic, just a fantastic show about a folk/secret singing spook trying to maintain his grip.
  12. Likely. Trudeau now says he won't sign it unless the tariffs are lifted beforehand. He may have just meant to deny the ceremony aspect of it as opposed to flat out refusing to ratify, but either way Trump will get Trumpy. Was thinking more about about Congress though. If this drags out long enough, Trump can sign it all he wants. Still has to go before the House however, and, a majority Dem House might have issues with the deal, the unilateral tariffs as well, and could challenge the national security claims in regard to the latter. Just curious, mind. Hard to predict. Fun times ahead for sure. I feel you on the other shit though. I was looking at booking a Disney cruise for the girls and I from Van up to Alaska [been putting it off until they got older] They were disappointed but liked the idea of somewhere in Europe as a make peace. The challenge in that is researching ownership [airline, hotels, etc] but I'll figure it out. Domestically, it's easy. Just label reading. Nothing American. We have a lot of issues of our own to focus on however. I hate Jason Kenney. Like, fucking hate him. The kind of lividly silent type of spite that's produced in the marrow. If I could pack up the girls and move out of Alberta I would, but I'd have to take the ex-wife too lol le sigh
  13. Careful, man. Naming calls. According to rumors K's name has been bandied about.
  14. Sure. And it's all part of his long game to stop the ghostly caravan.