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  1. Stannis becoming a new Night's King. What a stupid waste of all that character development. Roose Bolton is a vampire. House Bolton is sinister enough as it is, throwing in supernatural stuff would just take away from them as villains. Varys is a mermaid Same issue as the Bolton theory. I don't know how such a reveal could be anything other than comedic and undermining.
  2. That doesn't make sense either. Jaehaerys spent three years as King, and Rhaegar was only born at the start of Jaehaerys' reign. Plus Jaehaerys was all about Targaryen purity, and there wasn't an urgent need for Jaehaerys to betrothe Rhaegar to anyone. And even if there was a need, he'd want to wait for Aerys and Rhaelle to make Rhaegar a sister-wife.
  3. These are some of the few things we actually know for sure about Rhaegar Targaryen: Rhaegar married Elia Martell Rhaegar had a very hostile relationship with his father, and Aerys was convinced that Rhaegar was plotting against him Rhaegar was the man that Tywin Lannister wanted to marry his daughter Rhaegar brough his newborn daughter to visit his parents and all Aerys did in response was comment that she "smelled Dornish" With those four facts in mind, I ask again: who arranged Rhaegar's marriage to Elia Martell? It couldn't have been Tywin, because he clearly held a serious grudge over Cersei being snubbed, and had no love for the Martells either, to the point that he snubbed Lady Martell and bragged to her face that Cersei was going to marry Rhaegar. Aerys never cared about any of that nonsense, and if he was truly convinced that his son might plot against him, he wouldn't marry Rhaegar to such a powerful enemy as the Dornish. Rhaegar never shows any indication that he even loved Elia, he only saw her as the means to that prophecy, and she couldn't even fulfill that part of his plan. And besides, Aerys would have had the final say on that marriage anyway, so again, why would Aerys ever want Rhaegar to marry Elia?
  4. I don't think it'll amount to anything, personally. If Jace really had married Cregan's bastard half-sister, that would have come out, and it would have been cataclysmic news. Why would we only hear about it from Mushroom and literally nobody else?
  5. Tough call, honestly. It's clear to me that the faith of R'hlorr has some merit to it, given what we've seen Melisandre, Moqorro, and Thoros do. But I can't fully get behind a religion which hinges on human sacrifice, so that also rules out the old gods of the north. And yet I'm half-convinced those two are the genuine article compared to the other ones we've seen. I might just go for the Seven just because they're the lesser of the multiple evils.
  6. The day that Aegon turns sixteen, then he is a king, the ruler of an absolute monarchy. He would have had the power to dismiss anyone he no longer approved of. You think he'd keep Gareth Long at the Red Keep once he was a man grown? And I don't care how good a swordsman Long is, he's not going to disobey a direct command from his king. And moreover, what's Unwin going to do about it if Aegon dismisses him? What will the regents do? Their power ends the day that Aegon turns 16. Only the stupidest of them would have assumed they could stick around and keep making decisions for the king. Especially someone like Aegon III. The only people that he couldn't remove were those Kingsguard members that Peake planted, but they wouldn't dare do anything against their own king, not even Amaury was low enough to do that. Also, Torrhen did want to dominate Aegon, he just wasn't as ruthless about it as Unwin. He was definitely trying to steer Aegon in a certain direct, planning out an entire year of his life, promoting this grand tour in his own name, acting like he knew best. GRRM - I mean, Gyldayn - emphasises just how shocking of a scene it is when Aegon takes control. Torrhen takes it personally, and never forgives his king. But Aegon doesn't care, he's off to find his own Hand because that's his ability as monarch. I'm beginning to think that Unwin really was that stupid. Not even a marriage to his daughter would have stopped Aegon from commanding him and taking charge, even dismissing him from court. His only hope would have been to get Aegon to impregnate his daughter, then kill Aegon before he came of age. That's the only way he would have ever kept any semblance of power.
  7. I never did understand how Unwin Peake could be so arrogant and stupid to assume he could control Aegon or Viserys. They both showed from a very early age that they would rather die than become enthralled to anyone. Aegon was willing to burn his bridges with Torrhen Manderly to send a message. Even if Peake had succeeded in marrying his daughter to Aegon, did he really think he could keep Aegon under his thumb? Aegon was clearly just waiting for his chance to take power as a man grown.
  8. All of this makes a lot of sense. I can easily buy that Aegon II really was Gaemon's father. That also makes me wonder, though. If Viserys had never returned, could Aegon have legitimized Gaemon once he came of age? That would have made him a prince of House Targaryen and the heir apparent.
  9. I'm aware. And I wasn't referring to the Night King, I was referring to the Night's King in the books. It's a theory I've seen brought up several times on this site.
  10. Seriously, it's come up more than once that Stannis will become the Night's King and lead the Others in their conquest of the Seven Kingdoms. There's always variations, sure, but the main theme is that Stannis will be revealed as the ultimate bad guy, the one that heroic Jon or heroic Dany or even heroic Brienne has to kill in order to save the world. And it's just baffling to me. And yes, I'm a fan of Stannis as a character, he's my favourite in the story, but no, that doesn't mean I support everything he does. I find him a very compelling and interesting character, one who misunderstood and underrated. To that end, though, turning him into the big bad would come out of left field and make no sense. Yes, he's done some shady things, but so many other characters have done just as bad, if not worse, things than him. And moreover, he is the only king who saw the Others for the threat that they are, and he is determined to fight them in the North to save the realm, and thus prove his worthiness as a leader. That's a very admirable goal, and it would be ridiculous to have him then become the Night's King. Why? Because he's hanging out at the Nightfort and because he's a morally grey character? He is associated with the very god that's indisputably an enemy of the Others. And consider this; if Stannis was going to be the big villain by the end of the story, don't you think those two chuckle*ucks would have put that into the show? It has been clearly documented that they never liked Stannis' character and they did him dirty at every turn. They would have jumped at the chance to make him the monster they wanted him to be. And yet, they didn't.
  11. I feel like that's more of a blooper akin to the confusion around House Swann and House Estermont.
  12. It really is strange how there never seem to be any survivors of the battles fought against the Northmen in ASOS. More than three thousand men marched with Hellman Tallhart and Robett Glover to Duskendale. A thousand of those men were killed, but we have no idea what happened to the rest. How many were captured? How many have turned to banditry? Or did they get killed off later? We get a better idea of what happened to the Northmen at the fords, but there's still many possible survivors to account for. All of them gone? As for Condon and Stout, I seem to recall that Ser Gregor apparently took back the Fords at some point, so we can assume they went down fighting? But again, no mention of survivors, even though the numbers of men killed in any army are often very small before they break and retreat. In an ideal world, they'd regroup somewhere, maybe join the Brotherhood Without Banners? But I doubt GRRM will ever get around to addressing what happened to them.
  13. To be fair, it's a lot easier for many people to give advice than take it for themselves.
  14. The five year gap wouldn't have worked anyway. Stannis wasn't going to just sit around for five years doing nothing, nor would his enemies give him that chance if they could eliminate him as a threat. Same with Daenerys, Littlefinger, Brienne, the High Sparrow, the Tyrells, the Greyjoys, etc.
  15. Olyvar won't inherit the Twins before Perwyn. And besides, he'll take Rosby instead.
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