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  1. The Boys was an Ennis creation. For me it's less about Miller and more about everyone. I mean, in 33 Superman is anyone's to fuck with. Marvel, Netflix, whoever. However. And I'm feeling weirdly precious about that lol
  2. Had a long ass nap today, that I’m sure will tilt my wonky sleep patterns further, so while perusing headlines I saw something about Mark Miller maybe doing something Superman related once the IP hits the public domain and… I got some pretty conflicting feels going on. As a creative copyright is a very important thing to me, yet I also believe it’s a good thing it eventually expires. And yet, I really don’t want to see everyone’s grasping little fingerprints all over Superman. I really don’t.
  3. Appears so. I'll leave my ignorance unedited so any offended by my recent words in this topic may better dismiss them. Some [most] people being weird about continuation is one thing, but no matter how they may post-rationalize their decisions, very few one makes are actually based on logic. So this is hardly an argument against Ty, but, it might work if you were instead advocating deproliferation rather than: let those who have them keep them, and fuck everyone else.
  4. Last episode, great so far. But, game people: It's been bugging me since Coop's flashback in E07, is Moldaver also from the games...
  5. Entitled isn't how I'd have put it. More like the World seems, in majority, full of chickenshit piss babies that're tacitly ok with Putin doing more or less whatever the fuck he wants because of nuke rattling, so if another Nation feels they need them to electrify their fences against likewise aggressive Nations, go on then. Slay, girl. Like, China and US have both upped development [somewhat recently] so let's cut this to the bone, shall we: deproliferation will never, ever happen. But clearly, having them provides benefits.
  6. I'd be very surprised myself. Where the US State hasn't been able to directly intervene in weaponization development, I don't think it too far of a gut-stretch to say it has indirectly intervened dozens, if not hundred of times. National security, economic stick and carrot policy, all that. Fissile materials are also jealously monitored, as best as possible anyway. That we haven't seen a dirty bomb incident since the break up of the Soviet Union doesn't necessarily mean we won't, but we haven't [to crib Jace's rationale] and like Z says: that djinn bottle is no longer stoppered. If I were a US citizen [and yeah, I thoroughly debated letting my daughters enter the US-- they're in NYC as we speak] I'd be much more afeared of many other things. 12 guns per capita in the freedumbest country in the world... I mean, the absolute fucking audacity asserting authority over who can and cannot [develop nuclear weapons] makes me shake my head. Fuck outa here.
  7. Putin has made an irrefutable argument regarding the value their possession however. Whether it's peace or The End, maybe the bomb would end all war... if every nation has them. Crowdfunding for the development of a new type of spackle that'll smooth over his pores. He's still networking a solution for the wattle.
  8. I'm not squeamish yet that foot injury had me wincing and half ass looking away lol --- I'm almost done. Never played the games so it's all new to me, but I've been enjoying it. My favorite laugh out loud part was probably Maximus... It's a solid, irreverent show though agree some of the gore was definitely a bit much... Would love to see more of Lucy and Coop on the road.
  9. Best Served Cold is still my favorite. Revenge is one of those rare diamond type dishes for me.
  10. This card might actually be worth ponying up for.
  11. Congratulations then, and I wish you an eventually broad sampling of flavor lol
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