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  1. James Steller

    Noble House Scenario - Crownlands

    Imagine you're the head of a Noble House in the Crownlands (assume it's been around since the Targaryens landed). Your family has always been closely linked with the Targaryens, and have served them loyally. However, the Blackfyre Rebellion broke your family apart. Your uncles supported the Black Dragon and rode with his hosts. Your father, meanwhile, sent you and your elder brothers to lead your soldiers to fight the rebels in the name of Daeron II Targaryen. Your elder brothers were killed on the Redgrass Field while you merely lost your left hand, in exchange for a knighthood. After being gone from your home for nearly a year, however, you return to find your father and mother died of sickness in the time you were gone, leaving you as the leader of your family, which at this point only includes yourself and your younger sister, Malora (15). Your estates are intact due to the lack of fighting in the Crownlands, though your smallfolk have been much depleted due to the war. Representatives from the villages admit that only half the usual tax amount can be hoped to be collected this year, and maybe for the next few years as well due to a lack of manpower. Worse, your family's personal fortunes are also gone due to the cost of weapons, armour, food for your soldiers, etc. In the meantime, you must find yourself a bride, which is helped by the renown you won in the fighting, and hindered by your lack of fortune. Three potential candidates wait on your response: Lord Darklyn's youngest sister was widowed when her husband was killed at Redgrass Field, leaving her a widow with two half-grown sons. Lord Darklyn offers a generous dowry if you marry her, though it means taking temporary custody of her children as well (her oldest boy is 13, only six years younger than you). While her elder son will inherit his father's estate, the younger son will need accommodations, especially after you produce heirs of your own with your new wife. Lord Darklyn's sister, meanwhile, is almost ten years older than you, and while it is still very soon after her husband's death, you can tell that she and her sons still grieve him, and may not be easy with you stepping into his position in their family. Ser Boris Hardy, like yourself, earned his knighthood at the Redgrass Field. He is set to inherit his father's modest holdings, and he wishes to make an ally out of you. He offers his unwed cousin to be your wife. While his household is poor and cannot afford a good dowry, he offers to make up for it by wedding Malora, asking for no dowry in return. This will not provide your family with much advancement, but it would be a good financial investment, while also strengthening ties to another House in the Crownlands. Lord Harald Stokeworth is disgraced; his father fought for the Black Dragon and he lost half his lands by the ruling of King Daeron II. Harald himself did not fight due to his having broken his legs in a tourney (and while he can walk again, it is rumoured that the tourney injury has rendered him impotent), but he and his family are still viewed with scorn by those who fought against the Blackfyres. He offers you to become engaged to his only child, a daughter, who will inherit the seat of Stokeworth if the rumours are true. He states that your second son will become Lord Stokeworth after he dies, and he hopes to be able to call you, a hero of the Redgrass Field, a friend. You are sure your own reputation will be soiled if you marry into the Stokeworth name, but your children will inherit two titles instead of just one. In the meantime, Malora was supposed to marry Lord Lucas Massey's heir, but both the elder and younger Masseys were killed while fighting against Blackfyre supporters in the Stormlands, and a married cousin became Lord of Stonedance in their stead. Two other marriage proposals have come forward, one from Ser Bylo Thorne, second son of Lord Thorne, and one from Ser Vortimer Carax, the new head of a knightly house. Ser Vortimer is a jumped-up hedge knight who was granted an estate which belonged to a Blackfyre supporter who was executed for treason, while Ser Bylo will not inherit House Thorne but currently serves in the garrison on Dragonstone, the seat of Baelor Breakspear. However, both men have heard of Lord Stokeworth's proposal to you, and both have separately made it clear that they will rescind their offers if you marry into a traitor's family. If all that wasn't enough, one of your uncles returns to your home during the hour of the wolf, travelling with a price on his head. He has managed to elude capture, and wishes for assistance to flee eastward to where Bittersteel is gathering the Blackfyre loyalists still willing to fight. There is a generous reward for your uncle's head, though this is also the man with whom you were closest as a boy growing up and the knight for whom you squired for two years before he rode to the Blackfyre cause. His training kept you alive during the war, and he swears that he never fought his family, even when they supported the Red Dragon. You can turn in your own kin to be executed, or you can assist him to flee eastward, and be branded a traitor yourself if anyone discovers you helped him. What do you do, and how do you run this household?
  2. James Steller

    Balon and Theon die in the Greyjoy Rebellion : what happens

    Hard to say. We don't know how much Euron changed while he was sailing abroad in exile. Assuming that this was before he got the "Silence", before he went to Valyria and all those other places, we're left with a sociopath who raped Aeron and murdered two of his brothers. He might still rape Victarion's wife, but since he's the lord of the Iron Islands, he'd get away with it. Meanwhile Aeron and Victarion might try to undermine him, so he'd find ways to get rid of them. As to his actions as ruler? It depends on if his grandiose plans for world domination were there from the start or if he only got that way after he travelled the world. If he was always a megalomaniac, then he'd no doubt plan a second Greyjoy rebellion and strike when the WOTFK was happening. If not? Maybe he is just happy turning his former enemies against each other and raiding like the Red Kraken did.
  3. James Steller

    secret service/mission impossible

    If I'm really going to form a secret service which people don't notice, I have to basically kill half the Small Council first. So assuming that I have the King's permission, we find a way to kill off Pycelle, Varys, and Littlefinger that absolves the king. I'd do it myself, even, and when I'm sent to the Black Cells, I'm smuggled back out again after a prisoner who looks like me is tortured and killed in my stead. With a new secret life, I hire a network of spies and keep tabs on the Lords Paramount, and their most prominent bannermen.
  4. James Steller

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    Agreed. Much as I love these books, I've always taken umbrage at the fact that certain houses like the Boltons, Dondarrions, Carons, Starks, Baratheons, and Tullys all have very vulnerable, small families when the Blackwoods, Pipers, Vances, Florents, Tyrells, Karstarks and other houses have a more realistic spread of cousins and extended relatives. Hell, there's literally a castle full of Freys and a city full of Lannisters!
  5. James Steller

    powerhouse north

    Lower than Dorne??
  6. If you can, find a historical equivalent for each Targaryen ruler that has existed in the history of Westeros, and explain your choices. I'll start with the ones I can identify: Maegor the Cruel - Ivan the Terrible (most of his children died at one or two years old, he had a decent early reign but then lost himself to paranoia and rage after his first wife died, most of his wives died before him, and he died under mysterious circumstances) Aegon II (and Rhaenyra) - King Stephen of England and Empress Maude (cousins who fought a civil war for the throne of England, both became unpopular with the people but Maude moreso, and she wasn't officially crowned Queen of England. Not to mention her son became ruler after Stephen died, just like Aegon III) Baelor the Blessed - Feodor of Russia (both were very pious men, beloved for their faith, but also mentally unstable and unfit to rule their respective kingdoms. They were also childless, dying young, and a new branch of the dynasty began with their deaths).
  7. James Steller

    Would Balon attacking the Westerlands really change anything?

    Much as I like Stannis, I refuse to believe that the Tyrells and he would ever work together. There's far too much bad blood, even without Stannis' marriage into House Florent. The Tyrells would fight Stannis until one side was dead or removed from power.
  8. James Steller

    robb strategy

    Things go as before but instead of Roose Bolton, I give command of my infantry to Halys Hornwood (I leave Daryn Hornwood at the Twins instead of Helman Tallhart to spare him his fate at Whispering Wood). Once Jaime is captured, Riverrun is liberated, and Eddard is executed, I send a message to Stannis Baratheon offering him the North and the Riverlands, humbly suggesting he come to the Riverlands to defeat Tywin and the West once and for all before taking King’s Landing. Before Stannis responds, I ride to the Twins and insist that I keep my oath and wed a Frey girl now. If Walder agrees, I bed her and send her into the North to join Bran, Rickon, and her Frey cousins (I also send Catelyn north as well). If Walder insists on waiting, I ride west to crush Stafford Lannister. I return to the Riverlands after Oxcross, regain my infantry, and slaughter as many of Tywin’s scouts as I can find while loosely besieging Tywin at Harrenhal. By this point, Stannis will have responded so whatever he decides, I put my forces under his command. Roose Bolton and Theon Greyjoy stay close to me where I can keep an eye on them both. Oh, and I also take Jaime and the other Lannister prisoners and imprison them in White Harbour under escort by Wyman Manderly (if he’s not a prisoner) while Howland Reed closes the Neck to anyone who isn’t a Northman. When word comes of the wildling invasions, I order the remaining lords of the North to send reinforcements to aid the Night’s Watch.
  9. James Steller

    Great men and what they accomplished

    If we're talking about great men, I'd say Stannis Baratheon should be included in the list. The man clearly struggles with some form of PTSD from seeing his parents drown before his eyes as a child, and he's got other psychological issues that I can't diagnose but which deeply his social skills to the point where he can barely talk to a woman. And despite these personal flaws, he displays immense resilience and strength. He keeps a fortress from being taken for over a year, he out-maneuvers and utterly defeats the ultimate sailors of Westeros at their own game, he very nearly conquers King's Landing, and even after that colossal defeat, he goes north with less than two thousand men and smashes tens of thousands of wildlings and mammoth-riding giants. And for all that people seem to dislike him, he inspires great loyalty from his soldiers, and for all that he'll break before he bends, he bends a lot to good advice, be it from Davos Seaworth, Justin Massey, or Jon Snow. I'd say he qualifies as a great man.
  10. James Steller

    What were Tywin's thoughts on his mother?

    Well, Tywin and Gerion famously didn't get along. Same with Tywin and Tygett. Only Kevan was on good terms with his oldest brother, and that's only because he put himself under Tywin's shadow all his life.
  11. James Steller

    What if Great Spring Sickness did not happen?

    Valarr becoming king means that Maekar never becomes king, and neither does Egg. Not to mention Valarr hates Duncan, and maybe hates Maekar and his family too, for their roles in his father's death. I wouldn't be surprised if Maekar didn't end up getting placed into a deep disfavour, maybe even loses Summerhall. We might have even seen a second, smaller Dance of Dragons as Valarr purges his court. But assuming that Valarr doesn't hold a grudge that hard, and Maekar and his family continue to hold some semblance of power in Westeros, Duncan serves their family and becomes Egg's sworn shield. Egg marries the woman he wants, and his children never have the pressures of arranged marriages, at least none as important as if Egg became king. There's a good chance that the timeline of Valarr's line taking the throne looks far better than the timeline that actually happens. Sure, we wouldn't get a lot of our favourite characters, but meh, they did a terrible job keeping the peace within their timeline.
  12. I mean purely because of their conflict with the Valyrians. It really seems like the Rhoynar are meant to be the Carthaginians. A series of wars which wear them down, the obviously superior enemy with technological advances over them, a prince nearly turning the tide by winning great victories, only to be utterly defeated in the end, the enemies attacking their land and salting the very earth and leaving the former cities in ruins... it all reminds me of the Punic Wars, with Valyria as Rome. Though everything after Nymeria and the ten thousand ships seems to be something else altogether.
  13. Depends. Rhaegar's certainly handsome enough to make her forget Jaime, but if he's as mopey as they claim, she'd have gotten bored of him eventually.
  14. James Steller

    House Greyjoy vs House Bolton

    I would have to pick House Greyjoy by default. The Boltons have two living members, and they are both despicable. At least Asha and Theon have sympathetic sides to them, and while I dislike Aeron, I do think his fear and hatred of Euron is thoroughly justified and very well portrayed.
  15. James Steller

    WW invasion happens whos your top two generals?

    Stannis Baratheon (the best living general by that point) and Eddard Stark (for his own experiences in war and also a man who knows the North).