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  1. NYT: “Supreme Court Seems Split Over Case That Could Transform Federal Elections” Looks like it will like depend on Barrett or Kavanaugh. I’m not holding my breath though. The insanity that Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas think that there’s no need to have checks and balance on state legislatures when it comes to elections, especially considering the recently attempted coup just goes to show that these idiots care nothing about upholding voting rights or democracy.
  2. I hope Biden now has the will and determination to go after the fu}%^ing Saudis
  3. same here. I’m beginning to think that MSM is just as bad as social media. maybe they don’t sell misinformation but they thrive on negativity and doomsday reporting.
  4. What’s the status on reforming the Electoral Count Act. Turtle Mcconnell was on board for that.
  5. Huge dump for Maricopa county will come only later today. Don’t know if that helps Hobbs.
  6. and don’t forget Staten Island. another bastion of repubs
  7. And it’s been stuck at 93% since this morning. At least according to AP’s projections
  8. Bad economy?? you may need subscription for the below article: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2022-11-08/midterm-elections-joe-biden-s-economy-is-second-only-to-one Now if you said rising prices… And according to most estimates, a majority of households still have liquidity or spending power.
  9. So CNN is now reporting a net gain of 6 seats for the repubs — dems picked up 3 and republicans 9.
  10. After all this is done, I hope there’s some kind of introspection by the MSM of their negativity and how they wanted so badly for their narrative of a total rout of the democrats to play out. After they latched on to Afghanistan, there was no winning with the press for Biden. Any and all legislative victory he or the dems had was a footnote. I mean for goodness sake, Musk asking his sycophants to vote for republicans was front page news for them. As for the pollsters and prognosticators, they should just go with what Michael Moore is saying the next time. Maybe they’ll have better luck that way.
  11. NYT is still stating “leaning toward Boebert.” So yes, she may be slated to pick up most of the remaining unreported votes.
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