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  1. Hard to say how he’ll participate, but I do remember that knives were given out to the participants as welcome gifts. So, before it even starts there are lots of new shiny weapons around.
  2. If past tournaments are prolong, then perhaps Alayne will see a knight from the Vale die in front of her. What better prospect than Harry the Heir.
  3. Snip…… Thanks for the reply. What’s really at issue is my life is in a transition, which at the time I was waiting for a job to come through, which it did. The job involves relocating so I didn’t want to ILL anything as sometimes they take awhile and I couldn’t guarantee I would be around. The ereader idea is good too, but my ereader is packed away so not available. I have read Neal Stephenson’s ANATHEM through twice just to have something to read. (good thing I really like it) This should resolve soon, I just hope my new city has a great library.
  4. Noooooo, Arya cuts everyone's throat* and then they all die. *Well, not all the throats, Arya cutoff Tormund's member and fed it to the goats.
  5. I didn’t watch the TV show and from what I have heard about it, it didn’t really have much to do with the books. So I put no stock in that. If Sansa is going to be the Queen of Winter, currently with her presumed (under duress) Alayne identity, how would she get there? She has the Checkov hairnet and crazy Aunt Lisa’s Checkov confession in her pockets, will she use them?
  6. Her burnt brown hair is a dye and her 'bastard brave' persona is an assumed identity. Who is Sansa now?
  7. Harry becomes the Heir when Sweet Robin dies. Will LF kill SR, or will Sansa emerge from Alanye in time to realize what LF is doing to SR and protect her only known living kin?
  8. She has not. She has used her being married to Tyrion as a shield at times with LF as a way to prevent another marriage. I've seen it discussed that the High Septon would be the one to annul the marriage, but as BC noted, tough to get done when one is wanted for regicide.
  9. Sansa has also expressed in her thoughts that she doesn’t want to get married again as she would only be married off for her claim to WF. I don’t see Harry the Heir or fAgeon changing her thoughts as she knows with Harry what he, his mother and LF are all after; the claim to Winterfell. fAgeon is unknown to her right now but she has had experience with one arrogant prince, can’t see her wanting another go around in that rodeo. It was LF who schooled her that if you know what a man wants you can control him. Well, LF has told her what he wants, he may have a surprise when he finds out what Sansa wants.
  10. My library has nothing!
  11. Sounds interesting, might have to give these a go. Thanks!
  12. I believe Beric was brought back by fire magic as Thoros is a priest of R’HLLOR and that is a fire religion.
  13. Jon would be like neither as I think he has a good chance that he won’t be raised by Mel, but one of the Wildings. They have their own magic traditions: I believe a woods witch is mentioned and some think Val may have some magic of her own. We really don’t know all the possible magic available to the wildlings (or the Greenseers.) CH is reanimated but unlike Beric or LS, he serves another, either BR or the Children or both. Could the Children have bewitched the body that became CH?
  14. They were found in daylight near a WW tree, might that have something to do with them being immobile?
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