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  1. Mantel’s Cromwell trilogy inspired me to read the Cromwell biography by Dairmaid MacCulloch which I quite enjoyed. It presented quite a different take on Cromwell than Mantel’s fictional portrait, but I can say I enjoyed both. That book inspired me to read THE REFORMATION, MacCulloch’s history of the Protestant Reformation in England and Europe. Fascinating, and I really got a lot out of it. I must say I found out how much I didn’t know (and still don’t, really) about Christian religious history or how important it is. MacCullogh wrote a bio on CARDINAL WOSELY which I am considering for later this year.
  2. 2020 can offically fuck right off. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/18/politics/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dead/index.html
  3. I feel much the same way although I share the house with a dog I have few interactions with it as it's my BIL's pet. Too many unpleasant dog stories, mostly because of untrained humans, have killed any intrest in dogs for me.
  4. I also read just over half of THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH by Ken Follett. It’s described as an historical novel, but I found very little history, it takes place in 12th Century England, and a lot more soap opera. I finally decided I had enough of that and returned it to the library. It’s a 3 book series but I won’t be back.
  5. This month I read WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks. I’m not much for zombies but enjoyed this book as it was formatted as interviews with many different people involved in various ways with the zombies. It starts with the discovery of the sickness and how it’s spread, and then the realization that the zombie virus kills its host and then reanimates the body. It was like COVID, came outa China, denial all around, development and use of a useless vaccine ... it was all there. Pretty good yarn, I enjoyed it. The concentration on the stories of the survivors instead of the zombies worked for me.
  6. I’ve owned cats and horses but no longer keep any animals. One issue with house pets is they can complicate renting an apartment; extra cost or not being allowed. Horses have become a complicated issue for me as well. Much more expensive in California so there’s that, and just too many wrecks. I like houseplants now. When I moved to California 5 years ago I had to rehome 16 plants and sneak 3 across the state line. Love my plants.
  7. Sounds interesting, was Ludwig Van being played?
  8. Many of these books were made to fit in the breast pocked of a solider's jacket so they could easily take them with them and have them available when the solider had time to read. I've seen some of these books and they are small and compact and were IMHO a great idea. They can be collectors items now.
  9. Thanks! JFC, this type of bullshit is everywhere. Hope that idea fails.
  10. As an American I say to this ‘Fuck Yeah!’ because we can’t help our selves. Oh, and science.
  11. Yesterday a coworker in the warehouse came back to work after being out for about 6 weeks for COVID-19. He looks healthy and robust and we gave each other a hug (don’t judge) He’s in his mid 60’s so I was so glad to see him I nearly cried, great way to start the day.
  12. Did anyone have 'Don Jr. coked out of his mind' on their bingo card? Because, drat, it's not on mine.
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