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  1. Endymion I Targaryen

    Helaena Targaryen's death

    Helaena commited suicide after learning from Mysaria about Maelor's fate. She seems to be greatly embitered and vindictive and showed signs of cruelty to Helaena when she proposed the Brothel Queens. Helaena was Aegon's queen and a valuable hostage to Rhaenyra. I believe Rhaenyra would have killed her only after Alicent's sons where dead.
  2. Endymion I Targaryen

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    What if this Bran chapter has to do with Winterfell and the battle between Stannis and Boltons?Possibly from the heart tree or ravens he can see things.
  3. Endymion I Targaryen

    About Viserra’s Bethoral

    Reasons I see for this betrothal: Solidify ties to the North. Good idea (especially if the New Gift had caused a rift between the North and the Crown) but why not marry her to a Stark or at least Manderly's grandson (the heir of his heir)? Alysanne had some secret information that Viserra planned to have Aemon and Rhaenys murdered after her wedding to Baelon to make him heir. No textual evidence and doesn't get along with her personality. Baelon made it clear that he didn't want to remarry and especially Viserra so Alysanne (who seems to be very close with her eldest children and Gael) tried to help him get rid of Viserra. When Jaehaerys proposed Alyssa as a potential bride for Aemon, Alysanne firmly refused claiming that she was meant for Baelon (probably seeing the closeness of these two). This seems she truly cared about the happiness of her children (or at least the eldest). She doesn't want just a good wedding for her children but also a happy wedding. Aemon - Jocelyn, Baelon - Alyssa, even Daella - Rodrik. The jealousy scenario about her daughter seems possible. Alysanne, having grown old by 86 and having never been a beautiful woman, was jealous of her daughters inhumane beauty. Especially she had managed to catch Jaehaerys's attention (not something sexual) I believe scenario number 3 is the most possible, with 1 and 4 combined leading to the choice of the husband.
  4. Endymion I Targaryen

    Favourite member from the major Houses of Westeros

    House Targaryen - Daenerys House Stark - Robb House Tully - Hoster House Arryn - Jeyne, the Maiden of the Vale House Lannister - Jaime House Greyjoy - Quellon House Tyrell - Garlan House Martell - Arianne
  5. Endymion I Targaryen

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Myrcella Tommen Shireen Victarion Hizdar
  6. Endymion I Targaryen

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Aemma was a very good match but if she was like her mother then pregnancy would be difficult to her (and it was). The same thoughts come to Catelyn Stark about whether Roslin would be healthy enough to bear children due to her Rosby heritage. Alicent is younger but she seems healthier and Viserys could just wait to consumate the wedding. Later it was proved that she had no problem with pregnancy.
  7. Endymion I Targaryen

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    It seems odd that Viserys (born in 77) did not marry Viserra (born in 71),Gael (born in 80) or Alicent Hightower. Viserra probably would find her nephew a good match for her and a way to get closer to the throne. Plus she forgets Baelon who doesn't seem to want a second wedding.
  8. Endymion I Targaryen

    Targaryen princess who doesn't want to marry her brother in F&B v2

    Naerys seemed more concerned that childbirth would kill her than incest was a sin. And she made that point after she had given Aegon an heir. Helaena Targaryen probably was not so eager to marry Aegon II. I hope F&B vol 2 explain us why Baelor locked his sisters and not give them to the Faith or marry them to great lords or even Viserys's sons.
  9. Endymion I Targaryen

    Harrenhall curse

    So many places have been burned by dragons but none seems cursed:Ghiscari cities,Tumbleton even the Dragonpit that housed the dragons.I think it is a case similar to the haunted places: Places many were tortured and died and seem to be cursed.
  10. Endymion I Targaryen

    Aenar to Aerion: What was their gameplan?

    I believe they were divided between claiming Valyrian control in Essos (memories of Valyria were still fresh) and embracing their new Westeroshi identity. Probably they tried to bond with future crownlanders through marriage(Mootons,Darklyns,Velaryons,Celtigars,Masseys,etc) and claim the local trade roads.Slavery seems to be gradually left (in Aegon's time no Targaryen slaves seem to exist).I believe the downfall of Volantis persuaded Aegon that east was a lost cause for everyone and he finally turned west.
  11. Otto Hightower reminds me a lot of Twyin Lannister. A rich, ambitious hand who managed to make his daughter queen of Westeros and helped her and his evil grandson in the game of thrones.
  12. Endymion I Targaryen

    What are you least looking forward to?

    What happens in Meereen is the least interesting. Just get Dany's followers out of there, kill the sons of the Harpy and it's ok.
  13. Endymion I Targaryen

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    Targaryens especially in their first century of rule tried to build a good relationship with the Faith and the Night's Watch. I expected many of their kin to join these factions as a way of divorcing unwanted wives, removing plotting siblings/children from the line of succesion, getting rid of former rulers/their widows as happened in Byzantine empire and generally medieval ages.
  14. Endymion I Targaryen

    Lords and Kings of Westeros after A Song of Ice and Fire

    North, Riverlands, Vale and Wildlings will be a fraction ruled by Sansa as Rickon's regent. I see Edmure and some Royce acting as lords in their regions. South will be rule by Tyrion Lannister as a regent for Daenerys's child. Martyn Lannister, Willas Tyrell, Trystane Martell, Edric Storm and some Greyjoy rule their regions.
  15. Endymion I Targaryen

    What was wrong with Maegor’s private’s?

    Despite sleeping frequently with his wives and any mistresses he had, only 4 children came of it at best (i count Alys's child and Silver Denys as Maegor's offspring). Statistically this is very bad for a man's fertility. And even before meeting Tyana he had no children legitimate or not.