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  1. Watching a replay of Abbott's presser: 'he shot and killed, horrifically, incomprehensibly, fourteen students, and killed a teacher.' Certainly confusing how he relayed that information. Man...
  2. I can't remember, thank christ, but I do recall having to log to avoid going olden days on their stupidly insensitive ass. Dead Kids: too many Gun Control: [sad laugh] edit: hope this is wrong
  3. I remember being pretty snotty about e-books for a long, long time [I also avoided having a cellphone, for years] I'm fortunate, but now I screen novels by e-book. If they're dope, I also buy a physical copy for my modest collection-- so, two buys for authors who impressed me. --- Finished All The Seas, and did enjoy it. Felt like a strong thematic work, with more than a few resonating moments, but not as emotionally moving as the Kay I'd grown accustomed to. Or, maybe I need more time to reflect. Enjoyed LS and R, and it was good to see Folco and particularly Danio again.
  4. My first Kay was A Song for Arbonne.
  5. Yep. Break system. Blame system for breaking itself. Privatize to cannibalize. Old plays still somehow managing to stump the defense.
  6. And now, despite resigning last night, he’s staying on as Premier until a new leader is elected. United Clownshoe Party.
  7. Kenney tore up healthcare contracts, is underfunding and attacking health care, is also underfunding education [the proposed new curriculum is horribad] cuts to the safety net for the vulnerable, and supports for the LGBQT+; under his direction the UCP deregulated broad scale, dislikes union and labor, criminally slashed the business tax, underfunded municipalities so property taxes went up, the list is long and goes on. And, all of that fish wrapped in his understated but Dominionist type ideology. The dude sucks ass. So, I meant moderate in comparison to the social conservative element within the UCP. Kinda of gives an idea of the polity skew between Alberta and Ontario when a largish portion of Conservative minded MLAs seem to agree that Kenney maybe didn't go far enough.
  8. I don't live in Alberta anymore, not as invested in provincial politics as much as I used to be, but as awful as Kenney was for the province, he's moderate compared plenty in the UCP. My concern is how this could play out for the 23 election [might help the UCP, actually] but that's a ways away and who knows.
  9. It's horrible that such things need to be taught, but yes, to whatever level they're capable of understanding it [the latter can vary dramatically at that age] If a child can be shot at school, which can happen anywhere in the world yet happens nowhere near like that of the US, then preparation is preeminent at the grade school level. Beyond that, the civilian population of the US has twice the second highest rate of gun ownership per hundred iirc [caveat: per some 2017 data I read] The Feds need to focus on gun control. Good luck with that when dead kids won't move you. The disaffected segment of society that is vulnerable to violently enacting radical ideation, that's a whole other can of mindworms.
  10. I like how even though I try my best to go into new Kay as blind as possible, I've faith that even if it isn't his best work ever, I'm going to be away from it all for a bit and have a cathartic experience. And after the last year or more, this guy needs that. Looking forward to this.
  11. Just googled up some images. Partial fusion of the upper limbs or no, those lemur type things still seem hexapodal. Minor quibble. I'll be fine with evolutionary oddness as long as the story continues in a more original vein. I guess.
  12. I'll go see the sequel because my eldest is super into it, but honestly, and this might sound silly given I'm such a huge fantasy/scifi fan, but my suspension got bounced out of the theater when many, if not most, of the animal species had six appendages but the Na'vi only had four. Were they native to Pandora or not? Didn't help leaving the theater feeling like I'd seen Avatar a few times before either.
  13. Dunno about raw, maybe tweaked a little resolution wise. Spectacular images dropping from Webb for a while.
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