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  1. Hippocras

    Third "Wow" moment

    Jon was not a urprise for D&D at the point of the meeting, so no. The three were things they did not already know. Dany destroying KL was heavily foreshadowed but also quite HS so that might be it. Otherwise we will see tonight.
  2. Hippocras

    Predictions From Tyrion & Bran's Fireplace Talk

    Maybe Dany dies, then Jon abdicates and calls a "Choosing" a la Night's Watch. At the choosing Tyrion and Sam nominate Bran for the throne. That is the significance: Tyrion knows that Bran knows things.
  3. Hippocras

    Thank you Dothraki

    No we didn't actually. We saw lots of them running back in retreat, definitely not dead. More were fighting inside the walls after the retreat. It is certainly plausible that many of them survived, though half seems a stretch.
  4. Hippocras

    This is all Jon’s fault

    What I keep coming back to is the sense that it is EVERYONE’s fault. So many factors led to what Dany did and nearly every surviving character can likely recognize their part in it. Olena told Dany to ignore clever men and be a dragon. Missandei chose Dracarys as her last word. Grey Worm obeyed everything always without question, even when questions from him might have been wise. He let her feel entitled to that kind of obedience, and believe that ruling was her destiny regardless of legal right to the throne. Tyrion always knew what she was capable of but deluded himself into believing she could be contained with the right advice. And then he went and ensured that she would have no faith in his advice or intensions. Jon couldn’t look past a private wrong (incest, childless) to acknowledge a greater problem (a contested rule). And if not prepared to accept his identity he should never have told anyone at all. Sansa should have done more to make Dany feel appreciated for assisting the North against the NK. The deep personal losses combined with complete lack of gratitude in return were key to Dany’s dangerous isolation from the people she meant to rule. (As for Jon’s secret, sorry Sansa haters but that is all on Jon). Davos was well placed to have concerns about a ruler with a history of burning people, but he never voiced any. Similarly, awarning from Jaime to Tyrion would have been appropriate. As for Bran, I rather suspect he knew this would happen but he didn’t warn. I think he was trying to let the world know that Fire was as great a threat as Ice ever was, and it too needed to be stopped.
  5. Hippocras

    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    No, that is not her. She said she has seen many faces of death yes. She has always said « not today » to the killing of innocents. Always. In Braavos she refused to kill on orders because the death was not earned. With the Hound, she refused to kill him because he wanted death as a mercy and she felt the better response to his crimes was to let him live with them. With the Freys she killed them all, yes, but only the ones directly involved. She refused to let Lord Frey’s child wife drink the poisoned wine. Dany is definitely not her hero for killing innocents. Dany earned herself a spot on Arya’s list the same way the Mountain did, and Polliver etc. Harming innocents.
  6. Hippocras

    So what happens to Drogon?

    If Bran wargs drogon with Dany riding, it will be for the express purpose of flying her far far far away where she cannot be a danger to anyone.
  7. Hippocras

    So what happens to Drogon?

    No rider has ever mounted 2 different dragons. Never. Dragons get new riders after their riders die, but never the other way around. So I am pretty sure Jon will not ride Drogon. If anyone rides Drogon rather than just killing him, it will be either Arya or Tyrion, possibly with some warging help from Bran. And they will do so in order to take that dragon far far FAR away from Westeros.
  8. Hippocras

    Arya FLIES West of Westeros

    BBQ chicken seems more likely.
  9. Hippocras

    Arya FLIES West of Westeros

  10. Hippocras

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    Even in the books. What was actually said was that Dany would never bear a living child, because those words were spoken in the context of describing when Drogo would be fully alive and with her again, so never. Just like in the show, it was done in a tantilizing way to make fans speculate like crazy, but what was actually said was simply that she would never have children.
  11. Hippocras

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    What pregnancy? There is absolutely nothing to indicate there is one. Rather there are several conversations that make it pretty clear Dany can't have children. Yes, those conversations sparked speculation it wasn't true, but really the show gave us no reason to believe in a pregnancy. Rather, it was always a worrying thing that in spite of her clear belief, probably true, that she would never have children, she never thought beyond her own reign. She never considered the succession even when Tyrion specifically asked.
  12. Hippocras

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    nah, the NK needed to die. But so do all the dragons and the religion that glorifies burning people.
  13. Hippocras

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    Well I don't think the Lord of Light is a benevolent God personally. I think he is the destructive force of Fire. He brought Jon back so that Jon would bring Dany to the North to help against the NK, yes, but that is so that Fire as a force could then go unchallenged. The Lord of Light doesn't want Dany to be killed, he wants her to burn down everything and everyone in the entire world.
  14. Hippocras

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    indeed. Which is why I actually see it as a good ending for Dany even if she has to die.
  15. Hippocras

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    Well hopefully everyone will come to the same reasonable conclusion as a result, which is that no one person should ever have so much power.