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  1. The last two seasons needed a few more scenes to establish things, on this I fully agree. As for your first point, yes, she was briefly on a path to connecting to Westerosi via relationships, but she lost that. Jorah died, and in her mind Jon betrayed her. He refused intimacy her and with that the possibility of ruling by her side, and she knew he would have more support and love as King than her now that the word was out. She had no connection left that she trusted to anyone from Westeros at the point where she decided to burn that city.
  2. Ahem. Not really, no. As a child she lived with Ser Derry, yes. But that was the only Westerosi she knew, and he died when she was quite young. After that she hopped from free city to free city with ZERO contact with anyone from Westeros. At all. Yes, she speaks the common tongue but knows virtually nothing else of Westeros. Yes, the Slaver's Bay people were utterly foreign. But once she got back to Westeros she learned that home wasn't home at all, and Westerosi were foreign to her as well.
  3. Well I agree, but I also think that if he felt any affection or identification at all with the people of Westeros, he would have behaved differently. As it was, the only one he cared about was Dany, so he followed her lead. He would have thought more of it if he were killing "his" people.
  4. yes, but IMO the show established both that otherness in a major driver here (scenes with reaction to Grey Worm and Missandei for example) and that people call paranoia and fear "madness". I don't think Dany is off her rocker and I don't think the show is pretending she is.
  5. Yes, they needed a scene where she found out that Jaime was freed. That would have help solidly establish that she had no trust left in Tyrion, which is why she could not trust the surrender.
  6. To me it is not so much "madness" as Otherness that drove Dany, and Grey Worm too. They suffered horrible losses recently, yes and were in deep grief which is a kind of temporary mental illness, yes. But more importantly they saw this as coming at the hands of people they did not love or relate to in any way on a human level. They felt it was ok to take revenge in this way (spear in the back of soldiers who surrendered by Grey Worm, and Dragonfire from Dany) because they could not humanize the people they were doing this too. For Dany the people of KL refused to recognize her rule and so were in the wrong, and they did not love her so she did not care about them. For Grey Worm, he is a soldier who went through dehumanizing training and is facing foreign people in a very foreign land. He doesn't care the least bit about them.
  7. I agree there was evidence all along. She would get that look in her eye of shutting out her feelings in order to do horrible things. She did it when she coldly watched Viserys die (yes, he was a twat and crossed the line). She did it in Qarth. She did it in Astapor taking a lot of pleasure in her bad faith trade deal - we didn't mind then because her opponent was a prime a**hole. Still it showed if she feels she is in the right, then anyone who disagrees deserves a horrible death. And of course the biggest red flag was the crucified Masters. Her complete lack of feeling and remorse when burning Dickon was troubling. I could certainly understand Lord Tarly's execution but Dickon should have at least deserved a bit more reflection and consideration of options first. All that said, it was still extremely surprising that she burned the city AFTER the bells were going and the soldiers had surrendered. That is very hard to understand in spite of everything. She could have just demanded Jon marry her anyway if she was worried about the love of the people. Yes, it would have been a sexless marriage, but she couldn't have kids anyway. That way at least she would have taken steps to earning the love of the people.
  8. The thing is, Aegon would never accept Margaery under those terms. He would, however, accept Margaery if doing so would win him the Kingdoms. Annulment is not enough for that. Regicide and an open gate into KL is, and the Tyrells are in position and angry enough to arrange both. For one King to replace another, the other needs to die.
  9. I'm not saying anything. That was my first post on the thread. The only point was, if Littlefinger was supposedly at the Fingers, what would that prove? Noone would ever be able to verify if that was even true. So who knows where Littlefinger was at the time?
  10. The Tyrells are not an obstacle. Their alliance with the Lannisters is over, whether Cersei knows it or not. They are ready and willing to jump ship. All they need is a good deal with Aegon and they will off Tommen and let Aegon waltz into KL.
  11. I am glad to read the reports on the reading of Arianne II because I hope it will put to rest the notion that Arianne intends to marry Aegon, or that Aegon would agree to it. It always seemed very clear to me that Doran doubted Aegon's legitimacy and for good reason. Doran has better plays he can make. Meanwhile, Aegon intends to marry Dany, and would never agree to a marriage with Dorne when they bring so few soldiers and resources to the table. Of course, Quentyn's death is a problem. It may well doom any potential alliance between Dany and Dorne. If Aegon is also not a good choice for them it is hard to see which direction they would turn.
  12. Let's say, for the purpose of discussion, that Littlefinger had indeed been exhiled to the Fingers by then. Is anyone AT the Fingers to verify his presence? Nope. Being "at the Fingers" is basically a stand-in for being anywhere he chooses to be without anyone paying any attention to him.
  13. what a weird way to look at things. Why do you need so badly to root for a man?
  14. It doesn't have to be a lie for Jon to come back. Kit said he was not back "next season". He did not say he would not be back ever. He did say he was dead, which I guess seemed likely in the books too. So we are looking at some form or resurection via magic for him - be it fire magic, ice magic, or both if he comes back season 7, and in season 6 we will probably get Ghost.
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