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  1. I doubt their is other choice than Stannis. He is the king's brother. Or if Robert's wife was frail, Cersei would be kept until she died.
  2. The best explanation is that her having pregnancies in a row exhauated her body. If you add the bad psychological state after all these miscarriages and stillbirths and her husband's accusations of her infidelity, her health is worsened
  3. I buy a theory that I read some time ago. Rhaegar was the one who did this in order to call a Great Council in Harrenhal to depose Aerys or force a regent on him. The North, Vale, Riverlands and Stormlands seemed to follow him but secretly agreeed to vote for Robert instead of Rhaegar. Varys informed Aerys of the plot and Lyanna informed Rhaegar in order to get rid of Robert.
  4. Considering Maegor, son of Aerion, I believe he was Kingsguard/Maester/dies childless at Summerhal. Daella and Rhae marry a Tarth and a Dayne. Duncan's children (if he had) died at Summerhal. Vaella died childless. Daenora never remarried or she died giving birth to Maegor or she remarried and died in childbirth along with her baby. Rhaena's daughter married back to Hightower line, while the others were Septas, silent sisters, barren, unmarried.
  5. Aerys and Rhaegar were going to die no matter what happened to the rest of the Targaryens. Aerys killed Elbert Arryn, Rickard and Brandon and ordered Jon Arryn to give him Ned's and Robert's heads with no reason. Rhaegar officially abducted a Lord Paramount's daughter who was also the betrothed of another Lord Paramount. Since Robert made a claim fot the Iron Throne it became clear even to him that Aegon and Viserys had to die too. Twyin just put him out of the uncomfortable situation to do it. I find it more possible for Rhaella and Daenerys to survive but we still have Twyin who could execute them/ poison them.
  6. LSH will arrest the Westerlings and execute them for betraying Robb. Jeyne will not be spared despite being innocent. Then LSH will infiltrate Riverrun during Daven's wedding and execute Freys/Lannisters. Again it's irrelevant who played no role in the Red Wedding. I believe it will be Arya who will give her the gift when she sees what her mother has become.
  7. We will never learn if Daenerys was trully infertile because she had no sexual activity in COK and SOS. MMD seems more to have a glimple in the future than curse Daenerys. In DWD she seems to suffer a miscarriage but that doesn't mean she is fertile again. There are many women who conceive children but miscarry. I believe more that Dany will have a living child in the end but she will die giving birth. She will go to Drogo, not Drogo to her.
  8. I too believe Margaery is partially innocent. I mean she is not virgin and I believe she consumated her marriage with Renly but she had no lover after marrying Tommen.
  9. Good Jaehaerys I Aegon I Daeron II Viserys II Maekar I Average Aegon V Baelor I Aegon III Aerys I Viserys I Jaehaerys II Bad Aerys II Daeron I Rhaenyra I Aegon II Aenys I Aegon IV Maegor I
  10. Robert didn't like Joffrey because he was who he was not because he didn't look like him. That doesn't change. Robert is a bad father who cares mostly about having a good time. That also doesn't change. Cersei is a dangerous mother and that doesn't change. Joffrey being Robert's son would be something Cersei would hate but she loves her children so that wouldnt be much of a problem. Ned Stark, Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon would support Joffrey if he was clearly legit. Joffrey is still a product of bad parents and bad parenting so he is still a terrible person. (poor Sansa) The Targaryen conquest is much more difficult because the Seven Kingdoms are much more united. Littlefinger would definitely try to divide them but it would be more difficult.
  11. Viserys was sure many Westerosi made secret toasts about him. Sure he could get Dorne, Darrys and some others who hated Baratheon/Lannister regime. But he lacked military and leader skills. Add his paranoia and I doubt he set sail in Westeros. Varys would then add Dothraki and Daenerys to Aegon's army
  12. Olyvar and Perwyin will get the choice "sword or noose" like Brienne. LSH considers anyone who has been around Lannisters/Frey/Boltons even for a while as an enemy.
  13. Euron terrorising Westeros and ally with Cersei Daenerys's violent path to Westeros Aegon takes KL Sansa's reveal and return to Winterfell Others and their goals
  14. About Selyse: "She hates the cold but loves the flames. He had only to look at her to see that. A word from Melisandre, and she would walk into the fire willingly, embrace it like a lover". Jon removing Dalla's son and Aemon from the Wall has made the situation very difficult for Gilly's son (officially Dalla's son) and Shireen, the last ones with king's blood. Yes Selyse has claim as Stannis' wife (supposed dead in the end of DWD) or Shireen's regent but probably she envisions herself more as the wife of the messiah than a queen consort. She can sacrifice Shireen to help Stannis.
  15. I would want a Tyrell POV especially Margaery to know what happens in Tyrell family. A Val POV is nice to see things from wildling eyes. Good potential too: Aurane Waters, Malora Hightower, Garlan Tyrell, Tyene Sand, Irri.
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