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  1. Best coffee cup placement in a Fantasy Series, and the Emmy goes to....
  2. LongRider

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    For a little light summer reading I thought I would read the new duology out, THE MUELLER REPORT. I'm well into Vol I and am finding it fascinating and easy to read. Unfortunately, it's not a fantasy and that's too bad because some of it is scarier than shit (the Russian cyber attacks.) It does have a lot of footnotes and these weird blacked out sections, but I'm sticking with it anyway and would recommend it to everyone. I got my copy at Amazon.
  3. LongRider

    Popular Book series you’ve tried and failed to get into:

    I didn't read that Bakker Consult book either, I read all the previous books and found The Great Ordeal to be such a f'ng nightmare ordeal I passed on the consult thing. b'ah! enough
  4. LongRider

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Being that I'm doing a lot of rereading this year I have finished 3 more rereads; WATERSHIP DOWN by Richard Adams, ANATHEM by Neal Stephenson and A PLAYER OF GAMES by Iain M Banks. I found the rabbit book to be tedious and the other two enjoyable. Also squeezed in Tiamat's Wrath by Corey. One more book left in that series, perhaps I'll do reread on it next year.
  5. LongRider

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Finished my LOTR reread. Damn, I still love those books since I first read them in high school back in the mid '70s. Next up in my reread project is Watership Down. Didn't 'get' it the first time, so we'll see how it goes this time. I'm going to check this one out having read Ordeal by Hunger would love another perspective. I think of the Donner Party sometimes as I'm blasting up I80 over Donner Pass so easily. Having lived in the Sierra's, I know the amount of snow they can get, huge amounts (like this year) I think this is a book I'll enjoy.
  6. LongRider

    Billionaires, making the world a better place (for them)

    In the States it's Amazon paying the companies that hire the temp workers , I mean, contractors, who work without benefits, a secure job and fewer protected job rights. A few contractors do go on to be eventually hired by Amazon, and Bezos could change that and still remain a billionaire with plenty of dough for charity.
  7. LongRider

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Second quarter is a big re-read project and I am well on the way. My first re-reads are THE HOBBIT and LOTR. Currently just about to finish THE TWO TOWERS and have really enjoyed visiting Middle Earth again. Having read THE HOBBIT so long ago I didn't have much memory of it, it's Ok but really missed the quality of the writing in LOTR. I'm finding it interesting to read this series while having the movies playing in my head. Yes, I can see the movies flaws more clearly, but fortunately it doesn't detract from the story. After LOTR I plan to re-read WATERSHIP DOWN. Another book read so long ago. I really didn't like it, but I also don't think I understood it so want to give it another go.
  8. Steven King's book THE STAND went to Vegas too. Good name recognition I guess.
  9. LongRider

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    I read THE WARLORD CHRONICLES by Bernard Cornwall, consisting of THE WINTER KING, The ENEMY OF GOD and EXCALIBUR. Excellent series and really enjoyed it. It was a good telling of the King Arthur myth and really enjoyed it. The final novel EXCALIBUR was one of the best final books of a series I have read in a long time. Cornwell tied up things nicely with lots of tension and action until the very end. Very satisfied with the ending and the series.
  10. The Bunny Ranch is in northern Nevada, just outside of Carson City. There are several brothels there in an area known as Mound House. Former Nevadan here who lived in Reno a long time. Been to Vegas once, hated it, hated the Strip a lot. Having worked in casinos for 10+ years just couldn't stand it. Red Rocks Canyon was great though.
  11. LongRider

    Uh Oh for Paleo

    Thanks for posting this article, an enjoyable read. Interesting to learn that climate plays its part in our and our ancestors diets. Don't think I'll be eating any grasshopper tacos anytime soon though!
  12. LongRider

    Hello from Eurocommieland

    I have an Ottoman in front of my couch. In fact my feet are resting on it right now. ahhhhh, nice! Edit! Wait, isn't Nice a city in France? (we're doomed)
  13. LongRider

    The Voice Inside My Head vs Any Other Voice

    I find they put me to sleep and/or my mind wanders, so would rather actually read.
  14. LongRider

    Popular Book series you’ve tried and failed to get into:

    I can see I need to read Small Gods again, and dig into Pratchett a little deeper.
  15. LongRider

    Popular Book series you’ve tried and failed to get into:

    Small Gods was the first DW book I read and I really didn't get it. Need to put it on my reread list.