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  1. James Steller

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    The more violent he was, the more hated he’d become. You can’t kill everyone in Westeros, even with three dragons. And even if he could, why would he kill the people he wanted to rule? He might as well have stayed on Dragonstone.
  2. James Steller

    The Baratheons Reanalyzed- Copper, Iron, and True Steel

    I too am a major supporter of Stannis. I love your points about him, and I consider him to be the best of his brothers. I also think it weird how Noye was able to comment on the brothers when he barely knew them. If he left the Stormlands after losing an arm at the siege of Storm’s End, he’d only have known Renly as a child at best! You’re absolutely right about Stannis actually being very witty and also being willing to compromise, given the right counsellors (Jon, Davos). Admittedly, he’s more flawed than the rosy picture you paint, but his positives easily tower over Robert or Renly.
  3. James Steller

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    You will never convince me that Roose was ever 100% loyal. His actions at the Green Fork prove to me that he was always leveraging a better position for himself at the expense of other Northmen, including Robb. He wasn’t supposed to rush into battle, but he drove his army on a night long march, loudly announce their presence, then abandon the high ground when Tywin appears? And on top of that, they go from 17000 to 10000 but the Bolton unit is essentially intact? And one of the men who died at the battle is Lord Halys Hornwood? I call betrayal and sabotage. Roose was trying to kill off his rivals through battle from the very start. also, I was writing this as the person above me commented, and they also make excellent points about Roose being a traitor.
  4. James Steller

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    As if the Targaryens are any better at controlling their emotions. The Starks might be savage wolves, but at least they’re satisfied with the North. The Targaryens, Lannisters, Greyjoys, and Baratheons are all equally volatile and they all have a desire for conquest, especially the Targaryens and the Greyjoys. The latter have spent their entire existence being shit-stirrers, and the former have done untold destruction. If anyone should be wiped out, it’s those two houses. The Doom of Valyria should have taken all the dragon riders and the sea should give the Iron Islands the Atlantis treatment.
  5. James Steller

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Jon would never have been given command over Northern lords. Half of them would have rebelled against Robb if they had to take orders from a teenage bastard, even if he was the perceived son of Ned Stark.
  6. The Targaryen daughter persuading her family to leave Valyria and go to Dragonstone.
  7. For me, I’d say it’s Aegon III. I always thought he had a traumatic story, especially when I read World of Ice & Fire, but then Fire & Blood convinced me of it. He’s like a blend between Arya Stark and Stannis Baratheon, traumatized by the deaths of his family members, deeply distrustful of the upper class that spent years manipulating and bullying him, and now he’s not interested in playing any kind of game and simply wants to provide justice and peace to Westeros. He’s a tragic figure, but not without some hope in his refusal to be destroyed by the likes of Unwin Peake or his cronies.
  8. It would make Rhaegar look even worse than he already does. The crown prince “abducts” the daughter of the Warden of the North, who is engaged to his kinsman, the Lord of the Stormlands. I don’t care whether or not he thought he was fulfilling an important prophecy, it looks really bad in the eyes of Westerosi people. Frankly, it’s weird that people don’t give him more flak in the books for provoking the destruction of his own royal house. Though to be fair, if we’re assuming that Aerys was less mad if he’d been a dragon rider, maybe Robert’s rebellion never happens, since it was only done when the paranoid Aerys had Brandon and Richard Stark murdered unjustly and then demanded the heads of two innocent young men.
  9. Targaryens were mad even before they lost the dragons. Look at Maegor the Cruel, Helaena Targaryen, I think one of Jaehaerys’ kids was mad too, and probably a couple of other Targaryens that could arguably be called borderline crazy given the stuff they did during the Dance.
  10. Littlefinger is meant to be a dangerous man, highly intelligent and amoral. The one flaw he has is his obsession with Catelyn Stark. He will do the illogical, recorrect his plans, all for Catelyn or her daughter, Sansa. It’s going to be his undoing.
  11. I get that Ned is protective towards his children and likes to keep them close, but he’s also the Warden of the North. He must be aware of his own possible mortality. Robb is 14 at the start of the books, and there was no shortage of available daughters who would have made worthy matches. One of Manderly’s granddaughters, Umber’s got daughters apparently, the Blackwoods in the Riverlands had a daughter who would have suited, there’s even one of Mormont’s daughters, if we’re going there. I get that Robb needed to be single so that the Frey storyline could happen, but what would the in-universe explanation be?
  12. James Steller

    The search goes on for the Hooded Man

    A very well-thought out and well-written thesis. I agree that it makes the most sense that Benjen is the hooded man, though I’d also believe that it was Galbart Glover, as someone suggested to me, once. On a side note, wasn’t it revealed that Mance’s spearwives did most of the killings around the castle? The only one they outright denied was killing Little Walder, as far as I recall.
  13. James Steller

    Tywin’s smiling before death

    Something tells me that he smiled when he heard what happened to Elia Martell. He can deny it all he wants, but I’m convinced that he wanted Elia to suffer for marrying Rhaegar instead of Cersei marrying him.
  14. James Steller

    Robb/margaery pairing?

    You would think that Renly would have told Robert about it if he knew. This isn’t Stannis we’re talking about. On the surface, Renly stands to gain nothing from Robert’s children being revealed as bastards because Stannis is older and the presumptive heir in that case. Plus, Robert and Renly got along, unlike with Stannis. So Renly hiding that information - assuming he did know - is a ludicrous decision, and is out of character. He isn’t shrewd and pragmatic like Stannis or burdened with a sense of honour like Ned, he would have told Robert if he knew that his children weren’t legitimate.
  15. James Steller

    Robb/margaery pairing?

    And yet, assuming that he did know about the incest, he doesn’t ever seem to use that information, even when it would suit his purposes. He treats it as insignificant, especially around Stannis, who is staking his entire claim around the legal loophole. Renly doesn’t care about legal, just that he has force and might on his side. That’s true, of course, but it makes him deeply wrong-headed and shortsighted as a result.