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  1. Viserys was sure many Westerosi made secret toasts about him. Sure he could get Dorne, Darrys and some others who hated Baratheon/Lannister regime. But he lacked military and leader skills. Add his paranoia and I doubt he set sail in Westeros. Varys would then add Dothraki and Daenerys to Aegon's army
  2. Olyvar and Perwyin will get the choice "sword or noose" like Brienne. LSH considers anyone who has been around Lannisters/Frey/Boltons even for a while as an enemy.
  3. Euron terrorising Westeros and ally with Cersei Daenerys's violent path to Westeros Aegon takes KL Sansa's reveal and return to Winterfell Others and their goals
  4. About Selyse: "She hates the cold but loves the flames. He had only to look at her to see that. A word from Melisandre, and she would walk into the fire willingly, embrace it like a lover". Jon removing Dalla's son and Aemon from the Wall has made the situation very difficult for Gilly's son (officially Dalla's son) and Shireen, the last ones with king's blood. Yes Selyse has claim as Stannis' wife (supposed dead in the end of DWD) or Shireen's regent but probably she envisions herself more as the wife of the messiah than a queen consort. She can sacrifice Shireen to help Stannis.
  5. I would want a Tyrell POV especially Margaery to know what happens in Tyrell family. A Val POV is nice to see things from wildling eyes. Good potential too: Aurane Waters, Malora Hightower, Garlan Tyrell, Tyene Sand, Irri.
  6. Aeron Greyjoy: 2 Areo Hotah: 1 Arianne Martell: 5 Arya Stark: 6 Asha Greyjoy: 2 Barristan Selmy: 3 Bran Stark: 5 Brienne of Tarth: 3 Cersei Lannister: 4 Daenerys Targaryen: 9 Davos Seaworth: 3 Jaime Lannister: 4 Jon Snow: 5 Jon Connington: 2 Melisandre: 4 Samwell Tarly: 4 Sansa Stark: 6 Theon Greyjoy: 5 Tyrion Lannister: 7 Victarion Greyjoy: 3 Total Chapter Count: 83 Prologue (who or where) Forley Prester Epilogue (who or where) The Wall
  7. This Nymeria words are a foreshadowing of Tommen's fate. The breaking point for her will be when she realises or at least suspects who is Robert Strong. Myrcella was briefly crowned in Dorne so that counts for the prophecy. If someone is to become queen in the West, that's Cersei, not Myrcella. Westerlands are hers by birthright. Her daughter is needed only for a claim in Stormlands/Iron Throne. As for Myrcella I have two possible scenarios: 1. The Sand Snakes have arranged for her to have the fate that Cersei had arranged for Trystane (assasination on the way to King's Landing by brigants) 2. She is killed by Jon Connighton when fAegon takes KL
  8. The story about Garth and his children is what whe think about mythology now: it contains historic events but not 100% acvurate. Probably Garth was a First Man great king and his children were leaders of First Men factions who followed him and not literal children. Or even they were a series of leaders with the same name (like all the Brandons, Durrans, Garths that ruled later) and their actions are mixed to one person.
  9. 1. Ashara Dayne is the mother of anyone we know 2. Daenerys is not the daughter of Aerys and Rhaella 3. Any of Joanna Lannister's children were fathered by Aerys
  10. Α. 2 B. 2 C. 1 D. 1 E.1 F.1 G.1 H.2 I.1 J.1 K.1 L.2 M.1 N.2
  11. TWOW: Daenerys must cover a huge arc. Uniting the Dothraki and moving west will need a lot of chapters. I believe the end will find her set sail for Westeros and for a huge part of the story she will be apart from Tyrion. ADOS: Sansa will have the most. She is non magical character amd will have a huge role to play in the rebuilding of the world.
  12. Gleganebawl in any moment. N+A = J Daenerys = Ashara's daughter Lannister children being fathered by Aerys and not Tywin. Bran never leaves the cave Septa Lemore is Lyanna Stark, Elia Martell, Mellario of Norvos Rhaegar = Mance Reyder SanSan Jaime having a romantic relationship with Brienne Young Griff = real Aegon Stannis's story not ending in tragedy and him not burning Shiree
  13. North: House Manderly. They are the most rich house and they control the only city in the North. If Harrion Karstark (Stark relative) survives, then him and a Manderly girl get Winterfell Riverlands: House Mallister. They are one of the few houses who can be accepted by everybody. Vale: House Royce. They are the most powerful. Or house Grafton who controls Gultown Iron Islands: House Harlaw of Ten Towers. Stormlands: House Swann or house Penrose who were the former castelans of Storms End. Reach: House Rowan gets Highgarden and house Redwyne gets Oldtown. They seem the most powerful houses in the Reach. Dorne: House Yronwood.
  14. Selyse is a good match but Lynesse Hightower seems better. I guess it would be a more aggresive message to Tyrells if their most powerful bannerman gets a royal wedding and why not one of their offspring get Highgarden?
  15. My favourite part was Maegor's reign amd the first years of Jaehaerys's reign. Visenya, Maegor and his wives, Alyssa Velaryon and her children were very interesting characters and well written.
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