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  1. This is not quite accurate; they do speak of Jon being voted in as LC. They called Jon a traitor because of Stannis being at the Wall, which he was before Jon became LC. Remember the Castle Black bath scene where Jon heard Thorne, Marsh and Othell plotting? They were discussing Tywin's plot to get Janos Slynt elected. It they had been able to hatch Tywin's plot as they wanted to, they all would have been traitors. Or, villains, if you wish. There are, however, villains in the small council scene and they are Cersei and Qyburn.
  2. Ya'll convinced me, I picked up the first two novels of the Sun Spear series today. Got a few books to go through before I get to them, nice to know however, that I have such highly praised and recommended books in the wings.
  3. Great catch Wizz. Nice! Ha ha plenty of shit talk here, of all types. Good post! Thanks Wizz.
  4. For all we know there might be more direwolves there than Shaggy Dog. Hmmm, wonder if Rickon has skinchanged a unicorn yet?
  5. I'm trying to connect the idea of a privy to Tyrion and remember that privies drain, and Tyrion was given charge by Tywin of the cisterns and drains of Casterly Rock just before his 16th birthday. Don't know if there is a connection, though, but Tyrion would have had occasions to see not just where whores go, but all go and what they produce.
  6. Damn you! Fixed it for you, and for @Sandy Clegg too.
  7. And how do you propose that Ghost will be able to release Jon's spirit? Varamyr released Haggons spirit from his second life and his spirit died because his body was dead. Jon's body is dead, even reanimated it's dead, just as GRRM said about Beric, his body was reanimated, and dead. Beric was killed by an enemy he was fighting; he was not assassinated by his own men. His shade continued on in that vein. LSH was being attacked, saw her son murdered right before her eyes and threatened and then did kill Jingle Bell. She became an avenging revenant. Jon, was working on his project of preparing for the wight invasion he felt was coming, and also upset about the Pink Letter. Then Wun Wun created a dangerous situation and then he was attacked by his own men. Beric and Cat were killed by enemies, Beric as part of a battle sanctioned by the crown, Cat murdered by one of her family's banner man and Jon by his own men. For each death the situation got worse and worse. RLJ won't matter to a dead man, nor will Winterfell. Those things matter to the living, Jon will be dead.
  8. So, what would happen if Jon were dead? Well, remember all that huffing and puffing about how Jon broke his vows? Even if reanimated he's still dead and so, he's released from his NW vows. Not only that, but why should he fight the fights of living men? Especially those of the NW as traitors of the NW killed him. Might be a bit pissed about that. Also, why would any wildings follow a dead man? There have been many wildings killed by dead men, and they know they are a threat. He gets reanimated, looks around, sez Oh Hell NO! and bugs out, crosses the Wall and heads North. The dead are his people now. No fighting the good fight, no fight for WF. He's not Beric after all. Beric was killed fighting on orders from Ned to kill Gregor and his men to protect the small folk. Jon was brutally stabbed by his own men, and he owes them nothing. If zombie Jon leads an army, it's an army of the dead. They are coming for you.
  9. Nymeria would like a word. Wargs can also skin change other animals, and there has long been speculation that Sansa may skin change a bird. Who can say, but don't count her out.
  10. Interesting comment, as I have seen the same for other characters; Jon, Sansa, and the Hound for example. I'm not a fan of Dany but hate her? I feel for her like I do for Arya, like the character, hate their current arcs.
  11. Actually, I quit watching the abomination during the 4th season as it was such shit. So no, I have not seen that ending.
  12. Jon's only bleeding wound mentioned is not a big deal. Also, zombie Jon having such a great afterlife career as commander of the living and the dead, and he gets the girl queen dragon rider? Yawn, so boring and done to ah......you know. Death. I can see the living Jon heading into a dark arc after all this, no problem with that.
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