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  1. I think it would be cool to see Asshai but unless Daenerys is planning to complete the first circumnavigation I don't think we will go there because she would just be going further away from where all the action is. If the series is supposed to be concluded in two more books then realistically Daenerys has to land on the shores of Westeros or be very close by the end of WoW at the very latest. I agree Stannis will be killed. I don't think he's got long left. Shireen will probably be burned as well. But I think Aegon will stick around so there is conflict between him and Daenerys. Poor Tommen will probably die.
  2. This might just be me but I felt all the stuff in the east was a bit dreamlike. When Tyrion is traveling down the Rhoyne and goes Selhorys. Actually the whole east part of the map save the free cities seems weird when I think about it too much.
  3. I like the first book the most but looking back it's a bit odd compared to the others. As other people have mentioned the world isn't as fleshed out and there's also some plotpoints that are made out to be important but are never really brought up again and no one seems to care. Case in point being the whole Warden of the East/West issue and where Robert Arryn was supposed to be fostered.
  4. Also it might be a more appealing religion because it requires comparatively little of you - no blood sacrifice or drowning involved. All you need to do is follow the rules, which seem to be the kind of rules that would be enforced anyway to ensure a harmonious community.
  5. I think it might have a more subtle kind of magic behind it. Human-based magic. The feats of humans are enhanced through the Faith. There is also a theory that Hugor Hill was visited by aliens... There is another theory that the FotS is an offshoot of the Church of Starry Wisdom.
  6. How can he continue to do this any longer though? Everyone in Dorne except him seems to be out for blood. Especially when they hear word of Aegon, maintaining his neutral no-war stance is going to be very hard. The smallfolk and the nobles all seem to want war, the rest of his family wants war. There was already a lot unrest about it. If he continues to just sit there, there could be an uprising or something...
  7. I would have put the eye at the top of the shield (the depiction on the wiki seems to show the crows facing each other rather than outwards, I thought to be addorsed they'd have to face outwards...hmm...) Wiki depiction also shows the crown as sable rather than cendrée, but I think cendrée is a better choice.
  8. Because I think it's funny (those who dislike Jon were using it).
  9. Even if you don't like Snowhead, there's really no way you can seriously claim he murdered Slynt. I mean we're right in his head and he spells out the reasons. It was an execution, not murder. Unless you think Snowhead is psychotic or he is somehow fabricating his own thoughts.
  10. Is there anything that actually proves they are Starks? And is there anything that proves it was ritualistic murder and not an execution of a criminal?
  11. You wish. Snowhead's most likely legitimate so he has a better claim than Daenerys. After Ser Aliser had been beating him for ages and then insulted him and his family. Snowhead executed Slynt after he repeatedly refused orders. Not really murder because that's the accepted punishment for such insubordination. Snowhead needed to keep discipline and Slynt was undermining him and the watch as a whole. Bowen Marsh created the problem. Poor Snowhead needs to clean up the mess Marsh caused.
  12. I've decided to refer to Jon as Snowhead from now on. If anyone asks, Snowhead is one of my favourite characters.
  13. What plan though? The one to get revenge on Tywin has failed. Oberyn is dead. Are you talking about his plan to try and put the Targaryens back on the throne?
  14. It makes sense from that perspective but I don't think the Sand Snakes themselves think of it like that, they see it in terms of getting revenge for Oberyn and it being justified because of that which I don't really get...
  15. There's some evidence, but no confirmation whether Oberyn was poisoning Tywin or not. And even if he was it doesn't matter because Tyrion killed him quickly with a crossbow. So the likely intended effect of the poisoning, to cause long term pain, failed. Oberyn did that but there's no way to tell if Doran planned on this or not. I think it was a waste of his life to be honest, everyone who mattered knew who really did the deed, all it does it state it out loud, Tywin already had a bad reputation from the sack. This is what I want to know. If he did intend Oberyn to do those things well it took them both 17 years to come up with this rash, flawed and luck-dependant plan...
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