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  1. No left media that matters. I moved to Redding CA last fall and am amazed at the radio stations out here. Public radio, not NPR, that is really public. Yesterday, for example, I listened for a while to Ralph Nader's radio program. I've heard programs by indigenous peoples consisting of their history, politics and music. There are other 'lefty' programs as well. This is different from any other radio market I've been in, and I really appreciate it. Puts NPR to shame. These are interesting and important programs, unfortunately, a very small reach.
  2. National Republican Radio continuously talking to Trump voters during the Trump years really bothered me. When I heard them say yesterday on ATC that they would be talking to people about the SC's ruling, I immediately changed the channel, been to that rodeo before and wasn't interested in the opinions of woman haters.
  3. I realize that their timing really wasn't about knocking the J6C off the news cycle, it did though. Would I like to leave the USA? Yes, do I have the means or the skills? No. A few weeks ago, my roommates and I put on a little celebration for our landlady as she had passed her citizen test. She's from Korea and is a lovely person. But during our little party, I had in the back of mind that the USA just isn't what it used it used to be and could go down fast. Made me feel rather sad.
  4. If that were to happen J6 would look like normal political discourse. OK, bad analogy, but how could it not start a shooting war?
  5. Maybe, the State of Jefferson movement for a 51st state composed of rural Northern California and southern Oregon, very right wing, could cause lots of trouble. The State of Jefferson
  6. I have never forgotten when tfg was a candidate and when asked about women who had an abortion, he answered that they "should be punished." Now he has his wish. Yes, I'm now a 2nd class citizen in a shithole country.
  7. Still births and miscarriages will now be suspect, and women are already being charged with crimes for these.
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