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  1. I’m hoping that Perwyn, Olyvar, Roslin, and Alesander avoid the cruel fate which surely awaits the rest of their house. Big Walder Frey seems okay, but we’ll see. Also, Stevron Frey seemed like a decent person before he died.
  2. That makes sense. Though is it actually said he doesn’t take part in the fighting during his first rebellion?
  3. Tough question, but my guess is that (A) Alysanne wanted to tie the North closer to the other kingdoms (B) she didn’t want Viserra’s kids to be serious rivals for the Iron Throne when there was already a surplus of heirs (C) Theomore Manderly had done some great service for the Iron Throne which Gyldayn breezed over (D) Alysanne disliked Viserra for being an ambitious narcissist and wanted to humble her without banishing her to the Starry Sept
  4. Considering that Maegor’s offspring proved to be unnatural monstrosities (if the records can be believed) and considering how strangely powerful and strong he was from an early age, and also how unstable and psychopathic he was, my guess is that he had no “father” in that sense. Visenya doesn’t strike me as someone who’d sleep around like Rhaenys did. I’m guessing that she used some kind of sorcery and black magic to create the perfect heir, and it came with consequences that she didn’t anticipate.
  5. I don’t need to go over the suspicions that people have had with the details we’ve gotten regarding the siege. Nor do I have to regale you with the counter-arguments against any theorizing. based on what we’ve been told so far, do you think the siege played out as it’s been claimed? Was it all a lie? Something in between truth and lie?
  6. Tough to say, but probably a lot. Doesn't help that he regularly drinks lemon water. While it’s really healthy for you in several ways, the citrus acid can be damaging to one’s teeth. So he’s not doing his dentist any favours. That’s why I always drink it through a straw.
  7. And look at the consequences of such an action. Look how much changed in European history with such a controversial decision. Henry and his descendants had to deal with social and religious backlash, wars, and permanently reshaped cultural and political lines. The after effects are still playing out to this day. It’s debatable whether Henry fully understood the gravity of his situation and what he was getting himself into with that decision. But Renly seems completely oblivious of any such consequences.
  8. I really don’t think that would be so simple. Robert wouldn’t be have any reason for divorce except that he just wants a new wife. It would set a bad precedent in terms of marriage in the eyes of the Faith, plus Tywin would be able to lend a golden thumb on that scale. Plus the nobles would see it as a threat. If Robert snubs and insults the Lannisters, imagine what he might do next. The only way it would work is if Stannis and Jon Arryn had brought forth their own evidence that Cersei’s children aren’t Robert’s. That at least would allow Robert the “moral high ground” in Westerosi society. It never fails to astound me how much trouble would have been avoided if the Baratheon brothers actually got along and worked together as a family.
  9. Come now, I'll be the first to admit that a good sense of humour is one of Renly's best traits. I'm sure he'd be fine with a jibe at his expense. Absolutely, he's one of the biggest scumbags of the series. Far worse than Renly as a person. But that doesn't necessarily make him wrong about Renly's spending habits either (not that I'm trying to create a serious argument about it, mind you).
  10. Hehe, I figured you'd catch that. I admit, I couldn't resist putting that in there for you. I freely admit I was basing that entirely on Littlefinger's jibe. Whether the money was coming from the Royal Treasury or whether it was coming from Renly's own coffers, I don't know. I was just tweaking your nose in good humour, Peachy. Though to be fair, not even Stannis has enough time to complain about everything in life that annoys him.
  11. I’ll be blunt; it doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I can easily imagine why Renly would want to have Margaery as Robert’s queen instead of Cersei, but what exactly was his plan? Did he think Robert could simply put Cersei aside and remarry? The last king who tried something like that was Maegor, and we know what happened to him. Cersei is the daughter of Tywin Lannister, one of the most powerful men in the realm. Did Renly really think that the Lannisters would just accept that sort of treatment? Even with the Stark/Tully/Arryn/Tyrell support, it is a deeply unwise move to spit in Tywin’s face like that. As a minimum, he would recall the debt owed him by the Crown (which Renly didn’t help with his frivolous spending as Master of Laws, but anyway). Also, does Renly assume that Robert will disinherit his children with Cersei? I don’t remember if it was ever established how much Renly knew about Cersei and Jaime, but regardless, this idea of his makes me tilt my head. Mace Tyrell is too ambitious to just have his daughter be a second wife and stepmother to the king’s children. They’ll want Margeary’s children to inherit the throne. I get that Renly hates books so he won’t recall how the Dance began, but why would the Tyrells ever join him in this farce? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Tywin or Cersei or her incest kids. But Renly’s plot feels like he really didn’t think there’d be any consequences to his scheme. And I’m trying to be generous and not just write him off as an idiot. So am I missing something?
  12. More proof that the prophecy is a terrible idea and will deeply undermine GRRM’s extensive world building efforts.
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