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  1. There are points still unclear: 1. When Targaryens arrived at Dragonstone they had slaves. When Aegon I was Lord of Dragonstone he seemingly had no slaves so probably they abolished slavery during the Century of Blood. 2. Why Gaemon was called glorious? He had some major wins against the Free Cities? He had some success in Westeros which strengthened Targaryen rule in the Gullet? Or both. Interesting that his daughter married a Westeroshi lord. 3. 4 dragons died during the century of blood and there was a succesion of Targaryen brothers as Lords of Dragonstone. Possible Targaryen power struggle during which Targaryen and dragon blood was spilled? 5. Storm Kings were ok with Targaryens establishing their rule in the Gullet and houses sworn to Storms End affiliating themselves more to Dragonstone, like house Bar Emmon? 6. What was their plan during the Century of Blood? Hatch more dragons to claim the East? None at all?
  2. Not to mention the Redwyne navy, if Twyin gets the Redwynes on his side, house Lannister gets one of the major (if not the greatest) Tyrell supporters so the upper hand in Tyrell/Lannister alliance. Daven, while not possible to inherit Casterly Rock, is from house Lannister of Casterly Rock not the distant (and probably lesser) house Lannister of Lannisport.
  3. FFC, THE CAPTAIN OF THE GUARDS Nymeria: Obara would make Oldtown our father's funeral pyre, but I am not so greedy. Four lives will suffice for me. Lord Tywin's golden twins, as payment for Elia's children. The old lion, for Elia herself. And last of all the little king, for my father. Doran: The boy has never wronged us. Nymeria: Only royal blood can wash out my father's murder DWD, THE WATCHER 1.Ellaria: Where does it end? Nymeria: It ends in blood, as it began. It ends when Casterly Rock is cracked open, so the sun can shine on the maggots and the worms within. It ends with the utter ruin of Tywin Lannister and all his works. Ellaria: The man died at the hand of his own son. What more could you wish? Nymeria: I could wish that he died at my hand. If he had, his dying would not have been so easy 2.Obara :Give me back my spear, Uncle. Cersei sent us head. We should send her back a bag of them Sand Snakes are very accurate to what they want
  4. Robert is expected to die so I believe he survives the series. I expect Harry to die during the upcoming tourney and Littlefinger trying to gain from the chaos.
  5. Qohor. We have learned much about the Quarrelsome Daughters, Braavos and Volantis. I find Lorath less interesting. I believe we will learn more about Pentos in future volumes. Qohor is very mysterious, makes Valyrian Steel, has sorcerers.
  6. I believe the rewrite will be more on DOS if ever he gets there. The basic ideas of the ending of the show are problably the same with the books so its negative reception will be a thing. In Winds the problem is the overexpansion of the story which makes the need for a new book between Winds and Dream or a split of Winds in two books.
  7. I believe Renly was so overconfident he lost some potential allies. At first he should ally with Stannis and accept his terms. Them deal with Lannisters, make an arrangement with Starks and Greyjoys and then challenge Stannis. In the meantime he should make some sons with Margary no matter the way.
  8. Tommen has white-blond hair. This does not indicate Valyrian heritage necesarily. Same with Edric. Agree with you.GRRM can give us the answer later
  9. Dayne purple eyes are not necesarily Valyrian descent as GRRM has said. Even though he can change his mind. The more recent Targaryen blood in the Dayne family can be one of Maekar's daughters marrying into her mother's family. This can explain Gerold Dayne's silver hair which is the only clear Valyrian characteristic that GRRM has said nothing about.
  10. GRRM has said Dayne purple eyes do not necessarily indicate Valyrian descent. Darkstar's silver hair is the only Valyrian trait appearing on house Dayne
  11. One possibillity is that both daughters and their children died at Summerhal. Another possibility is that one girl had a daughter who married into house Tarth and is Brienne's grandmother and the other girl was married into house Dayne and is the ancestor of the current house Dayne of Starfall and/or house Dayne of High Hermitage.
  12. I believe her trial by combat will be resolved easily in the start of Winds. Gregor will win the day and Cersei will be cleared of all charges. She will be cast aside by Tyrells but she will have her chance when Mace loses by Aegon near Storms End. She will become queen regent again. Tommen is poisoned by Sand Snakes and she goes crazy but crowns Myrcella and becomes her regent. Aegon comes and takes Kings Landing. Myrcella is killed by Jon Con and Cersei flees to Casterly Rock alone, childless and mad.
  13. Potential brides: 1. Arianne Martell. I find her the most possible. Without Daenerys, Aegon needs legitimacy. And who is better than Elia's family? 2. Sansa Stark. Sansa has nothing to offer now. Ok she is related to the North, Riverlands, Vale but right now Wintefell is held by Boltons, Riverrun is held by Freys and the Vale is not hers to command.They are just Stark sympathisers. 3. Margaery Tyrell. She is a good choice but Tyrell power will be reduced by Euron and Margaery herself will have controversial reputation as three times widow and accused for infidelity (I doubt she will stand trial. Mace will just declare her innocent as proposed in the epilogue of DWD and the rumours will follow her) 4. Talla Tarly, a Rowan girl, a Hightower girl are very good choices. 5. Daenerys Targaryen is the best choice but she will probably refuse to ally with Aegon
  14. Daenerys rides Drogon Tyrion will ride Viserys. He will do it with the Nettles way. I dont believe he is Aerys's son. The only dragon blood he can have is if a Lannister married one of Viserys Plumm's descendants or if the Baratheon-Lannister descendants married back in the main Lannister line. Rhaegal will be riden by Victarion with the horn and then Jon Snow when Victarion dies.
  15. Daenerys's Westeroshi match should be made to bring unity between Baratheon/Lannister supporters and her supporters. So Jon (if legitimized), Willas Tyrell or a Lannister are a good choice. Even fAegon to unite the Targaryen claims. For Jon if he is to become King of the Seven Kingdoms then Sansa Stark or Shireen Baratheon are good choices. For King in the North/Lord of Winterfell Winafryd Manterly is the best choice.
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