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  1. Bran whose dreams were broken with his legs. Brienne who has a good heart but is mistreated bue to her appearance and not acting like a "normal" woman
  2. Prior the death of the dragons claiming a dragon was a clear sign of being a Targaryen. Rhaenyra used this to support the legitimacy of her sons despite them no looking Targaryen at all. Alysanne Targaryen and her daughter Alyssa did not look much Targaryen. Baelor Breakspear, his son Valarr would probably be accepted despite having darker colours. Probably all this happens because GRRM kept the noble lines looking the same for thousands of years.
  3. By the time of the Conquest, Targaryens had acted like Westeroshi lords in many things: abolishing slavery, first night, faith of the Seven, son inheritance. After all Aegon inherited the lordship of Dragonstone, not his elder sister Visenya. Even though I have to admit early Targaryen queens were very active in ruling, especially Visenya and Rhaenys. Still a king not producing heirs is a problem. Same for a queen ruling Westeros. She would become a Maegor, burning and killing people who dont accept her right to rule. Also, FAB records Aegon's feelings for his wifes, not their feelings for him or their feelings for each other. Could be a case that Visenya felt always neglected by Aegon and so became more stern or that she was worried that Aegon would cast her aside for her inability to birth children or that she knew that Rhaenys was having lovers but kept this a secret to ensure their legacy
  4. A Hightower is the best choice. A powerfull house of the Reach, which makes a good threat to house Tyrell. Good choices are: 1. Cersei, if they abandoned the idea of marrying her to Robert. 2. Arianne, if they wanted to show that Targaryen loyalists are welcome to the new regime.
  5. Yet 4 dragonseeds managed to claim dragons. In a same period when the future Viserys II failed to hatch his egg. By 300 all with dragonblood are the same considering the contact with dragons.
  6. It is unclear if they expected Aegon to become a dragonrider. They never mention it. But uniting the claims and getting married probably means sharing everything they have. Lets see the dragonseeds in Dance. Ulf, Hugh and especially Nettles have unclear parentage and relation to Targaryens, yet they manage to claim dragons while Alyn fails despite having more certain Targaryen heritage. So Aegon has more chances to claim Rhaegal or Viserion.
  7. When I first read World of Ice and Fire I had these questions: 1. How could the North not base on fishing and fish trading? If Braavos and Ibben could why not the North? Make ports in western coasts (Deepwood Motte, Bear Islands, Sea Dragon point) and conquer the northwestern seas. Same for east. White Harbour and Karhold can become fishing ports and trading posts. They could even enter oil trade like Ibben. 2. The North has many forests but no wood trade unlike Qohor. How can this happen? Ned was a good lord of the North but he didnt gain much by his best friend becoming king. I believe he could become a second Hoster Tully and marry his children to the same bloc that supported Robert. He gets a Robb - Myrcella wedding (he is the kings best friend), Sansa - Edmure (uncle - niece wedding is ok in Westeros) so the fertile Riverlands help the North in food shortages and Arya - Robert Arryn which can also provide food for the North.
  8. Calling a Great Council at that moment would cause only harm to Robert's claim. Targaryen loyalists would easily rally against him and this could include Stormlanders, Riverlanders and Vale lords. The brutal deaths of Elia and her children would be brought to the council and would work against him. So using only his right of conquest was a good move.
  9. Add to this that many Crownland houses who trade much with Free Cities due to proximity can intermarry with Valyrian houses of these places. I will not be surprised if Daenaera had a Lyseni grandmother or great-grandmother
  10. It is strange Aemma Arryn did not claim a dragon or Viserys I did not claim a new dragon. Vermithor and Silverwing were good choices.
  11. A Velaryon or a Celtigar lady can marry into house Harte later on, so they can have some more Valyrian blood.
  12. There are points still unclear: 1. When Targaryens arrived at Dragonstone they had slaves. When Aegon I was Lord of Dragonstone he seemingly had no slaves so probably they abolished slavery during the Century of Blood. 2. Why Gaemon was called glorious? He had some major wins against the Free Cities? He had some success in Westeros which strengthened Targaryen rule in the Gullet? Or both. Interesting that his daughter married a Westeroshi lord. 3. 4 dragons died during the century of blood and there was a succesion of Targaryen brothers as Lords of Dragonstone. Possible Targaryen power struggle during which Targaryen and dragon blood was spilled? 5. Storm Kings were ok with Targaryens establishing their rule in the Gullet and houses sworn to Storms End affiliating themselves more to Dragonstone, like house Bar Emmon? 6. What was their plan during the Century of Blood? Hatch more dragons to claim the East? None at all?
  13. Not to mention the Redwyne navy, if Twyin gets the Redwynes on his side, house Lannister gets one of the major (if not the greatest) Tyrell supporters so the upper hand in Tyrell/Lannister alliance. Daven, while not possible to inherit Casterly Rock, is from house Lannister of Casterly Rock not the distant (and probably lesser) house Lannister of Lannisport.
  14. FFC, THE CAPTAIN OF THE GUARDS Nymeria: Obara would make Oldtown our father's funeral pyre, but I am not so greedy. Four lives will suffice for me. Lord Tywin's golden twins, as payment for Elia's children. The old lion, for Elia herself. And last of all the little king, for my father. Doran: The boy has never wronged us. Nymeria: Only royal blood can wash out my father's murder DWD, THE WATCHER 1.Ellaria: Where does it end? Nymeria: It ends in blood, as it began. It ends when Casterly Rock is cracked open, so the sun can shine on the maggots and the worms within. It ends with the utter ruin of Tywin Lannister and all his works. Ellaria: The man died at the hand of his own son. What more could you wish? Nymeria: I could wish that he died at my hand. If he had, his dying would not have been so easy 2.Obara :Give me back my spear, Uncle. Cersei sent us head. We should send her back a bag of them Sand Snakes are very accurate to what they want
  15. Robert is expected to die so I believe he survives the series. I expect Harry to die during the upcoming tourney and Littlefinger trying to gain from the chaos.
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