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  1. I can't remember the sequencing Gunn laid out already [lol] but if they do All Star Superman and then Morrison's Superman and The Authority?
  2. Yes, weirdo. :p Shannon has defined cheek bones and a rectangle-ish shaped head. They don't look alike at all.
  3. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will be ginchy too, if they do it right.
  4. [farts at the Flash, thumbs up at Authority]
  5. Former face eating Leopards eating from the ass up on this one.
  6. It was something. Not done yet but much better. Tested covid neg five days in a row; a swab each, throat and nasal [bleh] whatever. Anyway. The girls, we'd been together the week before I got symptoms, they got nothing of course lol I get that. The last few seasons, yo. I don't know. Bleak. And in some cases, even though it made sense, why?
  7. I can't tell if this is a dunk on her ex-hub, or humanity, or... Help.
  8. On the mend now, but how sick was I just? Completed a full rewatch of The Wire over the last three/four days.
  9. I've read it. Is there a recap at the start of Blackheart?
  10. lol [brandishes his Fist of the First Men mockingly]
  11. I hadn't checked lately [my bad] and I can get all three parts of Blackheart on Kindle CA now. Almost feel like I should give the first a reread.
  12. Nora, definitely jump on that if you can. --- Also put a lot of my creative stuff on the backburner since my daughters arrived. Both early teens now. I don't post in this thread much, not sure. Maybe because my work was so sporadic? Anyway, the gears of my ancient project MacPeach continue notching, that's the novel, from which I got a compressed cutout I'm polishing for submission to the Clarion Workshop [sub deadline is mid March, iirc] I'm also working on concept art and two scripts [a duology] for an unsolicited Marvel pitch, and, just last night had an near -sleep brainfart so am now also outlining the structure of another pitch [and initial character sketches] I'm not sure if these latter are semi-deliberate distractions from MacPeach or what, but it's nice to get out of the box you know? Doing art for all of them [or whatever I feel like drawing] has also been fruitful of late. I was talking with a friend of mine not too long ago and this year just feels different. Hope it is for everyone.
  13. Truth. Even twenty years of no maintenance then whatever weather as you say, still wouldn't account for those visuals. Had to be conflict, I reckon. Tempted to get into the game but don't want to ruin the show.
  14. My 15 yo, Llyra, got on me the other night about the Universe. Went for a while, me trying to explain things as best I understand them, caveating of course even though they're both well aware none of the above is a discipline of mine. Anyway. Turned into a lengthy, animated discussion. I must've said fifty different variations of I don't know, but someone might lol The sparkle in her eyes, it wasn't stars or nothing, but there was something there. I hope to enjoy further discussions with her, especially if Llyra takes the suggestion she look up the things she was interested in.
  15. Watching that part, I immediately recalled the check point in Obi-Wan and laughed.
  16. If Lavrov eventually ends up found pickled in a whisky barrel, it ain't going to hurt my feels none.
  17. Seeing and reading out of the last few days in Dnipro. There's one in particular, won't link directly but easily searchable, showing a video of a little girl's birthday party inside this bright yellow apartment side by side with the of the same after the strike. Busted me out of a bit of a mini funk, so suppose I'm grateful the anger is back.
  18. [briefly considers scrubbing his Greek surname]
  19. I'm not a copyright lawyer so can't argue the finer points. I'll be watching how it pans out. re: melting, I only follow several hundred artists on twitter. My feed has plenty RTs of AI bros melting down. When I say AI bros, to clarify, I'm speaking less Tech bro developers and more non-artists worried that the seizure of the means of [artistic] production might not go their way long term... or, idiots like the quote-tweeted below Makes me laugh.
  20. I don't know about that. Going to be fun. Meanwhile, AI bros on Twitter still melting down.
  21. I'm close-to-happy with a design for a sleeve of stylized particle trails for myself. What kind of tattoo did you get, Ink?
  22. Heat's being turned up: After this [class action, etc] Thoughts and prayers to all the AI bros who've been melting down for days already lol
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