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  1. Hightower: given the number of kids that Lord Layton has, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another two dozen cousins who can take over from the main branch in the worst-case scenario. Royce: Yohn’s kids have been dropping like flies, but I think his line will continue, either through his last surviving son or his daughter. Dayne: Definitely meant to survive Harlaw: They’re done for. Euron will take things too far and bring the Ironborn down. Connington: Marked for extinction, unless one of Red Ronnet’s kids survive Piper: If Marq survives the Red Wedding, he’ll survive anything Marbrand: we don’t know enough about this family, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Addam dies.
  2. Why would Cersei be blamed if the Faith condemned Margaery for crimes that they say she committed? The Tyrells are not stupid enough to declare war on the Faith, especially since the main protectors of said faith are also the only house in the Reach that could truly challenge them on financial and martial levels. The Hightowers have always been ambitious and they’d probably love nothing better than to supplant the Tyrells and become the new rulers in the Reach with the support of the Faith and the devout population of Westeros. As for Loras, he volunteered in front of everyone, he’s a knight of the Kingsguard, and King’s Landing threw him a going-away party. How could Cersei be blamed? She got phenomenally lucky with Loras, though, and it’s funny to me that even she acknowledges it to herself.
  3. I amended my post to include Robert’s flaws. He was not fit for kingship, he nursed grievances against House Targaryen, and he shirked responsibilities to indulge himself to keep the pain away. He needed psychological help, and because he didn’t live in our reality, he never got it.
  4. No, but Viserys was. He wouldn’t have forgiven Robert. Daenerys didn’t either, she’s plotting her return to Westeros as well. And Robert wasn’t a completely rational guy either. He was sexist, emotionally stunted, and a complete hedonist.
  5. It doesn’t make as much sense that Tyrion is Aerys’ bastard compared to the evidence for Aerys being the twins’ father. And it isn’t just their predilection for incest. We know there were rumours that Aerys had a history with Joanna and even exercised indecent liberties on the wedding night (and the above idea about Tywin being a closeted submissive actually strengthens that theory of Aerys cuckolding him and then Aerys’ wife stepping in and sending Joanna away). Sure, Pycelle denies it, but when have we ever trusted Pycelle to tell the truth? Joanna wasn’t in King’s Landing when she was pregnant with Tyrion. Why else would GRRM bring Genna Lannister - a non character by that point - out of the wings to tell Jaime (at the height of his identity crisis) that Tyrion is Tywin’s son, not him? And I don’t care how she meant it in context, the author put that in there for a reason. Especially when meanwhile in that same book, Cersei basically becomes the Mad Queen.
  6. Personally, I find it really hard to believe that he put it together during Tywin's lifetime and just sat on it without ever confiding in his brother. He lived to serve Tywin and the Lannister family. If anyone else caught on, the Lannisters would be in BIG trouble, and Kevan would probably think it was his duty to let Tywin know so Tywin could deal with it quietly before it got further out of hand, maybe going to Cersei and insisting that she have a black-haired baby with Robert to throw everyone off the scent.
  7. Canon Claude recently created a topic asking why Kevan was so quick to suspect Tyrion, but I don't think that's as interesting of a question as another one which they managed to avoid asking. CC brought up the fact that Kevan not only knows about the incestuous relationship between Jaime and Cersei, but also the fact that he confirmed it to their faces in AFFC. What I'm wondering is when exactly Kevan would have figured that out. We know that Joanna Lannister caught Cersei and Jaime in a moment of some form of sexual activity and threatened to tell their father if they ever did that again, so we can presumably rule out the idea that Joanna told Kevan but not Tywin. We have no memory of him catching the twins either, or else one or both of them would have brought it up in their recollection. But that still doesn't give us an idea of: 1) when and how Kevan found out about the incestuous relationship 2) why he didn't tell Tywin about it as he surely would have, given all we know about Kevan In hindsight, Cersei and Jaime really underestimated just how lucky they were that Kevan neither told anyone about that, nor did he try to blackmail them. They literally pushed a child off a tower with the intention of killing him when he caught them at it; Kevan straight up told them both that he knew about their secret and just left it at that.
  8. All this does make me wonder when exactly Kevan figured out that Jaime was the father of Cersei’s children and whether Tywin knew as well.
  9. I was under the impression that the Brown Wedding (as I’ve heard it called) would happen at Riverrun when Daven Lannister gets married. Who says Walder will be there? I doubt that he’s leaving the Twins for any reason. My prediction was always that one of his offspring will finish him off and the Frey’s will eat each other like starving rats (hence the Rat Cook).
  10. The abomination got very little “right” about any of the characters’ fates. I don’t want to go into why on a forum about the books. I agree with your other points though.
  11. Go back to the first two books. Literally every single time she interacts with Edmure or even thinks of him, she’s being at best, critical, and at worst, outright nasty. I see similar resentment there to the way she sees no good in Jon Snow. She hates that she’s expected to be faithful to her family and Jon represents Eddard’s failure to do the same. She also feels like she was her father’s favourite and thus hates that she could have led the Riverlands if it wasn’t for the fact that she was a woman in a patriarchal society and the fact that she has a younger brother who (in her eyes, anyway) is not deserving of his responsibilities. And if she doesn’t resent him on those grounds, then it’s almost insane how hostile she is with him. I can’t think of a better reason for Catelyn’s attitude towards her younger brother. Even when she’s aware that she’s being harsh and unfair to him, she still can’t change her ways. I’d also add that Edmure is the only person in the entire series to engage Tywin Lannister himself in battle and win. That’s not projection either. Edmure mounted a very effective defence of the crossings despite being outnumbered, he did a lord’s duty by providing shelter to the smallfolk of the area, and he objectively achieved his goal: stop Tywin from crossing the fords. He did that. Tywin gave up and left. Sure, it wasn’t a complete victory, and sure, in the grand scheme of things, it was a bad outcome, but Edmure and Tywin were both facing off in good faith, for lack of a better term. Both men were trying to stop each other’s goals, and Tywin was unsuccessful. And again, Edmure actually cares about the people he’s supposed to rule. Much as I love Stannis, he needed to be reminded of what his responsibilities were, and that he had to prove his worthiness by protecting the people. Edmure never needed such an arc, he was always mindful of the people’s plight. That’s what proved his undoing the first time; Tywin tricked him by sending raiders after civilian populations out of the blue and invaded with a massive force when Edmure wasn’t expecting such an assault.
  12. Edmure and Tyrion are very important to their sisters’ personalities. Look at the similarities and differences in how they deal with their brothers.
  13. Here’s another similarity; they both resent their younger brothers. Edmure and Tyrion are among the most competent lords in the Seven Kingdoms, albeit flawed. They both have egos about their own abilities which stems from a sense of insecurity. Cat and Cers both see the worst in every one of their brothers’ actions and constantly antagonize them even when they don’t deserve it. Given the fact that Catelyn was raised as heir for a while and given that Cersei always thought she deserved to be heir, I see a slight similarity in how they must be frustrated by the patriarchy of Westeros. They both feel they could rule in their own right, but they’re getting passed over by their snot nosed kid brothers (this is an exaggeration, obviously, but I can’t help seeing a grain of that in both Cersei and Catelyn).
  14. What company would agree to take that commission? Brave the seas to go aimlessly attack a bunch of towns and settlements in the North for what? Animal skins? Timber? All while risking death by drowning at sea, death by exposure to the cold, death at the hands of a hardy population that’s been repelling raiders from Essos for literally thousands of years? If I was a mercenary captain, I’d have told Tywin to his face to go find a fool to hire. And don’t tell me that Tywin has a monopoly on hiring sell swords; we’ve seen that Westeros, in the eyes of many in Essos, is basically the backwards hick living in a thatched barn next to a big mansion owned by a millionaire with a PHD.
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