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  1. I don't know about cowardly. I generally understand the sentiment from most of this mindset as based on respect for life. Oodles of respect for you, Rip. You're smart as fuck and well informed. Thing is whatever it's final form, a defeat of Russia is vitally important for many reasons, least of which being best path forward for humanity as a whole. Putin on his heels and a warning to everyone else won't stop bad actors [dispensing with rational or irrational] but it'll put dampers on, and we can, somehow hopefully, awkward our way forward through the messes ahead on the least chaotic footing. Putin skating on a light settlement, I don't know, it's hard to imagine the Ukrainians would be satisfied at that point, they'll be riding high and no doubt also expecting some meting out of justice. That said, if I'm wrong, its up to them and no other right.
  2. Borderline impressive resolve there for sentient hotdog water. Surprised he didn't just slough out the cuffs for the Press.
  3. I retired at 45. I'm an artist though, so having copious free time to write, draw, or do whathefuckever I feel like is ginchy. The not-quite-so-littles-anymore keep me relatively busy regardless. Congratulations to you, Peb. I've no doubt you'll be fine.
  4. It's worse than this. To my eye it overall looks like they're skipping frames [24 per second for full animation] to perhaps save *costs which undermines the illusion of weight, and expression. Final render is also an issue. It's not horrible per se, just very subpar and kind of janky. *costs, and maybe the studio/talent burnout issue eluded to in earlier iterations of the thread edit: very much enjoying the show however
  5. To the below, I’d say make it make sense. But then, it just wouldn’t be as funny.
  6. Cosmologically speaking, the universe was basically still an infant at this point. So cool.
  7. Probably not the right thread. Anywho: My 14yo is on a local Dragonboat team, but a womens’ team out of Victoria asked for infills to replace missing members for a race weekend, so I picked up the kiddos and the dog and we went to Vic. Said team just won the womens’ final this morning, and did so undefeated. Great experience for her.
  8. Always thought it should've been Yates.
  9. Paul Sorvino now somewhere continuing his prison cooking lessons with Ray.
  10. My mom got it, but it wasn't what got her. Still a horrible experience. Surgery. Chemo was hard on her. Fuck cancer
  11. Back from the mini road trip with the girls. Was hot as balls in the Okanagan, or felt like it anyway. Only 30 - 32ish c over the five days there, but the humidity off the Shuswap almost had it unbearable. Most of the people I visited with were grateful it wasn't like the the heat dome last summer, and at least this time when approaching absurdly penetrating heat, the bad air quality due to fires in the Province and smoke from the States. All of that is still likely coming this season, maybe even next week depending on how bad the fires in California. Still feel for my Dad as we left him there, knowing it's going to slap 5 to 7c hotter in the week upcoming. edit: honestly don't like thinking about how bad it's eventually going to get, so this trip was good to currently center it. Feels less like kinda like last year and more like the new normal though
  12. Taking my daughters on a road trip. Waiting for the Ferry off island now. Be cool.
  13. There’s little reason to know the intricacies of nuclear unless it’s your bailiwick, and there’s a veritable horn of plenty reasons how we arrived at where we’re at.
  14. Still tripping out on it a bit. It’s hard to track how Bernard and Stubbs avoided being tracked down but whatever. Trying to understand Dalores passion. So she feels the Hosts are still lacking? And somehow having all these coders going might, what. Caleb is still key somehow. Maeve. William. The Sublime reaching out with Bernard and Teddy. Best episode in a awhile.
  15. Yeah, no idea either. But…
  16. Ergo precarious. I was just looking at the revenue offsets employed by zero income tax States. Enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.
  17. I don't see any of these as impediments. The over arching storyline or drive can continue on, and meanwhile I'd start out with some establishing properties first, some solos. Lower level more personal type plots. Maybe the Summers, the Morlocks, and the like. There's enough hero worship in the existing MCU that the Mutant panic wouldn't be much of a deal. Initially. You can't do Secret Wars without the X-Men, or Doom, many others.
  18. I was looking at a bunch of photos of dried up riverbeds in Italy just the other day.
  19. No State income tax? That's precarious.
  20. Fucking gross, weak ass shit. Now I'm all right fucking angry again.
  21. It's not complicated. You're asserting right to life at whatever, but you won't say exactly when. Others say Body Autonomy trumps, so you project that outward as license to kill. It's not just logical inconsistency, it's bad logic.
  22. I was just trying to pin you down. You keep dipping into these little equivocating routines, like people just randomly decide to abort because willy nilly saw a double rainbow or something. People aren't out suddenly deciding nah, might not be my bag after all in later trimesters. Abortions at that point are medical procedures, and the lives involved are [one would hope] centered. A decision there might also have to be made. And that, again, this is the business of no one else. You can reiterate if you want, but you're right. We're not going to agree.
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