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  1. Melisandre believes the Wildings are doomed. This is what she thinks: Now I think she is being a bit dismissive here, but besides that, I wonder what makes her think this. I presume it is a vision, if so I have to question how likely it really is, given Melisandre doesn't have a fool proof track record when it comes to interpretation her visions. There are several ways I can see such a scenario happening: The Others kill all the Wildlings - sad but possible, though I am not sure if it is going to happen The Wildlings loose their unique culture and way of life through being assimilated into kneeler culture - it could happen if they have to settle permanently below the Wall, but assuming the Others are eventually defeated, they can just return North of the Wall... The people of the Seven Kingdoms kill the Wildlings - this fits the most with them vanishing 'as the children of the forest had', again it's possible, but I don't know how likely it is, Jon going to all the trouble just for them all to be killed seems a bit bleak even by the standards of the series... Since all of the above don't seem that probable, I wonder if Melisandre is really right here. I also don't want her to be right as I think it would be a real shame if all the Wildlings just vanished. I know there is a theme with the Giants, the Children etc. fading away, but that is to make way for humans, and the Wildings are humans so...? Am I missing something here? Does anyone else have any ideas?
  2. I actually do use 'neeps' in everyday language. Haggis, neeps and tatties!
  3. Reading these books and some of the posts on this forum, especially the wordplay posts, has expanded my vocabulary especially with regards to specialist/antiquated language. Even though most of these new words will not see everyday use, it is still fun/good to know them. Good to debate and discuss as well.
  4. I mean usually I find people quite tolerant but on this site some people are really against religious tolerance and syncretism for some reason... I know people don't like the FotS, think it's rubbish and has no power but if you look closely characters' prayers are actually answered, Davos has a vision etc. so? I mean why would the 'Powers that Be' care about Ned building a Sept for his wife, it's not like the Heart Tree got cut down or anything.
  5. Ages ago I read someone claimed the Starks were 'punished' because Ned built a Sept for Catelyn...
  6. Admittedly there is not much to go on besides them both having black hair, and I don't think the ages (or locations) work out but they do seem to have a similar martial personality, and I think we may be intended to draw parallels between them since they both are killed by a boar?
  7. I've noticed there are far fewer 'Stannis the Mannis' fans around, and those who remain have become less... radical?
  8. No, @Aldarion is intent on using reason and logic to predict a realistic outcome for the Dothraki. Unlike some people here who bother to use neither, who are guided solely by their irrational love/hatred of certain characters, and who never even attempt to engage in or contribute to any reasonable discussion. Well then by all means please explain where these provisions are coming from. I have asked many of your fellow Dothraki fans before and none have provided an answer. They can't build a bloody house and need to shit in holes in the ground. They cannot build anything for themselves without the help of slaves, they must be the most stupid people in the entire series, their entire culture is parasitic. They have not progressed at all over thousands of years. They've already set themselves up for failure. Again, please explain how they will be well prepared. Because right now there is a huge food shortage in Meereen, the only part of Essos Daenerys 'controlled'.
  9. To be fair if the net was weighted with stones or something it should still take Arthur at least a few seconds to get free no matter how sharp the sword is, and a few seconds is all you really need in a fight to finish off your opponent. But I still think it is more likely Howland used poison.
  10. Simple: His free trial of Dawn™ expired and he didn't pay for the premium version.
  11. Modus operandi makes it sound more advanced than it actually is. Anyone is capable of spewing such tripe with no preparation whatsoever.
  12. And those overgrown lizards help Daenerys learn the skill of burning people alive.
  13. Ha! Bold assumption that I even needed that much. I just liked him because he was hot and had cool armour. Laughing at Joffrey was the cherry on top.
  14. I agree, what I meant was that most people have thought/wished, even if they don't really mean it, that X real person was dead, so in comparison wishing fantasy characters dead is more tame...but as you say, that is not always the same as trying to analyse how they will die.
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