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  1. This said about the man who when making the video to tell the J6 rioters to go home was unable to say the simple phrase “the election is over “. Not happening.
  2. Hop we hear some about this on the next episode of January 6 Committee, showing September 28.
  3. @A True Kaniggit well, has the spider moved on, or does the battle still rage?
  4. Thanks, been wondering about that book. Might give it a try in a few weeks.
  5. Nobody eats horse for desert though, get real.
  6. This had me scratching my head until I remembered Ty is from Minnesota, where if the sun shines, it's still 23oF and ice cream wouldn't melt anyway.
  7. I drink coffee black, no sugar, uck, or creamer. Give me my caffeine straight up STAT.
  8. @Larry of the Lake how is that to read? I’ve seen it and have wondered how readable it is? What did you think about it?
  9. Judge Dearie, 45,s judge shopping buyers remorse.
  10. Being as the proposed union of Chataya and Tywin has already hit a rocky road instead of the sweet cream of wedded bliss, and we witness instead the blandness of a vanilla trying to pass as butterscotch, we must admit that even with a serving of time and mint chocolate chip, what could of been a vibrant Spuomi has instead degraded to a sticky tutti-frutti. Gods help us all.
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