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  1. What I see so far with regards to AI makes me think the model would not be reliable. I'm sure someone will come up with an excuse/handwave yet again. 'IDF has really advanced model' or 'we can't say that it's not accurate because we don't know what intelligence they put into it'.
  2. I think it is very reckless and shows a disregard for the lives of civilians. I don't know if 'lazy' is the right word, but I would expect people to take more care when waging a war, unless they are using this as an opportunity to 'test' the system further, or don't care about civilian casualties.
  3. Using AI for that kind of job, especially in its current state, seems like a poor idea.
  4. I expect to see a declaration soon-ish that the real Hamas base is in Khan Younis or Raffah.
  5. I read that it was sort of a last minute decision to put it there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re'im_music_festival_massacre
  6. How loose do you want to get with the term human shield though? Obviously if I'm physically holding someone right in front of me to prevent myself getting shot, that is a human shield. But if the whole neighbourhood we are in gets blown up to take out my supposed munitions factory, does everyone in neighbouring blocks still count, even those at the other end of the street? I don't think you can say that all the people who have died, died because they were human shields. By the 8th of November, 45% of housing in Gaza was reported destroyed or damaged (https://www.ohchr.org/en/press-releases/2023/11/gaza-destroying-civilian-housing-and-infrastructure-international-crime). Hamas cannot possibly be using all of that, surely? Also... Israel could just not bomb so much? Edit: I would like to emphasise that I am not denying Hamas uses human shields. What I do want to question is the idea that everyone in Gaza that has died or will die, died because they were a human shield.
  7. They would also need to install modules on the ground though.
  8. Going by those values, at least ~8% of the total population of Gaza would be killed to wipe out Hamas.
  9. So, does this confirm or strongly imply the book stolen from the Citadel was 'The Death of Dragons'?
  10. Elon also previously said he would give the people in Gaza access to Starlink to help with the connection blackouts, now he is saying he will only do that with Israel's approval. He allows so much misinformation to spread I don't know why anyone wants to talk with him except money or something. Rishi Sunak was recently talking to him about AI. Coming from the leader of the company whose self-driving cars routinely crash, sometimes with fatal results.
  11. Death is part of the circle of life though. Renewal and all that?
  12. I just has a quick thought inspired by the 'Are all weirwoods just one organism?' thread. Each weirwood we see is described as having a different face, but they are all part of the Weirwood 'Network'. In a similar manner, all the gods we see as having various faces are all supposed to just be aspects of the one god. Weirwoods are also associated with death given we see someone executed/sacrificed to one.
  13. Wouldn't one still hear '~Hamas' even if it was Arabic anyway? I don't think Hamas sounds that different in English (according to Wikipedia).
  14. To be fair, didn't Tacitus have a vested interest in portraying the 'barbarians' as virtuous because he thought that contemporary Roman society had gone soft?
  15. Because his job is to look into these sorts of things? It is a budget ('special budget allocation) from May which is going ahead tomorrow, according to the Tweet.
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