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  1. Feeling emo


    1. Darkstream


      Ha, you got me feeling emo now too. Love Cash's version, but I must say, I prefer the original.


    2. Ruhail


      Great stuff.

  2. I see Bran doing something drastic or saying something that can be clearly heard which may stun Stannis before he swings the sword. Maybe he'll even provide tactical information as good measure who knows.
  3. Bye Cleganebowl and Jaime's honour
  4. Why you've been here for 11 years?

  5. Love the way Grrm describes the armour, crown and other equipment in general it really makes me lament the shows really cheap and dull costumes and weapons.
  6. Lord Randyll owns the sword Sam doesnt get shit as a member of the night's watch.
  7. Lol after that Aeron chapter theres not going to be a kingsmoot again
  8. Looks like Aeron was right about Euron being mad and it wasnt all the ramblings of a biased religious figure. Stannis, Aegon and The stonebeast are mentioned together as lies that Dany has to expose
  9. So do we think Aeron is going to be dead soon? Or at least no longer a PoV?
  10. I wonder how Auranne Waters and his fleet could feature into Euron's story if he met him would he join up or fight against him?
  11. @Lord_Ravenstone Would you say the corpse on the prow of a ship vision from the HoTU has been fulfilled?
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