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  1. Endymion I Targaryen

    Alternate wife for Robert baratheon

    After reading ASOIAF I think the best wife is Catelyn Tully. She is proud, honorable,honest, peaceful, clever,cunning plus she has embraced her Tully words : "Family, duty, honor". It would be easier for Robert to love her and although he wouldn't stop sleeping around, Catelyn would have stayed loyal to her royal duty: raising the king's children. If Hoster married Lysa to Jon and has Catelyn unmarried for the rest of the war, i think she would have been prefered than Cersei. Hoster was one of the first to declare for Robert. Cersei would get Ned or Stannis.
  2. Endymion I Targaryen

    Why did the rebels reward Tywin Lannister ?

    Robert had 4/7 Great Houses with him. Why not make them 5 by adding the wealthiest House? Robert thought it was necessary for Aerys and his grandchildren to be killed so why punish Lannisters? Even if Jon Arryn insisted on giving justice, then only Jaime, the Mountain and Amory Lorch are punished.Cersei is innocent
  3. Endymion I Targaryen

    Will Dany burn Essos on the way to Westeros?

    Daenerys will have a violent turn in Winds of Winter. She has embraced fire and blood now. Meereen will burn. Next is Yunkai. Next is Mantarys. Next is definitely Volantis. Next is Pentos because Daenerys will want to find Illyrio. The sack of Pentos (a city that has done nothing against Daenerys) will show us that Daenerys is a more dark character.
  4. Endymion I Targaryen

    Was rebellion inevitable against the Targaryen Dynasty ?

    Something was happening. I dont know if it was against Aerys or the whole dynasty. The Stark/Tully/Baratheon/Arryn (and almost Lannister if Jaime-Lysa happenes) alliance seemed strange. And it seems logic because the last Targaryen kings were strange too. Aerys was mad, Jaehaerys seemed weak and Aegon had reduced privileges of nobility (not to mention the broken betrothals).
  5. Endymion I Targaryen

    Dany's three betrayals

    1. Treason for blood is MMD. 2. Treason for gold is Jorah. 3. I am divided about that. I think it is either Tyrion who frees Jaime (who has been captured by Daenerys) or Jon who kills Daenerys because she goes mad.
  6. Robert thought he was a hero. Heroes dont kill children. Probably he follows Jon Arryn's advice. Viserys takes the black and Daenerys joins the Silent Sisters. If some accident happens to both of them after some time is another issue.
  7. If Viserys is as he was and he leads the army their chances are 50-50. If Daenerys leads the army, Reach and Dorne will ally with her plus Freys,Boltons,Darrys,Graftons. Baratheons and Lannisters suffer the fate of Harren. Starks,Tullys and Arryns may be deposed and be replaced by Boltons, Darrys
  8. Targaryen restoration seemed more and more unlikely as years past. Thet had no money, dragons, political support. Robert on the other hand seemed to be strong and managed to crush a rebellion. Why support a lost claim?
  9. Endymion I Targaryen

    Robert should have wed Daenerys to Joffrey

    Robert clearly wants to kill all Targaryens. Assuming that Jon calms him and he doesn't kill Daenerys when she falls to his hands she has little chance to survive. Lannisters cant let Daenerys become queen and let the Targaryen party rally around her. She has no reason to love them after what they did to her family. I expect her to have the fate of Jaehaera Targaryen.
  10. Endymion I Targaryen

    (Spoilers Fire&Blood) Can Velaryons ride dragons?

    Marilda is of unsure ancestry but she can have a Valyrian ancestor herself from the Free Cities (where dragon blood is more pure) or even a Targaryen descendant from the female line (Gaemon the Glorious has a daughter whose descendants were still around at 101 and the best place for them to live is Dragostone or Driftmark). She can be a niece of the claimant of 101.
  11. Rhaegar and Aerys crossed a line with their actions. Rhaella was a woman. Viserys, Rhaenys and Aegon were too young. Robert on the other hand was a promising young man, kind, charming with dragon blood.
  12. Endymion I Targaryen

    What if elia and children survive

    If Elia survives, she suffers Jeyne Westerling's fate: some years prohibition of marriage to prevent tales of birthing a new dragonspawn and probably return to Dorne as a gesture of good will (Jon Arryn's proposal to calm Doran and Oberyn). Martells have not enough Targaryen blood to be considered Aerys's heirs. Rhaenys would remain a hostage and probably marry Robert's heir or join the Faith if someone plotted to use her against Robert. Aegon is doomed. An accident (like Jaehaera Targaryen had), poison, castration, the Wall are possible. Jon Arryn would try to protect him but Twyin would kill him because he is a threat to Cersei's children.
  13. Endymion I Targaryen

    A New Husband for Catelyn

    Yohn Royce or Nestor Royce or some Vale lord. Generally Robb has to make ties with the Vale. Other choice is Wyman Manderly to secure the North.
  14. Endymion I Targaryen

    Will ADOS Be Entirely Dedicated To The Others?

    GRRM has said that probably all POVs return for Winds. I expect the fight between the living and the dead and the second Dance to take place in Dream. How this can happen I still cant guess.
  15. Endymion I Targaryen

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Twyin could plan to have Robert killed (independently from Cersei) and saw a succesion crisis coming with Ned, Renly and Stannis as the biggest threats. Of course he didnt expect the incest thing to come out, so probably he expected more support from Stormlands. Tyrion is a Lannister so whatever he does or happens to him has an effect on the pride of house Lannister. He had the crown economically dependant on Castrely Rock, he had assembled a huge army, he had arranged to have the Arryn heir as a hostage (this could neutralize Lysa and Hoster).