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  1. I’m now reading the book that inspired the musical. So far so good (just a few chapters in).
  2. I watched Hamilton on the Disney+ Channel, loved it.
  3. My bird sightings lately have been one hummingbird who perched on branch near me while I was admiring some roses. As he turned his head left and right his head feathers would show a metallic scarlet color. Stunning! Last week spotted a few California Quail, first I’ve seen in a while. This morning I heard an odd sound and looked out the window to see a male wild turkey standing in my neighbor’s driveway. This is my 3’rd turkey sighting this spring. I’ve seen turkeys in some local open spaces, but I guess they found their way to town.
  4. They sing in Northern Cali too and woke me several times last year. Little bastards, I hoped their goddamn singing would attract predators and shut them the hell up. The mockingbirds have been coming back lately and hopefully any night concerts will be sung far away from me.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, am looking forward to them.
  6. Just stumbled across this thread and have been looking for req’s for historical fiction. After reading Hilary Mantel’s Cromwell series I would like read more well written HF. I looked for some in the same era to run into titles that all seemed to be about ‘Anne Boleyn, that saucy wench!’ Yuck. Sounds like Sharon Penman respected the history. Speaks well of her and will check her out. Sorry to hear that she’s died.
  7. This is quite interesting, and does make some sense. While dragons and direwolves are both magical creatures, direwolves are closer to the natural animals than the dragons are, I would argue. Regular animals are easily warged, direwolves are warged by Starks only (though Ghost once by Mel {maybe}) and so far dragons have not been warged, even by Dany. A hierarchy of warging perhaps?
  8. That is the first Discworld book I read and I so did not get it. Need to reread ASAP.
  9. While walking in my neighborhood this afternoon I browsed some boxes of books that had been on the curb since yesterday. There were many SFF titles and also six lovely Discworld PB’s in good condition. So I saved the Discworld ones from the landfill and gave them a good home.
  10. Reading this is so powerful to me. I was with my father when he died, and there were 3 of my sibs there too. One of the most profound experiences of my life. Because of that experience it always means a lot to me when I hear of others similar experiences. I really mean this; Thank you for sharing something so personal and important.
  11. I can't guess what the cost of Weirwood might be, but I researched objects made of the wood at the A Search of Ice and Fire website and this is what I found: This list may not be complete.
  12. Yes, how did they do it? Perhaps we have a clue, perhaps 'they' the Others told them too. 'Edd' they'll say, 'dying's no excuse for laying down no more, so get on up and take this spear, you've got the watch tonight.' First of all, I'm not the least bit interested in seeing Edd become wight, but well, . Secondly, who is this 'they' and why are they bossing the dead around? Are the wights not thinking but being directed, following orders and instructions? Dead meat moving on command? Might be.
  13. Interesting idea, could the Stranger already be there in the form of a gravedigger? I would see Gendry as the Smith, not Robert. I like the idea of Bri as the Maiden and Dani as the Mother. About LSH, I just don't know.
  14. Bakkalon also carries a sword and apparently Tyrion told Penny that Bakkalon is another name for death. There is a pale babe at the Wall known as Monster. hmmm, Plenty of death at the Wall these days.
  15. The Hooded Man in Winterfell?
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