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  1. James Steller

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    It wouldn’t make sense for Rhaenys to be a hostage, because if she was alive, Aegon would want her returned. And if they keep her, what’s to stop the war resuming once she dies? There’s merit to the idea that Dorne would have utilized the Faceless Men to kill Aegon’s heirs but the cost of that would be astronomical. Frankly, I’m starting to wonder if the letter really was ensorceled.
  2. I can see someone loved Team Four Star’s reinterpretation of Android 16’s speech. Also, nobody is debating the quality of Alysanne or Egg as rulers. They and Jaehaerys and Daeron II and possibly Viserys I basically top the list when it comes to accomplished kings. But we’re focusing on Aegon III right now and the fact that for the first time in his life, Aegon has the power to make his own decisions, and he did so. It was supremely satisfying for me to read that passage after spending so much time on how powerless he was.
  3. I’m sorry, but you’re going way too far in your anti-Aegon III hatred, Floki. This was a little boy whose half brothers all died gruesomely, only for him to watch his own mother get eaten by a dragon. He’s then used as either a hostage or a figurehead by either side of the war. You use Pu Yi as a negative example. I find Pu Yi to be tragic more than negative. He, like Aegon, didn’t ask for any of what happened to him. He spent his entire childhood having no control over anything which affected his life, and it was nearly all bad. The fact that he was so privileged, as you so vigorously rant about, serves as a great statement of irony from a storytelling perspective and it’s also a commentary on how hollow materialism is when you hate yourself and your life. Aegon III is a tragic figure who clearly needed the kind of help that nobody in his life was able or willing to give him. Comparing him to Joffrey is asinine. Joffrey never suffered, he never showed any sympathy for plague victims or starving poor folk. Aegon III could have been Aegon V if he’d had a different upbringing, and yet after all the pain he suffered, he still had a heart. That’s oddly triumphant in itself.
  4. I think it is wish fulfillment for people who would love to spitefully take charge and do exactly what they want, be damned what their elders wanted done. So naturally, I enjoy reading it very much. Plus, Aegon had a good point when he talked about how no royal progress would win the noblemen to his side. Given the smallest chance, they would turn on him and betray him, just like they did when Rhaenyra was alive and he was a child. And I love that he cancelled the royal feast and gave whatever food was prepared to the common folk who actually needed it. Admittedly, Torrhen could have been treated with a lot more respect, given the good he’d done and the loyalty he’d shown during the Dance, but he clearly didn’t treat Aegon very well, and he had little patience for a person suffering from PTSD. It’s rather ironic that the Lannister green who wanted Aegon killed ended up being the man who earned Aegon’s respect and admiration. That scene makes me so eager to read more about Aegon III. It’s basically what might have happened if Stannis Baratheon became king.
  5. James Steller

    How did Daeron and Baelor end up like they did?!

    Speaking of Daeron the Daring, it’s really weird that Aegon names his son after one of his enemies from the Dance. Not to mention one whose doppelgängers were running around the kingdom.
  6. James Steller

    Harrenhall curse

    I wouldn’t associate the fate of Rhaenyra’s children with Harrenhal. They had enough stuff working against them without associating them with an unrelated curse.
  7. James Steller

    House Staunton

    I’ll get the obvious answer out of the way and mention House Velaryon. But I’d also add House Massey, House Connington, and House Manderly. It really seems like the Manderlys were treated like a great house during the Targaryen dynasty. Jace and Alysanne both go to White Harbour before Winterfell, as though the Manderlys have special authority or priority.
  8. Honestly, at the rate that George RR Martin works, we probably won’t get the last two ASOIAF books, Fire and Blood II, and more books in the Dunk & Egg series to cover Aegon’s reign. It’s a tough choice, but really, if I can only have two out of three, I’m willing to abandon hope for the Dunk & Egg books and just let Fire and Blood II spoil everything.
  9. We know how Waters held Aegon the Younger in place as they both watched Rhaenyra eaten alive by Aegon II’s dragon. We know that Aegon hated dragons from them on, and he never forgot Waters’ role in his mother’s death. He tried to promote other knights over Waters as Lord Commander but this was undone by Unwin Peake (which seems purely like spite on Peake’s part, since he stood to gain nothing from Waters’ appointment as Lord Commander). There was also a moment during the siege of the red keep where Waters tried to negotiate with Aegon III and pointed out that when he was a grown man, he and the other Kingsguard would gladly fall on their own swords if he commanded thusly. Of course, Waters met his end when he tried to arrest Mervyn Flowers instead. My question, meanwhile, is whether Aegon III would have made good on Waters’ poor choice of words. Sure, Aegon would have been viewed as tyrannical if he’d killed a man for doing his sworn duty, but then again, we’re talking about a traumatized teenage boy who probably relives the death of his mother every time he looks at his Kingsguard’s Lord Commander, the same man who actively helped to have her killed. If I was Waters, and the little boy I held in place to make him watch his mom die was about to become my king, I’d either book a fast ship to follow Elissa Farman or give myself a swift death to avoid my new king’s vengeance.
  10. James Steller

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    Indeed. Another small surprise for me that there was a selfless Bolton in history.
  11. Will it make an appearance in the main storyline? Has it been an option to loan money this whole time? Obviously it isn’t as important as the Iron Bank but it would definitely help to explain why the Reach is so desired as an ally.
  12. James Steller

    Stannis Aegon parallels

    Robert wasn’t a bastard brother of Stannis. Frankly, you picked the wrong Aegon. Stannis shares far more parallels with Aegon III than Aegon I: -both were overshadowed by their older brothers -both saw their mothers die horribly at a young age, traumatizing them for life -both have a very cutting wit which comes at the expense of those around them -both were determined to give justice to the people -both blamed themselves for their brothers’ demise despite neither being directly responsible -both trusted one solitary person for a part of their lives (Davos, Gaemon Palehair) -neither one seems to have enjoyed the act of sex, or liked being around women in general -both tend to brood and take no pleasure in conventional activities -both of them loathe the nobility and don’t trust them, while their lack of people skills make it impossible for them to connect with people. -both have important interactions with a descendant of House Stark which shapes their lives in crucial ways (Cregan, Jon Snow)
  13. James Steller

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    That should bode for an interesting conclusion to the main series. Even the dragons fear the Others.
  14. James Steller

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    Rereading the Jaehaerys chapter, I forgot to mention the fact that there were apparently several wars with the Dornish ie Rogar’s War and Morion’s Madness.
  15. James Steller

    Ser Harmon of the Reeds

    Based on what is known about House Reed, I don’t believe that Harmon was one of them. Rather, he was a man who lived by an area called the Reeds. Maybe he was knighted by some reeds so he pulled a Duckfield?