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  1. Endymion I Targaryen

    Why did Ned never tell Catelyn about Jon's real identity ?

    If the truth was revealed to Robert, Ned and Jon are dead. Putting Catelyn and possibly her children in that danger was something Ned did not want. It would seem suspicious for a woman to treat the (at least officially) bastard son of her husband well. So keeping Cat in the dark about the truth was the best cover.
  2. Endymion I Targaryen

    who would Rickard stark remarry

    Rickard could marry an old woman or even a very young girl like Walder Frey or Jon Arryn. So Tully girls, Cersei, Elia, Elia's mother, Barbrey Dustin,Olenna or her daughters are choices
  3. Endymion I Targaryen

    POV number of chapters prediction.

    There are many things to happen: battles at Winterfell,Meereen,Storm's End,Oldtown, Aegon's quest,Dany's return,chaos at the Wall,Riverlands uprising, etc.Arya cant have such a great role.
  4. Endymion I Targaryen

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    @BryndenBFish post from reddit: New GRRM interview (which apparently was done some 6 months back): After Catelyn's resurrection, it was Lady Stoneheart who became a vengeful and merciless killer. In the sixth book, I still continue to write her. She is an important part of the entire book
  5. Endymion I Targaryen

    So where would you live ?

    Lys. Sunshine, women and sea.
  6. Endymion I Targaryen

    Your Top 3 "to murder" list

    Euron Cersei Littlefinger They are the most dangerous right now in Westeros. They have caused much horror and there are more to come especially from Euron.
  7. Endymion I Targaryen

    POV number of chapters prediction.

    Daenerys: 10 Tyrion: 8 Sansa: 7 Jon: 6 Arianne: 5 Theon: 5 Arya: 4 Bran: 4 Jaime: 4 Sam: 4 Cersei: 4 Davos: 3 Barristan: 3 Brienne: 2 Aeron: 2 Victarion: 2 Asha: 2 Melisandre: 2 Areo: 1 Jon C: 1
  8. Endymion I Targaryen

    For every book, give a non-POV character one POV chapter

    AGOT: Robb Stark.His reactions after all the mess. ACOK: Margaery Tyrell.i want to see all the plans of Tyrells and the process of changing sides. ASOS: Littlefinger. Which is his role in the Red Wedding; AFFC: Euron Greyjoy. I want to see his intentions and learn about his trips. ADWD: Barbrey Dustin. I want to learn about Boltons,the North and Brandon
  9. Endymion I Targaryen

    Which new sample chapter do you want most?

    After all these years of waiting I mostly want a Jaime chapter.I want to see what happened with Lady Stoneheart and generally the Riverlands.
  10. Endymion I Targaryen

    GRRM, trying to deceive us with releasing of TWOW previews

    Alayne, Arianne I and Theon are very early in Winds along with Slaver's Bay chapters. Sansa seem to ignore everything outside of the Vale (Cersei's and Margaery's arrest, walk of shame, "Arya" getting married, fall of Riverrun) Mace stated that he would not march to Storms End before the trial and in Arianne II we hear of a Tyrell army coming to them. There must be some time for Arianne to reach Griffin's Roost and Aegon to take Storm's End Theon was a cut from DWD so it is earlier than Jon's death. Mercy must be later. Swift needs some time to reach Braavos (especially during winter) and a resolution to the trials is implied ("If he goes back without the gold the queen will have his head".)
  11. Endymion I Targaryen

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    Margaery Tyrell Robb Stark Shireen Baratheon Val
  12. Endymion I Targaryen

    Brandon the Barren?

    There are probably Brandon's illegitimate children around the North who may ignore their true parentage. Considering Barbrey, the fact that she didn't have children with both Brandon and her husband imply she was infertile or had difficulty in conceiving. She could also have become pregnant by Brandon and aborted the child upon learning his betrothal to Catelyn. Her father intended to betroth her to Ned so a bastard child with Brandon would prevent this from happening.
  13. Endymion I Targaryen

    Would Lady Stoneheart kill Roslin?

    I am sure that she will hang Roslin pregnant or not.She is a Frey who had an important role in the Red Wedding no matter if she wanted it or not. From what we see, Roslin had no desire to play her role but Stoneheart has shown us that such things don't matter for her.
  14. Robert Arryn sent to Twyin or Stannis. Shireen Baratheon sent to house Stark.she needs a warm family. Arya Stark sent to house Martell. She would become best friends with Sand Snakes.
  15. Endymion I Targaryen

    Epilogue... Finale

    Sam closing the narration of what happened. Bran waking from his dream in Winterfell and hearing that king Robert is coming North.