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  1. Bird is live posting. I welcome this addition to her repertoire.
  2. Ok. So I have no idea what’s going on yet, but I so dig this show’s vibe.
  3. Someone put Rudy's description over the video lol Fucking clown. I'm going to watch Westworld.
  4. All good, yo. I tease, I jest. Hyperwave, waveform, quantum superposition, yeah, one could fiddle with that. Thanks.
  5. Nah. We just got to embrace Cali, Oregon, Washington and Minnesota when they come calling [and they'll have leverage] while the extremely poverty stricken red states cannibalize each other and try to take blues. This might require western Canada hasn't split off yet, or maybe that'd make amalgamation easier.
  6. If you want to get really dicky about it [and don't mind if I do] I never caught an explanation about how interstellar communication works. It'd have to be something like Card's ansible for instantaneous interaction with hologram projections from Revan knows where or how far, yet it's not a big deal to me. And before anyone writes a book at me [narrows eyes at Varys] I've only read Splinter of the Mind's Eye [so long ago I remember not a thing except the cool cover] and the Heirs trilogy.
  7. My 12yo is deadly about starting boxing. I wanted her to go with jiu jistu but she wants the former first, then pivot, then both. We have not watched any MMA together. The girls used to be pretty scrappy but they've kind of grown out of it [for the most part] let's see if any of it sticks.
  8. Anyone feel like they have enough of a handle on how the Maga-Ats might react to Trump having been used by the socons as a stalking horse?
  9. Just got back from a quick walk with my oblivious dog, but nope. Fuck you, James lol
  10. They are. Trump was their means to the end. Wait, sorry Chats. I totally misread the above. I'm going for a walk.
  11. If California opts out, that's the ballgame. But yes, as awful as it is, I agree with you. Let's hope those craven bastards on the SC bow to their vanity and wish to remain paramount over the entire judicial system.
  12. And Twitter for Drumpf is a given if Musk forgets to pull out. edit: holy, not intentional. Very sorry. I'll let it ride and submit myself to the judgment of the board.
  13. I dislike the psychologizing, though I'm not immune, but the man plays himself. It may be ableist, or ageist, but my 12yo could play fiddle with that fucking fool. I'm trying hard to avoid ghoulish extrapolations right now.
  14. You'd think States more or less carving out their own little kingdoms [a bit of hyperbole] might be threatening enough. Pubs are still hawkish, they'd still want to swing their proverbial star spangled dicks around the world. I don't know if that would be possible a decade, even five years from now if they just let it ride.
  15. Hmn. So if the Dems had balls [they don't, but the populace might hand them to them] they could quash the filibuster and 51 it to pack the court? Part Deux? Would that give now-Republicans pause? Or would even the SC be undermined at that point?
  16. @DMC It's terrifying, frankly. A balanced court, gutting it here, would likely err on the side of it being constitutional, that such measures weren't overreach and within the Federal purview. But this court? I'm going to be glued to Twitter Monday [it'll drop there first, with details fastest] but I don't... I don't even know what to swear to. If the SC swings the wrong way, Morgan's Jesusland or facsimile thereof isn't outside the realm of possibility. And the geopolitical implications are fucking staggering.
  17. Guns, Roe, this up on Monday. And it’s huge. Could gut the EPA, but that’s not all. I want to say nah, would they? Wonder what the odds are.
  18. Is asskissing not a thing Star Wars.
  19. I'm coming at this from an emotional place and have go get my 12 yo so maybe that's for the best. But the majority was leaked as well, yet still shocking. I got an an incoming tiktok talk when T reads about this and wants to talk.
  20. Marching orders? You just indicated there might be a slip. Would either roll on the GOP either way? The power grabs aren't over.
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